Rest in peace Grape-Kun

Rest in peace Grape-Kun.

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Imagine being a loli.

Poor Hululu-chan.


Don't worry. They will always be together.


Morning Bard.

guess the morning crowd's already shuffled out.....

Where's everyone today?


I feel like it's gonna be a sloooooooooooow drag-onny kind of day






wrapped in plastikt


hey there qt it's been a while how's tricks?

Fucking fantastic

wtf did you know this was happening

Don't tell noboody

fine, been working and trying to get moving house taken care of


it's on twittr

ugh that's a hassle just to think about

Excited for it at least or not a fan of moving?

I never was a fan of moving when I was younger but I recently made a pretty good move

and I'm boring uwu
Been watching alot of old Joe Rogan X and lounging round til work
gettin down on some minecraff



moving is a fucking hassle and costs money, its a better place in a more convenient location, but still...


im currently torn between trying to get this PC working and having an early bath+tea, not sure which i wanna take care of first. also fairs right on my door so its probably either gonna be a burger or something equally delicious.

you triggered my americanism and I'm in need of burg myself

hope you have a nice relaxing night qt!


Does this look enough like "catastrophic mechanical damage"?


You'll see my teeth in the stars above
every tree a finger of my glove and
every time push comes to shove you'll see my teeth in the stars above

i was, but now im stuggling with a retarded HP PC

sorted PC now, gonna go eat in a second

not sure if i want doughnuts too


fuck I wish I knew jack shit about PCs

I hear nice things aboutSDDs

PCs are for nerds real girls use macs


penis cock


had burger
still kinda feel hungry tbh

SSDs are p legit


2018 Kimi WDC plx


Just a reminder that Namco Bandai made the SNES literally sing.

This is why I'm learning Japanese.

So I can find things like this.

The fact you are trying to learn such a faggoted language is proof of your shitness.
Also rin and loco kill yourself.


You have to tell me in my native weeabish tongue or I'll never understand.

Thine native tongue is trannyscum, so fucking shit off.

That's not my native weeabish tongue at all.

You shut the fuck up you degenerate. You are obviously showing off your mentally warped outlook on life. Bending and skewing history to suit thine perverse needs.

No, not at all, I've always been a 2D anime girl irl.


omae wa mou shindeiru


Yes, what about it?


And then there is THIS cunt

Back from doing errands all morning.
How is everyone?

It is okay Rin. It isnt your fault. It isnt a wrong thine hath commited. It is simply an effect of the trannidrone pills you take. they make you retAARDED and delusional.
it isnt yo fault that everyone else has coddled you.
has made you think that it is an acceptable reality to persue.
but you see.
it isnt acceptable.
it is harmful.
you should just end your suffering. end it.
blow your brains out.
or hang yourself.
it is better that way.

Wow, geeze, for a second there I thought I was going to have to admit my faults and face reality, but I see you happen to have used thine in the place where you meant to use thou, and hath where you meant to use hast.

Hopefully that Hurricane will wipe out the fenian parasites.

Rin. Scoots.
Suicide pact?

What would you know, you claim thios isn't your mother tongue. Fucking idiot.

Worry thine head not, Scoots, it is through no fault of thyself that thou art incapable of bardic wordplay.

I'm already in, like, a bunch though.

I'll just make extra Kool-Aid then.

Squash, what ducks are these spotted blue ones?

I will drink the kool-aid if Rin does. Fucking scum.

I'll let them know.

I'd guess a female Blue Winged Teal.


Much obliged Motherducker.

I feel like Fruit Punch is kind of the stable, y'know?

staple even.

Why do you ask?

I mean, I can put staples in it if you want.

Someone showed me one. I wanted to know what the breed was.

Cyanide's fine.

mousou express better

I will be most relieved when Loco and Rin have left this plane of existence.

Just keep in mind it's only a guess.

I'll keep it in mind.

How is that related to anything happening right now?


i am studying and consuming omega 3 every day to 3d transform myself to extra-euclidean 4d planes

I did a google. The search seemed to confirm the suggestion.

