Are you doing your part ?

are you doing your part ?

I'm an artist, so it is only fair to say that I am doing most of the hard work for this cause.

I'm organizing tenants unions and working with the various groups in my area (DSA, PSL, SAlt)

I'm the president and full time dev of an IT Coop

I chainsmoke on my balcony and drink vodka until i pass out.

I'm sitting on the tiolet and reading At the Cafe.

No, i spend my time on fucking Holla Forums

In aiding US imperialism? Yeah, I guess I am actually.

Im training college kids into comrades, i'm also learning to make home made bombs and have more resistance when running

who is this?

I have no clue man

im pettbourgeosie and apparently you guys hate it when I try to help, so i've stopped, and just living a decent life


sounds like something a petit bourg would say lol

Im a depressed, sickly, lonely, wageslave who is on leftypol all fucking day.
what do you think?

I’m just a student. Can’t do anything. :(

Why don't you join a leftist group (here you could meet people and actually do something)

I'm gonna be transferring to a university next year.

Hopefully their SDS branch won't be dead.


Involved with IWW, Antifa, a Tenants Union and Holla Forumss very own action front.

my man

Yelled at some people at the grocery store that the kulaks deserved it

I live in a shit small town in the middle of nowhere. The most left org here is the local Greens, so I don't really have a lot to work with. Im just gonna finish school then get out of this fucking town and go to uni abroad if everything goes well.

No, stay. Or at least come back. Radicalize the common man. Don't let them wallow, bring them up.

Good man

Umm, my girlfriend is trans.
Checkmate, fascists!

Should I join YPG?

I'm a (type 1) diabetic so they may not want a pancreatic cripple, reliant on insulin, fighting with them. But I'm physically fit and willing to kill or die for ancom.

Plus Trump is okay with YPG. So we don't have to worry about getting genocided by the US.

Join action front

Dude I have every hope and support for the YPG but just because they play into Americas hand now does mean they will continue to do so the empire is notoriously fickle when it comes to allies think Saddam or Gaddafi

You'll have to wait longer than. Rojava ain't Anarchist
Should be a huge red flag to begin with.

I haggled for twelve hours straight in an attempt to return a suit for full price despite having a mustard stain on it.
Take that, capitalists!

Your dependency on insulin will just make you a liability in that kind of conflict.

If you are diabetic and don't have any military experience you shouldn't.

Stop eating sugar and other carbs.

Don't fight in military if you have that shit. Nonetheless, keep up physical fitness etc.

Set up a farmers Union. And then have said union merge into the IWW.

If you don't have ANYTHING better to do in your life go ahead.. You'll learn a lot.

Bring deodorant since you will shower once a month.

Is reading and shitposting doing "my part"?

But of course.

I pay taxes that buys the Kurds more dakka

nice. now read max stirner .PDF. de-spook that ass if republicunt and if not really de-spook that ass too.

nah, I'm don't subscribe to nihilism anymore

I help cover up rape scandals at my local neo-troskyite communist party (of Great Britain)(Reorganised) and infiltrate the Labour party by shitting up any and all praxis I come across.

Wouldn't recommend it, but there are other ways you can help.
You may want to consider stockpiling or having some form of buffer of insulin, in the event that shit hits the fans it could be weeks or months before any new insulin would be available.

But user… there's no part.

is that casey neistat

Hi Jeff.

Andrew stop being a biased echo chamber bitch and read. Especially page 133.

who dis

Where did the Trotskyist touch you comrade?

I didn't lie.

also the proletariate need to lighten up a bit.

Rojava is a bourgeois revolution against ISIS and the Syrian government and not a revolution against capitalism.
That being said I support it and am a uni wagecuck stocking shelves and probably would have a better life if I moved there and died in a Turkish airstrike for muh glorious socialist motherland.

I hesitate to join an agricultural coop as an administrator/accountable half-time but also as a gardener the rest of the time.

I honestly think I turned at least 20 people into die-hard commies just by chatting all day without them noticing until the very end.