I know there's at least one or two fellow Christians on this board.

Since the last thread on here discussing Christian stuff got shut down, I have created a new board for, I don't know, downtime I guess and a chance to discuss things if needed if you guys ever get sick of the overwhelming secularism/stirnerism/etc. of this board but also can't stand the Holla Forums infestation on /christian/.

God bless!



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Rude, did you complain in the mod feedback thread?

Hey, do you have Conservative parents? where did you grow up? i can't see any che's coming form redneck america

I am no christfag myself but I had some really good discussions with christian leftists who can offer a genuinly valuable perspective. So I hope no faggy mods shut this thread down.

I'm not christian, but I was growing up and I really appreciate some good theology every now and again. That being said there's already a big christian board and lefty Christianity is a pretty niche topic to start a board about. Why not just use /christian/ to discuss shit?

You should read Roland Boer he wrote about fuckin uhhh like Calvinism and socialist ideology. He currently writing a work about Stalin and Theology he pretty good.

You're going to have to do more to promote it tbh fam.

Christian Anarchist checking in. much love and thank you!

I probably won't post on that board. I'd love for this to become a regular thread though, or maybe even a cyclical if it's popular enough.


One of the volunteers posted something about it not being leftist related and sage'd it and I guess no one bothered to argue against that.

Good goy! Hitchens supported IsraHELL after all. :^)

Father is apolitical, Mom is Conservative but she didn't really put a lot of thought into it besides "them social democrats once put black people in my neighborhood in subsidized housing and lowered my house price reee". She can watch a movie like I, Daniel Blake and be moved to tears and somehow not understand the effects of austerity lol.

Mods are biased and if not anchored/deleted it'd just get meme'd on.

Teach me your ways famalam

Cheers lad!

I feel like you coulda gone a bit more creative with the name, but, good for you.

ill check it out. peace and love to all men

I'd be interested to see this get off the ground, but it seems like the only Christian board that stays alive is /Christian/ and it's full of hyper-trad conservative Holla Forumsyps.

I'll definitely check it out. Best of luck.

Do you think the church would support the revolution

Hey asshole, WTF is christian left? Shouldn't the left not vary from religion to religion? Explain to me how religious leftist ideology isn't just a meaningless phrase?

I'd say consider posting a thread on /Christian/, but it will likely be deleted.

You're an idiot if you think that leftism and Christianity don't go together hella well.

No religion and leftism go together. Almost every accomplished leftist made this pretty clear in their work.

/christian/ is generally okay in terms of not being racist, but everything that isn't ultra-conservative is satanic to them. It's frustrating.

Yeah, you're retarded

Depends on what kind of revolution we're talking about. If it's one being led by people like these:

then hell no ofc.

I'm actually ok with the hyper traditionalism tbh. It's the other stuff I can't stand.

IDK. Check this out >>487114

Whoops, meant to say check this out:

Well I appreciate the prayer request thread. I hope it gets sufficient interest.

yeha no religion laid out the groundworks for socialism prior to marx lol,

Your idiocy knows fews bounds.

The earth is dying faggot, we need every help we can get.

Also religion under socialism will be completely different from religion under capitalism.

An organized faith with thousands of years of metaphysical/theological thought put into it is as good a foundation as any fam.

well tbqh fam. I hope the board takes off. But maybe having a contained Christian general thread on leftypol would be better. it's already such a small community on Holla Forums to begin with and /christian/ is already a Christian general board…

that implies that the thought is worth anything, which often it is not.

I get it your spooks in particular are better than mine or anyone elses. But guys like me are the divisive ones. You religious fucks are all same.

For what its worth I don't think you should all be gulaged but the left needs to something about you pricks.

chill out

Your a fucking idiot! Leftists don't have the liberty to turn a away allies.

I do believe Christian institution and a communist system can happen

Sure, there's a lot of bullshit, but there's plenty of great stuff too if you're willing to actually read and study. It's a lot like leftism in that way.

i suppose so. the problem is that people tend to get dogmatic about the stupid crap and ignore the useful stuff…. much like leftism, lol

No. Whether Islamic, Jew, or Christian. You guys are always holding us back. It disgust me, frankly.

