You're at the hospital and this guy kicks your girlfriend off healthcare. What do you do?

You're at the hospital and this guy kicks your girlfriend off healthcare. What do you do?

God bless this American hero.


I would be probably happy to have a gf

You can't say anything bad about him, he was tortured, like, a hundred years ago.

Too bad it wasnt for a hundred years instead.

shit in his mouth and rape him

His foreign policy alone is enough to hate the guy

I don't care if it gets me on watchlists or I get confused of ABC

John McCain has so much fucking blood on his hands I just want to god damn grassy knoll the bastard

I make Vietnam look like a fucking tropical getaway.


Woah, Heino gained some weight



Hope this piece of shit dies a painful death

Remind him of his Vietnamese days.

Can't you imagine taking such a decision at the very end of your life, when death is close and evident?
There are 2 options: he is 100% atheist, and thinks once he will die he will go in the ground (no Hell for him), OR he is a devout Christian who actually think that health care is not a human right. Both options sickens me.

Or he could genuinely not give a fuck since he's dying

That is kinda covered by this section

This is why progressives cant get the redneck vote. Stop being such a fucking pussy

Why doesn't McCain just give weapons to the moderate cancer cells to kill off the radical cancer cells?

May he get the healthcare he thinks the American people deserve.

He's doing it for political reasons.

'Civility in politics' Democrats on suicide watch right now, hope they choke on the irony.

Well some intern is at least


Of course this is probably the correct answer. Senators, like him, don't usually write their own tweets.


I heard somewhere that he's letting this shit on the floor because he plans to vote "No" on it regardless.

Considering his voting record, I think that's a little naive.

I would have phrased my support tweet this way
With the map attached to it


Either way it makes no sense because if he was going to vote no, there was no reason to even come back for this shit.

He's been bitching forever how Trumpcare needed to be an open process. Voting it ahead opens it up for floor debate and amendments.

Considering the Republicans track record with this, that's going to be an amazing shitshow, especially since none of them know what's actually in the bill.

That's legitimately something being developed, fam.

The wall.

I almost want to see whatever crap the republican have get to replace obamacare get passed.

That's very optimistic on your part.


Woah, this is the most menacing looking ball I've seen yet. The eyebrows are a good touch.

I'd say wait for him to croak given how aggressive his cancer is, but that's gonna take too long (plus I'm willing to bet AZ voters will replace him with someone even worse)

Vote democrat

The jist of it wasn't that the uninsured are getting coverage but that the government FORCED people to buy insurance from porky. Regardless of the price.
The reason it's failing is that the fine is better than the uber expensive care that obummercare provides within the exchanges, if one can find it. So no one's funding it.
Democrats will lose more face once it finally implodes than just voting for repealing it.

2018 will give the orange freak an amendment drafting majority in congress if democrats don't get their shit together and repeal this failure.

Why not improve it instead of repealing it?

Send him a strobe gif and trigger a fatal brain aneurysm

An major reason it's "failing" is that if there isn't any health insurance provider to buy from then you have to go with Medicare, unless you live in a state that voted against expanding Medicare, then unless you qualify under their regular rules you're fucked.

So due to falling profits insurance companies have been pulling out of numerous states, leaving hundreds of thousands if not millions of people out in the cold, if they weren't already because of the wave of hospital closings and other terminations of health care facilities.

The ACA is shit, but it's better than what the Republicans are going to stick us with. They'll be stacking bodies like cordwood.

Because improving it would mean expanding Medicare or providing some other government provided option, and the Republicans and their corporate masters would rather drink a poison and fag cum big gulp than do that.

Why not make medical cheaper instead of just sticking it to the tax payers?

Because to do that the medical and insurance industry would have to be regulated in some real way, and again, cum and poison big gulp.

Currently the only thing to my knowledge that has kept medical costs from exploding has been Medicare, which has governmentally set limits to what it can pay for any given treatment, drug, procedure, etc.

just pathetic, using his cancer to get media attention
all the media is like 'brave man holds a speech'
nobody gave a shit about this guy before the diagnosis

Shouldn't people with brain tumors be considered unfit for office? Why is he still allowed to make decisions?

Before the cancer he was considered a spineless twat who talked big before sucking his masters dick.


What do you hate him for Fash user?

I would shake the guys hand and say nice job. But seriously I would have a very deadly serious talk with my girlfriend about being dependent upon hospitals and jewcare or anyone else for that matter. I would try then helping her be less dependent upon jewcare for whatever it is she needed before. Also he is a spiteful person isn't he?
If he was a Christian he would be dependent upon God and no one else to the death. Not baby blood sucking satanists for his healthcare. To each his own however.