New dead thread

New dead thread.

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Code Monkey fixed the glitch where qouting posts opened a new tab

Vampire loli feet yum


Fixed! ^^

Fuckin' finally.


we back?

Eurobeat makes everything better.

Watch this one last 48

I passed that phase.

You can never pass the Eurobeat phase.

die die die


deze deze deze

how do i have less than zero energy

eat yummy things and drink tasty juice

eat healthy things and drink lotsa water




Give me your energy daddy uwu

charging port is in the rear~

:o you went to weebcon didn't you?

Show daki!

I lost it

Lies tho

Soto lied to you, he hasn't seen it.

are you pretending so you dont have to show it when its all moist

But you do have one

lol weeb

Well he never said he did

Yeah, I peed on it last night

In my bag in my closet, yeah.



I want a shirt that says クソ提督 on it

isnt squirt just pee


Is it pretty?

What? No, are you stupid?

what happens if i dress up as クソ提督

brb nom

Yeah, just like you alt+3

Then you'd be a shitty admiral

wait kuso is not good

you shouldve said baka nano ka instead. that would be more weebish



Why would I use ka?

cuz ka mehameha



Waiting for my interview and then work. Hopefully I get to put in my two weeks tonight^^

How's it been?

Not too bad, kinda busy.
Been permanently tired this week.
And whenever I do have free time though noone else has it so I've mostly been stuck at home.

cuz its a japanese thing idk? btw i passed lemur diff on kuchizuke diamond so im basically at your skill level


But I FC'd it.

With HR.

C is half of FC so im basically halfway there

I was in studio for 8 hours yesterday, didn't eat anything all day, got home at 10pm and decided to dig into a burger I bought at a gas station because nothing else was open, took 3 bites and threw it away.
It was a pretty shitty burger

Hrmm. Sounds about right. You shoulda ordered a pizza!

Yeah, I should've.
I don't feel too bad though, I shouldn't be eating anything that late anyway.
I had glorious breakfast as a compensation today though.

Oh of course.


sankyu glorious senpai


Breakfast food is best food~


cute sweater

*jaagt spanjolen weg*

What have these threads come to?

Is it an Admiral daki


i like maki!

rip threads ;~;


cute maki

tokai should post cute thigns too ;~;

liek herself lmao



I like the big tit girl




i don't understand.

Soft juicy bags

doesnt that sens tire you out

Not at all


Found out why he's bad

Which 'he' because that could be either of us


im bored

do fun things!

i cant play on big area it hurts

Both tbh :^)

i don't have fun things ;~;

no game or movie?


not really...

cause i wanna play things with friends... but i don't think they wanna play what i wanna play.

FC Close Call with HR and then say that to me again

just ask!


ask who?

7/10 didn't use shige's cute broken english


hi googles!


is that supposed to be easy difficulty and you cant even fc it properly?


why dont you ever bully me for being bad do i need to insult you more


the peeps

Soto didn't visit me at AZ
What a cunt

Tokai likes to be bullied like Satania.

show me


Going to bed, though.


why is Relife so boring

cute peeking anime girl

i get satisfaction everytime i hear it go b-baka for you


Good 4 u

tfw not good 4 me


Demo sorette boku no ai nano

I never get any bakas

You get more..

Use that skin



I do?

Bakas = misses

what's the patch do?

not the kind of bakas I want.

tl,dr this
and a demigod reaper
RIP roadhog
RIP tanks
Who wants to buy my acc I'm selling it

oh just the dmg nerfs?

reaper only gets 20% tho??????

He lost his only skill
Now he became a spray and pray nerfed to shit tank reaper
Fuck this shitty ass game

Yeah I see no problem either

reapey is ded
reapey stil dies

Reapey steals health from tanks and they can't do shit about it
All are fucked
Honestly, I don't think this shit will go live, I definetly won't if it will

ecchi cum back

I'd just ruin the game.



i just Thought of something op and fun!!!!

if reapey 20% vampire

then mercy reapey combos dmg boost will make him into an immortal!!!

how do i have fun

Yuzumori what's the daki ;;

video games and anime!


gimme cutesy anime

which one have u not seen yet?




Yeah, and thats not even the end of it. Fuckin' hell it will be a living nightmare

Hi Emma

nice desu ne

i need to see

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 9


non non biyori!

u should pick reaper i'll play mercy.
that way we both win!

Tokai is sappy for autism girls.