I am not even a christfag, I just respect them, try to find some smart christians, prefferable with some theological education and have some debates with them about interesting topics(not just sperging about atheism) and you will see what I mean..

Yeah trying to keep a general alive sounds better for now imo.

Should I go back to Catholicism? I really like the new pope.

the next time around we will cement the churches, with the priests within them. We didn't crack down on religion or the church hard enough, now they are smearing shit all over my beautiful country and the cause of socialism, rehabilitating nazi war criminals and kings.

Im not an atheist.

Shut your whore mouth. Religion can be useful as long as it is controlled or at least regulated somewhat by the people/state.

Using politics to push atheism onto people is literally identity politics fam. Kys.

Religion dies fastest when exposed to open social liberalism, repression only encourages their persecution complex.

why, because we actually read books? lol


You tried that already Khrushchev it didn't work.

The socioeconomic forces that promote social liberalism also act against religious belief, as practically every Western nation attests. Religious attendance didn't plummet because most of the population realised that if they had to choose between abortions or Sunday Mass they'd go with abortions

Well wew'd, my friend.

Yes. Books full of fairy tales that you then take for fact. Again, you're all sickening.

Why are you sickened by that? I think the tooth fairy is a fairytale and I'm not sickened when people talk about it. Fag

What else do you see as the cause?

I don't want to be a Debby Downer, it /christian/ really isn't that bad. Obviously I want them to be further to the left, but when it comes to theological stuff: I.e. Prayer requests, theological discussion, book threads, etc. they're not that bad. Just stay away from the political stuff.

I think maybe we should stick with Holla Forums for now and make it a general Christianity thread.

don't be so vitriolic. we can disagree without spewing venom - i think, the church in my country atleast, can be directed in a path of goodness. it can certainly build secondary power - my local's soup kitchens and work programs are very good at helping people sustain themselves without bending the knee to caesar so to speak. i wish we could reach a peaceful agreement in the face of capitalist hostility

go jump into a pit of plaster and die you traitor

you don't push atheism, you suppress religion outside the homes, criticize religion historically in education and generationally it diminishes.

shows how much you know, my country was more socially liberal towards religion than most communist nations, yet the church came emboldened from it because it wasn't purged, it was only forced to play nice. THis is all I can hear from you western liberals who have never lived in a religious shithole.

Read some Aquinas and then come back and try to tell me there's no merit in studying theology,

If you feel it will help you then yes.

it's a shame when wicked men cling to their wordly power but i do not think it condemns us altogether - certainly the clerical teachings can embrace socialism, as much as they condemn it. merely it remains a matter of teaching and direction rather than inherent bias towards one or another. i hope the next time we must hash this conflict out it can result in a better world for all

Armenia isn't that much of a shithole.
I'd rather be there than in Albania tbh fam

Same argument every time. Look. I dont like organized faith but that doesn't mean I dont comprehend theology. I just dont narrow myself to close minded thinking of religion.

You guys have done some good, point taken. However religion has undoubtedly done more harm than good. The religious and non religious can definitely be peaceful, but you need to understand you guys have had the world by the sack for sometime now. And you know what it gets guys like me pretty pissed.

The new pope is a cancerous opportunist who arguably deserves a firing squad: socialism.com/drupal-6.8/articles/pope-francis-catholic-church-and-argentina’s-“dirty-war”

I second this user. Two or three posters seems like far too few to justify creating a dedicated board. Instead, create a 'Christian Leftists' general here or on /christian/, first. That's the obvious solution, OP.

That being said, I personally hold the belief that Christianity is a joke, and I'd like to hear how/why you became a Christian.

It was nothing but sectarian shitflinging between catlicks and protostants - I believe we have enough sectarianism here as it is, no need to import any from /christian/. A serious thread about a socialist take on the 'protestant work ethic was a driving force behind capitalism'-meme would be interesting though.

