Daily News Thread 7/26


Transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the American military in any capacity, President Donald Trump said, adding that US forces shouldn’t be “burdened by” medical costs and “disruption” they would bring.

Pentagon snared in govt sting as fake cops easily acquire $1.2mn worth of military gear

The US Department of Defense has been caught out selling large amounts of military supplies to a fake police department. The fake department was created by the US government itself to sniff out waste and fraud.

Obamacare: First Republican healthcare bill fails in US Senate

The US Senate has rejected a Republican plan to replace President Barack Obama's signature healthcare policy.

Russia sanctions: EU vows to retaliate over US measures

The European Union has expressed concern about US plans to impose fresh sanctions on Russia, amid concern they could hurt energy companies.

Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide arrested as he tried to leave the US

A House IT aide who had access to emails and files from dozens of lawmakers has been arrested on bank fraud charges while attempting to leave the country. The FBI also reportedly found smashed hard drives in his home.

Rouhani says Iran will respond to any new U.S. sanctions

Iran will reciprocate if the United States imposes new sanctions on it, president Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday according to state media, casting further doubt over the outlook for the 2015 Iran nuclear accord.

White House targets leakers, may restructure communications: Scaramucci

President Donald Trump's new communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Tuesday he would probably restructure the communications operation at the White House and would fire staff if leaks did not cease.

Britain's opposition Labour alarms bankers with Robin Hood tax

Britain's left-wing opposition party has held a series of meetings with top finance executives, setting out how it would levy taxes on one of the world's biggest financial trading centers if it snatched power from Prime Minister Theresa May.

U.K. Joins France, Says Goodbye to Fossil-Fuel Cars by 2040

The U.K. became the latest European country to mark the end of the line for diesel and gasoline fueled cars as automakers such as Volvo race to build electric vehicles or face the consequences of getting left behind.

There has been a stark rise in fast food restaurants in the poorest areas of the UK

The number of fast food restaurants in England has risen to a total of 56,638, an increase of 8%, since 2014, with councils now clearly trying to tackle obesity levels via strict planning rules that aim to limit new fast food joints.

California independence 1 step closer as AG paves way for potential 2018 ‘referendum’

A new California independence campaign has got the go ahead to collect signatures for its 2018 ‘Calexit’ ballot initiative.

State-run Chinese daily accuses US of fuelling India-China border standoff, warns of 'a war'

A state-run Chinese daily on Wednesday (26 July) warned the US against wading into the ongoing Indo-China border standoff after an American publication carried an article in support of India.

‘Apocalyptic’ scenes in southern France as wildfires force 10,000 to be evacuated

Thousands of people including holidaymakers have been evacuated in southern France as massive wildfires rage across the French Riviera and Corsica. Locals and authorities say the areas affected by the fires resemble “apocalyptic scenes.”

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Why Can’t Americans Ditch Checks?

In an era of smartphones, online banking, and Venmo transfers, the rest of the world has weaned itself off paper.

‘China & India driving world growth more than developed countries’

The process of urbanization in countries like India and China helps productivity to rise giving a fillip to the level of growth; experts told RT. By 2025, China may have up to 700 million people deemed middle class, they add.

The beatification of John McCain

The news the ultra-hawkish, pro-war US Senator John ‘Bomb, Bomb, Iran’ McCain has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer has led to gushing eulogies to a great ‘hero’ of ‘freedom’ in elite circles in the US and other Western countries.

Trump’s Re-Negotiation Proposal Will Make NAFTA Worse


I hope so. I want that place nuked.

Transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the American military in any capacity, President Donald Trump said, adding that US forces shouldn’t be “burdened by” medical costs and “disruption” they would bring.

stocking up on HRT pills just in case the draft comes knocking

wtf i identify as female now



I live in the bay. can confirm nothing but liberal tards here. Berkeley is pretty cool though.

France wildfires force mass evacuation

Wildfires in south-eastern France have forced the evacuation of 10,000 people overnight, officials say.

trannies btfo

Used to be you had to chop off your finger in order to escape the draft. Now you just have to tell the recruiters you're a girl (male)

How is the military gonna start bitching about benefits costs?
If they want the money for it stop the F35 program and give that money to cover it. Fucking retards I swear

transcucks btfo

wtf I’m a girl now


they could just get a desk position and live off porky's money for free doing nothing for the rest of their lives.

I'm glad America has it's priorities straight.

