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Nope, no onions


I don't know, now I'm just messing with you really.

Scathach is :100: :fire:

Some people could hate certain things with a passion, but if Blizzard does it, it's okay.
Such as requiring you to pay for permission to watch their streams

That is much better, if they got a vag, that is

Yeesh, if I wanted to be lewd, I'd go into the YoumuxReisen folder.

Pretty sure she has one~

Aaand yeah they do get a lot of get out of jail free cards. It is pretty stupid.

You are not wrong!

Please do.

I don't actually have a YoumuxReisen folder.

Then all is well~

They do, don't they?
Oh well, can't play their games anyway.

You tease!

Oooh? Why not?

DRM that doesn't really play too well with Wine

That's why Windows is better.

Nope, this gives me a legit excuse why I won't join people in playing these kind of games

Ah, yeah that would be a fair reason not to be able to.

GTA is love
GTA is live

Runescape best anyway~

You misspelled OSRS


Never touched it.


I bet you never played Adventure Quest either

what's that


this is superior

Blizzard isn't a high bar to get over though. x3

It's not lewd if I'm your trapfriend ???


Official Vanilla WoW servers when?


nice brown loli


what indeed~

Never, the private server cry babies ruined that possibility. They had a chance but because blizz was too busy making the new expansion at the time and releasing it? The babies threw a fit and released the code publicly.

gross i bet you would like ais

why are they so scarce yet so good

Don't see how that would prevent them from doing it now. Seeing they have to keep shutting down private servers, there's obviously a demand for it, they can keep using the same excuse "b-but it'll just ruin people's nostalgia!"
Dumb fucks

No idea. What's an ais?

They are good because they are scarce.


I've played it a fair bit, although it's been a while now :^)


I just realized my account is 13 years as of today, what the hell man

Great game :3

Are there a way to reset stats?

the opposite of a brown loli

just like little sisters of lolis

They were going to do it and got fucked over by the biggest private server group. As such they are likely far too salty now.

They don't need the extra cash from vanilla servers so a small reason like spite is enough to just say "Protecting our IP."

Trust me, I don't agree with their stupidity but that group fucked it all over by trying to throw a childish tantrum, because it wasn't happening fast enough for them.

RPGs are for nerds.

Trying to understand
something I made a year ago.

There's a line where it starts to get too creepy.


Good luck.

Sorry, I probably won't be able to help.


Holy shit Resharper is so fucking expensive what

Oh that was a video.

So a white manly man?

Small? I honestly don't think it really is that "small".
Eh, from my understanding, they never wanted to do anything in the first place regardless, so someone else who had the means, had to do something.

Watch the vid, I just showed you where to do it~
Pick the stat, then lose the fight



Yeah, but you're a nerd!


Time to die, then click Death's hourglass and go through the spinning purple portals to find him. He's one of a few random events

In what way do you require assistance?

How my input logic handling magic works.

you lost me

Is her need to explosion every day a metaphor for masturbation addiction?


They didn't but they were looking into it after they originally shut down the one that would later throw a tantrum.

And the amount of money they'd get is veeeery small in comparison to what current wow nets them as well as HS, Hots and OW.

No, she's a cum addict.

She just needs the dick

well, rip ;-;

Maybe from all of them, but for current WoW, I'm not so sure

I'm certain. I highly doubt they could manage to get more than a million people playing the vanilla version.

That number is being generous too. I'd actually guess at best 500-700k. Where as they have wwell over the original number by far in active subscriptions to the current game.

Plus then they have to pay more for the servers for said version of the game to handle that many people. The man power to moderate it to some degree and fix any problems that might arise~

i thought you were a true comrade

sure except but its a woman with big breast

I guess that's why the MC is so heavily involved in supporting the addiction, but it can only manifest as explosion memes because Megumin being a cum addict would be heresy by anime standards

Really makes u think

Real spoiler about the manga or light novel or whatever: I heard she's the one he waifus

Oh right, I have evidence that supports that theory

in my mod i switch over to a steering wheel or not depending based on inputs from devices but it's a complete clusterfuck that magically works and now I need to force it to always detect/use a specific input for display purposes even if it hasn't been the active device

loli is not for rape


It's a conspiracy! Also pets please, nyan~

cant rape what doesnt exist. :(

I guess we'll just never know~

That's not the opposite! Still female

I mean... Can you really blame her?

