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is Koi to Uso good?

i need new shows to watch

Not for me personally
Haven't heard it much though since I'm not watching it

Ah, that hurricane was a massive deal. Still, you must be really good at solo ^^
What AR do you prefer?

Watch Classroom of the Elite and Aho Girl
Those are only 2 good series this season

SCAR, or M4 if I have all the attachments

I'll use AK if I can't find one of those, it's pretty good.

I had no internet/tv for a week ;_;
we had a big tree fall in the backyard and some of the tile came off the roof :^)

Momiji is good too

i came to the thought of loving holding subtle while he wiggles on my dick

is that messed up


Ohh.. I think I'm the same if I can get a red dot or a holo, but I'd prefer AK or M16 with a 4x
How about snipers? I can't use the Kar98 for shit so I drop it for AR or SKS

The tree missed your house though?

Nah, I've came to that too

I'm really good with Kar, and it's my favorite gun in the game. Probably better to use SKS a lot of the time, but Kar is more fun and has one shot potential :3

yeah the house is fine
storm was scary though

you're just so smol

and your skin is so soft

and you're such a shy prudey boy

it would be like sleeping with a marshmallow

a marshmallow with a tight butthole

The Subtle is not for sexual.

Unless it's... subtle.

it would almost be like having sex with a child.

i immediately regretted that

It was already too far

Jeez :3 In my mind you're basically shroud now
If we ever duo you'll be carrying

Were you alone when it hit?

i'd understand if you don't want to be friends with me anymore


I was with my family ^-^

Holy crap
That last one was the bridge guy?

I think what happened was the bridge guy that I started shooting at died to playzone (???) and then the final guy was just hiding in the water the whole time and idk how the timing worked out that he didn't peek me when I had my back turned to the water

no idea, very sketchy end

Poor guy
Dying to playzone in the top 10 makes you wanna die irl

on the flipside, you can get to top 10 without even going in the playzone :^)


I'm imagining this guy frantically taking a screenshot since he looks like he's gonna die on the next tick or two





correct anastasia

This is the cutest image I've ever seen in my entire life

hello to you too feku boi~


put away boobies

Battle Clerics play a lot more weird than I remember.

Battle Acolytes rather.

That's not a lewd pic

but why?

smug seductress cant tempt me so stop trying


how about this one



im very zen and can control my libido


Best joke I've heard all day

BTW, does anyone want to be my little poring?

hi mr mandy how are you?

wtf ferrari


Morning, Darling.

poring goals

Just woke up and slept way too long. How are you doing this morning?

Morning, stud.


Idk whats so funny about that
brb fap

How goes your morning?

my schedule was messed up abysmally and My mouth is stinging a bit this morning

I cut up a tastu watamelon last night I'm thinking of digging into

I decided to hit up my dad and see how he's doing I haven't seen or heard from him in a while
He got a bad arm injury a few months back but it's healing up nicely and he said he'd teach me some strategies and roll with me around the holidays so I'm excited for that though I'm probably gonn a have to get a haircut...

What are you up to todaY?

I was actually thinking of trying to get to sleep but I know I'lll just be laying there .....




A hole is a hole


Aho is aho

I identify as the measure of kilometers per second because I want to km/s.





All *holes* are equal.

I shouldn't have laughed but did..

Whoops that should've been a spoilerino.


All holes are equal but ikt's holes are the mostest equalest.

but...not sleepy

Ikt getting spitroasted when?

wats the dif beteen an ear and a nose really?

Need me a gf who will wake me up daily by shouting "just fucking do it" to give me motivation.

would if tucced!

Is shouting "Just friggen do me!" good enough?

Ok. Had a bunch of weird dreams and slept too long though. You?

You got long messy hair that your day would not approve of?

If you feel tired man, go lay down and try at least, I would say.

You're stealing my bit here....

Just woke up a bit ago.
Playing LoL now.


Eww, LoL.

And you better be. There can only be one depressed, near suicidal person between the two of us, and that is already taken.

well yeah...that..and also it gets in the way when rolling

So it's either get it cut or put it up in a hair roll tie thingy and that only kinda helps.....

I go without one and I it's like a huge problem in bottom side control, nightmare for escaping cause i try to move and my hair is trapped under my by my weight

and I'm not sleepy ;~:
I got me another bowl of wassamelon but after that i will go to bed
what are you up to the n buddy

I haven't tried to kill myself in years though.

how do you feel about suicide?

I don't know.


night night Bard

Good morning

Slept alright?


Well enough. How was your day?

