Semen thread

Semen thread

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*sniffs the air*

super cute, warm and fluffy semen

You're the one dating the literal retard.

I'm sure there's people here like that.

Why are you insulting me like that ?

Mimika > Yuzumori

Not really, it's slovak sim card so slovak provider
Gonna be back to Irish IP again in ~2-3 days.

Neru is smarter than like 90% of the people here.


What race are you ?


I meant the autistic guy who misspells everything and does nothing but talk about how he's eating donuts for the 80th time that day.

Heck yeah

Heck yes


And how much free stuff has this gotten you ?

But he misspelled things on purpose and isn't actually dumb.

Well I don't talk to EVERYONE here so it may have been a stretch but she is smart.

Do pamphlets and food samples count?

Joke's on us: he's only pretending to be retarded.

In what way? Like an autistic savant that can memorize the phone book?

Yeah yeah exactly.

Dumbnut so slow

No. Brown people can get those too.

Its pretty much the same thing as what most of the people here do.

Fake online persona


Why does he even do the same thing as Blood-chan and Luka where he tries to force character tics?

What even is the purpose of that?

Its pretty fun.

You do not like sausages?
We do not have much in the fridge, I will shop later tonight maybe and get real dinner food to make.

I have never seen any of that show, but spaghetti with butter and garlic salt is pretty okay.

Then none.

Why don't you ask her

I don't think I would eat it.

Go outside less so you can get a little paler.


I've asked him and he just goes on an autistic spiel about how he's totally not typing things incorrectly on purpose because it's totally normal for a grown ass man to type like that.

Subtle's sausages.

I don't know but it is.

How did you know what I had for breakfast

Weren't you leaving

How much free stuff do you get?

Pretty sure it's just her typing stuff quickly without paying much attention to it, since you know, people are gonna get the point regardless.

i've never seen a post from them that didn't look like random nonsense

90 minutes ago, yeah

Were they good sausages?




I don't like anything to do with fucking pigs


When he does the exact same typos every single time for the same words, he's intentionally doing for some reason too autistic to comprehend.


Its only fun if you're actually good at it though.

Fair enough. I mostly eat raviolli or carbonara if I'm having pasta now-adays.

It's chicken sausage though.

It's like turboshitposting.


Oh, wait, what kind of free was that
I may have gotten those too

So ask.

what sorcery is this?

oh my what's this about

I have. He just says he's totally not typing like a retard intentionally.

Eh, some stupid shit about steam group, it was a long time ago.
But she gets serious when she gets upset.

I can't look at raviolli without thinking about Swedish Fish anymore.

stealth shit posting

You can get more than one kind of free stuff ?

Ironic turboshitposting is still shitposting.

Its normal posting if its the only posting you do.

Well yeah, free stuff from people you know or from people that know people you know is a different kind of free stuff.

At that point, are you even pretending to be retarded or have you just became retarded?

aw lame
but now it's pretty much a fact that its forced

I've had complete strangers buy me things.

You made a choice to make yourself seem retarded.

This is how a real hero should act.

what if ur rly retarded & just pretend to be normal

Not all heroes wear capes.

I'm pretending to be normal

just the good ones

I'm pretending to pretend to be normal.

*asking for a friend

Yeah nah I don't recall that ever happening to me.

How so?
Seems to me like that's default and she goes out of her way when she's pissed off.
So the latter is actually more forced.

I'm pretending that i'm pretending to pretend that i'm normal but i'm actually pretending to be retarded when i'm normal.

Get less sun and show more side boob.

i guess
still prety odd tho

In what world is typing normal "more forced" than just using the same five typos about him brushing his teeth or eating donuts?


Sombra is fucking ugly.

How long until Test trolls us by making Alice a mod again?

Or has he been trolling us all along, and he never deleted that account?

How slutty.

If you're used to typing one way then typing any other way is more forced, regardless of whether what you are used to is "normal" or not.
If she changes her words in a specific way it is because she is used to typing them that way, it's an impulse after doing it for a long time.
You having such a hard time understanding that makes me believe you're the one that's actually retarded here.

Why is Echo back in the Czech Republic?


