Ironic roleplaying shitposting is still roleplaying shitposting

Ironic roleplaying shitposting is still roleplaying shitposting.

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-pets, ruffling hair-


Commit *ironic* suicide.


Exactly, you wouldn't!

-opens my mouth-

Unironically commit suicide.

-u moan-

Sonata told me to stop.



is this a 35 year old dude emoting at a 21 year old dude who pretends to be a girl


What a stick in the mud, because I gettin my dick in th'blood


Scoots is either 27 or 28

i came

I thought he was in his 30s.

One of those answers is correct.

My money's on 28 old man


You saw?


-opens my pension to hand over-

God I wish they kept going.

There is always next time, Ban.


This gave me autism.


woah really ?

Woah... Hot...

It's terminal.

post more autismal



Only one way out now.


richard ayoade arouses me to levels i'm not sure i'm comfortable with.


I'm Christopher Reeve's cousin. I was an extra in The Bostonians.

Are those real documents?

Scoot, why so sass? I've been a busy bee all day!

Yep. The phone got a prank human call and slammed the human down in disgust.


Such a bully.

No clue. In a sassy mood. How're you? besides working


I want to post with my husbando but he don't have a lot of pics, wtf

tesco brand tinned rogan josh is surprisingly not fucking terrible

its the struggle~

Pretend to be an edgy underage girl on the internet?


I think you'll be a jobber then but okay.

#1 detective

Don't get me wrong, sass is fine. I just wondered if you were being arch or something. :P

I've been ok. I'm going to try to go somewhere nice for dinner tonight. Don't know what I want though.

It's cuter than it sounds. I'll have to show ya once I get on my personal laptop. I hope you're havin' a nice night, beppo.


The fuck is a jobber?

I hated how the Americans ruined her with dubs

i am. i'm just watching richard ayoade on yt and doodling. it's nice.

Sorry I've been going to /a/ a lot

Don't read this spoil.

Tsuchi can't you walk?

Arch? Do pray tell.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Italian? Mexican? BBQ?

Who is this foxy blonde?

That's really cool, Bep. The art and your YouTubin'/Doodlin'. But 'specialy the art!

scoob send budget curry advice

Further proof of Sub superiority... is that why you are superior?

Patak's is always good. Not sure how budget that is. I wouldnt trust much from a can. Though ASDA have decentish 'white label' gear.
Personally I prefer fresh-as-can-be herbs/spices.

it's not really art it's robot letters.

but thanks. are you done with work soon?

So intentionally being a loser?

Jesus Christ, why would anyone do that?

i havent eaten enough proper curry lately, but shekels prevent me from binging on indian takeaway, and actually making curry from scratch works out more expensive than takeaway for less than 3 people.

Curry is just diarrhea on rice.

You know how Cersei talks and looks when she's scheming? That's what I imagine you looking and sounding like when you're sassy. Wine goblet included.

The image I posted, you mean? It's from a dorky comic book called Snotgirl.

It's art to me. Cute art. I saved it. :3
I'm waiting on a couple more reports to come in so I can edit 'em and get the heck outta here!


I dunno but it seems like people do it.

that's heartwearming. thank you. stop it.

Snotgirl. Classy!

I am superior because I never really into social norms


Its not so if you freeze for later consumption when you need it

You know... You are not far off of the truth...

I guess people will do anything for money.

Speaking of which, will $2000 be enough to drag my scrotum across your face for an hour? No homo.

Its what makes you a cutie patootie.

I would do that for 2000.

Are you fucking kidding me ?

Mhm ♥
just be yourself
People choose to be Rei clones, don't be like them.
That's why you are one of the favorite people here.

Asking for a friend.

Year hearm wermnin!

The comic's not very good, but I like the art style and some of the off-the-wall stuff this girl says. I think it all reminds me of my days hanging out with catty people on /fa/.

I hope Cersei wins and marries the Night King.

I can walk, its so easy

Sounds like easy money.

Be more Asuka, you say?


Do you still lifeguard or some shit or what?

eam not.

Yes Asuka wasn't a puppet like Rei, like everyone else ITT

I quit so now i'm just a neet until school starts.

I have the best quality imgs too

An angel, you must surely be.

Sounds boring. Burning through savings while you go to school or on grants/scholarships?