I see 0(zero) problems with this.

trannies wont kill or die for anyone . they are products of 1st world fun. never fit to live.

I said before that this was going to be a shitshow, and it isn't disappointing.

I love this word filter

Sure but plenty of trans soldiers are in combat roles not everyone can be a desk jockey stupid

name one

Dick Tracy

suck a cock
Bong gov't sees crushing poverty, so it's time to regulate something, surely that will fix it
oh boy more shilling for shit that can track my ass that much more
told you faggots

Anime posters go against the wall first.

Don't even know why the Tories are trying to regulate this out when they want to privatise the NHS anyway.

Get fucked, news user is a great guy.

if there's a draft i'll be up to my neck in tittyskittles, cuteboy here i come

I don't personally know any and there aren't really any famous examples outside of manning

Seeing all my lib friends melt down over this. It's like…I can understand trans people's anger…buuuut I also fucking hate the US army and I will not ever feel bad for them turning anyone away - even if its for bullshit rightwing idpol stuff & not because they're actually less hawkish


Anime is literally reactionary. I don't care if Karl fucking Marx himself watched it, it would still be alt-right shit.

Hi Barney. I need to add you to this.


This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Nationalism is a spook, regardless of whether you're Trans or not.

yes, Holla Forums from this image, indicating that it's them falseflagging by endorsing something they know to be unpopular
>I've done a survey and have proofs
Hitler wore pants

Holla Forumsyps are there because they often false flag to make appear their opponents as "no fun allowed" people.

At one point freech psy-opsed them into purging anime.

Manning was a suicidal desk jockey. Not the best example, you could have said Kristin beck who was a SEAL, but he wasn't actively transitioning at the time of his enlistment.

The battlefield is no place for cosmetic surgery or hormone therapy


Tranny infiltrators BTFO and will never be let back in. The Democrat SJW inroads to turning the US military into an deeply triggering and problematic global police is OVER. You're not getting it back.

Wtf I'm cisgender now because I want to die

I'm going to fake being trans if I'm ever drafted

piss poor attempt at shitposting tbh

At least this way we won't get liberal articles cheering over empowered trans people wielding drones and killing innocents. Anybody has screenshots of the articles about empowered female drone pilots?

Oh no, what a terrible thing. There goes their chance to die in service to the US' imperialist ventures at no benefit to themselves or anyone they know.

We French still use them too.

Holy hell. Every day. Every. Fucking. Day.

The entire United States government, the government of a nation of 300 million people, is slowly and inexorably becoming a thing that exists only to serve the ends of this miserable, stupid, ignorant piece of shit. He needs a distraction for a news cycle? Fuck it, just set something on fire.

I'm losing the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. We are long past the point of arguing about whether the top marginal tax rate should be 28% or 30%. I want to throw eggs at the $700K house down the street with Trump/Pence stickers on all the cars. I want to storm into the "Christian" asshole's office at work with a printout of this article and say fuck you, but it wouldn't matter, because this news is making him happy. He'll crow about how Obama is the one who destroyed the country because Obama raised taxes on people who make triple his income in order to pay for health insurance for people who make a third of his income.

And I can't even keep track anymore. I know there are lists of all the horrible shit Trump has done, but it's too much to even make sense of. Grab 'em by the pussy and fuck the blacks and the Mexicans and the T's in LGBT and fuck the rule of law because we are now governed by a petty, evil, stupid tyrant. (Have I mentioned stupid already? It's worth repeating.)

Politics shouldn't have to matter this much. I find myself in the bargaining stage of grief, continually returning to a fantasy where Mitt Romney is president and I really disagree with his policy on X but I can go about my day without raging on Twitter and reddit and to my friends because Mitt Romney isn't a goddamned monster.

Mueller needs to hurry the fuck up. This can't go on for four fucking years.

All I want to know is how easy it is to use the trans thing to get out of military service. Do you have to actually "prove" you're trans or can I just tell them I'm a girl without shaving?


From a friend of a friend, I was led to believe that simply coming out as trans to the right CO was enough to ensure a discharge.

Worst case scenario you'd have to meet with a therapist, convince them you're trans, and have them write your CO a note saying that they believe your issues to be genuine.

Why does this post feel like a false flag?



Word, I'll keep it in mind. Though it would help if I didn't look like a caricature of a dude with too much test

This party is doomed :'(

To be fair the targeted advertising seems to go haywire sometimes and display stuff you would never be interested in…

You think we'll get a remake of M*A*S*H with Klinger trying to get discharged by being a trans, since you know Big Film loves to do remakes.

