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hi based hu


based thradmaster

aaaa I don't know how to talk about old things in new threads

Kind of want to get into weed.

hi hi

Say something vague that could be directed at anyone and wait for someone to bite.

no joke bong rips would mellow you out

I'll probably get therapy sometime and get on some anti depressants.

It was a good conversation though! I was gonna talk about like deep stuff & people were gonna be like 'Woah, Sinni's different but sure has a cool take on life"

and we were gonna have a better understanding of things.

And then you posted Jambette.

eh you don't need meds

hey big boi


Would help.
I do need therapy though.

Lose the s and r.

Don't the people already here, sans myself, spend like in excess of six hours a day here? I don't think people need to mellow any harder.


well fuck everyone could use therapy


And drugs.

the people who spend 6 plus hours a day here are the most serious

and need to fucking relax

Yukari has the best hair.

What are your plans for tomorrow? I'm gonna hang out with George but maybe we can bully him into doing dumb stuff.

She's cute!


my dick tp

I more than likely will be gone tomorrow.

you'd be surprised how much just talking can accomplish

i don't think you need drugs

you need to fucking rant

We all know you're always lurking, I think that counts.

Ominous. What are you up to tomorrow?

That is why I have, and bear with me on this next word...friends.

I am sworn to secrecy.

yes. You probably heard the story then.
there was a mommy, a daughter, and a couple sisters.
the actual fallout was pretty boring. they were just bad at taking care of themselves.

pls no ;;

TP get a fucking Tiny Chat and I'll join voice until I pass out or something.

I hope you have fun? Make good choices!

*puts my hand on your shoulder*
How do you teach a blind man..
to see.....

that's not actually true

i rarely lurk on my offnights

Holy fucking dogshit that is one of the creepiest things I have ever heard.

too lazy and i'm like just wearing boxers

I will not!

With violence.

I'm worried lol

It is nothing bad. I assure you.

Let's meet up irl

and then jump tp




Eh. It's fine.
I realize that public chats like that suck because retards and toxic shit heads might join.



I don't, I lack the ability to upkeep relationships if I am long distance, and now that I'm back I just feel awkward trying to talk to people again, so I just don't.

So you admit you are here more than 6 hours a day, and what about me, I try to thread the whole 10 hours I'm at work. Then I post more when I'm off, maybe I have a problem, maybe it's an addiction.

Also I'm going to bed.



also like grim posts your face in thread

i'd be down though

I'm an addict too...

oh well

mr talks loud

says nothing

He is beyond inconsequential to me now.
Night for real.

no wait

what a fucking tool

Wow. Was going to wait, but OK then.

make the white man bow down and call me master

oh hi ^^

Nah fuck you.
Now give me a kiss so I can go to sleep.


donno if it is possible proto1






These threads only ever remind me how shit I am at being an irl person, I'm going to bed too.

Night squash.

It's a personality thing, the threads, porn, ponies, alcohol, guns, I will always be an addict, it's just a matter of what I focus on.
Anywho I'm off to sleep now love.


i was thinking about those occupy movements

like so it just died?


anyone wanna test the fsu1?



hi nezi

proto1 you sure do love some shitty fucking music


I can't even find more than 1-2 hours per week to be on here, how the fuck do some people go more than 6 at once?!


I can't even find more than 1-2 hours per week to be on here, how the fuck do some people go more than 6 at once?!

get the fuck outta here

Love you too

I bet you sleep more than an hour every few days.

lol, fucking normies


I sleep like 3 on average... I'm working two jobs right now, so I just kinda do what I can.

kanra you're like a really strong force

and you should take pride in the effect you have had on many communities

but like it reaches a point bro, you're not special. most people here are depressed

pls don't ky tho

how many hours a week do you work?

do you mind if I ask what you make hourly?

oh fuck that wasn't even kanra

total hashtag highlife


i stand by the post tho

One of those jobs (morning job) is fixed salary, making about $38K a year, the other is an hourly job I've had for a while now that's got me at $15 an hour with full 40 hour work weeks as of late because of under-staffing issues.

Never change TP. Never change.

he needs to see it lol

Honestly I'm about ready to quit the second job though, shits been rough and nobody's kept their promises and bleh. Being a banker is fucking boring but like... Shit pays well

wait when i would say never change

it would be to like drunks like proto1

and griddelz

this sucks

how many hours a week total?

you seem like you're making enough that you don't need both jobs

Oh, if anyone here knows anyone that's selling an S13 or S14 in Arizona or California let me know. I want another one. I regret selling mine so much. Fucking hell.