Mhm, and the bay will all be ice so they'll just go SPLAT!


muh soft diced lamb tho

Lighting it on fire.

Probably gonna have to get a job again

Sometimes when I walk I like to skip pass people on wheelchairs

I am angel
I can do no wrong because I do not know what it is.

Get a job on an irl Baywatch.

can we please not argue about this.

This makes me chuckle... YAS QUEEN!!!! YAS!!!!
I mean Danny is jusrt YAWN boring
Jon snow more like jon NO

That is why we work so well, bae

You have to actually do work at the beach though.

saving people isn't rare

I forgot that you'd have to see as many fat slobs in too small bikinis as you would actually attractive people.

Swimming against the waves is oddly fun.

This was in my recommended

I think they are kinda annoying.

Kin nee nee neenee abood deedis?Neh neh neh.


How? I'm thin so it's easy to remain buoyant so just swimming out against the waves then just relaxing and letting them carry you back to shore.

Its a lot harder when you have to carry something in them.


It is nearly new ep time :D
happy scooz.
Maybe I can be your cersei owo



The flotation thing or like a person?
I can't carry someone in water for the life of me them.

Let's be each other's Cersei's so everyone dies!

You automatically win 'cause cutie caterpillar with knife invalidates all arguments. Clever girl.


me or the caterpillar


both I guess

I mostly just wish I didn't have to deal with waves when I went surfing

I just want them to stop and wait for me to be ready

The waves in front of my house are a lot bigger than i'm used to

I have to go now, bye-bye love ♥





I dunno. The waves just make it more challenging in not really a serious way at all. Just the feeling of the crests going over your head as you swim against them. It's weirdly refreshing.


It's all thanks to copious amounts of dick sucking.

I guess so

its good

Yes! Dragon fire everything! bwahahahaha

♥ ni ni love

You can even open doors!

Fire and Ice! Cersei and NK on zombie dragons!

Like the few times I attempt to surf and sucked at it, it was fun to use the board to break the crests while swimming out. I couldn't stay on the board to save my life, though.

yes. You wanna know the story? I have two reports about them.

if it's an automatic, yeah.

I stood up on my first time.

I think it was probably because I used to skate and swim a lot.

Its pretty much just a mix of them

I can't snowboard for some reason though

I might reread
get that Iron throne hard on back

I steamed you the links.

I want to get a dive certifications sometime but I live too far from the beach nowadays to do anything with it.

Bep, I can finally leave! I'm going to make a break for it before they give me work to do. In case I don't see you later, have a great night!

c a w k

Bye for now, scoot!

you too.

imma go sleep anyway


♥ keep safe

it is
tons of energy









He lives disturbingly close to you, as well.
Go get 'em, Ahab.

If only it was you that lived close...

Was that show any good. I stopped watching just after that character was introduced.

I'm only interested in brown women older than me.

There's him and Cupcake all really close to you. You've found your white whale.

It's... okay. I thought it was interesting because of the premise, but it suffers from really horrible pacing and really unlikable characters that don't make a lot of sense.


Okay Ishmael.

It was joking about something.

The founder of the sandniggers?

Did the MC ever actually do anything? If I remember correctly I kind of thought they might eventually make him useful by having him develop his abilities as a "creator" then have him create something that would solve the problems.

Excuse me are you appropriating my culture?


That show was really popular in the UK. Most people who were kids in that era would know it.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

No, from Moby-Di- never mind...

He admitted to being the one that bullied his girlfriend into stepping in front of a train, and she just so happens to be the creator of Altair/Hime/whatever. But he didn't actually bully her, but he feels responsible anyway.
Oh, and he is somehow their big ace up the sleeve for the giant showdown with Altair they planned, by making his own OC.

If it goes the way I think it will he's gonna make a Setsuna "creation", bring her into the real world, and call it a resurrection to defeat Hime.



I'll take that as having figured it out a bit considering I thought he was going to create something to solve the problems but maybe it was obvious. The complaint about the pacing did seem to become more prominent after they had the few weeks break.

They took another week long break just recently too, there was no episode last week. It's annoying.

I assume it must be production scheduling issues and them falling behind on making the episodes either that or they planned these breaks from the beginning so they wouldn't fall behind and then put out episodes full of poor quality.

