Kekistan cringe thread

Kekistan cringe thread

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Or you can just go laugh at them in real time in various threads here and on leftypole

I can multitask





Oh god I fucking can't





lol that kid


k think i'm done dumping for now

thank you comrade

To be fair the Tyrone one shows some level of self awareness and disdain for pastiche.

holy shit
these people are going to have REGRETS in 5-10 years

Tyrone's just doing his thing and fleecing dumb teenagers. He's the most based black guy refugee I can think of.

have more

I know that, but some alt-righter with a tongue in cheek sensibility would have commissioned him to do this was my salient point.







It's pretty funny how people dress up in dungeons and dragons gear and make actual LARP equipment and go out in public then expected to be taken seriously for whatever it is their standing for when they do that, stuff like this truly is just manufactured activism



That's what happens when a swarm of YouTube faggots all discover imageboard culture at once.


I blame hwndu

Kill your brother. :^)

How the fuck to they get so many people to come out to those LARPfests? Are there really that many carelords in this wretched country?

Have you tried having a good chat with him? An intervention?

Same. Also, my brothers computer genuinely has interracial, Pokemon, and rape porn on it. I looked once while he was away before. I'll try to get a pic of all his porn shit eventually. There was a lot of video game porn and anime porn, lots of hentai and stuff, but mostly interracial with black men raping white women or Pokemon.

pic related – that's him.

I get that you're angry, but you should do the compassionate thing and win him over rather than humiliate him.

he literally threatened to kill me once with a knife

user he looks like a skinny twink fight him irl 1v1

so as much as I'd like to, I'd prefer to be aware of what kind of person he is and has been to me. He doesn't listen to me anyways when I talk to him, he's basically ignored anything I've said to him about it before and just insults me when he has the chance to.

A lot of these people don't really have friends. They don't have local orgs, so these rallies and meetups are the entirety of their social existence.

He is very skinny, if he has a shirt off you can basically see the outline of his skeleton. Also I don't think he'd actually fight anyone because he's scared of blood, though he's a pretty compulsive liar so he's said before he fought someone.

these people are worse than bronies


Whoever dumb idea this was must be making a fair bit off all this shitty merch. The flag seems at least ok quality but those "proud citizen" shirts look like shit. Also whats with the helmets? They look a bit like the kids let out of the special class.

i wouldnt mind a low dosage of autism tbqh

Uppercut him in the ribs some time, he will hurt for weeks.


Heh, I think the Proud Citizen T's are Tyrone's gig.

what an incredible collection of cunts

No shut the fuck up.

Does anyone have that "this isn't comic con" versus irl "kek" memer with posters at an alt right rally causing a shitshow?





When the fuck did this happen? For a decade pepe was just some retarded 4chan shit and kek stolen from WoW and then suddenly we have all this.

Does being the new counter-culture also mean you have to act really retarded?

they have conspired to take down my channel pls raid them the url is 8ch.PEE ELL/slashleftypaulslash/

Kekistan is such a deep meme. Where do you even begin describing it.

Don't give them the credit of thinking they're counter culture, they literally support the most common ideology in the world.



Any last words commies?

didn't think they could ruin it even more than they have. Fucking hell.

*blocks your path*
Do yo think you degenerate minded commie neckbeards can steal our memes?



Are we talking trainers or actual pokemons?

Both. One I looked at specifically had a trainer being raped by a black trainer and their Pokemon at the same time, some just had anthropomorphic Pokemon, some with just Pokemon, some just trainers.

Hillery Clinton calling Pepe a hate symbole sparked it.
I think it was the HWNDU shit that popularized the whole "praise kek" faggotry amongst redditors, although ADL declaring pepe a hate symbol definitely made frogposting boom, although it started before that as a campaign from Holla Forumsyps and Holla Forumstards to "take their meme back" being that it was appropriated as the whole "feels good man/feels bad man" normalfag frog being tweeted by celebrities, so they decided to Photoshop AS uniforms and all sorts of stuff to deter people like them from using it, and then after that I think is when the ADL declare it a hate symbol

t. Reddit historian

*SS uniforms

Here is the hot take Holla Forums doesn't want you to see: kek started on reddit due to all the WoW players there

Well i know that much (admittedly thought it atarted on imageboards though) but im talking about the whole esoteric memetic magic faggot /x/ shit that meme-ified kek as a deity not just the translation of 'lol'


Forty years from now that idiot will still have a meme from 2016 on his arm.

god this is a masterpiece

Something actually started on reddit? Are you sure that it did not come from Gaia Online like Pepe did?

Is he autistic? If not, literally bully him. Make him see that everyone sees him as a weird autist with weird autistic hobbies. Currently he probably only interacts with people who find that shit hilarious, you need to show him otherwise.
Or not, what the fuck do I know?

This shit reminds of the stupid shit I did in the earlier half of the 2010's and makes me want to fucking die, do you think they'll ever reflect about this shit 10 years from now and regret it?

Do you think the owner of this wiki will turn out like Randy Stair?

what is this

Hopefully he will kill himself before then tbqh

What the FUCK did they do to that grandpa

Between 14:45 and 16:40, I don't really understand whats going on, Confederates attack Alt-Righters? Over what exactly? BLM?

True-to-blood confederates, as far as I know. They start counter-chanting "CSA" when the aut-rightist tries chanting "USA". Some confederate also shouts at him, calling him a "communist" (16:09).
There were some good laughs here some time back when that clip first appeared. Those oldstyle southern rightists really don't like dem dam jewnionist cawmies traijn ta pawsh deir fleg.

so much for the tolerant left


Wonder how Moot feels about all this.

Moot has always laughed at retards
he deleted /new/ twice for a reason and then left 4chan, he is already too old for that shit

I'm 2 minutes in and I already can't handle the cringe.

Thanks. :)