Fucking Russian orthodox church elevating Nikolai II of all people, fucking hell.

Religion thrives in ignorance, uncertainty and need. When these three conditions are remedied (as they are in an advanced social democracy), religion loses its value as an institution and as an ideological framework to the common man - perhaps outside of solving some existentialist crises.

Is he secret 5d chess genius move by the vatican to combat the church of prosperity?

I think there are multiple causes for both, but as an example look at Ireland - they approved same-sex marriages by a public vote of 62% after a near-catastrophic decline in religiosity


Except that in practically every nation where this has happened (i.e. Western ones and Japan/South Korea) birth-rates have collapsed, and pretty much everyone in power agrees that the only way those nations can be sustained is by mass migration of individuals from relatively more religious countries like African/Middle Eastern ones

And you think the birthrate decline in Japan had to do with a decrease in religious devotion? Because I can tell you right now that the reason poorer countries have more children isn't because they're more religious.

So can we gulag televangelists and collectivize megachurches.

religious revival only appeared here trough the revival of church authority, and this is historically the case world wide. You cannot make excuses about wicked men when this is the norm. If I have any authority on the question after we have overthrown the ruling class I would have you driven into the sea for what you have done repeatedly to my country and people, for supporting this demagougery. Lucky for you I just want to go back to being a baker after I have done my necessary work.

Just make Osteen say what he is, a motivational speaker with some spiritual overtones, and let that be that, but the others are absolutely irredeemable.

WHY does anybody listen to these people after they've been proven to be scams? Bakker, particularly.

The same conditions that remove religiosity also lower birthrate, they have a common cause rather than a direct causal connection.

Again I believe there are multiple factors at work, and that the decline of religious belief/rise in social liberalism/suicidal birth-rates among natives are caused by those factors such as the decline of community feeling and social atomisation for examples.

Social scientist Jonathan Haidt made a pretty compelling argument that religiousity is ultimately an extension of community feeling (religious individuals are disproportionately involved in charitable efforts/donations, even in regards to secular causes).

Exactly. This is part of why I left Holla Forums, since they couldn't be assed at finding a reason for why this was happeneing beyond "Its the Jews, duh" (as if Japan and South Korea have significant Jewish minorities)

They are more like cult leaders then priests. They can get their followers to stay by coercion and appealing to their weakness.

i understand my friend - your struggle is also our struggle. it is easier to appeal to a past that never existed than it is to strive towards a future that seems impossible. we will fight to reform the church as long as we live and we may die but our ideas will not. peace be upon you


It's not that they can't be assed, they cannot. Essentialist ideology and the belief in 'organic society' means that society and its features stem from a biological foundation - that is French society is the way it is because of French 'genes' or 'heritage'. This is also why this kind of ideology falls apart like a house of cards if you take away the concept the subversive foreigner, the Jew, the 'Big Other'. This is why short-term change in societies like Japan is so difficult for them to explain. Birthrates are notoriously low, duhgenewacy and alienation on the up, despite a conservative, sexist culture, little to no change in the racial demographics and practically no Jews or other 'Big Others'. Japanese Holla Forumsyps like to blame the Zainichi, ethnic Koreans living in Japan.

I thought they'd be blaming American occupation for Japan's problems? That was the closest I found to an explanation on Holla Forums, i.e. ZOG Occupied Government occupation turned grorious samurai culture into hentai-fuelled NEET fun

About time. Holla Forums is too heavily entrenched in /christian/.

religion is because of ideas and not material conditions.

Did you honestly think that Holla Forums will give an explanation that'll put the blame on white people that aren't vaguely leftist?

Yes. Come home to Rome.

He is literally the greatest man of all time, second only to Jesus Christ himself

Better something than nothing, and I would say it's best to go apostolic.


Marcionitic-Gnosticism is literally the only Christian theology that is consistent both logically and in regards to the teachings of Christ himself.