Trans people shouldn't be in the military

Transgender anarcho-communist paramilitary groups now!

Main gott

Back to reddit friendo.

Got an actual argument or are you just going to deflect everything you can't defend?

As opposed to all the times it works perfectly and displays things you want to see/buy, natch.

Bush admin. pulled a similar trick in '04 with the manufactured gay marriage amendment debate.

Nowadays, they can literally admit the strategy behind what they're doing and the idpol-obsessed pseudo-left will still go berserk.

Most people here are just joking that it's a good thing. The fewer people that get drafted in some unnecessary war the better. Not really sure what you're sperging out.

The GOP is reeling from this surprise decision as much as everyone else. With the party fracturing and the 2018 elections on the horizon, the Republicans don't want a fucking culture war on their plate. Unfortunately for them, Trump needs one save his failing presidency.

Eh. I don't agree with this analysis at all. It just seems like wishful dem narrative building; a trap to fall into, in other words.

Bullshit. Working class people don't give a shit about LGBT. Trump will probably have more black people voting for him now.

Bullshit. Working class people don't give a shit about LGBT. Trump will probably have more black people voting for him now.
A vast majority of lgbt people ARE working class

Fucked up the quote badly

this might be the first time I buy that the guys actually playing chess

A vast majority of working class people are not LGBT nor do they care about LGBT.

Trump isn't building traps. He's building walls.

Inside Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops


2018 is going to be Hell on Earth.

It feels strange that the White House can just state in plain language that something is a 100% cynical gambit to get votes and we're still forced to go along with it.

That quote isn't sourced, though.

Because Trump is derailing American imperialism and we love him for it. No breaks on this acceleration.

Have you thought about spinning as a post-op fM trans?


Now that's the out of the box thinking I come here for

Nothing in that post was idpol, just summarizing political strategy and expressing dismay.

Thank you, Trump, for re-opening the gigantic fucking loophole in the Conscription Act that Ask-Don't-Tell closed twenty-some years ago. Now all a kid has to do is say that he wants to be the little girl, and he's home free, because being a tranny does not necessarily mean lopping your junk off or even taking pills anymore.


(sigh… incoming shitstorm and ad hominem fallacies)

Sorry Holla Forums, don't agree with you on this one. This is discrimination. It's not based on their ability to fight, health, loyalty or any other significant factor related to combat or discipline. Any argument you make against the abilities of trans people falls flat, because each individual should be evaluated by their ability to be a soldier, not as a group like every single transgender is some cowardly liberal snowflake who refuse to pick up a gun. The "skeptical, reasonable" debates on Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Holla Forums/Etc. always claim to not base arguments on feelings or ideology, but I have yet to hear one good argument as to why a group by definition should be banned from serving. What? Too expensive for medication? OK, then let them choose whether they want to join without medication or not join at all! Not every transgender takes hormone treatment. They don't even know their own gender, thus they can't handle a gun? Nice non sequitur. Maybe we should leave it to the staff sergeants to evaluate the abilities of the drafted, instead of just assuming that all transgenders are unpredictable psychos.

This is a decision from the neo-cons. The Christian right wing. The people skeptics used to facepalm over. Come on, please, are you really this afraid to criticize your lord and savior? Oh, let me guess. I'm just a liberal, triggered SJW. Just because the left has gone completely off the rails, does not mean that the neo-cons have improved! This is unconstitutional. You're no better than the SJWs if you defend this ban.

How about this. Trans should be banned from military precisely because everyone should be banned from it. In fact the world should pull a Germany/Japan post-WWII and completely demilitarize the entire US. We have caused enough shit in the world.

I know you're probably just trolling but the point is that the US military is an imperialist, racist, sexist organization that does nothing but spread misery worldwide, and any move to bar people from contributing to it should be celebrated.

The weird moralizing you're doing where you align yourself implicitly with the US military in critiquing their motivations for deciding who gets to enter their murder-rape gang is hilarious.

fuck, left up shitposting flag

It is a good thing though: less people go die for the bourgeois state, less people go kill people for the bourgeois state. No matter if you don't agree with the reasons, it is a good thing for any communist. Hopefully they'll discriminate men and women too.

Personally I think transwomen would make excellent fighters. They are basically amazons after all. Still fighting for the American empire is not something anyone should be concerned with.

