The missile knows where it is at all times

The missile knows where it is at all times.

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Its not that small

Don't worry, I'll be back.

That's not what she said...?

Chibi is trash

So you're saying its big ?


Extra stout kinda feels like a soda.

I dindu nuffin.

Have you heard of the curse ye ha me ha ?

Its legendary.

Yes, totally.


nani the fuck ?

ur trash. and I know.

she saw u doing that nasty shit

the smell never comes off

im about to go try to walk thru a drive thru tho brb

hey goggles


I've done a lot of nasty shit lately.

Which one are you talking about ?

He actually thinks it curses people.


I mean he's ChrisChan, so of course he does?
I've seen people convinced of worse.

Please tell me.

I mean... hell. Between communists and trannies, take your pick?

Everyone here is openly socialist.

Why the fuck is this site always broke

Even you? And I've noticed. Is fine, isn't much different from a certain other community in those terms.

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i'm not though

you're gun sexual

Mhmm. Good.


Remember when I tried to teach you league and you just kept running into towers and dying ?

Give me cuddles, Yuri-bro

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamond adc main btw

I did other things. I got killed by players more than towers and other things not in the lanes.

Was I killing you ?

wanna be my bf (best friend)?

I still don't get how League can be easy to digest

Yes. Lots. I was paired with Karma and Akry to "teach" me.

Yeah sure

as long as you're my bgf (best girl friend)

I kill what I see

I lived

Think of it like milk. Some people can and some people can't.

Is that better than your bbf (best boy friend)?

what's up

you havent been posting much as of late

i thought just asian shitters couldn't digest milk

Its like 3 steps above.


If we got in a voice call it would almost be like the gangs back together.

That could be just me then. I felt too much under pressure to show excellency in past training sessions and it's just really complicated.

Milk is a bit different, I have to always mix it with something like cereal. I get funny feelings in my throat if I take it on alone

Is it at the top?


Hey Cato.

I don't know how true it is but apparently everyone is supposed to be a little lactose intolerant. It's just some people are more severe than others. Since we're not supposed be consuming milk past infancy or whatever.

I prefer skim milk since it doesn't feel so heavy to drink.

what is going on?



He must of been bored.

I'm in a voice call right now.
Feck off.

Everything been ok?

Tell them to fuck off.

No, I'm playing a game, smd

I'll make a vent server.

Uwaa, I'm so flattered .///.

isnt discord supposed to be able to replace vent?

Feel free to start looking down on everyone else.

You're the undisputed best now.

Same here. Well we have semi-skimmed in this family. Mum's not keen on the whole milk either.

Lookin' for me? Konnichiwa!
Say what's new? We haven't spoke on god knows how long.

A little, maybe. I just need to wake up is all

And sorry, no beard this time

Kinda an inside joke about how we all used to use vent for our "group"



you sent me an invite to your disc server with no context


people aren't simply good or evil. Should check the chaos-lawful dynamic to get an idea of how much more complex characters can be defined.

I was literally gonna ask you about the bread too.

I feel outplayed

Never even gave it a chance


I'm drunk

W-Well I already knew and did that though!

sounds like a hell of a time

im good

good for you

shit, you're right

the gang's getting back together

I finished my undergrad in geology and now am going to get a PhD in spacerocks

and I am finishing a month in aussieland! Was drinking with Herpy last night


Any other milk is better than soy milk, though.


you know even though you (used to be?) a shitter I have a lot of respect for your educational track, goals, hopes and dreams

I'm going to start a masters in photonics in the next year or two, wish you the best man

But know you have my blessing and I'll back you up.

Its worth a lot so don't waste it.

Just wanted to chat

Pepper still isn't back though.

umbra or indigo too

Merc is kinda around

idk im not feelin voice tonight tbh

maybe tomm night

Oh you bet I won't!

It's too bad I shaved just days before. I can't be Jesus everyday y'know

Ah that sounds pretty exciting. You should go tease Goggles there next time!

Grats on your achievements

I've been sorta up and down, found myself a position in an office who could use my help on database work and input, so I'm relieved.

Right now I feel like I'm in shock, but not for bad reasons. Wouldn't be able to tell why though.

Thing with soy or almond milk is that I'm not really used to the taste. I've tried both in tea before but it just doesn't feel right to me.
I don't have certain allergies to milk so I seem fine enough not to need it anyway.

So whats your first move ?

But I think you look best with a bread.

Hey losers!

I'm the big cheese around these parts now.

Someone fan me.

sorry i should source my quotes



yeah fan her

Sometimes yes, but it's summer and it's starting to itch now. ;-;

Do you glow like the full moon?

It's already in motion

Ame ame ame

That sounds like it's going to be good

I think Umbra has been posting in the pony threads recently

and isn't Merc babs?

Goggles is too far away, he wouldn't come

Does she have a dick?

stop my kokoro can only take so much

I wanna do weapons grade but who knows we might be working in the same lab together in the next 10 years because of solar sails and shit

please no animus references then please

How hot is it ?