How would you go about using a specific input device if it's not plugged into the system? You'd have to listen to one specific port where you expect this device to be plugged into, but that's hardly a good solution when multiple people use it

-pets your hair-

Are you turning this into a discussion about cocks?

uh.. no, not at all!

I truly hope they do. I never got to experience vanilla wow, I kinda want to but refuse to play on servers that'll just get shut down shortly after. ;-;

sorry i didnt think about it logically from a gay perspective

comfy and movies kinda day

I'm using the DirectInput API for this yo, just need to take care of GUIDs but I already had a headache a year ago so I don't need to think about all that now.

Hmmm, actually I should just re-initialize the whole script after wheel input has been configured.

Sounds like a good day!

I have to require you to say the same thing Eva says if you want pets or else it wouldn't be fair

And yeah cocks are nice

How u

smonk weed

Same. Started playing right after Burning Crusade, but would like to see how Vanilla was. Probably not too different from that.
I don't know anyone who plays "real WoW" actually, but do know about 5 who play on private servers. I mean, if I know five people in person who play on private servers running old builds, I'm absolutely positive the market is quite huge.

Why? Why not Xinput?

w-wow! ;-;

Can't argue withh that

It's been fun and relaxing so far, how have you been eba?

I'm doing it!!!!!!!!

Which track is he referring to?

You just have to meow and say please

I remember someone told me you're fascist

What historical dictator do you most want to fuck you?


Do you think weed is what makes us gay?

I try to be an moderator in my discord and get ikt to follow the rules and he just pets me...

It kind of reminds me of some Delfino Plaza track from one of the DS ones

Nah, am no cat.

That all depends on whom you asked. Some would say anyone who's right of Marx is a fascist!


Steering wheels are DirectInput. Additionally Xinput only supports a few buttons and 4 controllers, so you can't run multiple-devices-as-one-set-of-controls as well as DirectInput.

The API might be horrible but at least it isn't a castrated piece of shit like Xinput nor is it locked to that awful forced UWP platform like the new input classes for Windows 10.

I do also use Xinput for capturing controller input though I have a fallback to the native game controls if somebody sets up their ps3 controller or something

I'm doing decent, yourself~? :3

I know maaaany but that's cause I on and off play it too. Not nearly as much as I used to.

In fact I used to be in a guild with a bunch of people from these threads. Back in uh... Cata, late Cata yeah~

Ups and downs, how about you qt~?

Actually I made an amazing piece of software all on my own with less than zero knowledge.

for me it probably exacerbated my existing gayness

lol why can't you guys all get a long and just use 1 discord ;;

You better not cause me to get a nosebleed and get blood on my keyboard

what's wrong with petting

*Pets u*

Nothing wrong with petting.
I kind of like it.

Rules are important ;;

I originally had mine just as a thing to test features in relative privacy, but then I started just giving the link to random friends and telling them to do whatever they wanted with it.
No one has.
It depresses me.

How the heck would I do that ???

lol Microsoft. What a terrible OS.
I've never played with any of this though, I've no idea how to go about this

fucking disgusting. I dropped it and never looked back shortly after the release of that mess.


Pretty good

Oh you're yet another person who smokes weed and has very gay tendencies

The evidence just keeps adding up

My existing gayness is usually low level but weed seems to give me the ability to multiply it many times over

I'm always gayer during weed phases of my life

Nothing, Rin is just criminally kawaii

So is petting~

It was all I knew. :c

Don't blame me...

Evidence towards~?

