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Took you long enough!


Wait, three? Awoo and explosion girl... What is the third~?


megumin is wildly over-represented in OPs

did you watch the show?

Not as lewd



Interesting way of rating lewdness. Though to be fair Miku's was a gif so it has more to use~


bikini's aren't inherently lewd

that one is more lewd

Spice and Wolf ended up being more of an economics lesson than anything else. Good shit to know, sure, but not what I showed up for.

So much yes. Wew.

The whip and fighting in a bikini though, is~


I don't watch shows


is exactly what I showed up for

they actually dumbed it down from the light novels!

maybe she is fighting sharks!

why nooooooot

Well I mean, I can do what she's implying to you but it would be sort of gaaaay.

low attention span and not really interested.

and way too lewd

ur just lewd!

but you are here for so long!

you should watch it for witty dialogue


But I can do things in the meantime. If you do that while watching something, you're not exactly watching it and you'll miss what's going on.
And that's when you watch it dubbed, would be even worse subbed, not to mention it would have to be muted too


But it must be done, the image has said it and there for it is now law.

You know it, bae.


What a silly way of reasoning~


But undeniable reasoning nevertheless!

should watch the your lie in april dub

No, prove it!

How so? :o

it's like 5pm

you're wrong

it's like 2 a.m

I donno, that aint up to me

america time doesn't count


on the contrary

America time is the ONLY thing that matters

I was passing the torch to you, hun


me instead





americans are all sluts

Uhh...ex...cuse me...??

Does this look like the face of a slut?

If you beat him to the punch, sure



Nah, too lewd

What's that?

Good time to go to bed, and bring Ban with you

*punches you*

Now gimme


You forgot to type words


it is an anime with a decent dub

Come and get it if you really want it

But go fuck Cato, he wants it badly~

ah, no thanks then

better than ponies

What do you think I am, fucking gay?

I did not


That doesn't say much

Yes, the gayest even

I can't imagine why you'd POSSIBLY say that
How would you ever have evidence of this

you think you're so cool......hmph........

I don't know, it's not like we dated or anything like that

woah, indeed

says mr ponyposter

t-too lewd

Hu doe.


show proof of this accusation

I'm not a doe, I got antlers!


Damn straight.
God I'm SO fucking cool.

Yeah, I know.
That'd just be silly.

You're silly

woah...he really is cool........

You asked for it

I don't wanna!


yeah I did


I ain't giving anyone anything that doesn't have the initiative to take it.

I bet you went to see if you could find any, but you couldn't~

I guess it's my fault for only fishing w/ a hook

You win this round
but the war is not over



Never FUCKING doubt me again

No, I was to lazy

I will win all the rounds!


Okay, then you'd be wrong~

y-yes sir
s-sorry sir

where are the proofs

how gay


I am the scientist here, I am always right!

I thought the job of scientists was to come up with hypotheses and then do everything they can to prove them wrong, as well as currently established facts. Doesn't that mean they're more often wrong than right?

science btfo

lewd Bard

threads are gay

well no, it wouldn't be worth putting much time into the hypothesis if you wren't fairly sure that it is true.

Explains why you are here

How would you be fairly sure it's true if you haven't put much time into it?

here is my impression of squiddy

Gimme the proof

That wa my Squiddy impression

100% accurate tbh

you put a lot of time into coming up with the initial hypothesis

yeah you really liked it?

I 've spent alot of time on it...

See, lewd~

But then you would have put quite a lot of time into the hypothesis.

Science and also sleeping aren't lewd

oh yeah, also
very, very lewd

riiight, and wanting multiple dicks isn't lewd either, is it?

that was a joke.................................................................................


I only ride and suck cock as a joke. It's a long running joke now, I'm totally straight, honest!

That;'s actually a very well structured multiple layed joke


I can appreciate the dedication to the art you have

She's cute

omg isn't she

I love Aho Girls

K-On is the greatest anime about playing music where none of the characters ever actually play music

That's very, very silly

yeah the anime is actually more of a Slice of Life Schoolfriends kind of thing but it's still pretty good...

You've said quite a bit you're not into anime

ever watched any?

