It's that wonderful time again

It's that wonderful time again

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I hate this new thread business!!!!


what a time to be alive

Sorry for slow replies, Jack and I are cybering




What time


For a new thread!

What did you do about that one locked one?


Scoot of the Loo
Come join us and we mean business!
Why do you want to put your dick in me? I might get pragnant ukno, and I don't believe in abortion.

I forgot your name
It's Nymph's hand


old is better


Unlocked it.

why live, I swear life is just pain



I will try my best.

But no promises.

We shall see sunday when the dust has settled.

What is going on this weekend for sinno?

Anything planned?

-runs up to you in chibi form and looks at you-


I have to go hang with friends later, but nothing else really planned.

he's shy

nice fucken pic bc

happy friday sinni

good shit

*sensually approaches you*

Happy friday! How is your day going so far?


How long could a thread on this site go on if no one started a new one? Forgive me if this is a really dumb question.

Rolled 11 (1d20)

We have to hurry before my boyfriend wakes up.

*I start taking off my pants*

isn't the risk half the fun? And if that happens well..... We'll hcross that bridge....
And join you guys in destroying alice?
I cannot commit to anything, except you, but i will be a vocal advocate of your actions.

saved ty

plz no

it has just begun

the wind is so nice in this hot weather ahhhh

Uh hypothetically, infinitley?
Its only for tradition plus people browsings consideration... it gets extremely laggy for some

Rolled 11 (1d20)

11 + 4 is a 15

-my pants instantly slide off and my huge horse cock bursts out-

I could make it a cyclical thread. But that's a divisive thing to do.

Plus having new threads add some amusement.

lets keep it at under 300 text/ 250 image replies for lags sake

what have I done

I feel you spiritually, it's always windy here and it's always nice uwu.


Rolled 3 (1d20)
Horses cum really fast so this one take like.

I roll for an endurance test

I just side stepped an annoying friend asking if I was doing things this weekend.
ive been in work for a week straight
i wanna be alone, drink and shitpost.



Rolled 15 (1d20)3 seconds

Do it.


Thanks, guys. I always wondered if there was a limit. I agree that keeping it simple with new threads every couple hundred posts is best. The idea of a neverending thread of our collective shitposting is both hilarious and terrifying.



Sounds like a good weekend, and yeah my friends & I have a little campaign that's been going on awhile. it's all goof tho so it's more hanging than it is playing.

I feel this meme deeply.



It's that but Jack is a skinny slav in a turtleneck.

You dont think I would relish being able to re-read me pining for you/blood chan forever?

Thats cool! You should get pizzas and junk.


Time to join the Black Parade.


That sounds more like sticking your dick in a typewriter.

I'll reach into the very very very very bottom of my heart and forgive you for this.

You are a saint, I shall not fail you again.

Scoot, reading is for nerds.

Well, bully me more daddy, because I LOVE reading

My stomach hurts

I want to die

No correlation

Scoot, read this.

I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

Did you eat too much yummy food?

Sabby lemme smash

I love the character voice I chose in GE2RB.

She's all "I can fight through the pain!" one second then "*gasp* Is that a wound!? No... simply a nick. We're all fine." the next.

I'm saving myself for prison rape.

I think those Belasuins gipped me with some bad Vermouth. I'm hiding in the bathroom right now because I'd rather vomit into the shower than on the floor.

How's your day going.

So murder me... as a criminal step to that... its hot...

Bep, are you for real sick? :(
Poor thing. My day's alright. I'm taking a moment to have a bite before going back to the grind. My cold seems to be all gone.

Scoot no 'cause you're a perv and your ghost will watch.

I feel sick and I dry heaved a little. Hopefully it stays at that.

That's good about your cold. Look at this place I was at today. This is the devil town that made me sick.

I am THE ghost in the cell.


Did the balls touch?

I'd be sick too if I had to walk around an upside down city all day in the heat!

That looks pretty though. Is there some gruesome history?

Was that any good?


he has me really busy right now lol

I don't know, you seem like the type to get bored and then abandoned us in our time of need.....

Do NOT save pictures of my ikaros

we're still going lol

you came so much lol welcome back

IMO it was. Others would cry and say differently. I would suggest watching it.

Hence why I cannot commit to it. Ive hectic schedule sometimes. Atleast you can give me an update during our pillow talk


I don't know. We were only there for an hour or so.

