3 Naphi 14: 15-21 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves

3 Naphi 14: 15-21 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them.
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Have a wonderful evening Holla Forums. Remember, whenever you're feeling alone or lost, God is always with you and loves you.

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early af



I stay up to say hey to you and this is the thanks~

Well then fine, I won't go with you

Last time I try to surprise you with something nice


Stop trying to give me false hope...

Good lord. Today is full of surprises.




Or did he mean to send the nude... Big think.

Cute girl that one

Wasn't his nude, but I still got it so I ain't complaining.


Rin best loli

Asuna is Scoots second best folder.

Give me liberty, or give me cuddles, sweet sweet violent cuddles.


Well you've already rejected it so I mean...


biggo mistak


Your liberty is mine now~


As long as you agree that Nico is a terrible character

What's the first best?

Hey squash, um, how are you?

Come to merica, I'll share them with you, and sneak me in an svt40, it would be greatly appreciated, I'll give you the monay for it.

God does not exist
*dips bedora

Mississipi's first interracial couple was married on August 3rd, 1970

Does that person actually do anything or just copy-paste bible passages like anyone gives a shit?

dont be mad


Fine. Sleeping soon. I have my overtime tomorrow.

Lucy or the svt40?
Also they are literally 4x the price here in America, I think I could copy an import Mark and get away with sneaking one from Canada, also lucy loud best loud.

I am only getting 32 hours this week, I took Monday off, and they found 1000 lost parts on Monday so I been on 8 hours all week.

They sent mormon missionaries to my house.

Asuka is annoying tbh

The latter, though the former is cute. Actually until you said her name I didn't know who the character even was. x3

Did you answer with nothing but a shirt and a raging boner, they will never come back.

She may be an annoying character but she is cute as heck~

terrible opinion

Did you ask them to?


I didn't think he would actually do it.

I'm looking at about 72 hours. 32 of them being overtime.

So I'm being paid for 88 hours of work.

That's what you get for doubting the internet.

She's okay

It wasn't really a big deal though.

Who doesn't want a 54r sks?
I might try a 308 conversion on one of my sks's in the future and feed it from g3 mags.

But it's scientifically proven, they never came back and we were in that house for 5 years, thank jahova I was home alone and my dad wasn't there to stop me.

Lucky, I wish they were working me like that.

Are you more of a Rei person?


I forgot how into guns you were~

She's cute enough, it'd be nicer if she wasn't a puppet.

Were you nice to them?


Yeah, I love guns, I want to make them my career, I own 16 now.

I've never watched NGE, but if it were purely on looks, Rei with Asuka length hair would be the best
But I guess Rei yeah

Her character annoyed me

Well I prefer Maki, but why make a folder when I can just steal it from Emma.
Also, all the characters were pretty sub-par at best.

Own the parts for 17 and most of 18 and I need parts kits for 19 and 20.

I liked Kotori best



I have even better ones.

Emma is a real cutie

Wew, I hope you manage it!

Rei with long hair is pretty adorable.

Never seen it

Oh, this one's Neru's.

Wait what?

Oh, yeah.
Echo likes tsunderes.

Gonna go to college on my gibill, got one picked, just waiting for the right time in the next year or two, I'm also going to apply for work at every gun store and range in my local area, just to jump start it, my end goal is gun designer and manufacturer, owning my own company.

Neru made the cat folder.

Tbh I don't even know what I like anymore

I was talking about Emma

What happened to neru?

Oh right, well, yeah yeah, she's the cutest.

Nothing. just got bored of this board.

Not quite the cutest

If you say so, I don't see how you could get bored with the core posters still here.

Who's cuter than Emma ?

My waifu

That's what she said, just no longer fun.
She is still touch with some of the people.

I'm sure you'll figure it out - it's not my problem.



What are you up to tonight?

At this point, pretty much just sleep.
I had a long day.

Well, people will do as they please, it is just the internet afterall.

Oh, well at least it'll be done soon then
What made it so long?