Then again we got a lot of british shit over here.

I was thinking you meant the son of Abraham that founded the sandniggers according to the Koran since we were talking about brown people as well.

The only other Australian TV thing I can think of that was/is quite popular over here is probably Neighbours. I am eligible for citizenship by descent though probably.

loli pharah is a no go

Yeah I'd heard neighbours got popular there for some fucking reason.

Which is equally weird. Like round the twist was at least like, kinda weird if not unique and notable. Neighbors is just a generic soap, just like plenty of others I'm sure exist there.

idk it's doin' it for me.

Goddamn pedophile dunecoons, appropriatin' muh Judeo-Christian religions.

Gas both Israel and Palestine.

I think it had a reputation for being popular with university students or something? I dunno I guess it was that kind of ironic watching of garbage kind of thing but in a more 90s/00s fashion than today.

toofbrush nana bieauy

Why do you even ironically mimic him?

I mean the stereotype here is of fat middle-aged hick tourists being into it

Israel will grow larger!

Make the middle east a parking lot unsuitable for life.

Well, more unsuitable than a shithole desert already is.

To be fair if they were university students in the 90s they probably are fat middle aged tourists by now.

It's also a stereotype FROM the 90's

Ah right. I suppose different countries and different people even within those countries have different perceptions and stereotypes.

neighbours had some hot pussy doe

Dag, which city in Australia do you live again?

What is this weeb shit

Ironic homosexual roleplaying featuring anime avatars and 30 year old men pretending to be underage girls.


he's a bogan
so perth

is travelling between major cities in australia easy?


how goes manakakaka


to perth not really, it's in the middle of nowhere compared to eastern states

I'm just fighting my cold.

still working in diamond mine? being the master of hydraulics?

my friend is going to attend school in australia this september.

sd long as it's a smooth wide empty road!


or, is it?

oh nice, which city is he heading to? and still working at the same place trudging along i guess!

the road is wide and empty and really really long

it is

I think I'm ready for the next 60 years to be over so I can just be done. This isn't fun anymore.

dunno if death is any more fun

If only I was successful in my past attempts of killing myself.

Well this has taken quite a dark turn


I havent checked again, city with a good college i think


is not!


I know a manako when I see one



Hey Squash wanna play OW?

Most foreigners coming to study come here, to Melbourne.

In a game with Oobles Guero and Test. I'll ask if you can join.

They said its k. request invite

Oh I'll come later, 20 minutes

Alright. Not sure w'ell be on then.w



Late night scapin. Nice pharah pics

Pharah is bae. Though I'm honestly surprised how useful Sombra has been, after learning the trick to her.

I dont play enough overmeme to care about the balance

I should get into dva


Dva is good, best part is eating Hanzo's ult then waving at the dumbass weeb.



i played Overwatch with jack spicer

but we got defeated u_u

you good fam?


Yes, everything is good fine.

Thank you for asking.



It happens~

Plus selfie potg.

shes got a plethora of skins as well

Gone on your date yet?

i want the new widow skin!

Yuuuup. All pretty good.

In hots she has an Asuka skin.

Ignore that


Just keep playin', then.

I didn't want to prod but since Test has, let's talk about it

how was your movie date

into the trash it goes



when i find somethign to eat

To be fair, she has long hair. It would take a lot more work to redo her sprite in hots to have short hair.

Though given Genji in HOTS has a skin colored like Shinji's Eva and so does another hero, I could see them doing that in the future~

Fair enough~

Lips sealed?





what you been doin lately






being a lazy fuck

shits lit

y tho

Needs more young Pharah.

Sounds like fun, still hitting up that con?

I don't even remember when it was before. x3


I dunno


Good luck



Eva was better as Spoilers.




I didn't go this year

maybe next year idk

yo you should zip me that pharah folder

PharMercy is the best couple.

It's not exactly separated out but I'll try to do so in a bit and zip up what I have for you.

Can't say it will be done super fast but it'll get done!

you da man man

mhm ♥

i'm starving...

i think i'll make Rice and Ketchup for dinner tonight


have you tried sugar and caffeine?

short term, but amazing relief.

Fuck off.

There's probably a fair bit of Pharah now that I scrolled through the folder. So you'll probably end up with a lot.


