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Is that JFK?

It's anime.


It's obviously Jimmy Carter, you retard.

Fidel Castro best US primeminister

But why

I have no idea, I haven't watched the associated anime.

Dahl is a shit company.

Jakobs was better.


Dali is my boy But you've probably never heard of him.



guns !!!!


A real man is a wheel man.

None of that faggoty double action shit either- Single action all the way.




That's right, slut.
On your knees.

Specific Ocelot

That's hands and knees.

So doggy style.

I mean if that's what the kids are calling it these days.


That's what it's always been called...

yeah they were pretty weird :x

You kids think a lot of wrong things- Get to my age and you realize how wrong you are.


What age is that

stop bullying me desu ne


You're a fucking year older than me, you lumbering goon.

Age is a state of mind.

Get rekt
get your boyfriend to deal w/it

Isn't Spirited Away an older movie than both of them?

The heck did they see it in theaters?

So you about to tell me you like little cubs?

Cubs don't have big wieners- I like getting plowed by big wieners. Quod erat demonstrandum.

I'm going to go find the comic.

I remember my dad bought it when I was a kid on DVD and my brother and I watched it in the car on a road trip, but I barely remembered it so it was fun watching again

They brought it back to theaters for Studio Ghibli Fest 2017


Rin what does that stupid pink cunt do anyways if you get a bad end?

I saw memes of the other chick who hangs herself and they were lolz

Some chick like stabs herself too I think



That caveat is because I asked to be excluded, hombre.

nice fursona

I'm going to tell your weird metaphorical incest baby you don't love it enough.


It's not accurate to what I asked for, so it really isn't.

Do it.

Oh, fair enough.


There is literally no way to make her unlikable so she just gets unceremoniously deleted off screen.

just giving you shit of course


Almost posted my dick. Need to get that off my desktop.

I judge you daily.

Thats so bland dude

when you accidentally almost post your dick again again again

That's bullshit but I believe it.

Not enough, clearly.

What would you know anyway - I bet you haven't even played it at all.

You are lucky you are special to me.

I don't believe you have a pic on your desktop of it.

Post proof.

That's a mistake.






Haha something when relatively negatively in a conversation with someone I don't like! Time to bring it up 18 hours later!!

Not like it's hard to call people out for just skimming Wiki pages on psudo-intellectual shit.


like a couple of queers are going to know anything about child bearing hips



i would like a green bean please. im hungry.

Upsetti spaghetti

dont ask anyone here for a green bean they'll just try to slip you their penis

-erotically slips a green bean between your lips-

what. did. i. say.

ImaGINE being a faggot like bad dog and wanting a green bean penis shit.

if i had a green bean penis i could like get creative with the dipping sauces

Who is this and why do I find this attractive in a weird way?

Sometimes a green bean is just a green bean

i dont know i thought it looked hideous though, i wish you luck

Hurr hiurrr hurrr arent you funny



It's mis-drawn, but I dis this 5 window 32 Ford- Especially what is presumably a mechanical injected 671 blown Ford Cleveland- Hunkers the injector hat down close to the blower, gives it a good look.



Ban me, fuck.

you cute


I prefer dodge

Like, it's gaudy, and being around it too much would just be off-putting, but, like, once a year on Halloween it could be kind of cute, y'know?

nah u cyoot

because if he gets banned then he cant post here and has to do other things

Mmm. Green been casserole with those crunchy thingies on top.

Because I said so.

Nah lol

I went to a cosplay party this weekend though

Some chick like showed me her tits and was like "Don't be shy, you can squeeze em"
I kinda dropped my spaghetti at first but then groped the shit out of her

i think. im okay with this..

no melons !!!!!!!!!!


And some fresh biscuits!

That actually is good; I forgot it existed until now

How've you been?

You're okay with it; don't worry :3

nuh uh

it doesnt work that way

The Demon is pretty neat, ain;t it?

Would posting people's personal information be cause for a ban?

you have to do a banable offense to get banned

yes doxxing is cause for a ban


I cannot believe you would betray me like this.

Cannot lie, you got me there. Beasty.

it's just a 'volks super dolfie'

Biscuits are for tea.


