Making it only so that speccy can't

making it only so that speccy can't

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the cup is full of pure unbridled HATE


stinkee furree

Cup runneth over, with it.

that is enough cup puns for one day

Good morning.

henlo morning

Just one more cup.

Good morning. Doing well?


*Holds your paw*

4 hours of sleep.

You know that feeling where you're like 'why even'. But you keep going anyway.


We can cup a few more.


all of the day bro. all of the day.

now I know how test feels. I'm being bullied.

I'm gonna steal your cup in bullying.

Cup it out.

Not till I firmly cup this victory to myself.

Except now I think I've gone through all the definitions of cup.


Keep going user, one day you will find your drive, even if it might be a long time from now.

You could do cake next. I usually love wordplay but I'm half asleep so I can't think of anything good.

Nah, I'm spent.
Cake's not as fun as cup.

Yeah I know it well. It's like very difficult to fight the pain without adopting apathy and ignorance or other means necessary.

Maybe a cup of coffee will perk you up.


I've already had way too much today.

I heard cup could fit 8 ounces inside of him.


Oh shit, that's good.


I'm done for now, promise.

Unless I think of another one.

Go to bed.


Sorry. Fell asleep for a min.

make me, nerd.


rip omegle
why does everyone leave chat after I tell them I'm male?

Hey, you know, every time you sleep there's a chance its permanent.

I can't. I have to keep my sleep cycle on track.

which is why I sleep when I can, fag. if I was able to be sleeping right now I would be.




He's so cute.

What do you even call someone posting a snail?

Snaily? Disgusting snaily.

Hmm... makes sense.
Doin' alright?

: (

Sorry, I didn't mean it.


the answer to that question is never really yes, but I'll say it anyway because people get sick of hearing anything else.

so yes.

i am now has sads.

no u

fukken rood

Pfff... make sense too.

everything I say makes sense.

Except for that one thing.

Like, 80% of the time anyway.

Stop that.


i wuv u anown.

Do you like this show? The art doesn't seem very appealing to me so I haven't given it a try yet.

don't love anons. they are filthy scum undeserving of love.

Right, right.

Stop that.


even if this one is actually really cool

damn right.

*Holds your paws and clings to you safely*

/holds ur paw kindly


I feel like you would get mucus everywhere.

for u maybe




It's getting way too gay in here

I'm not sure why 3D CGI bothers me so much

my bad

Bad Cup. No grring.

Rip then. Here's a taste.

This isn't the webm I wanted, but lately Holla Forums has been telling me a lot of my webms are invalid.


G'night Cup...

sleep tite

I've decided I don't like working because it involves waking up early

Try waking up at 3 am for work.

I've had to do that. I hated it more then than now

always remember snake.

the basics of cqc.




Y'all nibbas need Jesus.



Like I never left.


I forgot that you liked this garbage show

season 2 sooooon


One image does not a folder make.


I already knew this would happen, seeing as God is dead and all.

god I wish I was god

It is a nice image though.
And good morning. Did you sleep well?

It's airing

haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

not on crunchyroll ;_;

when did it start?!

I also wish Squid was dead.

Well enough. Not really sure when I fell asleep. I've got an hour and 40 minutes to drink some coffee.

Crunchyroll is bad :3

Oct 8

A few weeks ago, IIRC.

Come on, Cupcake, even I knew it was airing this season.

yeah yeah whatever

hmm...guess it's not gonna be on there. I'll have to watch it elsewhere. might wait for it all to be out so I can binge.

You were up pretty late.

I knew it was airing fall season but I had no idea what that meant for an exact start date how about you all STOP BULLYING


you are such a weeb


I'll try next screenshot

Anichart/list is awesome though

brb susex

Huh. Thought I was down by midnight. Or earlier.


ain't nobody got time for that weeb shit boi

Am I the only one who read that as "Brb buttsex"?

Do so.

good morning. im awake.

yes this is the meme I was making thank you for your understanding

heh. buttsex.

I'm just agreeing, boi


No buttsex

I lost track of time. Last night was taxing emotionally and physically so I was sort of out of it.

I was out of it because alcohol makes me a sleepy boy.

Sleep is death
To be awake is to have been roused from sleep.

Ergo, Liliana is a corpse.

Perfect for Test, amirite?

*Holds your paw*

how fucking dare you
When I become god imma smite yo ass.


fml gotta go bye.



Goodbye 5evr




When you think about it, if we ban Cup we wouldn't have to deal with Cup.


Wow I didn't think of it like that

what is.

a really nice kid show/movie. ?

babysitting and me ? i do not want to watch zootopia/finding dory for the 6th time....

You can save us.

refresh the page

Truly we live in a wonderful time.

We're free of our oppressor.


