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Kinda want Clint to bend me over the stars and stripes and give me the old constitutional special


Gafflwn Dihenydd
O'r Fuddugol wiriol sydd
Ni fydd neb yn ein drechu
Falch ydy ni i drochu
Draed o'r flaen i'r Annwn
Mewn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni.


no it was just the illusion

and i should have assumed

that you were fucking the people you were "trolling"

You say that now, but just wait till I start flirting with people her and watch him get mad.

yes yes you should have

I don't top.


And I don't dine and dash.

You dumb fucks idolized a personality dreamt up by a 13 year old, you realize that, right?


yea remember when you pretended to be a psychologist from glasgow

To be fair that didn't happen until five years after the fact.

its even more funny when the genuine trolling slowly evolves with you as you degenerate as a person, ans start liking things you can't explain or rationalize


Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

clint used to be a convincing troll

unlike kanra, he actually knows what he is talking about sometimes


sometimes being the key word, the trick is to not just let them drag the conversation in whatever direction they want

It's almost like that engineering degree is actually worth something.

Uh, I think that's a personal issue, Matthew.

Please do.


That makes absolutely no sense in the context of the lyrics I posted at you.

oh for sure you can't let people like alpha you

man i should have done that one

Oh? So you were e degenerate from the very start? Maybe you only hated them because you feared what it reflected about you.

i have a sore throat
Hopefully it gets better soon

It's in specific reference to the "kill me" part. Please kill me.

squidddy is just going to bully me so i'm going to leave

it was good seeing you based clint

aww bardo

take some medicine

Please do not fucking call me that otherwise I might just not show my face around here anymore.

then stop posting his face you dipshit

Provide me with the weapon and an alibi.

This one

I was 13. I hadn't hit puberty proper yet, the only think it could reflect in me was a childhood of bad entertainment choices.

Not 'clint' you dumb nigger- "Based."

based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint
based clint

Automobile accident, drunk driving. Get a good lawyer and you might get off with five years.

so which was it? since you want to set the story straight, did you jerk off to it at first or not? did you yell at the furries before or after you started getting the strange erections

I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions.

I hadn't figured that out.


good save

[generic suck less dick comment]

HAHAHAHAHA fuck no. You have to try better than that.

Remind me to bomb your building. Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh- Alcohol poisoning (it was actually cyanide) you were fucking your mom at the time.

it works out though because at the end of the day im a degenerate too

Yeah, heat was on there for a sec.

is that Dom???

Sure, I can give you an address if you want :^)

For your mom or your building?

my stitches are itchy

I dunno, you tell me.

My mom's building address

I'll be sure to show her a good time, after all, I am the bomb~

if so dom is pretty fucking cute, Z is lucky

now i miss Z

We don't talk about Scotty.


Come a little bit closer, I'm all alone and the night is so long.

haha back when madoka was new and popular

Has it really been six years already.

Happy to be of assistance"

yup, im gonna save that image btw, he was a wise man with wise words


And a Ford GT, if he wasn't full of shit. More than likely meaning he was Rob Spaghetti-



it makes sense they were the same person, if you really think about it, even down to the furries and cars thing

Yeah, Rob would probably be the most likely faggot to be into that sorta shit. Fatt Marah is into dreidels and Rolex watches, he doesn't give a fuck about cars. And the rest are spergs.

Well anyways, either way it's cool that we actually had some real people there that new their shit and had actual wisdom and life advice to shit, as opposed to you and the stuff you'd say.





god dallas at least pick a new song


oh boy clint is here. must have already finished jacking it to gay furry porn.

what's up, nerd?

Yes you are

You stop getting horny when you get old and stressed.

oh boy cupcake is here. must have already finished sucking off everyone within a thousand miles.

is that why you still save random images that you like that other people post here

pretty sure that was from like spec or scan

Rolled 9 (1d10)
nana pastries nana
get that 8 get for me

Radius, area, or linear as the crow flies?

Speak for yourself

they missed me

ugh, that's true...

that seems...excessive.

SHUT UP DARWIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I only ever speak for myself, I can't speak for anyone else.


I bet

It does? Are you saying you aren't up for the challenge?


I'm fairly certain my jaw would fall off if I attempted something like that.

plus since so many of them would be filthy mexicans...ugh.

Wait. How old are you?

i remember asking for source on that specific green picture, and it wasnt to you, just saying


rectal reaming


Oh boy, is TP drunk off his gourd?


well that was a joke because people think I'm racist.

