Im Scary

Guys, the white bird yells or whatever the fuck his name is is coming for us. (AND HE SAID WE STEAL OUR MEMES)

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Holy shit Poland is truly the mightiest retard defense shield ever invented.

Hey, I made this thread first. :-(

Holy shit, he actually showed .pl on the video?

polan stronk

Yep, he airs his total retardation and misunderstanding in that video. Including the whole "Holla Forums is so contrarian, and creative normies just cant understand" thing.

Heh hehe hehehehehehrhafghhjjghlgkjLGA

I dunno about you all but I'm going to take this opportunity to head on over to .pl and troll some retards with "WTF LEAVE YOU FUCKING NAZIS" threads

Oh nevermind, looks like I'm banned from the site for no reason, alright then.


It's always about the memes with these faggots


Requesting a mp4 or webm whenever someone manages to make one

I'm shaking in my boots lads


This belongs in /leftytrash/

Remember when 4/pol/lacks were raiding .pl out of butthurt because they just googled Holla Forums and went to the first site they saw?

o shit got 'em

You can tell both of them are underage.



Who cares dude


I thought the kekistan fags were reddit and not 4chan :^)

This all feels like such a poor desperate attempt to imitate 4chan of 2010-13, like the people that came in 2016 and actually believed they discovered some secret club.

my Got, how far 4ch have fallen


this merits its own thread


He apparently thinks Libertarian Socialist Rants and Kevin Logan (who?) are our favorite content creators.

Interesting he shows yet in his sources he links to's pol.


We just can't stop winning can we?

This means he was on Holla Forums and STILL googled for Holla Forums.

use a better distro pal

There is nothing wrong with Linux Mint.

Who even is Kevin Logan?

i'm so scared

Anyone getting the same vibe from this comment like it's a scene in fucking Recess or something? I can hear their voices and shit.


I like the part where he says libertarian socialist rants and fucking kevin logan are Holla Forums, does he not know we dont do IDPOL? retard black pidgeon

It's time like these when it is important to remember the words of Mao.

Man they are so naive, even the naive anfems are more realistic about how things will look like.

This is astounding I have never seen a beardless neckbeard before

Sumimasen BV-sama but this is too fucking good.

Watching the video now… who the fuck are Paul and Lefty Paul?

Many of them are literally 12 years old.

cuz dem lefitst are all tumblrina blu hair feminist lol

He never went to the right Holla Forums and copied the link from the screenshot he was given.

He acknowledges in the video that Holla Forums started the false flag thing (which has now fizzled out on either side) but implies it's OK when they do it because they're "da new countah cultcha"

You should ask over in the real Holla Forums

This gets an entirely new meaning on /r/The_Donald.


what is this guy on?


Is that actually BPS? Source?

Literally whomst?

Why did he show both and screenshots of threads with references to him on this Holla Forums in the video?

Clinical retardation that's why.

Oh god this is literal fox news reporting on 4chan levels of stupidity

Because somebody gave him the screenshots and he's a retarded newfag.

Found him. What a cringy faggot.

I got you bro, been throwing some bait there every day or so

The shield is working as intended.

This fucking guy.

wth, I have been banned there for some post I did not even make? I never posted anything on .pl
I think he got that link to Holla Forums off this bait thread on .pl, he might be even more of a newfag than we thought.

The 2016 election literally transformed Holla Forums into Holla Forums.

holy shit man

Its almost sad how well it works, how does anyone get fooled by it? And they still get riled up and think what they see has to be destroyed.

I was looking through the comments cause I guess I hate myself but goddamn this dude must speen 8 hours a day liking anyone who says anything even remotely positive about him.

lmao I couldn't tell you man. try switching up that IP? not that hard

Mein gott, they're more thirsty for her than those anons on /leftytrash/

Is he dare I say it…..triggered?

we need to get pl mods to ban all links to here, the ruse must continue

omfg pol is so active on .pl right now
my fucking sides

Feed the shield!

Should I do a vid on this?
I'm thinking I shouldn't because then .net will be exposed.

Yup turns out he hates wyte wimminz and has yellow fever so he moved to Bangkok like a typical gaijin.

Someone continue this…
Name: Felix Lace
Aliases: navyhato, Tokyo Atomic, felixlace, freshprincedela96 (possibly)

let it cool down lad wait a few days

Dont do it, make some screencaps for one epic video on the heroic service of the polish shield at some later time. Maybe dig up some stuff on the previous times it did us well.

