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Chomusuke is best girl.

ikt is best girl.

i wanna lick dat pussy

if it'll make the thread come back alive

keep Albanians out

I think I have a dick.

According to Hu girls can have those too.

Fish is best tranny

It's not according to me, it's just what everybody keeps telling me!!

When was the time when there were just 3 genders, male, female, trap

Wish soto were here, he's an expert on girls with penises,
I just have really good taste in them.


Can I be your trapfriend?

what do you even post

Yeah :)

Nothing specific really



I like you the most !!

=w= Where's this come from?

weren't you in that house with the shitposters

fish lives with me

The thread is kind of a house, and we all live together.
Okay, maybe not.


A dysfunctional family.

You know.

That was traphouse 2017


How many times you think the cops would be called for domestics?


That's a meme and you know it

is this you

or are you making fun of this person who has 23 views on youtube

I need more deco mods. =w=

idk but kovio said she's coming to my country in like 2015

Man I hope the new TES will have a Fallout-like build system. Cozy medieval homes with a 2017 touch.


who's making fun?

I hope future Bethesda games fix the problem with placing loot around your house and having it load in all over the place.

for what purpose

It'll have plenty of C++ Runtime Errors for you to have fun with

Unit tests are for chumps.

It's the home gnomes. They come out when you're gone or sleeping and rearrange shit.

Fuggin' assholes they are~

I have a mod in FO4 that lets me turn every lootable object in the game into a static mesh that I can place around and not have get tossed around.

It's why/how that coffee mug is staying on the table.


That's cheating. The real challenge in TES games is walking in interiors without a spoon flying at three times the speed of light beheading you when you bump that cup of coffee from the table.


Only Pajeets don't make use of unit-testing frameworks

But that isn't even what happens.

You just fricking open the door and everything in the room decides it's time to throw a party and half of it goes flying into the floor because physics gonna physic.

It also lets me make replicas of things so I can use bobbleheads to decorate.

Why would you need version management when you can just put the code on Dropbox and just winrar the entire folder and put "Program v1.0 (FINAL).rar" and "Program v1.0 REAL FINAL.rar" and "Program v1.1 beta pre-release.zip.rar"???

You should ask for an interview at Bethesda

Who'd want to work at Bethesda?
All you'd do is re-release Skyrim every year.

Wouldn't you?
I mean.. easy money?

You'd think they'd eventually get it right

That is quite the stuff just to get an addon for. Is it worth it?

Good point.


Deco mods are always worth it.

That's good~

I like my no thumbnail preview feature

I'm looking for a mod that'll let me place doors either wherever I want, or inside the sanctuary house doorways.

Because it's annoying that I can't do that.

I like every feature that based Bethesda gives us.

Especially the ones that make it impossible to decorate your house and have it stay decorated.

Hu sour about Gnome.

Just use KDBloat

I like how their games are only available for consoles and WC

I'm sour that I can't compile GTK with the patch

go tucc urself



post tucced peepee

Are you jerking it again?

nopei cant cuz i have to 2 pee but idk if i can

hard to pee with a boner





the tucc n succ is my patented special move tyvm

*pat* Good job doing a door!


Now that things can be placed wherever I want, this encampment is gonna be hecka nice. =w=

Poor old phone



how do i watch [email protected]
i wanna know all the girls so i can fap to them

im @ s

wow she's wearing her watch tacticool style i better not mess with her

Download it?


I, too, wear my watch on the inside.

i meant like isnt there a bunch of seasons or something

I don't wear a watch

There's different franchises of the same thing with a couple seasons each


Good morning :)

the new mercy is live

I'm not sure if I'm excited about it or not

good mornin guuys

i am!

It's 16:30 though.

H-haha.....ha.....yeah it is.........

actually I guess it's 18:30

When do you sleep, Bard?

hmm well

I like to head to bed at about 6 or 7 a.m but that almost never happens so I have a self set bedtime of 10 a.m but recently ive been overshooting that a little bad

I need to wake up at 4 p.m for work most days

Then I come home and I sometimes will sleep fro about 11 or 10 p.m to about 3 to 5 a.m

That's a really weird schedule.
Put Tomoko's arm down.