You really need to get on discord so I can watch your ass tho

where r u
i don't see u online ;~;

ur not in any of the main discords....


i look


u forgot to tell me it last time... all u say is discord... :\



enjoy comfy anime of cuteness



i forgot i watched it

Its friday, a slavic premade is already a given
Its useful because I don't have to watch my back 24/7 and you can just yell when you need assistance


do anohana


i don't understand what you just said.

hentai neko



mou ikkai


"i need healing" = help someone's flanking me as mercy



Too bad you usually die before I can even react to that since its mixed up with another voices from team mates and a flankers job is practically to get rid of you so I have seconds to react
You gotta go voice fam





i don't know their language.... so their voices wont work on me.


you all would be saying random gibberish to me in voice as well.

me spamming in need healing is faster reactionary as a single button click.

hentai prince and the stony cat or something

lewd :(


why are you posting it then lewdie :)

Azuki Azusa

Just google henneko

i only have non-lewd stuff


no lewd anim

you showed the bellybutton tho

that anime isnt actually lewd at all despite the name its just cute


I want to lick Azuki Azusa's tummy

too lood am outie

i want moar!

it very lewd anime!

Fret not, my chaps can speak english


last time you said only a few of the spoke english ;~;
and they were typing all sorts of random things in chat.

not lewd


I am Azusa's tummy.

Only for cultural enrichment
I don't befriend retards

befreind me!

azusa trash girl

Do I have a use for you?




Plague Inc: Evolved
Shoppe Keep

for oxygen not included or the hunter call of the wild

Guess I'll just go ahead and allow myself the benefit of doubt


im benifit

im a lucky charm

Why not?

Where'd you go?

soto confirmed 2pussy4butt


It's complicated. The Japanese version of the LN describes her panties as black, but due to a mistake from the artist the illustration corresponding to that scene depicts them as white. Then the Yen Press localization decided it was better to follow the illustration instead of the original text and made them white too, meaning the Japanese and English version contradict each other.

In the end, the original text is at the top of the hierarchy, so her panties are canonically black.


Real mature women wear black panties

Go to sleep Fek


fug, meant to add in fencing

It's okay, your general statement still applies.


10 of them?

10 lickies?

ret con




What did he meme by this?


post comfy lewds


Cup is here, now the thread can live.



I've haven't drank since cinco de mayo

good job, me!

does that include cum?

You have to go back.

kill yourself



sup cup

hey cutie.

hey cutie.

whats the haps

hello soto

drinking and bored. can't log into overwatch for some reason. just gonna hang out for now I guess. you?


chillin out maxin and relaxin like usual

kinda weird how tidus is black ONLY for the
prerendered cutscenes even in the HD remaster


nice, now i just need the community to not be dead

but people don't make met-
oh wait.

echo my love ;;

you ever done?

was up


hey cutie.

dude like my car almost dies on the way home. then like my comcast is out when i get home and i almost lose it with this indian customer service bitch. THEN i discover there is such thing as Xfinity Wifi, and there's a hotspot right here. so i don't have to try to function on my tablet tonight. kinda funny that i was so eager to get my shit working to post, and we're at 4 posts an hour.

sup with you dude

you ever done the tweak?





Oh, no.

what's going down beautiful

me neither. nor heroin or crack or any of the other really fun ones



Playing shitty games and eating Taco Bell


*group kisses*

drinking some icehouse and getting angry about #whitegirlproblems

i guess it's a good time to have a slow connection. you could watch an episode in between posts and still keep up


Drinking some what now?

Never considered heroin or meth really fun.

please don't use the name amelia

she's my favourite waifu singer atm

you never had icehouse?

it's 6.9% alcohol. hella cheap

don't knock it til you try it

have done coke and opium though. those were pretty fun

Did you try that shit? E, I'm disappoint

i bet e has done e tho

Don't even wanna try tbh.
I was always wondering how heroin but never enough to try.
Would do coke if it was cheaper and knew someone reliable though.

See above.

*feels like

actually the few times i tried coke i was also really drunk and high so i can't exactly tell you where one began and the other ended

Wow you're like a high schooler

I can get you good coke I have a legit Hollywood contact
for real
We'll need to split the cash for it tho
its like a hundred bucks for a gr

that fucking blows
I'm just being a NEET until I start summer classes


If I ever did it I wouldn't let anything else fuck with my high.
You ruined it.

You pay for the whole thing and I'll give you half if I consider it worth.


yeah man i'm still a little hot. she was like trying to troubleshoot my modem and was trying to send me a new one cause mine is obsolete and recalled or some shit

and i'm like nah bitch my tv is out to it's a connection problem, slow your shit!

oh? whatcha takin?

yeah it was like just around a lot in college and post college. i despised the idea of it for a long time but of course caved eventually

totally have no desire to seek it out at all



Didn't really disappoint on that front so far

you're mean dude

dunno exactly yet, but likely just humanities

Typical nerd.