Imo it's too cute for anything to have ever happened there. It's basically the village from the first Professor Layton game.

Hey everynyaaaaan~!


Scoot, I wanna watch this.

I bet those adorable streets ran red with Moorish blood at some point.

Hi Maddie. ♥


Can I be next?

hihi Sabby-chan! How is everything, cutie?

This looks so hilarious.
I love its lampoon at the documentary entertainment bizz.
Fucking gutter programmes.

Cataluña is a very long way from Morocco.

The GitS live-action isn't amazing, they change the story around but tease the fans with shot-for-shot accuracy of the main iconic scenes that made the original memorable, but between those recreations it feels like filler.

It's dry, but it's still worth watching once.

The fuchikoma is redesigned and called a 'spider tank' in the american version so, that was a let down.

Catalans can go bomb themselves. Spic bastards.


Everything's a non-stop thrill ride with a fun mystery around every corner!

But for real, it's just really ok. Have you settled into a new place with your sweetie yet?

It has potential!

♪When I shake my Morocco they go chick chicka-boom chick chicka-boom.♫

What did you do in the cute village? Just wander around whimsically? If you didn't, don't tell me. I want to imagine you did.

It seemed like it might be a great visceral experience if I didn't look to deep into it. There's a case to be made for those sorts of films. I'd put Interstellar in that category, for instance. I don't regret seeing it in IMAX despite it not feeling very substantive. It was a fun ride.

They said that about me once.
RIP the dream.

Haha no. We both have a few things we gotta finish up before moving in together. It'll happen for sure though.

Glad you're doing well Sabs. I miss talking to you

That's exactly what we did. I did a couple of sketches too but they were really bad. I'd have liked to have dated longer to do more bad sketches but. Such is life.

I've got my hypes up that they do something cool with Battle Angel Alita now that Robert Rodriguez is the director and James Cameron is only producing it..

I think Rodriguez would be able to portray the gritty, bloody world much better than any approach Cameron would take on the material.
GUNNM is such a classic, and I hope the movie stays true to the source.



Robert Rodriguez sounds like a made up name.

I wish you were made up.
But here we are

That is not nice.

Um, Grindhouse? Sin City? Once Upon A Time In Mexico? Planet Terror? and he's behind the whole El Mariachi series too, and was involved with From Dusk Till Dawn.

I am not a nice person. Deal with it.

My nigger.

you never listen to me all you do is troll on 4chan!

don't worry you were good


-runs up to you and climbs on your back-

Nobody is nice here

i don't have you added on Steaaaaaaaam

Yeah, the El Mariachi trilogy.

El Mariachi
Once Upon A Time in Mexico

s'good stuff

But you love me... Why are you saying this... These mean things...

Hello, sweetness.

I'm nice!

.. so much Salma Hayek



You said last night that you didn't do steam.

Blood chan is a cute girl

R-right guys?

I can confirm. Very firm.


Tarantino makes a few cameos too, I think they got along and that's how From Dusk Till Dawn got made.
Salma Hayek and Cheech Marin again in minor roles.

I was really happy to hear that Rodriguez got directorial on Alita, if anyone I believe he can make it watchable and epic. Cameron wasn't the right choice, though he had been pushing to make the film for over a decade because he loved the material.

Still, GUNNM deserves a better treatment than what GitS got.

I just really hope I didn't have cybersex with an ugly 35 man is all.



well you could always hook up with me if you change your mind.


you KNOW you did


what's new?

I thought gits was alright.
the least autistic screeching the better on that subject.
But like you say
the robot stuff ought to be done right. was neat what you shared.

do you like to be squeezed
I like squeezing people

basking in this glorious friday


no I meant other than you

Yeah like I said, I think Rodriguez would be better able to capture the atmosphere of GUNNM, the way that it's a lawless, violent city of dregs and vagabonds, criminals and hunter-warriors going after bounties; extreme bloodsports etc.

I just think he's the right director to portray the dark side of the series to offset how optimistic the protagonist is.


im in the mood for lobster

lobster fug

Squeezed like how~? Probably yes.

Ooh yeah, it's Friday. I've been adulting with finances and I have work soonish :(

Any plans for the weekend?

can you cook an amazing lobster dinner?
I love cooking for people but I love getting cooked for just as much

Armitage III also an underrated movie.