Come on mother fucker, do it- I'm sittin on a treasure trove. 11 fucking years, hombre, do it.

Nice desuyone.



you havent been here since no 2006

shut up nigger

an expensive super doll asian style.
i used to be super into them.

Not here, but I preceded every single originator of these threads. Particularly people worth a damn.

I thought she was trolling me

but then again exposing your breasts isn't really trolling

Or is it?

Did you dress up for Halloween this weekend Rin?

Cookies are for milk.

Come on Brolin- For old time's sake.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

how long you were here means very little most of the time, especially with all these recent people

i mean im older than you so logically ive been on the internet longer

He says he is the puppet master.
but he cannot ban him.
is he even the mod.

gimme a second

Is BD Sci pretending to be an old person?




I'm going to dress as a Miko and walk around at night giving people chocolate bars and telling them to "Keep it safe, lest the gods seek judgement on your mortal soul."

Then just walk away like nothing happened.

JFK more like AFK am i right?

BD can't really match Sci's level of retardation honestly.

What if JFK's head just did that?

i can try a lot harder if you guys want

let him try

pretty sure i can be a lot more retarded than this

If I dream hard enough, can I have autism when I grow up too!??!

What? I think your sense of humor is too refined for me

autism starts from childhood

To be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to understand Renz's posts

o look

another retard "returned"

Friends, I love you all!!

youd know

never idle in an active game LOL



Shut up

Why wait!?
You're practically brain dead already!


I love cold Spaghetti-O's more.

Imagine... BD's parents should have turned the machine off

Is it really a life if he is just a walking can of veggie soup?

if they turn the matrix off you all die





What is this animaymay

Of all the fucking people who had to stay active in these threads, you had to be one of them. Ugh

Aren't you a mailman or something?

What? Where would you get that?
I work in medical.


He got one over on me then, I'm the idiot, it seems!

I bark at mailmen though.

There's no shame in being a mailman. It's a noble profession.


Imagine, being the idiot

My mother was a mailman, they died before I was conceived

i'd like to be a mail person !! delivering packages and letters to people... very cute profession.


that is what they said to nezi

Oyasumi punpun!!

I think Murder measures a man's worth by his salary

Its very sad and shows his lack of worth as a man



A lot of things about Murder's worldview are disappointing tbh

He's the least edgy edgy person I know

hey my girlfriend is doing a speech on schizophrenia for class, would i be able to ask any of you questions about it at all? or would that be too much

Wow does that mean I'm not even an edgy person

I liked when Murder was nice to me, but apparently now he hates Trannies and Canadians.

It's almost like he's Desu or something.

Friend's how are you doing bty,
I hope you've all had a good day.

ur the edgelord


we are all schizophrenics, yes

My pasta is cold.

Test thought they were edgy?

Maybe your edge is just too unique to define on a normal scale

Good enough, hbu?

Okay I understand this is by no means a recent development but he used to be nice to me okay and I'm like the amalgamation of two of the things he outwardly hates.


you can't be edgy when you do nothing but shitpost

Pretty high, you? ^^

Oh, I think I find a good solution to that other poem; I'll show you on Discord


@everyone itt

u r a shit poster hah goddem

Pretty good. In dnd atm, chillin and stuff.

Bretty good!!

and I'm excited :3c

not me !!

There was someone from these threads that was. Guess it wasn't you. What part of medical?

You don't KNOW me.


i work in advanced physics smh




Wow lucky

I know you can carve an anime girl, but that doesn't mean you're supposed to face-fuck it like one.

Eggs are nice but all I want is green bean


It is a dying one

I measure it by profession. Salary and profession have a pretty high correlation

Probably because I am not even edgy

Too short to be any sort of lord. You can be the edge prince though

The Leaf hating is a meme. I have no qualms with the hat of my Country

You are a "social worker"

I felt like I might have a heart attack during that scene

I should try writing one that's actually as long as the ones you showed me some time

But I don't know; I kind of like just putting what naturally comes to mind and I feel like forcing a poem to be longer might be a bad idea

Okay, thanks for clearing it up

How've you been? ^^


I carved a spooky pumpkin then it got all fucked up by the heat

Sorta like in Stranger things 2



i have piza.
no green bean tonight...

death has become me

Of course test wants Liliana's green bean.

