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Nice Chinkolle

what did you think?




what? sorry can't hear you kappa

remember when people used to compete to get the new thread out? what a bunch of complacent grandpa's

fucking biodome

Reference to the game.
I don't care enough to hate someone for what they like - as long as they're benign about it.



You must be deaf then.

Sloth and apathy will kill the nation.

Only we united can defeat the encroaching thread of nignogs

Pauly Shore

I started crying when she started fighting him back and was shouting "I'm doing my best!"


oh yea, sorry i didn't really remember any of it to get the reference, even though i just did it last night.

I cried a few times
That was one of them
The whole 6th grade flashback was fucking PTSD

the lesser baldwin

It was meant to be one post, but I got off two.


Shit's not even on the scale.

A likely excuse.

while the animation was top tier, I still think the scenery in Kimi no Na wa was better, giving it better visuals. Koe no Katachi was a better story though. More emotionally powerful.

Kimi no Na Wa was definitely not as feels intensive as other of Makoto's work
And I guess this released at the same time and came second in the box office to the Makoto bandwagon
So much of it was too me_irl for me_irl

Told ya it was it was really bad

Just stop watching it lmao

Apparently Koe no Katachi received very little attention compared to Kimi no Na wa which was hugely successful

I think it was just unfortunate timing on the release

I did two years in Lompoc, I ain't never goin back.

Ron who said natsuki would be a perfect avatar for you

its freddie got fingered but every second sinni loses a brain cell

Rin I mean ;;

The Commander were the first.

best mission in oblivion


I'm an assassin hired to kill you all


: )


I agree.

is it his fault that people repeat something he reacted about one time, on accident, for three years?

yes it is but the poor soul did not know what he was doing

Why does this movie exist.
Why did George show me this movie.
Why did none of you warn me.



What movie?

daddy would you like some sausage

Freddie got fingered.

*sigh* Let me help you this time, Dally. You should make fun of me for watching Vinny instead, since he makes constant Rick and Morty jokes unironically.

Never heard of it



Fuck that guy

isnt is kind of weird that, for all three of us that commented on it, that that is our favorite mission in the game? killing a bunch of ignorant people in a house murder party?

pretty telling id say

Nah making fun of you for this is better.


oh dear christ, you cant possibly expect me to watch that right

Dallas why the fuck do you know more about the meme's of thing's I watch than I do?

Does anyone else think that's pretty weird

It's cathartic for pseudo intellectuals to bump off stupid people.

I don't need you to watch it I already know you've watched it in its entirety, I just have to trigger recall.

Maybe he watches them too

Who else thinks it's weird that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Homestuck.

i can almost guarantee you he doesn't watch vinesauce streams.

I mean, show of hands- Who hear has an encyclopedic knowledge of Homestuck? I don;t.

He might
Vinny is a fun guy

Maybe they're the same person samefagging.

No actually I didn't know about that custom Undertale custom fight, I had no inkling of it's existence until you decided to defecate in my face.

sonata was blood-chan all along!!

I don't need to defecate on your face when you're already so full of shit it's coming out your ears.

But you do need to defecate on other faces under other circumstances?

An ENCYCLOPEDIC knowledge of Homestuck, everyone.

But, do you watch Rick and Morty?

I'm sure any bullshit I've wafted onto the internet is but a drop in the septic tank of your internet life history

I have some bad news for you if you don't

Isn't Homestuck's demographic just fat, foreveralone tumblrinas?

Can't say I bed filthy people (ie; sandniggers) like you do.

FUCK- Is my IQ not high enough...?

It might not be, because, to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Yeah I basically dumped used motor oil into the meme pool- I don't have to live with having an ENCYCLOPEDIC knowledge of Homestuck, though.

no just weird hairy people with your feet

the Homestuck fandom had a pretty heavy negative lean, yea, but i enjoyed reading it, not heavily interacting with the fandom

Dallas's autism is like a crushing hand from the sky that merely the shadow of weighs heavily upon me, so you know, when he's talking about autistic thing's usually I just let him

and i never once said that

The sorts of misogynists around here think they're Ricks but they're actually Jerry's- Sad pathetic men who can do nothing but cling to and drag down others, honestly I pity them.

almost positive thats a copypasta mate

Maybe one day, they'll be far enough along to be a Morty, then we can truly start to enlighten them
They'll never compare to us Ricks

Tell me about the frog, Matthew.

what is this conversation

look if i couldn't make you understand it obviously it's not that goddamn encyclopedic, yes they had to breed frogs to make a universe frog baby

hang on ill post pics

Noooooooooooo- This is a revelation, this is shocking! I am shocked! I would have never expected this.

