Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

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I wish

god i wish i had a lesbian girlfriend



God I wish I had a male homosexual girlfriend


lmao reverse weeb

You killed it, Grim

Fuckin' Grim

All Grim's fault


Fucking is lewd though

The winged shelldragon!

Your ID is pretty great



That poor papa


what's up boy

spoonfeed luvs

Fuck, ya'll know all about big gluten!

Progressing slowly towards lvl. 87 Crafting.
Slept well?

then did laundry and passed out for 3 more
hopefully thats enough for the day

how are you gathering the seaweed

shit's pure evil

Grim, what game should I play?

old school runescape

You did get to pull it out of the washing machine and throw it in the dryer or hang it up, before you went back to sleep, didn't you?
Yeah, 7 sounds pretty good

Gathered quite a lot from the fishing colony, then realised it was quicker to buy it off the trading posts at the charter ships, and jump worlds. A little bit more tedious, since many people do that too.

The big bad boss of what ?

gotta grab some grub and go somewhere for a while

take it ez

Have a good one

too old, I'd just maplestory

I was considering starting warframe

Not you too!

oh you sweet child.. I've been doing this for years, though only played osrs for one and already thrown 1500+ hours in it

Crossdressing girls with penises.

gets the rope

I could just go back to EVE~

I get a little bored with the movement in Runescape

eww, pay to win spaceships

the people who pay definitely don't win

Did somebody say space ships?

which one is that?

Suppose that's true

It is the blessing bestowed upon us by our Lord, Christ Roberts.

There was actually a pretty recent heist that was kinda like that

oh, woulda been cool if it actually worked out

There's a reason it exists~

Hol up. You sayin' it won't?

That was a battle, not the war

How long has it been now?

You're a battle

5 years but that's really standard for game development of something this size, with as few people as they actually have working on it.
It'll still be another year before "completion" though.

he just wants to post ancap memes

5 years is pushing it. It's got to the point recently where it actually has gone on into clear development hell.

It's likely they'll pull through and release something, but it might not be until the money nearly dries up.

30b is pretty low, especially if the alliance had someone with an AT ship

I'll believe it when I see it
I have my fingers crossed that it isn't another of that planets one from last year

I knooow


t. man that doesn't even follow the developers and progress reports

They've put out a lot of content showing off what they've gotten to so far.


I really wouldn't know~
Could be it was many years ago it happened too, and the currency has since inflated?

Back to bed~



Maybe it's just fucked on my end?


But has anyone actually been able to play that content?
And did No Man's Sky not?

ehhh, could
but they managed inflation pretty well, so the price of general ships hasn't inflated tooooo much up until the past few months

Could have, may have, could also just be completely made up, who knows~

Yes, I play it with Nom every time there's a free-fly day, and the next big update is coming out this August during Gamescom.

It's not even comparable to No Man's Sky except in the space aspect and planetary landings, maybe.


I am too indecisive about what game I want to play!

well that's good
I now have a bit more hope

back to bed

Osrs is the obvious choice


same except im not a cute girl with a cute flip phone

I won't

That was some real autism


It's an iBent

You're Autism

Apple invented bending.


how disappointed would you be if you were a japanese father and your son turned out to be a weeaboo for american shit

And microwave charging through their proprietary iWave technology

ye xd

That shit is still funny today

-reee softly-

Is Gamers! good??



god I wish I was autistic

How long did you spend looking for this ?

Three seconds to get into my webm folder?

god I wish I was autistic

WhyπŸ€”can'tπŸ€”IπŸ€”postπŸ€”emojisπŸ€”onπŸ€”Holla ForumsπŸ€”?πŸ€”?πŸ€”?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

god I wish I was autistic

Webms don't have thumbnails and your filenames are just numbers.

You must have a good memory.


Really makes me think.



I really hate all of you.




Am too tired to help anybody now


man good thing I didn't mock ban saying webms don't have thumbnails, not I'm the only one unhated

h el p m e sp p l e a s e

what explorer.exe do you use for your firefox.exe file upload selection window?

to have thumbnails in there

because fuck

also what wm

i cant stand i3wm but gnome and so are aids too on this tiny fucking screen but xfce is not as nice as windows wm

for real though who doesn't have thumbnails on webms

i c a r o s

Also Squiddy what mecha anime is this?