Tsuchi is retarded

I want to pet Vigne.

I don't have boobs and i'm actually pron.

Not the slut here

Type it out again to me.

I'm not even gonna tell you what I meant to type.

The mistake is a gift and I welcome it.

I just like her play style.

But the whole point is they've already forced a character quirk on themselves. They've "pretended to be retarded" for so long that they default to typing like a retard. In what way does that make sense other than him just trying way too hard on the internet?

Echo is a true slav.

Did you know that Sombra is a support ?

Fucking czechs


Sombra is cute and a good fun character to play.

I'm not into the "trash taco" look

But you're suggesting I go out and be slutty because it's the only way I can get free shit.

Am visiting family outside of Dublin, no internet.
Am using phone as hotspot.

And I don't know why she started typing that way.
Maybe she did it when she was a child, thought it was cute and it stuck.
Maybe she didn't speak english well.
I don't fucking know or care.

I'm not !

Also make sure you wear some REALLLLY short shorts.

O rly

But I'm not like that!


How should I know ?

I just guess

Sounds awful

Well you know now.

List some pros and cons

It is.
Pretty sure my laptop is dying as well.
And I have no friends here.
stream games for me and make me forget about it.

Of acting slutty?

Echo these are good Vigne pics.

Vigne best girl

Sounds just like Czech for you tbh.

I'm not subtle??????

I don't know


She has worse damage than one.
It's just fun to be annoying. And the person I play with plays Zen a lot so it's easy to stay alive with the occasional orb and hacking the health packs.

Me neither.

p sure subtle is smurf emma

i'd smurf emma

Smurf yeah

You must have linked the wrong person

im a boy tho

Boys are best smurfables.

Don't smurfs have to be as good as the real thing?


Just play hanzo every game and listen to people explode with rage.

List some pros and cons.

Publiez un bacon canadien géant s'il vous plaît

I think subtle is still mad over me making fun of him for failing at osu when he streamed for me last.


That just killed me on the inside.

You'll recover.


Hanzo really is a cheap, no skill champ, though.

So, is that a no ?

Very unlikely.

Wth I'm completely over that


I'm willing to risk it.


ha ha

you almost had me fooled

stop trying to pretend you don't care !


Or what?



why's kemono friends so hyped the animation is SHIT


Welcome to youkoso Japari Park

If there's anything I learn from military photos and videos it's that Military memes harder than Scoots ever could.

Don't mention that word or else Bebop is going to come back and talk about being an internet warrior.

Emma should I continue watching this or drop

Drop tbh

Is it like Bloody Mary where saying "Military" three times summons him in your monitor?


It's kind of funny how many people try to pretend like they're in the military from their parents' basements here.

The only people here that was actually in the military is a gay seamen who pretends to be a girl, a guy that is now a girl, and a girl. But so many others have some false bravado about the military.



Where's the eurobeat?

Your can dub your own over it

I considered RCAF, but I'd need LASIK for that.

The USAF doesn't required perfect vision for noncombat roles, only pilots, navigators, etc that are actually flying, not people in logistics.

The RCAF probably isn't too different. A bit late for you to join but it shouldn't have barred you from enlisting.


Oh, of course, but I think I'd feel bad if I enlisted and weren't in a combat role.

Plus, it's kind of always been a dream to have my Pilot's Wings.



Isn't it kind of easy to get pilot licenses for shitty prop planes since they're used a lot to get supplies to the arctic areas? Barring the cost, that is.


help what should i see

all trash/10

All of it

Do not encourage weeabooism.

Probably, but Pilot's Wings is a military cert, and the next best thing is still out of my reach.

Which order, though!


Okay! Got that dl'd already so good start

How do you people watch anime like it's eating pringles?
It takes me forever just pick a show and another forever to finish it, even then there's a solid chance it's gonna get dropped.


As if he can be saved

Henkei Shoujo >>>

Jk, idk, you do you

Fuck I have the DVD quality version

Uncensored, right?

I thought you were just using it as a general term for being able to fly.

It's like $60,000 and a shitload of hours to get your pilot's license in the States for small planes. A lot of farmers have them for crop dusting.