PRESS "Continue"

"Soto helped me quit my deteriorating addiction to spice by cybering me." Bard, from one of his hugs n' advice threads

Don't miss out on this shit, you'll be mad if you do. ANCIENT SHITPOSTERS MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!(Bern is as old as my mom)

"Those who oppose me I afflict with telling them to go kill themselves." - Soto, from "Minami's Group of Awesomer People" (referring to WIZ)

Fuck I forgot to update the year lol

your facebook antics are on point

Which ones tho?

My comments on those animeme pages? (Based Imouto, Its not your fault we're fucked up, saying itadakimasu b4 you eat the pussy, and those others)

This always got me so bad

The minami's Group of Awesomer people always got me cause of all the shit that went down in the chat lol

Oh god don't even get me started lol

Brb messaging Mina on FB

Reminds me of this gif too

Oh man, that guy was great... can't see Strongbad without thinking of him

Kinda miss that guy even though I bullied the shit out of him back then and he sorta turned into a clown


I tapped out the head guy today after a very intense and crazy session that went on for about 15 minutes or so and finally got him in a twister

Mina says he's doing well now, got himself a gf and everything

ye the meme ones

[emailΒ protected] anime meme pages

this is an edit im p sure

unless its from an ova

yes its edit

Look how cute little raven is

The shyit they post is lolz tho


Eyes no hugnie toniaht but ist time for tooabuea nana and it sdunawna


Words of Mormon 1: 4-5 And the things which are upon these plates pleasing me, because of the prophecies of the coming of Christ; and my fathers knowing that many of them have been fulfilled; yea, and I also know that as many things as have been prophesied concerning us down to this day have been fulfilled, and as many as go beyond this day must surely come to passβ€”
Wherefore, I chose these things, to finish my record upon them, which remainder of my record I shall take from the plates of Nephi; and I cannot write the hundredth part of the things of my people.

Goodnight and God bless. Wherever life takes you remember that the Lord is always in your heart and will guide you to true happiness.





my schedule has gone awry and i missed you yesterday.
please scold me so i have the motivation to stay up all night and fix it


The last ep of aho girl was nice

Fix your schedule. Sleep all night and stay up all day

but thats what i just did yesterday
thats the opposite of what i want

Feku you've been naughty and need to be punished

It wan an entertaining little show on the whole.

But why? It's the best schedule

Do it!

still don't know what ywn means

eehh??? why me ?

"You Will Never"

The only way to defeat deppression is acceptance.
*humms like a monk


just sleep for 10 hours a day

Cause you stated it

Oh yeah. It's a bad acronym

Good evening

metroid prime 4 soon

she was asking for it

I accept you.


i only feel disgust since its you

i dont like it, it doesnt fit my neet lifestyle

accept my hot glue xD

I don't think it even counts as an acronym...

Accept this
*unzips my FedEx package


Sounds like a good punishment then. Go to bed in 3 hours

Suppose not. It still sucks

You suck.

Ew no.

Well, I am waiting for something in the mail...

But I'm not doing this because it's yours or anything.

swallow too

How lewd.

But I only put your words in my mouth


in like 2 years
have u been playing samus returns?
its pretty lit

hello my boy

Feeling alright?

just a tad better
missed dinner tho s:

gonna sleep and see how I am in the morn

That's not all you've put in there.

I have not been I watching someone stream it a bit, it looks cool

I thought it was later this year

aww, that sucks ;-;
Least you're doing better.

Rest well, and dream sweetly

Sometimes I put food in there too

also cock

especially mine


But I sure love it when nothing gets attached

I give up

is it 2 early 4 lyfe

Everybody dead at this time


I wish I was good at drawing loli pussy





seems like a suicidal thing to do


At least show the pussy

fail their life and to much drift angle

Bye bye

wait no

Moshi moshi fbi-kun


evevning fools


Are you seeing more than one of me? That won't do, not at all. One is more than enough.

Who are you?

I have all his uncensored work saved incase the internet stops existing I still have it safe and secure

Which reminds me I need to organize my shit those 3 doujins not in the doujin folder triggers me

I'm another outcast, my name is not important.

why haveyoubeenposting so much here recently anyways


My h folder always ends up deleted to save some disk space.