Sorry, missed that

What would you call yourself? ^^

By being too cute


Weed makes people gay




I was wondering what that thumbnail image was

I don't really remember saving half of my Megumin-related content

That was supposed to be read as "scary" but that's the only word I know for scary.

I'm scary tho.

You really missed you.. I'm sorry

A reasonable human being with deep concerns about the future of western civilization and each of our countries identity.

Found Sir Pwnsalot yet?

Does that work for Steering wheels too?
Really not sure how well steering wheels work, but controllers always just werked right out the box

No you're just a rude girl sometimes

Oh, it's ambiguous, and Google's being dumb to me.


savage ;;

I joined bans discord but no one talks in it

me too fam

weed increases the gayness

I was into guys before that addition, however there likely is a connection~

You are too cute, Ikt. ^^

I know... Well, here's hoping for vanilla servers one day! Maybe then I can play with Hu too!

No one really talks in mine either.

Yeah, should work fine. Controllers are easy to support as you generally just hard-code shit and don't remap them, but literally every button has to be configurable/assignable for wheels, there are dozens of new and old wheels with or without stuff like flappy pedals, h-box shifters, hydraulic handbrakes, and there's also the need for precise feedback (instead of some simple rumble). Wheels are just more to keep in mind, less so radically different on api-level. It does boil down to a few axes and a bunch of buttons.

You're welcome~
Shame you can only untrain five points per round, but at least it's free

Big if, lol.
If they do, perhaps wine will work just fine too. It did use to after all.
And wow, lewd pic and hot

So would you take Trump's cock?

I'm a nihilist so I just want to be fucked by the active manifestation of nothingness

"Me is fear there yo"

no, only cute

I've been pretty subby lately too

I think it's been balancing me out

Are you still addicted?

Weed actually is more addicting than cigarettes to me; I don't know why everyone cries about those being hard to quit

They were pretty easy

Shame you can only train 5 points per round

I will hope! It is the best I can do. Aside from somehow get rich as heckles, buy them out and force it~

Not as hot as all your Hestia pics.

Wow, is that what Google said?

That's funny.

thanksmfor link qt

oh wow that's so lewd ;;


Sounds like you really do need to hardcode every single one of them, or at the very least, use a fallback to a more simpler wheel.
Though I thought the driver took care of all of this in the first place, and then the user had to map the buttons as they saw fit.

Nah, I already got a cock.

wow, nazi

That too, lol

Lol, that seems highly unlikely, no offense~
Hey, Hestia is for porn it seems.
50% of it is lewd, the rest is straight up porn.
I guess you can thank Speccy for that, lol

I did support Trump basically for fun though

If he causes North Korea to nuke us, I'm not apologizing

I seem to binge and then quit

Yeah ^^

Kind of reminded me of Neru a bit

Probably the "yo"

You're calling your normal mode lewd, then

It would still be better than having to see/hear Hillary Clinton regularly

Nothing will happen, lol

You have a bf? :3

Evil is a meme

No offense taken at all. I doubt I'd become moderately rich, let alone the crazy rich it would take to buy out Blizzard.

Hestia is for very lewd. Also are you from the pony threads? Is that why the Hu-pony part of your trip?

On cu- Oh you meant on weed, okies~

I made a terrible mistake, pls forgive

You don't know me!!!!!!!

North Korea is a failing country

I wonder what they'll do when they get more backed into a corner

It's probably because I wrote it vertically but you translated it horizontally.

But it probably wouldn't have read it right anyway.
"I'm scary." is what it says.

A grave mistake for which the punishment is giving me pets.


HRtP had such good music.

Why does everyone keep bringing up gay things with me

I know that because I've known you in a more archaic sense of the word "know"

I figured that's what it was, or something like that x3

Yeah, is just a shame I wasn't born a girl.

Don't think a single person who did become rich enough to buy them, would have an interest in it.

