Making a new thread because FUCK YOU

Making a new thread because FUCK YOU

Guess what boys and girls and those inbetween... its THE

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

FUCK YOU Edition.

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This passive-agressiveness is kinda new, I think ?





fix it

She was the best character imo from what little I saw from Date A Live


Trying. But you know, I feel like whenever I discuss the subject of discord I only make it worse. Maybe I should let it sink, but really I don't like letting stuff unfixed. Don't know what to do.

She was.
But that's not much of an accomplishment the show was utter garbage.

How did you fuck it up?

That's very true

Gimme a good show put it lightly I expressed some apprehension regarding one of her fetishes and it seems it immensely disappointed her since she considered my open-mindedness as one of my top qualities.

niggas be savage ruthless

D.Gray Man


Ok, gotta sleep, bye everyone, will try to sort things out mentally.

Luka :)

Sleep well Adachi



Busy day? :)


i just woke up


My oh my. That's quite late
Did you stay up late?


i dunno


Nighty and good luck with sorting stuff.

Easy there

You're not sure when you went to sleep? :o

It's a good series


That's scary :o
What were you doing that you didn't notice?

Scoot, lying as usual.


good night swines

laying down


Sleep well ScooT

Well, before you were lying down :o


turning off my monitor and devices before i laid down in complete darkness

What were you doing on your computer? :o
You're silly ^^

i was minimizing programs and finishing up youtube vid and safely ejecting my ext hdd before i turned off my monitor.

What programs were you minimizing and what YouTube vid were you watching?

d-does anybody wanna pet me? .////.



chrome, discord, other stuff

i dont keep track of all the vids i watch. i'm busy watching one right now.


Oh, sorry :c
I'll leave you be so you can watch it

Good morning! how are you all?

*pat pat*

i came

Good morning Sinni


How ya doing?


My mood has been degrading as the day wears on again. I should find something to prevent that





Smile :)

should i got get subway right now?

skynet-rundown ;

I'm not sure. What's they're special for today?

That's what I was told about Gintama but I still won't sit through that many episodes.

It's up to you, ultimately. I enjoyed it, and I recommend it to people. Perhaps give Mushi-shi a try?

i havent sat through Gintama but i totally want to, it's just there's so many other things for me to do i haven't done it yet


You should totally go for it then :)
Especially if it's your favourite!

get the meatball sub and put a bunch of spinch and mayo and red onions on it

that seems more hopeful.



no red onions please
and only a little bit of shredded spinach

if youre gonna do mushishi its kinda hard binge it. youd probably watch it for 2-3 episodes at most each session

It's pretty good. For whatever reason, I stopped watching it because I forgot where I was

What are you going to put on it? :)

meatbal spinach tomato and white cheese


The white cheddar is one of the better cheeses there. I like putting the Swiss cheese though
Do you like lots of types of cheese?



Start over.

But why?

every episode is like a short tale

Like Mononoke ?

idk didnt watch that

Oh well, I like short separate stories.
Maybe it's just my thing.
Best version

Good morning! How are you all? Sorry for being in & out today


i respectfully but firmly disagree, however that was a cool version so far



I swear to christ I can't stand coming home covered in fucking butter.
Can't even grab my fucking door knob and I just ram into the fucking door.

let's do it

Animals version is barely better than five shitter's tbh

"my god"

"welcome to the club.... pass the butter"

Where are you working that shit's covered in butter????

anybody want a crunchyroll 48 hour guest pass

alright brb baby

Look I was being polite to be civil, but some old grandpa up on a stage plucking his old acoustic doesn't have anywhere near the energy of the performance of those men in their youth, ask anyone here to compare for your shit tastes

Pizza place. Garlic butter.


oooooooooo makes sense. Sorry you're all buttery my dude.


boos are good

Its whatever.

Proud of you for working so hard!

hang in there man pizza sounds really good to me right now honestly

I have an interview for a factory this week.

crunchyroll guest passes



CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Knock it out of the park, my dude!!!

i bet these passes getting dumped is like a regular occurrence here


Waiting for mail is so tedious :(

What are you waiting for? :)

My old blue collar hunk.

Rick and Morty is hitting some interesting notes this season.


A speed controller, FPV goggles, and a LiPo charger.

I just wanna flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


O-oh! Mandy~!

I'm not sure what all those are. That's pretty cool!

lol oh

How are you, my dude?

Not bad. Just relaxing for a bit.
Might wank soon.