I remember you needing to shut your whore mouth.

TP left like an hour ago, you get an imaginary slowpoke

That's just un-American.

oh, uh... Good point with the Mexicans.
You could do all the non-mexicans and so then! Gotta beat the Italian who blew a thousand or two

She'd love it

pfffff, poor you

Hiya Kermit

Is Alice still high on his Holla Forums trap streams?

It comes with the territory.


Oh, I overestimated how fast this thread was going.

Dunno Colbs, are you still high on showing off your dick in streams making a complete ass out of yourself?

God I'm tired.

Man, I want a personal army that follows me around and defends my every action.

yea we've actually gotten some crazy fast threads going

scroll down a bit on the first or second page to the thread with like 500 posts in it, that and the one after it people were complaining because the thread was moving TOO fast


Oh man, never change

if you were less lazy you could have had it by now, you old shit



i did that like a half hour ago when i was shitposting

And here I thought the primary complaint around these parts was lack of activity. Guess it ebbs and flows.

I'll hop off the minute you stop being an inciting little shit

Yeah but I actually wanna talk to you now- Or more specifically take advantage of things you know, now.

I was about to be upset that someone made a furry out of sora, but then I remembered that actually happens in the game.

hey hu, check this out puu.sh/y93ck/7668538bc6.png

northern is still a bit upset that I was popular back in 2011-12.


I only ever bring things up when you come around, because they're only ever relevant when you come around

Also I don't actually have any kind of ill will towards anyone so, just to put that out there. I just like being sassy

this place seems simple at first glance but belies a rather complicated history, more people know about this shithole than you'd expect and sometimes they all show up at once

well fuck let me get back on for a sec then

Top fucking kek, he just wanted more attention himself

lmao m8


Fix'd that for you, bud.

I mean you are trying to stir shit with me, If that's not "inciting" I don't really know what is. But if it puts your mind at ease, I don't take it personal either.

How have you been?

That's a good way of putting it. Bern's abortion also works.

at least it wasn't anthropomorphic

I'm not racist against anyone because I'm too busy hating almost everyone equally.

that one chick who said she'd blow everyone who didn't vote for trump?

everyone is so mean to white arizonans ;_;

well what did you expect colby? you took a shot at the cult leader. you can't just DO that. that's mean ;___;

northern wind was in the pony threads way the fuck back and was pretty butthurt, like aeris that I achieved popularity by the simple fact that I was nice and talked to people and because of his rather abrasive personality he was not as popular. his story has changed a lot though, he's got it down to just "he didn't go to bed fast" so that's an improvement. someone who kept tabs on him for a while gave me this pastebin once where in his cult like skype group he went on this huuuuuge thing about how I single handedly destroyed the pony threads with malicious intent after tricking people into liking me or something. I wish I'd saved it, it was fucking hilarious.

not nearly as much as then.


I remember when cupcake was nice to non CJ scoot back in the day
Cupcake used to be a nice poster

Oh you, turning my self-depreciating comments into insults! How DO you do it?!

I am not trying to stir any kinds of shit with you, you just choose to make shit with me

If you could just try to interact with me as a person and not as part of a group, that would be WONDERFUL

Oh dear, I feel I've overstepped my boundaries... I am but a humble animefag, after all :(

I'm too lazy to watch the star citizen thing, gimmie the rundown.

Nope, it was an Italian who said she would blow everyone who voted no to a referendum. She stayed true to her words.
Or... She's only going to blow 10 thousand
Apparently her jaws started hurting after a mere 400, but she wanted to carry one

He did then, and still does.
Didn't he say the threads would be dead too if it wasn't for him?
I can't find the screenshot


That was a pretty good guess, I'm impressed.

No bully


shut the fuck up faggot no one likes u

you have. stay in ur lane PEASANT

oooooooooooh. well I got the story right I just forgot the real reason.

I dunno. I just found this hilarious. thought you would too since you're the only person here who'd even remember that far back.

Not to me.

Oh, Northern Wind. I do remember that name now that I think about it.
And oh yeah, Cup totally destroyed it. Systematically from the inside. Can confirm, that's why it's dead right now.


You came at me with fire, if you're not willing to get a little thrown back it you, you shouldn't do it in the first place.

And I am! I just asked you how you were doing!

if they've ever bothered to sift through my word salad posts, they'd realize I actually make perfect sense

are you actually suggesting your engineering degree gave you skills of reasoning and observation?

they cropped back up on trash so I'm gonna try and do the exact same thing. filthy pony scum. they must be destroyed!

