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are you even squash

I've had human avatars before.






fukken ded



If only Squid was an hero.

i f o n l y

Yep, very dead

stop fucking ikt then

Hu's not rich enough to be my sugar daddy.

But he's so good

Nobody knows how much is in my bank account

How much is Ikt an hour?

He's not just your regular daddy?

ikt x Hu is the cutest couple.


Well, SD x Manaka aside.


That was Tokia last night, right?


It weren't obvious?

I only had a quick glance :3

The best part is they take turns denying it.

Fair enough.
I'm practicing writing Kana right now, what productive activities are you doing?

Truly spectacular.

! ! ! ! ! !

Well I just got home from work so that might count ^^

Oh right you do that.

It's only something part-time I do on top of uni study

What do you do part time on top of uni study, anyway?

Also Rin that game was uh...

Even porn aside, it's a pretty entertaining, and thorough, strategy game.

At a department store in my nearest town

Yeah it really is.
I'm just not sure I was expecting that much porn. Or systems for shit like that. In a text game no less.

anyone know a good hentai with this artstyle

I don't know any hentai with super flat face and necks and shoulders but heaps of depth on the thighs, sorry.



Are customers as ungrateful for you as they are when you work in a restaurant?

I think you can even turn off the porn if you feel like working out the settings menus.

I mean...
Why would I go do something like that?


Top was for
idk what happened to the link.

So your pure and chaste Yoomoos don't get raped by anyone who isn't Reisen?

It's not rape if they're lesbians.

And god damn everything in that game is lesbian.

No they're mostly nice
It's quite high-end though, so of course you get the fair share of snobs

almost everyone faps tho

Besides the one kobold who raped me endlessly when I tried to recover my peoples' stolen goods.

Fair enough.

But not to hentai

Did you read that recent one with Satania in a shower room?

Of course Subtle knows the one with Satania in a shower room.

The absolute degenerate.


hentai isnt even that degenerate
with the right tags atleast

yeah the wholesome one where she doesnt get bullied. too bad her boobs look like its too much

That was one of the best parts

you wish!

idk i still prefer the other bath one where she gets raped by goo

youre just being a normie!!

You sure about that?

That's a pretty cute hentai.

Rate my terrible penmanship.


Those そs look like my pen was running out of ink and I was trying to get it working again. :x

Oh sugoi
It's really cute

your e o ka and so look rushed

yup you go to school and you have a productive lifestyle. you even do lots of cooking.

Best kind of life

Hu is the normiest.

You're just saying that because it looks like a grade schooler wrote it and it's in pink. :x

How do you mean? Because そ aside I guarantee you those weren't the rushed ones.

no u

i wish i had the fucks to give to learn nihongonese

I like this way too much

I usually call it nipponaise.

Anyway, I gots to go now, ではまた.

you also like dicks in your butt

the curve on the e looks like its either too scrunched up or not connected well

the tail on the o looks like it could be brought in more

the angle on ka just looks really sharp

And apparently you consider that to be normal

I wish I were a dirty nip so subtle would notice me.

no that part is the part thats questionable when you say its the best kinda life

How about you bend over so I can show you why I say so?

That's called sloppy penmanship?

If anything the え is stretched out, the お is just really sloppy - terribly so, and the か is following the slope of the trace in the entire bottom row.

If anything the rushed ones are てつし and そ, because they're all one stroke characters.

*attacks pearl harbor*

that line would be really hot if u were a girl

um yeah sloppy penship! idk english not first


k whatever since ur a boy do the next best thing and post the henties at me

You know was at Hiroshima when they dropped the bomb. It was only a detail of three scouted planes and then the bomber, so all of us just assumed it was a recon mission. No alarms, no panic. And then this huge flash, and a wave of heat that made your skin blister and bubble and a shockwave that tore it off your flesh so it dragged behind you from your fingertips like tassels. Black husks that were once people lifting their arms for water that would only kill them faster were they to drink it; children dying in the streets from radiation poisoning that turned their insides into red mush. And that black rain, heavy with isotopes, that came and washed over us all like we were the charred fragments leftover from a forest fire.

