Hitler was wrong

Hitler was wrong.

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I will make your decisions for you

start by putting these on


And doing those drugs will fuck your brain up too


how make bard stop gay

just keep trying buddy

I beleive you can stop being gay if you put your mind to it

kiss him

Romantic dinner.

[kiss me and feed me tasty food]


Feed him the D

You're the biggest bully of them all.......

bard's a fake gay though

he wouldn't even suck a dick if it were right there in his face

I love you too bby

a-actually I just have high standards

So you're a size queen?

what are your standards?

don talk to me gaty boi

w-well it depends mostly on personality....
I will admit to only probably wanting to lewd 3 people in the community and that's it >// /

Fekky don't play so hard to get

and who are those 3?

you, feku and Ikt

i forgot about ikt, but theres anothet ikt i know..

yeah right im on that list. im not on that list fuck off

N-no I can't............I don't want any of them to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fucking firefox reee.

tell me.

n-n-n-no I can't they'll use it as an oppurtunity to punish me

not even in private?

oh well that's different

That's just gossipping about boys silly :3

what could you be possibly testing.

Just post it here, don't be a pussy

The consequences will never be the same

how cute~

new spambot

Oh, wow.
Nezi still exists.

you broke my embarass meter

Yo hup, gibe steam
I have scoots and squash but not you

wow okay jack I see how it is

Do you wanna join the sekrit tree house too?

Did it go all the way below 0?

Sure steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012118578/

Yes please

it started at 0 then it went all the way past 100 back to 0


Hit me up with yours too then

Quite a ride..

How many are we now? 5 or 6?

Lets see
Apparently we are already being watched so I'll just skip the names.
If we manage to make it a good show it will be 10 the first two days


To make up for this egregious transgression I require the tucc

hello gentlemen...

Okay, got ya. I'll throw the invites around whenever Squash gets home and gives birth to the place.

Hello there

That's quite a bit, impressive.
Lol, what are they going to do, say "please no"?

That's pretty gay though, but alright

well hey Jack... whatsup man

I missed you buddy

can I have a glass of wawa before bed......




hai batr... hows trix

Do you want to be gassed?

I assume retaliation in form of derail and spam and attempts to DOX and shit like that. If they rile up this place and the waifu fags that will be all we need to get more in the fray.

Didn't have a week long vacation in years so I plan to spend every wakin' moment of it trying to bother the ever-living unholy fuck outta alice
Luckily plenty of fine chaps decided not to miss out on such easy hilarity. What do you say?


it's super awesome and sounds loud and beautiful and is expensive and pretty

I'm stressed out recently because we have to move though so thats probably happening in the next week or so

I just finished washing all my clothes and putting them in a large trash can liner sized garbage bag for transport : (

I'm sad because we're leaving the dogs here with my moms ex husband and Im going to miss them

how are you?

and at what point do these shenanigans begin?

im on the road this afternoon til monday

fucking... moving sucks man
my least favorite activity

...im good. they be running me ragged here tho
sama got no time for love... work, sleep, eat, shit repeat... oxford comma

Oh and also

back in 2015 I supported these guys kickstarter and bought their generation 1 capo for like 50 dollars

It left indents in my new taylor at the time ( a 314ce) and I ended up selling the guitar at a loss

Well I saw they had ads for an improved generation 2 version of their capo, running ads on the faceboook, and I left negative but not mean feedback on their advertisement about it leaving notches in my neck and then

One of them contacted me in private mssage on facebook and was like

"yo well replace the cost o repairs on your guitar and also send you a free new gen2 capo" and I was like whaaat
and then i got this in the email yesterday andd it was like
"order confirmed" and they said it wold probably be here by monday but it ended up schedule for arrrival today!!!

I just wanna say that was some super amazing customer service and I've never been treated like that before and it's awesome

Exactly monday

love you sama what are you stuck doing now?
where arey ou working nowadays?

where areyou driving samoa?

oh no, I'm so scared now!
Could be fun if they attempted retaliation


then you, sir might retain my services for the lulz...barring any leisure impairing activities that may interfere

still at the same place... traveling to see my youngest out of state

Samoa the family man

I remember when you had that fucking kid man ;~:

ima need about 2 gallons of coffee and an iv drip...




They will or we'll call them on out taking hits like spineless bottom bitches.

You do not disappoint. Stock up on booze, gonna be fun as fuck


sams where does the fucking time go

will do what i can

out the window... fleetingly

been a minute since i said hi to alice too... should really pop in and say hello tbh

hi alice

Glad to have ya on board
So how have you bee- YO WHY THE FUCK WOULD YO DO THAT


well i mean... wait I AINT GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT

you're triggered now!

im mad because alice kicked me out because she thought i was one of jack's spies


Don't get that cur in here I'll get a stroke man

Fuck yes I am, I don't want to see that cunt here


okay jack... dialing it back a little for the health

brace that vein in ur forehead tho

your cats are triggered too!
they learnt from you~

Hey check out my kewl underwater base i built!