Right now, probably around 55-60 per week. I need the money, that's the thing, I need to save up enough to get out of this god forsaken hell hole of a state and move back home to Schaumburg... I sold my fucking project car just to get a little bit of a head start (Instant regret on that though. I miss that fucking car, even if I did blow up the motor way too much...)



Calm your tits, I meant it in a good way.

lol seriously?

pls no hurt

i am fair

sorry there is no coming back from this

how much money do you need?

what kinda car was it?

The only good thing about Phoenix is that its got a huge street racing scene. But that's really about it. Job market sucks, the population is a 50/50 split between baby boomers and bitchy college liberal type millennials from ASU and NAU, its too fucking hot, I have almost no family or close friends here... I mean, I have one or two close friends and the trainwrecks that are my dad and my stepmom, but that's... Just... No.

Oh, and there's no good fucking pizza places anywhere.

1997 S14 240SX that I went through 3 motors on.

As far as the financial situation goes, I'm still not certain. I'll probably have a better idea of how much I need once my soon to be room mate and I find a place we both like but that's had to be pushed back because reasons.


I really really like this image!

i guess it's funnier if you know how schaumberg is not a place one lives

I like it to.

reported for spam

Who is here?

So beaners in Hondas and niggers in modern V6 muscle cars "on twenty tooz."

Forget what I said earlier. Please change for the better.

The stickers add 5hp each!

Who was Canaan?

the dude from schaumburg lol

based rich kid nezi

please enjoy living in schaumburg

my god i almost vomited

and the red sox have tied it

it's not even a town

it's a place for malls

you a bosox head?

gimme darvan or bern
Its a mixed bag, really. Year round dry climate plus a big flat valley with wide open freeways brings all kinds of hoons out late at night for a little fun. Rich kids with built Supra's and R35 GTR's, older guys with built muscle cars, etc. Shits pretty fun if you ever get into it.

Canaan, Ruka, Cirno, typeZERO, Akai... I dunno what came before that one anymore.


i have found myself rooting for the yankees lately

i think it's because of todd frazier though

I've done my fair share, not in Phoenix, mind. The greater Detroit Metro is my usual stomping grounds for that shit.

proto1 should i take some bingers

no can do. I have no summoning powers.

Ruka sounds most familiar.

In any case hihi^^

oh elmers did i already address how your house looked posh?

Negative. I mean maybe. I got wicked high and disappeared from the threads for a while there haha.

elmers has some cashe she wasn't telling peeps about

so how about that posh house




Come down here some time, maybe I could show you the night life around here.

Well, that's great for me seeing as that's the one I kinda hate the most out of all of my previous aliases...

here is my impression of elmers

Well we had to try out the replacement bong lol I smashed the old one before work yesterday. rip.

Some friends'.

Shouldn't be an alias-er :p

you're like the only one that ever brings it up still tho lmao

Much as roadtripping around the US is on my bucket list, my car doesn't do long distance too well- No overdrive.

i find it interesting

Let me guess, C4 corvette with a 4 speed manual?

o-oh x_x

Well I'm sorry my younger self couldn't settle on just one name until about a year ago...

post the 240

It doesn't matter either way; don't apologize.

Nah, '68 GTO- Also those C4 4+3 setups you're thinking of sorta did have an overdrive in the form of a Doug Nash 3 speed (hence +3) overdrive unit, basically a little auto trans that's in the tailshaft of the 4 speed ala a Gear Vendors unit.


I dunno if I still have any photos of it, most of the ones I had were on my old PC's hard drive and I couldn't recover most off that drive (thanks Seagate). That said, it looked like shit anyways. Paint on it was all kinds of fucked up and I never bothered to get it resprayed.

Too late.

Damn. You daily that thing too, or is it more of a weekend car?

Yeah, the 4+3 thing was just... Bizarre IMO... Just give me a stick and be done with it, I don't care for any over-engineered hybrid bullshit like whatever that was

I daily it during the summer unless I have to be up real early for work- I try to be somewhat considerate of the neighbors.

And yeah it was a piss-weak setup like most GM or rather corporate trannies out of that weird era- The T-5, 200 and 700R4, aforementioned Doug Nash gimmick fucker- One good thing to come from it is that it was basically the progenitor of every modern "bolt on overdrive." Silver linings.

tfw you'll never have hot steamy unprotected sex with canaan in his/her/xe/xi/CTHULU/うんざりする's 240sx

wait are one of these posters you?

unprotected sex .///.


those last two posts are unrelated.

Abandoning your college degree to live in japan as a car mechanic.

unprotected t-rex with jeff goldblum



Hell yeah brother. Whats been done to the car so far?