Have you played it yet? I hear they screwed with D.Va :(

Help me...........................................................

Diva is fine ^_^
just has extra missles now~

Was there something about Defense Matrix getting fucked with?

does anyone else like twitch tv?

It's like the only thing I watch anymore

roast me ;;

I'm watching CS:GO right now

its up time is halved.

The only news you'll ever get is terrorists planting bombs on b site.

go a
noob go a
plant a
a clear
none a
5 a
friggen noob
y plant a

That kind of sucks

meh, its okay
recharges faster too

I imagine it would, there is less of it to recharge

so dead tonight


Rin pls gib hugs

It's over now though



I stopped watching what I was watching as well

what a cute girl

I wish I had a dragon meido......

I boughtminecraft for ps4 reccently :3

whats up with you?

is it fun? I never played mine craft before

I'm just listening to music right now, I was watching vidya streamer earlier.. what're you up too?



I am awake.

a faster rate of recharge
to make up for less up time


bard I wanna show u a song

good morning beautiful

at least he's got some cool ferrets

So in like a year?


It's 10oclock at night, but I got 4 hours of sleep before an 8 hour work day and I passed out at like 5oclock and I still have to be up at 4am for work.
Good afternoon, can you share the song with me too.


What will you look like when you're old,
Fat Mexican
Or the skinny long beard Asian?
It's tough, you could support both builds,
Such is life in the meta.

One of my faves.

Your body is like 55 at this point


All that matters is that I look asian tbh
But yeah my body aint what it used to be
My back hurts sometimes and hangovers take longer to recover from lol

Thankfully Im still skinny and no beard for me sir
My facial hair is like starting to get some silver/grey hairs

I know Im definitely gonna have a whole set of grey hair

I don't like a whole lot of covers, I feel like it misses the point of the original. Johnny Cash managed to do it very well, arguably better than the original.
One of my favs also.

You're gonna be one of those cranky old worn out Mexican grandpas at some point tbh

pffftttt Come on Ian

Hmm well the interface is super bad and the multiplayer is abysmal

But It's a good offline game to keep my time when I have no internet !

wat song?

But you could be like master Roshi

Lean on me, I can play it on piano.


sorry for the late


your sleep sched is outta control!

hmm I see!

check it out bardy I link above

hi kitty


The drugs will take their toll

hi neko

bruh that was pretty trappin
Thank you
m-may i reccomend you one in return?

Can you really? I was trying to teach myself how to play, but I don't have a piano anymore. It's a great instrument.

I like the story portrayed by Nina here.

what's uup bardy

I don't even do that much drugs as I used to

I wish I could though lol but I sorta stopped cause me and Sam stopped buying from our dealer who was our main guy but after we both stopped buying from him (take into consideration we were buying like every weekend or every other weekend) he ended up going broke and couldn't make any more so we dont really have a dealer now unless we drive all the way to Garden Grove and fuck all that shitits far af lmao

I'm so proud of you

Even though you're only not doing as much because you had to

I'm still a raging alcoholic though ;)

beeen bussy running errandS

i GOT ps4 minecraft :)

whats up with you?

I'm cutting back tbh

i'll be 21 next month
i can't wait to get riggity riggity rekt

but everyone keeps asking what i wanna do for it and i don't know

shit posting and musics what're you up too?

heh yes please do my friend!!

It is, my girlfriend was in town, for a few days to visit her dying great grandma, so I had little time to sleep, visiting her.
Good music btw.

I know very few on piano, but I was in percussion in elementary school, and I learned a lot on marimba, and it translates well to piano, currently I'd like to learn to play my banjo with finger picks and all that.

Why's that

same here
so nice to finally relax my whole body is sore

Seems like you're sorta familiar with a couple instruments. When did you pick up the banjo?

Beginning to lose a point when it's just me ya know?