Why what?

Morning, babe.

Why was it a good guess and why are you impressed?

You're doin' Jack's work Cup.
Keep fightin' the good fight!

No, it trained me in explicit problem solving approaches where I don't take horseshit for a given.


Howdy Squash

Howdy Mr.Eastwood

You boys causing trouble?

I wouldn't think anyone would guess it.

F-forgive me, master...

On the contrary, I love it! I just approach it with sarcasm because I don't deal with genuine emotion well!

I'm working a fairly decent paying job living in a nice place, can't complain. You?

And unlike Madonna, she wanted to stay true to her word like a good girl

I didn't even pay him too much attention then. I do have one screenshot of a few of his posts though

Is that how it works?

I just woke up and I feel like garbo.

Howdy, Kerm.
You causing trouble in this fair land?

:You're actually Louise?

Why're you so rude!

I learned all my best techniques from jackyboy

never. grovel in the dirt like the dog you are, scum.

Kermit isn't even liked in this community. I always wonder why they come around.

oh yeah. that shit was how he got himself a cult. not sure if he still has that going. but man he is such a fucking nutter.

to hide my tru feelings ._.

he's a masochist like me


Precision of language, explicit enunciation of problem and desired solution format. Basically "bound my parameters very precisely."

What're are the true feelings? Tell me daddy!?


What a fucking shitter

I forgot my name resets every goddamn thread along with theme and settings.

That a really shit question.

I can't. it would shatter the fabric of reality in this plane.

no u

Slept too long or slept too little, eh?

w-what did I do?


You really engineer your answers for maximum efficiency?

I forgot already. I need alcohol.

I was fairly certain that's who I was talking to anyway.

I better go m-make some tea... and then you can tell me... So I can finally be at peace in non-existance

Kept waking up from nightmares.

no tea.



I have no idea why it's always been easy for me to spot you.

Come here and have a sip of some Aquavit

Well one must always stand behind a veneer of sarcasm and irony, that's the only way to be on the internet.

And good to hear! Wish I could say the same. I've had to move back in with my Dad a few months ago. He's basically a cripple and can't really look after himself so I've been winterizing the house before gets too shitty up here. Kinda sucks tbh.

Well I try not to, but you know how it is with me.

A few folks here enjoy my company.
I don't really see the issue.

But an honest one.
You're at your best when you're causing trouble. Wouldn't have it any other way.

No, sometimes efficiency takes a backseat to form factor/packaging concerns, or ability to utilize an inefficient energy source, or ability to utilize existing products. Direct thermo efficiency isn't always the be all end all.

pls no

But what if your life is the nightmare and dreams are the only respite you get?

the fuck is that



You are mean. When did you become so mean?

You enjoy stalking me. :^)

My typing profile is pretty basic.

Name names.

I can't blame ya too much.


the instant u stopped loving me

A strong liquor that burns while tasting great

oooh. okay yes share.


Oh dear. I've live in Cali most of my life so pleasant weather is kinda of a given... is he doing okay at least?

It's not like answers can't be engineered,

but in all likelihood, it's whatever comes to the front of Clint's mind moment to moment.

your reasoning is greatly influenced by your mood.

what you prioritize etc. what you had for breakfast.

I doubt you write any of it down.

To be completely honest, I don't even recall most of our interactions other than you getting fired from smoking pot and me encouraging you to wear a skirt but that's not exactly out of the norm.

I have no idea why I can always spot you as an user when you've said nothing revealing.

Get on Steam

Would be pretty cool to have someone else who actually likes the taste of it. So far, no one really appreciates it


I'm gonna mix it with sugary drinks.

I don't eat breakfast and I'm always pissed off- Since you inquired about my education I assumed you were scrutinizing professionally. Different kettle of chimps. My answers personally are consistent, though- What makes me go faster taking priority numero uno.

Hah. Fag.

lol colby is slow. breaking news everyone.

RIP. I remember that day. The day Sunset went away.

that's bad 4 u



Give links first.

Same because of the pot though.

Stop blowing my cover.

I'm drinking rye whiskey straight because I live in Appalachia and am married to my sister.

sunset rose? lmao that chick was fucking insane

so is most things I do but I keep doing them

sounds kinda hot tbh

smiles is ur sister?

Jesus Christ!