She is!
Yes and no. Not the ones on 4chan /trash/. The one from Holla Forums that moved to /mlp/ in late 2011, then to ponychan, then to mlpchan and then to ponychan when the two merged back together. But yep, that's the reason

Keep working on their nuclear programs. Can't really do anything else at this point

nah just make it user-configurable

Definitely the best option, so long you keep some sane defaults

*double pets*

this is getting too lewd!

Cause you are gay too?

What did you post back in those threads then? I somehow doubt they'd take well to you posting animu girls~

I hate jews too, but that's just for fun, not because I think they're "evil"

You can admit you just hate things because you feel like it and they go against things you like

I think if anything NK will do some amount of damage to the US (not too much) and then get fucked hard

Defaults are unassigned.

I think I didn't have any reports for this issue since the last update anyway, so this version is golden then.

You like lewd


Does it work like that

Is it bad if I legitimately want to contact ZUN and ask him if he minds if I use th music as my break/prestream/poststream soundtrack?

Basically the most exacting way I could say it.
Not even a desu in that.
Or a ne.



I put that one into google and it told me that kowai should have been kirai and that I was saying "I'm not scared." which is kind of not really right.

yeh ;;

you stream video games rin?!

Various ponies. I've been posting Luna almost exclusively close to three years now, at least before I came here.
And nah, wouldn't post anime there, just like I won't post ponies here.
Pony for ponychan, anime for /animu/

Shame, jews don't deserve sympathy~

Not sure they're mad enough to do that

I suppose that's more sane than turning right on the steering wheel is hitting the gas, and turning left would be deacceleration.
Maybe, or they never checked the new version?

Very very rarely but I realized earlier today that I can stream PC-98 as well as I can Gameboy Advanced, and that I could probably do super Nintendo as well.

My internet isn't very good, you see.

It does. It does.

Plus you've had a lot of guys as people you considered pets or whatever here. ;3

Luna is a great choice. Good on you Hu!

Good taste regardless of where you are.

I confused ZUN with Zone for like 10 seconds just now

That's what it translated as for me

-pets your hair- :3

Sure holocaust all the jews, I don't care

Like I said, as NK goes to shit more, it'll get more desperate and have less to lose, but I don't know


Time to test my changes, disabled some checks.



The intended reading is "I'm not scary at all." with a tone of seeking agreement.

Rip rins internet

What games do u like to stream when u do?

*nips your hand*

grrrrr ;;

She's the cutest after all~

Second time's the charm.
I suppose, but what would even happen if they stopped their program right now? The other countries wouldn't just stop the sanction on them and companies outside of NK wouldn't suddenly start buying their products either. There's no reason for them to stop, so might as well continue and make the world fear them

Best of luck!

ay gurl how u?

I agree then

Bad little girl

I just like playing games with others, and/or while chatting.

And it's the kind of thing where, like, in my mind it's something the streamer's opting to do with the viewers.

She truly is and pretty much any decent humanized drawing of her I've seen is always incredibly cute.

Do you still watch the show~?

Good. I just got back from getting my 2nd job. wew

"Whatchu doing online this early" got cut out. ERIOOOOOOO

It works :D No need to re-toggle things after configuration any more.

slide in my dms some time bae ;;

 sounds like you operate a nice n comfy stream

Pic related

Did I imply they'd stop?

Good job :3

Are you excited?

How am I to interpret this post

Your gf doesn't want you on the internet?

I have two whole followers.

Much of the art is pretty cute. A lot of stuff lately that has been done by MagnaLuna is pretty cute too.
Nah, I stopped after Season 2 aired 5 years ago. Haven't touched it since

Yay, great!

Pretty much, lol.

Nope, you didn't. But don't think they'll just nuke the world either.
They're better off with the world fearing them

There's one of those slang phrases that I've heard but never learned what it actually means

Is it from nigger twitter? They're responsible for the worst meme words

Like "thot"

What is that shit?

I'm saying their country is shit and is going down the pooper, so what might it do when it's almost dead by natural causes anyway?

Yes. I'm gonna get all the halloween stuffs. 30% off is p good imo.

wait what? no your sleep schedule is/was wack I thought so I thought it was weird to see you this early.

