Esperanto: Internationalism and Language

Today is the 130th year anniversary of Esperanto.
It was the language of anti-fascism and internationalism before World War II.

But it seems clear to me that after WW2 English became the unifying language of the working class. Esperanto has failed to bring about proletarian unification. Should the left abandon it?
I think the left should actively distance itself from utopian feel-good ideas that do not bring immediate benefits to workers. Otherwise we are no better than SJWs.

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Esperanto is a racist eurocentric language. A universal language should mix Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, etc. Instead of being a mixture of French and Polish.

English is here to stay regardless. Even after the fall of the American Empire, China will support English because no one can learn Chinese tones.

That sounds like it would benefit no one.


Esperanto belongs to a bunch of old Esperantist leftists.
English now belongs to the whole world. Esperanto could and will never spread beyond a bunch of memeing larpers online.

This isn't important, it's like how they tried to force Latin onto non-Romance speaking peoples during the Medieval period through state institutions, because that's clearly where the feudal serfs priorities laid.

That's totally not what happened. No one cared what the serfs spoke. The only people learning Latin or French in occupied England were the upper class or the merchants who wanted to communicate with the upper class.

The serfs spoke several Germanic and Celtic languages.

The lingua franca in the middle ages was the literal lingua franca, a mix between romanic languages and Arabic.

The fuck does this even mean? You think people outside the Anglosphere see English as their language? No, they don't. Most of the world only learns English because English is the language of the countries that "won" (Britain and later the US). English isn't special, and it isn't even a very good international language, it's just the language that's forced on people.
Honestly I really can't fathom the leftist hostility towards Esperanto. Do you really think people in the future are gonna keep speaking English in a world without states? Lingua Francas like English and before that French and Latin were always determined by which states were the most dominant in the region. In a world without states what will that language be? Obviously it should be a language that everyone can learn and speak easily, and Esperanto is one such language. Why do you think leftists throughout history have supported it?


FFS man you're retarded. You think the rich and powerful talk to each other in Esperanto? Esperanto has always been a prole language
Read a book or kill yourself

Same reason leftists support Stalin or defend the Soviet Union today. Because that's what the old guard memes about. There is no logical reason to support outdated ideas like Esperanto. It's an old ideological creation of the 19th century, mostly supported by university academics and a fringe small group of internationalists.

Most people in the world do not want to learn Esperanto. When the "states" do fall, there will be no reason to international communication besides trade. Just like before the rise of modern capitalism, most people will have no reason to care about what's going on in Vietnam or Morroco. Esperanto is useless to the working class.

Esperanto is a language of people with some education. Most urban youth have never heard of Esperanto. It does not belong to the modern proletarian.

Take off that flag, faggot, you're not an internationalist

t. Someone who doesn't know what proletariat means. We're all proles

Esperanto is not easy to learn mostly because it cannot spread. Imperial languages spread due to the material resource to propagate itself.
Esperanto Is the most successful conlang ever made but it only has 2 million speakers.
There are no incentives for a state to push for Esperanto at the moment. And the biggest reason why, is that nobody wants to be the first to learn a whole language. People value their time.

Most proles have never heard of Esperanto. Hence it cannot possibly "belong" to them. It belongs to a small faction trying to force it on everyone else. English has utilitarian value. Esperanto does not.

I would go further and say that Esperanto not only has lack of resources in most world languages, it's inherently ugly. Romance languages, which Esperanto takes most of its vocabulary, are unappealing both visually and auditory.

And yet they seem pretty intent on wasting it on pointless shit. Why not spend it on learning something?

How are you going to convince us to learn Esperanto?
We are all speaking English here for a reason. English is the language of international brotherhood. Even Holla Forums realizes this.

Esperanto is the probably the only accessible language that's still relatively untouched by the Spectacle. A few generations and English speakers will forget how to talk without forcing their business ontology on everything, meanwhile Esperanto speakers will be plotting the insurrection that will free us from global capitalism.