That doesn't really address the other one, y'know?

I was kinda concerned but not heart attack.

Did you not know that friction generates heat?

You say that but

Can you not spoiler the shit?
Thanks dude

There are a lot of poem starters and themes you can look at!!

I wouldn't look at it as forcing a poem, but more like stretching your poem writing muscles!!


bad dog stupid


Bob dies lmao

You want fucked up stories? He has them.

I legit feel like the only person that "might" like BD is Sinni, but she is nice to everyone and god bless her for it.

Man I already watched it
But you a dick nigga

I like BD!

someone buy me a nintendo switcheroo


Well I was baked out of my mind when I played; the game made me feel weird for days after

11/10 no regrets

Kind of wish I kept the Monika waifu though

Yeah, I guess it's more like letting the poem further unfold from your mind

I guess I already do that in a different way by replacing words and improving stuff

I just said that.


sinni would like BD

sinni is a.......


I remember once seeing a topless teenager with her breasts out on a balcony

And I stood and stared as I walked while my brain tried o decide those were underage boobies and she saw me staring and wasn't phazed

And I looked away embarrassed and confused by why she was there, topless, and it was a strange day, and it was raining. It's Spain, I suppose.

I like him enough to talk to him on Discord/Steam every day but I dislike him enough to send him the Rick and Morty copypasta every day in hopes that he'll block me




Yeah. Seems about right.

Yeah, I feel like the more I write, the more natural/easy it is

How are you today? ^^

She's a sociopath who murdered her friends and tried to justify it.

Friends who, might I add, are just as living as she is, even if unaware of the nature of their world.

That said, she's a very human girl who made very human mistakes and sought to redeem herself for it.

tl;dr: All doki dokis are okie dokie.



Do your best dude, I'm sure you'll be writing genius in no time!

Who even is a weeb in 2017

being a ponyfag


i am !!

Is that supposed to be ironic, like, wasn't Scoots a ponyfag?

She wrote the way into my heart : ^ )

**Together, let us dismantle this crumbling world
And write a novel of our own fantasies.**

That's good

Thanks ^^ Maybe you should start writing again too

I was wondering if that would work


I do poetry

Is it?

I'm literally learning japanese and watching anime rn

I'd say feel free to post it but I don't want to post mine

I guess it's just alright :3

I have been doing the usual. Just slowly losing grip on myself

What have you been up to?

If you are a tranny and not bothering anyone with it, I am fine with it


time for bed ni ni

is green bean !!! here?

Rin being a tranny bothers me.
I take absolute umbrage with it.

Rin's probably manlier than I am

Respect my pronouns, stop being a transphobe, adore me for being a real girl, etc. and whatnot.

DWI, fuccboi.

hi dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello love how be you


Rin unironically has a really cute voice tbh

Nana, pone.


i am good. i hung out with nezi earlier today.

and made him try boba tea. and then i played loud music in my car and went home.

my legs still hurt very bad. but im eating food right now !!!

Traveled long-term to China and Slovakia for various reasons this year; it was pretty eventful

Now I've been smoking a lot of weed and messing around with various things

Losing grip? You seem the same as before :3


Sleep well

You met him irl?

Lies and falsehoods.


Liliana and Nezi do kind of seem like they'd practice kissing with each other

I'm not even cute though nobody would wanna kiss me

i heard
did you guys pork afterwards
also what kind of boba cuz if it's anything but passion fruit gween tea with tapioca pearls get lost nerd!!!

ya dude even ian was surprised at how qt your voic is

Softly whispering "no homo" during breaths between kisses. They passed "practicing" about half an hour back but neither wants to say anything.

as if i'd wanna kiss anyone !!

what do u take me as... some kind of hoochie mama....


