Ancient autistic secret, eh?

ancient autistic secret, eh?

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how was morning fap


Haven't been there yet.
Good morning to you too




Good evening.
Been enjoying your day?

Things will get better around Friday I hope.

Something the matter?

i woke up just as the sun set so its going great

Rough times. They'll pass.

Need more sun!

I hope so. Hope the weekend will help some too

Thanks bud.

Got class today?

Yeah, in little over an hour. Gonna sleep soon?

I'll be up all night, I feel. I have a lot on my mind.

Aww ;-;
But you still need rest..

sorry had to take a shower

how are you?

They're necessary too~
I'm alright, recently woke up.
Feeling well yourself?

me too

hi Nezi

i was half awake in the blistering heat for 5 minutes tho thats more than enough

I guess so.
Slept well?

watashi wa daijoubu~

had a good shift, ate a chicken caesar salad, and now I'm home

just really sleepy

how's denmark treating you?

hello kiss shot, what's up?

I am demonstrating my poor communication skills in other places.

Sounds like a somewhat light meal.
Good you had a good day~
Go to bed then, 1am is late too!
It's alright, I can't complain


least relax some..

just browsing the net and learning japaneeeeeeese

yeah I'm honestly gonna pass out soon, I went to bed at like 8am or something last night and was in a terrible mood

what do you think about all the shootings going on in the U.S.? Vegas one was pretty bad

How are you learning Japanese? Sounds difficult.

maybe ill nap for a little and eat some food

apparently people were cutting a tree down or something and i was asleep the whole time

Hu go bed

That's way too late too!
It was bad but there've been worse. I wouldn't call it "all the shootings" either, unless a lot of them aren't covered which could well be the case. There has been many here too the past few weeks.

Don't eat too much before sleep

Glad you slept through it.

No, you go to bed. I should get out of bed actually

what do you post from in bed?




well I'm finding and thinking of words that I want to learn and that are useful in typical conversations, finding the translated words, and then adding them to my flashcards

I wonder if better mental health care would result in less shootings

Wouldn't it be better to learn how to conjugate and do sentence structure instead of just pure phrasal memorization?

dont fry your balls off!

Doubt it. Many of the shootings here are due to drug trades and troubles between gangs, and for these bigger shootings, the guilty might well be mentally stable.
Like Breivik, who killed 77.

that's what people keep telling me
and that's how I learned spanish in school

and you know what?
I can't speak any spanish

of what I learned, I've completely forgotten almost all of the grammar, yet I haven't forgotten most of the words.

it would take a lot longer to explain, but basically I feel like it's easier to speak a language with poor grammar and then fix the grammar, versus learning grammar that you can't even apply because you don't know enough words to actually speak it

what do?

scaryloud storm

Oh, is it working again?

No one was posting; posting wasn't done.


ded community

Severed head of eccentric Jeremy Bentham to go on display as scientists test DNA to see if he was autistic


I love this too much to not save it.

again but with death metal



Didn't expect to see you here

You can have this again.

Oh shit it's my boi cuckwork

I am an angel of death, carrying furry on my wings.

Confirmed furry

Wait not.. I fucked that up.

Can't be undone





yee das coo



yay sushi on friday

I prefer to lick my fish.

imma eat a jar of fish now!


3:41 am


im hungry

Go eat. I'm going to be in game with some of my IRL friends.

win those game!

whats a jar of fish? is it pickled or something?

really gets my mind awake though

Don't worry, i'm back.

its fish in a jar

do you slurp it out without utensils


i eat it with a fork


it;'s still here

it would probably taste better if you take straight to the mouth


the fish

its not whole


oi cunts it's like 7 a.m wheres the morning crew

Found this adorable picture of a dog wearing a hat on the internnet today

But its only 5am

but mom all the cool stuff happens at night.

in the wilderness you cant have these luxuries when its all about survival. you need as much protein as you can get.
Relapse rate section is best
bed time finally though

wow what a coincidence
they say cum is very high in protein and haha
in the wilderness you know i guess you can't have any luxuries

holy shit what is this and why is it so relatable

Skaven are the funnest

Dark elfs are pirates


haha yes I wonder what breed it is

Hey, how goes?


there's a scary storm outside and my body is creaky and sore

how are you feeling today?

awoo kind

that would be a net loss of protein. in the wilderness that is

Kinda lonely, I woke up cuddling my blanket all balled up in my arms.

for me........but I'm willing to make the sacrifice........