Amelia's my name, don't wear it out kid


I had a lot more fun in hs than in college tbh.
My college sucked ass.
I Iived in a building with an assload of weeb italians that loved to trash the common kitchen.


I'll pay for the booze and the mindfuck but on one condition
I have to see you before I go

can't go wrong with poetry

i thought you were fish

how's life

lol that blows. you were kinda spoiled though having so much freedom prior

most people are just happy to get out of their house that they don't mind crazy coeds stepping on their shit

We already skyped a bunch of times.

I hate poetry

I am fish

but my name is Amelia

Yeah but I've been rused before
I gotta be sober and at a random time
Pretty EZ right?
Can't take chances

How is that being spoiled? Freedom isn't free yo.
I thought I'd appreciate company.
Expected a different kind of company I guess..
They weren't bad or anything just, I guess I didn't fit in too well, not being italian or week and all.
And Subtle was ever so busy.

You've been rushed before?
Most of the time it was you calling me..

do you hate lyrical music?

did you legally change it?

what's wrong with fish?

why'd you get stuck with the wops?

was it like where most of the foreigners were and just dumb luck?

there was definitely one of the colleges at my university that seemed to be way more diverse than the rest. cool asian dudes


jack who are you raiding these days

You fags like Jazz?

These cunts


No, I just don't like poetry
Although I don't mind instrumentals at all

yeah it is legally

I just go by amy most of the time though

hell yeah man thanks

oh man they give me zero respect

yeah i donno i used to be into written poetry more

and write a bit

now i'd rather read or write a narrative

when did you change your name

and when did you move to arizona

and why would anyone move to arizona

Reading books is great
I don't mind most movies or TV stuff either, although with live actors and very ridiculous stuff sometimes my suspension of disbelief gets rekt

They are boring as fuck

I moved to arizona because I went nutz and needed to move back in with my mom

changed it in like 2015

moved to arizona a year ago because trap house fell appart

whenever you ask that I always suspect you have ulterior mtoives

i'm kinda frontin a bit. i haven't read a book in ages. this damn add culture amirite

i think they are genuinely there to pay homage to their waifus and not so much to attentionwhore

that's why like bc and sci are so easy to spot

man there needs to be a trap house part deux

those were funny thread exchanges

never been to arizona and probably never will go even though my step-grandma lives there. the southwest can suck a dick, except inside my belly

I guess.
Strangely it was just my floor.
I still lucked out though because there was another with mostly poles and another with mostly brits.
And brits were pretty filthy too.


what would my motives be?

i thought you stopped being all paranoid

you're like besties with darbear, one of the shadiest motherfuckers on the web

Look at the thread now
Its literally the same shit as this
And all the other weeb avatarfags before

dindu nuffin

We did it before so uh-uh

trap house 2.0 electric boogaloo: NEETs ONLY edition

Yeah well maybe but that was all your doing.

i was thinking about this today

like both scotts and irish are known for being sots right? brits are known for, what like bad teeth?

i can't handle that shit right now

mellowing out on some elevator jazz the cool brazilian bro linked

i meant that in the most loving way love


Oooh? Did I really not have your consent?

Can't really blame ya

That and false sense of culture.
And a bunch of music bands.

You did, but you wouldn't stop calling unless I picked up so...

How can it be that way?

Where to?

except for bullying me with widow mines

Outer space.
Or Detroit.
Your choice.

I will do you worse if you keep that up.

Around the block it is.

maybe later once i get hot again. but those damn captchas fuck with my head after awhile

those are designed for how you are supposed to post on Holla Forums. once in awhile

i can't lie i find some of the accents really sexy

and sometimes aussie

depends. the cockney chav shit is a bit jarring

i kinda meant shady in the secretive, dark, who knows sense

i have no proof that you have nefarious biddings

sick dude

auto ip switch on my xfinity hotpot

Never liked them.
I always preferred canadian or american accents.
Just sounds more natural to me.
I guess it's all the music and movies.

yeah it's kinda sad that you have "my" accent ingrained as being right

it is kinda the best tbh

It is still odd though, I grew up around Irish accents so they should sound more natural.
They just wonky though.

this this was in our wedding party last weekend with the thickest chicago accent

i kinda liked it in that mine is so neutral.

this chick*

too guttural

i feel that a perfect neutral midwest accent like mine speaks clearly even though the vowels don't always make sense

Lets do it again

at least i don't say warsh or melk

It's alright.
It's still the better breed of what I've heard.