Sup with you?

What are they for?

Same, aside from the wanking bit. I cut up my hair and stuffs. Gotta make sure I look badass and shit.

Good luck on the interview, by the way.

Speed controller is for a motor upgrade, FPV goggles is so I can see my camera's broadcast, and my charger is to charge my batteries.

I'm considering a hair cut as well. I'm losing it anyhow. Though I couldn't pull off the bad ass look like you.

And thank you.

Oh, that probably explains why I didn't know that. I don't know anything about cars
So you have a camera recording when you drive, and the goggles will let you see it?
What are batteries? :O

Racing drones.

That sounds really cool. So you'll be piloting it based on the view you get from the mounted camera?
What are they though :o

I ran into my old high school best friend. He is balding something fierce, and he is only 28. I kinda feel bad for him.

It's hell. I'm getting white hairs in m beard too.

I wouldn't mind a few gray hairs in mine.

Im fine with the hairs.
Losing the others is the issue.


Hello. And goodnight

Just makes you look wise.

Makes me look old.


what's up?

Not a whole lot. Been a pretty quiet day. Gonna hang out with the gf tomorrow^^

Sup with you?

not a lot
i'[m just laying in bed right now watching some vids

My feet hurt

I was standing for 8 hours

I wish I could go back to being a neet


they only have white cheese... :(
no other fancy types




Actually I'm kind of too tired for posting.

sleep well



why has life to be so hard i wann watch but time

watch them faster

cant you just skip the nigger one anyways

technigger fine shit yo

I need to take in Marty's Mira properly! It's an important.


I like MCM and that series with Marty's Mira is great!

watch it faster speed

i used to watch some of his vids but his channel was like apple reviews

No that would ruin it!

I'll watch it after school

Yeah but ultra high production quality though.


macbooks are gud 4 editing

is ok short day!

ur good for editing


u couldve finished that video by now

Yes, go edit it using Feku

bye schoolio!

nah breakfast 'n shit and leaving now


I'll fek u.


Says the one who will be fekked.

Yes, faget

Which makes you... A double faget!

Nope, seeing it's rape

Luka :)

Still a double faget.


You are!


Good evening

Sleep is hard

Just not tired?

Just woke up. It happens

Damn, that sucks. Least still lying in bed?

Of course. Its warm here

Good, bed is great

Its lonely ;~;

But warm, and you got the internet at least

You too, bae.

I'd trade it for someone who loves me
Which is pretty much just my waifu

Not a bit

Aww... That feel ;-;

Very early morning feels ;~;

Thanks ;~;

Is okay

Is it ever okay?

It is when you got people who like you

so you hang out here full time now?

So never

Whenever I got time

So silly~


Why silly ;~;

All the way, in ur butte.

so constantly? ba-BURN

mushi mushi, cupcake-des

i thought you'd gone the way of scanner!

Cause people do

Nope, that would be gay

Nope, uni starts again next week, so that'll take priority

Lewdos, especially cupcakes

Why aren't we playing OW?


just read the thread in class

Not very many

Especially you


Nope, not gonna happen

More is not always better


goodbye forever ina week

instead of taking notes make posts in the thread so we can all read your notes

Being disliked by most feels bad

What do you think that white frosting is made of?

More reason to!

Good girl~


Just Monday to Friday. Will still be here in the evening

Nope, not doing notes either, that never helped me in any way

Eventually you'll stop caring about them~
I did, works well enough

powdered sugar of course!

Wow, rule breaker

Its pretty much impossible for me to not care about what people think about me. I take it very harshly

Then you will be punished!

Fuckin' rebel without a cause.

if only, would probably taste better that way.

You would never!

this is your free out imo you should take it

But this is the internet, some aren't worth the trouble

goto jail

Only white icing I ever had was made with water and powdered sugar.. What do you make it from?

Nah, I enjoy being here, no point in running away

Doesn't matter. I take criticism very personally

Oh I would, until your legs wobble and give out~

Baby, I'm all stocked up on get out of jail free cards. I'm from literally Monopoly Land.

Have you not seen our money?

guessing he doesn't come around anymore?

how much longer do you have in school? feels like you've been in uni forever.

been playing it so much lately, not planning on playing much for the next couple of days, then the new comp season starts so I'll be back to playing exclusively that because quick play is hot garbaaaage.

Aw. Well I guess I still have Deeps.

Too bad, I always enjoy Cups~

But shouldn't! Not always anyway

oh, well, guess no jail for you then.
I have, I do think I still got some canadian bills and pennies lying around.

