Feminists miss the point completely about "feminist" porkies

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Nasty Gal vintage clothing founder Sophia Amoruso (and her portrayal on screen in Netflix's "Girl Boss") may wrap herself in the flag of feminism. But feminists are catching on to the fact that self-proclaimed "feminist" porkies are full of shit. Feminist porkies like Sophia Amoruso have no interest in empowering women. Their only interest is in empowering themselves.

She points out that Sophia has fucked over many women as CEO during her stint at Nasty Gal. She recently quit the company (likely forced out) after publishing her autobiography #girlboss due to lawsuits and bankruptcy. Sophia has fired women on the job for getting pregnant. She has taken advantage of her best friend (free labour). She takes advantage of just about everyone in her life, man or woman, She has a history of compulsive shoplifting.

The author hits the nail on the end that feminism should be about more than women making a bunch of money for themselves. It should be about helping other women.

But the author completely misses the point here:

"Making a lot of money reselling goods seems pretty fun. The show definitely paints it as such. We’re certainly meant to roll our eyes at the band in the first episode that ends its act by quietly stating, “The basic tenets of capitalism and democracy contradict each other."

"It’s cool that the main character is making money. Good for her! But being rich isn’t necessarily a feminist act. Marie Antoinette, Leona Helmsley and Imelda Marcos aren’t remembered as great feminist icons. If that wealth isn’t used to advance other women’s lives, then it’s just . . . a nice situation for the person who is rich."

The author excuses capitalism and sees it as the natural order of things. She doesn't acknowledge that capitalism is the fucking capitalism. Capitalism is what creates these feminist porkies. Empowering women as a whole is fundamentally incompatible with capitalism. Self-styled feminist porkies will always look to empower themselves first and foremost.

This goes to show that all these feminist SJWs who whine about the patriarchy are basically all like "wha, wha, give me free shit. Give me a good paying job. Gimme that CEO position. Gimme, gimme, gimme." They are not Marxists. They are just a pet interest group that wants social democracy for themselves, everyone else can go get fucked.

*capitalism is the fucking problem!

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I think we may be on to somethin lads…

I'm a little skeptic on this one

Don't be too hard on the author, she's probably accepted capitalism as an inevitability. I'd rather see feminists start addressing the self-promoters who use it like a brand (Beyoncé, Clinton, etc.) than just worshipping them.

Western feminism is a joke. It is no more about empowering and helping women than it's about raising the social status of women for their own gratification.

fans worship the celebrity as an ideal version of themselves. When they defend the celebrity they are defending their self image. Poptimism's proto fascist tendencies came to the foreground during Hillary's campaign which sought to shift the focus away from policy and material conditions and towards the fetishised image of Hillary as a powerful woman/deified popstar. I don't hang much around those circles, but I have an impression that consumeristic pop feminism has been on a downwards trend lately.

Wow almost like woman are capable of being utter scum and have BPD in spades with zero accountability due to Feminism

Yeah Sophia Amoruso is an incredibly unlikeable person. And she is single handedly responsible for Netflix cancelling the show after just one season! The critics and audience poo-pooed all over the show. It was marketed to be a feminist flick and the feminists all shat on it because the main character was so unlikable (Sophia Amoruso is even more unlikable in real life if anything).

Feminism and white knighting is the reason why women can get away with such shit behaviour. This is the first time where we are starting to see feminists call out bad behaviour from porkies who cloak themselves in the feminist flag. Though they are still missing the point. They don't quite get it yet. They still think the problem is that there aren't enough female CEOs. They don't understand that the problem is the CEOs themselves.

Yeah, tbh this is actually brilliant.

Even the author seems to implicitly acknowledge that capitalism, at least as ideology, is bad. What she neglects is that this is a symptom of capitalism, which is spreading this and other shitty things itself. It co-opts things to keep control. But she's not going to say that.

Why not?

After all, capitalism is the fucking capitalism.

i am shocked

I'm also actually on episode 9 right now (out of 13). I find the series interesting. But I think the reason why I find it interesting and why most people hate it is because I'm black pilled when it comes to capitalism. I see this story as a cautionary tale of how capitalism tends to attract narcissists. This story is a cautionary tale of the evils of capitalism. However I want every one of you to understand that this woman was a narcissistic cunt before she ever became a porky. I'm starting to think that the problem isn't that capitalism corrupts. I just think that capitalism tends to attract and encourage the worst kind of people.

LOL I really fucked up on that typo. I think I have dyslexia

Is it just me or does she look like young Bran Stark/ Isaac Hempstead Wright?

I wasn't even joking.

Like parts like

Just scream "capitalism is an insane system that rewards sociopaths" but the author wouldn't dare make it explicit. She's repulsed by capitalist behavior, but all she needs to do is learn to call it what it is.

To clarify, I think most people hated this show because they want to identify with the main character. Especially the feminists. They want to look up to the main character. Then why they find out that their feminist hero (more like an anti-hero) is an asshole, it just ruins it for them.

For me, personally, as a day trader, I see a lot of myself in Sophia Amoruso. She got started by buying second-hand clothing at thrift shops, sometimes fixing them up and then flipping them for a massive profit on eBay. She is a literal parasite. All she does is buy things, polish them a bit and then flip them for a profit.