Why would anyone do this?

sugar and starch sustain.

Let him wallow. There's a minuscule chance he will spark some sort of desire to eat better and actually work for proper food while he eats this pathetic meal.

is this how you teach children?

Or you could like get super protein heavier beans since it's still dirt cheap and not utterly disgusting.

There's so many ways he could eat cheap that's not just putting fucking ketchup on rice.

survival mode.

Luka is 27/28.


Fuck. I laughed.

Yes, you can go "survival mode" that isn't eating revolting garbage.

never met a childish adult? irresponsible?

Rice and ketchup may be disgusting sounding but it's still funnier that Tsuchi, with no life still, complains about others~

It's almost like he has nothing else in life to make him happy. :BIGTHINK:

but it doesn't provide the same... mouthfeel.



Luka is beyond help


I dont say this out of spite eva

this is out of observation over the 5 years ive been posting



and your vocation is education?

different enzymes.


No, no. You're fine.

You've got a life, I'm okay with you complaining about other people not pushing forward with their's. It's an earned right. I still wouldn't do it but that doesn't mean you can't.

Tsuchi is just a sad case, y'know? He's never had anything else and this all has been his life even longer than Luka, if I remember correctly.

You are using words that mean nothing in the context you are using them again.

why no empathy for Luka?

Tsuchi's younger and he's more productive than luka at the very least
he did mention a database thing he does
since these are public threads, we can talk about anything so the moral high ground doesnt even matter lol

Kanra I filtered you my dude, you gotta turn down the autism, you're at 11 rn

starch triggers enzymes that break it down into glucose, and other things.

the glucose is noticably sweet. and we are really hardwired to reward tasting sweet things, so our brains reward us for tasting some.

one 'feels' better.

It's not a database thing, just basic accounting mixed with odds and ends.

what does a 7 look like?

That's not how enzymes in saliva work. Starch breaking down in no way makes rice covered in fucking ketchup palatable.

You just are pulling shit from your ass.

this is literally elementary.

I don't trust any claim about Tsuchi's life, to be honest. He posts here more than I did when I didn't have a job. He wanted to cyber me even after it came out that I was a guy then became an insane denier of this. He constantly acts like Smiles wasn't a guy and that he had some sort of great life, despite being a meth baby and looking like he never bathes.

Also if the moral high ground didn't matter, Tsuchi and many others here wouldn't act as though it does matter and try to use it. It only doesn't matter when it plays to their wishes. :^)

if Luka quits sugar,
you have to quit meth.

You are just describing basic biochemical processes and acting as though it has some effect of making goddamn ketchup on rice an appealing food.

What possesses you to do this routine?

if you understand the process,
then you already have the answer.



Nah, that was in the old Alice chat. The ajax one before they switched hosts like twice?

I mean I could ask Moonfane if he kept it, cause we were having an endless laugh about it. It was the same night that I went on webcam and Alice acted like I was still a girl despite me on cam saying otherwise.

You are defending putting ketchup on rice as somehow an appealing food by unrelated biochemical processes.

It's like saying you put salt in food because ATP needs glucose.


You're drunk, aren't you?

it is literally related.
you cannot get any more related.
it's fucking sugar and starch in the mouth.
what appeals to us is what what arouses us.

there is no need to draw on scientific papers for this. this should be general knowledge.



look up any experiment with a living thing regarding sugar.

Seriously, did you not know why he became so violently ill willed toward me in specific? Why he hung onto Alice for a long while and only came out of the hidey hole chat when I started acting like Alice on Holla Forums?

I turned the weirdo down just like I did with Dak after mentioning I wasn't a girl, Dak seemed to take it a fair bit better. Strangely. Expected it the other way around. Either way after I turned down Tsuchi the hate boiled over, from there he was part of the push to get me banned forever from the chat and then if ever I did something in thread? He was there to whine about it~

Amylase breaking down starch does not make ketchup on rice appealing.

you are not actually taking credit for Tsuchi's current state?

You came out as a dude because I was the one who posted it. What reality do you live in?

I was but not anymore.

I enjoy chen anything a lot.

shes one of my favorite 2hus


appealing is a spectrum.

where do you think white bread falls on that spectrum?

what is your standard for appeal?