I don't think the Holla Forums on .pl has mods or a BO. I checked the site's page for claiming boards but it displays the email for THIS Holla Forums's claim address to email if you want to claim a board. So I have no idea if we can even get some mods on there or what. Most of the boards on the site are rather abandoned. If we do manage to get some mods on there I suggest not deleting all the spam and shit so any raiders are satisfied.

Kek you should make a satirical video decrying BPS for "ruining our secret base", but don't let anyone who doesn't already know, know about this Holla Forums.

I'm starting to think there isn't a single pre gamer gate poster on either Holla Forums anymore

The gamergate subreddit is also lusting over her.

Are you calling yourself a faggot?

Would there be anything wrong with it?

I feel really bad for leftypolan to be honest. Do people actually use it?

Anyone that cries about stolen memes is definitely a newfag of the worst caliber.

some 'feminist ally' dude i think

I did once because I lost my bookmark but I realised in 3 seconds it wasn't the actual leftypol because I can read dates and am not a retard.

what are we waiting for, gotta do it before before some poltard does it. i'd do it myself if i were familiar with board management and had the free time.

I meant like, poles or something?

Since when?

No no one uses it besides confused Holla Forumsyps.

Like I said, the page for claiming a board on seems to be broken.
Apparently the site admin's email is [email protected]/* */, however.

Holy shit.

The ideas of fags die with them. Not that the average poster could even get a gf to begin with.

It seems pretty obvious BPS doesn't know dick about Chan culture.


its different if you move to a country to fuck trannies

They are all newfags that still believe what the media says about them. They are completely defined through what the media calls them because thats how they found the site.

Ideas=/=children ya dope

I googled this username and found a bunch of shit in German.

W e w, who could've seen this coming?

How convenient that a former PUA is an expat chasing azn pussy.

Fellas, we gotta stop stealing their MEMES!

German here, freshprincedela96 is definitely not BPS.

It's such a stupid thing to say when a lot of the shit they use comes from places like /r9k/, Holla Forums, /int/, etc.

The vast majority of them didn't use imageboards before 2013.

Man this Guy surely isent but hurt att all.

Dank memes for all!

Like os he realy serious? He thinks se like Kevin Logan And libertarian socialist rants, this Guy has absolute no Idea of what we think And what we do.

I mean I only got on imageboards in like '14 or '15, I remember when I made my first topic I put my actual email in the field, but I like to think I'm not such a retarded redditor as all of Holla Forums, are some people just doomed to be newfags forever?



Just dont actually believe you are anything special
You are a tiny bit special though

Anyone that came on imageboards after 2008 was doomed to be a newfag forever.

I think I lurked for at least a year or two specifically because I was afraid of fucking up my first post so badly that I do something like that.

I love how he talks about how we puted right wing channels down But dosent know that it was pol/ fault for starting this whole shit fest.

I thought it was for verification, you guys are mean…


My first post was something like "hey this website sucks I don't know how to use it so please just make a subreddit for Holla Forums and post there instead"


I hope you're shitposting

Not really given that most know the context of the video before even watching it.

Sup you commie scums

delete this

Oh no comrades! He is holding up a picture of Pinochet as a frog and talking about helicopters! Looks like we lost. Time to pack our bags and go home. We can't compete with thier pictures.

Some of them put real effort in their posts

weak tbh

Kek, I remember it too. Does anyone remember during the catgirl drama that girl came over and wrote a massive tl;dr on why we should change our rules to make her more comfortable so she could stay? That was a good kek.

No, no I'm not. Sorry

Sorry, you took a wrong turn, you should be on .pl

Soon, Commies. Soon.

the best part is that Holla Forums's reaction to this is that WE actually raided .pl to make Holla Forums look bad

Hotweels is /ourguy/

Nah, someone who was there for Dorner or Zimmerman, or even was there when moot quit is a huge oldfag compared to those faggots.
Your average Holla Forumsyp literally found the site last summer.

Cry more.


Anyone got the screencap of him visiting Holla Forums?


Nope, you just have poor reading comprehension, I'm afraid.

That was great, we had some actual twitter sjw tankies over too.


… me!


Sauce on the first image?

please, please be joking

So like, does his mother in the family now think she's a cancer to western society and shouldn't be able to vote???

Based Poles

Holy shittu

If she's american, then I wouldn't be surprised? Amerifats have an unhealthy obsession with authority and being oppressed.

Our favorite YouTubers are clearly Jason Unruhe and Bat’ko.

