♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Free Catalonia, Free Basque Edition

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Me too

Haikus was a mean cunt who'd pretend they're your best friend your face and sling shit as soon as you turn around

It's the muther fuckin Catalina wine mixer!!!!!!


I;m Kuus

Hi, Kuus.
I'm dad.

I'm ときつかぜ.

I'm Snii



Weeaboos. Weeaboos never change.






I'm learning hiragana now since duolingo finally released japanese

only know the last 3 there, na i yo




I wonder if I should...

idk If I can trust this bear

The katakana reads wīabū
The first hiragana is Ji, but we use a little ya to make it ja/jya, altogether it's janaiyo.
wīabū janaiyo
"I'm not a weeaboo."

This is DR2, right?


Just a reminder that Inazuma is a rapist.

I think she means well, but she's still a monokuma, right?

Inazuma can rape me

Play DokiDoki Literature club

I have.




sUFFERING Amnesia and thinking you were gay
then in the middle of sucking cock you remember ur straight

ranma is a cutie

your're a cutie



i was wondering where you were off to : / you missed iktnyan and sama

Praise be to scoots, the best Onaesan ever!!!!

I know Sama but not iktnyan

Two es for sister, two Is for brother.


Don't tell me how to right write, I do what I want.

based iktnyan posts megumin and steps on the gas and computer

he's no kitty~


He's my good puppy

ikt 'wan'


you eat anything weird and foreign that's sweet recently?

I'm craving some pastries ta

Nope, I don't have a sweet tooth


w-what? really?

well you know what they say

Sweet tooth sour heart

nana hus

yeah I'll lean it eventually

still memorizing some basic hiragana

Filling replaced
That fucking sucked

I had to take a break because my flash cards kept giving me a headache for a while because I was studying too hard.

I still sometimes mix up some.

lmao fuck that shit, fillings suck
glad you're alive bud-o

I have a stitch in my head from a biopsy

They had to freeze 3 times
And I fucking hate needles
it was very difficult

for some of the difficult ones I just need to find some kind of association for me to remember it

then it's ez

so far I know

a, i, u. e, o, ka, ki, ku, ko, shi, sa, su, chi, te, na, ni, no, ha, ho, ma, mu, yo, ro, ru, n

and that's only like half, why are there so many ;__;

what do you mean freeze?

They poke a needle in your gums and inject a local anesthetic so that you don't experience pain

oh you mean like numbing
it's not really freezing

They call it freezing here

ah ok
well hope you feel better, are you allowed to eat stuff?

I can't chew anything on that side of my mouth for an hour
I don't know why I would want to, I probably won't for a couple of days at least

The association for me is speaking them.

Probably why it's so tricky to read until I start reading out loud.

well eat some mashed potatoes and smoothies
maybe jello ^-^

hmm I'll try that, I've just been writing them and not saying them out loud

a ri ga to u

I have none of those 3 things
I could probably make a smoothie, but it would be painful from the sensitivity

time to fast!

I've got some delicious lukewarm water

Don't use Romaji it'll only confuse you when you get to more difficult kanji.

The syllabaries are already incredibly easy to learn - a day tops of focused study - and cover anything you need to be concerned with anyway.

Especially since dictionaries won't render On-yomi or Kun-yomi in roman characters ever.

I would type out the hiragana but
A) don't know how to type japanese
B) don't know all the hiragana for arigatou

殿 is a feudal lord.
殿 is a form of address.
殿 is a rear-guard.

What OS do you use?

does 殿 mean panties

I legitimately just use shift+caps lock to type Japanese.

Sometimes I forget to revert and so I'll do stuff like...



Do you have multiple input languages already, or just default?


There's literally add a language right there.

Add 日本語 Microsoft IME.

yes that part was self explanatory

now what do I do though?

On your task bar, near the clock, you'll see ENG(US) or something to that effect.
Click that, then click Japanese.

Clicking the A/あ toggles between Alphanumeric and Hiragana inputs - alternatively, I think Shift + Capslock was a default hotkey.