*How do you people watch anime?

it's easier when you don't have a life

How do I know?

This is gonna take a while dling ;_;

Got these:

Fair enough.

It probably isn't much different here.

But there's still games, movies and alcohol.

Watch them?

BD so yeah

I don't know how I ended up talking about this with someone but getting a helicopter license in Canada is way easier than here. I'm not sure why either.

can't buy alcohol til halloween



brb slep

no wait

america's shitty age restrictions


Oh, right. that.

no one will buy it for me cause they say i'm too crazy when i drink

How would they know if you can't get it

I have to get lucky

What's "too crazy" anyway

i'm not sure

Drink less.

I don't drink that nasty ass shit for fun i do it to get fucked up IS for fun.

fun isn't the right word for it


ded community

Murder was right all along

bout what

That cybering on Steam instead of cybering in thread would kill our community

who's cybering who

Neko and ban

ban is ignoring me forever now because i insulted his shitty moba game

You should apologize for that, that's not very nice...

dun wanna

You're such a bully...

um no i'm not

If you weren't a bully then you would apologize.

why should i

I wouldn't accept it anyways.

Because it's the right thing to do!

Not even if he meant it?

Ban your shit moba is shit.

whats the moba

Thanks for the shitty cyber, Neko.

I think he specifically said -all- mobas are shit

see hes meaner to me anyways ;;

Thanks for the shitty cyber, Yuzumori.

acceptable games:
old rust
planetside 2 circa 2014
battlefield heroes circa 2009
rise of nations

Probably not

i'm nothing but mean to him

I don't how to make him take a hint

You're right

not even in your filthiest of dog fucker dreams

It doesn't work.

He's just tsundere!

Is it because he's black?


I could never hold a grudge against you.

he's bitch made

Is it because I'm white?

No shit.
It happened over Discord, my slutty shit kitty.

don't call me that here omg



Why then?

Bitch made?

raised by a bitch as a bitch

I'll keep that to myself.

Oh no

wheres jack i wanna talk shit


So were you though...

Did he e-cheat on you?

Emma is black.

July 12, 2017!j8ZFQJaR!Y7eJnaXz3C7UR5HUBDVQAYSSeztXHryb5oMjPAbjo98

(C89) [Kiiroi Me no Kujira (Munakata)] Meguri Megureba Coming Around (Touhou Project) [English] [DB Scans]
She Gets Girls Everyday. - c003 (v01) [Pan-Paca-Pan]

(C91) [いのべ~と (転進甘栗)] 西村さん家の日常(陸) (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

Yuzumori :3c

Yes. I heard about what you two did.

Also what are your publishing yuri manga recs?

my dad was there too tho

What did we do?

Wow, impressive.

Was he the white one?

can anyone else agree with me that danmachi season 1.5 is absolute dogshit?

He sucked your dick.


I would not let those watermelon sucking lips near my dick.

Here you go.

Even more impressive.

A teeth job sure does sound painful.

I wanted your personal recommendations though :c




Just go to /u/ and see what threads are up.


Is that the face you made when you cucked me ?

Do you hate me?

Why what?

I only have sexual relations with Yuzumori.

I heard cyber logs of you and someone else existed.


Oh, well I got rekt.

P-Please don't yell...

All I see are NTR, Horse pussy, and Kemono Friends. This board has shit taste.

And now you have to post them.

Oh I remember those!


I don't have them though


You have shit taste.

You're pure. You don't remember anything.

Give me a recap in 15 words or less.

Oh, right.

One day you'll be old enough.

Y-You don't mean that ;;

owo *notices ur bulge* what's dis?
*unzips dick*


Did mff straight up recognize a pornstar?

My image of you is forever stained.

Not a hard pornstar to recognize.

Oh woops

Did Echo straight up recognize a pornstar?

Please don't cum on your Emma shrine.


I've read about her somewhere or something...

Ban what hentai is this from? why do I have this?

I wouldn't dare cum on something so important.

Should I know this ?


I thought that that's what you meant by your image of me was stained.

I dunno, you always make folders of random hentai lolis so


No its clean.