The whole point of Esperanto is that it doesn't "belong" to anyone. English is the language of a bunch of faggots on an island and their colonies, Esperanto doesn't have a nationality and it's designed from the ground up to be easy to learn for everyone (hence why it gained a lot of support in China, a country with dozens of hard-to-learn languages). It's literally internationalism in language form. You're a fucking shitty trot
That's your opinion, fam. Don't peddle it like it's fact

Why do you think I'm gonna bother convincing you? You're obviously a spooked nationalist. If you're not interested in Esperanto, go pollute another thread.

What am I even reading?

The point is that Esperanto is out of everyone's radar. It will not spread because there is no recognized incentive throughout the masses to learn and use Esperanto.
Unlike Esperanto, a communist revolution will happen because people feel an incentive due to their diminishing material conditions brought upon the capitalist class.
Everyone speak English is already a thing and it works. No need to replace it with a fantasy language that only some crazy old cooks still cling to.

English is a great language that has no problems you cucks.

For real though saying "Esperanto is euro centric so that's why its bad" is useless as an argument, that's just nationalism/idpol. The real benefit of a constructed language is the ability to make it actually make consistent sense. English today is an abomination made from borrowing or modifying words from dozens of different languages with totally different rules of spelling or punctuation, that breaks rules constantly. I after E except after C anyone? Yeah that's not a rule in English because it's broken almost as much as it's used.

English is the international language of commerce, of Capital. When someone is talking to me in English I can't help but wonder what they are trying to sell to me. If you read older books it used to be okay but these days commerce has taken it over so completely that even love letters read like performance review from your manager. You can say whatever you like about Esperanto, but the damage Capital has done to the English language is undeniable.

Reading just a little bit about the history of Esperanto, it's clear to me that there has been many disagreements about its internal grammar. Granted that it's all subjective changes. There has been dozens upon dozens of splinters within the Esperanto language. The most infamous one being "Ido".
Esperanto suffers from the same problem the left does, everyone wants to form their own language/group since they believe only their vision is the correct one.

… you don't get out much do you?
Uh yeah there can be… teach it in school… you do know that until very recently language wasn't as simple as it is today. Italy used to have a dozen different languages until they unified with modern Italian.

Modern Italian, German, and Hebrew may be in a way constructed, but they are based on previous spoken dialects. There was already a cultural and state-driven incentive to spread those languages.

No state is going to each their children Esperanto. There is not an organized movement for it, and there never will be.


What incentive will there be for them to use English after the revolution? It is terrible as an international language, so is every other "real" language. The incentive for learning Esperanto is that it is an easy language to learn and use (the guy in the article learned it in 3 months. In my country we spend years learning English and most people are still shit at it). It is just plain better as an ancillary language, and that is why it should be used: to allow people from every part of the world to speak to each other without spending years and years learning a language that inherently puts certain language groups at a disadvantage. There is no "reason" English is the lingua franca of the world, people didn't decide it was better, it is simply an extension of imperialism.
No it doesn't. Most people can't speak English, and most of those who do speak it so terribly they can barely use it. There is no logic in having a language that takes a lifetime of use to learn as an international language. People only use it because they have to. Once states are abolished and America stops being the center of the world, there will be no reason to use it as an international language.

2 mil Esp speakers and maybe 100 Ido, yeah Esp is being torn apart by this margin of error group.

And that dive today would be for a universal language that is easy to lean.

The fuck? Ethno-nationalism is making a come-back in Europe and probably in the Americas.
Esperanto is not useful because of its minority status and I do agree that English can be appropriated and spread instead of Esperanto. Considering the infrastructure and resources for English are already here.

I have nothing against a movement that is led by a small intelligentsia, most of the revolutions in the world had this character. However Esperanto is fighting a lost cause. English is not harmful inherently, imperialism is harmful.


Three months we could spend reading about marxist theory instead.
Replacing English with Esperanto will take too much resources, especially after a revolution. English books already exist, English material already exists, the international system already uses English. There are not enough Esperanto teachers to teach the whole world Esperanto. It si not a realistic alternative. It's simple as that.

It's already begun its decline.

Yeah 100% Esperanto is not really viable in the current climate. English should be the standard RN but in the future things might be different.