I fail to see how one could not only be a mainstream christian when they are so shackled to the logical/ethical burden of the old testament, but how they could literally worship such a villain as the god of the old tenement.
Mainstream christian theologians have never been able to satisfactorily reconcile the hateful, jealous and vengeful god of the old testament with the loving and forgiving god of Jesus.
The only ones to successfully reconcile both presentations of god are the Marcionites and Gnostics, who quite correctly identified that the gods of the old and new testaments are different entities.

WRONG. Read Hebrews 6:4-6


Firstly, this is a entity that literally wanted to prevent humanity from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge (gnosis), I think such a position is quite indefensible.
Secondly, regardless of how bad some people may have been, the loving and forgiving god of Jesus would never have engaged in torment and destruction.

I would advise you to read the gospels of both the lord and of thomas.

Gnosticism is a satanic religion, it questions God, and makes him to be a villain.It also sees creation and mankind's existence as being fundamentally corrupt because it is material ignoring that it is imbued by spirit (soul-intelligence). Their cure for this corruption is wisdom, when both the old and the new testament say wisdom and knowledge is secondary to love and submission to God's will.

The Old Testament is canonical in christianity because it was interpreted as preparing the way for the true God known as Jesus Christ. Also the Old Testament lays out the moral rule for rulers and the simple commands for the social cohesion of society (ten commandments).

I hail OP's attempt, but I would prefer a /christian left/ general in here, as to educate knee jerk reaction anti-religion leftist.

Quite simply imo, there can be no socialism without christianity.

Because if you eat from the tree you're damned. The garden was literally utopia. Only war strife toil and grief have resulted from that fateful choice and you want to present it as a good thing?

oh shit this is great. I've kinda stopped seriousposting here in the past couple months but I just wanted to say I really like this idea.

God bless, user

Firstly, 'Gnosticism' is just a name for a group of religious beliefs that have reemerged again and again throughout history.
There is no religion called 'Gnosticism', only religious sects that hold Gnostic theological positions.

Secondly, calling the Gnostic beliefs 'Satanic' is quite an empty criticism.
The Gnostic response would simply be to call mainstream Christians worshipers of the demiurge.

Oh it goes beyond that.
The standard Gnostic position is that your 'god' is a malevolent entity that stands in opposition to the good god of Jesus.

That was indeed the Neo-Platonic criticism of Gnosticism.
I'm glad to see that mainstream Christians are still regurgitating the talking points of the philosophy that they systematically destroyed then integrated into their silly theological system.

More on point however.
While Gnostics do indeed mostly reject the material world.
They place a incredible amount of importance upon the spiritual one.
A Gnostic may hate his material body for example, but he would cherish the fact that it is a vessel for his spiritual soul.

A good example of this would be the Cathars.
During the period that the Catholics were committing and literal genocide against them in southern France.
Cathars were known to gladly jump into the fires that the inquisitors were intent on throwing them into.
They would even laugh as they burned to death as they were about to be free of the corruption of the material world and be returned to the perfection of the spiritual one.

While there is truth to that.
I would not go so far as to claim that all Gnostics sects consider gnosis to be a cure.
The Cathars for example considered living a life completely free of sin (or going through their equivalent of a baptism shortly before death) to be the only way to end the endless cycle of rebirth into this material world and escape into the spiritual one forever.

I think one would have to be doing the right thing to be damned by an evil entity.

'Heaven' is literally utopia, any material creation would inherently be just a lesser copy.

Read the gospels of both the lord and of thomas, friend.

A non-canonical book within most Gnostic sects.
Certainly within Marcionism.


Will Christian socialism result in a regulated sexual free market?

Nigga, WTF are you going on about.

just like how agnosticism= lack of proof

gnosticism='knowing'/having proof

Dude, the vast majority of religious people are self-described gnostics because they truely think that their god/s exists.

Christian theology.
If you have any specific questions, I would be open to addressing them.

However I would ask that you do not attempt to make any sort of statements or attempted corrections on a topic you very clearly know very little about.

You are aware that the term 'gnostic' in the context that I have used it refers to a set of theological beliefs, rather then the literal translation of the word?