Why don't you try explaining in as few words as possible why this is necessary to the layman.

i just want you to know that i saw alice2 responding to copypastas here super seriously and since then pointing it out to anyone who replies has been a personal meme for me

also this is billious slick, in homestuck he is the universe frog with cancer, that's it

Frog is container, universe inside frog, eventually turns into bomb, and then green sun

Hey faggot, you're alright- I like you.

You have to live with knowing you understand this shit- That is worse than any ridicule I could visit upon you.

yea believe me it's actually pretty terrible, i never said it was an entirely positive experience

You're an alright faggot too
Whoever you are

No hang on get this it gets even worse, when you die in the Sburb game in homestuck which is how they manipulate their universe through a user interface program similar to a computer and if you die you got these extra lives people that your consciousness wakes up in, and if THEY die you end up wandering around these different reality bubbles as a space ghost dwelling only in small temporary universe's burped up by the elder gods of the void


They make a magic potion that helps you forget Homestuck when you drink it- It's called BLEACH.

your taste in anime in a nutshell

oh im sorry that one was too cold


My taste in anime is on a scale of "HOW SIMILAR IS IT TO BLACK LAGOON?" If it's not 50% similar or more, I shitcan that heap, like that snoozefest you jizz over; Jimbo's Wild Ride or whatever the fuck?

no. no, no


I am a fucking stupid asshole- That's who I am.

Johnathon's Unusual Journey.

why dont you tell us how cool your favorite character in the white and green hat is

Jontron Goes Bananas?

Jacob's weird travels.

was that a jojo reference

Metal Gear?

I think that describes most people here

Its funny you shitpost about it Dallas I actually have some "kwuality" jojo images on me right now

lets take a look at some of them together shall we?

Yeah I liked Urahara in like the first season- Hearkened back to a Ben Kenobi type character who I was conditioned to like from a young age of watching the original Star Wars trilogy while my older relatives played bid Euchre. I actually really enjoyed like the first 40ish episodes of Bleach.

JarJar Does Debbie?


grandma dio what big eyes you have

J.J. Abrams Kills Star Wars

i dont know why this still makes me laugh but it does

Jojo gets fucked yo

the catfishing continues

Yeah but they have like the excuse of crippling social anxiety or autism or some shit- I'm well-adjusted and was administered a proper amount of beatings as a child to knock that shit off, I don't have an excuse. Ergo, I am the most fucking stupid dumb asshole.

If you want to look at it that way, I guess

yea dallas its great to have you back we know

Jimmy Wales Shills for Shekels?

dunno whats going on in this one

John Jonah Jameson buys pictures of Spiderman.


there was this one part in part 7 of jojo that i dont have the image of this guy who could turn anything into a bomb just by touching it, and they end up running along inside a river... im sure you can guess what he turns into a bomb

start postin it

You're pretty good, you got me- I can no longer alliterate my way out of this one.



the legend begins

I think you just got bored.

gg though, no re

I'm not too proud to admit when I've been bested, I got's done in, I did.

Ohhhhh, that's what this image is

too intelligent to commit suicide





Is someone here good at angles?

Angles how?


yea can we get some context for those sweet shapes


I need to bounce a shot to hit the one in the bottom left, and the top right - any given shot can bounce four times, if it hits the pink it despawns.

To clarify, I need to hit them separately not at the same time.

am an.


yea lets just get someone to talk you through this with text. that won't get confusing

Oh shit sorry bruv, I thought you meant like legit trigonometry, the time you spend explaining the game to me you'll probably figure it out on your own.


I hate that movie.

All I need is a fucking "Shoot at X degrees, and Y degrees" and I can figure the rest out.

Heck even at Xpi and Ypi if you wanna use radians, idfc.

There is, in fact, a distinctly non 0% chance I can get it by firing randomly.

Ackshually it's legit funny how desperate you are for an in on me- Where I can see you shitting razor blades at your keyboard going "OH JESUS HE'S NOT FUCKING MY DICK INTO THE DIRT AND HE'S BEING HELPFUL, NOW'S MY CHANCE!" Petty faggot.

you seemed to laugh from it quite a bit


Joshua Graham was one of the best characters.