Noooo, the meth and the rest of time did that. I just am saying why he went after me in specific.

And how that controlled those specific choices that I listed.

Are you crazy? I went into the Tinychat on cam with Moonfane to release the info.

You really have a messed up memory but I guess meth does that. It's even where you got the pic that you for some reason keep saved.

Probably to fap to for some god awful reason. Which is why I should also note that I may have been not of age at the time sooo your fapping is illegal~

Drink more.

This, to be entirely honest.

It was literally the shit from the edgy MySpace shit, VampireFreaks or whatever, that had your name on it.


For what reasons ?

Same tbh honestly

I also don't think he's that smart. literally.


there's a pic?

No that came after when I gave you my name and then you came to me first with that info, you never released it cause you gave me time to delete it. Which I thanked you for.

Then you started hitting on me. An underage boy that you say you saw as ugly and fat, you were hitting on.

But of course this is more about your honor as claiming you somehow doxed me, which history says you didn't and Moonfane can back this. You're nothing special Tsuchi, just like the rest of us.

You just haven't figured that out yet like most of us. I will admit I took a bit too but you really are adamant to stay how you are~

how did he get it?

how long ago did this shit go down


Uh. About the first or start of the second year of Alice on Holla Forums.

We had gone to the ajax chat and Kamina/Sanya had JUST fallen out of admin position.

So looooong ago.

Are you reading these walls?

My eyes glaze over if I even glance at them.


Because it's late and passing out in the bathtub in your own vomit is probably best.

You are older than me and you asked me to not tell anyone because you were still doing whatever with Ghost and Alice where you pretended to suicide and both of them would lose their shit.

oh shit

god bless


Doesn't sound fun.

I need more

Dude, my real age was on the pages. You knew I was underage.

Don't try to make up more stuff just because you don't want this known. Also I still laugh at that 'suicide' thing, I literally told the idiots I wasn't coming back to the threads or chat and was done with the idiocy.

"You were suiciding!"

Alice just wanted to feel as though they had more of a sobby backstory, there was no suicide involved. But at the time you were hanging off of them so I could see why you took that as the truth~

It's funny because it was well known that I came out as a guy in that tinychat and now Tsuchi is trying to rewrite history.

It's almost impressive~

tsuchi does have a habit of misunderstanding.


Drink enough to wake up on the beach naked with some kid poking you with a stick to see if you're dead.

what are you up to?

That was almost fun buuuut Tsuchi has essentially admitted he was wrong by going radio silent about the matter when faced with facts. I didn't even have to use a lifeline and call a friend!

Gonna call it a day here and go pass out. Be sure to try to jump into the ring again the moment I'm gone Tsuchi. Everyone knows you're more a fan of easy wins.

It's probably why you go after underage boys sometimes. ;3

Later lovelies.

i wake up to find I was messaging someone in my sleep

How many iq does this require

How is a person older than me underage when I was never underage when I started posting?

How does this timeline even work?

does everything have to be about IQ


Also seems like a bad idea.

I'm watching something with a friend


This is the best timeline.


Gavee you five minutes to prove my prdiction right and there you go. You did it. Only replied again when you thought I was gone.

Proud of you man, you totally ignored the point that the sites said I was underage and only struck with this weak 'fire' when you thought it was safe.

Real man material

thats adorable I used to do the same thing with my s/o


folder tomorrow I assume

:O your lover?

you're being 3D levels of ironic.

What? I was responding to shit elsewhere. How were you ever underage if you are older than me?

Kanra don't ruin the meme please

Bad ideas are the only way to live life.

Stop this meme.

If he starts using memes that are about him, does that mean he's finally become self-aware?

that meme made sense.

That's some lazy meme remixing lmfao

it was logical.

first dimension, me about IQ.
second, you about me about IQ.
also second, me about me about IQ.
third, you about me about me, or you about me about you about me about IQ.

I'm referencing Erio's post where he whiteknighted you.

It's a meme you dip. Maybe it's too abstract for your IQ.

God I wish my IP was high enough to transform these posts




I can keep track of up to three dimensions like everybody else.



Even a god-king can only detect three dimensions.

see, I can meme.

Did you just hex me?

Nani ?

Luka please

I think i'm gonna pass


it's a classical meme.

