/leftypol pet

alunya is way too weeb and forced.
i vote for stirner-bordiga duo as our action men.


the fact that he advocated for spontaneousity make it quite ironic

What the hell are you talking about, Alunya is perfect.


Alunya was completely forced and the result of autistic tripfags like Yuiposter getting off site communities to spam for its inclusion as an official board mascot, yet it's STILL less forced than fucking Bordiga.

my vote was and is for Posadas

there is nothing less forced than hammerman, he deservers to be our mascot

As intolerable as he was.
I still miss the bastard.
This board has become significantly less interesting as the number of trip-fag personalities has waned.
I'm a the point that I would welcome yui-fag, rebel and muke back.

On topic however.
I don't see very much wrong with Alunya.
She was certainly much less forced then the fucking stirner and bordiga rubbish.

Muke still posts, just without a trip.

Nice tricks The_Donald

Explain to me when and where Alunya came from, newfag :^)

die, OP

Yeah, I think you're being ironic.

Alunya might be a catgirl and a living pun but at least she is known to get up and kick some trashcans, not sit in a comfy chair being smug all day.

Idk why hammerman is not a meme yet…

Muke still posts and I would PTSD Rebel to death just like I did before
Also Stirner wasn't exactly "forced", he was already a meme on /lit/


As far as new memes, the real problem is that not enough image OC is created around here.

Maybe it's that there is little contemporary art memes that haven't be co-opted immediately by the mainstream. (Think Banksy)

It could be that the OC we do get is insular in nature. You need to have lurked/read enough to understand it. (Think Stirner, Podesta, Bordiga)

This is why Alunya/catgirls works. It's OC, unique to this board, approachable, and newer then the 19th century.

There's plenty of good and not-so-good discussion here, but that takes time to get people on our side. Then they have to be receptive to the message.

It's also the fact that the likes like pol and b have an advantage, "kill niggers" is shocking and attention grabbing because not many people subscribe to the idea. Racist comments also have a relatively recent memories, "kill niggers" literally still happens.

"Eat the rich" is a two things, not in recent memory (the Russian Rev has been tainted beyond repair, other Revs aren't well known, so last real "eat the rich" session in history Americans can attach to is what, the French Rev?) and not really that shocking or attention crabbing.

Actually I also think that the Kekistan cringe threads should be more of a meme.

Need at least a twitter bot, and posted to reddit sub like /r/cringeanarchy

I would take any of them, and even Hoochie, over Afroplasm :-(

Nice reddit spacing faggot.


Thanks :^)

stirner trap blz

batko makes some good memes

Yes he does actually

Fuck off back to >>>Holla Forums you racist piece of shit

source for this gif?