Nice meme. I've been to Egypt, Germany, France, and Sweden and most people there knew enough English to communicate. Not everyone needs a PhD is English to communicate.

You don't need English to communicate either.

If anything, the lack of existing material is a positive here. As it stand right now there are a ton more socialist material in Esperanto than capitalist propaganda. Meanwhile the last century of English usage has been nothing but mass produced anti-communist propaganda.

Good post mate, real intelligent discussion.

Thankfully this material will always exist and wont have to be replaced, also as we know everywhere in the world is equipped with a full set of everything required to spread English such as teachers, and teaching materials.

You are not being realistic.
You claim that the incentive for people to learn Esperanto would come after a revolution, but if the revolution is democratic in nature and not led by a vanguard who already have Esperanto in their agenda, it's unlikely that people will support Esperanto, or any other international language.

Linguistic internationalism is simply not on the plate anywhere. And it hasn't been since Socialism In One Country became the norm.

The populations don't want to lose their (imaginary) power over to some unaccountable eurobureaucrats, sure. That's a far cry from majority of people going all ethno-nationalist about shit. Burgers have always been spooked, and even then the great majority is centrist liberals that wave their burgerflag because they think it brings about world peace, not muh white race troglodytes.

Fucking stupid namefag, you can't even comprehend written english and you're shilling for some meme to replace it. Just because I pointed out capitalist globalism doesn't mean the counter to it is nationalism, you retard. The whole point is that nationalism is dying, and with it the esperantocucks argument about overcoming it with a meme language.

Plz leave tankie/socialism with Chinese characteristics

All I read is
(I was agreeing with you but apparently your an autist that can't read)

English is the most useful skill to have in the modern world. Anyone denying this is a shill for something.

There is literally nothing wrong with Eurocentrism. Europe will always be the leading force in human progress.

Va te faire foutre, hijo de puta

In my experience, finding the source of anime pictures is more useful.

wtf I love esperanto now

gulag yourself

All I see is someone shoved up their own ass and loves the smell of their own farts.

Ido already lost.

The only "reform" that can be called "alive" is the "patro/patrino/patriĉo" gender reform, and it's much less intrusive/different than something like voseo in Spanish.

How can anglophones ITT be so fucking hypocritical that they support cultural and regular imperialism because it means they don't have to learn a second language but everyone else does? People aren't even arguing whether Esperanto is a good IAL or (probably because they know nothing about it) they're completely arguing against the concept of an IAL, and think a difficult, native language should be the global one. And ain't it convenient, it just so happens to be the one they natively speak.

It's not only selfish and non-Leftist to support English as the global language, but it's also being completely blind of history. Every single lingua franca (except perhaps Swahili) that has existed has existed through powerful institutions or state actively pushing it on everyone else, and usually it was because it was their native language. Even in Zamenhof's time, not even 200 years ago, French was the global language that all the rich and intelligent people studied, English has only be predominant and truly global for around 150 years, first because of the British Empire now because of the American. You have to be extremely naive and ignorant to think that English will remain after the American Empire falls.

And saying that Esperanto had its chance and "failed" is exactly on the same level as saying Socialism had its chance and failed.

Languages can't be racist, it's vocabulary being eurocentric isn't a problem when almost everyone speaks a European language, mixing a dozen different languages together benefits no one, and Chinese tones are as difficult for a Westerner to pronounce as voiced consonants are for a Chinese to pronounce.


🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. English is the language of international brotherhood🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

I wouldn't mind learning a second language but I'm definitely not going to waste my time learning this worthless bullcrap.

The difference between Esperantist and Socialism is that the working class needs socialism. Having an easier language to learn is a luxury, not life or death.

This is the reason why Esperanto will never spread and frankly thats a good thing.
Imagine leftists, already a marginal group try to recruit by forcing people to learn Esperanto. We would become the even more cult-like to outsiders.

The revolution must be international, as such the international working class needs to be able to communicate with each other, making a common language a necessity. Even going beyond matters of ideology, an easy and quick to learn language is one that's practical for everyone. Building the revolution will involve matters of time and resources, and neither should be spent learning a language that will unnecessarily take up both.

