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New thread.

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thank you cuckshit

i know you don't like me but maybe we can be friends one day



i have almost all his albums

i think my dad gone crazy

lol remember J5?

Idiot's here
How is everyone tonight?


that was one of my fav songs when i was a kid

cute pic

eminem is how i called echo out for being underage when he started posting

he was like i got it from an eminem song in so and so

and the math didn't add up at all

tp get blunted with me

god damn

Any other petrolheads on tonight, or is it just me as always?

Man of few words, I see.

Thank you. I pretty much always use that as my first pic of the night.

It's always just you

i wish i had enough weed for a blunt

i have this mini bong

waiting for nezi to reply ;;

just relax and take notes

i suppose

Figures... And I doubt you'd know what a good 6-speed transmission swap would be for an RB25DET motor.

I can respect that.

as far as neko goes

kuro is like 8 out of 10

she even has cat ears


crab niggas

He's home

i want moar of her



Hey Rev



No my best friend is a boy (male)
We watched a movie and got cozy


thank you


protect her smile

revy i dont even know anymore


He's always been my best friend
He makes wedding dress jokes sometimes

rza sides tho


Ya welcome







RIP untertaker though ;;

ignored by tps

Fuck, wrong button

dude died during the second album



He is mourning. Let him be.


darwin please be nice to me i'm just rocking out to classic rap albums

what's that one group rza was in that wasn't wu tang

when did dar become no fun allowd

You ridicule yourself by listening to that shit, so yeah, why not?

So rude

honestly rza's gravediggaz

i consider top ten albums ever

six feet deep

Name three others.

yes this is my shit


darwin is too white too understand rap

yeah this thread needs more black people

ur rite


Happy birthday.

I lost motivation to hand write a card.


thick as a brick
yankee hotel foxtrot
world party (goody mob)

I need to stop fucking doing that...


Darwin is just outright uncultured.

Isn't that also an album by Wilco?

tfw tp ignored my call for attention message about being ignored by tp

happy bday cuckshit

What a tragedy. You have very nice penmanship.

I will forbear killing myself for now, then.

i thought i was just naming good albums

i love you

I know.


Oh my GOD



brad hi

Oh, I thought there was another album of the same name or something...

Poor Places is the reason I have a bit of an obsession with Numbers Stations... Shits so weird, but it's kinda interesting that many are still operational.

That reference was just too much

The only thing that needs more black people is Africa.

it 2 late ;~ ;

He is too black to get it.

I did end up making a thing but without the card it's just sitting on my table.

gravediggaz had two good albums

grim reeper fucking died


He's the whitest person in existence

what happened

Oh, well.

Yet he is being pretentious about his rap fondness.


rza is nuts tbh

As white people are wont to do

It's overcompensating

I suspect he has no black friends.

is this about me?

i don't

I don't have any, except for maybe my friend's manager who I think likes me because I'm the kind of person that gets along neutrally with most everyone

i find blacks not being able to be on time disconcerting



Stop it.

Why is that?

I once almost dated a black guy nearly half my age. That has to count for something.

Like contingent affirmation?

pray for your mommy

You put cameras in my bathroom?


Today it was that when the draft gets reinstated he'll go off to die and I'll be crying at the docks in my wedding dress
They're scenario jokes

lloyd was feisty
and half black

The video has been circulating and killing ever since.


He is very black, like Wesley Snipes black.

Just like Pootie Tang.

i hate both of you tp and darwin ;~:


But you like me right?

cavs won

wait why?

cause of that dox thing?

that was spoilers


hai nayko

i would fuck revy once he fully transitions tbh

hi bard

Is this a meme

brad please don't hate me

i'm sorry for whatever i did

blaze up

dabbed the fuck out
my best friends dad passed away so weve been getting stupid hihgh

That's not cute at all... ;~;

You know what

i hope not

so how soon


Wanna report on some cop cycles?

is he alright?

i think he is getting o ok

man that album was far up the thread

also brad go suck an egg

fucking emo bitch

Speaking of crop circles, did you watch Split yet?

I have not but I intend to

I kind of want to wait for the next one to come out and watch it right before but...

I'm gonna go play some Payday 2 or something. If I'm not ready to fall asleep at my desk when I get done, I'll be back.

It's shit.

we all know that he does not intend to

This works just as well as a standalone, and who knows if the Shamallaisance will continue?