Dated now, so those who don't like 'old anime' style will hate it, but it was still really well done with a lot of detailed backgrounds and good choice of music; its sequel was the worse of the two 'films', I say film because the first Armitage was actually cut up from the OVA's so there's missing footage in the 'movie' version.
If you do love Armitage III and haven't seen the original OVA's, it's worth a rewatch for all the material that was cut out of the story.

You better go and GET IT.
lobester the best my dude

We're both enormous failures. How embaaaaaaaaaarrassing!

Well, it seems like you've got someone really special, and it's nice to see you so happy. I gotta bug you on Steam more often! I'll spam you every day. You're gonna sign on 100 messages a day and your computers's going to crash.

I bet they were cute and you're your own worst critic. Still, it would be nice to be able to just leisurely stroll around an old village and just really take in every little nook and cranny. I've never been to a place that really feels old, if that makes sense.

Rodriguez has a good eye for graphic action. Even when the story's not there, there's at least enough style to keep you engaged. I tend to think Cameron peaked with T-2. It was such a perfect blend of action and compelling drama.

and maybe looking into getting a car for myself

we'll see

squeezed like in a nice big hug

I will check it out

but issa expensive

Was that "Dual Matrix"??? That was legit my first anime movie I watched. Picked it up on a whim at Suncoast. RIP Suncoast

I do a mean spit roast.

Thinking about food is making me feel worse right now though please stop.


Something something something.

But youve a job. It is fine.


Ooh, me too! My credit is finally going up and is doing well so I'm gonna get to carshop soon!!

Whatcha lookin at? I'm still kinda set on my Mazda 3 6 speed.

Yes, depending on the person though. I love big squeezey hugs from the lady for sure.

You don't get paid for cooking instant noodles for people lol

Well you're American. You've never been anywhere old.

Come visit temples with me in Japan or somewhere.

Yeah, Dual Matrix had Juliette Lewis in the english dub. It was okay, but the first Armitage had all the story. Polymatrix was a cut of the 4 OVA episodes to make it film-length for an overseas release.

I'm sorry I hope you feel better soon

is it cramps or what?

but I have been spending a lot on food this week
sooooo idunnoooo

I'm probably going to get a camry or a pilot
very nice vehicles

ONE last splurge my dude

I might have to revisit that stuff from the beginning then. I still have yet to finish Texhnolyze (sp?), speaking of 'old-style' anime

I saw a camry with a crazy-ass body kit and stuff. Looked cool. Peeked in the window and it was an automatic tho :/

You do know I'm proud of you, right?

Know where I'd also love to go? Isla Hornos. I was looking at photos last night and it just looks like such a peaceful, beautiful spot.

get a used Subaru Legacy AWD, it'll last forever.

I don't have Steam I just txt Sonata on my flip phone
And I do love you! But you don't give me attention

-hides under you- o.o

I lied

Hey I may be 35 but I am not ugly!

Mom no


Iraq lobster

Alright I'll have to admit Jack is actually a pretty good e-lay

Indeed. I got really really lucky.

And yeah, for sure. hmu any time~

*incubates you like a baby bird*

Jack's a bottom right

I think so, I'd like to think you are. That is something I cherish most.

I give you plenty of attention. But you seem aloof all the time... I am sc-scared of being hurt >.

Yeah it's menstrual pain

It's food poisoning or something. Does dehydration make you puke? It might be that. Would be a good chance for me to finally drink my own piss if so.

I haven't watched that one yet but I know Yoshitoshi aBe did the character design, though wasn't as involved otherwise; his notable works include Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei where he was the series writer and director, as well as the manga Ryushika Ryushika.

Can I have your steam then?


I don't mind automatics, just less work for me
if the hugs depends on the person
am I a pass or fail


it can. Look after yourself pls.

Wait, you're older than me?


Do it, do it, do it, do it.
Man I want lobster now.

-is squished- ._.,

How else would I ride him?

Nice get
i know i'm aloof, i have autism! you even recommend me to Holla Forums six years ago!

Mom can I get a hi at least?
I've missed you so much

I actually don't have a Steam, I'm sorry. I'm not really a gamer and I don't have any money to buy them


I'll be 22 in September, I feel old...


it's in the filename and people talked about it you dumb broad.

You do though. I did have you added before.