It was a real bummer.





I don't see anything spoilered

You do. Lots and lots of spaces

i dont get it

There's nothing to get

This is the world we are leaping towards.


There's *nothing* to pet.






wait this aint discord




samurai jack is brutal these days

Tfw you nut in 15 min after not fapping for 2 days

Did you see the one with the tiny loli inside the tiny house

brunch time bbl

no, link me it on discord or something

Sure looks it!

Great feel


hambaagaa tabetai

What a fucking legend

Onii-chan's cum*

Idk i think something is wrong with me I've been fapping less frequently

I'm not a degenerate!


You're getting older


Good morning everyone!

Hope you're all having a good day so far, anyone got any plans?

ochinchin daisuki desu kedo

nope its cuz i was too lazy to shower for 2 days

None at all. Good morning

That feel

Those are the most relaxing days!!

Good morn, how are you feelin?


Eh, could be better, but couldn't you always?
Slept well?

I'm probably going to play Mario for a couple of hours, then feel bad for not having drawn during those two hours. So bad that I have to distract myself by watching a movie until I'm tired enough to go to bed.

Not really, my brother and his gf were fighting a lot and it's hard to sleep when someone's like full force crying.

Today's another day tho! so hopefully everything is chill.

I don't think you have to draw all the time, you should be allowed to unwind with a game!!

Auch, yeah. I can only imagine so.
Hope it's all better now

If I don't draw 14 hours a day I won't ever get good

I need to be punished for every minute I waste

Punish me


Ye, I think so! How did you sleep? what time is it there??

You should look at it like a goal to reach, not something you need to punish yourself for!

Slept alright, though woke up at 5am by accident, due to daylight saving.
Currently 6:30pm

i thought daylight saving was an america exclusive thing?


me too


Ya'll getin' cucked by a shitty outdated time system. Step it up.

Hey, look, it's not our fault okay, every time we talk to someone from another country they are just like oh you're doing that dumb american thing

Just ditch the imperial system and the ridiculous date notation already.

YYYY/MM/DD best notation

these are so true ;~;

actually i really prefer DD/MM/YY

but people here do it MM/DD/YY and it just MAKES me want to SCREAM

pls, they're both just fine~

DD-mmm-YY worst notation on a file system.

What the fuck Microsoft

no definitely not fine

nothing about that is fine

There are only 12 months a year, 31 days per month, and an infinite number of years.
Thus the correct system would list these values in a way where the smallest possible values come first in line, followed by the ever increasingly larger ones.

At least this makes sense!

this why YYYY-MM-DD is best

No, see




Wow you ended up collecting some weird ones,

If you use that notation, sorting your files according to filename and modification date is pretty much the very same thing. It's far more convenient

That's an issue with his filenames not being consistent, not the dates. Try harder.

Or just sort by date and Windows will do it for you.

And when you move the files to a flash drive, gone is your sorting!



It's like three mouse clicks to re-sort it.

but think of marie antoinette


Just name the damn files right then!

why do they even call it daylight savings when it occurs for majority of the year? why dont they just call the other portion daylight spending time

That's what I am, dumbie. Like 2017-10-29_19:11:40

They're all good!

"Unlike her husband, who had been taken to his execution in a carriage (carrosse), she had to sit in an open cart (charrette) for the hour it took to convey her from the Conciergerie via the rue Saint-Honoré thoroughfare to reach the guillotine erected in the Place de la Révolution, (the present-day Place de la Concorde).[202] She maintained her composure, despite the insults of the jeering crowd. A constitutional priest was assigned to her to hear her final confession. He sat by her in the cart, but she ignored him all the way to the scaffold.[203][204]

Marie Antoinette was guillotined at 12:15 p.m. on 16 October 1793.[205][206] Her last words were "Pardon me, sir, I meant not to do it", to Henri Sanson the executioner, whose foot she had accidentally stepped on after climbing to the scaffold. "

holy shit forgot all this badass stuff

feels good to fling a nice fat folder around doesn't it?












aww nini hu : ( sleep well

eh, soon..
Slept well?

it was a long sleep with lots of waking up and I went to bed with a bad sore throat but I woke up with no sore throat and sinus conestions in my chest instead so I think my sick is almost gone :3

It's been miserable.........but it's only been about 3 days so I cantocmplain much

I'm pretty sure i got it from my smoking buddy he was talking about the same symptoms a few days back ;~:

wat are you still doing up it sooo late

aww ;-;
Least you're starting to feel better, that's good.