I guess so, yes.

you guise remember when not being nice to jack was a thing?

sup slut booooong

thats because jack wasnt niceeither

well i mean, really hes a pleasant conversationalist...

You just reminded me that I'll have to prepare this and that so I won't explode in uncontrollable anger
That ain't pretty

Man that looks small

Neither a slut nor bong
I don't live in London because it's shiiiit

Is it a meme that Torb can only make turrets?

just looking out for ya breh... shit can get messy

hey... do you remember enjoying things?


I need to find more

We gonna drink up
Been a while anyway

nini now

Post the broken arm one.

wanna stay and bullshit more but i also want foods... its fucked
what do

yea man... we got this

later... maybe


yeah, i have to scour the ocean to find more material to expand my base and add mega compartments.

Here ya go

Bai bai

Catch ya later mein neger, take care

Be sure to harvest a lot of coral, removing it is good for the environment : ^)

Did people ever do that?

later jack...

off i fuck, sustenance required

well yea, i do

but not right now

Xenoblade X was too short, tbh.

the nuclear explosion nearby already irradiated to water


Is this some cold war survival game

No, that might actually make it interesting if it was.

you should play~


More under-sea survival game.

And this one is TERA.

I gotta play with alice tho

Sounds mildly interesting


you can't

it will make your vein pop

My gut wants to say that one's Saint's Row 3 or 4, but for all I know it could be GTAV.

i only have this one torrented

set your desktop to a hot anime girl


did you make lesbians in sims

I see.

they are happily married couple

i took this back in 2013

screenshots of cute anime girls pls


when your mom won't let you hang out with your ninja friends

Scoot I don't think I have you on steam after all hit me up with that shit

Where there's a will there's a way

kewl skin

what will you do now?

One more game of low priority match making.
Then I'll be FREE!

What you did to be low priority

Internet disconnected. Took an AFK hit.

Atleast you weren't toxin gj

I agree

ur skin is cool too



i love mercy x diva

i love feku x ikt

i love being alone

same tbh


Why not tho

boy and boy is wrong

But ikt's a girl

nice try but traps are gay

Yeah but


why is there a dick involved

It's better that way

Don't click this~

why not you x ikt

Because I'm still a boy

The Alice fags are spamming?
Wow. How predictable.

Wrong board

i didn't


Good morning!

I'm still a boy too


it's the evening

Good girl.

Not in this time zone

So nothing changes

Oh thank *pets*

i don't understand

*I gently murr as your soft hands stroke my fur*

I undo my pants and pull out my stiffening cock, stroking it as I lift your skirt with one hand, smiling as I stare at your plump ass and cute panties. I lean in and rub my cock along your panties over your pussy "MMM fuck I can feel the heat coming off your slutty little slit"


I am erect.

I am erect.

Here's the full thing if you want to read it: pastebin.com/MWT8QkRE

Pretty fucked up stuff.

You just sank Germany.


Hard pass.

*turns around*

B-Be softer next time uwu

Want me to read it aloud to you in a series of vocaroos?

I don't know geography but that might be France now

Sure. Why knot?

*splashes it into the sea*

N-No way, my voice is too deep that you'd laugh at me ;;

It's go across the sea into Britain!

I wanted to make a tsunami in canada :c

global warming is the lesser threat



You wanted to kill me?

I'm sorry, dude.

Yeah. Gomen or some shit.



「ああ!はい!」私は、あなたが私の中に強く強く押し付けられるように、リズムに合わせて私の腰が強く叩かれるように声を掛けます。あなたの結び目は私の入り口になります 強く押して、私は最終的に私を押して、あなたに私は「私は変わりの位置を持っている!」私は私の背中の床に落ちるように言う「私はあなたが私の赤ちゃんの兼 とにかくあなたの顔を見てみたい」私はあなたが私の脚を広げることによってあなたを召喚するように魅力的に言う

Wow, so mean.

translate the new porn books for me

Wasn't quite the baiting of Alice I had hoped for that moment but at least someone got baited~

gg no re

There aren't any good ones.

Is that Japanese furry fanfic?

I'm not translating that.

It's English yiff logs that I ran through Google Translate.

It was about some dog knotting some other dog I think


It surprises me you have yiff logs.

Post the one of your WHM in front of the fire.

Why? Everything is on Reddit these days.


Don't fool me you made that sub.


Did you guys kill Alice without me???

I look at the mod for it and stalked him on reddit.


I kinda wanna try to get that image.

You're a babe, did you do the Moonfire Faire event?


No, Squanch lied there was no Alice.