I can always post more.

Why though?
what caused you to start posting as often as you've been?

just backup the entire exhentai db

Three digit iq probably.

According to the PROTECT Act of 2003

As far as whether or not it is actually illegal, several convictions have been made and upheld by the federal courts on just this provision of the PROTECT Act alone.

What you have on your computer legally counts as child pornography. Which makes you a sex offender.

Who said anyone was an outcast?


Woop woop
That the sound of da police

Well I say you are, and I say I am.

An outcast of what though?

I'm sure the Philippines don't have any sorts of laws prohibiting sex with minors or of owning child porn since that country is a shit hole populated by sewer dwelling garbage monsters.

Please come to brasil

High society, come tomorrow there will be nothing left, so what is it you do, fool?

That law only applies to foreigners that live in flipland since most of the people that are caught with cp are foreigners.

Also our president is the STRONKEST [spolier] needed to say that or else i'd probably be 6 feet below the ground [/spoiler]

If I were to be an outcast of high society that means I would have, at one point, belonged to them. I have never belonged to them. I have never belonged to any group.

What do you mean what is it I do?

Like I said, a shit hole populated by sewer dwelling garbage monsters.

Is there anything you enjoy doing, or do you just party like this?

I don't enjoy things,

Teach us your ways murrica senpai.

But you did once, though I can say the same.

I made a board. 8ch.net/emm/index.html

Come and visit if you would like.

You assume too much.

I'm a thinking man.

I am not.

Anyone still up?



Just a few ghosts.

I'm physically here

Womp womp

Hey bardo



It's dead, Jim.



I just want it to be on the record that it being dead is all Bard's fault.

Goddamn blueberries.

pic is a statue of me bearing a terrible burden

Today I learned that a group of crows is called a murder.





hiiii kissy

So a group of kamuus makes a murder
[Spoiler]Lewd [/spoiler]




It's okay bard.

I forgot I posted
hi my two favorite people in this thread.

i'm boutta leave

Me too, good timing.


How's bard?

ugggh I'm so wornt I messed up my sleep schedule and went to bed at like 1 p.m and slept all day and had to wake up and rush to go to jiujitsu pracice when i was all sleepy and tired all over and now I'm all sore but i stopped being sleepy about two or 3 hours ago

I've been playing ps4 minecraft!

I have a nice desert temple and I'm manually terraforming the entire desert biome into a flatland plains with instead of sand, green grass :3

w-what are you up to?

Minecraft is the most degenerate way of passing time next to marijuana use.
That you're also playing it on console makes it doubly bad.
I'm kind of awful, have been having a very rough day/week.

Hmm good idea

Iv'e been too distracted playing minecraft that I forgot to get high.......

thanks for reminding me!!

*hug* I hope your week takes a turn for the better buddy
nothing i can do to cheer you up eh ?: /

I won't, they have lined me up with 7 consecutive days of work and I am already exhausted after only three.

Do you need the hours?

It's the same amount of hours as usual, just short of 30
They just loaded up my days for this week which ends on saturday at the end, which gets picked up by my days next week starting sunday
It's two weeks in terms of pay periods.

Oh what the fuck

how many other people work there??

How's that normally broken up, some long hour shifts and some short or all just about 4 hours?

We have four associates on right now, and one assistant manager. The main manager is in China right now on vacation. I'm getting maxxed on my hours because the rest of my squad is incompetent and they want me in for the important days like weekends.

Ganbatte kissy

Me on the right

going to bed

Why not both, hug and put the bullet through the side of your head in alignment with theres.

