It's not old, but i am

It's not old, but i am

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Too quick for me

nawh no one was posting because i dumped a personal laugh so i decided to take the time to make things a little less awkward

You still posted a new thread a whole minute before I did!

Leave you nigger hack.

well yea, i mean i figure if i make the mistake i should fix it, plus i have been making threads for a little while it's just been a bit

ask someone about their day once in a while you fucking cunt waste of space

Man. LoL gets me so sad for humanity sometimes.

Simple solution
Don't play League anymore


To shawarma or to burger?

I don't give a fuck about your day and you don't give a fuck about mine- Nobody gives a fuck about anyone else's day you sandnigger poking apologist.


I have fun with it most days.

H-how was your day, Dallas?

id get a shawarma just because it sounds better right now, someone has to be healthy im getting a meatball sub from a bakery near me in a second here

maybe not for more than the temporary exchange of information and the chance to talk about themselves, which they actually want to do, but it's still a chance for dialect you fuckwit

You'd get a shawarma because you're a haji convert one step away from declaring jihad, you fucking turncoat.

Also ill be getting bolognese chips with it


Or because shawarma is fucking delicious

go suck trumps cock



what the fuck is a bolognese chip

Look that up in the dictionary you dumb fuck- Has reading the Quaran to your burkababe rotted your brain that much?

Imagine. Voting for trump

Dallas did not tell me how his day was.

Quiet you.


a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
"this novel is written in the dialect of Trinidad"

the dialect is animus here so that would work anyways, but FUCK YOU, it autocorrected dialogue to dialect because phone you hopping mad shit monkey

i did it

Chips (fries) with bolognese sauce on

What about our dialect?

I don't think I could get over the taste of spray on tan- At least it would be better than the taste of sandnigger toejam compacting the shawarma meat.

Sounds gross
Also it sounds more or less what some peopel call "fries supreme" here

i think i got that confused with the meat for a second

why does he want to look tan anyways?

and fyi at the place i go to they cook the meat where you can see it you jelly little string cheese eating tobacco sauce on eggs and generally kind of poor taste in food guy

You can't bullshit me Matthew, so don't even try.

Strike two.

you cant bullshit someone who eats shit

that doesn't even make sense in contact, how are you even acting imposing right now when i know you're just a little bitch? pretend for them not me homie


You're the one extolling the virtue of sandnigger toejam kebab, duder- I made no claim to being some lardass culinary "expert." Food is fuel, if I could get away with never eating again I would because I'm not some fat gluttonous cunt who actually enjoys eating. Disgusting.

You keep fucking up the English language- That reply was strike two, try again.

if you dont have a metric for whats good or bad you dont have a metric get the fuck out of here

if you expect me to type with capitalism and punctuation fuck you out of here, lunch time

It wasnt capitalization or punctuation you fucked up though.



are you going to keep trying to be petty or can you like find something to do in between work? anyways have fun with breath of the 30 fps

bd on suicide watch

It's amazing how hard you try.


its amazing how many one sentence posts you make

You don't really warrant much more.


You don't just do it to me though cutie


And yet still always get riled up over me.


I was already riled up from Dallas, but you usually like to rode coat tails, no its good you don't really usually have much to say

You link me at least 10 times in a thread with no reply so I'm not sure how you don't see the irony when I rarely reply to you.


People make mistakes you should know that well enough, at least I can text and ride a bike, and I reply to almost everyonr because I like to try when I'm here like you said


You're fucking with me, right? Like some Yuropeen faggot?

Okay well squash is stuck on n 7th grade and can't get over typos, so yes Dallas on a bike because meatball subs

If you're going to "try" then at least try harder.


Okay hows this, squah is the only poster I know that suffers from the dunning-kruger effect while posting

Baddog is basically retarded

Go look it up

Calm down girls, you're both pretty

It's cute how grumpy you got with me after I didn't post a link to my stream like you wanted.

So tsun, BD.

bad dog has always been retarded

Who's more pretty though?

I dont think squash likes you bard

I like Bard when he's not being a cunt.

There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you.” Now… I been sayin’ that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, that meant your ass. You’d be dead right now. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking: maybe it means you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here… he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. And I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.

U guys all autistic

Hello. This is kettle.
Is that you pot?

I am, and I own that

Duke. You're like the girl from the new ME game.
You're autistic, but I want to protect you.

i like it personally when bard blames me for things i have no control over

New ME game?



Just take a tip from George he just ignores me

Ironically most days I do!
It's you who constantly links me.