I should probably start using my reroles in LoL.

it's a waste

Not if you are doing the Ættestup.

I think if someone is terminal and in pain its ok.

What is that?

Or just old, and a drain on their family.

It is a thing of honor, where you throw yourself from a cliff to spare your family.

I think it's really a case by case basis.
At this point there are only 2 things I would commit suicide over.

Bees and zombies, amirite? Fuck those two.

Something like that.

Spare them from wha?

I dreamt I had a wasp crawling on my back and up to my face last night. Freaked me the fuck out. I remember running to my dad and begging him to swat it and him telling me it would only make it hurt worse.

From another mouth to feed. From having to support somebody who can no longer fend for themselves and help the tribe.

I've had dreams like that.

That's pretty fucked

but this is the modern day, things like that only happen in severe extremes

masturbating has given me a tummy ache


Masturbate some more

I hate them.

It is survival. Also it is something that I would gladly do right now.

If Guero and them were cool with it I'd say just move back to Michigan with me.

I can't. I have people that depend on me here.

Day's been alright, just got back from cooking now too.
Any plans?

I worry about you, love.

if this is mandy

you're alright man

that's what i was told to do half an hour ago and it didn't help

im terminal and in pain

go eat

are u dying or flying somewhere?

Dr. Hu, Ikt needs 20cm of dick, stat!


Is Hu's dick really 20cm? I'm feeling inadequate now.

Don't listen to that faggot

No, it's actually tiny feminine benis.

I have a 1cm dick

You got tiny hands too then?

I'm getting mixed signals here.

Don't worry about it




How big is your dick tho




Are you implying you'd post it?

do it faggot

You'd like that wouldn't you, you fuckin' queer.
Still dreaming about that webm from yesterday?

When did you finally come out of the closet Grim?

I'll post my penis if it helps Hu post his.

everyone post dong

I can't find one of my dick, but here is one of my ass.

Didn't see my name fell off.

Can we not? I didn't even really want to know about Hu's dick.

your fault

Hu's girthy rod.

You could have just meme responsed me or something.


I did, I called you a fag

Actually, let's all post tummies instead.

Then I fail to see how this is my fault.

Just partly. You asked

You go first again.

I deny all responsibility for the rest of these heathens.


Okay, I nominate Hu instead.

post flat hairless tummies





It counts as a flat hairless tummy right?


Pretty sure


Did I pick a bad time to drop by?

nah you picked a great time.

what's up?


nani the fuck

i just want to play my game


I like how that fire extinguisher has a sign that there is in fact a fire extinguisher.

who is this tho

I like how you are in fact, still Emma.



No no, I'm Emma.

I'd marry Echo Emma.


I know, the thought's disgusting - I'm probably just going to die alone.

What would Subtle think though?

Post Wish 470.jpg or fake wish


Subtle's always so busy he wouldn't even notice.


I never said I'd marry Subtle.

You're a cute loli?

I thought it was implied.
I mean...you have to see why I'd think that.



you're fake

all these fake wish posters, yare yare daze

I might not be Emma but I'm still a cute loli.

Sorry, it was just so embarrassing that I gave that impression.


You're a loli?


jeeeeez my grandma was choking really bad
that was scary x.x

nice quads

Omg that PC

what doth thou have?

what program is that

Way worse CPU and GPU :c


And half the RAM..


look at this piece of shit

GTX 1060 gonna be bottle necked but at least it'll be better than this shitty 750

your cpu is burning up

blame arizona and stock fans

buy a better cooler

I could buy a 212 EVO right now but I don't remember where to get the bracket

You could actually boil water on that CPU


you can use your cpu as a kettle

Yeah that's what I just said stop copying me

i pressed the button basically at the same time i blame my computer for lagging

wait, I'd have to find the bracket for my mobo and i don't know if it has one for it

I'll figure this shit out when I'm back from chopping. toodles


holy fuck that shit's gonna be KILL


get this

except my case is too small so I only have one fan going through it.
It's a problem.

If I find the bracket i need I'll get a h212 evo tonight

i have




might as well add a new cpu too LOL


Nigga I don't have that kind of money



Should have thought of that before you let your CPU run at 101C

Like, that's as hot as I get when Subtle Echo Tokai Echo touches me inappropriately.

Gotta buy the thermal paste while I'm at it too

Echo be my loli gf owo

Frick off with that, Duke, she's mine.

But I'm fresh, untainted stock

lol he basically called you tainted


I wanna build a pc, but only once I have the space for a good setup.