Patlabor 2


Thanks man.

Or, specifically, it's mostly a flashback(I think?) scene for the opening of the movie. Patlabor's a police series that sometimes has robots in it. The Patlabor OVA is great but kinda all over the place tonally.



yeah, just drag&drop from Thunar, is all I do.
For wm, I just use xfwm. It's never given me any reason to switch yet

tiling yo

The movie isn't exactly like, robot action much, though. It's very slow and spends a lot of time tying to be philosophical. A good movie, but still.

Good god is it pretty though.

so like eva

I use stacking cause I'm a fucking casual.
I also just use the defaults of whatever the "xfce-desktop" option of the Debian installer ships, because I'm a casual

Eva has lots of action though.

Also I didn't necessarily mean trying to be philosophical in a bad way, like fucking Eva.

Ey, fuck you buddy.

c a s u a l

i bet you dont even mpd + nincompoop in a custom built urxvt to support emojis

kill yourself.

Considering I don't know what you're saying, you're right :3

This sounds and looks really damn good though...


Also, I'm bed

Eva is literally just a rehash of ideas from the first Gundam series and Ideon, plus heavyhanded message that means nothing and some shitty symbolism that means literally nothing to trick people into thinking it's deep, my dudes.

can i lay ion you

It is definitely pretty good.
I dunno how watchable it'd be without watching the OVA and/or the first movie first though. It might work? Those two things are both pretty good though as well, but in kinda different ways. OVA is a light comedy with some serious shit spread throughout, First movie is like a mystery thing with a bit more action.

I mean I'll definitely watch them in order, I've already looked up the extent of the series on MAL, so I won't just jump into the middle or anything.


what house? ._.


you too!

Anyone here follow UFC? I'm glad John Jones won his belt back, he worked so hard for it, and I hope DC can feel happy for him soon.


The order's kinda fucked though.
The TV series and I thiiink the second and third OVAs are in a different continuity? I can't remember what exactly is in which, but I know First OVA -> Movies 1/2 is correct.

...a reply 12 hours later?


a swear word?




now i don't know what to talk about

Ur a swear word.




:ghost emojii:




he prolly likes rei clones too

pew pew

-pew pew KOUGEKI!!!!!!!!!!-




whatcha building now?



I'm thinking about hydrogen isotopes and D/H ratios
I am going to be in charge of the hydrogen line real soon

tell me about "d/h" ratios! :O

dick/ho ratios

Luka stop
It's hideous

no u


this is beutiful~ ^_^

This is why SEED is hitler

u r beutiful~ ^_^



It's the ratio of Duterium to Hydrogen in materials and it can tell you some things that I still need to fully understand better.

It is significantly affected by a number of different factors, so it can be tricky to work with, but I do know that it is useful for at least studies relating to the solar wind


He's a casual

k-kissy pls

How are you?




i want her

β™₯ __ β™₯

feeling good cause i didn't have to work today

If I were them id ky myself



Isnt' that Boku from Boku no Pico?

Dad, pls

Suicide is wrong.

Similar situation. I work tomorrow though.
I am quite hungry, but haven't figured out what i will do for dinner yet.
I wish I slept more, but opening always makes me used to waking up super early.

Ur wrong



fort night

where to get her? ._.

O no

Celebrating my One year friendiversary with Desu on facebook

t h i c c


wtb aho girls

you should just sleep if you're sleepy

I hate when you make me upset

Hey Bard

Don't LOOK at me!! like that we haven't even had a one year friendiversarry yet GOGGLES!!!

and you answer one question for me?


Haven't we known eachother for like 2-3 years?

oh she from the aho girl anime?

I'm not sleepy enough to sleep yet.

aho loli pat


looking through my fb i don't think I know you at all

a short nap then



Maybe soon, I have a few things to take care of first.

like what


imma prolly try out that new anime Tanya first
i saw ep 1 on twitch crunchyroll!


Beat your dick

I am hurt that you measure our friendship by the clicks of facebook.

Which Tanya?



All my friends are dead

Isnt that an mcr quote

this reminds me of me


Was pretty good.


she has a nice rawr face

wait i'm not talking to you right now
ignore that



flying anti god girl shooting big lazors!

How ever will i live.


just dont

pew pew pew!