It's fucking hilarious shut up

I'm working on it

Please do not link me again and do not share your opinions, Dylan.

i mean why even make false promises

i don't say shit

Good morning, or night.


True, true... When was its original theatrical release? I need some decent quality online uploads to watch it

I liked The Visit

Fight me

this is why i hate him so much

well unless i mean it

then i commit to a date

colbert is a lying cuck tho

High quality copies are already available through LEGAL MEANS.

he is really trash

Give me a good link and I will watch it promptly

colberts word means nothing

I feel as if this is orchestrated to stress me out

Oh yeah, it is lol

Never mind carry on

One of those servers ought to be good.

Phil is just jealous.

no you are just a cuck







I'd post the crowbcat video but I think he took it down

sorry for calling you a cuck colbert

i was a little hot

I mean he's probably fucking ghostie so he's likely an ultrafaggot supreme

He is not sorry at all.

no i am

but as fish said he is dating that trash ghostie so i will end up just saying something else offensive eventually

I was referring to a line from Scary Movie 3, but I'm sure that was equally hilarious

np fam

Yeeeaaahhhhh, no.

Last reply of


I mean I play harvest moon and osu!mania so I'm not really one to judge

Did you want Ian all to yourself?

you hooked up, no?

lol no i hate people



me too lmao

you are telling me that you and ghostie never made out or sucked off each other

sorry i do not buy it

I mean, who HASN'T fucked ghostie?
people keep trying to say I broke the law but I didn't know she was from a different state so I'm all good


Yes, I am telling you that

You can choose to buy whatever you'd like, but in the end you'll never prove one way or another

more colbert LIES

tfw never met with a cute trap in california
if i could meet up w/ a cute trap we'd get super drunk and then we would sex

oh i don't care

it's just silly for you to lie about this

Innocent until proven guilty :^)

yeah first id take her out for chinese after e get reeally high though

In dubio pro reo.

nah fam not since the shady shit you've been in

guilty af

*agrees in latin*

Not @ TP

He doesn't even latin

ce la vie

He ought to. After all, he wasted his college years in the liberal arts.

That's French


And not spelled correctly

It's C'est la vie


Even I know this, and I listen to trash like this



colbert are you done undwinding?

How does one undwind?

Was that Latin?

Kinda sounds like some kind of Nordic ritual


a drunk prentious prick like you eventually gets it out of its system and fucking stops

oh god

I sense that Phil is somewhat backed into a corner now

thread is dead fam

we're all kinda in the same bottom no?

If that is so, then just kill me now.

I can just choose to sleep so not really?

*drops irl name
*thinks he gets some kind of leverage

what a fucking retard

you and everyone else knows you can't sleep

oh shit I forgot to post lmao

colbs I got 55 agil :D

do me a favor and buy me 125 mith plates and 125 blue d'dhie bodies, ill take them offa ur hands tomorrow

based grimu i was triggered


dude how nasty was that though

one hit for replies


hi darwin

hi bard


*uses asterisks instead of meme arrows
*makes sarcastic comments

I would literally die without sleep lmao


And no

you are obviously going through some shit

what's up

ill pay for them
help a nigga out



how did you know?

my fucking benchmate left the job

I have a bench to myself now but I'd rather work with a partner tbh

bench mate?

are you like a gay porn star?


Yes, humans cannot survive without sleep

It's kind of why it's an essential function of the human body lol

hiiii rummgummi


nani the fuck
no nigga
we work on benches
in labs
you sell lab shit you should know fag


is that me

yessu hello

what is up my cockasian friend

we are a small lab

it's like 2 Filipinos, a chinese. and a few whites

Why would you save that?

manaka gave me the folder



i guess we need benches

i will bring it up

grim do you not admit that you have ever masturbated to trap porn?

there is no way

Have you?

of course

Anyone from here?

i got a pretty new gugitar
whats new with you?

I've masturbated to TP's trap porn

Oh wait, did he never share that with anyone else? Whoops

That's a man.

probably every trap except fish

her tits are floppy

No shit lmao

thanks clobs


a trap fucking a girl yeah

shit at work

She is the best one, though.

wow really?


you dont count

You count.


also isn't it Ramadan?

in a way yes, cause she is down for anything

i have definitely nutted to you don't worry


post your trap creds and youll be considered


That face wasn't worrying that you hadn't
It's just weird to think that you have

I guess I better start trapping.