No idea what you're on about you autistic cunt im watching a video on the side

Got it.
Thanks anyway.

literally soto

fucking dying

Assuming you bounce off the blue fuzzies put it in the second carteesian quadrant at an angle of 30 to 35 degrees off positive the x-axis. Should tag the bottom left on the fourth bounce. That seems way too obvious and I'm assuming the solution is going to be more elaborate.

i think he said he got it

Nope, you're right.
That's about where it was, and just mirrored on both axis to tag the other one, and I feel so freaking dumb about it.

Thanks duder, little tipsy right about now and reading comprehension is going out the window.

no no i was being a smartass still, he appreciated your advice anyways

Nothing gets by a nigger who graduated from the University of Peggle.

you always post the weirdest fur shit when you drunk post

Don't make me post your sweet ass.

oh please scroll down on the animus main page, like on the bottom of the first page or top of the second, there's a picture of me i posted myself

right before a new thread so its visible

Oh Jesus Christ I didn't mean actually- God forbid you figure out webuhm posting and start posting voice recordings of yourself. EUGH.

I'm pretty sure that wouldn't just bother you and I'd be excommunicated even further to the realms of like Wastelander or Wallace.

Wastelander was excommunicated?

Wallace kinda just imploded
happens a lot to ppl here

Or like Martin from the OG fur threads.

do you guys have a savings account? what's your future goals for it?

Wastelander makes the Riddler want to shoot himself in the head

Nah, just Baddog takes after his daddy (me) like George W. with George senior- So he picked up on a few of my grudges, fucking with Wastelander being one of them.

Worse than you think actually, I heard even more of some of his history through Kanra, I have nothing against the guy personally but you can't just get people into drugs and say it's cool, so can your fucking ego shitface.

I don't think the folks around here have enough foresight to plan for next week, let alone a plan that could span years.

i was going to say getting financial advice from here sounds kind of like a bad idea but i tried to cut down on making gross understatements

Well I do, and I'm a folk from here.

I don't need advice, I was just curious about how other people are planning for the future, or the lack of. If I want advice I know where to go/ask.

you seem to misunderstand, you asking about it makes it seem like you wanted to give advice, to which i direct you to my previous message



It's not like Insider was a non-entity or something- Forced TEH DRUG helpless or whatever. He put on the fursuit head and suckled the bong full of PCP from within and then bought into long-winded rants about how LSD expands the mind "DEWDDDDDDDDDD." Shitting on a shitter because he shittied another shitter seems rather pointless to me.

It's not like I actively antagonize the guy, it seems like prodding him to actually have direction when he posts is actually helpful.

Oh jesus is that actually wastelander?

also foobars is better

that being anthrosquid

Kanra mooched off Wastelander for some time so, y'know, anything he says should be taken with a giant grain of salt. That's ignoring the fact 99% of what he says is bullshit pulled from his ass anyways.

That's true. I have had an extensive private experience with kanra, and while it is going to stay private, I can say that his recent snail collection accurately reflects his slothful lifestyle on introspection

That's bullshit but I believe it.

I'm just curious. I'm not here to give or get advice. Jeez.

I'm a cheap mf

darwin are you here

You bet your sweet ass it is.

But is helping point a directionless person in a direction helpful?

All I even remember about Wastelander was when he would end up posting in these years ago and basically just saying "pls think im cool for doing drugs oh god no one is validating my drug use".

looks like I'm being talked about.

if you got any questions, you can ask me now or later.

but if you've only heard others' accounts of me, maybe take it with a grain of salt.

I try to be an honest person for situations just like this.

Squid had an S2000 so he was cool in my book- Weird seeing where Seppo went, actually.

no idea. probably not

yea, thats more or less what i remember and why i have a somewhat sour attitude about it

Squid is a really cool guy yea I liked talking to him, he still stays busy with those cons and stuff.

i'm not being dishonest about you

Let me guess- You're saving up for a Z?

And I genuinely hope you have taken more steps forward in your life

What's your favorite episode of Sonic Boom?


Why do you watch tv shows with one-eyed two pupil'd cyclops animals

The Auscunts were the weirdest to keep an eyeball on- Gayfur and Varden in particular.

Also I want to hear about the snails

Hi Bart, how was your day? :3

Cause I watched the grumpy game men play the game and it was pretty funny

The show is pretty self-aware of how bad of a move the whole "Sonic Boom" thing was

a wise shitposter once told me that being aware of a mistake does not validate it

Did you know that removing a snail's shell doesn't make it any faster?

In fact it makes it more sluggish.

but the show could be funny

yea, but tired of letting people down and people seeing my cycles.

hardwood floors. nice.