Hey it's an AMD, shits made to get hot


And besides that's when I was running black desert online, 6 tabs on Google, and like 3 other programs

That's not exactly a healthy temperature for a normal load...

I got a pic on my laptop of my first laptop with my overclocked amd, it hit like 270F or something before it shut off, that was after I spilled rum and coke on it,

I was in the middle of lag city in BDO



holy fuck this iphone x

I'm laughing my ass off at how retarded apple has become

What stupid thing did they do now?

well here's part one

Tsuriko is the last character you should be posting if you're genuinely laughing at something.



They're always stupidly overpriced, I'll need more than that

"your face is now your password"
they got rid of touchID

and still no fucking headphone jack for $1,000USD LMAO

and only comes in gray and white

dang such sick color choices

alright bois lets hope the bracket it comes with fits on my mobo because I literally cannot find my MOBO on newegg or figure out what bracket I need

Hyper 212 EVO:

-supporting the latest Intel® LGA 2011 / 1150 and AMD FM2 / AM3+.

msi ms-7891 A68HM-GRENADE:

-Supports AMD® Socket FM2+/FM2 A-Series/Athlon™ Processors


Hyper 212 EVO supports FM2 so you're good

literally took me under 30 seconds to find that information

It's compatible.

ありがとうございます nezi-chan, aparently I'm bad at goodling today

Less is more!

apple waterudoing

man my shit is gonna be COOL after this

maybe I might overclock it if it works well enough

then my graphics card won't be so bottlenecked


I never felt like their products were that bad in the past, but now that they've got their head up their ass, I hope they go under

do NOT overdo the thermal paste or you will destroy your CPU

you need a pea-sized amount, that's it

who am I kidding your 101C CPU is already rekt

Hikari is a pretty good Pokegirl, tbh.

shit works fine mayne

can't wait to get my fucking ryzen

absolute retard question but the thermal paste isn't actually adhesive right?

No, it's not.

who the fuck taught you how to build a pc

suck my dick, cunt

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no one

I honestly have no fucking idea what I'm doing and I'm ready to build a computer. I've changed basically everything by myself but the power supply in this computer, so building a new one can't be that different.

2 of my case fans are broken and I should probably replace them at some point

Just make sure you put the standoffs on the case.

And if you need help I am right down the road, and I won't even try to molest you. Much.

inb4 I get doxed by arizona-user

You can call me Mandy, lass.

yes I'll take "things you say right before intercourse for 400", Alex








ruff ruuff

I exist

worship me

He is a false idol, do not be fooledd


I am a man.

Gimme more Dave Matthews to listen to

i reset my page


me and you

What have I shown you so far again? Just download Crash bro


I was kind of under the impression they were really good because I've heard somewhere that they were like

the highest earning live act from like 2007 to like 2012 or something but

Thinking on it all the songs I've ever heard were from crash

And tbh if I find out they're a one album wonder I'm gonna b crushed

no you


That's gross.

Well, Crash is the one album they have that saw major radio play. They're mostly a live jam band tbh

Nu uh, u

Bump ^.^

w-well yeah but so is phish...........


idk man, they just don't record much


Who else do you have to reccomend with a relaxed atmosphere like carter beauford chan

I wonder what that fish is on a piece of cloth for



the sleepy is fetting to ME



i miss manaka

whatever happened to scarlet?

I locked Manaka in my dungeon, strapped tight in leather leash. Hands cuffed, legs tied, blindfolded.

But at least the leash is soft on the inside

that new metroid game is awesome as hell


Manaka is mine and mine alone, I am not sharing with anyone else.

manaka is a real cutie though, this is an unjust crime



Well sir, I noticed and I took my chance to capture him so I can enjoy his very enjoyable company by myself, your loss for not doing what I did.

No amount of rawrness will change my mind.

wait are you guys like absolutely a couple? as in does he know?



Umm.. he does not know

Now that is what I am afraid of.



you gotta kidnap them




this new metroid game is fucking magical so far and im very happy it came out


ikt, pin me down, and hold me, and keep me company and force me to go to sleep plz.

And smug!


talking to stangers on the internet is the best decision i ever made, reality is lemons the internets my lemonade

Where is Hu to make a new thread?

Still 50 more images to go

hu pls new thread

Do anyway, Hu

Don't do it, this one is too young to be killed.

there's no point in makng new threads early when there is only one thread

Because I can

I don't feel well but not sick, should I skip school today?

This place hasn't been very busy since last night


Please make sure sonata sees this. Hes being cheated on



It gets better

flood detection








the fuck ?