As a day trader, buying and flipping is my job description 100%.

The difference is I am well aware that I'm a parasite. At best, I consider myself to be a shrewd hustler. But I don't think of myself as God's gift to mankind. Like Sophia Amoruso or Steve Jobs.

In the last few days I haven't made jack shit from day trading and I'm starting to wonder if the gravy train is over though. lol. It has been one hell of a run. I made tens of thousands of dollars off day trading up until now. It could very well be time for me to actually get a real job *moan*. The whole reason why I became a day trader is because I don't wanna work a 9-5. I like the excitement and thrill of trading. And I enjoy a lot more leisure time. Can "work" (more like hustle) from home.

It's not just you.

women tend to be drawn to status quo ideas and constant self-affirmation maybe. could be a reason why most lone wolves are dudes.

Daytrading shitcoins?

Focusing on representation as a force in and of itself has always been, is now and forever shall be dumb

Nah, obviously capitalism is the fucking feudalism but where the lords let the serfs fend for themselves when not working and have to buy most of their shit from other lords.


Yea. I think my luck is running out. I was on a hot streak from early-mid May up until 6 days ago. But I've been on a real cold streak lately. I think I made like $55 profit yesterday. And my profits were more pathetic earlier this week. And I spent a good chunk of time monitoring the book and editing orders yesterday. There was an instance where I made well over $600 with two trades. You make 80% of the money with 20% of the effort. And 80% effort gives you only 20% of the results. Trading is a very unstable way to make a living. I have savings and a good deal of liquidity. This is not something you should be doing if you don't have savings. I have over $15k that I actively trade. The more liquid you are, the more money you can make. I have $30k in the bank that I reserve for orders "just in case".

Dude. I don't care about that shit or anything TV related but really dude it's probably not the shit that you think.

Give the pro-capitalist lines that character says and shit or you have no evidence.

To me the character it's just a bitch who likes fashion and style. I do too.

And it has nothing to do with capitalism, it's like saying painting is a bourgeois hobby because amazing museum-tier paintings are very expensive and shit… Eventually everything will be more accessible and more artists are going to be able to "compete" for real.

LibFems get gulag.

After I became a day trader, I realized just how absolutely absurd capitalism is. I always knew. But this was the first time that I actually saw it for myself. When I walk into a store and see a minimum wage employee, I think to myself that I make far more than this guy just because I managed to buy low and sell high. With a fraction of the effort. Providing little to no value to society. From my laptop in my parents' basement. I'm a misanthropic autistic NEET though so it doesn't bother me that I'm a parasite because fuck society. What has society ever done for me? Its cuck or be cucked out there. I have wage cucked for a few years and don't wanna go back to that. Wage cuckoldry is for suckers. Entrepreneurship is the way to go. If you can call day trading that. I'm fine with calling myself a hustler or a punter instead. Since this is essentially like playing poker.

Gambling apparently releases dopamine in your brain. Day trading probably has similar psychological effects. That's probably why I enjoy day trading and dread getting a 9-5 again. It's like being a pro gamer. It's like playing a massively multiplayer online video game. Where you play for real money.

I get a certain satisfaction from knowing that an autistic guy like me who always fails the job interviews is good at something and is able to do it professionally for a living while living a hikikomori lifestyle from my parents' basement. It's like the ultimate big fuck you to society. To be able to support yourself without having to kiss Porky's ring. Though when I'm not doing very well, I tend to get very frustrated and the game stops being fun. It seems like the opportunities to make money from this have narrowed lately. Other traders are getting smarter. The profit margins are getting thinner and you have to put more effort in to make less money.

Feminism always had a big bourgeois component tbh

replace 'fem' with 'gay' and now you have one of my friends basically. person wears their fucking gayness on their sleeve and uses it to "impress" people like "oh look at me im so fucking progressive and left wing cuz im GAY" and yet when you push him on these topics you find out how fucking reactionary some gay people actually are.

in general its amazing how much ppl have bought into idpol

Good for her.
But this also.

tbf it created the institutions and information network that enable you to be a day trader from your parents' basement

So is this basically a female Nightcrawler?

Capitalism is the worst economic system.
Except for all the others.

Just look at her actions. She is porky as fuck. Yeah she is a bitch. So are a large percentage of bourgeois individuals.

Her best friend helped her out with the business. And she never paid her friend a dime. She expected her friend to work for free.

Her male gay friend also helped out. He ran errands for her. He bought her a bunch of stuff that she needed. When she looked at the receipt, she noticed a snickers bar on there. He said that he bought the bar while he was hungry and said she didn't have to comp it. She rolled her eyes and begrudingly did so. This bitch is so cheap that she didn't even want to give this man a chocolate bar for the work he put in.

She was also a total ass to her unpaid intern. She fired her intern out of impulse. It was her best friend who was the moderate voice of reason who brought the intern back.

In real life (not the movie), she fires four women for getting pregnant. No joke.

On The Glassdoor (site for employer reviews), her company has numerous complaints. The company then became bankrupt and she resigned. Her company was then bought out by a larger company.

what do you mean by that? I am not familiar with night crawler

Move about competitive news stations in LA being incentivized to hire psychopaths to go out and hurt people in order to create news to talk about.