When I was a kid, I sometimes watched what was on the TV, which was namely stuff like PokΓ©mon.

if you were a kid then you watched DRAGON BALL

It wasn't showed on any of the channels I had access to, so nope. Besides, I spent most my time playing games

did you play DBZ tenkaichi budokai

Nope, never really owned too many PS2 games. I mostly played Baldur's Gate and Gran Turismo on that platform, as well as the various Need for Speeds. Need for Speed great games

fuck i was looking for this pic for ever

that feel.
Worst part is if you're looking for a picture and you know you have it, but never actually find it

the pains of having a quality avatar folder

Pain of not having dedicated folders*

You poor sad soul.....
there is a fat worse than death


well yeah, that's how it goes

I really want to use D/H ratios as an indicator for asteroidal regolith exposure

but I'm not sure if that is actually going to be possible

Why are my posts taking 2 tries to go through?!

It's called laziness~
Much of my "other" stuff is residing in ~/Downloads now

oh DEAR GOD you're just the worst kind of person I've met


I don't even know what it is...
But hey, that's your job to find out~

Sometimes an error occurs when you post, but nothing on 8ch will tell you when that error occurs. It's a pain, and requires either closing the quick-reply and try posting again, or post through the post-form at the top of the site

I know, I'm terrible


i can be harsh

but it's because I care

ask Darwin he understands

You're the harshest

it's called tough love

You're a tough man to love

i said




he told me he was alwayss watching......

I bet that turns you on

a-actually I'm rather shy........


Hey, it's a new day, but I don't feel any fresher.

You're not harsh.


You took a shower yet buddy?


It's true......

I just

I care too much....


you asked for this

just remember it's not my fault

Come on lukas you gotta step up your posting game

Theres like 3 people here

You can't just blankpost and expect to get away with it

Go on, pull the trigger. End it

exhentai needs a mindfuck tag

his blank posting is more interesting than his actual posting though.

Don't play with me motherfucker

I'll fucking do it

I'm a loose cannon cop on the edge

Do it then, don't be a coward

I'm getting tired


Go sleep.


I....I can't do it.........

the only game i played on a ps2 was spiderman 2 and i didnt even have a memory card

I meant symbolically tired


but not sleepy

what is this plot to put me underground

dammit ;_;

That's a fun game too.
Wow, no memory card? They weren't even too expensive

Go to bed anyway~
The plot is to kill the thread of course. Discord already did a good job, now to take out the rest

lukas is boys name :(


This is because jazz is not meant to be listened to except in study. You have to accept that jazz is just meant to kind show off, not be something more. You're supposed to keep peeling off layers and look at how complicated it is, but in the end it's not enjoyable or beautiful. You think Donna Lee actually sounds good? You like it because it's people showing off how fast it is. You like Giant Steps? That's because you like how complex it is, but you don't actually enjoy all the other parts because jazz is an art form, not emotional. Even calling it an art form is a stretch. It's more like a textbook that is important to read but ultimately a rather hard experience to get through. You don't like Smalls, you don't like jam sessions. What you like is watching people show off because you can either admire their confidence or tear them down and say your better in an effort to inflate your ego. Why do you think the mainstream audience is actually interested in cutting contests? It's because they are vicariously beating up someone in an intellectual way. You think Wynton Marsalis likes what he does? He tried to expose Miles Davis in front of everyone to prove that Davis was a fraud, convincing people that jazz was good, but Davis rudely shoved him off stage. Why do you think all jazz musicians are druggies? It's because they are so depressed playing emotionless music that they need to fog up their mind with heroine. They even sell their instruments in an attempt to stop playing but are always rented out more or someone else buys them a new horn. 3/11 was a part-time job. Maynard Ferguson once said, "The reason I play so high is actually-well, actually because I don't have hearing in that register anymore...[so] I don't have to listen to myself play something that has no intrinsic meaning." Jazz is the reason why many musicians later in their career suffer from a psychosis that pushes them into a deep mental turmoil, where they hate jazz so much but desire the label and thus create avant garde music that everyone hates. To get back to your post, it's not that you like jazz and that's the reason these modern bands are bad. It's because jazz has instilled in you a feeling of self-loathing in music that causes you to take your unconscious hatred of jazz and cathartically trash other musical genres because you are so deluded into thinking jazz is actually enjoyable. Just stop listening to music entirely. Jazz has poisoned your mind and will bleed into all music you listen to. It is like a parasite that latches on to good music and drains it of its life. Jazz is not fun.