My gf lets me on the web lol wat

I'll follow you

it's from twitter yeah, it means send me a direct message :o

Haha, same point at which I stopped and never went back. Not even sure why I just sort of lost interest and didn't look back. x3

I'll look into MagnaLuna though!

When I start actively streaming, I kind of want to do a Touhou - Quest for Lunacy, and try to beat every game on Lunatic.

I'll install the niconico extension just to go full jp.

I was going to play HRtP but then I got distracted, and so I was idle on the title screen and only just now realized I was bouncing to the song.

Sounds like an interesting job ^^

Oh you meant you tried to post something that didn't go through

Sorry, I'm baked as fuck

I guess your gf doesn't strap-on fuck you to punish you for having too much computer time, then


Just realized I miss your post

Yeah I'm doing subby things now to balance out the masculine and feminine

Guess we'll just have to wait and see~

I just stayed to keep posting with the same people. Then everyone ran off to Discord and others went here, which is why I'm now here too, mostly because someone frequently asked me to post here

There are quite a few cute pics from him


I know I posted a meme from nigger twitter; I was being ironic

what discords u


yeah, it's just a seasonal gig for some pocket cash and discounted Schmalloween stuffs^^

Um, not specifically that reason, but I end up hogtied more often than you may think lol

I'm a bad kitty sometimes :(


I don't have Discord

do u do cam for your loyal viewers~?

I'm just tryna be cool and trendy ;;


How lewd~

I am glad they convinced you to post here, you're a delight to have around!

So would you or would you not take Hitler's cock?

u tried


what cute pics u

I tryyy.

I wanna smoke wit you.


I don't even have a camera and can't justify getting one until I have a desk.

when i was fapping earlier today i fell asleep and i couldnt continue

Hu is going to holocaust you for being a le degenerate

Why does everyweeb need to call everyone obviously lewd thing lewd

You can visit ^^

I like the aesthetics

You ever wanna do something lewd but then you decide to do your chores like a good girl instead?


Do your chores in lingirie obviously.

psshhh idc I dunno even know who that is

it never works out that for me ;;

No, I just did them normally because I'm a good girl and good girls aren't lewd. ^_^

crap i got a boner and sleepy from reminding myself of that

What a great nap

I don't think so

-hugs tightly-

This gay:



Magnum dongs

I'll be sure to if I ever see him. :3

Cause fug you. Also it's really more of an internet thing at this point, not just weebs.

welcome back to the waking world!

I can't be bullied norsemen or swedes it's impossibru

wow, fapping must really be boring

The aesthetics of his cock?

Naah. Doing lewds is a chore~

He does post here every day

Send me back

Hey, what exactly does everyone talk about here now? Or is it all just lewd talks and e-fucking and stuff?

Odd that I don't catch him that often then.

Fuck time zones~

Is there supposed to be topics?


W-wow... perve...

Reisen x Youmu is such a good ship though.

shitposting 24/7

It's a shame he only posts like 5-10 times a thread.

Nah, just pleasing your man like a good girl~

You're a good ship.

Have some Cthulhu metal, Spoilers


Saying that isn't going to taunt a viking into showing up and buttfucking you

Nazi symbolism and regalia and architecture

Cutie :3

It's not lewd if it's behind closed doors!

And I would if we had doors to close!

Y-you too...

Kawaii janaiyo.

Does he put a name on?

Thanks bae~



I was telling them to kiss each other

But that's fine too




It's much better than most "modern" architecture, for sure.

That's a good girl

Yep, last post from him was

The Illuminati is putting estrogen in the weed

Actually someone on /x/ said that weed plants are female so you're inhaling female essense

Pretty lewd thing to say overall

Shadman drew lucy.

No, but I don't even work with confidential information anymore and I still feel like I do nothing interesting or worth talking about.

Oh, I guess that's about accurate.

