Heterosexual white Christian male thread only

Heterosexual white Christian male thread only.

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I'm 6 foot and 180 pounds


it means ph my god

get with the times old man

Acidic my god?

dude weed

dude weed lmao


lol dude



Like I'm so high right now.
Three whole marijuanas.
Did I mention hwo hihg I am right now?
Dude, weed lamo.


Fucking weed wizards man

hehe I didn't know you were into weade tsuchi nyakn :3

I'm soaking mad weed 560

You may be twice my size but sound like a cute girl and moan just like one too

my boy


whats up takky?

I've been looking for a 3 foot 90 pound boi for a while

I cut off my head so I could get a new perspective on life

Dullahan is secretely a turn on of mine


I'll zzZuck ya dick

You haven't heard me moan

What kind of tunes are you listening to tonight?

Maybe you fell asleep in a Discord call like Test and now everyone knows.

Anyone have a 3d printer?

meat loaf

If anyone here did, it would only be used to print dicks.

No that didn't happen

I think only one person from the threads has heard me moan


okay mom

Gotta go rags

have anice niht

Goodnight nerds

ooh, okay. You're probably right lol

I think I found which one I'm getting anyway, just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about them.

Hah. Gay.


nini autism chan

its not

Bard pls

Soto, bully me pls


I forgive you.
It's going to be okay.


Holy shit. Almost in my thing to get Gold 4. I'm making it up the ranks.

The big leagues

I've won almost every game I go solo.
My duo friend its 50/50.

I'll bully you in private or on skype :3

ooh lala~


What game is this ?

do you have discord, Soto-kun~?

*Oui la la.

I ain't got time for Franch.

Yeah, it's thatsotoguy




lol my bad

It's Soto#6849

Thanks Subtle bby

Subtle was really quick to gknow Soto's username.
rly makes u thin



The k was already there.
I typed "give out" first then changed it to "know".

Regardless, we know you two were cybering.


I would e-date Subtle ngl

lol I won a duo game without a partner, had to 1v2 for the win

But would he e-date you or just keep being a side hoe like he is now?

Side hoe probably

He's always sending dick pics to Emma
There's no way I can compete with a real canadian girl with a weird looking chin


What happened to your partner

Mettabots was better.

tf is a battlebot

I just never got one for the last 2 games, I have bad luck lol
Other game I got 4th.

i wanna play


can your PC run pubg? you need around 80 frames or higher or there's a decent amount of input lag

omg three games in a row no partner wtf

how unlucky can I get


i dunno yet

Get in game with duo and I instantly start loosing.
What are these toxic retards?

well what are your specs

#1 rule of duos with randoms is always expect it to be a 1v2 since they're gonna be useless

good enough
i play overwatch at medium high decently

you have a serious problem with not answering questions directly tbh

We did fine.
Our Kat immediately flamed and started intentionally feeding at 3 min after 1 death.

no u

intel pentium 4 @ 3.6GHz
1gb ddr ram
8800 gtx
250gb 10k rpm hdd

how u get dat mcuh hurts i only have 2.8

Hi Feku

I'll Pentium your Vietnamese intel bby

why is she naked

Don't you sleep naked?

nope i like clothes on my skin it helps wiht autism

Sleeping naked or at least without a shirt is comfy af

lol autist

wow lewd

sleeping naked is the way to go. and it makes spooning so much better

i dont like being exposed unless im in a secure environment like a bathroom or a loli's pussy



hah autism

feku post hair

im not a pedophile its just my autism i swear!

i cut it a month ago



good thing im not a girl
my family kept bothering me about it and i really didnt want to deal with society so i just cut it one day on my own

[citation needed]

lmao enjoy your garbage ass haircut

No wonder you never get laid


i have a penis

i choose not to interact with 3d
atleast i dont rely date raping my victims for my sex

Lol fucking rekt

oh noez
Widowmaker has a lewd white spot on her inner thigh when ulting

rip credit card

Lmao woops

naughty blizzard

hiding it in her ult only view
i don't think many else could've found this

Crude and lewd

That's only for Ban

Just cause he likes that kinda stuff


Yay luka

Holy shit you're retarded.

Are you 12?


