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over qualified

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poor Nezi


hey Feku


stop forcibly reverse grope raping me

and thicc

I'd rape you tbh

I wish i have a gf that would send me titty nudes.

I wish human interaction

I mean only if you want one

I'm pretty shy irl though so it will be uncomfortable for me

I don't, I just ask weird questions. I don't do IRL

like you even could lol

why do you wish for what you fear

With ease, I'm bigger than you.
Also brb, nom

oh ok. well I do like you enough that I'd be willing to do almost anything you'd ask me c:

thats not whats stopping you. my butthole is hella tight.
also isnt it like 6 hours early for eten

That's odd. Though I like you alright too.

Tight ass

why's it odd? friends do things for each other, and I particularly enjoy helping people and making them happy ^^

ask for sex

It's 12:20pm
Lunch time

i forgot normal people eat lunch

I mean friends helping friends is fine, but they don't just randomly kiss. That's odd.

I usually drink coffee for breakfast, making lunch my first real meal. I don't think it's too smart

well it would only be at your request.
otherwise I don't want to do it.

i just eat a light snack when i wake and have a larger than average meal a few hours before i sleep

It's a request that is odd to not refuse if simply between friends.

Does cum count as a light snack for you? :3

a condiment at most

I'm just messing with you
Why are you up at this hour? Isn't it like 5-6 am?

its 12am and im usually up all night sleep around 8-10am


I go above and beyond to make people happy!

I spent my break today getting food for a coworker even though I wasn't feeling well and should have been sitting down

Cute boys naturally generate asspussy lubricant, haven't you studied any hentai

Wait what, where in the states are you from? Hawaii or Alaska or something?

Er på besøg hos de gamle, fik frokost hos mormor. Ren forkælelse

Which is odd.

you still wont get past the clench

the former yeh


that mercy soo pretty


Oh, okay. THIS is the time to come if you want to see all the garbage people. I get it now.

Well, this was awful. I'm leaving now.

I l-like being nice! deal with it! >.

oh yeah!

Altid en fornøjelse at være på besøg hos ens bedsteforældre

Gotta try!

I'm awake.

Two from my university is doing an exchange semester there right now !

Lidt kedeligt i længden, men ja. Skal til jobsamtale i morgen, er ret spændt

Oh thank god. Someone who isn't a total monster.



En weekend men så heller ikke længere.
Oh, hos hvem? Eller noget mindre lokalt?

There is a show on Netflix where the picture to advertise the show is just a lady reading a book that says Ghosts on the cover in spooky letters. Based on this, and this alone, I think I may have to watch it.

Watch it and let me know how it goes.
Also I might be playing something while we chat here so I might have slow replies.

it would only work if your battering ram is solid and you push with all your might

are they doing some kind of nature study or something? idk why ppl would want to go here for uni. its hot and it sucks being white here

Jul bliver grov.
MAN Diesel og Turbo. Har også været til samtale hos nogle andre som er mindre, der ville det dog ikke være så svært at finde mig ^^


I watched all of Manhunt: Unabomber last night. Because Ted Kaczynski is an American hero.

Management related stuff

ew manglement

Wow.. Better not then

Yeah, ser heller ikke ligefrem frem til at læse op til eksamener og sådan hos forældre.
Wow! Kan godt forstå du er spændt

I know nothing about that.

It's really very interesting. Dr. Kaczynski is brilliant and committed fully to his beliefs.


Ja, det bliver nice nok at snakke lidt med dem.
Har jeg spurgt hvad du læste?

What are they?

Må se hvad de siger til det. Helt sikkert også spændende.
Yeah, en to-tre uger siden eller noget. Datalogi, er pt i gang med femte semester

i guess people just think its cool to visit this place
its alright when theyre new to it

i was just kidding my butthole isnt hard as stone

That's good, but you had your chance and you blew it

oh darn! i really wanted to be penetrated in the butthole by another dude! oh well :P

thx bby~

The Unabomber. He's a mathematician and anarchist responsible for a series of bombings using homemade explosives made of wood and other common household compounds. His manifesto has been published in book form entitled Industrial Society and its Future. He wrote hundreds of letters to the media and signed both the letters and the bombs as FC for Freedom Club. He lived a totally self-sustaining life in a small cabin he built in Montana that had no running water, no electricity, and no gas.

god you're an edgy fuck

obvious sarcasm

Ah right, mit gæt var software udvikling. Er det så med speciale i noget særligt? Algoritmer el lign?


Or was it~?

He sounds...productive?

for 2 years.

turns out living in the woods is shit.

probably a bs excuse. the wilderness is big. he could have found another patch of trees to live in.

