* boom mic *

* boom mic *

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Stop fucking dropping that shit luka


What does this even mean?

O' Test! He who gives us succor.
Deliver unto use the blood of the unfaithful so that you may oil the clock work horrors that drive this unholy machine.


Come over here and find out.

That was a threat btw

Not a sexual advance

You keep asking me too

I miss the real Nefel.

And you listen to me ?



I clicked link
then opened the image selector for some reason
then forgot about it, came back, chose an image without even vaguely thinking and hit enter

Apparently I'm literally retarded.

Talk to me :(

Nice one

Talk to me :(

Talk to me :(


b-but clockwork, I...


fuk u nigga
You fucked up too, hence

Begging for a pity conversation.

It would of been fine as a threat if I used a better picture.

like how hard is it to put the lid back onto the weed box? I'm sick of smoking doggy hairs :(

Get a new box ffs.


The box isn't the issue. It's a perfectly sized shoebox, but it always forgets to be re-lidded. :(

A shoebox?
How hygienic.

lmao as opposed to a drug dealer's ziplock?

Nah, it's fresh off the plant into the shoebox.


Nothing is stopping you from using a glass jar or some crap.



Space constraint. We'd need a bunch of glass jars.


What's good? What's new?

Not much, mostly just the usual.

Enjoying though.


Nice nice.

My ears are sore cause I stretched them more.

*shrugs* It's legal.

This shit better be a nice proper ban so at least I'll have some fun trying to evade it

Fucking hell

People still get banned here?

I wanted one to drop my bad habits but Test can't ban properly

Test is playing OW so I doubt he's paying attention.

You shouldn't need a ban for that. That's just displacing the responsibility. You could quit if you wanted to~

Nice desuyone

Cute post pls

C-cute post?

I'm not cute so I don't think I can...

fufufu, not with an attitude like that you're not~

Or I could quit drinking and chans and Holla Forums alltogether, marry a decent woman have children and live an honest life
Nobody here has self control


Do it.


Get out of here you fucking casual

What kind of attitude should I have?

Fucks sake Squash

I threw away any self control ages ago. Can't hate around effectively with shit like that in the way


but think of the tax savings, nigga



The one where you cutepost selfies

Sounds sad.

I really do enjoy filling in bureaucratic papers for hours and hours.

At least I'm not a nigger
Or a fag
Or a weeb avatarfag
Or a furry

Keep your phone with you and post here.

Eh, I already bother some Finnish-chan lite social app throughout the night.
Just going through a bureaucratic hell currently due to trying to switch my job to something that's closer than 4 hours of commute a day.
Anyhow time to get going again, bye Giggles.

what should I do for fun today ;;

Kill yourself



Community service?


fit dis dick in your boipu🅱🅱i


Its more fun than any other sport where you play with balls
Except street football


What the fuck is this shit?

that's not even fun tho

I don't know anyone to play with ;;

it's impossible


You never know.

oh I definitely will! How was your morning today ?

you're too big!

what are you doing for fun today ?


It's been slow. the gf had a late night at work so she's still sleeping. still :(

Just been schmoking to make my ears stop hurting and playing agar.io like a bauce lol

I'm sitting here at 4am in a panda kigu playing dark souls on one screen and posting/watching youtube on another.

What could be more fun?

Maddie, what's wrong with your poor ears?

youd have to be extra gentle and patient with me

so late! why do your ears hurt tho? ;;

I'm thinking of playing some video games myself possibly..

show panda kigu!

also you stay up soo late...


What a bunch of dickless faggots

I don't even know what's more pathetic by this point. Trying to be emphatic to total strangers on the internet or faking it just to piss time away

I don't really share stuff like that.

Got a nice haircut today?

They're a 4 gauge now :p


Ooh what game?

Shaved it down to l-


post it

Oooh, neat. I was worried maybe you were sick. How big do you think you'll go?

camwhoring is alice lvl cancer
I just have it shaved the fuck down plain and simple
Only bitches and faggots play around with their hair

and what a grand act of sharing that would be

ooohh neat! I just looked up that size, seems pretty big but not huge

I don't know yet... maybe something super nintendo

obviously it's a passing the time thing? you must be new

Shut your cocksocket whore

Are you calling me a bitch.

Just sick in the noggin lol

idk yet x_x It's kinda addicting to see how far you can push it haha

Yeah, they're not huge but like these tapers are the first that I can feel the weight behind them. It was rough to jam these through. Here's to hoping I haven't been going too fast^^

I guess you are just feminine as fuck

Showing people stuff.

I think being so desperate to be aloof and cool that you ask to be banned then resort to ban evading in like five fucking hours is more pathetic to be honest.