Fuck that's a feel too real


hihi autism chan how are you feeling this morning

if you're gonna sacrifice yourself might as well let me chop you up and make some stew

Also, I couldn't get to sleep until close to midnight, even though I passed out cold for like 10 minutes at like 10:00.

Sleepy, how are you?

if you did that, You'd only be able to get so many calories from my body that is now gone
and eating human meat leads to diseases like kuru that can be debillitating.

as opposed to leaving me alive and intaking my cum daily twice or 3 times a day which is a theoretically endless supply

Who knows how long we'lll be stuck in the wilderness........

What time do you normally go to bed?

in the wilderness you have to make the most of your energy as soon as you get stranded. if you continue to do nothing the chances of rescue and survival dwindles.The body's meat will provide way more calories than cum ever would. Just having meat in your mouth can really up your moral and raise your chances of survival. If you are in a life and death situation you dont have time to be worrying about diseases you just gotta get out of the situation you are stuck in.

this just in Feku is basically the emmbodiment of the Donner Party

wuts dat sounds cool

Basically there was a team of explorers trying to cross some mountains in America before it was modernized and civilized and

they ran out of food in the freezing cold and decided to eat each other
and like a day or two later they were saved the ones who were left

Human meat - assuming it's cooked properly - is no more dangerous than any other animal, IIRC.

Raw, though, it's way worse.

im too lazy to read tell me if they chose to kill eachother off or if they died



asking if they died off or if they brutally murdered eachother

They ate eachother

2 or 3 peopele survived and
were resccued

the next day or 2 after
Idk how to make this any simpler

or wait for them to die

He's asking if the people they ate died on their own or were murdered to be eaten


well yeah they kiled them of course that's the big reason it got so famous

If they wouldn't have killed half their team they probably all would have made it through the next day

they were on like their 4th or5th day without food, nearing the end but would have made it

hope it sells somewhat quickly. Wish there was more to salvage from my old computer but the mobo is fried, the disk reader and hard drive are going into the next computer. the PSU either has a fried connector or the mobo has a fried connector, no means to test, but my PSU was hooked up to the graphics card with the same kind of cord so I'm hoping it's JUST the mobo or PSU that has a fried connector and not my GTX 1060 as well

why am I talking to myself about computer in an anime circlejerk board?


Only the one stick?

hey you know what Rin I'm saying this shit from what I remember learning about in 6th grade
get fucked

one 8GB DDR3-1600 and one 4GB DDR3-(not sure, probably 1600)

I was just amused is all, sorry.

My techie friend says you shouldn't mix and match RAM.

I learned this after I already had both and I noticed really no difference between having the 4gb stick in or out

rural american history is the most interesting useless


yeah Americans are fucking savges

Finally no more JSON.parse(...).responseText is undefined errors

[JSON.parse(...).responseText is undefined error]

p-pls no



Feku, stop fapping

im vidya rn

Jerking it is the best vidya

joystick not involved

my left sock slid off halfway through the ankle and I'm feeling like a dirty bitch becuase I don't mind showing it off

how boring


Everyone go the fuck back to bed.


dat pic *nut*

Not without you

Ain't she cute~

You're not allowed.

but why?

Beds full.

Full of you?

*whip noise*
heh... wow... you are sooo whipped. *smirks*


Found a picture of luka interacting with ban in the threads on /animu/

inb4 Ikt

also inb4 ikt


I exist in it



I didn't know you were that fat


bard is bullying me

its a well kept secret

kick his ass

she was asking for it

That's alright, curves are nice

make him full of you

Are you picturing yourself in his place?



nope currently picturing anime girls with thin pieces of cloth veiling them

tfw ikt


I bet you're into fat guys.