Stop being a bully tsuchi

what white spot i dont get it

He makes it impossible to not make fun of him when he's look up a videogame character's skirt and then complaining the developers are perverse when, again, he's looking up a goddamn videogame character's skirt.




which remix is better?

its right there
it disappears when u don't ult

i dont see any spots

Time for school! Bye!

you'd have to be in game to see it ;~;

He seems like he'd run around trying to look up women's skirts then claim they were perverse for having the indecency to wear vaguely sensual underwear when he's the goddamn creeper looking up people's skirts.


no he's talking about a white spot on her thigh that none of us can see, and apparently you have to be in game to see it (aka couldn't get a screenshot)

Says the fucking nerd

the first one

why are you posting misleading context



If it was in game then it would show in a screenshot.
I think he's just being autistic and trying to explain why he's capping upskirt shots instead of just saying "yeah, I'm jerking off to Widow right now" like a goddamn normal person.


why did you trick me i wanted to see it

its right there in the screenshot ;~;

He's the definition of autism.
He's like 30 and still acts like "b-but daddy told me touching my peepee makes my palms hairy :(" and whatever other drivel to rationalize it.

her legs look normal youre tricking me

it's there

circle it for me im blind

it's too naughty
i won't do it
people are getting angry :(

lets just pretend it doesnt exist and stay pure :)

Does he live in any reality?

who r u

a good boye

im worried

Japanese culture is notoriously awkward about sex. Mainstream ideas back then are odd to us now.

Maybe you're just a pervert.

whats worrying you?

sounds like you're just trying to justify some unsettled sexual cognitive dissonance

unranked Duo FPP has to be the most fun I've ever had in a game

carrying some random to a victory is so satisfying, I love how excited they get :3

He lives in fucking Canada. What the fuck does Japan have anything to do with him?

Piss off kanra

But WHO are you ?

The underage gay Chinese dude.



whats a mystery


Is he even still underage ?

Are you still underage ?





How long has it been ?

Um, variety of human experience.

you know thos can can dancers?

just another expression of human sexuality

maybe try to be open to new things, Tsuchi.

you are

scoots y

18 years? idk now what?

youre pretty mysterious too

What does Japan have to do with literally anything I said regarding Luka or are you just going to non-sequitur onto topics in lieu of contributing anything meaningful to any discourse, as per usual?

non sequitur ur mom


It joek

this conversation went from confusing to downright ridiculous

I couldn't really think of generic tranny insult here to somehow come across as being facetious so:
lmao u hav a dick ur a dude

I'm not insane. You're saying saving and jerking off to porn of Widow is more normal than capping in-game upskirt shots.

We know that developers have to add every detail of a character, and we know that some lewd shots are intentional, like Dead or Alive, or Street Fighter, or Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. not uncoincidentally, made in Japan.


is funne cuz I just dont know anymore :'D

i gotta have mystery!

Blizzard is an American game developer.
Again, Japan or its culture are entirely irrelevant and just quoting wikipedia tidbits as "facts" where they're not useful completely retarded.

you think i can find hot chicks there?

hows your water situation?

lamo git recked kid

ones that have dicks

my water results are inconclusive
theyre shipping the sample to another city to get analyzed
the waters been chlorinated
it's risky right now
but ill try some

You're talking about attitudes towards sex in video games. Like Widow rule 34.
Scantily clad, flexible female characters, performing suggestive animation, is more common in Japan, but Widow being a very sexual character, Blizzard/America too.

takes all the wind out of it explaining it this way.

i think ill wait til 2d vr porn

how bad can the bacteria be? can you take showers?
what have you been drinking up until now?

Literally none of that is related to Japan and why Luka is capping upskirt shots.
You're just spewing non-sequitur in lieu of anything actually relevant.

the bacteria was poo related from farms or sewers
it would make people vomit and put bacteria in your intestines
you can do anything non-food related with it.

i haven't been drinking anything.

It's like going on a rant about Hinduism when asked why Jews don't eat certain parts of a cow: you just spew something unrelated in hopes people think you know anything.

You said

"He seems like he'd run around trying to look up women's skirts then claim they were perverse for having the indecency to wear vaguely sensual underwear when he's the goddamn creeper looking up people's skirts."


"If it was in game then it would show in a screenshot.
I think he's just being autistic and trying to explain why he's capping upskirt shots instead of just saying 'yeah, I'm jerking off to Widow right now' like a goddamn normal person."

and since you seem super insecure, expressed by calling others weird, it's related because I gave you VERY related cases where it wouldn't be considered weird.

do you get why I said what I said now? was it so unrelated?