Yay :3

do you have anything else to sharE? that was fire

What are you tryinna drink my dude/?
be careful not to die buddy

Anything that will get me riggity riggity rekt in only a few sips

wow have I got the reccomendation for you

what does it taste like

I hope you can get back in the swing of things! and thanks I'm glad you like

I live to relax

what're you so sore from?

Thanks I am gonna listen now

I like this producer a lot recently


Like Fire and Burning

i've been doing too much ;~;

This is the kinda shit that tickles my sweet spot

I'll have to try it then

wow this is so lit, I love the instrumental, great rap too

what do u do? Something physical supposedly?

It's not great to drink sstraight cause its painful and yucky but its good in a bou lou

Mix it with some pineapple juice and some coconut shit

yes it's pretty much construction
I'm carrying heavy shit all day

I don't like mixing stuff unless it's with more alcohol

When I was in New York, I traded in an electric violin I got as part of barter when I sold my truck towards it, I tried the violin and found it wasn't my instrument.

I'll get back on track, even tired now, might just go back to sleep soon.

you'll be big and strong after a few months of that

Little grids is a good listen, 15 mins or so EP by this producer

don't force yourself to stay up if you become too sleepy of course~

I gotta get my rocks off first.


I've been youtube hopping him and so far its great

its like some Flume Shit

been doing it for almost a year now
my body's pretty delicious yeah

1 Nephi 2:20 20 And inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise; yea, even a land which I have prepared for you; yea, a land which is choice above all other lands.

Goodnight and God bless, animus


right??? Also reminds me of flying lotus a bit, they're both on the same label

oh shi

it's a pretty satisfying feeling right?

it hurts

Any recommendations, just browsing /d/ and /gif/ now.

Bless you and Take Care.

I actually played the violin for years. It was peaceful. I don't see how you got to the banjo from that though.



Sure does love their Ye's and Yea's, whoever wrote that book

that's how you know it's working

I wish I had something good to suggest I just watch porn on xtube or whatever

get rekt luka


It's working too hard

I'm sure you'll do better in the next game. Good Luck.

Linked the wrong post

Couldn't resist the responses to Bible talk, eh?

playing OW or league or?

don't burn yourself out!

i need to

I'm all over, but hey, I found something that got me good.

I guess

You ever feel judged by someone,
I seriously hate my girlfriends old roommate
First I can tell she was judging me for drinking a whole bahama mama in 3 long sips in like 1minute, then she talks about Trump sempai negatively because she assumes everyone at the table will agree with her, and I don't at all, I say "literally anyone is better than Hilary"
And "I'd rather not have a president that should be in prison" and she tries to tell me that Trump sempai should be, but she has no argument to support it when I ask for even one legitimate legal reason he should be, seriously, Fuck politically stupid individuals.

I'm judging all of you constantly

I try not to judge, but then, I do.

I am the great arbiter, looking down on everyone judging their character with every miniscule movement of their muscles.

Nah. As long as you're useful to society you're ok on my book.

Welp, I'm going to bed again.
Nini thread.

Assassinate Duterte.

that looks like noodle

It does kinda, I like noodle.

yeh too bad i lost my folder

I think I had one too, I'll check later for you.

hat would be nice ty


my head is killing me

give me a dullahan gf

at least i go on win streak with new mercy ^_^

was leeg
now OW



morning hus

hus means house~
Good evening Bard

morning house

Doctor hus

Good evening Feku boy

no u!



I am unable to sleep.


Hey what's up coolbs?

Playing games, had an interview earlier today. Went well I think. You?

Good, good.

Chilling in bed about to pass out. Been trimming weed and I made queso burgers for dinner tonight.

My quadcopter broke again so I need a new flight controller :(

Oh and I got a 2nd job^^

Also I'm going to a wedding on Saturday x_x

The worst feel


I wish.

Who you gonna marry



I have slept 6 hours in the last 3 days.

I'm installing Hearthstone.