So, let's review. The day after intelligence analysists working for an independent agency declare that the "Russian hack" of the 2016 was actually just a leak by a member of the DNC, the IT guy for the then-head of the DNC gets charged with not filling out his home loan application correctly and arrested as he attempted to flee the country. No, this is not suspicious at all.

So? Trans people can transition outside of active duty stupid

Active duty ends when a serviceman is discharged. Are you trying to say that it should be allowed in the inactive reserve?


No problem, seeing as gender doesn't exist, so they're banning delusional people. Banning transsexuals however is awful.

Hahahaha Trump is managing to piss off both the EU and Russia. All liberal media bullshit aside, he really is the worst president.

Jesus Corbyn, have mercy, they will barely be able to eat that way.

Eh, happens every time someone famous dies.

Dunno, the nature there is really nice. I'd be happy with just San Fran getting toasted.

Reminds me of the time Cuban exile filth managed to prank Fidel Castro.

So instead of a finger you have to chop off a different appendage.

"HRT is painless. It brings on many changes, and I can have whatever genitals I please."

There's definitely issues regarding transgender rights that are worth fighting for, but the right to be drafted into yet another pointless war over oil to fatten Porky's wallet ain't one of them.


doesn't your pic disprove your point? ain't gonna die blowing up browns from 8k miles away. Also, you get free college n healthcare n shit


Anime is too gay to be reactionary.
Although there really isn't much difference between faggots and fascists anyway

"Speaking to ARD television, Brigitte Zypries warned of a trade war between the European Union and the United States.

"There is a possibility of counter-sanctions because this is envisaged by the WTO (World Trade Organization)," she said, adding that a trade war would be "very bad.""

"“In our opinion, it is not in the Americans’ right to judge or stipulate which way European companies may engage in cooperation with any third parties – particularly with Russian energy companies,” Schaefer said."

"The French foreign ministry echoed the German sentiments, objecting to the law on the grounds that it affected American companies outside the United States, which it says is outside the scope of US law. In a statement the ministry warned that "[t]o protect ourselves against the extraterritorial effects of US legislation, we will have to work on adjusting our French and European laws."

Italy is also likely to back countermeasures as the country's largest energy company, Eni, plans to begin drilling in Russia's Black Sea. According to the company website, "Approximately 30% of Eni's natural gas is supplied by Russia. These supplies are out of the reach of current sanctions.""

and all anyone cares about is how many dicks are in the army. sigh.

Regarding the checks thing. My landlord won't accept electronic payment or cash. I've always thought it's because he lives 1000 miles away and doesn't want his employees stealing the money.

I think the same goes for electronic payment. Apparently it's super easy to charge back a charge when using PayPal. Not sure why debit isn't accepted other than maybe the additional cost of seeking up a network that is payment card industry compliant.

Anyway checks leave a paper trail which is needed for auditing, funny how porky maintains a paper trail for his profits but not for the votes of proles.


This place is in dire need of a liberal purge.

The military - particularly the enlisted ranks - are composed primarily of poor, working class people who have to do the violent work of capital to survive. They are no different from poor, working class people who do the work of capital in factories or in fields or anywhere else.

Anyone who doesn't recognize this is a goddamn LARPing retard, and continually antagonizing the people in the military only reinforces their false consciousness and pushes us further down the road to fascism.

Do you think the military will side with the left in a revolution if all they ever hear is shit like this? Or do you just like masturbating to the thought of muh gorrilla warfare against the most capable military ever assembled?

oh fuck freech is great.
Are they still around?
Is gayday still spamming daddies TO THIS VERY DAY??

It's still discrimination. We won't be able to tackle imperialism until we've solved the issues of inequality within ourselves.

Down with "Socialism with a human face", up with "Socialism with a human face as a party mask"


>New sanctions against Venezuela could cripple its economy — and hit U.S. consumers at the gas pump nyti.ms/2v30psH

Yeah, you are. Portions of the population being excluded from Porky's army isn't a /leftist/ issue. In a communist army, they should be allowed to serve without question, but getting upset about not allowing transexuals into the American military is up there with "we need more women CEOs!" of bullshit liberal issues.

Who cares anymore? Neoliberalism is already worse than fascism ever was. It is difficult to be afraid of a dystopian future when we live in a dystopian present.

A rainbow military is going to be no less inclined to repress dissent than the presently existing military you fucking idpol infested retard.