Only been in uni for 2 years, got one more year left for the bachelour, then 2 more years if I go for a cand. degree, which I might

I can make some time now and then for it I guess, but my tolerance for quick play is significantly less when there's not an event, aka: reason to play no matter what the outcome because exp = more loot boxes.

oh that's right, you were just really young back then so you were in normal school. man I'm old.

I can't help it. I'm going to try to sleep. Goodnight

Have you been here or did you get them another way?

how come rick and morty is such garbage now

I wasn't actually. I was in the gymnasium, which I then dropped out of because on another more technical-oriented gymnasium, you could learn how to make video-games, and the fool I was, decided I wanted to start all over.
We're both old now really. I'm the oldest in my class, I'm fairly sure.

Good luck cutie, and sleep well

Technically you could say I haven't been, since I stayed in the American-controlled area of the airport. I never really set foot on Canadian soil.
But the coffee shops there only gave back Canadian dollars, so that's how I came in possession of some.

That's why I go into arcade modes for the fuck of it. Specifically random heroes.

It allows for me to force myself to try with heroes I'd never pick in other modes too~

aaaaaaaah. okay, that explains why for some reason my head was telling me you've been in school forever.
plus also everything past high school seems like forever to me because I'm a lazy fuck and only did the minimum.

I would like random heroes a lot more if it let you stick with the hero until you got your ult or something. plus that mode has even worse matchmaking than regular quickplay so once someone who is a gm gets a hero they are good with that team just steamrolls. or like one team gets three dvas and two anas or a bunch of zaryas or a bunch of torbs and bastions on defense or some other totally retarded thing and it's just like "oh guess I'll just die for 4 minutes until this match ends"

This kind of is forever anyway. If I do get a cand. degree, I'll be done with uni when I'm 28, so you aren't wrong

I don't watch that show but holy shit the pickle-rick shit got annoying in about point two seconds

over the summer one of my friends would do nothing but smoke weed and use an rng to select an episode of season one or two. for months.

How the fuck do you not get sick of that

whats your opinion on lolis

Yeah, that's the biggest issue with random heroes. If the enemy gets lucky or yours is unlucky? Game over.

Fucking once me and Deep got a team of this. Three torbs, an Orisa, a Bastion and a Mercy. We made the payload into a legit tank and the enemy literally couldn't get near us.

Sounds fun and it was hilarious but it's not like... Effort? It's not enjoyable outside of the laughing at it's stupidity~

Also check this out!

If it's cupcake, all kind of lewd stuff

I donnooooooooooooooo

Shouldn't be sexualised

You make icing from lewd stuff?

You get no choice!

growing up is the worst.

yeah, it can be mildly amusing when you get the good team, but honestly arcade stuff in general is so mismatched and unfun I tend to not bother unless there's an event because again, free boxes. but it's crazy how bad the matchmaking is, I can spend upwards of two hours just trying to get three wins in any of the various modes.

hey that's a pretty neato picture. gonna save that.

the best part is that it only gets worse

Not normally, just for lewd Cupcakes!

I don't believe you!

Ooooh, why were you in such a place for a little bit? Taking a flight somewhere else and it stopped there?

I getcha. The matchmaking in general is pretty awful more than often but in arcade it's usually cancerous.

I just find it easier not to care as much given it's arcade.

Good, save it and use it lewdo.

Growing old is anyway~

Should rename yourself from Cato to Sluto

Yep, was going to Seattle for a month long stay

imagine being an insurance agent dealing with the flooding

its beest if u leavee

That sounds about right, how did you like it over there~?

Much different from home?

Prove it!

I am no slut!
Cupcake is the slut!

That would be too lewd for Hup's innocent eyes.

Should for a moment. Got things to do later

Pretty much the same, really. Just more niggers

You're the one making icing from lewd juices though!


That would require Hu to be innocent

wait I was just joking pls stay

It doesn't matter who is making it, just where it ends up!

Oh yeah, none of the good kind like silly Pepperchini though. :c


I'll be back in like 40min. though, is fine

and it ends up in your tummy

I didn't get my face punched in though, so I guess they were just fine~

even better thought: imagine how sick the scuba diving is in dallas right now


I will not be silenced!

well yeah, cupcakes are made to be eaten

Yuh, the places you'd have to worry about the really bad ones is like Detroit. And... Chicago was it?

I'm glad no one hurt the cutie though!