Like I said, just give me a stick and be done with it. While yes, bolt on overdrive is neat and all, automatic gearboxes (especially fucking CVT's) are soulless garbage and sure might perform better under ideal whatever but separating the driver from the car isn't what I'm about. I, unlike many people apparently, actually enjoy being in control of my transmissions.

Small interior with fixed back Sparco seats... Yeah, sounds like fun.

Maybe...? I dunno, I mainly used the Cirno name on Steam and /w/ for the longest time. I think I used it once on the old Animus a long ass time ago but it didn't stick

Get blueballed or something?

Jeff Goldblum tho :O

hihi loco

TP come here



i jeff goldblew my load to him the other night


TP come here I want to hug u

ay gurl how u



what's new cutie?

Oh if only...

The things I'd do to get my hands on the last true Godzilla. The forbidden fruit of automotive perfection that has haunted me since my childhood.

I will have one, one day, but because of government bureaucracy and bullshit import laws I still have to wait another 8 years or so for my dreams to become reality.

Not much, just high and mad that I always forget about TP night

Don't be mad *huggles*

Engine's a 400 Pontiac with a 4.25 inch stroke, .60 over, 6.8 inch rods, forged rotating assembly, aluminum heads, aluminum intake, high pressure oil pump, roller rockers, I THINK (lost the cam card) like a [email protected] .060 duration cam, 150 shot of nitrous (hypothetically, solenoids aren't hooked up)- Backed up by a Chrysler A833 trans with a dogbox gearset through Liberty gears, the Borg & Beck clutch of unknown origin I got with it and of unknown quality- Pushing the limits of the stock ten bolt rear end which houses a Richmond gears carrier and 4.11 gears,

Yeah, fuck CVTs, they're honestly an engineer wankfest more than anything that belong only in snowmobiles.

I can't feel mad right now; I'm just trying to describe how I feel on an intellectual level

Cuties shouldn't get mad tho!!!

More than 50% of my memes are either cats or dogs

I'm going to yell and scream


STOP HIDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*caresses softly*

Jesus christ, sounds like you have a real monster on your hands. Love it. Any plans to do some kind of forced induction or are you planning on keeping it NA?


active thread is active

On one side you'd be abandoning years of toil for your college degree, worse if you graduated from some top uni, and saying goodbye to a stable lifestyle. At least you'd be living in japan (as a 2nd class citizen tho).

TP AVATAR AS SHREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"those last two posts are unrelated."


Anyway are you high or drunk or anything

Looked at this for a full 30 seconds trying to figure out if it was sarcasm


Nah, I was really high earlier. Now I'm just (still) in the drone zone on youtube lmao.



It's pretty healthy, never been on a dyno, mind you, the 4 speed just makes it a bit of a handful AND CONTINUOUSLY TRY TO BREAK SHIT. It gives it character though. And yeah I'm trying to source and price a particular 6-71 roots blower setup- But I'm an insufferable cunt who is a stickler for looks too, and I don't like how high the blower heat would sit in my field of view on top of two carbs, so I'm considering how to copy an EFI setup I saw that places 4 injectors inside the hat on a plate. Yeah I could buy a setup off the shelf, but I don't wanna pay 3 fucking grand for it.

Yeah, no.

Seems like you like being awake at absurd hours like I do ^^

It's 4AM

There are old people who wake up at this time


Dead community :(

Oh well, at least there are cute subby boys


lol no

lmao restaurant industry problems :(

Right? Dummy old people.




aw yeah the professional bumper u deserve every scent the Canadian government pays u for this job

how u gurl

I can think of at least two

Granted, I thought there were more than that until I tried to think of them all just now

What hours do you work?


Like 2-1ish am sometimes.

Nevermind, I decided that makes it better

11 hours is normal?

no bully :(

See? no one

Probably not going to stay up much longer. Don't have work in the morning but got some family shit I have to take care of.

Blowers are neat, but honestly the constant whine of the supercharger tends to irritate me more than anything. If I had a big block GM motor like that, twin turbos (one for each bank of cylinders) would probably be my drug of choice.

Exactly. I like revving out to redline too much to give it up for "optimal performance 100% of the time" Sure, maybe thats why I went through 3 different engine setups but it was still a far more enjoyable experience than driving my former room mate's daily driver shitbox of a Nissan Versa for 6 weeks while I was waiting on parts to ship from halfway across the world.

lol yeah, easy. no breaks wheeeee

-huggu- ♥


You and ikt

But ikt's cock is attractive in ways a subby boy's aren't

Why do I pathologically pretend to care about politics

u should fix that

It's just how it works. Linecook lyfe.