...Insanely cool...



oh boy, these old names

have you studied the brain during your studies?

did you study modern psychology?

haha no. just insane. I know she had a REAL VAGINA so it's hard for you to look past that, but she was insane.

that's how I like it



Yeah, I was libarts major before I changed my major.

lol u dum

Wait. What are you saying is the same because of the pot?

Stop blowing dudes.

Be a MAN and stop drinking gay ass vodka cranberries.

I was kidding sheesh. I'll drink it straight, EVEN THOUGH I HATE STRAIGHT THINGS

absolutely not. in fact that's what I'm gonna drink right now.

I always assumed Clint to be a "trade school" person.

lol more like libfarts major

You mean currently in this thread?
Aside from you, literally everyone I've been talking to.

Well I don't stir shit in fur threads anymore so maybe that's an improvement. I don't go looking for trouble, honest.

Yeah it gets fucking freezing up here. I still have to replace the front door and patch a part of the floor that's sunken in. And yeah, he's on painkillers. He's not wheelchair bound or anything, though he probably should be. His knees are basically blown out from a fall he had and he can't use his legs really without putting himself through a lot of pain. He's well enough to get around, but not well enough for, you know, any sort of manual labor.


as in "I'll trade u a blow job for ur lunch"

"actually you can keep the lunch I'm just gonna go blow more dudes"

There are a few things you like straight.
Such as dick

yea, but did you study?

do you remember what you learned?

about the brain and basis for human behaviour?

That was the kind I was talking about :3

I don't recall most of our conversations. Okay sorry.

To be fair the fur threads are dead as fuck.

but that is inherently gay so

I learned most trade skills through my brother- TIG, MIG, oxy-acetylene welding, cutting/brazing, most wiring knowledge- I learned through my big brother over summer breaks.

this but unironically.

Not if you wear a skirt

Awww.... I don't know how my dad is tbh, haven't seen him in years but my stepdad is healthy. Hopefully your dad gets better soon.

God damn it Louise I will hatefuck you to love


clint let's have gaysex

hmm...that's true. the law of loopholes...

Abnormal psych was my gig- And which basis do you want? Which susbset of behavior do you want? Do you want focus on emotion based behavior or observed and 'modifiable behavior?" Throw me a fucking bone, I'm not gonna write a dissertation, here.


Yes. No. That isn't strictly true. Name names.

first time for everything I suppose

Drink hard liquors straight in some incredibly transparent attempt to regain your lost masculinity.

I just generally dislike mixed drinks because it just tastes like an off version of the mixer.

Don't be a fag, fag.

I'm not saying it as some insult. I think more people should pursue trades. I generally like manual trades for that odd catharsis it gives you doing stuff yourself but kind of loath the people that do manual shit because they're trying to reclaim nonexistent masculinity.

What THE CRASH stole from us.

at this point I've had mixed drinks for so long that certain things taste weird without vodka. cranberry juice is delicious either way, but orange juice, lemonade, and dr. pepper all taste strange to me without vodka in them.

I don't want that shit back. it was toxic anyway.


Now put on your skirt cutie

but it's all the way in the closet and I just sat back down with a drink ;_;

It is almost like you hold us OldFriens in contempot... is it the amnesia?


you don't have to write an essay, but doesn't it change how you talk about people? shouldn't it? or do you tend to ignore it because the hard truths can be unnatural?

probably. or maybe I'm just mad at the world. the hand I was dealt. perhaps what I'm truly mad at...is myself...

Is this like an ancient furfag reunion?

Why here?

Why now?

ikr so savage

Become a good Mormon and get you a flock of 14 girls to have 70 kids with.

Praise Mormon Jesus.

Why the fuck did I ask for my job back
Is making slightly more than minimum wage worth getting harassed by drunk people and getting hit on by strangers in the middle of the night

I didn't take it as an insult either, there's not a damn thing wrong with the hard work that goes into trades- I'm just the kind of scum fuck who learned them on the sly. I can tig chromoly better than 99% of faggots, but I won't pass a nuclear test. Oxy-acetylene is probably the only thing I could pass a nuclear test in, that shit spoke to me since day one.

Shame.. Hope the drink is good at least

And y-you are taking it out on the ones closest because that is just human?

Am I an ancient fur fag?

I was memeing, I've never done gay stuff.