Why are they so stupid?

Conservatism is le NEW Counter Culture guise

I used it when was down.

OK I'm done mining comments from that comment section, for now at least. BPS comment sections are full of concentrated autism because as notes, he spends a lot of time poring through them, and I have personally had some of my comments removed off his videos (the ones about women destroying nations) which were criticizing his arguments, so I can only assume he does this systemically to keep the comments generally in his favor.

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is allie but u can call me t3h KrUaT oF ReIcH!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very redpilled!!!! thats why i came to pol, 2 meet cool ppl like me _… im 19 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 draw pepe the frawg w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite !!! bcuz its SOOOO redpilled!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more nazi ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of white freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h KrUaT oF ReIcH

Wonder what negro broke her mind (and cunt).

I guarantee you if you posted that on 4/pol/ you would get several serious responses.

Felix "Fighting Culture Wars And Fucking Cambodian Whores" Lace

He's a 30-something sexpat living in Southeast Asia that bitches bout western women "destroying white civilization". The possibilities are endless with this one, comrades.

looks like he is aware of this leftypol considering the leftypol screencaps coming from this board.


He probably had some Holla Forumstard send them to him on Twitter or something.

how is this guy such a fag lol

Where did such a good girl go so wrong.:(

cus Holla Forums

lol when did we get in trouble for cp?

The only time in recent memory involving cp I can think of was when some Holla Forumskike tried to post some but got banned in like .3 seconds

Poland Stronk. Polish Holla Forums very stronk.

probably discord autism

All it takes to know that this leftypol exists would be looking at this:
But on the other hand, I might be wrong and he is extremely stupid.

*blocks your path*
"Do you think you can just FUCK FREELY, you fucking leftist?"

based poland
heist of the decade



Anybody else getting a bit of a JUST vibe from his haircut?

I mean we have Lysenkoism and Ol' Pol killing most vaguely intellectual people. This can backfire as more people are learning about Lysenkoism thanks to Kraut and Cum.

Confirmed /ourguy/

besides the joke copypasta, she really is bisexual.


hi left handed board

Fuuuuarkin ell mate

"………What if the child consents tho?"

he rules


So then, do we even know who owns .pl? Because outside of bunker situations like this, it just steals regular traffic from hatechan.

How are these girls not like them "gurl gamerz" from 2012?

She's coming back as a Stalinist, i guarantee you. Also what do they mean by this?


It's tragic. Bisexual women often suffer from acute chronic attention deficiency.


Why would you have this saved?


Jokes on you, that *could* actually be my dick, Holla Forumscuck.

What's your channel again?

Great job BPS



For real. Kevin fucking Logan? The radical feminist male YouTuber?

I guess that yellow fever is stressing him out.


Even in exile he fights for us.

*Gasp* Interracial hentai drawn by virgins! The horror!

This is straight up child porn. Not a good look, m8.

Understandable. The stress of knowing any Thai prostitute you pay for sex could have a bigger dick than you ain't for everybody.



Wait a sec is this actually jason?

what the fuck, is Jason posting here now?


this is not news

and don't think your sekret clubhouse is raid proof
I've been here dividing and conquering for months now
I'm sure others are doing the same
it's just too easy to larp as one of your batshit factions and inflame the others

and i've got proxies for days, so go ahead and ban me

I legit want the answer to "who is the big Holla Forums e-celeb" to always be Jason. I can think of no greater drama possible.


Wait a minute, that time…


We all know you are secretly Sargon. We never seen you two in the same place at the same time.

I don't care if it's not real, I came


Lmao, Jason should know his IP is already connected do being a filthy commie. I have no idea what he's on about here

You'd fuck Rage, wouldn't you?



This is a decent first try at copypasta but I know you can do better if you apply yourself

No, read bookchin

he probably already has. and they're both shit. Mao is unironically ten times better than either of those retards.

Jokes on you, everyone enjoys the banter.




is it true that you raped a black girl once?


When are you going to debate BPS or Sargon of Ass?


who cares

Jason when are you gonna step up and do more 1v3 debates or however many /r/socialism retards you BTFO? I want to see you take on Sargon and company alone

I like his voice so much

pls do this. Sick of leftcoms screeching I need to read the bread book

just want to keep your egos in check, no more copypastas from me
I'm going back back to farming (You)s from your retarded factionalism

this to

thank you for your service o7

Jason you're my hero

someone please ask Jason on twitter if its real

I love you.

You're no FinnBol

Holy fucking shit.