I have successfully created a scapegoat, now my oppression can go unchecked.

ya'll lucky I'm so PATIENT

Going to make a tripcode that looks like Cups and spam bestiality.

It was more fun editing your name.

I don't get why Holla Forums doesn't just show ban messages, edits, and deleted messages when it updates the page.

because ur a pussy ass bitch :3

I mean that's fair.

my eyes sting. eyes stop. HELP my eye ball !!!!

I talked to Liliana in a voice chat and he doesn't sound nearly as gay as Desu, so I guess he's an actual new guy.

Ain't that messed up?

Show us your soft breasts nigga

what a tweest

I still don't want to interact with him.


You first bb



Why do they type like that though

*Nervously waits for affection*



Because everything they say is a meme and they've lost control of their life

only unironically


None for you

man wonder what that liliana dude is up to rn

I can't believe Test banned me for leaving thread.

Because you type like that


i dont type like everyone.... so that means.

i stink :/ dangit !!!!!!!

Can you really be surprised?


I guess not.


I smell a trans freak.

No it's just hard to take anything you say seriously

You should talk like a sophisticated motherfucker like me

Rude, I just showered. >:c

Seems accurate.

There's nothing to take seriously when all of his posts are just "eat the green bean".

hopped out the four door
with the four four
it was one two three, and four

See your girl in the park
That girl is a uckers

When the ting went quack quack quack
Ya man was ducking


yes i have no purpose in being taken seriously. u have figured me out. (u do not like green bean ?)

especially when we have such quality posts like jokes about pedophilia and being a big meany to others !!

You're allowed to shitpost all day, but some people just don't respond to that.



People come here for actual conversation?

Outlaw memes.

i dont pooppost....

but thats okay if u want to think that ! i don't have control over your choices. and thats okay !!

i would really like some green bean. i should get some soon .


Truly an accursed image.

Was my lunch a week ago.

You shouldn't think that having typing quirks or a fixation makes you special or unique in a positive manner. The reason why you don't see more people doing it is because this place USED to be full of that, but everyone collectively was eventually like "wow that shit's cringey and we're not actually engaging each other meaningfully"
So it pretty much stopped altogether.
The issue is that your "UNIQUE" typing mannerisms create a barrier between you and the people you talk to, if not outright making people not want to talk to you at all. So, for every tom that entertains you, every dick and harry won't just because you come off as one-dimensional, among other things.

tldr memes are bad talk like a normal human being

who eats this ?

What the fuck????

Actually you know what, these meals make sense now, carry on

All of you are nothing but insects to me.

tldr we should all stutter and call each other oniichan

sounds like really lame. some people are okay with it !! and theyre nice to me.

all that really matters. i can post how i want !!! im me posting !

sorry u have restrictions and dont get to have fun with "unique" TYPING like yours truly :(

it must stink. i hope that.

one day u can feel better !

Uuuugh what the fuck
I know you're only 18 but when I was 16 I wasn't annoying like this
Goddamn what the fuck I hate this shit

Yo this nigga got me fucked up I hate children

i dont need to convince u im.

worth talking to ?

u decide that not me. i hope that i can improve for u and not do what i want soon !!!

Same. Were you in the call as Guero's little cousins were screaming while watching a minecraft video?

what a surprise. the stuff squash eats looks like dog food.

I fucking love those treats shaped like T-bone steaks.

Thank god I wasn't.

What makes me upset about that macaroni meal is that you had all the ingredients to make something good but it looks like you just threw the shit all together for 15 minutes

You're going to shit out your intestines one day. They're just going to give up on you and leave.

You know what the worse part is?
I've taken cooking classes.

Doctor said as much.

Also the peas in that macaroni are frozen.

It's like you wanna be surprised by these things but then it's like





who does thread take their coffee?


black. iced usually. but sometimes hot.

good taste good taste, proper hot coffee that's good deserves to be taken black.

i have some mediocre coffee this morning so i took some powdered creamer with it, im going light instead of dark roast for the extra caffeine

i bet test takes it with cream and sugar all the time like a little girl

Black. I used to put sucralose (yellow sweetener) in it but not anymore.

when i was. younger.

id do lots of creamer. lots n lots of sugary sweet. now im a cranky old man !!!!! gimme my coffee black !!!! im tuff >:(

You pass, I'm happy to see that people here actually know how to drink proper coffee.

What about those gay things at like coffee shops, sometimes when I'm out I'll be weak and get like a frozen cappuccino, you go for anything sweet? I mean you do post chara so you have to have sweets some time.

wait. i can just...

watch anime while baby is here. he doesnt understand english.... bc he is a baby. so. why does it matter.

we're watching L U C KY S T A R and he likes. probably bc it's for babies.

That's some heavy words you're throwing there, good thing I never watched Lucky Star.