Literally none of this has to do with Japanese customs whatsoever.

cultural attitudes towards sexuality

can can dancers

widowmaker being a ballerina
the way she moves
her Christmas animation
how people draw her online

the Japan part is because Japan isn't shy about these things. their video games. their cartoons. their advertisements. their tropes. their idol groups. there is this respectable shyness they have. this is what I think of when I think of Luka.

imfinna nut to sum in game up skirt shots



yeah same

everything I've said is related to what you've said

you accused me of a non-sequitir here

I'm saying it isn't.



all of you have said weirder shit than this.

Nothing about that has anything to do with Japan.

Again, you can keep saying trivia answers but that doesn't make you informed, it means you watched Jeopardy once.

Oh, you're here. I'll leave sorry.



You are doing this for no reason other than you are bored and seeking a reaction. No one minds that you are here.


you called things weird
weird is subjective to culture
I gave you examples of cultures where particular attitudes towards sex, the exact kind you were criticizing Luka for, exists in Japan.

and I have watched Jeapordy way more than once.

post moar~

eww people are showering in poo water


Literally none of this has to do with Canada or general western norms but hey, talk about Japan all you want.

Keep trying to pretend to be retarded, I guess.

hopefully its cured soon


do you really need evidence?



I'm pretty awful right now.

how do you define culture?

how do you define a norm?

how do nations or countries or people learn cultures or norms?

do they change? why do they change? think about the last couple centuries of sex in Western civilization.

Kind of want to male impregnate Canary-chan

defeat everyone!

inb4 hu


Kinda want to male birth Scoot's semen baby?


sexual bants

you're trolling.
I've explained it 3 times now.
at least admit you see how it can be related back to what you said.
or refute how I relate it back to what you said.

stop making me explain this. I hate doing this.

*kicks a ball in scootaloo's face*



Hu will be here soon.

because I'm terrified of being misunderstood.

so I repeat myself as many times as people don't get it, or try to misrepresent me.

I assume they're not doing it just to fuck with me.



thank God

He's a fag anyway.

oh hi squiddy

eenope. He's a faggot too.

how did I end up posting 19 times again

fuck you people

i'm out.

fuck you gil.
happy belated scoots .

wtf.......... don't bully my friends................
who do you ....think you are.........

a faggot


Ilu bb

Squiddy is australian anyway and my little flag is american.


Now it's australian.

Oh hai spec chan



Close but not quite.

I blame my VPN.

lol ♥


That's all the gay fags that I know though

But you still haven't posted anything relevant.

stealer of avatars

Your expectations are way too high

then my secret identity is safe



I don't think he minds

Is it?

i mind, how do i differentiate??

dars if thats' your
you got me fucked up

name, ID, flag, silly

Wish bard wasn't a salty cunt

thats too much effort. besides eu flags are all the same to me

Could be.

He's honestly baffling;y moronic.

It's not difficult though. One is a white cross on a red background, the other is Aquafresh

Not all disabilities are Visible

I was thinking it was night time
but you're probably just waking up huh?

expectations too high




I apologize for making fun of those with fetal alcohol syndrome.

nah, just an yet another introductory course and no group yet, so I'm done for today already

i mix up ur flag and england all the time

Don't blame you there, they're close. Just reverse the colours

why dont all of you just use union jacks?

Cause we aren't English. We wuz vikangs and shiet

tfw hu is a viking

not is

He's a literal gay Dane. There's no way that that's a viking.

arent danish supposed to be dogs or something?

eenope. still a viking


smell like them anyway

but a great dane is a literal dog

holy shit I'm slow. This is almost embarrassing

darn how would i make it embarrassing then?

by not realizing danish isn't a dog, but a pastry


TIL hu is a pastry.

do you have crumbs in your keyboard

Neru is Norwegian.

He was Norwegian.


You have a point.


Not really

Oh fuck it's Darwin

How ya been you old ass nigga?


big pastry 4 u

in 6 hours ia have to go to the dentit and i'm feeling very NERVOUS

Why? Does it in any way hurt, do you brush frequently?

the fuck?

been scheduled to come back in for a while

Last time I went in and got a filling and root canal done on the top p right side and thi time I think it is going to be either bottom right or top left side

I brush about daily but when i was younger i didnt so much and got some cavities and now sometimes have toof pain

still i have to go in at my bed time and then it's going to hurt for a week or so after :~:

Your bed time is 11am.