Studerer sammen med software ingeniørene. Forskellen mellem de to er nærmest lig 0.
Nah, ikke noget speciale endnu, det kommer nok først engang på kandidaten

people can't help but romanticize him, especially if he confirms their worldview.

I saw Sander van Doorn and even fist bumped him

ich bin ein twilight

Living in the woods sounds nice at least.


He is an important thinker in anarchist theory.

Overwhelmingly productive.

Actually, for over twenty years. The two years you are referring to are just after he resigned his post at Berkeley and lived with his parents.

Yes, he decided it was impossible to live peacefully, so instead of living peacefully he started sending package and letter bombs.

good one OP

N-not that I think anarchy is a good thing m-mind you...

I'd kiss Kanra irl tbh

We don't need to romanticize him. A brilliant man is a brilliant man regardless of if you agree with him or not.

This is what I imagine MLP fans to be like

Right on. Må være lækkert nok med job garanti :3

I mean, you can be that way it's fine. Still odd though.
I'm going sleep, goodnight.

tbh you are gay Soto, so that is IRRELEVANT

Certain kinds of anarchy are good. Sadean anarchy I don't think is a good thing.

scoots the gayest tho

none of your ancestors would ever opt for living in the woods.

if you care about trees, join some advocacy group.

There's this documentary I've never been able to find, that talks about this old Indian guy living on some hills, who was an ex-military pilot.

he had kids, who as soon as they could, moved out into cities, because their life was nothing but digging through shit. life isn't an RPG. it just is. this fantasy is waaay common wiith young white males.

Det er det helt sikkert




I say we just go to Communism..

Yeah, but I can fuck animals in the woods in private.

That made me chortle.

oh, and the military pilot was 60. his body was wrecked. many injuries, because rocks don't make you harder. they're just rocks.



Just say giggle

Don't be a faggot

Life is a fantasy. None of this shit in industrial society is real. None of it lasts. It's a wholly unnatural way to live.

Communism is a form of fascism. Any form of state is fascism.

uh, no?




merriment increases


N-no bully

This whole life is beyond me.
I'll just do what makes me happy.



Kan det passe vi også har snakket om fredagsbarer?

You smoke inside? Wtf man

Mao and Stalin were right.


D-don't do me an upset, please.

it most definitely was. you already know im straight.





honestly, I don't think you really want animals that bad.

or you'd have a live in pug or something. you really empathize with animals, and that's cool, but look into their behaviour. they're just dumb things. you can still like animals and understand animals will just be animals.

we all like to project onto animals. try reading any comment section to a video about some animal 'showing empathy'.

then watch the ones where people thought it was 'showing empathy', and were immedietly flailed around like ragdolls.

A light gleeful burst of laughter

Lol they got dumped. Again. Kek. Disgusting tranny.

Politics is just a form of parallax.

Mao and Stalin were fascists. No different from Mussolini, Hitler, or Franco.

I'd be pretty content to just live in a small cabin with basic things like electricity and shit with a German Shep or two I can just have sex with while ruffing it out in the wilderness.

kanra, 2017

the fact they managed to get anyone in the first place is what's truly amazing.


Incorrect. FUCKING stop spreading capitalist propaganda.

Maybe Fish and Chris-chan are the same person.

Muligvis. Kan ikke lige komme i tanke om det

more right-leaning than modern lefturds, yeah

sure, sure

absolutely correct

Soto gotten too fine to respond, I see how it is

Used to

Mostly pot tho

That sounds cute af

fish is like a fucking supermodel compared to cwc dude.


that's how this anime should have gone. still mad.

lay fukken mao my dude
fukken cupcake more like CUNTent cop

no need to be mean, scoots.

Huge Baka confirmed tsundere for my dick


Capitalists would disagree with my ideas as well. I believe in the total abolition of the state and social class. Rewild and return to nature.

Sorry, I got distracted by Scoots.

The only way to truly be happy is to be
absolutely free. The only way to be absolutely free is to know the exact motivations behind why you do things and do them anyways.

Low hanging fruitcake, boi


Was it a SFW anime or? I've seen so much porn of her holy shit

Surely you know who I am?

Fool always was too cool for handhearts tbh



To be honest I have no idea what I'm doing or why anymore.


I wouldn't call it sfw but the ecchi isn't full on like some other stuff. it was mostly just cute and humorous. there was definitely some lewd stuff though, just nothing too extreme other than arguably the fact that the brother and sister are quite tsundere for each other.

I liked it. would recommend.



Doing me a frigten




scoots guess what.