One time when I was a little kid, I was at a museum in Washington DC with my parents and there was a plane with a swastika on it

I didn't know what it was but I thought it looked cool, but I said so, and my parents kind of got mad and told me to be quiet


Ooooooooh, wow I didn't even notice the post. Weird.

One time when I was a little kid, I was Obersturmbannführer.

That's because you're Dutch

Aren't we just stupid?

It's a curse. He's been posting for years, and for many months here, yet for some reason, nobody knows who he is.
Poor dude

and shitposting is fun!

Could be worse, you could be known for stupid shit. Like me~

you gotta go out and make fun

Yeah humanity is a herd animal tbh

I wasn't around to experience any of that, so I don't know, except for what you've told me~
I only know I like having you around

And if you don't agree with the herd, you're radicalized


I like Dutch music. youtube.com/watch?v=c5WsjOOjYww

I hope all interested parties saw the new Dragon Maid OVA

Another shadman lucy.

I think it looses it's edge after a few years.

But if I'm out finding fun how can I be here?

I like being radical

Like totally tubular, dude

Awwww. Now you've made me smile, jeeeeeerk.

Thank you though, you are the best.

I am too tired to watch the new New Game and the previous too and my PC crashed during watching previous HMPF

In 5 months, it'll be 7 years for me, and I've yet to grow bored of it.

I prefer to keep my mouth shut tbh~
I only sometimes speak my mind, and almost exclusively on the internet

Damn, being a jerk just for providing an honest compliment ;_;
No u!

That was just a 90's slang joke

But I guess my point is at least it means you're not caught in the herd

I only act like I am most of the time

Oh Griddles is having a crisis

Just leave for like six months and then come back; then it won't feel stale anymore

He's in a crisis

I was kidding! You are very kind and most of the reason I try to remember to stop by here still~

It's nice seeing everyone again, old friends and else wise, but you have made it quite a good time to post.

ikt is the worst tbh, with his trendy liberal memes

But I can forgive ikt because of his penis


I'm somewhere between 5 and 6 years, I would have to look at my archives to figure out how long exactly, and I guess you're right, because I'm still here.

By the way, Kelly Anne Conway is a dumb bitch who put something a really dumb way, but if anyone actually believes that by "alternate facts" she didn't just mean that people can disagree on what the facts are, then that person is a DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww.. Sweet of you to say

Ikt is bad? Lol wat.
He's just fine, I think you just said that as an excuse to talk about his dick again

Precisely. This will never get old!

Actually I haven't seen him post that kind of stuff lately

So yeah definitely

Holy shit, I do do interesting shit, I cut down a 70 foot tall tree the other day.

I can't leave, if I do I spend all my time on /k/ then I spend more money on guns.

So leave both

What kinda stuff

Just the truth. ^^

Honestly kinda happy I did decide to drop back in when I did.

Whatever popular anti-trump memes there were at any given time

So incredibly silly~

He just wants your dick

You dropped back in shortly after I started posting too

It's hard to joke about something when that something is the joke.


The president is just a jester for the true King, so he was the most qualified

I think I'm just tired of feeling like I'm not interesting, because frankly I'm not, and I wonder sometimes if bard only has ongoing conversations with me because he feels bad, and I don't think I'll be leaving.

Interesting is a matter of opinion

I think you could easily say most people here aren't interesting, but you could also easily say most of them are

Goodnight everyone

Sorry, didn't mean to miss your last post


That's the most fitting occasion I've found to post that image

Slaapt goed

I really hope it doesn't.

Night hu.

Yeah, who are you anyway?

Yup, originally I had never even planned to drop in. Then when I did decide to it was merely to do it one or two nights while my girlfriend was busy.

This was far from planned to become so many visits. x3



Oh, how you been?

Damnit, hu left and thread died.
Also, why is Tom Cruise so damn cute?

All of thread is gay for Hu.

I've only talked to hu a little bit, I don't see the specialness of him.

speak for yourself ;;

That just means you're especially gay for him.