I see that. thank you.

objectively, yes.

that's great then, if you're here i'm sure you can speak for yourself

McFucking kill yourself.


I have a car, I can trade for a Z at any point without spending money. Maybe in 2-3 years.

Saving up for an apartment right now, and retirement.

Insider, right? If we were pulling the other one there'd be a meltdown right now.

no but really you should roll around in salt with fresh wounds for that joke

it does feel like that a lot here doesn't it?

speak of the devil..

Should save up for gastric bypass tbh honest.

So what's the story? Live with your parents, rich parents, trust fund? I know I'm your age if not a year older.

didnt get the chance to roll either

I saw my guitar friend and I discovered a nice new song today

now Im watching Joe rogan talk about weed

what about oyu

my introspection has been far from slothful.

I got weary of epiphanies, and avoided them for some time.

pulling the other wha?

It provided a temporary escape from a second world country

Probably because that makes it homeless and it turns to alcoholism

Tell me about your snail collection

dumbass, that's not what i meant, your introspection left you slothfull in your day to day life

The only people being talked about were either Insider or Wastelander. Wastelander being the referenced "other one" who would be throwing a shit fit. Since you were taking the verbal bitchslapping like a fuckboy, I went out on a limb to say "this is Insider."

What song? ^^

It was pretty good; just smoked weed and messed around with writing poetry and stuff

By the way, you should play the new cancer game everyone's playing if you haven't yet

how about you save up for a gun and kill yourself you cunt

someone is triggered

I work a low paying job and go to school while living with my grandmother.

Oh screw you.

i have an off topic announcement. givem e attention ,

i have made it to green ranks in tekken 7 i am proud

Don't know why I bother removing people from filter list, they never change.


Don't let Anonymous into your heart again

its very hypnotic

ppls let me know if you like it

i think ill burn some too
I ran out earlier and had to go visit my buddy to get some fronted ;/

I wanted to talk to you earlier but i forget about what

I do not have a snail collection.

oh. then you're right.

often the circular repetitive thinking I do appears productive, and each day that happens is another day where I haven't acted in the real world. can't say I've kicked the habit yet. I hope I remember this.

was I being verbally bitchslapped?

thought people were just swapping rumours.

you didnt post anything !!!!!!!! WHAT !!! ???

that was directly related to nezi's ky yourself post

no wait

Do you mean DokiDOoki literature club?

People change.


Who're you


not even scoot nope

my name ... IS TO THE LEFT !

so thats me i am
my name to the


Felt the need to come in and "correct the record." Usually fellas secure in what they know don't feel the need to come in dispel all those misconceptions. But hey hombre- I'm content to just swap rumors~

It's just some autist doing the fake new thing.

Yeah but which one

If I'm not on your filter list you're living life wrong

i think that ones a real new poster actually, i dont remember anyone else having a typing style like that

That's fair.


They're all the same person.

Except you, it's admin abuse if you do it.

FAKE NEW THING ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?


i cant prove it to you i guess

but i just. JUST started to post a week (?) ago and then regularly since last night ? 2 nights ago ? i dunno

you're on my whitelist

You should probably just kill yourself.

look into your hearts

do you really think this sweet little cinnamon bun is just pretending to be new?

Yeah the song and video are both kind of trippy so far (watching it in your post while typing this)

And good idea; not sure why you're not high already ^^

Maybe it'll come back to you

Oh, sorry, I guess BD has too much dog semen in his brain

Yeah, it's free and great with weed

No, you're a ray of sunshine :3

pretty sure kanra was the guy posting me snail videos

Technically meets the criteria.

A ray of moonshine?
Sure, hit me up.

Yeah? Show me an example. The same people have been harassing me since they met me, and no matter what I say or do, they decide to be a dick to me just because they can, or they enjoy it, or whatever.
Years and years of the same people doing the same thing. I don't see change in people.

If you're a shitty person, you're going to continue being a shitty person. Once you've become an adult and your personality is developed, you're stuck like that forever.

People don't fucking change.


To be fair, Chiri and Kanra are basically the same thing.

There goes Grim, keeping a list of white people.



I'm not harassing you anymore.

then someone else had dog semen in their brain because they said i was containing kanra in that thread and not chiri

shit now i want to chat with chiri again

i am a very happy person ! no need for suicide :(

thank u bubber

oh wait scootaloo said it and nothing that fuck says is ever accurate

I've found that people can prefer a good sounding misconception, over some tedious complex truth.

but tedious complexity is how I understand myself and the world around me, and if anyone felt unsure about their opinions about me, I could tediously clarify potentially erroneous statements.

guess I'm not secure in what I know.