*hug * nini kissles good luck int the system




I'm excited today because I finally tapped out our Leader at the rolling sessions again

I've only ever tapped him once before this and that was to a toe hold ( he had actually taught it to me that day)

And today I got him with a twister :3 it's an advanced back control neck/spine crank where you put their arm around your neck and yours around theres amd then you wrap both legs on the leg of theirs thats opposite the side you sit on

Say I'm in back control more to his right side, laying kind of side by side I would get the leg lockdown on the left and then I woul torque my body to the right and legs to the left

s-so um the highlights

I was also able to get him in my most favorite position of all the Crucifix! But with an amazing display of strength after I'd held him there for about a minute and a half to two, he was able to actually pick me up and roll over and wiggle out of the upside down cruicifx into side control

At one point during the match, he established traditional Back mount with hooks and got DAMN close to getting the RNC but I slapped on a Kimura Hold onto his wrist and that put enough pressure on him for me to rolll back into guard

The entire match I was trying to try out a new position I learned called Kesa Gatama (or as it's known in BJJ the Scarf Hold)

It's like a sidesaddle position with all your weight high on your opponents chest and you get head and arm control and grab your gi pant so he can't esape

He has 30 pounds on me and normally is REALLY good with his hip escapes out of my side control, but I was actually able to hold him here

I was able to get my body into position, but I couldn't establish arm control, he's really good with his gripfighting, so It ended up in that crucifix instead because I was able to bring my knees up to pin his arm to the ground

It's exciting for me! I've been on a Bad losing streak for the longest time except the past this time and the time before I went

I went and bothered my dad and asked him if when I went to see him for the holidays he would be able to help me get the fundamentals down better, and maybe even go a round or two and he said yes :3

This match was one of our best ever , even without the submissions that were attempted

I couldn't sleep
I want to make bard tap out.

there's no shame in tapping out :3

I went to a rolling club at school once, but there was no one to play with.

That's no fun...

My school had lame ass Wrestling

There's guys in our circle who will use wrestling knowledge and it's definately different fighting them than it is the Bjj peopple

it's so weird!!! Explosive and inneficient in my opinion....

What were you trying to roll when you went? :3

you're going to sit here and talk with ME instead of sleeping?

You have work tomorrow!

I have no idea, I only went once since there wasn't a suitable partner for me around.
I'm not sure what you mean what I was trying to roll


what martial art i mean silly

rolling wrestling ?
or jiujitsu or judo or (other)?

morning autism chan whatsup?


Wrestling I guess
a bit of judo
a few basic jiujitsu holds
I was mostly winging it.
We were doing ground work which is great, but without a comparable partner it's not fun.


Do you feel comfortable sharing your height and weight?


this was nice

whats for eats?

I think I'm going to have cewalk for bwakafefts.

It was a bagel with cream cheese




Good morning Luka :)

wow that's one hell of a disadvantage

b-but smoll and cute
Everyone I roll with is bigger than me too ;~:

There are never any other girls/pokemon for me to play with ; ;



hi duke

Today is payday?


Rolling in the deep

wednesday was.

m-maybe put on some clothes first

right, you're too gay to touch a naked girl

I can imagine a few people I might enjoy rolling with.

uhhhhh but I'm


Like Ikt

The bullying begins

I'm tipsy send help

Oh but

but It's only 9 a.m

shame in you Hu, shame shame shame

Ether 3: 6-8 And it came to pass that when the brother of Jared had said these words, behold, the Lord stretched forth his hand and touched the stones one by one with his finger. And the veil was taken from off the eyes of the brother of Jared, and he saw the finger of the Lord; and it was as the finger of a man, like unto flesh and blood; and the brother of Jared fell down before the Lord, for he was struck with fear.
And the Lord saw that the brother of Jared had fallen to the earth; and the Lord said unto him: Arise, why hast thou fallen?
And he saith unto the Lord: I saw the finger of the Lord, and I feared lest he should smite me; for I knew not that the Lord had flesh and blood.

Good morning and God bless. Enjoy the gift of another day that the Lord has provided and make the most of it, because every day you're alive is truly a blessing.

It's 4pm!

whatever you say....

so's what are you enjoying today?

Now that I'm home; runescape of course~.
How's Bard?

Oh wow, cool shit, I have very little understanding of what you're talking about, but it's cool that you're excited about it, I should watch some videos about this stuff.

I don't even know why I ask anymore....