Is it instinct when you give up on some aspect of being human to just fill it in with meme-ing


Get better jerb

I don't know if I should try to explain my sexuality while I'm not sober

What you just said doesn't make much sense either

I miss Sonata

I want my raspberry tea ;~;

Sense is a false god

I get paid decent enough with insurance and it's a really cool group of coworkers. I can't really throw that away right now lol

Dunno what I'd do other than cook at this point tbh *shrugs*

*givs u tea* :D

I guess it's fine as long as you like it overall ^^

Fun fact, there's no such thing as a "big block Pontiac-" From the 265ci Pontiac V8 that came out in '55 all the way up to the 455, they all share identical external dimensions. It's often thought "big block" is qualified by displacement, but the existence of the 400ci SBC alongside the 396ci BBC kinda shoots that in the foot.

And yeah if max power with a larger budget were my goal turbos are the way to go- A roots blower meets what I would be shooting for at the intersection of cost, power increase, throttle response and simplicity. As well as the valve angle of Pontiac heads pointing exhaust ports basically straight down at a crossmember, muddying the fabrication of turbo manifolds. Annnnnnd you probably won't hear the blower belt over the exhaust anyhow >_>

Just like most


Shrug. I consider anything bigger than like 3-3.5L of displacement a big engine, and its also like one in the morning and my brain wants to sleep so apologies for the wrong words for things and such.

Okay, for real though I'm going to sleep now goodnight animus.


throws chair through window


[4:24:58 AM] Taki: Erio
[4:25:12 AM] Taki: ERIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[4:25:15 AM] virtue births a demon: HI
[4:25:30 AM] Taki: make a thread poll on Holla Forums
[4:25:48 AM] Taki: I wanna know who people want to fuck more, Echo or Subtle or both
[4:25:57 AM] Taki: I tried but I'm too drunk and wasted for it
[4:26:04 AM] Taki: halp

All that aren't rooted in a knowledge of their origin in the void

Did we talk about you wanting to open a bakery one time


Go to bed, lol

ok this works tho????????? you just linked the wrong page

I can get to it from that link though

At one point that was what I was thinking of, but I don't think it's in the cards anymore rn

I woke up two hours ago

If it's what you want then aim for it

I'll run a kitchen yo.

I have been keeping an eye on other lines to work on. I really wanna work at this uppity hipster pizza place on the main street here tbh

Gotta keep getting more exp before a new kitchen tho.

Okay, good luck

What time do you usually go to bed?


When I fall asleep.

GET UP!!!!!!1 BUMP THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 EVA AND RIN AND KANRA AREN'T PAYING YOU TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same lately

Damn, waking up in the middle of the night


you stopped the junk

riff proto1

It's part of the wake up combo that I love

uh oh looks like /zoo/ is raiding us

rifk patriotic nigra 1

Are you calling me patriotic



Hey gurl how's dildos

Also, did you get started on your drawing yet?

what are they drawing?

Who knows

A vampire loli maybe

I've done a bit, haven't been much in the mood.
Dildos are okay, sales have been bad recently. I work tomorrow night which is a Saturday so I'm hoping for a good night.


I was going to tell you to go to sleep Erio but then I saw this

Are you some kind of degenerate?

Hi nezi.

im having low blood sugar .-.

all shaky

Do sales affect your pay?

Who r u

Eat some fruit or sometihng.

They reflect on my performance and thus how many hours I get. We have a bunch of new people I have to compete with so I will be doing my best to not lose to them.

lol diabetes

dawn dead scene


What are you not sober on after being awake for such a short period of time?

I had some honey

i don't have diabetus

So you're saying you're a loli whose job it is to actively convince people to buy sex toys

HOW DO YOU KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to see an anime about Kissy

Yes, it's a very difficult job.

Oh yum, I need to make some tea now that you remind me of sweet things.

We were acquaintances once

Weed is for niggers though


Sounds pretty cute

Who are u though

And niggers can make good contributions

Rock music for example

give me some good music you love, hu

I'm not hu tho

There is a lot of pressure to preform right now, I'm not enjoying that.

What's wrong with 11

Hello wielder of Excalibur

When will it be adapted into an anime though?

71 hours on divinity 2

haven't really slept in two days

this is good

My favorite game again

wield ur excalibur

It's a penis joke from KonoSuba

mine was a penis joke regarding your penis

I'm not going to say right now

I thought that was mostly a white people thing

Maybe the actual legend of Excalibur is also a penis joke

How deep does the rabbit hole go

It originates from black people music

You didn't know that?

So, by that logic, no niggers, no metal

check ur privilage

jesus christ I should go to bed, I can't keep track of anything at this point


We're still working out the details with the production companies.

Sleep can help with that.