Sir, you dropped your edge. Sir. Please pick up your edge.

With something in your throat, you will be~

would have to get something in there first!

That's easy with a ring gag, lub.

Have to get that in there first!

That's not even hard though! Unlike that thing which is quite the opposite!

Really makes you think...

I spend all day thinking, I don't wanna do extra when I am home!

Thinking about it all day? Weeeew!

I know, right?!

What a cute slut!

same as before, definitely not a slut!

A good maid slut.

I don't even know who you are!

Eba. Eva. It's pretty clear~

I wish I could revitalize my youth and dedicate 40 minutes to fapping like before

Nah, they're far, far too sweet

Very possible.
Eh, only ran into some beggars who called me racist for not giving them any, but that's hardly surprising
not cute!

You aren't able to do that anymore?

Yeah, homeless people will do anything to guilt you in. Even though usually the ones that do that aren't even homeless.

It's funny that I grew up assuming all beggars would obviously be people down on their luck that deserve money to help out. Instead it's a guessing game cause a fair bit are fakes that just want easy money~

Also totally cute. Would fug.

I stopped thinking, remember?!


Is true, I saw homeless with modern iPhone's, like... Jesus, if you can afford something like that, you're either not homeless, or if you really lacked money and bought something like that, you deserve it.

Yeah, best just to annoy them and assume the existing programs are good enough.

Nah, wouldn't. Would be gay

Nope, isn't. To me they are anyway. Am not really a fan of sweets

Fair point! But more punishment is needed!

But you're europe!
The land of sweets!

There hasn't been any punishment yet!

I probably can but I lose self control easily

It's added to the list.

I'm Scandinavian, where the most popular candy is probably salmiak

Gay is clearly more fun. Get your skirt on and we'll see!

That will never come to fruition!


Jeez, too impatient to edge~

Don't own one though, or anything gay

Chocolate with salmiak
Icecream topped with salmiak

maybe I should mix in some things that arent super turn ons to train my endurance


Oh it will!

Then we'll get you one~

Shove in some dickpics. You aren't gay after all

Is not, not at all!

woah, no, never!

Whatever you saaaaay

Is the most cheaterish!

I think a complete turn off would be counter productive.

What a mean, mean person you are!


Is not!

Nah, it's not, you'll still manage a bigger load at the end

Nope, I'm just a man, not a trap

A man in a skirt.

I'm so wet

Nobody will ever be ready for such

Get a towel!

Exactly, perfect plan! You should just listen like a good boy.

There are not enough.

um how about any other suggestions?

I still wont believe it till I see it

Is too!


Man, not a boy either~

Become one with Vaporeon instead then

Shota? I don't even know what you like

No u

You want to see that? Wow, you really are a slut!

He won't just get to see it, but experience it too

absolutely impossible

I didn't say I wanted it!

shota is usually paired well with femdom so that might be too mcuh of a turn on for me.
what kinda things do you like?


You succeeded regardless

wow, gay!!
big muscly men
sweaty muscly men
Some belly fat is awesome
I guess most of those would be turnoffs for you

Just can't sleep?

well yeah, I always succeed!

yeah, I bet you do, Sluto, I bet you do

I woke up

are you actually unironically gay?


Cute pet man.

Says mr "sweaty muscly men"

all talk!

Just for now! Cause I can't just portal myself into an unknown place in the states!

see, all talk!
All talk and no play makes Eba a dull boy

After 90min. of sleep >_>
Too little, far too little

Yep, I do like men unironically

You'd make a cute pet!

Just because a man likes men doesn't make them a slut though~

It does, when you gonna come to the great board game north and be a good slut!

It happens

A Pet/Pet relationship seems odd! How would it even work?!

can I get reconfirmation of your gender?

and dicks!

Which board game?

All board games, Canada is actually just a big version of them all in one.

For your safety, stay away from the Mouse Trap area. That place is always broken~

Need to be tucked back in bed and be held while you sleep

Same way two purely submissive types would, or two dominant types would. I can work, but it's not gonna be easy

Sex and gender are two very different things!!

Still doesn't make them a slut. Even straight men likes dick when they're attached to a girl's body. There's a reason shemale is one of the most popular porn tags

I guess we must work double as hard then, bae~

Don't remind me ;~;

Let's play some schutes and ladders, then!

But you like lots of dicks!

Hmm... Sounds good to me!



There you go ♥

holy shit you're genuinely gay but for some reason you arent very hostile