That just means you're especially gay for him.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

People who are gay for Hu,
and people in denial.

>when u haven't masturbated for a whole day and all u can think about is sucking rin's cock and then u make this desu-tier post about it

Pretty good, you?

damn ;;

I'm especially gay for him because I don't know much about him.
What about Tom cruise sempai?

I'm all over the spectrum, I went back and forth between feeling great and feeling depressed as fuck all day, and I'm currently on the lower side of neutral.



Then again I only started using it from 2016 and they've behaved for this year

everyone is gay for rin

Hey loco, watching a livestream of a drawrist?


i drew that

then ps crashed and i lost it

Go travel or something

You seem restless

>tfw sucking Rin's cock and he keeps calling you a perv and a slut


Any maybe ikt I guess.

Also Rin barely ever masturbates or anything and would cum so much

This would make the language 10x less painful

Sexual tension activated

Oh shit, cool shit, I mean not that it crashed, can you like line art from the screencap and redo it, also, I never knew you drew shit like that, do you share it anywhere? It would take me a few years to be able to draw like that, it used to be a passion and I keep all the supplies around, but I just don't ever make the time to do anything.


Wtf, Nezi, way to be exclusive.

I think I might do some no fap

that category would just be a throwaway anyway since it's a lie

A whole month's worth

Maybe I'll go try to salvage my surfacebook keyboard and gpu, I spilled margarita on it the other day and I should strip it and rub it down with rubbing alcohol.

a month's worth of rin's cum I mean


Are the weird moods just a "today" thing or are they ongoing?


Ongoing, and increasing, people catch me in my moments more and more often.

Yeah go on vacation or something or change something about your life

Bad Apple, one of the most well known Touhou tracks.

Elly, basically unknown.

Poor Elly.

why u gotta be like that rin

I know that song and I've never really done anything touhou.

My whole life has been in a constant state of change recently.

Did u see the new OVA for that anime


Oh, it's Satania.

Do the conditions of it have common themes across the changes?

If there's a specific root problem, then I think all that change can make it easier to identify, because then there are less things that stay consistent that can be looked at :3

Yeah if you didn't have good taste before, you do now

My friend sent that to me but my window was too small so I posted it here.

no but I heard about, worth checking out?

OK 😏

Satania is a precious cinnamon roll

Yeah it was pretty good imo

Jack is engaged again in case u guys didn't know

sleep ninin

Sleep well

I count Gabriels to sleep.


She was pretty kawaii too

Second best girl imo

Isn't it just all yuribait?

She's probably my favourite, tbh.
Followed by Tapris.

They don't even KISS!?

Ironically, Tapris was the most yuri character from what I remember

I LIKE CUTE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That doesn't it make less yuri.

You can have cute things without that.
/ss/ > yaoi >>>>> yuri

She was hard yuri for Gabu.

Them not doing yuri literally does make it not yuri though?

I thought that was Mandy and got excited.

What is /ss/? And okay fag

Yeah but aren't u worried Cherub will scroll over that spoiler and he'll use your words against you in the internet argument

S-Stop making sense dammit. A friend of mine has been rubbing the show a bit too much off so thats probably why I'm biased, no bully pls.

Straight Shota.

Tapris only gets, like, two scenes.

Nah, I get that.

I hate when people overhype something.

What was

Who disappointed you

I'm going to rub Gabriel Dropout off in your face until you swallow its load


I guess that's why she exists

So the people who want more yuri can be serviced in a couple of episodes



Thanks. One day I'll give it a chance, but for now I've got some other things I need to finish first like Boku no hero academia season two. I'm watching it with my housemate while we exercise.

People who want yuri watch bad anime like Sakura Trick.

Isn't Yuru Yuri good? They kissed in that

I don't know what Sakura Trick is but it sounds bad from the name somehow

Should I give Puella Magi a chance too?