1 bard

2 bad dog

3 kermit

4 moogs

5 dUKE

Andromeda is not worth playing I hate no one that much

Why is bard 1st wtf

I'm literally crying.

anything you can do

i can do better

I can do anything better than you

I don't like Mass Effect









Only when you talk shit then pretend it was unrelated even though you greentextes something I was talking about

Welp. I knew today would be the day I killed myself.

I loved 1 and wanted to get into 2, but my Xbox busted before I saved Garus.


Holy shit. I was legit talking about being in Ganons castle in BOTW and getting gear I shouldn't have been. Hop off this dick, you goon.



You seriously can't be this stupid, BD.


Why not you do it all the time

It was kind of a shit franchise after 3.

this, but unironically

are you denouncing


This day is filled with wonder.

*it was kind of a shit franchise after Reach


Bee movie but everytime they say "bee" bad dog loses a brain cell

ODST came before it so the kind of shit after 3 still stands.
Reach was alright.

And I know you all remember ODST.

he bee ded

reach was great fuck you


That still wouldn't be as many braincells as I lose from seeing you shitpost

Sadly I wasn't able to get far into it.
I mostly did firefight.

Reach had easily the best campaign and variety in it since fucking CE, eat shit you fucking pleb.

that was like the weakest part of it

I'm sorry they're being rude to you qq

God damn I gotta check reach out when you can emulate it

See above.
Our disk was jank so the main game was unable to load past the one bitch's death.

See above.
I gave my Xbox to my cousin so I don't have a way to play it.

I miss this






To not face strife is to stagnate, with no obstacles known can be overcome


Hot thot.


That fedora tip.


I stand with Scoots.


I don't have to try with you.
It's just too easy.

So was the dog right

The other one

Keep your insults in one post.
It's sloppy to have to add onto it 'cause you can't think of the whole thing in one go.

You going to moderate me hard if I don't ;3 its the only leverage you'll ever have

Again, it's not really hard with you.

and from this day forward, sinni was never called a thot ever again




Said the thot.

But you do get hard for dogs so I don't see what I am doing wrong


sinni is a thot thot thot




Oh no. A dog fucking joke. How shockingly original.


George is gunna ride that bus.

I mean you keep making them to Mr ourigonal

Imagine, if moogs wasnt a fucking cuck?

wouldn't it be the other way around?

if scoots gave me some cummies too then maybe this wouldn't have happened

Moogs is now following the ordeers of an outsider... This is unacceptable.

Can a bus ride a person?

Yet I don't have to use emotes to pretend I have the advantage in this bant.


I'm sure you can get a strap on for him.

Rite becuz ur a mod u can just ban me, that's your advantage




and I'm not sure he likes pegging

Can the person still live??


Bad dog should be banned

idk he hasn't died yet.

someone say pegging?

Pegging Peggy

I don't have to reach very far, honestly emotes make a argument weaker not stronger so you're objectively wrong therr



It's not like you had a strong argument to start with, you room temperature IQ tard.


fuck I love pegging so much

Loco's peg.

what do you like about it?

tryin to butter moogs up to bein pegged.

Ow Oof My Dick

yeah, he was just talking about botw in call when he made the post, bd. you kind of are reaching with this.

There isn't even an argument taking place that was bickering at best you premature hairy attic monkey.

*Finger guns*

Okay that's fine but that's hardly what started this, I still think you should just not advertise something in public if it isnt public because its socially retarded.

But then again he just did finger guns so.I guess he is

this is because you didn't think he wasn't referring to you with his post and got bent up about it. you just seem to try to start things with him after you got denied from the stream. thats petty dude.

I like that it feels pleasurable when someone is inside me, and that it's a woman is so embarrassing and intimate. It's embarrassing that I'm the one being fucked as opposed to her, and feeling good in spite of the embarrassment is so dirty. And I like that she enjoys seeing me that way. It's like showing my most vulnerable part to someone and them loving it.

Can I watch the stream


Bad dog, no one cares about you

Sure. I can shoot ya a link when I do another one.


I've never gotten along with them well to begin with

i mean, not many people seem to like you to begin with so im not sure im surprised.

Sounds cool, tbh. I'm sure moogs would like it :3c

sinni a thot

Yea understandbly so

Wow, look at the thot tryna suck on loco


not to mention its hard to get kyle to really like anyone but hes pretty loyal once he does.



Still beat TP in a popularity contest mystery user :^)

Almost like the advertisement was not for you.

Put the sinni in the binni

(Sorr sinni)


i would not call that an achievement.

It's ok, everyone things I belong there anyway qq.