Drive the plane you exist on into the World Trade Center.


you mentioned staple stable

Proved me correct to place the Duck origins faith in you. You could very well be the good boy that prophecy has fortold.




meow meow meow

i love luka's pussy


No I didn't?
I mistyped staple as stable then corrected myself.

i miss geuro ;~;

Yeah, but he in bette rplace now
in canada

...b-but im in canada!!

...a better place


You're awesome, Mr. Squish!


No reeee



is that a japanese ree?

it's toki girl loud!!

It is supposed to be a compliment.

*clings to you tightly*


Loud boat is loud.
But oh so cute.


ke kowai ka dono
shire tadana!!!!!
shire dana!!!

why were you angry at thread people earlier?

scoots hates me because i've managed to make a living in the entertainment industry and he never broke into the business

this feud has been ongoing for years

The memes, luka.

You think it is OKAY to imply you MADE it?

i like funny memes

Ooi, Kikoetenai no!?

Hey, can't you hear me!?

Thanks! ^_^

such a needy little girl, lol

She's perfect for me tbh.

Needy af over here.

tend to her 24/7
be her commander~
give her a ring! :O


I meant.
I'm the Tokitsukaze - I'm the needy one.

do a cute cosplay as her ^_^ !!!
i wanna seee


What Skyrim mods?

Obviously Unofficial Patch, SKSE, and SkyrimUI are obligatory, as is CBBE - Nevernude and every hair mod on the nexus.

If I ever cosplay her I'm just going to yell "しれー!" at everyone.

i wonder if any one cosplays the commander


By that I mean the Admiral is you the player, there isn't really a cosplay for them because of it.

..b-but that white guy in uniform!!!!

nigga you literally have a schedule that says how many people are working




It's not like this happens every day or something...

Yes, just wear a Japanese navy admiral outfit and you're done, but... eh...

my manager's a cool fuckin dude though so I can't complain too much I guess



yeah? at least they like can cola kancolle
so navy uniform make them a cosplayer too!

what's your favorite food luka?

Only technically.

cheese pizza

Seafood dishes that mix with grains such as rices dishes or even noodle dishes.
can be anything from sushi to jamabalya pizza all the way to shrimp or prawns in white cheese sauces alfredos and swiss.

a large range of subtle flavours that don't overpower

;~; oh well... i guess everyone see thigns differently.

worst topping

something like this?


or possibly with pesto or spinach

hmm... that one looks alright. seared nicely.

i personally feel tomato dishes are slightly on the strong side....

The "play' is just as important as the "cos".
I would never cosplay a character I wasn't confident I could act.

i want ana!

you wouldnt run up to a commander character? ;~; and greet them like a nice ship would do?
since they are playing as a commander for you and everyone?!

pesto? like this?

You want Ana? Huh?

yeah those kinds of pastas
with white cheeses
and seafoods like prawns or shrimp

i want her

Why did you read literally the exact opposite of what I said?


i like it when people post food. I save it to post at random times in different places.

I said I would never cosplay a character I did not believe I could play.

And you chose to read that as me saying I would not cosplay a character that I've explicitly stated a desire to play.

sounds pretty good

here you go, go nuts

could you?

i like fancy

Any of you guys know if cheesy spicy instant noodles are good? I used to eat the non spicy ones with cheese but idk if it will have as much impact vs spicy broth

Work on my Japanese a bit so it's not so clumsy and probably.

Otherwise I could probably do it in English.

tfw your bathroom light dies and you really need a bath


I'll hold a flashlight for you and watch

Hang up a flashlight from the ceiling.

youll go to a japan convention?!

or speak english in a english convention?

i aint the prettiest sight as of late tbh

no need, ive got an LCD

my cell phone light worked since i have no flash lights

Oh, well, could have always gotten a flood light too.