Wait, are you Loli_Master

Dude get this
Alice ran
There will not be a SINGLE alice threads next week
We got rid of the cur just to by showing that we stand united
Its on par with stuff like some OP animu character leveling up and the bad guy shitting himself


Thanks, I didn't want to look through all the garbage to find my next fap material ^_^

I didn't even notice the name, nice.

They play Destiny so no gross

Nice speedo desuuuuuuuu

wait did you just play me


Maybe you play Destiny secretly.

Are you even on reddit?

Yeah, kinda :^)

Isn't that like, a Halo MMO?
I don't even own an Xbox!

I mean I read dank memes on it sometimes but I don't post or comment

Is on all consoles afaik tho

Dank memes are good though, I need more of those.

good luck fapping to those its catered to my taste

I only own a Nintendo Switch!


destiny 2 is on battlenet for pc


Wait none of those are traps

hehe yeh watch as your morals plummet

But I'm already the biggest pedo in this thread

How can I be the bigger pedo?

Is Switch any good yet?

I wanna know your subs!

You're on battlenet for pc

Get a paper that says you need to stay away at least 200 feet from any elementary school.

Why would I need a paper like that when I never leave my house?

Move to a country where it's not legal.

I mean, BotW and Mario Kart are good.
Odyssey soon.


wait thats not anime_irl hentai_irl and meirl

dont you have a pussy leader thats extremely lax


Try getting an FBI visit!

Oh, I typo'd, I meant those.

Yeah, he'll probably just pardon me himself.


sounds like too much work I think ill just sleep

he would probably apologize for causing you trouble right after


You're such a normie.

Why slep

the sun has appeared

Hahaha holy shit dude




But I'm not going to sleep yet!

*green nazi frog sounds*

Feels kinda bad tho
We can maybe use this for our favor tho I mean
She won't be there for a week to defend herself
If you guys are up for it we could discuss if it has potential tomorrow? My head hurts right now

Feel better please

yah but its gonna be like midday if i sleep at the same time as you

Stop copying me

Yeah. Nothing like cornering the market whilst they are away.
Carthage must be destroyed

i'm playing torb all by myself

aww feku and ikt are going to sleep together :heart:

You can do it

What did you and your Stormfront friends do this time?

I don't see the problem.

But that was an alt-left frog.

wait no

i feel sad for no reason often

i feel sad

I'm posting from Greece.



I'm posting from Canada.

I'm not interested in girls like feku.

I'm sorry.

He's a boy tho

Come again?


Chigau! I'm sleeping before

If im exposed to sun for more than 5 waking hours I'll die


if only i had teamates

What's wrong with Canada?

Chigau no! Onii-tan no sukebei aho!

i dont believe you

show it

It's Canada

Better than rotated France!

wow we don't even eat baguettes

Literally worse than France

Are you playing the part of my victim imouto

I miss the winter i wanna hide under my blanket :(

Ew, don't talk to me.

Frikandel > Stokbrood!

Does hawaii know winters?

Poutine > that

What about Subway

Im sorry please don't dislike me i actually have no friends

Ye right now its like 30 degrees winter is like 20

Fuck that's comfy.

I like to get a $5 footlong and use it as a double-ended dildo to make yuri with


Who you gonna yuri with that footlong?

Luka, the only other real girl here.

But Luka's too pure for you.


My room reaches 35 in the afternoon save me

Amazing arent I

Apparently not

Maybe get out and chill!

*pat* is ok

I wish I wasnt posting from Greece.

*shits himself*

Is Greece really that bad?

who is Renz tbh

Astonishingly pitiful aren't I

I wanna live somewhere cold forever

Yeah kinda

Wait no stay clean

Too l8

Theres many tourists here but im a tourist.

Where do you normally live?

Who's gonna clean up the mess?


That's eww tbh


Yay luka

Albania so im pretty hood


who are you tho


Did we have an Albanese poster?



You need to absorb the essence of an angel like me

*whips out dick*

Seems pretty small for something that makes demons.








You can probably take something to fix that.

Please don't shame me








me on the left

you on the right

ty for all the melon pan



what is the general opinion on ABBA around here?


they took down hahgay.com

the bastards

I want my own pet Gabriel.

I didn't say I liked them.

And no way the tens of millions of people that do are all into their own gender. And how many never fully embraced them out of fear of ridicule for being gay? It's sad to think about.


your bs is relatively easier to deal with than Loco's.

you weren't clear on what era of Hungary you'd like to revert to last time.

you're very insecure about liking your gay swedish pop group


I actually wanted to debate with you and mock you for taking the "struggle" word by word instead of reading between the lines but I'm after 7 hours of internet crusading and organizing and my head hurts like a bitch so today
Today you win

As long as this means we can have irl traps with thicc anime thighs.