TBH I thought Rin was a tranny years ago

I was already losing control. How is China? I picture it being very dirty and crowded

No but srsly Rin your voice is cute af

You can't sing for shit though

I can't believe it's an autist obsessed with green beans which finally drove guero back to the threads

Timidly, Nezi makes the first move, his hand carefully sliding down Liliana's side, and snaking it's way under his skirt.

Ian should have known my voice beforehand though wthey?

pork ?

we both got thai milk tee w/ bobbbba BALLS !!

i was gonna get classic black milk but... i wanted that thai baby.

i do poetry too

please stop bullying me

Liliana grimaces at Nezi's aggression - he wasn't ready for this, but now this is all he wants.

I was.

I don't sing because I'm good at it, I sing because I have fun doing it.

Show your poetry

hey, i love green bean leave him alone

or was it lloyd idk
i just remember somebody being like "that was surprisingly cute"

make love

also thats p ok too i just prefer rly sweet boba because im a dingdong

-pets you- :3

You should be an author ^^

There'd be nothing wrong with it :3

Yeah, and there's a lot of air pollution. I love fresh air so much now

It was pretty unique though and there was a lot of good/interesting food

dont listen to them ,!! theyre gay and also didnt share a popcorn (what was that hot dog doing in the popcorn btw.. ?)

Sing for me.

It's a dumb meme.

I'm not bullying him I'm bullying YOU


oh thats ok

no thats not appropriate.

yeah i do thai/black milk back and forth. every other time.

there is !!! kissing has germs. and im also only 18(19indecember) which is not old enough to kis anyone

I can't believe guero likes to be bullied publicly

fractured, individually
together, mended

fence posts between us with missing persons posters on them
fogged up windows with shaggy rugs and old tube tvs playing some news channel

these are the places that i see when i walk to streets and the places that see me

okay here it is.

no more bullying everynyan. the bullying is over :/

They break the kiss again, Nezi's hand gently teasing Liliana's fully erect member.
They gaze longingly into each others eyes, and each just know this is right.


I get embarrassed when people read my serious writing - I'm a bad editor.

Sure, let's VoIP now.

I'm not bullying, just writing erotic fanfic of my friends.

i have important question
do you like
edamame too
or just gree nbean

i wonder if nezi noticed i was wearing my PERFUME .

i couldnt bc of my broken nose

ive never had.

edamommy. ever so idk

the bullying is over forever everyone its official

get some they're like green bwean but i like them better

but i specifically like everything about green beans.... i dunno. i mean ill try them but. i dont think i will like eddy's mom more ?

what started this green bean meme with you anyhow do u just really really like them

Going to bed. Gibe head pats.

yeah thats about it....

i also like how it sounds when you say it. it sounds really cute in my head. and theyre crunchy !! yumyum

night doggy !! -pat- -pat-


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh fleas though


my discord is split on loving or hating the green bean meme but i think its p cute but i honestly dont know anything about you lol
what do you like
who is green bean


what do i do ?

i like to.
listen to music.
go to shows.
play fighting games/compete/go to tourneys,
go out n play ddr.
go to the theatre.
play drums.
eat green beans.
make short 60 second long electronic songs.
put together gundam figures.
watch anime sometimes.
play cute games.
make new outfits/admire clothes.
meet new people.

this is a good list. this is me !


same tbh

what kind of fighting games do you play?? this is an overlapping interest

ill give u a history

grew up as a kid playing mortal kombat and tekken and virtua fighter

stopped for a while up until usf4

played usf4, then guilty gear xrd rev (sf5 stinks bad), and now im back to tekken 7

tekken 7 is maybe the most fun i've had playing a fighter in a long time. i love leo. i have a cute costume i put together. he has glasses. i bought it on ps4 and pc

tekken is really cool, im actually a big fan of like super smash games but i like more classic fighters like the early soul calibur series too

this is a good list but the only thing we have in common is like cute games and music because im a super dork and dont rly go outside

we can play league and maybe u can kick my butt at skullgirls if u have it



The blue magpie
You bought her at the market -
parking lot, a
seedy complex of cages.