Bitch you should have said that before I booked the hotel in Kyoto

Really I just want to go somewhere I know nothing about and learn about it. Somewhere worth getting to know. I get a nice vibe from Japan.

thanks, and yes I should know better. But creaming that asshole...

i have a fancy hot water dispenser am i better than those microwave plebs?



hot water dispenser?
at home?

welcome to the first world nigga


whats it called
like brandwise

ty friends

The worst part about drones is waiting for all the batteries to charge. GRRR

Well, Lain is always a good one imo..

idk I bet you squeeze too hard ;3

i came

The worst part about drones is when they bomb your wedding.

Who could have see this coming ?

Who are the trannies gonna like now ?

You know what my dream vacation spot would be?

Madeira island, off the west coast of Africa and owned by Portugal. It's mountainous and subtropical, and historically a stopping port for the old trade routes to India, and is famous now for its special wines.

When an unpurchased return cargo of wine had to make its way back from India, they discovered that the heating from the sun and rocking of the ship had changed the character of the wine; back in India they started buying this special Madeira wine because of its unique bold taste (it was wine fortified with grape spirits to prevent spoilage during the journey, and the heat treatment changed the wine's taste and color to an amber) and so this in-demand wine was first carried along on trades to intentionally sea-age it, and later duplicated in Madeira with a mechanical process to emulate ship rocking and sun exposure.

It is still a famous wine, and during the ages it was used to toast America's declaration of independance, and was purportedly one of Benjamin Franklin's favourites.


I've missed you so much, mommy. I've been in therapy the whole time I was away and its been 9 months of hell. but i'm finally improving (only slightly) i've learned to control my urges, my explosive anger and my compulsive lying. I even have another appointment in a few minutes. anyway how have you been?

I'm sorry for forgot how 8ch works ><
reccommend an avatar to me, please

ah you got me, I actually don't use it anymore, now i just.... blah and bleh when i'm not in threads, i'm a very boring person

why not cream my mouth?

Are you scared? Do you think I'm ugly? ;~;

Post load for SCIENCE

i cant tell if ur actually surprised or not

damn i thought that was the new thread, fucking trolled me

You'd like Haibane Renmei.

well theres only one way to find out

im gonna shove my dick into your mouth bc

I am
I thought they only existed in restaurants and shit
unless its from a coffee maker?

forgot img

oh, I've missed you as well.

nah i used snapchat it's gone forever

My current ideal locales to visit are;

1) Florence

2) Munich

3) Berlin(again)


I'm gonna fuck that asshole and finish on your begging face~

dude weed

Post jizz piles.

That's the fun part for the pilot :^)

What happened now?

Noted. Will look up later.

Brief synopsis to save me a google and to stimulate discussion: go please.

Hrrrm... Where? You still wanna meet up and murder me?

You should check out Geneva, the international hub. Good place to get a job if you're multilingual, good pay for service sector.


nah its like one of these things

Can't detail the series too much without spoilers.

It's best to just start it and watch it, and you'll get it.



I think if you randomly whipped out your dick if we met up I'd just tell you to put it away

this place has desensitized me

where? you come to me or me to you, idm either

this is to much



Man, I wish I was an American. NGL. If only I had the dollar to get a green card.

Actually, I had a thought about Switzerland recently.

Thats what blood chan says.



Nice hair.

Pretend to be on business in Geneva, wear a nice suit and everyone will bend over for you.

It's how the world works and they expect it and will cater to you even if you don't spend anything.

Is this the hentai comic where she fucks the pizza guy or something

Before I got my new car, I drove a 1992 Toyota Camry with over 335,000 miles on it. Still ran fine, but she started leaking oil and it was going to cost too much to fix her. I miss that car, though.

Maddie, let's go the Falkland Islands and hug the penguins. Every. Single. Penguin.

I don't wanna out you for being a softy here, so I'll leave it that. :3

There are parts of Japan I'd really love to visit, actually. I should re-read my favorite Murakami books and make note of all the train stations and little mountain villages he mentions. Could take a Murakami tour!

yeah thanks

idk dude ive had it for like 10 years we used to use it for tea but it got replaced with one of those fancy new age electric kettles. but im too lazy to start that up so i still use the dispenser

y-yes please... please? please x////x

i can explain. my therapist said since I was beaten a lot as a child i learned to lie to avoid any serious conflict with my parents and it became an unwanted habit. When I first started talking to him I couldn't stop lying even when I wanted to tell the truth
It was bad...