Language is part of the superstructure and not the base. 2 million people "speak" Esperanto out of a world population of 7 billion. It would take generations for it to become a common language to overcome all the cultural barriers and by the time it would become a major language it would have already spun off into multiple dialects, accents, and other various regionalist variations. You cannot ignore the historical dialectics of how languages form over and change time.

Once again superstructure and base, change the economic variables then start working on the cultural, ethnic, lingual etc. Right now we have the internet and our best bet is using English as a international language and if that is set to change after the revolution then so be it.


It specifically would not do that, mainly because few people speak it as native or first language, preventing it from being used enough to develop those differences, secondly, because those it is an international language those differences would not survive unless they simply became core parts of the language, and thirdly, because those differences would defeat the entire purpose of the language.
This is not simply some cultural thing. Being able to communicate with the international working class will be a necessity for a world revolution. Spreading an international language, hopefully an IAL, is on a similar level to actually spreading Leftist ideology, in the sense that both would be necessary for a world revolution.

Try actually reading Marx before embarrassing yourself.

There's actually a surprising number of young females there.

Thats would mean that most of them are dykes since they're standing next to other females.

As we all know every language is currently utterly shattering and a global language is impossible cause "superstructure" n stuff. (sarcasm)

Languages only split and morph when they become isolated.
Example: Latin was the primary language if the Italian peninsula. After the roman empire fell the language became divided and developed into the Italian Dialecto based on the small states that popped up. Currently all of Italy speaks modern Italian. Which is actually very distinct from the Dialectos that were spoken before. This took place in only 1-2 generations.

TLDR: You'r wrong.

People had a reason to learn modern Italian. More importantly the state was there to make them learn this constructed dialect.
There is no state or organization that can impose Esperanto on the world stage.

How about forming an actual argument rather than using a Holla Forumstier meme

Any recommended reading then? Also I'm not ignoring it, I'm pointing out that there will be multiple challenges to establish an international language. I've studied multiple languages and the closest international language we have today is English, trying to force some meme language is embarrassing.

Finally a good response.
So it's not going to replace any languages but rather replace English as the global language?
Regardless of the purpose all languages will split in some form or another. Isolation does play a part but geographic distant is also a factor. The internet is making these distances ever shorter.
It isn't just a cultural thing, and I pointed that out. We have the internet so communicating with the international working class is easier than ever. We should try pushing class conscious and internationalism first then try to establish a common language

Not impossible but very difficult

Yes, that's what we've been arguing this entire thread. Esperanto is meant as an ancillary language

It's common for Esperanto speakers to meet their future wife at Esperanto meetings, don't give up yet :)
There's even slang for it: edzeco (marriage) + esperanto

So Lojban? Or Lingwa de planeta? What do you want?

Not currently, I advocate for Esperanto but as a push after the move towards socialism. IE: the transition period where capitalism is being dismantled.

That is the entire idea of an international auxiliary language, like Esperanto. A core idea of IALs is to prevent language homogeneity so that everyone can keep their native languages and not have to sacrifice them to learn the regional or global language.
Only if they're isolated. The internet practically makes it impossible to be truly isolated.
How are we supposed to do that if people do not speak the same language? The internet is a tool to communicate, but you cannot communicate if you do not understand each other. Having the internet is already a muh privilege for the global working class, being able to fluently speak, and even more unlikely, write English is an ability rare even among the wealthy and educated. The difference between 6 easy months and many difficult years is a huge difference when you only have a few hours of free time a day.

Yes. Even the "fina venko" focuses on 100% of the population using it as a second language.
Are you contradicting or supporting his point? I can't tell.
Even though internet use is rising, most speakers are non-native, and it's easier now for people of all clases to learn English, around 86% of people in the world don't speak English. You still need translators.

We have enough English for international communication. Otherwise, most of us would have never heard of Podemos, PSOL, or HDP.

We don't need a made up language to communicate with international comrades. English is fulfulling the role already.