Again, that is not what the term means in the context that I have used it.
Indeed one would really have to stretch the literal translation of the word to fit what you seem to be suggesting here.

Kill me, Pete.

Kill me, Pete.
And make it neat.

What a bunch of spooks


A gf is not going to complete your life and make it perfect. Celibacy is also perfectly valid. The sooner you realize this the faster peace will descend upon your heart. I'll pray for you!

Thanks, man.

Why even make pretend to be Christian if you want to protect and embolden the cock carrousel. I spit at you you are worthless.

did the board get bonked? can't access it :(

t. biblically illiterate retard

The very fact that Thomas Paine included "voluptuous debauchery" in this quote shows he didn't even understand how to read the Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah, for example, were not to be emulated. The Bible is not a collection of hero stories where everyone recorded in it is an example to be followed. Cruel and torturous executions? Literally where? And "unrelenting vindictiveness"? Oh yeah destroying cities where they literally rape strangers on sight is soooooooo evil.

Atheists are always so disingenuous.

Nope, it's still up.



I don't agree with the rampant sexual hedonism in western society but state enforced marriages is hardly a solution. There are also many qualities other than pure physical attractiveness that determine compatibility between partners. For you to focus on that above all else implies you view women as commodities to be used and disposed of. Get off r9k and seek help.

Where in my post did I emphasize physical attractiveness? Unless you're willing to completely reorganize society along Christian norms (which would entail arranged marriages ie sexual free market regulation) you are not a Christian at all and are merely confused (and of course spineless and worthy of only contempt).

Isn't this circular reasoning? Nothing in the beginning of Genesis can be twisted to portray God as an evil entity.

Oh c'mon enough with the pretending.

Also please point to anywhere in the Bible where Jesus commanded arranged marriages.

Christian socialists are my comrades and are good.

Same. Especially when they bring up the early church fathers when talking to normies

How bout like the Israelites/current herd of wandering chosen people/etc brutally massacring neighboring tribes for being there or not believing in God - or far worse torture/slavery/brutalization literally approved & ordered by God - not when the Israelites screwed up & did bad shit but when they were order to commit acts of wanton brutality.

This is besides Sodom & Gomorrah btw - that's just like the first few chapters of Genesis. There's *far* more to nitpick in the Old Testament especially. Even then you have Lot's wife (allegedly one of the "chosen") who just melts into salt for hesitating & looking back at the city. Old Testament works on some fucked up "morality."

Also as a socialist I'd hope you'd be interested in a more thorough & less reductive examination of a society then some shitty "city where they literally rape strangers on sight" excuse.

I enjoy some of the aspects of the early Christian church - Jesus was a legit good figure for his time. However the spookfest religion around him & an even older collection of dubious documents with varying translations & interpretations are nothing but shit & tbh while I won't harp too much on other leftists & ppl who want to be Christians - I think he's better admired as some vague historical figure then revered as some cultist savior.

Made an example of what happens when you disobey God. There are far more severe examples elsewhere.

The Canaanites were given over 400 years to repent. Over 400! For a society that celebrated child sacrifice! That's how slow God was to judge them through the Israelites.

If you want to look at it from a "socialist" lens you wouldn't even have such a limp wristed bourgeois critique (but murder is bad!!!111).

Can anyone who knows anything about papists explain this shit?

as in le ebin Bernie maymays or actual anticapitalism?

It's stuff like this mostly. From what I can tell she dislikes vulgar displays of wealth and unkindness but still supports overt reactionaries. I was raised protestant (grew up going to an actual megachurch here in 'merrica) so this duality is very strange to me.

so she sounds like a typical SocDem progressive christian. Try to radicalize her at least into becoming a distributist

Any orthodox in here?

Pretty much this - Christian comrades should seriously re-evaluate things

Thomas Paine was a liberal piece of shit. Non-materialist critiques of religion are dogshit.

Maybe she's more concerned about abortion and gay marriage.


Why did you ban me for posting poetry? :C

former Greek Orthodox here.

Calling for churches to be blown up with dynamite is a bannable offence.

It's a good poem.