Don't catface me.



you think that's a good mormon? fucksake man, I'd need at least 100 kids before I'd even be considered mediocre

those dudes ain't messin' around.

it will be if you fags would slow down enough to let me drink it

don't you EVER accuse me of being human again. I'm subhuman filth DON'T U FORGET IT

Well you're a furfag, but idk about ancient. Old enough, maybe

ha colby is a furry

W o w

It's technically true

As long as we are talking about rl :^)

I don't want any masculinity but rum is delicious

Guess I'm not missing out on any fun then.

Thanks Colbs.

Here right now?
Clint, Baddog, Squash, Colbert.
They might not like the company I keep, but I'd like to think I'm on at least good terms with them.

Oh hey Revy, small world.

You're so ancient you're a ghost my man. Just in time for Halloween too.

lol virgins

S-so meta... so edgy... It is almost l-like you have the h-high ground

bitch I have the low ground and I'm clinging to it for dear life.

I feel old as fuck.

Yeah. It's kind of eh there now.
And soon I'll pass on to the next life.

I am sure Colbert and Squash genuinely don't. It is just to keep the peace at this point.

Who are you?

Sounds like you need a refugee boat to Italy.

yeah scoots knows all about piece keeping. like that glock he uses to cap niggas what roll up on his crew

Also the only person I particularly hate in your group is Alice.
I don't really know who else you talk to Kerm.

We still mellow though yo.

I'm much the same in regards to "learn it as you need it" but more towards woodworking than welding. I can tig weld enough to keep shit together but I sure as hell wouldn't trust myself.

That's the best joke I've heard all day.

You people put even the Mexicans to shame with how many kids you'll shit out by 14.

I almost always have a handle of Kraken to drink straight to get shitfaced but that's about all I really use it for.

don't you need a boat to get there no matter what? fucking waterlogged pasta town I swear.

Take yourself for instance- I've picked up that you probably have autism or some kind of social anxiety disorder that makes you emotionally dependent- I can empathize, I have my daddy issues! But you came out swinging at me, mother fucker- So I'm not gonna soften my blows for you and people like you. If you wanna learn, humble yourselves, or act in good faith, different story. I don't ignore my abnormal psych background because of 'hard truths.' I set it to the side because I'm not drop trow and grab ankle for some entitled little shitbag with anxiety.


I'M 200% NIGGA

uh duh, the prime child bearing years are early. gotta pop them out as much as you can by then. like I'm gonna try and start a family with some withered old 16 year old hag. don't be disgusting.

I'm poor and basic so I just like to keep some Bacardi around
Silver for mixed drinks
Gold for bad days

Sorry bby


oh no...it's retarded...

Is that what we've come to? Thank me when the voodoo spell I cast on your father brings him back to health. For a time.... Then curse my name as he rises a vengeful spectre to prey on your village's virgin girls! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're younger than me lmao

not sorry enough. you'll see...you'll ALL SEE



Alice Margatroid is the puppetmaster Tohou, and Kermit is a Muppet

Okay I may have gone too far

Here's to your father's recovery

like poetry

Mormonism is just a legal cult.
Gas them all.

Hah. Fag.

I work shit jobs and don't take care of myself.

at least they aren't busy driving trucks through crowds of people and blowing up building with suicide vests.

I think they can speak for themselves.

Who else posts with a Kermit avatar?
Either that or I've made a grave mistake and you're a different Revy.

I still want to get the story on that, but I understand if you don't want to rock the boat by doing so.

Around here? Absolutely.
And oh god, we don't live near anyone. He'd have to go out and fuck a shapely tree or something.

Do I know you?

I'll take care of u bby

Am I even a fag at this point?

that's a big yuppers.

I do not appreciate this bullying.

I didn't know you were so mean. Why is tea such a shit drink?

Okay. I'm waiting

You can't live it down while it's still a thing.

You just don't wanna talk about it, because your views are the same, even if you hypocritically break them constantly.

There wasn't a time where you had a change of heart.

just uh. keep waiting. you'll see. later.

There you go, you're a Jack like a lot of fellas I know- Don't let armchair welders fuck with you either "grinder and paint make me the welder I ain't." I personally have a lovely case thanatos so I don't give a damn if my cage holds together or not.

I'm very mean
Cause the brits like it.
We all know Coffee is where it's at

I'm the only Revy I know but you seem to have mistaken me for someone without brain holes

It's fine. I would if I wasn't tired as all shit.

Off for a bit.

I'd wait forever for you bby


You're as gay as they come.

It's not bullying if it's true.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

brb vomiting from an overdose of cheese

I also don't take care of myself!