10 a.m


11pm, I get up at 4am for work.


do you like the morning shift?

thats a name i havent heard in years

Taking care of your teeth is important, man.
Can't just get new ones without paying a fuckton for it.
Cut down on sweets too~

brb smoke and a pancake

Same kek
Be ar be traveling home from work


yay home!

II do have a weakness....for sweets.....

have you tried weed infused panckaes with weed infused butter

The only edibles I've ever tried were chocolates

I've also tried some medicinal puppy chow that was good

what about yourself?


you ate dog food?
im a pure boye and ive nver drugged in my life

if you dont like sweets you have a sour heart

Hey bby
you wanna get lmao weede w/ me?

ding ding ding

how bbittersweet.....

one time i inhaled second hand marijuanas but nothing happened

sweets suck

Traffic isn't too bad in the morning or when I get off at 330.
Told I should be off at 130 today.

d-did you shotgun it? o ///o

You suck

Early outs are the greatest

where are you working nowadays grids?


no it was juststupid stoners on a beach


lol fekky

ever drink alcohol?

I didn't bully!!

yeh it was nice

me atm enjoyin the sweet taste of victory of my defeated opponents

what did you drinku?

A place called detroit thermal systems, we build Ford air con units.

stuffs that made me fuzzy

that sounds like a pretty solid job what do you think of it and also how is the pay?


Please stop fatshaming me.........This body is beautiful and I don't care what YOU!!!!!!!! or any other patriarchial unit has to ssay..........

lol he says that in hopes you will stop but dont give him what he wants and keep calling him fat

skinni boi nipps tho

uh huh~
No more sweets now









okay, bend over


11.50 an hour and 18.50 anything over 40hours
I could be making 60-80grand a year if I work within my skill set elsewhere, just waiting for the right place, I should also be putting my resume out there more.

Sounds pretty solid for the time being t b H

although definately not the best....

Do you enjoy it there? and what are you interested in pursuing if you had your own way?


Thank..I cumme....

how lewd

my brother went to the hospital last night because he was having troubles breathing but he got diagnosed as having anxieety and they sent him home with some xanex

bitch :dog: okay im gonna lay it out for all you tops :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant: BOTTOMING IS NOT BOURGEOISE. :top::top:to be a bottom you have to WORK.:thumbsup::ok_hand::ok_hand: you got to buy :dollar::dollar::dollar:your fuckinng enema:electric_plug: or if you are poor you fucking water bottle it and hope for the best. :poop:You have to CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE ASSHOLE.:poop::poop::poop: this is a DANGEROUS ACT.:no_good::grimacing: you have to stretch t all out so U DONT TEAR:hushed: AND BLEED:scream::scream: AND FUCKJNG DIE MID FUCK.:hospital::love_hotel: it is emotional and physical labour.:point_down::clap: whereas TOPS can just fuckig waltz in there shove their dick:corn::eggplant::mushroom::cherries::eggplant: in bada bing bada boom :volcano::volcano: they are done but WHO is left with the sore asshole ??? :peach::point_down::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:not the fucking top!:thumbsup::bust_in_silhouette: bottoming is an act of the working class. :cherries::eggplant::eggplant:because we are WORKING. topping:clap: is :clap:inherently:clap: bourgeoise:clap: because:clap: everything :clap:is :clap:handed:clap: to:clap: you:clap: on :clap:a :clap:silver:clap: platter:clap:. check your fucking :eggplant:top :eggplant:privilege. :innocent::smiling_imp::innocent:

I'm gonna go kms

That blows though..


take me with you


wtt blowjob for vodka,


Hello you two.

hai hai vapey

glad you joined us

Offer expired

hi hi


You were not one of the two.

I know


It's an okay job, recently hours have been short.

I want to go into firearms development, engineering, cnc prototyping eventually manufacturing running my own company.

that sounds like the fucking life

Lol grids you wanna be tony stark


*is waiting*

Yay home




too late now~


Well, I guess I do.
What you wanna do with life?

Nyan luka

oh fuck man i WASN'T prepared to answer this


I wanna get a roomate
and live in a small house that would preferably have an extra room that I could put mats on the floor to train in

I wanna work 5 or 6 days a week at my fast food job

If I can live like I live now forever I would be happy
without the fleas of course

I'd like to spend my time practicing playing instruments and learning music theory with training jiu jitsu and maybe get Gracie certified as a blue belt so I can say I have the same belt as my dad
maybe do some competition stuff, win or lose

i got this new anime plot. basically there's this high school girl except she's got huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big ol' tonhongerekoogers. what happens next?! transfer student shows up with even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.