I don't think that would work with me, kind of got my screen turning off after 20s of idle.

that would mean leaving the house, and tbh i dont even wanna go out to get fair snacks

Well, if the idea is to run up to people calling out for them in Japanese, I'd like to be comfortable enough holding a conversation with my Japanese, just in case.

But I do want to go to Comiket someday and while you can go to Japan without knowing a lick of JP, it'd just be more enjoyable for me as a person to go while understanding the language.

I'd still smash

the camera light
not the screen


i weigh 4 stone more than i did 4 years ago

akihabara? :O

Fair snacks?

I think it'd be a bit hard to position the light though.


freshly fried doughnuts and fudge and brazil nut toffee and other such lovely things

battery life is going to shit on it


just lay the phone on flat surface
the light shines up
floods room with light

luka knows that feel of a lightbulb going and being too much of a shut in to go buy a new one in the right size


so fat in fact ive resorted to taking your method and just not eating as much, rather than what im actually supposed to do in these situations which is work it off.

Ah, I think everything's already closed here.

But that's kind of bad with a shower as it'll get wet.

loco kknows that feeling of being a fucking loser

i have a town fair quite literally on my door step, getting out of the street takes a full 5 minutes, and even then theres a big fucking crowd that has a habit of just fucking walking out in front of you when youre going at full tilt.

still going here, but not for much longer
ill ride it out til its no longer an option then be happy i havent snacked today.

Night life here is kind of non-existent if we don't count Friday nights, and a bit of Saturday night.

something about breakfast?
and some kinda mamiya camera??

the phone isnt in the shower
its just in the same room

its a yearly event, its a bit of a cunt tbh because its caused me to be late for work 3 fucking times in a week

Can't really stop the whole room getting wet.

A yearly event..?
I thought this was like a normal evening and you just wanted to get something to snack on just because.

nope, i live right on the doorstep of the yearly town fair. theres music and lights and rides and all manner of delicious food.

tfw you die to a dark sword black knight shield invader because hes laggy as fuck and loves his r1

shower curtains, lol

Shire, Shire, Shire, Shire
Can't you hear me?
Shire, Shire, Shire, Shire
Mamiya's breakfast is delicious.

I messed the order and missed the first two lines. :(

Do you like it at all, or..?

well it's eating less and eating healthy too! but yes exercise is a good additive but I'm too lazy I guess



its really fucking inconvenient for most things, but the food is pretty nice

had a brattwurst last night and it was p good

without exercise you cant keep what you work for, but it would take too long to do things properly and i aint into getting any fatter

dawww~ Mama ship is cute

Its almost like moogs only posts once every few hours for an attention post

I never found those to work at all other than sticking on you for dumb physics law reasons.

Ah, well I guess it has it's ups and downs.
We only ever really have like dumb things like archipelago market, international market and renaissance fair here.

have sex with me a few times a day, I'll get you fit and in shape in no time ;)))))


well it would build the glutes up for sure

id like to go to a renaissance fair tbh

She's a food supply ship. :3

they worked!
my floor is 75% dryer than it would be without it

i noticed~

mommy gf ship


I think the last time I went to one I was like.. 18(?) and even then it was during summer holiday from college and I ran to a friend who wanted to get some mead as dumb as it sounds.
Would probably go more often, but nobody has asked me to as of the 4 past years.
Besides it's free entry.

But it's still somewhat wet!

well theres that at least

any HEMA type things there?

mommy gf's

Yeah, all the other things are free entry too.
I think there might have been that, but they also had some fights they acted out.
Generally it's just all about old-ish food/treats and a whole lot of artisans/blacksmiths bringing in their products.

its impossible!!
the room is too big and vetalated to allow condensation rate to build up anywhere near danger levels

it safe!!!!!!!!


tfw no local blacksmith

I think electronics disagree with moisture.


loco still hasnt killed themselves

for a second i thought it was subtle that posted this and my heart sank

it not humid enuf

what can she not hear? when mamiya is going to bring her the curry for lunch?

she sure likes to say 'maybe' a lot! ^_^

i havent had japanese curry ;~; i wonder what it's like and why it's soo popular...