I still think they change.

Sure thing, BC.

geez you're sure selling a nice rousing conversation with yourself

And now idiots guess while potentially new posters feel increasingly more uncomfortable.

this world could use a little less rousement


you and chiri really should hang out and talk about snails

Yu're the only person in this thread that I can talk to

Talk like a white man you fucking faggot, you're not fooling anyone with this word salad horseshit.

But Dallas, he is an asian

Talking to people is overrated anyway.

Well, fuck you too, Bard.

Poor lonely Squid.


I don't give a damn what variety of slope he is.

I didn't mean to complain about my own situation, that was just meant to be a shitpost.

thats an old picture, i wonder if he's still that cute

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you drunk :3

You can probably talk to most if not all people here if you link them ^^

Play Doki Doki

Yuri best girl

There's that cute femboy

You're fucking disgusting.

you can be as jealous as you want, kanra is a fucking cute


But he's talking like a psuedo-intellectual who took a cock through his skull.
And literally what is more white than that?

if i say ur cute ur cute

Sure, sure.

You stick your wiener in sandniggers, your opinion is invalid.

outweighed by admin opinion sorry even if my opinion doesn't mean anything you objectively lose

I thought seeing wastelander trapping at that con was bad.

This is like a living nightmare

I'd really rather not, for various reasons.

It was just a GarEE meme.

late to the party as usual

Depends on if you qualify that as after the numales "RECONTEXTUALIZED" being white- Or if this is real genuine shit- Drinking beer and watching stock car racing type white shit.

but I hate snails. crunchy slimy gross.

you got what I was saying though.

tasty snails


0g to 00 is ridonkulous :(

Not everyone is as gracious as I to parse through your faggotry, fuckboy.

Oh Jesus where's SF when I need him.

-huggu- ♥

probably getting rocked by a married man looking for boi pussy or playing melee

Psuedo-intellectuals are a natural byproduct of actual intellectuals. So unless you're going to complaining about the "nu-males" of the age of enlightenment that's kinda hollow.


hey cutie~

Playing Overwatch.

I should probably eat escargot at least once

How've you been? ^^

hollow is a good word

I was here earlier but I got caught up in something
I wish I wasn't though. I wish I didn't have to see that.

I have no idea what any of that means so I'll just say:


yea well if you want i can dig up the pics anthrosquid sent in the discord i know him from

it means you agreed for your testicles to explode gg

actually, they are quite delicious, drowned in butter and garlic.

and as I've gotten older, I've grown quite fond of mushrooms.

everything I know is a lie.

more like not anyone. in fact people hate it.

those that do follow along without a problem tend to be some kind of crazy.

The enlightenment were a bunch of Yuropeen fucks- I said REAL white man shit.

This is why I only replied with an e-hug

life is a lie, i used to hate mushrooms too, now i would happily eat them properly fried up along some garlic butter snails

I'm pretty sure that's not even anybody's meme anymore. That's been so depersonalized.

You can't keep memes tied to one person.

My dick is hollow but you don't see me bragging about it.

But MUHRICA was like, the biggest product of it.

Christ, the fight died out of you along with your dignity, eh?

good, good. got my fancy schmancy dress and figured out what to do with my hair, 2 work nights then rehearsal dinner, then wedding^^

hbu? schmokiking tons still? p.s. escargot is a'ight

im stretching my ears to the next size up.

Someone post trap Wastelander so I can finally end my life.

Someone post Test trapping so I can finally rest peacefully.

uh, yea?

a broken shell of a pony

Wait what?
That's a thing?

2011 called and they want their stuff back


Oh god I don't even want to know.
I guess it's too much to hope that any of the furries I knew went on to lead lives that weren't fucked up

I have it somewhere, I'm not 100% sure it's actually him though. At the very least it's someone using the same name

America was the product of Britain- A demonstrably non-European entity. Not to mention a forming of its own culture and idealism when breaking away from the greater cuckoldry.

You're not fooling anybody by trying to claim you'd be 'peaceful' after that.

Look I'm just spouting hollow memes don't question it

That's good; sounds like things are going well with that ^^

Smoking less now :3

And yeah, it doesn't really look bad

I feel like people are trying to look like oldfafs whenever they call me a name I haven't really been called much in forever

Especially when they weren't even here when I was actually called it

I mean you always have Dallas.