Sure I'll go for a frappucino once in an actual blue moon, but for the most part I don't go to coffee shops at all. I make coffee at home. Or get free coffee in the library.

I seriously dreamed of chocolate. Probably because I went to a vending machine and they'd run out of Hershey's so I just went to the cafeteria and had some jambalaya instead.

Time to go, later

You just aren't smart enough to understand the high-intellectual humour that is rick and morty Lucky Star.

Goodbye 5evr

Ricky Star is a skin deep anime.

Wow good timing to ask the question, hershey's though? I mean I know it's america but I don't like most of Hershey's stuff anymore besides the chocolate and peanut buttuer company they own because i have a Reese's problem. Dove is usually pretty good, and I kind of like a lot of the European chocolate we get around here.

(Was Reese's always spelled like that? why do i feel like i just came from a parallel universe where Reese's was spelled differently)

cya dude

rducky staaar was.

the first anime i watched. and it is why i only


watch slice of life. why have a plot.

i just want. interesting characters. interacting. no goals. no bad guys. nothing to overcome. just nice things.

wow you're serious aren't you

It's hard to get attatched to a characte when there's no driving force to cause development.

SoL is honestly only good for when you want to tune out and turn your brain off.

why wouldnt i be... no purpose in lying.

I only watch Slice of Life when I'm depressed.


i feel the opposite.

i feel like driving forces. FORCE. me to like the characters and become attached. so i dont. i dont feel anything.

i should like them because i like them not bc they have to do something...

but you watch slice of life all the time


good shows, and other sources of media strike a balance of natural organic character development alongside plot and stuff happening

i disagree. thats about it.

At least cupcake has my freaking back.

Freaking Baddog can't even carry a meme.

If you aren't getting attached, then how the heck are you being forced to get attached ???

A driving force doesn't have to be some vague, evil threat looming beyond the horizon.

im trying to inform you not convince you

Rick and Morty the anime.

seemed a little repetitive to just imply you are depressed again, enough people seem to do that here and i dont know you well enough to judge your taste in anime

I'm depressed.

That's the funny thing about depression.
There is no "again".


That joke even hurt me to type.

a driving force is dumb

sorry. i dont like plot or plot devices.

and yeah ive been informed. for years. i watch a lot of film. call me cinephile lili.

i like what i like. okay

baby update : episode was over and baby demanded.


a trve otaku. at such a young lil green bean age.

Have you played DDLC yet?

corrupting our youth

gotchu bby


In my defense, it's not like I'm lying.

Now I'm less depressed!

m a g i c


>when the boy you like pets you and you know you should be happy but really you're just freaking ecstatic.

you have never. been more true.

I'm going to write him a poem.

what if he likes spiders

Wait, Liliana, yesterday you said you'd get me a London Fog, but you never did.

Where's my London Fog, I'm getting really disappointed in you.

That's why I don't talk to him.

i dont.... know how to make it.....

Earl Gray with steamed milk and vanilla.


this.... mmm.

i think i have everything needed. i will make it later. i'm eating and gaming right now !!

I got one at Twiggs on my way home.

So good. =w=

gween been


green bean ! green bean !

Good morning everyone!!

goodmorning green bean did u even sleep

meeeeoooowwwwninnnnggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i slept for 3

Hey cum dump

Hey Aussie

Sing me a lullaby.


Go to sleep you slimy child.

Don't push your slime shit on me.


3 is not long

goo on me

Mommy, I'm gunna slime...

Wallaby kangaroo beer beer beer Fosters dingo Crocodile Dundee beer dollarydoos cunt.

the traditional aussie lullaby. how sweet

Stop posting pictures of me irl this isn't okay, Grim.

I try.


*Nervously holds you*


i dont like to sleep. i usually sleep for

short times.

Cease this.




sleep is good

maybe for a stinkee nerd like u

Says the queen of them all.




u all suk

you're a stinky nerd

You most of all

this backfired spectacularly.
help me ooble

i can;t

I can't believe this betrayal


that feel




Bleh life

same tbh

Looks like I'll be marrying a dutchie then

wow calm down erio




Gee you look like you've seen a ghost

You sure showed that guy who would suck dick regardless what for.

Also I hope you have all the fatsuki images

Hullo, Monika.

How goes the piano practice?

I refuse, but I have most of the Tansuki ones.

I also considered saving the original Buffsuki image but thought the better of it.

You could say it's coming along

Just a reminder that Monika is too dumb to figure out Ren'py.


She's not used to it okay


Hi everybody I'm new
Where do I sign up?

right here

Lucky fuck.

If you say so.

Don't - get out while you're still safe.

No, not lucky- Outside of the local geography being a hellscape once the snow flies, winter is just the worst season in general.

Winter's great, fuck you.