I gotta hit the hay before too long so I can wake up in time for work

It's Homecoming football game so it's gonna be Suuuuper busy I'm gonna rock this shit til Close tonight

Me neither, I never do anything else bby~
n-noo ;_;

Any way you can set books marks on your phone


My dad told me to look at me this when I asked him for some tips

This is probably the most handy dandy thing I've come across as a beginner
Stephan Kesting also has like WAYY many videos online demonstrating it and they're all super concise and ogod quality

Pdf' s download as readable files on my phone, I'll check it out, but for now I am on my way to get a haircut.


have a nice day grids

y-you must be really high leveled.......

not particularly. I cannot buy stuff off others after all

fuck that actually made me kind of sad

The economy's tanked huh

are there even any other people who play or is it just the game?

So then in 3 days it's your Birthday?

Ironman accounts cannot trade with players or use the Grand Exchange

why sad?
Yeah, there's plenty of people who play it, and more people who play this than the "real" version. 44k online as of right now.
It's just that I'm ironman, so I'm b& from trading with other players and picking up their stuff. I need to get things on my own.
So no sad, it's just a game-mode



Sunday is my Birthday.


I thoought that the MMO was dying

That's not so bad then

What the heck is Ironman? Are you physically banned or it a self set ban?

OSRS is more alive than the new Runescape. Odd that the amount of mods on this version is so limited however. They should consider putting more people on the team who'll do like the others and interact with the community and develop the game alongside them.
Ironman is a game-mode, so you could say it's a self set ban. You can choose to remove it, if you chose to allow yourself to change this option, but I chose to make it permanent.
I'll NEVER be able to trade with other people
unless I send a request to God Ash


wow thats insane, and you enjoy the game more because of that?

Doesn't it eliminate a huge part of playing??

It's pretty much just how I always played the game, even when I was able to trade with people. Spent a long-ass time in a bank just trying to get items, so I ended up just getting stuff myself back in the day.
And when I started playing Runescape 3 again, I still continued to gathering my own materials and all that. All I ever did before starting an ironman character in OSRS, was to sell all my herbs and other expensive shit on the exchange cause I'm a huge (((jew))), and buying high-level combat equipment.
Basically, this setting just assists me in getting stuff myself, also combat equipment making the game more enjoyable, and also prevents me from selling expensive shit which instead allows me to level skills that makes use of said expensive shit.
I don't really find this game-mode limiting at all. Just more enjoyable.

Nah, don't think it eliminates a huge part of playing. If anything, it just forces you to play certain parts of the game you wouldn't otherwise choose to do

Numbering days is difficult

You ever play chess?

I have, yeah. Why?

I don't have anything more interesting to talk about to be honest

well... you did say you'll be sleeping soon and had to attend a football game tomorrow

Too lewd

Nah, they're both blushing. That makes it adorable

well I'm stuck working but the football game is in town so it's going to be busy.........

Yeah I need to go to sleep but I've been having a hard time sleeping these past few days on time

my schedule did a total FLIP AND NOW ITS' ALL RUINED
here in 10 minutes I'm going to run to get paid because payday!

But I suppose I have to sleep after that...... :

Running sounds like it would wake you up. You sure you can even fall back asleep after that?


hmm welll I just gotta hop on my bike and take a trip like 5 or 6 blocks away then 2 or 3 of that then back here

It's no huge stress or anything it's just that I probably wont get sleepy til like 2 or 3 p.m
and tbh I'm a little worried that when I go to lay down I wont be able to sleep and I'll just have one of those sleeps that feels like you're just rolling around in bed awake and uncomfortable for 6 hours

Stillll, I haven't slept since I rolled and my body is physically tiredd even if i'm mentally not
So that might help!

how long do you have until bedtaimu




i want kewl things


Me too



I really hope that won't be the case ;_;
You do need real sleep too!

Physical sleepy might still help make you sleep.

Hmm... WIll be going to bed in like 5 hours.

ty hu you have anice sleep when you go

see u l8r pls dont let thread die

I will though, seeing I gotta go cook in 15 minutes. I'm sorry to disappoint you Bard, please forgive me ;_;


Hey morty

theres a new thread morty

we should post in it morty