I think most are out of small towns nearby or just do it during their free-time, so no real ones that do it as a profession here.

Still no good for the devices.

device is made good
so ur humid not strong enuf to penitrate device

Maybe isn't really in that blurb.

The actual understanding of the lyrics would be something like

Commander, Commander, Commander, Commander
I hope curry is good for lunch as well~
Commander, Commander, Commander, Commander
Mamiya's breakfast is delicious!
Commander, Commander, Commander, Commander
Hey! Can't you hear me!?

It's this silly song that Echo linked me that I can't get out of my head because it's so impossibly catch and aaaaaa.

still, would be cool to have something like that near me

I don't trust the manufacturers enough.

Would you order anything?

that really is a shame. that dude was like cancer incarnate

i wonder what makes Shire~e
sound like either: Commander/or the word Maybe

i wonder what mama luka is saying in this pic ;~;

don't be too catious

yes pls

lmao loco this desperate


depends on what they make, how good they are, and how much their stuff costs

The word she's saying is 司令(しれい) which would be her addressing her commander.

She's just lax as heck.

Other ships actually say 司令官 or 提督
or くそ提督

Also I have a migraine and that's a lot of writing I don't really want to read right now so maybe I'll do it later.

lol so the lazy way of saying commander is 'maybe' ?? shirei

neat ^_^


It doesn't mean maybe, google's just generally dumb with things that don't actually translate right.

fucking weeb hour


i miss that kid tbh


you check that paramore npr tiny desk shit yet?


mandy that's so dangerous

Sounds like a weird thingy to learn japanese that isn't used properly.

I know, but it was fun...


Damn weeaboos."

Google doesn't like colloquialisms.

you know, i was thinking about how wildly different motorcycle driving is around her, as say, in california

there's really not that many on the highway

and if like you allowed that mid-lane riding through traffic, you would have hella fatalities

chicago drivers are way too aggressive for that horseshit



oh lol. i kinda figured you meant to say like "boo to us" or something similar

gettin that indie cred

"We are Boo" You literally just said this TP, come on.

How's you been?

Ohey it's T


yeah sorry i'm high

pretty high


please don't call me that

I'm doing alright, I guess.
Mostly just the usual, y'know?

the usual really aint that bad

it was kinda crazy. i was so busy today i didn't even realize it was friday the 13th until lunch

wish i never realized

Same in Phoenix. people are too stupid for any of that.


P ?



Son of a gun. It's Friday the 13th.

I kinda lost track of that.

i wanna see!

Discord being reset reee

my discord is acting fine??

yeah man i have a hard enough time watching for weaving revamped sports cars, let alone motorbikes

npr has really been on top of the scene lately

if it's one or the other, i'll take P

there's a dude with the last name starting with T at work

and everyone calls him T

i don't want to be as fat as him ;;


u lyin

what the fuck discord

try sending a message

How's Teeps?

Ctrl + R, should fix the notifications that remain, it's the quick command for Refresh.

hello discord friends :)


need to get beer though

be back in a jiff!

I'm not bothered.
Good luck and Bad luck are the same thing, and spooks in general leave me alone.

A bird?

Those guys are fucking gay as fuck.

i can use it all! ^_^
it working.

i did.
and it went thru just fine as usual

it was broke when you said that reeee

I dont know how.

It's Kass.

What about Phil ?

Whats kass?

when you finish the game
you can go to your match history in client
and open the replay

and record the penta using the record button in the replay
and post the webm here! ^_^

ez pz


super hoonorable!

Oh, stay safe!