You can also right click the A to get more options.


windows key + spacebar switches from Eng to weeb

but I'm still typing in english, I right click the A and it's all in japanese
I can read hi ra ga na (H) at the top, but when I click it, it doesn't switch.

maybe more

Do it when you have a text-window in focus, 馬鹿 .


it literally won't switch, it's stuck on the D option

Try rebooting, idk, it should work well enough on its own.

Also windows key+spacebar only changes your input language, shift + capslock changes JP language input mode.


#include "stdafx.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "Windows.h"
#include "Math.h"

int FindNoiseRating(int);

int main(void)

char wait;
int decibels, noise_db;

printf("Enter the loudness in decibels: ");
scanf("%d", &decibels);


int FindNoiseRating(int noise_db)
if (noise_db

mother cuck

You put the wrong /

shift+capslock does nothing for me

You decided to major in CS

moogs is being oppressive.

Well, yes, but clicking the input method button also does nothing for you.

Try rebooting - power cycles fix most things.

Also in
int FindNoiseRating(int noise_db){}
You're redeclaring the variable noise_db rather than calling it iirc


reboot didn't fix it

now when I do shift+capslock my capslock doesn't turn on, but again still can't switch input method





That name is not PG
Someone help please

No overtime and I get paid tomorrow so I have some money to burn.
I am excited.


Whatcha gonna get

I'm not sure yet to be honest.
I might buy something on LoL or a game.

buy me pizza squash


Spend it all on Bad Rats


There's a vape simulator?


You play as pepe the frog.

does that say "wakarimasen lol"

I just updated windows to the new fall update and now it works, shift+control shows the input changing on my screen

It says "wakarimasen w".

why do わ and り look different? I know wa and ri but they are different in that image

and my understanding is that "w" means lol

WELL すみません SILLY 馬鹿s!

分 is a kanji, and り can be written with the second stroke on its own, or coming off the first stroke - it's the same either way.



Also, "w" doesn't mean "lol" but it's the Japanese equivalent.

It's the first keystroke of 笑う which means "to laugh"


ah ok, thankies

Who are you!!




lol calm down Rin, you don't know Japanese

I'm anonymous :^)


I know more than you, lmao.


oh and thanks for the cummies

Sho ga nai



the steam thing only 1.1 eur omg

I should make one for that.

back... again

lol its that faggot sama

ever tell you the one where he so old?

Soto post some fucking memes

Rin have you ever tasted your own cum?

Hey Soto.
This is a really bad post and I'd like it if you did something to fix this.

Poor imaqtpie

STFU fag


Welcome back

Nah fuck that dude

Fucking make me you goony little twat.


What about tummy pics?




That's a filthy lie, what friggin' trap hasn't tasted their own cum, like Soto do you not think about this shit before posting?


Decisions, decisions.

I'll leave for a week if you post tummy pic. Time stamp. No shirt on. Face and at least crotch in pic as well.


Such power, within my reach.

Oh no, I definitely think about it.
Sometimes I think about it too much

Like I already knew you have but I just wanted you to admit to it

Kinda gets me doki doki suru wa









Sinni. Want to watch a stream tonight?


Ask George, he hasn't had a very good day and i wanna do whatever he wants to do!!


You guys do your thing.

Sinni want to make an easy 30 dollars?


depends, what am I doin for that 30$


You just gotta snap a couple of pictures ^W^

Pictures of what uwu

i wish i could top myself

Gay and lewd.

Soto I'm waiting, how do I make 30$ !!

tfw no 30$

Oops my bad, went to go make tea

Nudes photos obvs

gold digger

only 30$ ???? I'm worth at least 60$ :3c


$60 is like get on skype and do a whole session

$30 is a good amount for pics imo

Besides I don't even know if you're cute or not
I'm taking a gamble here man

ill sell you a folder of sinni for 60

Yeah but if I am cute, then 30$ is low-balling me, esp if you like take screen caps.

30$ for insurance 30$ for the pics themselves, it's business.


You're good

I like you Sinni
You got spunk kid

Don't sell out your precious Sinni like that lol

she is mine to do with as i please dont be a white knight

Thank you, Thank you.