Man, that Shiro guy was hella jealous/mad that I spoke so much with Quirky LMAO
I'm Loodz, boi

I can almost imagine how it ends, with some feely feely stuff but that it wouldn't work out

every time you smoke, it's through an incredibly refined industrial process, that balanced the right amount of ingredients to get you high. is that Nature? how do you explain your hypocrisy?

there's a reason the most famous literature on 'Men living in Nature' ie. Walden, is actually rated on authenticity, based on how inconvenienced they can be. There's nothing romantic about having to throw your shit over a hill far enough away from your home. Walden lasted a year, and he was barely outside of his town. he could have spent minutes walking back into town.

so now people romanticize his 3 year concocting of his own experiences. If you want peace to read and write like he did, you can get that.

but maybe people like the trees because at least trees won't judge them.


that's the worst part. the ending is just one giant fucking tease. there's no resolution one way or the other. they better make a fucking second season or something, maybe the manga actually has a satisfying or at the very least concrete ending, but the anime sure as fuck doesn't.

still worth watching though if you like moe/ecchi stuff.

ur a faget.

Have you guys noticed posting speeds improve since downtime?

Wow don't change your name on me like that lmao

live in a city with a spacious dog park. they have those.

you can fuck it at home.



There was like, a major chunk of time where it took ages to get anything through for a while after, but beyond that things seem normal enough.

They succeeded

I want to fuck outside though.



Boy, kanra bout to 4D transform fams


is he trying to argue people only want to live in cities

Loodz meet up with Hu irl

hey scoots guess what else

Stop trying to incite shit with him just because you're bored.


im bored
i want friends
does anyone play games anymore? ;~;

Kanra 'bout to tell us how humans are "special snowflakes" and how "nature" is bad and for dummies.

:fire: incites shit with u :fire:

loodz x hu

Think I'll just enjoy the porn :3 A lot of it is real quality

Man that was great

And I'd probably drink a beer with Hu, he seems pretty straight.
The Gropy guy on the other hand, oh man.

ur a double faget

Luka you're not Hajidere, you're just autistic

Yeah, I am sure they do. You can always ask in the chat. People are just a little chill atm atleast I am

that's because the source material is so cute.





I miss when Scoots and Soto would bully me.

ur right I'm sorry.

scoots. guess what.




you wish


Might be time to start shitting on everyone again.

Apology accepted, what?


Sounds hot.

What's the hottest new animeme?

ur a triple faget

that is enough


;~; soto's bullying me
pls defeat him...

you should shatter this illusion that animals can be anywhere even remotely close to the basic emotions we feel.

all you do is end up shaping this creature, by triggering its dopamine receptors with your commands and language.

it barely understands words. the smartest mammals can mimic the sounds, but dogs need to be drilled with words for hours a day, from as early as puppyhood, and kept up. Where does the illusion break?

I have no idea lol. I just kinda scroll through crunchy roll and see what interests me or ask people on 4chan what the anime their reaction images are from.

cool cat is so cool

wish me to stop it

Yeah you're better off with Hu tbh lmao

I never bullied anyone

That's fake news

Animals are actually pretty smart and can feel things from joy to empathy.

Anyhow I'm going to go play LoL for a bit with my duo. Back later.


I cannot believe this betrayal.

I will, dont you worry.



can you really not? because it seems like you should have seen that coming a mile away.

scoots is the strongest!!


Nevermind. My duo is an asshole and made me get on so he could go sleep.

How will I survive now, after this Trotsky like betrayal


do you need glasses or something?

I'm saying people like not having to exert themselves harder in every way. the first thing that people who want to live in the woods do, is make it more convenient.

what do you really lose out on in the city?

i am the strongest

probably by being a quadruple faget

oh dear. you replied to him like anything he says isn't retarded.

oh dear.

Oh, actually thought you were hella anime master

We'll see if we can arrange something sometime
Do you still do those graveyard shifts, nah?


that would be like subtle or emma, honestly. I watch a decent amount but I'm not an expert.

if you're looking for something interesting you could try the anime I'm posting this character from. magic circle guru guru. it's adorable, funny, charming, has good characters and it's silly as hell.

because you are a 5x faget HOLY SHIT GET REKT



*hugs tight*


Emma would be the first I consult if I someday decide it's time to bring out my inner weeb, yeah.

Afraid I don't have the interest to go through with it though.

Careful though, I heard Hu's a slut lol

Also nah, I've been working morning shifts lately
05:00 - 13:30 Mon - Fri

i beat up scoots

i'll beat up you too in a minute

i wanna play zelda!

It's p fun

get fucking fucked lol

lame. why even ask then u nerd.



prove it

explore the land! ^_^


excuse me?

I think so

Nigga you don't watch anime

babooka! c^^

a dog made you his bitch and you need to get over it.