You underestimate my spitefulness

lmao /r/the_donald looks like a parody



weird! a helicopter...

Ur weird.

ur a helicopter


Lover, I don't play to win, but for the thrill until I'm spent


she really is an cute

Maybe this is why Erdogan wants to gas the ~jews~ kurds.

nothign wrong with killing turkish cockoroaches

Hi drink

hiiiii what are you drink?





Same, dude.


Kurds > dirty anatolians

s a m e

Hi cum.

Yo Bard.

How come you never call with us my dude?

Not super drunk, but drinking.

Just drink

Guests just went home so now I'm enjoying a few drinks myself

What's going on?

Fuck the Islam
Kurds and Israel strong

t h i c c

yes, who is that maid girl you post?

Okay now what?

Post dick

KurdiCommies get out, reeeee.

Uhh.. ? Don't know, which one?
Nygglatho/Naigrat in pic related maybe?


Yes the girl in pic related
who is she?



Nygglatho/Naigrat from WorldEnd/SukaSuka.

Kinda wanna see blood-chan's pussy

I don't have any dicks on this computer!

kinda wanna see lewds pussi

I do not believe that. Not for one second. You think I was born yesterday?

I can't even pronounce that

That's a little too much...

I have many dick pics on my laptop, but I am currently on my gaming computer

You are lying to me. This hurts. The can't believe you've done this.

Goddamn Cthulhu'an names.

My laptop sucks dick so I don't like posting from there. My brothers and my mom go on my gaming computer when I'm not around so I don't dare save the D there

there is no god but allah

I thought you loved me? I've been betrayed!!!!

It's kinda messy right now.

So we're not even going to enjoy each other? Wow


I give up, i'm going back to 1st grade

I do love you! What are you saying?

I mean I'm not going to post my most prized possession!


Good! I cannot have wavering doubts, precious

Send it to me in most private then

How is Lood

Goodnight all! I love you so much

Mother, looking at me. Tell me, what do you see?
Yes I've lost my mind.

Sssssh... they'll get jealous... skunker

Drunk and tired. Think I'll go to sleep

i had 5 marriages today and im gonna consummate all of them at once


I fell asleep.

You along with everyone else, apparently.

It looks like everyone else died with you


also I don't hate you

just everyone else







Vaporeon was the one form of Eevee I never really used.


Charizard is only 5'7


Yeah, you've told me of your lack of caring for them in the past.

Also, when are we gonna hit up Randolph Pub in Montreal btw?

I do like that avatar though.

I do too, sadly she is slightly overused so I try not to stay on her too much.

Just steal avatars from people who don't post anymore.

Thats what I do half the time.


turns out people get spooked when you pop a moss clump and it spawns spells

Subtle pls response

hi ban

that was awful


I'm not a thief!


what was?

Fishdog is fine too.

I don't think I've ever seen someone else post it.




the "official" celebration of my parents anniv

like 300 people came wtf

the fuck?


posting killuas would be better tho

Show me your boy hole instead.

I enjoy mixing it up sometimes too.

I can never stick to one thing.

I also can't stop making folders.



maybe i picked the wrong stage to add the effect to it


I have been doing a good job of not making folders.
Though I hate when I start a folder then see someone else already posts what I wanted to post.


ill post less disturbing shit if you post less disgusting creatures

Not interested.



What other folders have you tried to make ?


Hmm, white mage then turns out that one person had one.
watashi until it turns out nezi already used her
I started out with shinobu, which clockwork had already.
my folder is better than his tho
Those are the three I can remember

ants are for beating tbh

You could always just post Shinobu and out do all the other ones.

Take it for yourself.

Unless you can't tell what its gender is.

there are no female ants though

I would if I did not love fishdog so much.


Whats the appeal ?

Did you just like using it as a kid or something ?

I feel like you've told me this before and I just don't remember.

I never used it as a kid.
I just like them a lot for no real reason.
I've always like dolphins, maybe it's related.

Lets go swimming with dolphins at seaworld.

I would adore that.
I swam with a dolphin once and it was a great time.

At seaworld or what ?

well boys do make the best girls

or the worst

Some place in the Caribbean.

sounds fun.

I see them at the beach sometimes but they are always really far away.