That's for kids right?

Take me to Munich, I want to visit Furstenfeldbruck and laugh at those dead Jews

I'm sorry for lying to you, I'm just scared because Erio said you're a bad person

friend from a videogame

She can take anything though


Yes. I have a reputation to uphold after all. And I am rather mushy squishy at the moment, doll.
How is work today?
Friday feeling!

I'm curious to know why he did that. I thought I spoke well with Erio.

We could fuck all over those fucktard's monuments.
m-muh 6 garillion

he just sees the evil in you

I've seen those kettles on tv and shit
I bet every brit has one

time and place

General mistrust.

Your predicament has fortunately set you up well for your online world, because the truth can and will be exploited by others, trolls or stalkers who do mean to cause harm; I have social anxiety and paranoia and that's how I've evaded full on doxxing so far, because I never used my real name.

Really makes you wanna fuck her, right?

Okies. Thank you for the recommendation^^

But what about the other piles? I just imagine piles of jizz everywhere around you lmao


Its straaaange.

Should it ?

How big is her dick ?

I felt the same way honestly.

Ime it's always disappointing visiting places that are "beautiful" or whatver. I mean if you know what you want to look at and what it looks like what's the point in going. You visit somewhere to find things you can't find otherwise. It's an organic experience.

This doesn't have a lot to do with what you said but whatever. And yeah. When I'm rich I'll invite you out to see Murakami places. You need to learn Japanese in the meantime though because I'm not going to.

they do

pretty hung my dude.

I can say that it's a bit of a dark, introspective tear-jerker, but it's a beautiful series nonetheless.

yup theyre pretty convenient.
youd be able to make your instant curry without firing up the stove

post yours lmao

hell yeah we could go to dumbo and chill under the bridge

I'm good,and you?

Don't think I can handle that .

My kettle?$ja=tsid:59157|cid:337401273|agid:26938248993|tid:aud-144400486596:pla-207649962033|crid:84385860393|nw:g|rnd:1043858576927797233|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtpDMBRC4ARIsADhz5O6Nfko5bCGexNwyFwXnMfTInv5U2XXy9mv5uTQpOrzcTe3ym-9q7MkaAriEEALw_wcB

this is mine, with a keep warm feature.
reheats water 3x when it dips below boiling temp. lasts about an hour.

s-six garillion gallons of cum?

Now and in your parents bed room

I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety and paranoia. People think those illnesses aren't serious but they can be very life hindering.
I had to lie so much because my parents would beat me every time they saw me...
Didn't Kuus get you though?

Evil little thing.

My dude.


You thinkyou can handle that much? You are pretty dainty.

Don't get me wrong. I'd love to wander. But there's some stuff I feel I would need to cross off my list too. I'll learn bird language, as it's so sensitively referred to in Stephen King's Dark Tower novels.

I feel like I've seen screenshots of that. Poor pengus.

Work would be better if I were doing it. I'm at kind of a lull atm. But I'm expecting lots of copy to come in soon, so I'll be busy again before I know it. You're off today, right?

I wonder if they have bunnies on the Falkland Islands.

Just because I am eccentric and British doesn't mean I have a time machine.

haha oh, great. sign me up.


what's under the bridge?

Doing real well. Haven't seen you around before. Nice to meet you and welcome to the shithole :p

haha yeah. There's one where you golf with them like in Alice in Wonderland almost.

I worked, but I am finished for the weekend now. You up to stuff this weekend?

And is that normal... slow start busy finish on fridays?


the temple shit you were talking about


you have to come to me though


kuus and stalker only outed me as male after having recorded everything I ever said and matching it to my website when I had posted links and admitted I was a comic artist / musician. (and getting my IP address from alice's chat and matching that to my ISP to prove I lived in the same city as the web profile from 2002 stated.

They still didn't get my real name.
I laughed, and kuus disappeared anyway, probably to join alice's autism entourage.

Kill yourself Loco


Right? I hear Americans prefer to pan/cooker boil water or use coffee machines. What a cultural conflict.



Thanks :) Nice to meet you too.