I amused myself way too much with that halloween tangent I'm sorry

Most fags I know like having dicks

If pan down in Kermie's avatar images, you see Alice's arm

Gives new meaning to being someone's right hand


they're too busy trying to keep a lid on the growing pro gay movement inside the church to really do much else these days. eventually all the old people in the top positions will die and be replaced by more accepting people and then they'll find something new to focus religious fervor on.

Man, I have said my beliefs already, I've not been a racist once in my life. I always hated that people misconstrued statistics like you! Ffs! Romantically apocalyptic is innocent of this assholes crimes and why should I have to suffer the aftermath of his bullshit? I refuse to. Fuck you for having no faith in me from the get go.. I was doomed the moment I got here, because I loved something just as much as some piece of racist trash.

hey man being suckered in by a cult is no laughing matter. you should be more sympathetic. didn't you used to think alice was cool at one point?

I'll find a way.


I feel like you may be the type that intentionally breaks shit just so you can fix.

You're the faggiest fag to ever fag.

Are Mormons the ones that have issue with dancing still?

Hmph, you're not off to a very good first impression with me. Well, minus the fact that you like coffee since it is by far the superior drink.

It's not true though.


oh wait shit, is that wastey?

Alice being a puppet master is a bad meme, she isn't that capable.

Can I get a free (you) if I pretend to leave too?

Fair enough.. I want to at least defend my fucking self..

Obligatory >she

How much LSD did you do, exactly?

I'm merely a shitposter, nothing special.
Yeah, coffee is the best drink, hardly even drink anything else

I've seen bigger faggots

Not enough to not feel shame I guess.

they never did as far as I know.


don't mind me. nothing I say has value anyway and I'm also a dick.

I'll give you one.

you vastly underestimate how stupid and desperate internet people are. especially if you pretend to be a girl.

Ah shame then. If you know a guy named Jack Spicer that occasionally causes a ruckus here, the girl he's dating calls herself Revy.
Thought you were her!

And I'm very sorry for your brain holes.

Word. Catch you later Squash.

Still don't know who you are.
But judging by the way Clint's been treating you, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you're a faggot.

Am I correct on that point?

Oh, my god. Don't respond like you are who they think. Maintain the facade or don't. DO NOT try to do both.

Feels weird to see this pointed at someone else

I like this user. super hot takes.

Ugh I'm not dating jack

Hu is my puppet.

Shame is a signifier for change. Don't like the feeling? Do something different.

I like this revy poster, super hot takes.

wtf don't copy me

Yeah, Revy is dating me

just below asperger's.
almost definitely.

I got issues.
I'm working on 'em.

my tone is sorta challenging, but theys ain't fighting words

I guess I'll be looking for cues of engineering in your point-making

one of those rare cases where both parties could do better

Same tbh. Send me Danish coffee.

Ha, I got one without even pretending to leave! Sucker.

Goddamn what is this cupcake fucked your mom last night flavored.

See that is why I am quitting, because I will feel shame even if it is unwarranted and I don't want to fucking bother.
I never asked for all this shit!

I don't blame you.

Nice to make your acquaintance tho
I'm Kermit, if that wasn't readily apparent


yeah same lmao

is this
wastey or not.

That's Insider, more known by a contemporary name of "Kanra." Form your own opinion, don't piggyback me you green fuck- He's a fuck because I have a bone to pick with him and in spite of not giving a fuck and generally leaving him to be a faggot, he keeps coming back to me with claws out. Develop your own personal issue with him, I don't need a white knight.

I don't know what that means

I don't think it's that special

I really can't leave again before saying hello to you, revy


Send me regular coffee.

clint lemme be ur white knight uguu

What are you asking? Exactly..

Oh I suppose you would be Kermit
I feel like I've heard of you








No I mean the revy poster is posting hot lewds keep doing that.

you're really going out of your way to convince me you're not you, and it's really interesting.

you just want a circle, and a clean slate.

be a man and own up for your beliefs.

or be a fox.

Your tone is passive aggressive fuckboy- Your approach is out of the blue and opportunistic. Your words are very pointedly fighting words because you expressed your desire to defend to the death your notion of who or what Wastelander was and had some choice words about me "piece of shit who doesn't give a fuck" I think they were? In spite of my explicit enunciation that I can really only bother myself with immediate matters, old chips on shoulders being a waste of time. So pack it in, pussy, you don't get bullshit over me.

That isn't Wastelander.
It's a guy from Tripfriend threads/

'Sup fags