It's my go-to response whenever someone says something unlinked that usually makes no goddamn sense to anyone.

It's like ear goatse.

can i buy a hollow vowel

is this what you meant by "talk like a white man"?

If you would have chowed a smokewagon back in 2011 I wouldn't be quoting an anachronism, but we all fuck up, no? You especially.

This but unironically, etc.

They wanted their irrelevant fuckboy back too but you're not giving them that either.

kanra is too shy to share his lithe asian body with us

If there's anyone here who wouldn't have to discharge, like, seventy loads after that
they're lying.

i dont even know what test looks like

For what matters, you bet your skinny ass.

She would make the cutest trap.

I think that's pushing it.

referencing oldfaffary is a good way to build communities.

how am I especially fucked up? relative to whom?

The perfect shota trap.

Yup^^ We were looking around for shoes but like it's a floor length formal thing, so nobody's gonna see my shoesies anyway.

Awwe, never smoke less :p

lol kinda honestly.

idk it's p cool but I sometimes miss being able to wear normall earrings.

i heard. people in here. are not straight EDGE
and also into

trap s ? ?

you should be ashamed of yourselves !!!!


Ya didn't blow your brains out! I lost out on a deadpool because of your ass, believe it or not!

i believe it homie

t-that's not hot to me, or anything. you b-baka

Sure let me go get the rainbow thigh highs

A completely not feminine man. This is the humor.


I'm breathless with anticipation

This is so retarded it's not even worth responding to. So instead I'll just call you a faggot for confusing "white things" with "country peasant trash thing" and leave it at that.

hiii squoddy

Dallas you're too drunk to know you're being too much of a shithead

We're not as tight as we once were but I like to think the embers of camaraderie are still there.

Isn't that right, Mr.Eastwood?

here's that wastelander thing btw
I got it from sword back in the day and I don't remember where he said he got it from.

Technically 9734, first, but we considered loonie bin as good as dead.

yea i seem to remember you saying that you looked like a bear

hmm nope
I have troubes with it

I dont wanna get my heart ripped to shreds....

I mean that's completely fair.

Literally a tiny asian schoolgirl. Literally.

Highly experienced in moment centers and their relation to slip angles then, eh?

I assumed it was kanra but then fucking snails ok

Just go full spear chucker and put like teeth and bones in your ears.

Everyone just wants Test's sweet, sweet ass.


i dont know who to believe now, maybe test was lying because they really are just a little girl

Nah I'm at the perfect level of obnoxious but still knowledgeable- Just right for fucking with people.

I wouldn't go that far.

I've never seen him in any other picture but it was my understanding that he was a Nazi and that guy don't look white to me.

it's 2017. be nice. the world could use it.

bet you listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson, too. bet his words really ring true to your experiences as a young man.

Scoot said it before you did


good for him

okay but maybe tone down the super serious haha im genuinely surprised you didnt kill yourself jokes just a little

i think im beginning to get the picture, i bet you'd look pretty in a dress

I'm too pasty to be a spear-chucker lmao

Nah, I like the solid like gemstone plugs and the tunnels, obvs.

I got some super shiny gemmy ones to wear for the wedding. BLING BLING

He's literally Trudeau.

w-wait don't leave m e


no i mean, he made the mistake first, and you just went along with it

Don't need to be white to be a nazi

The average beer-drinking race-watcher sure as shit ain't.

Hell yeah I would.

Why did this image ever exist?

That works too

Yeah I guess if you focus on the actual history of the community and drama and stuff

Yeah, you can wear whatever silly shoes you want ^^

I was high almost all the time before lol; less is probably a good thing in some ways :3

You're so cute

If this was three years ago, I'd definitely e-fuck you

Well, I thought it was great but I am kind of a masochist

Seems like everyone is at least a little, I guess :3

hmm you think so?

Why do you think that?

I hate feeling hurt or pain or sadness

I would but I feel like garbage and attempting meme-burns takes my mind of things.

Not like I have anywhere else to go.

Because /d/

sick fucks.


I'm not big into your new age spiritualism, you'll have to elaborate on a reason for me to give a fuck.












m-me neither.....

maybe we could ....have no where else to go.....together?

there's still time.

you seem like someone with potentially hypocritical views.


Quite the contrary because your beer-drinking white trash knows how to set up a circle track panhard bar rear suspension based on lateral grip for a given track on a given day. Those almonds activated yet?

There is a new thread

thx bruv

Where's the new thread?

no e-sex !!! and dont swear please.