She was a songbird. We fed her pellets, of all things
and listened in the room
ignoring the cage, and that
Javan Magpies aren't blue.

this cover really fucked with me on a few levels the first time i read it

And you??? Bitch????

smash bros .....

i played smash brouthers, and then when i went to ceo i was like oh. im playing the wrong game. i mained ryu in sm4sh heh. i bopped 12 year olds all day. but now i play REAL fightan games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(i dont like the smash scene mostly they trash venues up and are really obnoxious in most cases, melee is cool.)

it usually tells me a lot about a person if they say theyre into smash x.x

and yeah i forgot about soul calibur
sc3 was my favorite easy.

i have skullgirls. what sort of music. do you have a good playlist.

CHECK OUT MY CUTE BOY !!!!!!!!!!! HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!


you cant say yee and not link me. !

wait wrong person

what was the yee for

this required 3 posts

You did it

i dont have a like central playlist becuz i stopped being able to afford spotify and i lost all my local music files when i had to reformat my computer :C i like all sorts of stuff though
lately ive been on a really big chance the rapper/childish gambino kick lately

who this attack on titan looking boy

I miss clicked, sorry.



ahead of me the light is white and blinded, a bright clean ray uncut and unobstructed, too bright to see, no details can be made out, but the hope is still there to capture the light and refract it into what we want to see, to shape that light into something tangible

behind me color seeps into the crevices of my yesterdays, the days are only smudges that leaves bright or dark marks, sometimes there is no color for long stretches of those days, but other moments of the past are streaked with blight flashes of emotions suspended in a moment

the present is a combination of the smears of my past, leading up a twisted and winding trail, and balanced against the piece of the future i have left to explore, before it forever winks out of my view, left only to those there to inherit the brightness and color of the world we leave behind

im a smash snob, i only like melee

how u do


editing is for chumps




what is happening

you can still use spotify free ?

im confused. your playlists dont just dissapear

thats okayyyy

the entire chat is made of nothing but thots


ye but i cant hecking play specific songs so why even use it
my playlist includes 200 songs ive been sick of for years so i hate shuffle :

I think it's supposed to be Mugen.

good full length special lots of neat music and info


on pc u can pick specific tracks. also. do you oNLY have ONEEEE PLAYLIST ????


ya i have one giant playlist with all my crap for like the last 10 years and i dont evne like most of it now lol

i dont use it on PC because my computer is stinky and i cant run it at the same time as video games

Time to start some game and make a dwarf crossdresser and name it Alchemist.

sgt peppers lonely hearts club band album for anyone who hasnt seen it

pretty great for anyone going into it blind


No wait. Stop.

my singles playlist from 2013-2014 has 1,100 tracks in it alone .....

and you said 10 years ???

The whole playlist is just fucking Redbone.

now i just want to play dwarf fortress and name dwarfs after posters

I'm much more selective in my music, I get like 300 or 400 songs a year maybe

Go for it.

i hit 5k a while back but without the local files im all the way down to like 800 :c....



i will but i need to hold out till the next update for the game, that fuck still hasnt dropped it yet and i know as soon as i go to start a fortress he'll do it



I usually tell myself that, but it's just not worth it. Because THEN you need to wait for someone to get around to updating therapist.

do you use spotify .. ! (send it i wanna dig :^) )

smh brudda. thats a shame. x.x

great chat

Best to be concise.

you just cant fucking win as a dorf fortress player, in any sense of the word winning

no bully I'm listening to a lot of punk rock lately

I used to listen to nothing but alternative

Oh? Let's hear some.


bullying over taste.

what is this 1950 ?


new songs are at the bottom, for some reason it's backwards by date

oldest songs are at the top

sorry I'm used to getting bullied for everything

I'll do it tomorrow maybe.

This is the hell you chose.



lots of recently dead people in this one

do you legit browse for these images and save them from boorus?
For some reason I feel like you're not the type but rather you'd just save them from discord or a twitter feed

Not bad.

my two current playlists i've been listening to. if you would like them
one is a mix of twee pop, midwest emo, skramz, powerviolence, hardcore, miami bass, some sad stuf and 2 japanese tracks.
the 2nd is a good sort of lil taste of my music taste lots of singles from different places (it is 69 tracks the *** number) here they are:




oh are we posting live tracks now

i cry