I'm sorry you guys hate me so much QQ

Because we are friends. I will stop this meme. Only if you do one thing though

Okay you could have said that first instead of being a shit


I'm afraid to ask what that one thing is.

i dont see how that changes anything.

Draw an Isabelle

Anime's still make up the majority and they don't so I mean I didn't feel like sometjih baseless was worth addressing


What juicy drama am I missing now?

most of the things you have brought up against him have been baseless and trivial though.

Nothing good its dumb shit go play a game

It's not really juicy
Also I saw it, so you did too

BD and I are tsun lovers now.

It was revealed bad dog is in fact an actual dog, irl

I respect clint, he is the only decent person to join in the past week. Kermit and Bad dog can leave. That'd be nice. Causers of unnecessary drama

Fuck you guys ur all thots


I'm the only fur who gets to start senseless drama here.
That's my right. I have earned it.

Who's Clint

i personally have nothing against bd but he has always acted like a kid in most things.

My boyfriend.




I like Dallas!!

ive been thinking real hard about banning bard

i know it would crush his spirit and id like the see that

Ah great. Big dick Dallas is back.

And you pretended to be 30 year old psychologist

hardly relevant if i am.


Acceptable tribute.


Worse choices have been made before, I just can't recall any.

And pretended not to be a furry while yelling at them for several years, what about that isn't acting like a kid, oh PAleeeease

ban scootaloo

I too like Dallas tho~


Matthew, check the IDs.

i am not clint.
it was a good try though and i commend you for that.

And does Dallas = Clint or..?

bard is literally going against a thread GOD



You should Isabelle. Just saying.




what does that mean.

am I being haunted......?

God damn
I knew watching Rick and Morty would come in handy one day


Cool who are you



Damn Matthew, just think- If only you'd watched more Rick and Morty your IQ could almost be as high as this guy's.

it is not relevant to this conversation.

can someone summon blood chan

i feel this thread is missing some of it's most important people

kermit too

On a cool summer day the thermometer reads the same as BDs IQ.
What are the chances?

We can't all be 100 IQ points above genius level


I hate the IQ meme so much

so does kanra

Avatar as...

again no. you are only trying to find out so you can find some kind of leverage in arbitrary insults.

I want to cum in Blood Chan

I don't understand!!!

sounds like someone with a low IQ

If we all watched more Rick and Morty though we could be.

You clearly just aren't smart enough to understand it yet- Let me link you to some choice Rick and Morty for high speed IQ increasing.


Bad dog has the iq of a toilet seat.

No, because we need the lower level IQ people to do the jobs us super geniuses don't want to do

My IQ allows me to transform into a magical girl.

Arbitrary insults are all youve fired so far, calling by childish hardly separates me from other posters here


Also I hate you all

And what did he do? Go on a rampage

He realised he was being wasted in a factory job

Well I mean- We'll always have black people.

with my high IQ i can visually transform 4 dimensional boi pussi in my mind

can BD do that?

no, that is simply saying what you do. you have always been rather petty and even claimed that that is your mode of operations here.
if it didn't matter than neither would who i am.

calling eachother childish is like a back and forth of "nothing personnel kid"

Yeah, but he was promoted to lead production.


Cap for that please

what a childish thing to say

I can't wait to play as coldsteel in the new sonic game.

I am afraid of you

There's an actual retard in /waifu/ right now
He got a auto correct for his laptop
To prevent his spelling mistakes in Word
Which has a built in spell check function

Bad Dog Claps when he correctly spells words

He not only seized the means of production, he BECAME the means of production
This is advanced socialism
And when it fails it won't be real socialism


Sounds like we should team up

i am not about to slog through months of threads for a cap. you can take it at face value.

You told me it was your modus of oporindi.
Even I remember that dumb ass shit.

We bleed red.


To what end?

But our blood is blue without oxygen :thinking:


Or I can call you a shady liar in the shadows and tell you to eat a dick, later

No one calls themselves petty

that is your choice.

if (creditScore > 500) printf("You have entered an invalid credit score!! "); printf("We cannot calculate your car payment"); else if (creditScore < 800) printf("You have entered an invalid credit score!! "); printf("We cannot calculate your car payment"); else printf("Your monthy loan payment will be %.2f \n", answer);

fix this please

shit and fuck

Wanna skype?


Talk to Jorge, I'm sure he can hook you up.


Actually unoxygenated blood is a deeper shade of red.