I fully support this.

Umbra was gay for me at one point.

No so its even better.

ask grim


What the hecko? That sounds like radiation poisoning!

But I do shine like the brightest star in the galaxy!

At least I don't have sex with rocks!!

Did the see the Hinako Note Godzilla one?

I saw, good boy :3

Aw drat. ;-;

I probably won't have to worry about money for a while.either way.

What a disappointment

I was making a reference to the moon being made of cheese, silly!

Wait, I need to be the dominate one in this relationship.


no but I just looked it up and had a chuckle

you have any current seasonal animu recommendations for me?

you and soto are my gurus for animu

Not that I mind, just a preference!

Wow, you like dicks over real girls ?

what are you ?

some kind of faggot ?

im just happy to have made a trap joke that was relevant its the thrill of the hunt ya know?


Moshy, how well do you remember me ?

I don't know what photonics is!
sounds like lasers and stuff?

You could probably do some analytic instruments, too

How many people weren't at some point?

But rocks never leave you!

I am gonna try and get bread and squid out before I leave, though
Monet is good!

Were a lot of people gay for me ?

I honestly dont remember very well

Your questioning it is what broke the screen again.

did you tattle ?


yep, any and all electromagnetic radiation



How many did you go out with?

One of my favorite guys at JSC was the microprobe tech, he was a fun guy.

Always a chance I could be!

I can barely remember your voice. You probably sound a bit deeper now

Good luck on that count Catty

No one has asked.


I uh.. I don't think the moon is actually made out of cheese...

Hmmn? What are you talking about? :3


Mmn, Koi to Uso and Made in Abyss are probably my go to recommendations out of all the episode 1s I've seen.

You're afraid of abandonment? :^)

Probably, I opened Photoshop for that which sent the temperature up at least 5°.

Moshy milk.

Apply some Vicks vaporub to the GPU.

apply some vicks to the genitals


Well yeah

I was like 15 when you heard me and i'm 21 now

Leave it at that

hush hush

At this point, I honestly don't even know anymore.

I think bread might actually do it, though

Only 2, really?

Maybe, possibly!
Always have a back-up plan!

You and Karma and then kinda pepper

thats it


Time really has swept by, huh?
I'm 27 now and I still feel young..

I am very skilled at that.

Old man.

I hope so.

I don't even see any screws on this thing.

Who's a good boy?

You're a good boy! :3

Rock #2?

w0w r0000000000d

Anyway it's 7am now, I must bid you all farewell. See you soon!

Excuse me? That message wasn't for your eyes. As you can see it was linked to someone else.

well more people had the hots for you, that's for sure!

that's impressive!

Just when I intended to update League, as well. What a tremendous pity.

I wo'nt stand for this.

See you later man.

I must of really not given a fuck because I don't remember at all.

explain this pls


yes, you really never gave too many fucks

I use the bigger one downstairs for League.

You have no excuse.

So sit down, babe.

I refuse.

Still don't.


just sit on my lap when I do it

Exactly, you're still Archives

Ehh? Why would I sit on YOUR lap?

Seems likely.

Because i'm gonna end this relationship if you don't.

I'm two seconds way from finding a new BFG

No, rock #2 is plan C
backup plan is green rock



I donno, I think you might be an imposter


If you even cared about it at all you would have known it was BGF!


You're pulling my lag.

I'm the one and only.

these look almost like irc inputs


Have you actually read Made in Abyss?

I dont think green rock will last very long, it's a little weird-looking

What is archived, then?!

ancient vamps are fucking vicious

Baby please, you know I care more than anyone.

don't really understand

fucking nothing is archived.

thats my secret

When have I EVER posted something without having seen or read it before?

anything lewd?

Just like you ^w^

But nobody else cares...

Is this a trick question?



I'll care when no one else does.

Shit, you might be the real deal

exactly, that is why I fuck rocks

And how many dicks do you suck in one night ?

I'm just checking to see if you're the real cato

Watch Princess Principal with me.

But that's all the time.

None, because I have never fucked anything other than rocks


see how great I am ?

You're very lucky

whats the best kind of rock for butt play ?

probably gneiss or granite because they are massive and weather in the right way

Fit For Rivals is probably one of my favorite bands

Hai hai,

You're the most saikou

what now defunct online multiplayer games do people miss most?

tranny dick

Wouldn't that hurt though ?


I'm sorry but what does that even mean ?

Do you ever feel like everyone else takes forever to reply ?

Only takes me about 2 seconds.

It means you're the best!

this nigga said "ahoy"
and ran off into the night

I have to fucking type 1-3 captchas every post

people are doing other shit
dont be so entitles

-s +d

"omg you too x3"

I'm also doing other shit


get fucking good

massive just means that it doesn't break along planes

could probably just carve it to dildo-shape

Still sounds awful

probably should use a rock for that


Forgive me

i'm not actual capable of normal conversation at the moment.

people use glass dildos

wouldn't be much different than that

cute pic

im intrigued were you out for a walk

unless the break

Why the fuck are you talking about rock dildos?