I posted here some times,but i always change the nickname.

its true

I should buy my mom one, she loves to drink tea.

look how fucking chill this is welma

I would take someone out on a date to here ngl

This cunt steals my pictures and reposts them not even 2 seconds after saving them.

really I just want to go to akihibara and see the naked cartoon girls

This is the only part of Japanese culture that interests me on a personal level

You can get some that are wifi/bluetooth that you can set/activate from your mobile phone or at special intervals. So you can set it to boil ready for your morning brew/breakfast time. OR when youa re on the way home on the subway... you see your stop... flick that kettle to boil.

Its akihabara _ _ _ _


it means you have good images
I would take it as a complement

please be joking



cute park^^

Yeah, that's an awesome place for picnics.

Ooh, nice. Shapeshifter :p

Shit, I got work. Toodles y'all~


bye welms

It can only be taken as an insult.

If I didnt have that one... I would buy this... well something akin to this. smart&psc=1

I have a vintage kettle..

it's yellow and black and on the bottom it's engraved EMPIRE, the Metal Ware Corp. Two Rivers, WI 54241

Bye,have a nice day doin your kick :-)

not sure. they have sheep farms. maybe that means they can have rabbits - if the food is there.

I HaVe A vInTaGe KeTtlE

I got it at the thrift store, it works.

That's all.

Ever did want to sell?


It's probably worth the $1.99 I paid for it.

What's the vintage?

Sell for the double.

Tell me more.

i-i've been there

late 1950's - 60's.

EMPIRE, The Metal Ware Corp. Two Rivers, WI

serial number 77B03D7

The company also used Metalware as a single word and some of their 30's antiques come up on ebay but it was a common product so there were a bunch of these things made. It's just a simple steel 4-cup kettle with SA approved Leviton 10a cord.

s-stop being lewd, i can't take it..

you're like MGD or Alice, pure evil

fuck... that's pretty hot tho we can fuk anywhere we want

oh fuck I remember Stalker, he was Kuus' right hand.
She doesn't associate with Alice anymore, she's hasn't really talked to anyone for years...
You should become someone else with a new avatar

Stop that

Is that Ward's Island? Don't tell me the fucking Hipsters took it over!?

How much did you cum?

Your mouth says no, but your eyes say yes

Who's MGD?


ive had better


sssssssh let it happen

I am not.

I don't need to become someone else with a new avatar. I am already like 5-7 people. I come back here just to prove that kuus didn't change anything about me, I'm still the same Chiri and there's nothing for to be embarrassed about.
Kuus only set out to prove how volatile and shallow they really were, not that anyone had already known that much. Fail troll is fail.

Anyways here's my kettle :3

Nice kettle

I make earl grey with 1 sugar as well as ramen with it. It's perfect for just making ramen in my room without having to go to the kitchen stove.

Sure it sounds like avoidance with the housemates and of course it is, but it works.

Just the right temperature for packet ramen, and I even make coffee with it; I use disposable pouches and steep my own blend in it, if I snag a few cream pouches from work I milk it up otherwise it's black and a sugar.

Usually make earl grey or green tea.

Going to therapy, bbl

but what if I get pregnant...?

You have the same sinister aura as Alice2, Haikuus and MGD

Don't laugh but that's the first time I saw a kettle
I'm glad to see how strong you are. I hope I can become like that when my treatment improves. Bye mom

and I pour the boiling water into a bowl, btw. I don't put the noodles in the fucking kettle, that's all kinds of wrong.

Kettle thread?

Its okay, you dont need to worry, just let me cum


hot damn

The secret to inner strength is peace.

Keep in mind that you are really the center of your universe; this experience of life is yours- what other people say and do is a product of their own shitty lives, if you can understand that you can actually help other people just by being genuine.

People will take advantage of you or try to dominate you during your lifetime, but with the society and laws we have in place in this modern day, you can still be an independant person, and it's not about being strong or tolerant, it's about accepting things as they are, and accepting you as you are.

And when you have confidence then other people will believe that you are strong.


I don't have enough plugs for my fan and my amp

gonna kill myself





I like how we never talk about the time I took that guy maybe fifty miles into the desert at night and burned him with cigarettes and left him for dead out there.

I like how we never talk about loco being a spic degenerate

I never noticed this before.

its a coincidence thats been there awhile

I would enhjoy fucking BC boypussy more if I could transfigure 3Dimensions

I never really notice the banners.

Still fitting nonetheless.



Before Christ


oh ok