Luka. It's not a webm file.

yeah i have no reason to be be weary of friday the 13th, nothing ever happens

but maybe that's BECAUSE i'm so weary

it's weird, my number in little league was 13

by choice

they're so predictable

expect them to cut in front of you

it makes everything easier

dox'ing is






dude it's really nice out

not sure why i brought my coat

probably cause i had all my carry in there from this morning when it was chilly

does anyone elses netlix have a glitch with certain shows where if you try to resume after paused for awhile, it starts from the beginning of the ep?

this is such a frustrating issue for me atm

hmm odd

they are showing up as webms for me

It's been cold here every morning, so I've resorted to wearing long wool socks under jeans and wearing a t-shirt, hoodie and a parka jacket to work.
Not to mention it has been raining everyday except for Friday.
I always wear the same jacket because I have my keys in the pocket all the time.


it's been like 15 to 21 lately (which is still above the average)

we were still hitting like high 20s a few weeks ago

fucking why don't we just stop driving everywhere lol

it makes no sense

we should work close to where we live

worst generation ever


Like celsius?
Because if that's F, jebus.
We've been sitting at like 30-40F daily with just rain 24/7, it's actually raining currently.

shouldnt u be asleep

i like to pee in my kitchen sink

like, it's a deep sink that starts just under my under carriage

it's way better than trying to hit that low ass toilet

yeah i thought i would casually report my temps in superiour degrees

also that mid 30F rain/sleet shit is the fucking worst

people forget completely how to drive in that


Not the first time someone called you that publicly though.

yeah it's been so long i totally forgot who first dropped my irl name in thread

probably me

or grim

or darbear

I vote Dewdong

Neat-o, I was wondering like "Wtf, Teeps moved to Alaska?"

I hate that during fall and sping, especially when it's raining that stuff and windshield is full of it.

where has he been anyways

probably doing some important business

yeah there's nothing really worse when you have to chip out your windows and you didn't really allot time for it

Molesting underage boys.

it really fucking sucks that beck is a scientologist lol

And you're supposed to hook up the car for heating during the morning before leaving, like, no, I'm not going to wake up so early.

whatever his job is, historically it takes him for months on end absences

not saying his job isn't flying to singapore and selling underage boy ass

that is entirely possible

what is this sorcery

Got to do it when it reaches like 14F or lower, hook it up to the power grid so it starts heating itself an hour or two before initial driving.
Thought it was common-ish there too.

oh like an engine block heater?

we don't quite hit those norse temps

windchill maybe sub 40F with windchill

Thailand, not singapore

lol pussies

even my 94 volvo would start most of the time when it was above 0

Yeah, also works magic in the insides for the windshield.
Sometimes it gets like -31F here.

i forget where the best boy toys are srry

Volvo is a Swedish brand though, and they're built like tanks really.

i was looking into those when i was trying to desperately keep my volvo alive

but it's not like i could stretch an extension cord from my apartment window

it was really painful to let her go

i got so much life out of her than i should have

man i miss that ho

fuck 140,000 isn't bad

if the engine is good volvos can run forever

mine had too many leaks

actually it was at like 180k

*pours one out*

i miss you red

Yeah, people just generally use outlets at the sides of their houses or those external ones they build on poles at parking lots here.
I still miss the old Soviet Lada Samara my grandparents had, despite it having an awful AC during summers.



isn't it weird that your starter cars are sometimes the best

i had an 87 cutlass supreme that i had to exit from the passenger side door

i had a 96 nissan sentra that would whip around corners

sometimes the driver's side window would sperg out

but i loved that little sky blue beauty too







y u gotta hurt ;-;


how you been love?

At least they're reliable despite being awful thingamajigs.
That Cutlass seemed pretty classy though, no?

How's cup-cup?

Sup party people


gay. hbu?

not drunk. should fix that.
how's sd?

Hi how you guys doing?

that was my actual first car

it wasn't even mine

it was my brother's and i was driving it on dirty insurance lol

good times

hi based colbert

I speak collectively for all of us.

we're okay.

kinda remembering how good radiohead is

then like remembering how you have to really high to get into these shows

got a weird error with my image

That's good.

radiohead is fucking awesome. that is correct.

Is it time to Friday?

okay luka.

isn't it just?

I like your choice of character.

Thanks! Her name is kiki. From Kiki's Delivery Service.

Alright-ish, how's Colbs?