I think they called them "jokes" back then.

maybe it all sounds the same to you,
symptoms of some sort of intelligent dyslexia.

to anyone else, your memes are equally sensical,
but cloying to me.

it's not even irony

This looks very sad.

it is

im posting chens at you nigga


It's meme.


Grim filtered me. Not sure how to take this.


I like those


very good.

even more good!

It only lasts for one thread, and this one can end at any moment. Take it as a "calm down" sort of thing.

oh well.


does that explanation have holes to you?



Yes but I'm choosing to say the nice thing.






is that less autistic?



Old Chen was better thb.

is it autistic to ask of that is less autistic?

how fucking long will that take to process in blast furn

Don't know, I'm not using the blast furnace, too lazy. I'm doing shayzien supply armour

did Runescape suddenly stop being autistic?

*fidget spinners*

i want to hold kanra and stroke him off while he wiggles and AHs like some literal fucking retard



Runescape has been great ever since osrs

Are you alright?


low quality

my faps are solemn.

aren't everybody's?

only in church


whatever being less autistic means, I'm pretty sure it means being intentionally dumb. am I right?

no, that's what Bloodchan does...

Yes kanra. you are just too brilliant for us.

sorry, pet.


No, it's being a spaz that calls people pet on the internet.

is sarcasm un-autistic?

not even kidding.

Oh, less autistic I'm sorry.

No I don't think you can handle that.

Autistic people generally have trouble understanding or using sarcasm.

is the constant fear of rejection being un-autistic?

Is this a breakdown or what

judging by the number of stubs


What is happening right now

He's been called autistic for THE LAST TIME

sarcasm is just saying the opposite, right?

Sure dude.

Do a vocaroo where you screech REEEEE and post it you absolute madman.

God I wish I was artistic

will caving into peer pressure reduce the autism?

Everything with you is peer pressure and wikipedia bias and groupthink

how much of a spineless weak slug do you have to be to go through these mental gymnastics to justify why you are absolutely right all the time

It would amuse me.

are qualifiers and classifiers autistic? is asking this question autistic?

is making fun of people more, or less autistic?

do you think I think I'm right all the time?


assume I did. what happens next?

if i type enough smart person words it will make up for me not finishing college

next poster gets hugs

except kanra

if I strawman sarcastically, I'm not better than Tsuchi.


Nothing. I get one extra chuckle. This is a funny little fit you're having about being called autistic.

it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's everyone else's fault it's

are you sure it's a fit and not like, me just asking curious questions and nobody having answers?

Everyone's too stupid to answer. You outsmarted them again.

That's what, the twelfth time nobody could refute you? You're on a roll. Keep it up.


Not being able to understand why people would call you autistic is a good indicator of autism

you read my mind.

they're too busy being unautistic.

Wow you skimmed over loco you monster

he just upsets me so much.

Oh no wait I posted several times never mind.

if someone can be this bad and not realise it when they're told what hope is there for mankind.

gas the 'tisms brain war now

You should make that your go to insult, dude.

Actually, it's too much of a mouthful. Call them "normies".

what's that chris chan custom pokemon card he made where the pokemon's power is autism


I'm going to guess the answer is yes and not watch it.


Loco is pretending to emulate the voices in my head

Test is pretending to have heard the voices in my head

and everyone is pretending like I think I know everything, and I'm unsure if they're being ironic, sarcastic, or both, or if they even know.


Where the FUCK


no guys, he's actually really insecure on the inside!

it doesn't matter how he acts he feels INSECURE ON THE INSIDE



are you 100% sure this wasn't projection?


< 100



i can't take it anymore. there is so much pain.


Well I was right, wasn't I?

Just ignore the bad man, he can't hurt you.

that little thing, where you pretend to think you know what's going on in my head?

I've never been as egregious about it towards anyone, as you have towards me.

watching you wilfully delude yourself into psychosomatic pain... is boggling.

well your is vast oversimplification of a heart warming video story

because I'M the crazy one.

people have said dark, threatening things, to me, over these boards, and nobody said a thing, but I'M the crazy one.


New thread when

Not what I'm into.

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You know that guy Blood-chan, have you met him? Wow one time he told me he wanted to meet me and hang me up on meat hooks haha. Don't worry though it's funny when he does it.

what are you into?


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