I don't want you under ground, just asleep in my bed.

And I want a cute Bondage hogtied anime girl waifu w/spreader bar but

we can't all get what we want

my parents were like fuck u read books

What about you hmm?

how much longer until you're off to school?

what kind of books do you like fecky?

Enjoy yourselves, and remember to reject any proposal about joining Discord.

I'm so sorry

No bed, am off to school soon.
Like, now, really. Was about to post

Rolled 18 (1d20)

now check this nat 20

have a great day hu chan

I always do.

close enough.
And you, sleep well~


this is where the thread dies

Yeah, pretty much.



STOP BLANKPOSTING LUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My folder is super out of date.
I do love luluco tho she's cute

Trigger saved anime when no one else would

That they did

Space patrol luluco is basically a vaporeon

How so?

fancy make believe ones

its okay books r funner 2


there's a mind break tag

so i akko

Just look at them

I wish I had good photoshop wizard skiills

But if I coud somehow morph them together

They would look LITERALLY the same

if only bard replied to my post...




another one? :3

weird gif ^ ^

I know, right? Ducker needs to put out a fire so his drink made him Sanic.

i wanna see more nice thigns eba has

Um, more duck gifs?

for the plot


More Zelda it is~

now post link in that outfit

For you, Bard~

i wanna play!

Play what? Breath of the Wild? :o

I've got 9 more hours of work.

And holey fuck, my girlfriends in Florida.

I hope everything is alright for your girlfriend, Grids.

I hope she's okay

please make sure she makes sure to stock up and protect herself or evacuate




I'd let you play it if you were around here. Everyone should experience Zelda funness!

i haven't zelda'd since uhhhhh... that one game before mask and moon game

Ocarina of Time. What once was seen as the best then people noticed the glaring flaws.

Still my first and a great game too~

I forgot what I was going to say

what do i do now?

Dumb loli


Dunno, play somethin'?

it sucks playing alone

Fair point. Well in maybe a bit I'll play some OW with you for awhile.

Just talking to someone before they head off, before anything.






It was something related to my work but I can't remember the rest yet.


....Shut up




Someone I am close to that is not from threads~

this is tearing me apart



Why does weight fluctuate so much?

its okay im getting tired

wats your weight?

i usually burn abou 3pounds a day


I weighed a few days ago, and I was 156
This morning I'm 147

how tall are you?

water retention
whether or not you've gone to the bathroom recently


I always weigh at the same time of day

That does not necessarily mean too much.
Do you weigh naked?

In my boxers

Me too, I mean, she's an intern at Disneythey gotta take care of her right?

I would assume Disney would high some kind of private security with an armed presence to deter looters, but I don't know about where the interns live.

Just google it there are a ton of factors.

oh wow

You're pretty skinny

I'm at 5'10 and 140
we're similiar body shapes > / / /

guys stop
just be anime girls

I do what I can to keep the scenario the same each time. After shower, after using the bathroom before eating first thing in the morning

I find myself to be rather drastically overweight, actually


Are you bellemic?

maybe the word I mean is annorexic

They go hand in hand.

I'm 5'9 190lbs.

I couldn't tell you

i'm about eight feet tall and weigh over a tonne


But you don't have to be a bulimic to be anorexic.

nezi pls

It's mostly muscle, got a little bit of belly fat, but I'm working on it.

that sooundss healthy fooor a u.s soldier

almost as bad



loco are you a skinny twink

no, I'm very unattractive IRL.

prove it, or I'll assume otherwise Kappa

go 2 skewl

I don't throw up my food when I eat. Which one is that?

The one you should get.