-hugs tightly- Just do your best while you're working and then relax when you're not ^^

berry ur dick so deep in my ass that whoever pulls it out will be crownd king arthur

Now is a good time to be on too!

I didn't actually, neat. We also bred them to be pretty good at sports so they got that going for them too!

What's 11?

That's pretty gay!


Oooh, 11 time. I get now.

I wanted to wake up at 9 so I could enjoy a cup of coffee and have lunch at a normal time and do lazy stuff in between.

Because of the cute boys?

All two of them are here

Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to them in the long run

It's what took them away from Africa

Yeah saying gay things to you is one of my favorite things about this anime picture chat forum

That is my only option. If my hours are cut much I may search for a second job or a different full time job, even though I don't really want to do that.

I didn't think this through

Just use an alarm, you baka.. you can even get one of Megumin's voice

I slept 2 hours then went for a run :c

hey look i woke up at 11 too

Maybe you can find a better one ^^

-pets your hair-

oh my

There aren't really better ones. I just got a raise too.

I don't know enough about history to dispute that but it sounds right to me. Planning on staying up all day now even though you woke up so late?

You're such a bottom bitch :3

Oooh nice. I have it but it's a bit too embarrassing.

Just put your phone right next to your head~

Brb gonna go pass out

You can do it; just relax and think about other things during your off time. Then you'll be more in a good mindset for handling it :3

I'll probably go to bed at like 4PM or something

What you just said turns me on a lot more than I'd expect it to

Sleep well!

Time to reinstall that app then :3c

*does the kamuu thing*

anybody wanna snuggle until we fall asleep together

dream ofme

The kamuu thing?

That could mean a lot of different things, and are you sure you want to do all of them?

Do you not have work or anything to worry about after the weekend?

Actually this is scary no


Got back to America a few weeks ago and I'm stretching out being a NEET

Phases of debauchery are great imo


I dropped my phone ;_;

Accidentally mislinked the second one in

The "Lmao" was 4 u

Posting drunk or high and mislinking is one of my pastimes

Does Kamuu ever post, by the way?


Off to doing stuff face with food stuff stuff

So he's a chef at a five star restaurant; got it

No I'm gonna be off doing eating stuff.
Kamuu just rarely posts idk what he's even doing rnn

No, give me all your links. I've been living that life for awhile now myself. What kind of employment are you planning on seeking?

Okay bye sexy

I think something online would be best

Then I won't be tied down to a specific place

Maximum freedum

I kind of want to travel more

Did you misquote..?

okay :D

Yeah it happens


Hu informed me that I misquoted

That does sound pretty lovely. Where would you travel to?

Send lewds.

It does, and it sucks



China and then Slovakia

I paid for all of that from teaching English in China and I still have net gain

Yeah, now Kissy thinks I neglected her and she'll call child services

Oh where "would"

I'm so spaced out

There are a handful of different places I'm kind of interested in; don't know which I'd go to

My brain can NOT function right now

Making some peppermint tea. Hungry too, but there isn't anything to eat.
How about you?

I'll do my bestest.

Look at him

He's beautiful

There's literally nothing to eat?

I got some stuff to do later hopefully it won't take too long
also i just found this

At least you noticed your mistake. You went to seem really commie places, I assume you enjoyed the experiences if you want to do it again?


Aww ;-;

Nothing substantial. I can't cook at 4 am or my family would wake up and get mad.

Feet are truly the most deplorable of fetishes.

I meant post, my bad.

The fact that they were both commie was coincidence

IMO, they'd both be better to travel to if they were never commie

Slovakia was beautiful though

It's just that the commieblocks made things look a bit less like a fairy tale village

Communism is like grey paint; I don't really care about politics, but I dislike it on an aesthetic level


Doing anything today?

You should eat at least something

nah it's the best and there are far worse

sending lewds your way through this thread, means you'd have to post some too. Both works~

no u.
Should read, but lazy

I will never understand it, I think feet are weird.
Also mine are too ticklish.

I found some cup noodle, maybe I will activate that.

Like u can kill 100 million people, that's cool and all, just don't build a giant grey block in a cute slav village

Kyouko's ass

i think tickling is the gayest stupid shit ever so you don't gotta worry about that

Same, thanks for the reminder

Do it

Jack is lurking and projecting his homosexuality on me on Skype

Nah, don't read, stay here and do something more enjoyable~






Kyouko's firm loli ass

I've already notified God Emperor Trump that you may be a potential commie bastard. I would like to travel a bit more but I've never considered seeing either of those places.

Are you horny today or something? I don't save lewds too often so I don't have much to share, unfortunately.

Not right now anyway, but have been and probably will be later too.