Howdy partners


How are you my squishy friend? pets


ull neversee iit comin

last time I tried to talk to you, you ignored me.

Good night Im going toot

I am tired and working a lot.
I can't sleep so I'm posting a bit.

You still trying to copy Wendy's recipe?

What's the 2nd job? The one I applied to is just in another company doing the same thing lol

hearthstone is okay
just not against opther people
it was fun at first
but... it require lots of cash to survive and win.

I just plan to make one standard deck and then slowly improving it over time.


certainly not intentionally.

I am easily distracted. My apologies, Pigs.

yeah at least it has some kinda freebie dust thingy
Stay strong my freind!


eating ok? car comfy enough?
getting enough rest to have energy?
*dotes on you*

Eating better.
The work mess hall has a lot of good food for next to nothing.
So I can eat like a normal person again. Car is comfy, but I quit my pizza job regrettably so I can at least sleep at home now.

;~; at least you're able to afford anything with how much work youre doing.

Well, not yet. I need to get paid for the job first.

awe, I'd love to give you cuddles and hold you so you could sleep!



how are you

did pizza pay you at the very least? you put in hours? so you must get pay?

I am sick, but on the bright side it's a very mild illness and I'm sure it won't last too long.

How are you doing, Pigs?

Yeah. It's enough to get by until my new job pays out.


"my shop" also reset and i lost all my previous deals too.
at least you can get anything else, and next time you'll be able to get what you wanted 100%

i believe in you!

ps. did you know new mercy is like tottaly super fun and OP me and test won every single game!
i was rezing people left and right
soo EZ new mercy is good.
and and new Diva is feirce... ouch she melted me with her rockets.

at least you're doing comfortably. hopefully you find little things in life here and there that cheer you up~

I can't into OW anymore. I need more casual games.


casual like single player or casual like... uhh umm...
stardew valley/rimworld/terraria/starbound

or maybe even Civ V :O ?

Single player or just relaxed vs.
Like hearthstone I guess.

yeah, lotsa companys and mobile platforms are coming out with piles of those card type games

I just need one to get into.


maybe we'll play aram again someday (casually of course ^_^)


she looks cute~ ♥
moar pls

Once I have time sure.

Maybe we'll have sex again some day

(Casually of course ^_^ )

wow omega bully

sometimes in life we gotta know when to take time for ourselves.
classic line, i know, but still very good to think about.


Good morning everyone!

don't know her name sorry




Something like that.



would you baconate her?










bard wake me up in 5 hours

that's good!

sorry i've been on omegle talking shit

*all the kisses and cuddles you'll ever need*


i cry ;~;

whats on your mind tonight?

i wish i could join but i get too nervous and can't think of stuff to say so I just leave

then let me play music for you, get on or let me skype you, I want to talk to someone and everyone is boring or asleep

n-no I'm too nervous

social anxiety 2 stronk

it's literally just me



there's a reason I don't have any friends irl

but I want someone to talk too

i thought you had a lesbian sex shop friend

aren't we talking right now?

this was a few years ago

it's gotten much worse over time
I went from plenty of friends, to a small group of friends, to just a couple, to none.

I haven't talked to anyone in years.

no like outloud

kowai desu

where are the cool people





why did I listen to bard

this is pure torture

there's literally about 20 episodes of nonsense filler
just boring conversations where nothing is accomplished

I forgot to never get excited about things.

sometimes you just gotta do a 720 4k earthshatter

come snuggle with me in bed, everything will be ok

It will be too warm and I will be uncomfortable.

you give me nothing but disappointment

you play so hard to get~

I tend to disappoint pretty much everyone.


==kiss= shot

just remember, it could be worse
you could be selling sex to-

Do not bully KISS shot
he is a gentle soul

i have a bad meme in my mind

"Olaf: cannot be disabled"

Selling sex toys is fairly entertaining. It's pretty much only the arcade that sucks.
My boss gave me a vibrator today as a bonus for helping out at the other store and doing well.


olaf presses R
and suddenly gains supurior gentics

thats the meme

Nissan 350Z
pls add me ;~;

Do not worry, I don't give up easily!