I'm talking about English as the language of a global communist movement. News agencies won't translate your statements/articles. You still need translators.


The thing is that English is way more established thanks to the eternal Anglo

Pretty much. Anyone who stands against the progress of English is either a naive idealist or a memeer.

Or still can think straight unlike those brainwashed by the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglos🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


It's a thought experiment. Unless the proletariat becomes self-sentient machines, Lojban is not a viable language for people to learn.

Esperanto is a meme language invented by a kike

English is much more diverse than Esperanto when expressing something.

not really. honestly esperanto is more expressive because of the way you can restructure and use different grammatical concepts to convey what you want to say. there are a ton of words in esperanto you can easily construct that have no direct translation to english. what makes you think esperanto isn't very expressive?

The problem with Esperanto is that it has a limited literary foundation. Its goal is to promote zionism and destroy foreign language competitors. It cannot convey complex thoughts, just basic ideas to give the illusion of depth.

dude you are absolutely retarded. its goal is to be an IAL, no esperantist wants to stop people from speaking there language.
give me text in english that you think esperanto can't convey. (hint: no such thing exists) stop talking shit on things that you don't know anything about.

Let's look at the word "bad". In Esperanto, there is only one word you can use "malbona" which means "not good". In English they are dozens of words that are synonymous with "bad", you can use any of them you would like to express what you are feeling.
Now let's see how that is expressed in the real life. Say you dont like your toast, you will call it "malbona", in English we can say "awful, cruddy, dissatisfactory, lousy, ect". If you have a shitty government, they only word you can use to call them bad is "malbona". There is no emphasize on how bad they are, you are forced to use the same word to describe piece of food as an oppressive government.
I studied Esperanto for a year until I relieazed how useless it was

Exactly, writing political theory is simply not possible in Esperanto. Languages like French and Spanish can describe badness and corruption in beautiful detail. Esperanto is newsspeak, only able to communicate goodness and ungoodness. It wants to destroy free and deep speech.

A quick search on glosbe reveals that l those words have translations, such as aĉa, malkontentiga, fia, etc.

I have a feeling that the bona/malbona pair are simple words you would probably run into lesson 1 of an Esperanto course.

I highly doubt that considering all of those words have accurate translations in Esperanto, some of which you have to know if you have studied the affixes, which you must have studied if you actually did it for a year. Unless you have some kind of learning impairments, which could explain being this retarded.

People have written political theory in Esperanto, dumbass. It was the language of choice for many in the labour movement before the Second Word War. If anything, Esperanto is more fitting for talking socialism because it's not loaded with fetishistic capitalist jargon.

Nice meme LARPer.
English is not any more capitalistic then any other language. Language is just a tool.

English, as commonly used, is full of words that are taken straight out of corporate memos and reapplied to everyday life.

That is a reflection on society, not th language itself.
Esperanto may be less capitalistic in mindset due to its ideology, but it is still a marginal language with no possibility of future influence.

That sounds nice and all, except for none of it is true. If you had taken the time to have more than a toddler level understanding of the language you would know that.

I think we can all agree that English does the job and it's not going anywhere.

Try leaving your bubble sometimes, English barely works in the real world.

I know that you're using a shitposting flag but seriously nigga?

I've traveled to several countries and saw non-Anglos always use English between each other. Perfection is not needed. Language is a tool, not a game.

Is there any proof that Esperanto is easier to learn? Just because a language is regular doesn't make it easier to learn.

Indonesian is a relatively simple language, but as an Anglo, I am sure something as difficult as German is easier, due to the shared culture and linguistic background.

just zamenhoff was jewish doesn't mean he was a zionist,

Esperanto is literately a Jewish language made to push Jewish culture on the goys. It is not appropriate for solidarity. It just supports the Israeli apartheid state.

Even if that's true
So what?

The author of the article learned it in three months. It's really easy to learn. I've spent five years learning German and I'm still shit at it.

Yet he has no one to speak it with in real life.
Doesn't matter if Esperanto only took one day, it's still a waste of time.