No thanks



I aint about that life


Dark enough to look sort of blueish in veins





i mean that or i can take these slanderous and very vague accusations about me saying i was petty, literally years ago, with no evidence, at face value

sounds good to me!

also blood is closer to purple when its in the body and closer to lighter red outside loco is right

again it is your choice. you have yet to really prove otherwise.


i bleed neon green

That's fucking radical
Are you a Predator?

to do that there needs to be other topics of conversation to discuss, do you want to talk about blood or just kind of hang around the outside of the imperial city like shady sam?

this makes me sexually turned on

what are you up to, sqoosh

chu is the noise they use for like small japanese creatures kissing, like a mouse kiss

again, my identity is not relevant. playing a game of ad hom is rather silly.
it is amusing to me.

Chilling in the call. Might make some grilled cheese.

ironic considering you just got done trying to use pettiness in an anonymous verbal poke at me, and in case you can't read all that well, you don't need to tell me who you are to tell me your blood-type.


why would me knowing who you were make me attack you anyways? thats a rather strange line of reasoning

Ketchup with grilled cheese?




It's probably someone who can't get anybody to talk to them with a name on
Like Eva or chen

tomato soup you savage

well you have to get picked on once in a while to fit in here really, i was long overdue for my tuen


You only posted once or twice a month for the majority of the time we've been here

It's no surprise

Tomato soup with a grilled cheese is a fantastic combination of flavours

i have remained objective.
and blood type does not interest me so i chose not to partake.

gravy with grilled cheese.

only if it's white cheese though, no fucking american cheese.

(it's Chiri, HDD died, no more b folder and no avatars)


thats true but bullshitting is still part of community, it's important to remember the distinction though, that it's the things being posted that should be picked on, no one is immune, some people just say more stupid things

What are you a ninety year old nursing home resident?

With ketchup.

Hi Chiri

put on a name ye fuckin lout

and on that note i am off to work.

Do it with a nice old cheddar
It's great

If only
Then I would be dying soon

providing slander without evidence is not objective, i dont really see your goal other than to be petty atm so if you aren't interested that's fine

that makes me want to puke



Have you tried it even?

yep, old white cheddar is my goto.

also marble


fuck, it figures furries would jump on that show.

Really? Darnell? you sick fuck

Try it before you pass judgment on me.

You should all commit suicide.

i love a good sharp white cheddar cheese, ive started appreciating cheese a lot more in my life now that i cannot drink milk as easily

you should start

Get in me Daddy.

ever had a whole baked brie with blueberries on top?


Like I needed Robin to get you to ask that.

I don't have to try it to know it's not a good combo >:V

Same as how I don't have to like dip my fries in my shake or put jam on a burg. Those heathens.

Just once.
For me.

no that sounds disgusting, id rather do cheese in smaller doses really especially with all the fat



i tried dipping the fries in the frosty and thought it just ruined them, supporting sinni here

I'd kill myself, except I am going to america to let Blood-chan drain both my Balls and Jugular

oh god can you record it at least

did you name your Balls is that why you capitalized it

laughing @ scoots getting aids but getting murdered too soon to enjoy it

godDAMN thats dark

Yeah but he helps.

They're officially called "Ed Balls"


What's source on this? its pretty cute

do you call your Jugular vain Larry?

Maybe you can help me.

Hey, Baddog can you get off my dick for once.

Dunno, was just one of the things dumped into my "cute" folder.

What'd you have in mind :3c ?

you're lucky to even get the you

fair enough

well yeah you get a little 4-5 inch wheel of brie, shave the top off and maybe even dig a little hole and put some fresh blueberries on top.

It's like cheesecake except even richer and bad for you, but there's nothing quite like gooey hot brie with berries in it.

i want to cum inside sinni

it doesnt sound like something that would appeal to me, im not very picky with most foods, it's desert that gets my panties in a twist

make it happen homie

i want sinni to come inside of me

I know but it's unique, it's not a dessert.. it's baked cheese. you add the blueberries because the cheese is tart, so the sweetness contrasts and you're not just eating a block of cheese in one go.

It's better shared, obviously, so you don't eat the whole damn thing yourself. but it's amazing in its own right as a way to enjoy cheese. Pair with a red wine.


What did they mean by this.

you know what you can make it for me aint no way im trusting myself with this shit and picking out a wine when i never drink wine.




You know exactly what I want,.,


what what, in the butt butt




EW NO she hates hamburger helped you monster






ur cool

I'm a little conflicted as well, if the palate would be complimented by a dry red or a rich red wine. The dish itself is very rich, so I might lean toward a very dry red to cut unexpectedly even though I prefer a deep, sweet red like a port.
That might be just too much indulgence in one sitting, so the dry, at least in a single glass, might be more suitable. and if there needs to be a refill before the dish is completed, then half a glass of rich red would complement the finish.


You sure are missing out, Winston.