When are you going to find time to do all that if you're working 6 days a week?

what's that



hmm welll that's what I work normally so no extra work load

I get off work between 9 and 10 pm so get home and showered up and settled in by 11 p.m

Then I can practice guitar for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours

sometimes I slack sometimes I don't

but I have the whole night free til my latest bedtime around 10 p.m

on saturdays my buddies get together to practice live rolling

If my roomate is also into training we would probably train drills at night for about an hour or two or so 2 to 3 days a week
My roomate priobbly wouldnt be fully nocturnal like me but the buddy I'm tossing it up with stays up til like 3 or 4 a.m so it works out fine

Even if I had less time I could spend my whole life at it really

It took me like 3 years to get decent at guitar
6 years in and I'm still constantly improving
as long as sticking with something even if you could only do it once a week you;ll get better i think


gotta go to work
just wanted to say hi

morniing autism chan

How many hours a week do you work?
I wish I had a passion for playing instruments, it would at least give me something to do.

Bye, see you around.

Ohayou Bardo

only pulll between 25 and 30 usually

Oh okay, it's just a bunch of quick shifts.
That would leave you plenty of time.
Three years seems like a long time to get good at guitar.


yeah It took me quite a while to buckle down and start leaning the actual theory

I started off playing bass self taught just from playuing along to youtube videos and stuff for 2 or 3 years before switching to a guitar
Developed my Relative Pitch and got what I call musical common sense to learn basic theory principles without learning the actual principles just cause it sounds good if that makes sense

Switched over to guitar..

At first I didn't even know any chords I'd just play what sounded good like I did on bass but it was way harder on guitar

Eventually I found out that some chord shapes found good and then even later I found out the names to those chords

Finally buckled down and learned all the major and minor chord shape in the Open position and s and got down to learning the CAGED method to move them around

I got someone who wanted to learn gguitar from me so I had to buckle down more and learn how to form triads and form Alterred chords like augmented or diminished or suspended 2s and 4s

As of late I've been caught up in A Minor Fingerstyling bullshit because I kinda miss my Classical guitar
since I played It I've been in a flamenco feel

what about you do you have a hobby ?
I mean I t's understandable not to have an instrument cause expensive..

but your surrounded by them aren't you?
you just don't wanna play?

You've seen my instruments, I have plenty. I keep three in my room, but they're mostly untouched now.
All that technical stuff I'm not too good at. I mostly played because of a mix of my parents wanting me to, and an annoying amount of innate talent for it.
I don't have any hobbies, I don't even watch anime anymore really. I just sit around and do nothing with my spare time.

oh pleaase

Based HU

please make a new thread....

Do you have any friends in real life?

Spending time with friends socializing is one of the best time wasters

I've been tripping out for the past few months about about getting older and time ticking away and so I've been really inspired to hit the guitar and also get down on rolling

I want to one day master a skill


I haven't had real life friends for a couple of years now.
I don't leave my room if I can avoid it. I work then come home and sit in my room. I cook for my family sometimes, but that is about it.

is it slowing your browser down?

use erio's one

And here I thought you wanted to be a heated sleeping bag.
It is however a simple life, but what when the roommate moves on, or the many other variables life can throw at you?

wow how do you get your social fix?

Are you alright?

I get in a really bad place if I can't socialize irl

And then I spend as much time as I can here.........

no not yet I think it's more the shit internet

But the cap is coming ssoon......

Isn't that what this place is for?

well yeah but you're only ever here for like2 or 3 hours lol

I'm here longer, I just don't say anything.

i wanna draw again someday...

You should do it, if you enjoy it

You do it

you really get off to that?

tbh I need to be


or at least a side character............




did you just say

I don't get off to it, I just scroll down until someone I feel I can talk to appears. You or squish or erio or nezi maybe.

be a good boy now~

are ....are you shy?

Not particularly.

Do my vapor-wave comments really bother you that much?

Please everybody

go to the new thread located here



new thread


i want to enjoy it
i want to start
but i'm looking for inspiration, a spark, to be my first step.
i need a direction. i just don't know what is forward yet.