It didn't really grab me, but I watched it like six years ago and had barely watched any anime then, so maybe it was just because I wasn't used to anime or something



God I can't remember when I got properly into anime. I think it was around six years too when another housemate told me to watch Gurren Lagann.

Erio, this meme is too old. And why aren't you posting as Tenshi anymore?

Alright then.

That made me wanna kiss you

I was never really INTO it until like three years ago

That form is retired; the spirit lives on and awaits a new suitable main host

What if I were taken?

Can I have it for safekeeping?


I wouldn't want to fuck up your relationship, at least if you were happy with the person

So you and ikt made it official?

Satan-chan has potential as my avatar waifu, but I don't know, I think she might need some tweaks

It just feels like I've used it for too long, pretty much, and maybe Tenshi isn't as good of a representation for current me (even though I was editing images heavily by the end of it)


You can post with it if you want though cause those edits are masterpieces

congratulations to big dick and little dick

Thank you.
I never established the former you properly so I wouldn't know to be honest. I don't know if I'm gonna post with it, I like Aria for the time being. I just like having folders lying around just like the one with Koakuma, speaking of which. I decided to add a little more to that folder.

Are you still naming the images "Djinn of Unholy Jihad"?



Nope, renamed it all to Koakuma because the filenames were causing trouble. However thats irrelevant now.

Nothing, I'm sleepy.

No, the changes are all erratic, and my surface book is fucked, the internal battery on the tablet is toast and the keyboard is non-functional, it's just a battery pack and usb hub now.
And I can't find the dedicated gpu keyboards for sale anywhere.

Suriipu janaiyo.



Everyone's spilled hard alcohol on a few computers


Why are you saying "good luck"? Or is Google wrong again

Because Rinna did it to Emma.

That's how all my laptops die, they make it 2 years usually, this one almost made it a year, but it should be fixable, I might pay a shop to do it though, fuck tiny tablet parts and my big hands.

Also, close enough this time.

Goodnight folks.

Is that a Sakura Trick reference?

I just had to replace my laptop's keyboard one time

Night cherub, sleep comfy.

Well I figure I can find a whole detachable keyboard with the nvidia gpu somewhere, but I don't want to deal with that battery in the tablet.

I never have

Actually I guess it was ganbare.

Rinna is an AI.
Emma is a poster.

It doesn't have to be detachable; there's a way to replace the one that's currently in your laptop

Kanra's IQ is too high to not comprehend my sense of humor

I guess I missed that meme

What did Wish say that triggered that response?

But I'm Rin right now, not Kanra

I need some of these Lillie MMDs.


i'm kanra

If you're Rin then why don't I feel like kissing you?

U know I can't read that

Can you tell me what she said before it said what you said


The surface book is a tablet with a detachable keyboard mine is a higher end model so it houses an nvidia gpu in the detachable keyboard, if I can find the whole thing, it's the easiest, I may just turn it in for dosh and buy something new though.

That's a question you need to ask yourself

My ability to read kana is rly poor and I know like three kanji, lmao.

Hey Kanra, how goes?

The last two lines are

"Ganbare (^_^) ✨"
"*Chuu* [kissy face] ❤"

In reverse order.

Why in reverse order

Because I read them from the bottom up when I was reading them, get off my dick.


Whatever seems best

Eat my ASS, MION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ur silly

It sucks I haven't done more drawing on it though, maybe I could just get the keyboard portion to replace it.

The last four lines are something like
"Can I have a kiss~"
"All right"
"*kiss noise*"
"You can do it"

If I'm reading them right anyway.

I'm not good at technologies

I think you might be the cutest poster

Because I'm translating someone flirting with a Japanese AI?

Just a reminder that HRtP has great music.

I can tell you're really into Japanese :3

Not just because of that but also stuff we talked about on Steam earlier

You're cute when you're talking about something you're interested in

I'd pump Rin full of my hot milk tbh fam

I want to swallow Rin's monthly semen load

I wouldnt





I might just take it to a shop and ask them to fix it. I can't find parts for it anywhere online, they gotta use their secret connections.