I know animals can be 'pretty smart', but 'pretty smart' is relative. relative to the animal. relative to your definition of intelligence. there's a reason Grim likes his birds. dogs don't come anywhere close to that.

your dog doesn't have a 'mind' it can 'have feelings' about.
a dog will never reject you. they're good boys.

*sips fruit punch*

Yeah! thanks a bunch~ ♥


Ouch, those are tough on the social life too, but beats the late night ones. Currently looking for someone for a part time job that involves picking up the phone a few times during the night. It's easy money, but whoever gets it can wave goodbye to anything social.

Wanted to look up new porn, could be you knew of some of the new hotness!

link my posts if you're replying to me or this is the last reply you get.

yes I do. are you actually retarded? the evidence is stacking up fast.

this picture makes NO sense.


Like you. Nerd.

he misrepresented me.


well unfortunately I don't at the moment. not any that you don't already know of at least. most of the anime I'm watching at the moment is cute stuff. I mean there's the new naruto series but I doubt that would be news to you.

You don't deserve a reply

are you having fun?

yes. he's a retard. he does retarded things. like retards do. ignoring retards is the best option.

wtf I didn't do anything to deserve this name calling.

Some people are pretty dumb.
Some animals are smart.



Yeah, gonna play some game before going out to get some noms. You?


My cat is smart

I thought we were frans...


I explain it by first off stating tobacco and fire are both natural products. Secondly I state it by stating that I am socialized.

You dig a hole and shit in the hole. Or you shit in a river so it gets swept away. Thoreau was a phony. He was a rich man who told farmers they should be happy being farmers even though they had to sell their crops and were in debt to the banks.

You should figure that out.

-gives bubble tea-

Daily reminder Luka needs a job lmao

you're weak and stupid kanra

you know it

dude gross

For now I know I want to be with someone. Maybe not romantically, but just be close to some people.

Though dating would be nice. I am not emotionally ready for it however.


can we not exchange you for kuus :(

the dumbest of humans can interpret music better than the smartest of animals

you can train it. you can untrain it. it won't care. it just goes with whatever you make it feel. it's all you.

How was your date?

kuus is overrated and the only reason you like her is because she's a female and you are thirsty as fuck.

i'm sorry for that last post.

And yet I still want to have sex with one.

how do you know to say these cruel things?

r'ing scoots kitty pics

Dignity and an identity. You cease being an individual in a city and instead just become another statistic.

luka went on a date?

Man I want to fuck Subtle so bad sometimes

i'm gonna watch a few youtubes
then play my videogame missions!

it wasn't a date.

the sushi was tasty

the movie was good.

The cute stuff is usually the ones targeted for perversion, but I'll take a look and see if there's anything interesting!

He IS weak and stupid!

And why do you want that?

it was vague, too

maybe you just like calling me namese

true, and normally I'm all for it, but when it comes to kukuri I don't find myself aroused. I'm also finally watching little witch academia on netflix, but I haven't started looking up porn yet.

Holy shit can't believe I'm witnessing Lukas first date

i'm very smart

Physical contact puts me at ease.
Emotional stuff makes me feel validated.

Blade Runner?
I'm seeing it tonight too

holy shit that's the funniest thing he's ever said

Yes it's very good

and it's super helpful if you watch the first one.

your mom is super helpful

the fuck is wrong with being a statistic

being 'the handful of guys that lived in woods' is a statistic

did Kaczynski find dignity in the woods?
did he find identity in the woods?

He spent two years there, but nobody talks about the longer spans of time he spent just, not doing that. Which is massively bigger, and for good reason. Thoreau spent 3 years, in a city, writing about his 1 year in the woods. that's another statistic.

who fed u sushi?

I'm fine being a statistic as long as I got a job and cheap rent

Of course, I really liked that one too :3

Is there any other things you can do to get validated or feel at ease?

It's dehumanizing. It strips you of your identity. You are just a number on a piece of paper.

There is are no real statistics on that because there is no way to verify the actual numbers of people living off the grid.

Yes to both questions.

He spent TWENTY YEARS THERE, you fucking moron. The lspans of time meaning before he lived in the woods and the time after his arrest where he was in a prison cell? He spent twenty fucking years living in the woods. Only going into town when he absolutely needed to.

they only paid for it
i ate it using my own chopsticks

Multiple people?

new thread

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no, you just enjoy being mean to me. you think it's okay because I deserve it. you can say you were joking, but what does that say about you?

I work a lot to feel that most days.




Yeah, someone invited them out to for sushi and the movies

But you said date just yesterday!
But glad it was all good~

bully bad

til I can use two separate google accounts with chrome simultaneously.