Also I only have two folders of random hentai lolis.

They make good reactions

No more computer for you

No pls
Am pure
For realsies

oh ok

Should Dorothy count as a hentai loli?

she's very old school.


Good boy :3

Oh wow, you really are useless.
It's okay I ended up figuring it out anyways.


Link it though

Well, the filename is caprice and she's been around for years and is still as good looking as she ever has been. The pic was newer and the webm was an old OC.

Uh-huh, hentai-san


Doesn't look very good.

When i was a young warthog

You're right.

Must be why I didn't know about it.

nah, that reply was mislinked and was to



howdy partner

Do you also have a snake in your boot ?

i reckon i dont tex

You should think about getting an upgrade then.

sorry partner, ill make sure i get the best stingray skin boots i can next time i head to the city

You can pay me for my expert advice now.

sure thing gunsel you can have a cow or two chickens




I'm happy we had this moment.

What even

helped me kill enough time for bed
and on that note im gonna hit the hay
catch you later partner

Goodbye person that I definitely don't know.


Buy one?

It looks like they already played you though

not worth

Then why complain?

because I want to


I think I'm gonna fall asleep at a normal time today !


Stay up and dance til you drop

Go sleep and have nice dreams.

-sneezes and falls off the couch, tangled in his blue blanket-


o.o -squirms his way free and looks embarrassed as he collects his blanket-

That one is less bad than fishdog.

*smirks at your expression*
Need a lil hand?

Don't bully!

-already has two, but thanks you and turns to go back to the couch. ... and trips over his blanket with a squeak-

Never have I done that.

*giggles and pokes at you, taking advantage of your mishap*

Is that so? Can't just pretend I saw nuthin now!

The eyes are compelling, so I'll take that into consideration.

You are too good to me. I do not deserve you.

I do very little to you and you are easily spoilt. That or I'm too mellowed out for an oldie like yourself.
Not that I'm sure anyone deserves me :v


I say what I mean and not just pretend

*I put on my robe and wizard cap*

A little bit of both. Some lucky someone will be worthy of you eventually.

*teleports behind you*

-laughs and tries to get away-

I'm still getting my head round recent events IRL, so I'm not 100% fit for it right now. But with how things are looking, I may actually be able to go on holiday abroad for a change.

Maybe closing the distance with certain QTs won't be so difficult in the future!

Would it be the first time you leave your country?

*restrains and tickles you!*

Actually, no.

I left once when I was 2, although I don't really remember what had happened. I know I may have seen some of my older relatives way back then.

So at first it may be overwhelming but I'm going to make more effort to study where I'll be going. Also formulating a plan, like where and when I'll be doing XYZ, etc. I'm sure certain people will help me in the process too.

Not that I'm in a rush, just that it could be an option if I play it safe.


These are bigger changes than I imagined.


A lot seems to be changing for me. I may have grew out of my ASD a little over the years but it's always there and new situations are not going to be pure and simple. I still need help from others from time to time but I'm hanging in there.


Makes me happy that things are working out for you. I have no reason to doubt you will be able to climb that mountain.

Small steps at a time of course.

What's news with you? I think I've talked about myself a bit much there.

Spending more time focused on irl affairs than anything from here. No news is good news, right? I feel like I am doing better than I have in years despite the lack of active excitement.

That's the thing with real life, there's always more feel to it than your usual virtual plaza on the Internet.

And when you say lack of active excitement, is it like a mental health thing or just your personality?

There is no one event or thing that inspires the yearning to share it with someone because of life-changing implications. Life simply does its thing and I keep up.

I see.
At least you seem well on the outside, that's something ^^

A-Are you saying I am pretty?


Hey now! It's not like you are, son of a baka :C

No, of course not, sir.



Fucking amazing

So much for going to sleep at a normal time.

I don't even wanna say what happened but

10k is gone

1 car is gone

family member almost died

and I broke the screen on my phone

Car crash!




Milk. That's just milk damn it!



tfw no gyaru onee-san who bullies you








howyou doin ruka?


did yoou sleep yet

not yet

but imma try now~




Also just checking where the rest of the posts went to.



Feel free to use then.