I wanna touch it

so i hear

They're soft and fun.
She let me pet her belly and hold her fin while she swam us around.

I wanna add you on steam or something.

You don't add people though, right ?

I don't even log onto steam

I think this would be where the "or something" part comes into play.

The only other place I am is discord, and I'm not allowed to add more people on there.

cucked to death again

this video is pretty kewl

i should sleep, but things

Should wake up tbh

Should be woke.


Wake up or forever be at rest.

Sleep now qt

Nah, should be going to bed


Sometimes that sounds pretty comfy


I specialize in leaving people unfulfilled and disappointed.


weird pic

They invented coffee for that kind of thing.

internet mems tho

Which is good because I always get bored if someone gives me everything I want.

what are they though ?

this sort of thing

Not for staying asleep

Exhaustion is just an illusion.

*pet pet*

Nah, not even a little

no u

Yeah you should just go to bed..

Think about it, once you've gotten the rest, who needs sleep even. It's boring.

Nah, sleep is amazing. It's just you, nobody else

you on the left~

also bloodborne OST

I don't think any of these things are worth staying up for.

I already get enough time by myself. I would not wish for more.

man, have you listened to this OST?

Who wouldn't pet Luka? :3

Damn, lucky you

Maybe in the eyes of some.

I don't listen to nerd shit.

tell me stuff about you

i dont think you quite understand

I hardly understand anything.

Its awful and killing me on the inside.

Yeah, maybe

There's not much to say.. I'm a boring person that doesn't really do much if anything at all

awww... that's much much details or info...

much detail
very info
such knowledge



its a raiko

a what?

The thunder cat from pokemon

looks like some weirdo lady is sitting on it

hello thread friends

Thats an onix.



Good Luck with the awake/not awake thing. I need to leave.


This is a nice image
I like this image


What are you even posting ?

a raiko comic

out of order


wake up, study, cook, go to bed.
or during weekends, wake up, work maybe a little, play a game, cook, go to bed.
That's pretty much my life for the past many years



are you a NEET/?


oh your posting weird digital toe hou scroll lady


what do u study for? ._.

Meh yourself.


No, I attend uni

Comp-sci. Fifth semester begins on the 5'th of September, just vacation until then

meh yourself mister....

What are you trying to grt a degree in?


me atm

what do you do?

what is comp sci about anyways?

I do stuff.

With things.

in places.

like normal people.


what do you mean?

"what do you do? "

what could I even tell you about myself that you don't already know ?

What do you do Luka?

What do you do.


Programming, and theories that makes you able to do so efficiently

h-haha whoops


i woke up
i turned on discord
i ate some pizza
i was in call with friends
i played video game with freinds
they all got sleepy
i watched rick and morty new ep
then i posted here.

see? at least i can do it.

make a good program! that does things in the good way!

I woke up

talked to people

we back to bed

laid in bed for hours

went into dark tunnel

came out of tunnel

feel good


Easier said than done~

Did you actually voice with them or just sit there listening to them like a voyeur?

wow such vague

aren't you learning how to do it? didn't they teach you?

I watched game of thrones too

I missed the first 10 minutes though

I don't think I missed anything though

Might have to watch a recording later


Are, but you'd need to do several interviews and lots of testing

what drives to to still keep watching that show?
an obligation to it?

i gave up after the second season...

huh? interveiws????

that's not schooling.

did they at least teach you how to differentiate a good test from a bad test?
maybe if you tested it wrong you might not get the true results?


Because i'm interested in the story and I wanna see what happens.

I wanna see if any fan theories come true too.


Yeah, you don't like it so nobody else really does either.

Can't make something good if the people you make it for, can't use it~
Need to do interview people.
Yeah, fairly sure they did. Last time we had to make a program for an organisation, they seemed quite happy about the final result


i knew it

i'm always 10 steps ahead of the game


No Luka

I'm better at the game than that guy who made the video.



lol theories?
but arent all the books done already?

you sure are digging there


ankle spanker is famous tho!!!

i believe in your latent abilities

you should take me in as a disciple


That doesn't mean anything.

make it so it work for almost everyone!
will you get even better at making those people happy? ^_^

do you mean anything?


My elo is higher than his so everything I say is right.

Can always try. These people seemed particularly happy.
Heh, not these ones, but others~

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