Trap creds?

as in trap face
or trap tits

muslim holiday

i actually haven't cause like i have on seen a butt

you have enough residuals

I'm as much of a muslim as much as you're happy in life.

damn that comment up there didn't make sense

listen i'm drunk and smoking bongs and love you all

sorry for any stress i have caused

but also not sorry cause i am funny af


night tho




Holy shit I go and do my own thing for a while and thread is mega alive
On Friday night

The activity must have taken a substantial dive if this counts as mega alive.


I mean normally I can go sleep, do some shit for a couple hours, then open my browser and the same thread is active. More than ten hours of less than a hundred posts, versus checking out for ~an hour and a half and more than a hundred.

So... what I said.

Don't be stupid

Tummy doesn't do it for you?
And what do you even want to see other than my butt?

Depends on the time frame.







rev post thighs

Only if you make it weird~


ill make it weird bby

I haven't shaved in a while and my right leg is in a lot of pain so I'm not terribly motivated to move around right now thanks




Thank God for that little black bar.

* falls asleep peacefully *

If it weren't there you might see something lewd!

tfw no PENIS


Mines useless sorry




My pure virgin eyes have been saved.



man I haven't been there in a while

why the FUCK do I know those are lily's pill bottles

wait shit I AM on there

Where you rank fam?



Man, those amorphous blobs get me off.

Also, go home, Spec.



Is being that obvious of a tranny really something you want to be distinguished?


its almost like were actually active now

rip revy

dont go full sperg

They all look like the kind of people you just look at and can obviously tell it's a tranny.

Yeah and I'm not on the list

I'll make sure to leave my spaghetti at home

we're going to a hooka bar

enjoy the lung cancer

No such thing as rest and no such thing as peace

poor rev
up to much, besides being in pain?

I watched Doctor Strange with my best friend earlier

was it good?

It was very much my style of action movie
Probably not enjoyable if you don't like superheroes and magic

Holy shit this movie is amazing would recommend

eh, an action movie is an action movie, unless its made by grindhouse





OW then PS4

ah have fun

wanna call?

maybe later

this girl knows her shit

Oh, apparently setting my reaction image as not optimzed for images makes sorting by date 100000x faster



rip fish

I am guaranteed to get it the real suspense is when it comes and how much it will be

I've heard 800 is the standard


once I move out I'm likely going to be living with only 300 or so left after rent

per month

wouldn't call that comfy

's why I'm getting a part time job in a hospital somewhere

Give it to me.

suck my dick and maybe I'll throw a nickel your way

I'm having difficulties deciding if I want to put in the work to get Refia to 6 star, but I hear she's really good and easily one of the best healers.

300 after rent, or 300 after rent and necessities?

Sorry. I don't like raisins.

300 after rent total

unless I find some magical place with less than 400 dollars rent, then it'll be 500



How much are utilities where you live?

I'll still have food stamps though so my food will be covered




I have to help move horses here soon.


Eh. It might not take long at least.

i like fabercastel

Wanna call for a bit?
I'm leaving in like half an hour.

ill be in the server if you want.


Overwatch anyone?

i don't play games that are shit

play ark



you typed that 3 hours ago...

And I'm back.

I don't remember for shit but I sure as hell didn't sleep a minute
50 levels so far






that's a trip I haven't seen in a long time


I exist on a realm ethereal and unknown to most

A land where graphics are infinitely realistic and you have to pay bills



Sleep well, person

I have been there yes but no

Even worse


Jesus Christ. I am so sorry.

wuz hosting nerd games
now its dead

what do i do


oh yeah I forgot to sleep
So, wanna play any time soon?

play r00nscayp

should I waste money on a steam controller?

I thought that was 4m for a sec

Fuck Cazadors


but thats for kiddies

Can't stay awake for shit.
Room mate says to go get tested for narcolepsy.

(jack spicer)



Where's 4M anyway?

Already found Echo and Subtle tho, talk with 'em



not at all boy

all the backbreaking work catching up to ya

Died in a tragic accident involving goats and ritual cybering

but roonskap has like existed forever

Hit one if the curs up, I'm not the leader

Feels like it.

Ritual cybering?



it's 4m.

Ithink erio is the reason flan tried to roleplay as a flower for me

how'd that work

Whose fault was it when we did it?

Ithink flan gave up

widow mines


I need to see logs of that.

*sways* ;_;


gang gang gang

this one should be working

you know it's bad when someone you're not even dating breaks up with you