A bit drunk, or well, quite a bit, but soon more.
Otherwise just a very boring long week.

I haven't really had anything to call my own as the taxes are high as hell here and you need to pay like ~800€ a year for your car. ~950$ insurance for a year.

Haha I got you now

Ohey Ian is here

i think my 2nd best show i went to was in grant park for kid a

let's take it a step further

let's friday the 13th

all my cars have been bought off family

fuck that car shopping noise

I am aware. she's a very cute character.

sounds about right. drink lots to fix it.

I'll ignore you now for this insolence.

I've never been to one of their shows, but I'm not much for concerts or going out or doing things, really.

actually i bought the volvo off our family mechanic

oh me neither anymore

it would take a lot to get me to a show these days

this was back when i cared

Yeah, and bureaucracy here requires you to fill in multiple forms, which is dumb as hell.
Besides a car without insurance is illegal here.

Are you doing it?

I've never really been the "going out" type. and it only gets stronger every year.

drinking? yes, ofc.

Or am I?

What does that entail exactly?

No pls no I'm sorry

r e k t

Ah, not feeling too well?

Whoops, missed you

Good, it's the weekend

I'm fine. just not enough alcohol in my system.

better believe we have ridiculous fees for transferring titles

i bet your dmv's are way more pleasant tho

you would get coffee with me though?


if i just happened to be in texas or whatever backwards place you live

you're seeing it really lol

I don't like coffee, can I get a hot cocoa?

I'm not in texas. come on now.

I'm in arizona.
it's much worse.

I was about to comment about it, but then I felt like I would be annoying if I did.
Same, drinking now, or still at the point of no money?

Perhaps you should fix that then.

It's really a bureaucratic hell like everything else here, which annoys me a lot.


oh shit new st vincent




the truth hurts.

it was just a joke.

So basically just the normal Friday?

I'll be annoying for you then

I got paid today and am drinking



I haven't capped the kitty episode yet. this is the only cat of her I have so far.


Oh, nice, I got paid a week and half ago, got a bit till next pay though.

How dare you...

hot cocoa is cool i guess

i mean we could chill in a park and just people watch or something

glad to know that even in the norse wonderland

transferring titles is

a pain


you still dating ghoster?

u better be

do something about it nerd. u won't.

it's so hot here man. it would be torture. let's just watch netflix. they have people on there sometimes.

Yeah, I got a physical check at work today. Direct deposit to the bank starting next pay period 2 weeks from now

I was never dating Ghoster, nor will I ever

wat do?

netflix has been so frustrating lately

i've been rewatching freaks and geeks

linda cardelini is a goddess

definitely top 10 crushes


did you even kiss?

that's what I thought. punk ass bitch.

freaks and geeks is pretty great. shame it got canceled. good shows die young.

No dude

You're literally the only person that thinks anything happened or is happening between us

I have other names for you but you might get uppity if I say them.

lol colby dated ghostie so hard

make more cute pics~


Steven Colbert, i miss that show. Sad it got cancelled.

Fuck you.


I don't make them I just crop them.

nope. no means no, speccy.

scarey crop!!!

it's really great that netflix didn't try to revamp it 30 years later lol

soto gave me an i donno probably

hey don't be rude. she's beautiful.

well all the kids grew up big time so it wouldn't have worked.

in my mind i lost a lot of respect for colbert when i thought he was nailing ghosters on the reg


martin starr


It always is, bureaucracy is hell anywhere you go.

I am sorry!

Getting paid for that though?
I got paid for all medical examinations and training to be honest.

ur a starr baby

he still does but u didn't hear that from me

natural beauty


Overdue for New thread.






he kept on saying

he lives 5 min away

why wouldn't i chill

that meant that he was boning ghosters hard

Varien like...
our Varien?

Wow for most of the boards I've been on Holla Forums, this one is really active, I think I'll stay for a while.

Aight, well go to the next there, we'll see you there.

cool have fun switch to the new thread

Lets see if i can post in this thread