It's 8pm. Should indeed go to bed soon, getting tired anyway

I fell asleep.
Now I feel awful.
What's up?

take me with you

congrats on unlocking 6


Thank you. Sadly I can't play 'cause ping is high.
But I'm tired as shit anyhow.


just think of me as a fuel efficient heater 3 :

What are you up to, im at friends watching old episodes of naruto

why high ping?

Could be the cold or the wet weather.
Not really sure. I might just play some NES games or something.

Heater would be nice. It's so cold

What kind of coat do you have living so far north? I bet the winteres there are just unbearable being so far north

I've been shopping online for one to get me through the winter and I have a hard time finding anything that's not just like entry level below freezing to 0F Cold....

Not much. Chillin in this discord, was playing overwatch but haven't got any good lootboxes so I'm chillin for now.

How is nardo goin?

yay simple nes life where it all just works

I'm lost and don't know what's going on in the show because I didn't follow it, so everything's fine

I eventually want to get icons for all my games in the folder.
Make it look nice.

It's alright when you're surrounded by water, so it doesn't get too cold. Winds can be though. I don't wear a coat, just a jacket

icons how do you mean?

can you show me example?

Like a fuckin SAVAGE

like a doctor

I don't have any set up, but just like, using the games original box art as an icon in my folder.

Nice! hopefully you catch up soon.

Nope hopefully I just watch a few episodes then forget it forever

Don't like nardo?

hopefully one day i get to see it

Humans are not fuel efficient at all.

It's like 7k games to sort through, but I'm removing all the non USA ones.


Dumb nigger.

So much to say

Its not that I don't like naruto it's that I don't like it a lot and its too long for me to care

will you play one today?

I was considering some Mario 3 after running to town for some food.

This puppet shinobi dude has like a bunch of summons and is choking some people out


Mario! to celebrate the new mario they released?

Nah. Mario 3 is just one of my favorites.

Running to town.

Hey sinni
I hear youve been playing that animal crossing game


It. Is. Dumb.

oh okay


I mean, I couldn't bully luka, luka is babooka.

Some kinda Sinni-cide squad



Lookie Babadookie

Ive already made someone commit suicide in '13.
I could do without another on my soul.
My Imam would only laugh again.


Is that a gay Jack the Ripper

thats the babadook



I thank you. I wish there were lesser beings like furries here to bully.





what do i do now?



*pat pat*

Play games/watch anime and be comfy.

Is this the face of the souless sinno?

i only wanna play games with freinds!!

Ask friendos for gaem

Help little girls are crawling around behind the couch I'm on

Bebop, stop


I dunno, soon I guess. All you can do is ask.

Sinni play league with me! ^_^

Yea like that!
Maybe I should retake up league and also cry alot

I don't like league!!

;~; sinni's afriad of leeg
what do i do now?

do you like uhhhhhhhh........ video gamez?

Punished Sinni

Make them not afraid

Sinni must become strong!!

Become strong independent wimminz


show me dem footbal!!!

What do you like? ;~;

da footbulls is boring for the non footballs

I hope Sinni gets muscular

Shikimaru just lit his ghost dads cig


No I wanna be small

I like you!!

what will you do with me?

No, I am small

There can only be one

I know right

Call you cute!!

Can I be itty bitty?

laura a cutie


Best Stratos

what should it eat today?

What're the options?

burgers and fries

or umm......
pizza and lasanga with java 2L 2% with uh.... ummm snacks?