Requesting this too

Jason can you settle the Phil Greaves question of if it's anti-revolutionary to cum for Mao?

OK this is officially my favorite thread today.

Pigeon senpai noticed me and featured me in his video.
Ahoy mateys!
I can't stop laughing my ass!


i found it amusing that i was in a lot of the screencaps on 4/pol/

Are reactionaries retarded in addition to being paper tigers?

Why are you still posting on cuckchan?

to all the people posting porn please use a spoiler image.

.pl has been functioning as a shield for many years now, How new are you guys holy shit go back to reddit

You're a big guy

dude we know it's been our decoy, it's just extra funny to see a youtube pseud get baited by it


The drawing style on this image is familiar for some reason, but I can't seem to put my finger on why.


I remember when i was new, we all start somewhere user

I want to cum inside Jason.

This is the best thread.

Get ready for that sweet aut-right groupie pussy.

Pierre is having a stream with fellow comrades laughing at BPS.


*sound badass

I was harvesting asshurt from people in threads about Murdoch Murdoch setting his videos to private.


People always post him during these raid periods. I think they're Holla Forumsyps trying to drop a hint.

So the mass reporting on BPS is dead ?

why would it be

no one is posting more shit to try taking him down
has always the possibility that the discord is planning to this, but not here anymore.

just go with the flow my dude, wherever the drama takes us

Dad came back home


we all would fam


Thread theme!

Why would he need to? He was on Holla Forums before you. Poster IPs was hidden from Board Owners after the old /marx/ owner (the person before Ismail) posted his IP everywhere.

You all need to read Cockshott

challenge acceptepted

Things Holla Forums has done:

Holla Forums: Getting more notorious every day.

Did you forgot the NAZBOL GANG?

Add in:

Am I the only one seeing the resemblance here?

LibSoc Rants is reasonably good though. He has no affiliation with leftypol, though

higher res por favor

Oh 😳 he really looks 👀 like a confident alpha male 100% Nordic phenotype.
I bet he gets all the pussy at the parties 🎉


Good job on btfo'ing the alt right, no one likes them.


I agree though, moderates are the worst political strafe.

He could not make himself look more normie than this if he tried

Good, because hes fucking shit.

The real Holla Forums is at, pumpkin.

Probably actually, I forgot how Holla Forums went down hill .pl /lefypol/ is probably better.

she is cute


He is living the dream of every true white nationalist by porking Thai ladyboys.


Implying there's anything wrong with that.

This guys pearl clutching outrage only makes us stronger.


I love you Jason

Oh, you mean the memes Holla Forums stole from Holla Forums, /r9k/, /jp/…?



fucking what?
I've never even heard of the second guy.
Also, was BPS even one of the guys that got flagged in retaliation for batko?


Can someone post to twitter the infograph that explains the whole batko situation to him?
I forgot to save it

I'm going to take this (not the bro who made it btw) and release an updated version with some archives, Holla Forums spergouts and Hotwheels, so that the fags can't deny that they sperged out like they do every other time they embarrass themselves.
My archives so far. I'll be archiving Hotwheels, of course. Tell me if I've missed anything.

nice work.
It's appreciated

Honestly this whole thing was just sad.

Why would he give out his email….

RIP Ill have a dos in 20 minutes

How do you do that?

Half of all this meme shit is just old memes from halfchan.

I bet none of them even knows how the kek thing got started, and that's semi-recent.

You weren't here for /doxthecripple/, were you?



What's on Is it just a mirror?

Our real board. Stupid Holla Forums RACISTS keep raiding it, though, so we have to use this place now.

Look, I was balls deep with pool in the Clinton Foundation Generals, Ive learned a thing or two on how this shits done.


Really? I went there and there's was barely anyone on it. Is someone really trying to bootleg Holla Forums in Poland?

I've been on this board for a year and this is the first time I've heard of it.

Like I said, those bigoted racists are occupying it with their raids, so we can't use it as our main board for the time being. They're really hampering us by forcing us to post here.

I can't believe they'd do such a thing. It's too late for us, they've won.

isn't that a neckbare

Wait fuck, I went on hiatus, I thought hotwheels still ran 8ch what happened?
I should've known he wasnt around when the site worked for more than three days in a row, to be fair

Well, you already know about all the outside sabotage of Holla Forums and how it forced Hotwheels into a hard situation. He hired his friend, Null, aka Joshua Moon to revamp the site into Infinity Next. Joshua used his power to spy on boards that made fun of him and try to intimidate them into stopping, because he was a massive lolcow. He was a huge money sink, which contributed to Jim, the current owner, coming in and offering hosting space.