That's bullimia

Annorexia must be the weight one

I think its when skinny people feel like they are fat to a point where it becomes unhealthy

Your stats are still in healthy rangge but approaching underweight

have been, am back too


I swear you just let like an hour ago

bulimia nervosa is throw up
anorexia nervosa is no eat


Aah that's right

Thanks feks buddy

i eat food
and i'm fine.

fuck u not buddy

how tall and heavy are you?

k brah

fuck buddy


I usually don't eat lunch. I have to eat though because otherwise I pass out

Lucky :(

I miss Neru

i miss neru

it's important to get in between 1500 and 2500 Calories Daily based on your level of physical exertion

lel rekt

if ur offering

well it depends on the subconscious side of things to determine if thats anorexia

I miss Neru

You're pretty open-minded for something who's supposedly straight


daily reminder that why is neru

Who's Neru? :o

I probably intake more than I need

There is one thing I can be absolutely sure of; if it's to do with a negative self image and subconscious hate, I probably have it

Straighter than you and me

I miss Neru.


r cute girl?
thats okay

congrats i just diagnosed you with anorexia nervosa. im not a real doctor but now you can cry about your condition to others and find ways to exploit it

The pain of being new ;-;

nope, am boy

omg I'm insecure about my appearance and weight
Feel bad for me pls

That pain goes away rather quickly

If hu is neru you got me seriously fucked up

Only for some, not for everyone

I only got one name though

cute boygirl?

lol fatfuck

Neru is a kewl person

Hu's flag just makes me miss Neru more.

Neru's english is much better than Hu's

Speccy has already shared pretty much all there is to share about that, the bully

I don't let it bother me. People did that in /waifu/ a lot, and now I know almost everyone there. If they aren't here, I don't really care about them much anyway


I hope I can be cool too


Bully ;_;

Seems quite a few does it here too, it's eh

if you stick around.


I laughed way too hard
I want to go swimming in neru

I was in the same class as a guy who was a personal trainer before the navy, so I learned as much as I could from him, then I worked my way up until I stagnated, then I took supplements, then I quit supplements and changed my diet. Then I worked up again until grip strength became my limiting factor.
And currently I'm not doing anything at gyms because I'm helping my dad build a house.

Ok so I might be like 16% body fat, I'd like to get down to like 9 or 10% just enough to show a six pack ripple but not full definition.

I try.

That's gross.
Six packs are repulsive


S-sometimes I have Darwin speak to me in neruisms when I'm feeling down.

i dont read 90% of the things here tho

how am i supposed to bully you more if you just give up

Good, some of the things he said was not for anyone to know

Bard do you still have that silly pic I made using your image?

The way I see it, I'm here, they aren't. They don't really impact my life at all. So why care who they are?

Potentially. I'm not cool in the place that I've been for a year, so it's not something I expect

That's my secret, I never put up a fight to begin with

how bad can it possibly be

lol i bet ur easy to rape

That's pretty badass

Do you study any martial arts?
Did they teach you jiu jitsu in the army?
What kind of work out are you into at the gym?

I'd like to subscribe to this service

Good point :3
I like your company. Just so you know~

Way too bad. not safe for thread eyes

my eyes have seen worse tho


I'll just answer your question.
Could easily pass as a trap




but how cute tho

I dooooooo πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

was meh. Got a group for project now, but don't know what project we'll be doing yet because of other assholes

Some would say very, I would say not

Considering I'm pretty weak overall, that's not an inaccurate assumption to make
However, adrenaline can do interesting things to the human body, so who knows

Well, that's good to know. I enjoy being here, the company is good


Do you have a Punk Princess Zelda?

Same. Is why I'm here too now. Fewer self-centered assholes.



Yeee, that's the one! Awesome~

Oh god damn, I hated group projects. People are the worst. x3

He was a Kokonoe poster loooong ago.

Man, I'm so fucking unoriginal.

The whole uni does group projects. It's half the education.
Makes sense seeing in this kind of work, you'll usually be working together with other people, so even though I'm not particularly a fan of groupwork either, it's still good practice

tfw still talk with moonfane

ignore the past few minutes I was going delirious off hunger

hed probably drug you so good luck with that adrenaline

I don't know about that, I just miss Moonfane~


Yeah it works it just isn't fun in many ways~

Same, at times. We have weird schedules. Have him on steam still though and chat now and then.

It's been a bit though.

I'm going to go think about killing myself until I fall asleep

I should just kill myself.


Is true. Would prefer to do some things alone as well

No killing self!
Sleep well



Agreed, that's why I only want a trace of a six pack, not a clean cut six pack.

No, no martial arts, I'm interested in kickboxing.
They had us try cardio kickboxing and uhh cross fit.
I've always been pretty well developed muscle wise, so I tend towards cardio to try to balance it out. Weight machines used to be a big thing for me, now I prefer free weights and body weight exorcise. Rowing machines are my crack.