It was cool enough to get your measly attention. Which I more than happily pass away.
I wanted a proper ban anyway this is horseshite. And I hate my flag. I hate not having my anonimity. At least with this I do. I am user again.
Now, begone vermin.

y u even mad tho?

Then how did we immediately know it was you?

Protip: nobody else can manage to be as fucking pathetic as you

Keep going until you sportin' these.

I'm sure your judgement and instincts will be on point with this! Do you know anyone else with those kind of piercings who can give you advice?

What a rude thing to say ;;

I'm just making light of how little a deal it is!

Stupid 8chins. I meant these!

Um, reminder that Sci exists.

Jack is unironically more pathetic than Sci.

Certainly not the fact that I'm being paid attention for fuckall
Or maybe because the residents in here are just bloody retards.
I sure as fuck feel honored that you solely dedicate your precious attention to me tho
Looks like pathetic is your fetish
Maybe ya know you could
Move the fuck along

At least I'm honest. That is probably something I'm alone with in this shithole.

Still lose my shit thinking about how he'll kill himself soon.
Him and Bebop both should do a suicide pact.

Meh, he just seems like a tryhard memer.

It amuses me that you think attention is genuinely valuable. Especially from people you so often derive as pathetic. Is your life so devoid of any legitimate attention that this shit genuinely feeds you?

lmao noway

I know some peeps

yup you're special all right

Whaaat? Why? Don't you want to be a sexy muscle car? :3

:O nuu!


Show feminine penis.

Seriously though, I think it's cool that you challenge yourself with that. I'm too much of a wuss to even get anything besides my ears pierced or get a tattoo.

I imagine Jack's peen to be as if he cleaned a meat grinder incident with a wire brush.

It basically feels like you pierced it with every stretch *shrugs*

Sabrina. Let's get our dicks pierced together.




Hey, I don't remember. Do you have any tattoos?

Nooo! Mine's too small and sensitive! It'd just be a silver stud with little peach fuzzy balls hanging under it!



Let me see your jellybean.

Not yet.



I'm a girl.

If you insist. But don't tell nobody.

Do you think you ever would?

Oh, that explains those gifts Grim has sent you.

Cute bean, babe.

Of course.
What, you thought he's gay or something?

I haven't had any complaints. ;D

So you have to tell at least somebody, if not everybody.

Who Japanon

I bet you have an adorable booty.


faggot ass faggots

No, I want none. I hate every bit of it I get. I got to the point where I literally have to tell people to fuck off. And they don't listen. Like you.

Okay then, sod off.

Why do I have a feeling you are actually not feeling that sad about it

I was tryin' to be cute! Don't ruin this with your fancy logic!

Just a man's man.

A pic of my butthole.

What are you talking about. I'm devastated.

Stop wanting faggots to faggot your ass

You can't even keep a straight line for like three posts.

ilu squish but i don't wanna see that

kill all faggots


Jack Hungry tho



My checking account can't handle that right now is all lol



VPN tho

Alright, come here and let me murder you.




you couldn't do it right

Jack too poor tho

What do you think you'd get? I have trouble thinking of anything I'd want on me forever, you know?

You're scarin' me.

You sure?
Pretty sure I could.
What's involved in doing it right?


You can stop giving me any and see how I'll like that. Fuck attention, I don't care about anyone but myself, why would give half a fuck about what anyone has to say? I don't. Did you see your opinion impact or sway me in any way, ever?

You and your delicate feelers
Cheer up m8, I'm sure you'll find the perfect man for you : ^)



So sure that explaining would be pointless




stop living

Movie monsters and occult stuff. eye of sauron chestpiece etc

I don't live, I'm waiting to die.



Yeah, but hearing you say it would be validation for me, so say it anyway.

Next time I see Skitty I need to get that spam script so I can spam Alice threads into the dust.

I prefer girls.

That is a lie. There is no tool to go through the captcha. It shouldn't be possible, you literally have to fuck over google for that

Why aren't you more pro-active?

Jack sure knows just how much of a pain spam filters can be to thread-killers he thinks work.


Well, you're the one saying it'd be gay, not me.


I was a virgin until a very unfortunate unicycle ride.

Maybe Dracula taking Wolfman out on the lawn to poop?


Briefly interrupting work to remind you to BAN SABRINA

Eurobeat has been scientifically proven to improve lap times.

Yeah, but, Jack.

You couldn't kill a community of one person, so what would you know?



I see



Heck yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Look at all these sick burns from all the important I care a whole lot about
Their solid opinion must have a really deep impact on my delicate soul


fuck it

Yes, I need my yuri dream.

It's too cute! My heart!



Dun care

Why you bein' salty, nugget?