It is almost as if Sinni was a thot.






Just a reminder that Test doesn't have the balls to ban all thots.


Good night

those boots are TOO TALL!!!!




oh hey eisen

hello what'd i miss

3 Nephi 5: 2-4 And they knew that it must be expedient that Christ had come, because of the many signs which had been given, according to the words of the prophets; and because of the things which had come to pass already they knew that it must needs be that all things should come to pass according to that which had been spoken.
Therefore they did forsake all their sins, and their abominations, and their whoredoms, and did serve God with all diligence day and night.
And now it came to pass that when they had taken all the robbers prisoners, insomuch that none did escape who were not slain, they did cast their prisoners into prison, and did cause the word of God to be preached unto them; and as many as would repent of their sins and enter into a covenant that they would murder no more were set at liberty.

Have a good day and God bless, no matter how things may seem, the Lord is with you in your heart there to protect you.


Just rode my bike over my friends in my sweatpants cause I have no jeans now I'm playing overwatch

i wear jeans literally every day so any time im wearing sweatpants is a treat

i just dont like that they dont typically have back pockets

Why do you do this?

Yo. Want to hang out in call?

Not right now. Maybe later, if I don't fall asleep real soon here.

Alright. I'm just bored and nobody is around for call at the moment.

Back to sleep, rather

Ooble's sick and Guero's dead. He died.

o noes

why not just let the paella niggers secede and then annex them as a humanitarian move when they inevitably start doing horrific shit like the dirty commies that they are?

also new flat is comfy

night scoob

That was an amazing game as diva/hanzo, only got a few gold and a bronze but it was 1 round to one round and 99% on both sides


Happens pretty often


Repetition kills all magic, I never play the game lmao, at my friends on a ps4 still haven't bought it yet after promising for months



(@fek u#7914)
pickem mission gives no coins
only a icon



ring ring

i'm bored


I have 625 hours on PC because I'm not some console scrub.

*scrubs your face with a cloth*


Only 600? What about the discord people with like 2500 hours in it, nevermind it then I'd rather okay causally


do you remember this youtube classic

I'm one of those people and nobody has 2500 except maybe Nezi, and he's a freak.

I have the third most, after Nezi and Cup.


And even Nezi only has 1000 on his main account, so...

1,023 Main
107 Alt 1
102 Alt 2
30 Alt 3

I got the shit cranked out of my neck and stacked like a mofo today
sore as hell in the neck and back

my younger brother even tapped me out with a sneaky armbar from guard an armbar from kesa gatame
He's getting clever



Other discord with more if the furries


fuck, I'm not gonna make it



Sounds awful.


this is a picture of me holding a card pf the poster I wanted to be when i was little

i want shiny chariot!

Huh what do you mean ???


i like constanze!!!


Constanze !!!!!! Look a t her !! She's so cute !!

Which language are you learning? They finally added Korean which I'm excited to try :3c

they also just added this one



Japanese? nice. I wanted to do like Russian or pick back up German but I am l a z y

the red head?


Look !!!

The cute green one !!!! !! ! ! ! !

that one is blue

fuck your katakana bitch I'm still trying not to mix up hiragana


good luck with korean!
it's best if you're motivated/interested to learn it imo

That's Kanji.
Katakana is カタカナ





all different things?

what's the point of having both katakana and hiragana? which one is more important?


Thank you! the alphabet is really strange, I haven't even gotten to words yet.

While I love duolingo as like a study material, it isn't always easy to make your own mnemonics of things, or like understand why shit is like it is.


also good luck with Japanese! it seems infinitely more complicated

Thank you

Kanji is the chinese characters.
Hiragana is for Japanese words.
Katakana is for Non-Japanese words.


so why do I need to write "nihongo" (literally Japanese) in Kanji (Chinese characters), Katakana (non-japanese), instead of writing it like I did in hiragana (japanese words)

Why cri

Because that's how it written before Hiragana and Katakana existed.

I'm a dumbass so I thought you were laughing at me.