Jim slowly eroded Hotwheel's power until he became the formal owner of Holla Forums, and Hotwheels became increasingly upset with the butthurt Holla Forumsack rulecucks of the site and left silently one day.




the classic

yeah he was but he deserves it regardless.

Also, Armoured Skeptic did a pretty funny roast of Kevin Logan (yeah I know we don't like him either but still funny)

In the reflection…
is that duke nukem


That's actually Stalin's ghost


Oh shit phone posting was a mistake

Where is this pic from?

Reminder to include the Shaun & Jen flag in with the timeline since 4pol keep getting assmad that 8pol doesn't count.

I'm stealing this.

Googled his face and somebody already found out who he was.

Does this semendrinker not know about the Streisand effect? All these alt-right tards who talk shit about Holla Forums but clearly never even been to Holla Forums makes people want to visit the board, and when they realize that it's nothing like they were told, they may start lurking.

shush now


Teaches these morons for using google to lookup a Holla Forums board.

Also these alt-right morons thrive on controversy, don't give them a single view or look. Let them drown in the stench of their own stale farts.

People can't know this.


i already know user Holla Forums is on their way slowly but surely.

newfag here
why is Holla a meme?

Because is delisted from google so newfags always end up at .pl

Lurk moar doesn't appears at the google browser, but (polich Holla Forums) does. So when people go to Holla Forums for the first time they encounter instead of is like the jupiter of our solar system, is the Earth, where we live, and the raids from Holla Forumsacks are asteroids: thanks to, almost none of this "asteroids" hits our board, while is constantly raided, but like no one uses the leftypol board at, then no one cares and the only thing the Holla Forumsacks achieve is to lose their time like idiots.

And this happens always, because Holla Forumsacks (At least the Holla Forumsacks from halfchan, I think) are fucking redditors that don't know any better.
Also this

holy shit, I just watched his newest Video, and I must say he assblasted Holla Forums how are we gonna recover from that ?


^ this nigga up here is pigon black btw

and now ? how does it help/benefit anyone ?

It's a thread about him you dumb nigger.

Holla Forums is that way >>>Holla Forums
how does knowing how he looks like help anyone ?

So you can beat him up if you see him on the streets

destroy my first worldist boypussi


I have made even a bigger bait. Now we just need to wait.

>Holla Forums is that way >>>Holla Forums
Fuck off BPS you fat beta, go nonce up some ladyboys you neckbared fuck.

Speaking of Fourchan…

The /his/ board is losing to Holla Forums pretty hard. That thread has some particularly outrageous responses, and overall maybe 1/3 of all threads are clear Holla Forums wins by submission. They just talk shit until reasonable people get tired and close the tab, and then just dump their propaganda for neutral readers to see.

I wish we had an actual alive history board.

guy's a fuckin jackoff

That board was doomed from the beginning.

Let Holla Forums do this even more, it actually brings more of these reasonable people to our side. This is what essentially happened during the 4chan exodus.

He's an alt-right (former?) PUA that talks shit about how women and minorities destroy western civilization then moves to Thailand to fuck pre-teen ladyboys. The fact that he looks beta as fuck only makes it better.

Somebody is gonna take that seriously bud. It's gonna get screencapped or some shit.



The leftist internet defence shield still works somehow.

I have a stratagem.
Whenever you encounter any vaguely leftist or even just anti-1488 sentiment in a post in neutral territory, reply and call the user a cuck and a Holla Forumsrade, tell them to fuck off to Holla Forums or something like that.
It is obnoxious and thus alienates people from Holla Forums, makes for potential new comrades and is something genuine Holla Forumsyps do so it is not an obvious falseflag shill.


I don't think this is at all necessary.
Plus, you would just be insulting me, as I browse the board.

Wait tell #ImpeachTheOrange becomes a real hashtag.

Insulting you is ok with me, user, don't worry about it. Someone getting randomly Holla Forumssperged on is obnoxious to everyone, not only the target of the insult.

Youre doing a mightly bad job, its not changed since the first month.

Fascists belong further to the right and National Syndicalists belong where the fascists are.

Proof that most of Holla Forums is immigrants from /r/the_donald Holla Forums for all there anti-immigration teterect should’ve done more to stop the redditor immigration into Holla Forums

We should reply to all the threads on so Holla Forums thinks it’s us.