You will not break through my shell.


I wish my bos would give me a vibrator for helping out and doing well

i only have neziwi added..... is that outdated?

Only time will tell!

I have four accounts.

I play the most on Neziwi, don't worry about the others.

The others are for furry RP

I miss playing league with Darwin.

alt cyber sex accounts

I think darwin hates me tbh fam


I doubt it, Darwin hates very few people. Apathy maybe, but not hate.

How does that even happen?

but you mostly post all ur epic plays from nisan350z

how do u make moar accounts?


You buy the game four times.

The account is free but you have to rebuy the game to play it.

Most of my plays are from my main account, that's not really true.

wow... you bought the same exact game 4 times! ur rich!!! :o
i want sum

time to break it in eh?

Mmm yes
give me your money

Eh, not really my thing.
It was a display model that we stopped selling the product of so he gave it to me.

I mean it was on sale

and I have invested a metric fuckton of hours and was planning on going pro

then my tier 2 team died and I got disheartened


when your boss gives you a vibrator

he wants the D

display it in ur bussy

now that new mercy is released and new junkertown is out

i'm thinking about playing a ranked mode in a video game for the first time ever in my life

Why dont you play ranked modes

I'll pass.

holy shit I want to pet that vape


it scarey

once you do it
you'll be stuck with a "rank" on your name by a computer

rank is a gateway drug
once you start, there is no turning back
you are marked with a rank Forever.

It's scarey to think about Bard,
it gives me anxiety
people will look at your rank, and judge you on that level

ranked in videogames "Assigns" you to a catagory....


thinking about all this sends shivers down my spine, and gives me the "Hesitations"

oh hey look there's one of umbreon in the same pose


I wonder how far down the rabbit hole we're willing to go



no one kept replying to me......


agressivly petting

good luck!


*hugs tightly* ;~;



if you want people to RESPOND

you need to go out and TAKE IT

Rolled 3 (1d20)like this

R-respond to me silly boys

(nat 20)

why are they so freekin cute

They are my only reason for living.

pretty much all the rest are lewd umbreon/vaporeon

Rolled 17 (1d20)

you call that LIVING ?

ill link you too

There exist more lewd ones of the two than not unfortunately.

Rolled 20 (1d20)

rawr i'm all powerfull!!!


its a very good reason id say

th..thanks dad


*hugs moar*

Powahful. Woa

yay eba is here!


clannad is torture
kill me

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Julliard, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret jam sessions at Small’s, and I have over 300 confirmed licks. I am trained in gorilla big band and I’m the top lead trumpeter in the entire Lincoln Center. You are nothing to me but just another II V I. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of anti-shitposters across the USA and your Real Book is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can play Giant Steps in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my mouthpiece. Not only am I extensively trained in negative harmony, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Lydian chromatic concept of tonal organization and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Emotional torture?

*Hugs* For a lil, wassup?

why only a little?
i'm just lonely.



It really did deag on for a while

I will say in favor though

That it's based off of a visual novel

With plenty of different ending options

And to be honest the anime did a great job of capturing that things are kind of up in the air early on for the MC

there are even OVAepisodes I wouldnt reccomend watching that add to the feeling of the multiple options provided in the VN

VN animes are the best. Need an arc for every route.

Probably gonna play something soon.

tell me more~ ♥

I need things to happen to keep my interest.

Hours upon hours of meaningless, often rehashed conversations make me wanna an hero

I don't even see how you can adapt a visual novel into an anime when there's multiple paths and endings and stuff

Um, probably like hots or maybe I'll go finish the year in Stardew. Hm.

it's actually pretty GOOD!!!! if you'd put in the WORK!!! to make it to AFTER STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most VN shows have the same problem. Especially all those key ones

i main nova jaina valera

Jaina's dreadlord skin is bae.

must be new
i've never heard or seen that before

Just came out with the new hero.






hai lovely whats up








you on the bottom me on top