What's the Japanese characters for Japanese

What was there to even laugh at there

Ur dum

He had it right in Hiragana.

Very much so.


that's gay

ur gay

Why are you awake

I could ask you the same thing?

I reached a point where I didn't feel like sleeping.

But you typically have something that resembles a sleep schedule, don't you?




Y'got me there. I do normally, yeah.

the friend that I started railing on the regular made me a littlt totoro thing
lookit, so cute

tfw you'll never be a pretty, deaf girl that gets bullied all the time and has no friends

Nothing to do tomorrow?

Not particularly - I was going to go for a jog but that's about it.

I'm so envious.

Pretty cute indeed




D-don't be.

I'm nothing really to be envious of.

OH wow you actually made the folder.

With some memes included.


But I just wanna sleep in but I have things to do tomorrow


Isn't it just?

But see, if you were me you wouldn't be able to sleep in anyway!

Absolutely, you should take a good care of it, so it grows nice and big. Unless you'd prefer it to stay small and neglected, but that would be just horrible wouldn't it?




I may have spent too much time in /DDLC/

A bit.

Why not?

You can jog any time! It's too cold to jog in the morning.

this seems promising

i wanna spank her and have my way with her while she calls me daddy


Not a bad thing, though.

That thing about having trouble breaking my sleep schedule?
I always wake up in the same window of time, every single day, regardless of when I went to sleep.

It's a pretty stellar VN tbh.
Like, 3 hours long.

Natsuki is for soft not for lewd.


It's memes.

lets see how it gooooooooooes

So then even though you're awake now you'll still wake up at like 8 anyways?

I hope you haven't spoiled yourself.

Pretty much, yeah.
Both a blessing and a curse really.

Sounds like it's only a curse to me.

this is the only image ive seen of it besides the ones in this thread

very GRIM warnings in the beginning idk wtf is gonna happen

i want to lick her cream

It's hard to sleep in when I have a morning shift though, so that's nice.

That's good.
I hope you enjoy it~


fuck off



Aren't alarms supposed to counter that? :3

i HATE the small one already

The tall one however......

Supposed to.
I've had too many coworkers who seem to always sleep through them though.

Yuri could really have made the cut for best girl.

Natsuki's events though are just too good.

you should immerse yourself and close thread that game is really good if you stay focused on it for longer periods of time

Yeah, Grim, go for it, Yuri is right up your alley.


is it really 3h
im gonna be up all night rip

Pink haired anime girls are almost as good as light blue haired ones.

It's worth it.


3 hours...?

We don't count.

conquest begins

day 1

Oh, right.

Its true

The words are immensely relevant to the girls.

I picked some yuri related stuff but tbh I hope it doesnt get too dark with her

Does it actually broach any disturbing topics or is it purely a moefest?

I've no problem with it being cute and fun I'm just curious if it's edgy enough for an edgelord supreme like myself.

Just play it.
It's interesting.

I just wasn't cut out for Yuri, tbh.

Just play it.

The protag is actually p confident, I like it

test im playing it rn

join me

its edgy

It's kinda refreshing.

Don't be a cunt.

hpmh people ignoring me

Yeah confidence incarnate.



I love the way they modify the theme to each character's traits as you read their poem.

It's a nice touch, yeah.

It's a game very much made with love.

Remember: Be kind, don't post spoilers.


No such thing as too much love.




evangelion tarot cards


dubstep noise

everyone wants to be loved

Me! me!

I refuse to be thrown for any loops before the end of this game just for this snide little comment.


Monika can be a bit of a realist, ehhe.

Honestly the fact that I know this game isn't going to just be moeshit probably kind of ruins this disarming, trope-heavy atmosphere it's trying to set up, but if it weren't for the promise of psychological horror I wouldn't have played it at all.

Hey now, being thrown for a loop or several only makes things more dynamic

The surmounting dread you feel at the pre-title is enough tbh

The only thing that could throw me for a loop at this point is if this somehow turned out to be a completely innocent game. I feel bad for this main character really, I've no idea what whale's belly I've walked him into.

'm already regretting my decision man.

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