Except he totally has. Now shut up and educate yourself

Just learn English you fucking spaz.

Basically useless in the United States. We live in an already monolingual continent which uses the world lingua franca, Esperanto.

I am sure almost everyone that learned Esperanto is already fluent in English anyway.

Why am I not surprised?

Like what's the point? We are all speaking English here. English won.

Nice try but Esperanto is basically a form of contagious autism. You won't be infecting me with it.

Esperanto language grows in China, helps people from different cultures and backgrounds express themselves

I never even heard of Esperanto until I saw this thread. It seems like an obscure cult of identity politics who want to destroy English because of muh colonialism. Basically SJW cancer.

Most Chinese people speak English. In fact China has more English speakers than the United States.

Stop lying:

Wow, I didn't realize Holla Forums was representative of the entire world. Of course everyone on an english board speaks english and it's also dominated by anglo cancer because of it

It has millions of speakers, dozens of organizations, and its own art and literature. Are you always this lazy about researching things?

Less than 1% of the Chinese speak English. But I guess they don't count because they are not white.

Mandarin is going to be the next lingua franca anyway. This is part of the superstructure. It cannot be individually molded by some marginal linguistic extremists. This takes grammar nazis to a whole other level.

Yet I've never seen it used, and it's always discussed in English. What a meme.


Have you seen Urdu being used? What a meme language!

But I have.

Definitive proof that it doesn't exist, nothing can possibly refute your excellent anecdotal evidence

Teaching a child Esperanto instead of English would be child abuse. English is not going anywhere.


This is child abuse. Period.

Most people can handle learning a second language, not everyone is a brainlet like you.

Then they'll be thrilled to learn English. It has hundreds of millions of speakers, thousands of organizations, and its own art and literature.


Quite the story, Mark!

How do you think native Esperanto speakers are made?

They're created in a vat of pure liquid autism.

Lots of female Esperantists, fam

Women can be autistic too.

Are there millions? Do they have hundreds of organizations?

Do you actually have an argument?

iru supren

Real languages are evolutionary; there's a reason Orwell turned his back on Esperanto; nowadays the only people who try to push it are those with a huge ethno-masochistic chip on their shoulder and accompanying cultural inferiority complex. You can't claim to be for the world and at the same time shriek your racist cries of anglo-this and anglo-that.

But don't you want diversity of people and culture? Or are all peoples and cultures equal and thus language is random and not meaningful, though if you want people to follow you, you should have a good command of the language they speak. While that is intellectualist of them, judging you by how well you speak and not the merits of your ideas. If you maintain that all speakers are equal then the people won't choose you versus another and then ideas themselves make no matter to them.

Esperanto is a universal second language. You are supposed to learn it instead of English so your country don't end up as yet another carbon copy of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It's not meant to replace your native language.

Why Esperanto? We should create a new language from scratch that reflects the languages that most people speak, like Arabic, Chinese, and Indonesian.

Because it's the only living conlang at the moment.

Because what vocabulary a language uses ultimately doesn't matter. Chinese people have no additional problems learning Esperanto despite it drawing its vocabulary from Latin and Germanic languages. Attempts at making perfectly neutral languages have also failed spectacularly (one of them required the use of a computer program in order to construct a perfect sentence)

That's pretty eurocentric. Pushing Esperanto, the metric system, and our calendar on everyone else is a form of cultural imperialism.

Have you even read the article?

I am not going to waste my time learning about a failed SJW dream-project. I's identity politics.

Do maotists always contradict themselves from one sentence to the next?


Esperanto will help you learn further languages IF it's your second language. If it's your third or further language it won't help you much. Your second language will be your hardest to learn (if you're not underageb& at least), so why not at least study Esperanto, a language designed to be easy to learn, for about a month or two to assist you in learning whatever language you want to be fluent in, even if you don't plan on speaking Esperanto in the end?

I would rather read theory than learn a language. Everything is written in English.

english is also harder to learn.