I'm an irl trap with thicc anime thighs

Hey Jack you're a cuck

can you call me a cuck please?

oh what, did you finally manage to defeat Alice?
did you actually do the things that would cause her to quit?
or did you inadvertantly make her popular again?

however you spent your seven hours, I think we both know they were indistinguishable from the several hundred hours you've put into destroying her.

pls debate me on your self delusional ideology.

are you calling ABBA gay? because there's no evidence for that.



nice bait.

no homo btway

Hey loco you're a cuck please

I want to kiss ur vagana for 2 hrs and then put my 1 feet pinus in ur vegana u will happy...?

how many straight men do you think went to see mamma mia

follow up, how many straight men came out of seeing mamma mia with their heterosexuality intact


why not loli why trap

I am forced to think instead of impulsively raging around and fuck its tiring
shoo shoo now silly liberal I got no power left to do this

damn you have a gay name

I'm a boy

this is less gay than super trooper

Better than a gay president

I have no idea which is which.


I've been tricked.

Me on left

You on right

The right was the dad and the left was the mom.

I can tell by the pixels of his face

many people with their wives.
because women aren't made to feel the same shame as men.

oh right, you're out of cognitive energy.
your glucose and neurotransmitter reserves are depleted.
if you think you've won, it's because Alice let you.

you are nothing.
and your opinions are unintellectual and shit.

Nani the fuck?

The ghostbusters 2 shirt is much more offensive.

looks Romantic.

as in, inescapably and obviously Romantic.

wanna go see it

Like Justin

Now that you mention it holy shit

Would you PLEASE stop triggering me into an argument with attacking my ego you know it works ya git
Holy shit you are cruel

also that's Northern italy. rome is central italy.


Holy shit is that Áder
He is strict as fuck and conservative as hell never gay


that's not all, because it's your real ego. not the front you put on, perhaps some of it, but by now at least, whatever made you complex has become rigid and predictable, and being an underwhelming, insecure man has been an unmistakable part of Jack from Hungary for literal years now. you should engage with me on this some time.

so what of Alice are you taking credit for this time? how do you know you accomplished anything today?

He looks like he secretly takes it in the ass every night.

actually, fuck no.

Fucking homo

sacrificed two afternoons to gather some peeps to try and just generally harass the everliving fuck out of alice next week since I will be off all week so she messaged me that "LOL KAY I'M NOT POSTING THEN REKT"
So yeah. All my work was for nothing but at least we'll get to have a week on Holla Forums without alice. Win, I suppose? Not sure.

He is donning a boss mustache where that idea come from
That "stache demands respect.

is it because his surname is foreign that you take issue with this

In what universe?

they fucking discontinued Time Outs

i'm going to kill myself

Do it

give tokai back


haha rotkop


I googled rotkop and this was on the images

is this you?

Screw you guys I need scoots

Look at that face, you know you'd sit your ass down if he orders you to do so

He looks like his wife just caught him sleeping around

i mean, this sounds awful. right?!

would you watch a movie knowing it plans on intentionally playing with your heart, only to break it because five star Sundance? wouldn't be as acclaimed if it just let you be happy, would it. can't make a movie about gays without tragedy, eh.

or maybe she just wanted to take a break
and used it as an opportunity to keep you on the hook
your victory was given to you in the hopes you'd fight again.

i never gave a shit about tokai

I was the deciding neh vote.


If that was plan it works because I'm fuckin' pissed off

Wouldn't be surprising
And now I'm out to sleep like babby
here soup for u

i never gave a shit about next poster





Doesn't even look spicy.


Woah rude


I hope Great Britain leaves Europe physically.

You're a kawaii.


I heard Feku made a diss track about you

Protip nipnong; we've not been connected to mainland eu for a good few garrillion years

what. you haven't realized that your MO is literally "I'll get you next time, Xiaolin warriors! And your pretty Shen Gong Wu, too!"

oh man, and it literally only ever lasts a week.

but i want to feel alive for once in my miserable popcorn necklace of days strung together in some fucking joking shamble of a life

Ikt is a fucking hentai diseased retard.

foolz and animus to become an alliance

God bless this unholy alliance. Allahu ackbar.

we're good

Ain't that the place that annoying Kroni guy was from?


pretty sure I get what you mean. that's what life is supposed to be about, right? all the housewives and youths that lost themselves over the mere idea of living days that resulted in stories worth sharing, but were instead, out of fear or too much good sense, living and being alive was just as good through proxy.

what have you tried to feel alive?

both Kroni and the assasin Mayaka.

it's time to bring kroni back

Why D;

Once I sucked my own dick.

Kroni II Autistic Boogaloo

how do you do something like that 'once'

Because you wouldn't eat my poo!

*the autist Mayaka



bow down

you think having your own balls in your face is pleasant

Let me tell you it isn't hot unless you have someone making you do it and I'm not lucky enough to have that so.

They also gave us Mordin who's perfectly... innocuous I suppose.






I'll your word for it.

didn't you just, travel somewhere? didn't you feel alive travelling?