Punch him in the dick


I don't think so

my pi has trouble loading and serving large loads ;_;

Isn't that natural when you're a skeleton?

i think im gonna go for a 2 hour edge today. wish me luck. also brb fap

I've been thinking for a while and..........I think its' time we got the dog neutered...........

why violence

idk if my network can't handle simultanous up/downs

Down is like 150mbit
Up is like 15mbit

Become less of one.

Its how you make him stop

it's true
if you don't stand up to me I'll just eat you

I bet you can't even edge half of that

Could be why. It's a possibility

Okay, see you in 10 years

You're a possibility.

don't talk to me again unless you're over 500 pounds.

he said lewd vore thingy tho ;~;

Maybe, but a very, very bad one

I'm not your bodyguard.

time for overclock

I'm going to eat you luka

why not? :(

Im gonna go for a1 hour edge brb fap

Won't do much if your network is the bottleneck, but I guess it's one way to find out

Doubt you can

I'll boost your league account to diamond for 500 dollars.

even though I just woke up from an 9 hour sleep 3 hours ago I'm already tired again

Luka I want to feel you rumbling around inside my tummy hehe

Nope I'll prevail

You won't succeed~

It uploads and downloads not consistently.

Im getting a variety of porn beforehand

Oh, a little overclock may help then

lol needing porn


sounds dangerous!

It didn't help much. Less, but longer pause/


Sounds like money to me.





Lower the cap on the filesize

Then it's useless.

I try to get to bed by 9:30, and phone off and asleep by 10:00, sometimes just past 10.

That's not TOO bad
what time doo you go in to work at

Then buy a server. There's not much else you can do, is there?

i want money!



Just trying to get the mostest out of my pie

I get up a 4am, 4:15most days
Gotta be clocked in by 500.

Install OpenELEC on it and connect it to your TV to turn it into a SmartTV that rivals everything else on the market

maybe another pi

I bet

Not getting it from me

oh yeah well that fucking SUCKS
not on the morning shift by coice are ya



I could never find the right way to tell you
Have you noticed I've been gone
'Cause I left behind the home that you made me
But I will carry it along

Mmm it's a long way forward so trust in me
I'll give them shelter like you've done for me
And I know I'm not alone you'll be watching over us
Until you're gone

When I'm older I'll be silent beside you
I know words won't be enough
And they won't need to know our names or our faces
But they will carry on for us

Mmm it's a long way forward so trust in me
I'll give them shelter like you've done for me
And I know I'm not alone, you'll be watching over use
Until you're gone

Oh it's a long way forward, trust in me
I'll give them shelter like you've done for me
And I know I'm not alone, you'll be watching over use
Until... ...

Why do you think you deserve my money ?

Best Hachikuji is Courage to Tell a Lie

smakelijk eten btw

Telling a lie sure is brave.

Shes a hero.

Rolled 2 (1d3)Music for study

1 - Courage to Tell a Lie 10 hrs
2 - Touhou Midis
3 - Touhou Remixes


I'm home alone so I'm just getting rid of all the leftovers~
But thanks bby, you too when you go get some

At the end of the day that roll is getting ignored because I realized what I wanted to listen to the second I clicked reply.

ur rich! :O

Thats not a reason for me to give you the money I made.

No, once they hire me in I'll likely be bumped to afternoons though, if I stay long enough to be hired in.

you have more than you could ever imagine!!

Make your own money. Lazy


Give me your Lunch money lUka

it didnt work :(
no one wanted me


Fuck I hate bash scripting

Kakewo's Secret?

Have to look up literally everything

The cover almost made me cum and i started drooling halfway in

Its your fault.


not even i can't even simply copy and make symlinks

well copying works fine but symlinks no

Yoomoo is not for lewd.

Heading off, dewa.