With translation software working as well as it does today, I don't see why we need Esperanto.

is that why china is one of the countries with the most esperantists, if the chinese don't care that esperanto is made up of european langauges you shouldn't care

I really don't think that esperanto will become the universal language, and Zamenhof didn't intend it to either. What we should use esperanto for is teaching it in areas where diffrent ethinic groups speaking diffrent languages live togeather. I mean, we already see this happening in China, those that learn the language vastly prefer it to speaking english, and use it to speak to members of other Chinese dialects who also speak esperanto.

There are a lot of chinamen, so it stands to reason there would be a lot of chinamen speaking Esperanto.

Read the article, fam

well contradiction is a big part of their ideology

At most 400,000 individuals knew Esperanto.
So let's be generous and assume that 400,000 chinamen know Esperanto today. 400,000/1,373,000,000 will give you 0.03% of the Chinese population that know Esperanto.

Duolingo, Memrise and other platforms helped obliterate a lot of shit like that.

I started using English when I was very young (never studied it, just went straight to using it on the net, sounding like a retard for a few months and having slightly awkward grammar for around a year) and being able to communicate after studying Esperanto for a month motivated me to study Japanese by myself.

And there are only 10,000,000 regular english speakers in china, and that's supposed to be the language "everyone" speaks. 1 fluent Esperantist for every 20 regular english speaker is a pretty good showing for a "meme" language that "no one" speaks


But you'd rather bitch at people learning a second language which they hope to be the IAL, instead of learning theory?

Zamenhof did intend for it, and if you're using to for linguistically diverse areas, why would you stop in single countries and not the world?

I have though. You guys could at least pick a more obscure language people are likely to have never seen or heard, like, say Esperanto.

Regular English speakers != can speak in/read in English.
There are more than 10 million chinamen that can speak/read English.

The proletariat are already sentient machines.

And there are 400,000 Esperantists (ie. people who speak it regularly). If you want to compare numbers, they have to be in the same category

I'll start learning esperanto the day someone posts a doujin catering to my fetishes and written originally in esperanto.

What are you fetishes?

Extremely perverted.

I've heard of a camgirl who speaks Esperanto, Esperanto Doctor Who slashfics, and an 80 year-old Esperanto porn film. That's about it. Would it even be doujin if it wasn't Japanese?

And here I was thinking my fetishes were horrifying.

Not to purists, but I was using the more general (and literal) meaning of the word.

People need to read more. Reading Marx and Lenin is more useful than learning Esperanto. Period.

Por que no los dos


why not read marx and lenin in esperanto?


Live translation works on Skype today with some languages. I don't see why a universal translator wouldn't be feasible a few years down the road.

Exactly. In the future we will all have universal translators. We might as well teach English until then. No need to create a new infrastructure to teach a new language that will be useless in 50 years.

helps to know about history thats for sure through, I'll give it a read until I'm finished with ALL Stirner.

In all honesty since we live in america (at least most of us) and I mean the continent not the stupid nation. We should all know: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

French is also spoken in North and South America, Jorge Gonzalesz dos Santos.

Mortigu mem

Foriru novafagoto

tried to fix that shit but the bitch who made that shit was bonkers. I'm pretty sure she was focusing on USA and she is from the USA herself.

Obviously biased af list but it's true in the first few ranks.

If she meant that shit internationally then it's even more fucked up. In the Fanatical Islamic middle east areas women are slaves sure but transsexual people can't even step outside or don't even exist there since they're an ultra-fundamentalistic, super spooked society.

Also you're a retard. Esperanto could be useful for somethings but I would learn it as my last last language or something.
It's easier than English, that right there is a good enough reason.

Identity politics is cancer.

He thinks that school can make people fluent in a language.

English has spread mostly through education. Only children can learn English through television/video games.

Mi decidis al vidi la fadeno ĉar mi ne uzis Esperanto en longa tempo

>Mi decidis al vidi la fadenon ĉar mi ne uzis Esperanton en longa tempo
Bonvolu aligi nin ĉe >>>/esperanto/ !

lol, that wasn't even true before the 1500s

SJW logic to the extreme. The Muslim and Chinese world were never relevant to overall human culture. English works fine. Get over it.