Burger and fries is nice, but lasagna! :3

I'm back.

You can be dead

gross manipulator here

One-piece swimsuits are best

Man, loco isnt dead yet?

and plus the burger and fries have monolpoly stickers on them!!
i could proly win $10,000 if i get the 3rd missing monopooly sticker!

welcom home

That is an option! Fingers crossed!

Thanks. What's up?

the cup has 2 tickets
the burger has 2 tickets
the medium fries has 2 tickets

6 chances to win stuff!



Then woo hoo! it sounds great!

Sounds alright.
Not going to play games?




I'm thinking of applying for a tech school in Huntsville.


It's like the only city near by.
I'm not driving to fucking Birmingham for school.

Is it full of Huns?

Driving over the Atlantic every morning would get tiresome

Nah. Mostly spics and niggers.

And imagine having to deal with the accents? Brummies are cunts.

Imagine having to talk to niggers

I get along with most of them.
But I tend to keep to myself outside of work.

oh right i also need to do laundry again.

when i get home i'll prolly start playing a bunch!
i have 20 hours left on my 2 master pass missions:
(my team must get first blood, first tower, and 2 dragons, and win [ALL in one game]) 80 points

and my other mission also worth 80 coins
( Kill 2 rift heralds in any amount of games Win not required, so like in two games kill a rift herald in each. EZ)

And then for the kewl deathsworn ward:
it works similar to the 2 rift thing
my team i play with in each game must get me
2 rift heralds
3 dragons

so if i play two superb games
i could knock out all my missions in just two games!


Sounds like a plan. I wish you luck.


Kyle, what route were you thinkin with tech school? If I can ask.

I'll never have to worry about any missions ever again if i win all these missions tonight.

Electrical or something.
Might look into welding.

What happens when the next missions come out?

That sounds relaxing, gotta do them jobbos

i beg for help
and play them out

(IF the rewards for the mission feel worth it to me.)

what is scoots gonna do?

Well if you ever need help let me know. I'm sure me and Tristan can get some games done with you later.

Do your best, dude.

I think you'll do really well in Tech school.


Imagine having to talk with freaking nips?
Pic related.

Yeah. I'll use it to start working on affording my arcade I guess.


I got Spaghetti-O to last me a week at work for lunch.

Playing games and watching things
seems the best option right now

sounds okay. hopefully. at least your still around.

what do you watch?

Did people leave?

i dunno where they went, but it's just mostly you me and scoots here

We're mostly in call it seems.

Do your best, I believe in you!

Gaben of thrones

Thank you.

oh okay...
i guess i'll go take care of some stuff outside then.

hopefully it makes you happy.




Enjoy yourself.



I will try

OK I just spawned in the enemy base as torbjorn in mystery heroes on hamumura b what is happening

We won

Good job dess

Did I do a good job today, Subtle?

I hope I did. I've so many days I've wasted. I don't want another.

Every day you survive is a good day, keep it up

lol fucking idiot



Syrup Cummies

b-but sweet release of death..

Thank you.

Everyday with loco is pain

yay I got to meet a poster IRL ^^

Suck their dick?

The rain in Spain
Falls mainly in my heart

Every day is pain.

The Rain
In Spain
Falls mainly
on the


nah we saw Spirited Away in theaters, it was pretty good

Who was it?


Must be Liliana.

The Green Bean guy

Yep, theyre gay as fuck too

yeah. who was it ?

Nigga I already blew up your spot

i made nezi. put balls in his mouth.

(((and he liked it)))

hee hee


Fucking disgusting, the lot of you.

Condoning the retardation.

Wish I had a poster nearby. I've always gone to see Ghibli films alone.

w-wanna go see a movie, owo

Yeah he's gay like that.

I'm still in Spain for another week.

Also aren't you northern scum?

Words hurt


Go dance about it Billy Elliot

Rude. Daddy will make you sCUM too

I never knew there were Bitfags big on NASCAR.


What did he mean by this





yeah they were pretty weird x.x