Dewa goes first

holy fuck that sob just about got a train ran on him

I believe -S needs to be capitalized
ln -S Source Dest


oh, that's for files, not directories..

ln -s nameOfLink /Destination/To/Source/Directory

Btw i started at 459 and finished at 605 so i did succeed


The settled time was changed!!!
Besides i need to finish up and eat

You do it wrong and won't accept help.

Enjoy your "meal"


So im sitting in a tub of water with cum dissolved in it and totally forgot and accidentally drank a handful

Why would you drink the water you've been bathing in? You just swallowed water which a nude dude has been sitting in, that's gay as fuck!

My bath water is usually clean because i shower first

He's making cum soup

only a savage drinks raw semen

Drinking your own bath water is vile.


Yall just a bunch of sheltered pussies. A real survivalist wouldnt waste perfectly clean wated

You still had water which had a cock resting in it, faggot. Can't get around that.
Even worse, it had cum in it too. You're far more gay than me!

Oh yeah!

It was extremely diluted! Idk how much liters are in an average bath tub but it has to be atleast 50

You're pretty much drinking ass water and dead skin mixed with cum and sweat

Might ass well shove your fingers in your ass and then suck on them


nigga thats nasty

Still gay as hell

id drink that over a still lake anyday. its not even comparable to eating your own ass

well you probably drank water that a man showered with at some point



pls help

and i probably drank water a women showered in so im straight as hell

youd probably drink my cum water too if you went a day or two without fluids


Same! Straights 4 lyfe

lol ur straight rekt

nah, I'm """bi"""

apparently this work

Fucking Bash, man

No wonder Linux will never take off for the generic consumer.

As if powershell or CMD is any better

that's worse but at least no mortal soul has needed to touch it


No mortal soul really need to touch Bash-scripting either~


No because they don't know what Linux is but if they wanted to get their install up and running fine they'd probably need to fiddle with it or at least some .rc file

lee muthaFUCKIN Syatt

9/11 was a national tragedy

I didn't on my desktop




elon musk got big


but .bashrc and a bunch of random scripts to set up random things


Nope, don't have such. .bashrc is the default one too



Every time

He looks so fucking high and confused lmao

wowie and you dev on that thing?

I mostly use my laptop for that


Should I apply at the new amazon warehouse near me?
$17 an hour sounds pretty nice.


cute lappy :3


i wanna be this pro


it's a guy explaining some nice reverse engineering!

i wish there were courses/classes for this :c

If they put you in picking, or stocking rip you unless you're really physically ready.

If by some chance you get docks, packing, or by some miracle lift op. go for it, it's even higher pay.

t. worked at Amazon two years ago, was hell for a while working 11 hour shifts and walking that whole goddamn warehouse floor.

i saw once an inside look at how those work and they had the employees on stopwatches getting orders ready in under a minute

literally running everywhere all day

Reverse Engineering is more often illegal than legal, it makes sense nobody really teaches it

why the fuck would we need to learn how a piece of shit outdated program like rhapsody works for model driven design but not how to reverse engineer stuff and learn to use a real debugger

It's a must for interoperability and we all know documentation for legacy products either does not exist or is shit and the original author just disappeared from the surface of the earth.

DRM should be illegal.

fuck that shit


Just develop everything publicly and release the source code under the GPL or MIT~
Let those who can and want write the documentation



videos about social status, or how to gain a social advantage, are consistently some of the videos with the highest views on the internet

dat Megumin tho

RIP Fortune

also videos of food and cute things

I think it's because these things don't require a specific demographic, or even a specific language, to get

Nobody wants!

This reminds me I should document my opencv assignment mess.

False accusation!

they are beat by nerf guns spiderman and elsa

"They feel quite empowered watching these characters because they know how these characters think and work," Orlando explained of Elsa and Spiderman's appeal. "This is why children like to see movies over and over again or read the same book many times. This sense of predictability and familiarity is very appealing."

But it's happening!

Doxygen, go!


ur name reminds me of a tushy~

Nobody wants to even look at my code


Nobody is interested in my code either









what is the code for?