You know it. The worst. #1 bully.

heklp i wanna hear the rain and thunder but i can't stop eurobeat

Crank up the volume, then throw open a window and yell into the storm.

Its entire yurop thunder.

tfw no thunder

no thunder here.

just the dead lonely heat.

Day after tomorrow when?



The north remembers

nothing but terrible thunder lizards here

when does the hurting stop?

Only when you go to the 7/11 and brig us the kool aid

wut wat vvut

i bet it's cool and wet six feet under.

Scoot! I want watermelon lemonade so bad!

Yah dood!


Try it. You might enjoy it. Fucker.

Like my idol once said... "do it"

Inmean, they also said " I AM THE SENATE" as well

There are bleached bones in the hills behind this house. I can hear them screaming. Screaming for rain.

My favourite trope is the one where loco jumps to his death from a four story building



Everyone's so salty today. It's just making me thirstier for that lemonade.

Thirsty for that DICK

i'm sorry.

Why not just jump from your roof?

Too low.

can't get on the roof

2poor to buy a ladder.


RSVPing for Oobles wedding.

who wants to come to my FFXIV wedding



Wait. Is that happening today?

omg me

no we're planning rn


We'll I'd like an invite, please.

who're u
do u play ffxiv??????

I would ^^

But I'll make an account I've never seen a video game wedding before, I wouldn't wanna miss out.

ok cool
well it turns out i need to get guero a 20$ wristlet too so i gotta wait for pay next week so it'll be in like ~2 weeks??

Sweet, just in time I get home.
I hope guero remembers me still

Better get the beer ready gang!



Japan was a mistake



it me

it u

it ikt

Whats so good about ffxiv ?

Friends to play with.

Someone wants me to play it
I am not sure I will bother though.

Nothing's like "so good" about it. It's just a generic wow-clone that's generally not bad, unlike the rest of them. Including wow these days.

So is its end game just raiding then ?

Because having just raiding as you end game is literally the worst thing in the world.

You grind the same raid over and over again so you can grind the next raid better.

not really fun

And if you're a top tier raider it only takes you about 2 hours to do the only relevant raid in the game.

2 hours of game play a week

this is the problem with wow at the moment

Is there any mmorpg that is acutally fun and not an absolute grindfest tho

Yeah end game is mostly raiding

Except in FFXIV, a 'raid' is a single boss fight

and lalas are cute

Having griding is fine as long as it isn't your end game.

Grinding to grind is retarded

MMOs aren't really in a good spot

Not sure how I feel about that.

Only learning 1 fight seems like less to do though

Is that the little kid race ?

Well I guess someone is into endgame pvp idk
I was never really into mmo';s

And uhm...some people..might just find the grind itself fun.

I like it since you don't have to run a long way if you wipe, or fight through a load of trash mobs

And there's a few bosses with the new update so there's still a lot of learning to do

I never RPG'd am I missing out


PvP in tab targeting MMOs is really bad.

I mean, people play runescape.

I don't have anything good to say about it so I'll just shut up

Unless its world pvp

Don't mind me, just going to post cute

Never liked it either.
Just saying, playerbase is clearly there so they have to enjoy -something-

A new expansion always brings in players no matter what.

Like the last 3 expansions on wow had tons of people playing it but everyone still hated them.

before legion that is

I guess.
I've not reached end-game yet, but I've found general progression to be more entertaining than in most other MMOs.

So do you have to kill 60 boars and then bring there assholes back as proof ?

Those are always the funnest

Mmmmm boar asshole.



My favourite progression comes from Mabinogi where it's like

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Idfk dude.


I played that game for like 5 minutes and everyone was a touhou.

ur all such gamers

I tried flirting with them but it didn't work

my avatar was lame

got cucked to death

And you're a boyscout


+1 UID

Ikt is a cock gamer

I'm getting to the point of tired where I become even more obnoxious
kill me

suck a dick to calm down

that one is gross it has facial hair.

No cocks lying around to suck, unfortunately

Eat a banana in one bite instead.

bananas are fucking disgusting tbqh


never mind then

Eat Ban's banana

they taste awful and their texture is hitler

fuk u bananas r amazing

Practice your blowjobs with bananas.

Remember to use lots of teeth and to make it extra dry.

Everything about this is wrong.

You just like them because they're phallic

crunch those dicks up

NO. I like them because i'm a fucking monkey.

no they have a good taste and smell and they are easy to eat

You can use my Banana Rin

No fuck you Soto

rin is my secret crush

they can use my Banana


We can share him/her/it

I refuse

He'd only share with me.

fat bitches sure can suck some dick

You ARE black

stop smelling dicks bananas

Its like fat people do nothing but use their mouth or something.