They are still posting there, its great.

We need to do a 'BPS' style video with a case study of Felix, and reactionaries in general. Anactualjoke might be up for the task, possibly.

fuggen geg XDDD

Post the responses.

what else is new.


ugh, Japan was a mistake

plot twist: the potential new comrade goes straight to vichan

Should've let the Soviets occupy Japan instead of the US tbh

What happened to the thread?

Tbh it doesn't even look like Holla Forums is winning, it just looks like there's a lot of edgy 14 year olds shitting it up. I don't see how any reasonable neutral viewer could look at their arguments and go, "Okay, yeah that makes sense"

if they have half a braincell they will realise something is wrong
if not, one less retard on the board
the shield also works as a filter

for some reason isn’t loading

I meant this thread, actually.

You idiot, anarchists are the ones saying you should read the breadbook not leftcoms

um, maybe you should actually read the bread book, user

The hacker known as 4chan

I used it a couple of times not knowing where to find you when I was a newfag. A friend helped me by linking the real Holla Forums

Anyone who clicked on the link mind telling me what it is or give an Archive link

Yeah it was Discord. When mods were asleep Holla Forums fags spammed Discord links to child Porn Discord along with literal murder pictures. Because the COMMIES like zis stoof

Tbh that effort shows they at least think. Kinda wish that one actually made it through to here…


It's pretty funny how hard they're raiding .pl leftypol and completely missing here

I came here when Joshua was in power.

Just spent the last hour or so reading the entire thread on shitty wifi

Her boyfriend likely influenced her political views, then again maybe not since she came off spooked before she left.

lel saved

make threads on that sound genius so that Holla Forums doesn’t notice we aren’t there

I actually come from that board. There is a good lefty presence


Nice virtue signaling, BPS.

Much like how Holla Forums acts like a filter for the rest of 4chan.

I've seen traps that look better

She actually got sexually harassed and stalked by North African refugees when she went for a eye appointment. That's the straw that broke the camel's back.

This is where the internet is now.

I made a bait post

That made her completely change her political views? That's stupid. Especially to go to the right when it's full of those types of men. But I guess their skin is white, so it's cool.

Pretty sure she's just playing the aut-right for $$, though.

This is where human nature I feel makes a slight case. It is getting to the revolution that I feel is tough, because people are so quick to make the easy emotional judgement that it is because of the race they identify the big other to be that they act that way. That spook cannot be broken in stupid people. I had to deal with the opposite idpol today irl (I'm black) and then I go on the internet and have to deal with fascists.

At least I have you guys even if you abhor all male virgins.


We'll see if she's hustling or not when she decides to come back. Many people thought the same with Lauren Southern too but look at her know hanging out with Identitarians in real life.

Rage kept making a fuss about it on twitter, almost in a exhibitionist way. So who knows if she lied or not.

I wanted to make the most liberal sounding post I could think of.

wew i forgot to take off my shitposting flag

Ya did good, pig. Ya did good.

Thanks *snort*

Lol what

Is this what you are watching mr. unrroooo

lmao what a massive faggot

literally all of your memes are stolen or copied from pol, even your boring podcasts are. How do you copy the dailyshoah and end up with something as boring as chapotrap house?


Wow Holla Forums really is a bunch of Newgate
And all your memes are stolen and repackaged as well. So fuck off

Fucking phone that's supposed to be newfag


it got delete but
1) was go away
2) was are you rage after storm
3) be my girlfriend
4) kys degenerate bisexual whore


Nah, her parents are wealthy, i honestly believe she's larping because she has nothing else to do. If she does come back don't be surprised seeing her transform into a socdem.

Yeah, especially after the alt-right or Holla Forums was so mean to her, lmao. This entire episode over her was just weird/interesting to witness.

H-how are you supposed to say it?

Any examples?

You're suppose to pronounce it as "pole".

The Holla Forumsack cries out in pain as he steals your memes.

You're so cute ^ ^

Holla Forums was who doxed her, from what I understand. I've just seen screenshots of the Holla Forums posts(mainly 4/pol/, iirc). I didn't care enough to save them, though. Some other screencaps I've seen are from FB or Twitter, of her friend saying that Holla Forums doxed her.

Someone else should have them saved & can post them.

You mean this one? Alle Phine isn't her friend, its actually her talking in third person. Also she's the one who made the rumor up of her being arrested on 4/pol/. Note the swiss flag OP and filename "Alison"(her real name)

Can't undo the unruhe.