Hes an actual geologist

Is it about lolis and yuri?

because I wasn't the one who brought it up!

glass would break easier than rock, and be more sharp

Oh? Why not?

It's no Yuzumori-san but it doesn't sound awful.

Stepped on glass today and cut myself up

I drank a lot

my mistake

To be a geologist does one need a rock dildo and a quartz onahole?

You are a strange, strange man.

I honestly feel like linking this a second time.

Probably just a college degree

how have the last seven years treated the band?

Drank a lot of what?

how did you manage that?

Yeah it's much easier to just accept the fact.

and a quartz onahole wouldn't work very well

Yeah, but it does not sound good either.


Like this ?

I stepped on it ?


Neither did the new Spiderman movie.

I'm white girl drunk at this point

You're too young to drink.


post face

I mean how did you manage to get to a place barefoot with glass on the floor

We should drink sometime

why did I name my cat after you again

Actually i'm just the right age.

fuck off

I dropped a large glass bowl of chili in my kitchen

You must be very drunk

This was like 3 days ago

took me like 1 hour to clean up

Pray the gay away.



You stupid

except for the glass you steped on!

I forgot when your birtheday is

Garçon canadien de treize ans?

Its not my fault i'm young and pure when you're old and used.


lead singer aged hard its surprising how important young supple skin is for the scene look


22 is a boring birthday

I'll just get drunk and play guitar.

Most people just write the number.

Are you cute girl?

on a voice call!

i like these lyrics

but you're the canadian.


i'm pretty sure you're actually older than me.

I'm extremely drunk right now and I still know that.

WHats in it for me ?

Its good dude

I'm not sad

That is right. I even get my period twice a month.

these are hilarious

Whatever you want, it's your birthday

I'm sure I can think of something.

I wouldn't expect anything less


I turned 24 just over a week ago...

Fuck I'm old.

That means you're twice as cute as regular girls.


24 ?

really ?

I guess I should show some respect.


But what did Cato mean by this ?


Sensei please teach me secrets of life.

He knows your inebriated and is trying to use the situation to get your dick.

I know nothing!


Then how did you make it so far ?

Daddy's wallet is huge!

Same tbh

ur a lil drunk bitch thats what you are

This lil drunk bitch will fucking drop you.

Just soak that in for a second

Nini cuties

no wait

Sleep well

Wish me luck on cooking something

It's gonna burn.

Don't die!

drive over and try me kid


God please no.




I'll play dirty and make sure you never walk again.




After all this time though, it's gonna be awkward as fuck.


No pouts, just smiles

What would we even talk about anymore?

why you dated hupony

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Dick hungry faggot

did he seem cute ?

did you want to dick him ?

How many times did you tell him you loved him ?

Hey, I'm allowed to make mistakes.


Like nothing else.

A lot.

And how do you feel now that the truth is out ?



Wiser for the future.
So... you single?


I am.

The last person I liked hates me now because I called them annoying.

Sometimes I get the better of myself.

that's closer
more smiles

Always so brutally honest.

Yeah, you're good at that.


get here first

No reason to lie about that stuff

Rt though grim

I would rather just give a hug I have no beef with you

Wat da fack?

If they can't handle your honesty they don't deserve it anyway, right?

More like if they are super paranoid and won't even tell their first name they don't deserve my love.

not the kind of relationship I need

Well... yeah. That sounds like a pretty obvious disaster.
Meanwhile, you never stop using my name any chance you get.


isn't that your name?

Now if you're hinkey with the spelling who's could it be?






honestly same
I'd give you headpats too even tho ur taller than me

just finished DT holy shitt

yaaay, there it is!

Its his name too.

the fuck does Hinkey mean ?


me on the left

I bet you'd like that shit too

No wonder you keep using it!


probably not

do I have you added on steam or anything like that ?

maybe not at first

but after #realtalk between us
who knows

you done drinking or are you still sippin

I started drinking water

I would assume so, I am just Cato or hepty

good stuff
I wonder if sobering up awake is better than sobering up asleep for hangovers

probs awake

Don't think I do

drinking water first is always better


I wonder if there are foods that help absorb the alcohol too

The deed is done

I would just vomit it out





feel free to message me if you feel like it


How's Ban doing?


Same to you

I'm doing pretty okay-ish

no you first

i want moar



That is better than awful.
What are you up to?



i'm probably gonna go to sleep very soon.

Good job

moar cute or moar pets?


Now what?

Well, it was nice to see you for the short time i got then.
Sleep well!


You are all cutes, so I will give you more pets

i'm not going yet.


cute pic~

Oh, good.
I'll be up a little longer since I just got home.

BDO is okay

I like cute things!

Isn't it pretty late to just be getting home ?

gimme everything you have of those two!

that may be it, which is a shame!


I work until midnight

Hi kissy

New 4 u