I couldn't be less black if I tried.

cocksuckers are great

Your soul is black.

Not all monkeys are black.


cum back



hai hai


How was AX?

It was pretty fun

Got to hang out and catch up with Kon and Ian, then we partied mad hard
I only went to the con for a bit throughout the weekend
It was too packed and it was hot as shit and I was dying in my cosplay lol

it was hotter than anime tiddies on the sun today

Ooh! How's Kon doing??

I miss him :(

Glad you had a fun time and nobody got into trouble^^

Was it? I've been in the AC all day


Yeah but i gotta work outside tho




He's doing great, he's much slimmer than I remember. He also smokes a bunch now so we get blazed nonstop now lol

Ian's doing well too
I think he's trying to fuck Ghostie tho lmao

Luckily Manny didnt get arrested even though he was super fucked up out in public lmao

How's life Elms?

it's not fair ;;


That's because I can't tell if you still like me or not.

Why would I not still like you?

Because I'm a doofus secind guessing whether you like me or not

Howdy Cato.

Ghostie is mega kawaii if I remember our convos from awhile back.

Life's radical, man. I'm diggin it.

idk I do my hours all in 4 days so that sucks.. but the 3 day weekends are worth it hands down.

Yes, Cato.
I do still like you.

How's welma?

This makes me happy!

How've you been doing?


you're making enough right?

Shut up, TP

Alright. Just playing FF14.

Awesome. How's space and rocks and stuff?

Define "enough"

It seems like a lot of people are playing that now.
How long does it take to get to a level where you can hold your own with most people?


Currently moving to NM to get a Ph.D. in space rocks!

for everything you need to survive and also stuff to not be bored


I've been playing a lot and am almost level 50 as a white mage.


Catosquash otp tbh

which one are you

I know this is a loaded question, but do you think it is worth deopping my other games and picking up?


uuh left since that is the active member and I posted the picture.


How're you doing?

Cyan is good

Extraordinarily listless.


I could not say.

Sounds like your body is calling for a good night's sleep

I do not sleep well. I have constant nightmares about sleeping through work or messing work up or being late that wake me up most nights.

How's Rin?

That is probably the best answer.

It's really dependent on what you want out of it.

That's why it is better to konk out early some nights so you can get another round in after you wake up.

Oddly tired so I just got ready for bed an hour early.
I had to stop playing with bae because trying to focus on my screen was really difficult.

I want the ability to play with people I like and actually feel some noticeable advancement as I play.

So sleeps time real soon?

if I fall asleep too early I wake up after a few hours and can't get back to sleep.

Maybe. Might be able to play with us if everyone is cool with it.

Awww, that's annoying.

Dreams and insomnia would be an interesting area of research.

Who is us?
Sounds like it'd be fun.

who is us

how was your day?

as stated earlier I'm feeling kind of listless lately. I forgot to clean my car so I'll get bitched at for not later. I will make pancit canton for dinner here in a bit, that will be a nice pick-me-up.
How about yours?

Oobles Discord group.


that tells me one whole person.
It does not matter, i don't play ff14 anyway.

Would it be possible to catch up?

Story shit is mostly solo, but we can help you with trials and dungeons.
It scales you down to the level you have to be.

Hmm, I may have a go when I get setteled in.

Sleep is good

mine was really short
I got out of work pretty early and my job was right next to my house so i just walked home straight from there

That is nice. My work is pretty close to my house too. Unfortunately I'll be filling in at the across-town location quite a bit soon.

Someone buy me the DLC for this game.

are they gonna make you go there regularly?

I don't know, they're understaffed right now so I have several shifts over there.

ever thought about switching jobs?

There are no better jobs, I would just work at a convenient store or grocery store and get my hours yanked around even worse.
At least I get to see interesting things where I work.


Kiss knows exactly what belongs in someones ass.

what belongs in yours?

No better available ones.
They really treat me pretty good here.
I have no qualifications so only crappy entry level jobs are the ones i can get.

This is true.
Also I was looking at the fun factory tiger g5 the other day
fun factory's silicone is so like
textured or something, not as smooth and glidy as others.

It sucks.

I think I am going to have to stop recommending them.
That or maybe you need a hybrid lube to go with it

I think I would rather just get something different.

Yeah, I agree.
Though I'll still push fun factory toys because they're big tickets

Man this shit brings me back

I'll come buy one.

Give me the address

i guess if you like it that bmuch

1526 places blvd

Soto I'm confirmed for AX 2018 :^)

real ?

not in the least

That was close enough.

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Have fun having Grim follow you around everywhere lmao

But hey we can at least buy some loli merch together and maybe get some shitty americanized Poutine together :3