I searched "Fuck off moogs" in google and was surprised to find my old posts
I guess I used to actually be semi-relevant at one point

fuck off moogs

Hey man, if you live on your own you don't have to justify to your parents about why you're inside all the time- You can just stay inside.

you sure that wasn't because google personalizes results


What's wrong?

Wait, Kemyuu is Moogs?

True, but they still call all the fucking time asking for grandchildren.



I'm surprised hugeley as wel


I've changed computers and IPs and locations and just about everything enough that that's impossible

also there was only 5 results


hiiii licky

Tell them your woman is sterile, it's how my brother got off that hook. Alternatively tell them you're sterile! Or if you REALLY wanna fuck with some heads tell them they exist /somewhere/. (Knowing who their grandchildren are not being a stipulation in their nagging).


nope, me neither

me likey the busty megumin

You're a goddamned genius.

Save your applause until the end.

No but everybody new is moogs
whoe ven evare you


is that a hestia cosplaying as megumin

Sorta kinda looks like Erio

Spot on!

do not give boobs. to people.

who have small ones. or none.
they are cuter. you dumby !!

*gives you boobs*
*honk honk*

n o .

S T O P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont even watch those fuckin animes and I know just from the memes, porn, and shitposts who they are

god fucking bless

Rolled 6 (1d10)

hink hink

why toblernaorne

Good boy

Big Toblerone


*open a big pack of toblerone*
*notice the chocolates have been ruined by thin privilege*
Never again

I want Britniggers to go.



I'm Natsuki, nice to meet you.

Am Rin.

So are you a better person now

Was I a bad person before?

I wouldn't word it like that
Maybe naive?


Be still, my heart.

Having palpitations?

Of a sort.

I recommend nitro pills- Is there anything nitro can't fix?

Radical Islam.

Oh hombre, I am disappointed in your lack of vision~

Oh? Let's hear your theory.

oh here we go

divert the conversation !!!! new topic !! this one sounds like its gonna suck. !!

Problem solved.



Don't be a fucking faggot.

explosions make everything more radical, rule of cool

yea we have to blow THEM up before they blow US up Duke, come on


how many crunchy green beans do you think you could eat in one sitting

Fuck, this has the wonderful benefit of "carrying capacity" where you don't even have to purge it in its entirety- Just reduce the sandnigger population below carrying capacity.

And make them cooler? No dice.


if we blow most of them up the few muslims left will be so cool from repeated explosions, we won't be able to stop them without mechs

They'll still find a hole to breed in somewhere.

Fist of the North Star for NES has an amazing jump mechanic.

I think you two are giving the goatfuckers too much credit- Even cockroaches can't thrive on molten glass.


I'm saying they live elsewhere than where there's sand. And yes I'm including all of England in this eradication.

i eat. a lot.

a full bag is usually.... the most i'll eat !

Video games are for queers.

Said the man who played DS2 with me for 50 hours.

So we just reduce Europe to glass too for good measure. And Dearborn Michigan. If Australia doesn't institute a Bogan dictatorshp, just raze those fuckers too. Sink Africa because that's just a given- I think you underestimate the power of salting the Earth via a fucking firestorm. Sorted the gooks out, why not the towelheads?

That's a lot of nitro.

im home from work early

Well that's because I furiously inhale cock like I inhale nictoine- We all fuck up some times :^)


That's bullshit but I believe it.

And the combination of those elements isn't.

The synthesizing therein is not difficult- Nitrometh is almost entirely artificially synthesized, and the active isomer is the same in nitroglycerine (TNT/nitro pills). Nitro is a wonderful compound, hoss~

And the "delivery system" to gift this hellfire?

Static shaped charges, airborne impact cases, thrown/launched/dropped- Stuffing a shitload of TNT inside a case and dropping it isn't difficult- That's literally what the MOAB is. except if wanton destruction is your goal, you don't need to bother with special guidance systems like on the MOAB.

Going to be blowing up a lot of sand to get these sand-niggers.

I'm mostly looking for an excuse to reduce Europe to glass, tho.

I will forever be an unwise, naive fool.

"YOLO" -Leonardo DiCaprio, 16th century


Is it genuine conviction- Or merely thanatos that fuels my balls to the wall lunatic idiocy? The world may never know!

whatis a good. online cooperative game.

i would like a new one to play


Stupid nigger.

o kay but you give this answer like.

everyone and their doggies. don't know it exists.

you might be dumb :/

cringelord edgelord

Que es el tiempo?

Castle Crashers

not a fan of that game .... or beat em up really xx

Why are you being an ass, it isnt like you arent new.

i dont think i am ... unless i came off as mean. which i dont intend

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

OW, SC, DS..

okay let me restate the question.

co op games that aren't the same ones that have been played for years and everyone knows about them and everyone has played them


specifically co op not just any team based mp game ..

new thread


its new