Oh lord why.

i do ironically talk like a stereotypical socal tho

sometimes i'm not so sure if it is ironic anymore

because i've started to talk that way in my head and to my cats

i'd like to make it back out there

maybe after trump tho

oh, so say i want to upload a folder and share it in a public forum

what would be the best website to visit for this?



jack i'm not a superwoman like you


cinnamon donuts

oh shit sorry bro i confused your unusual squat sitting flags

newu there were so many pastries at this wedding you would have literally died

are you saying I should hook up people I know so they marry and I can eat pastries

also, newu why don't you trust me?

the weirdest thing i have done was to echo probably

and we're still friends kinda

can vouch for the first part.

not a bad idea

just saying there were no shortage there

not my thing but you would have od'd


i'm sorry

hey you reply to me

i did way less to tons for fake filters


I HADpasrty

this encapsulates my night

Noone to talk to

No one that cares

Go play your bronze soraka.

dude yitsy jams i almost lost it on one of your customer service brethren and i was sober

i don't know how you do it

I'm playing RUNESCAPE

I'm just unbelievably patient

this bitch was being really aggressive

like scammy almost

i wouldn't be surprised if the same people comcast hires to problem shoot have side jobs pretending to be fake att reps


what made you scream an nbomb at the top of your lungs on cid

just curious

do you even know?

I don't believe I was on acid at that point, just drunk

Because I thought it would be funny? Idk

i must drop a soft nbomb in my head 50 times a day

that motel seemed like there would be nbombs there

It did, but there weren't

I am also pretty damn naturally lucky tbh

i think if i lived in a white neighbourhood i would drop more hashtag whitegirl memes

i just don't like people and people can't drive

same man. i've been hospitalized twice

faught with cops
kicked a nurse
got thrown down a flight of stairs by a stripclub bouncer
been kicked out of a sox game
driven drunk a lot
driven while drinking

never arrested

man that was exhausting

i now find our dead community somewhat comfy

man there jhaven't been any fun space games recently

I fucking love space

gimme more space

sidenote has anyone checked lewd lately?

you think we're bad. they're holding on to a thread a week

thank you for changing your trap name

We don't have any more hardcore autists that keep things thriving while we hang in the background and jump in and out

why is everyone livestreaming southpark

i donut like this new meme

like stocking

or other rabble rousers

i would be tempted to argue that the community died once colbert sucked a dick and got a job

help, I'm stuck in video game purgatory

It's mostly that I got a job and can't be here all day

fish why do you feel the need to play games you know are just going to irritate you

I need something to consume my time until I eventually die of old age or a blood clot


honestly though cuppers can hold a thread

it actually just depends on how drunk/happy that cat is


i had a heart scare recently

when i change from elevations quickly my ankles swell up

it bugged me out

Cup is so apathetic these days


well he did get back damage

have a little respect


He can suck it up

how was your day luka



how so?


hounestly i think luka is underrated

you hate her when it's busy but she will ALWAYS BE HERE

just lots of sadness in general, i didn't have fun today.

god damn it

something die?

i had a rough one too

just one of those bad timings that compile

making me think that there may be a god testing me

like that weird

yes I've played it I just want toplay the most updated version

just my mood.
rough day indeed.

do you take meds for your mood?

personally i am my absolute worst after i wake up from a nap

drunk or sober

i don't know what it is but i want to slit throats after naps


i wake up fine

i am so irritable

i'm trying to notice it and control it

good for you, hopefully it helps you get good things.


luka were you ever official with anyone during your 20 year posting tenure?

yeah like it takes a lot of work

i did a lot of mental prep before my friends wedding

i said i would only drink beer, no hard

and stuck to it


No matter how much I sleep I feel like sin upon waking up.


hey babe

did it work?

yeah it was a really beautiful wedding and i had i had the right amount of fun. thanks

-i had

how u doin Tips

you can do so much.

just whit girl problems i don't want to blog


LOL thanks luka

I'm actually doing pretty well
I got registered for fall semester and I'm doing alright at life
Some depression here & there, nightmares and probably ptsd but otherwise surviving
I'm about to get my own place to live!

nice rev i'm really glad

the struggle is never really over though am i right

Yeah sometimes life just sucks and I still want to die but that's just part of playing the game

revy do you think i should threaten to ky and take hrt


one of friends like called out my social anxiety

and like no one put it so clear or talked about it

sometimes shit takes a punch in the face

Revy when are we gonna bang?

Iunno do you wanna be a gril?



oh no i prefer to be a sensitive badass

You can have Minami

I call dibs on Revs

oh shit soto

revy is into you actually

gonna back off



i'm imagining their hotmail email replies

oh yeahhh


revy straight up wants to cyber hard

You think so?

i know so

he is hot af

lmao you're gonna trigger her with those pronouns

Yeah dude, I'd smash tbh




June 2, 2017!6lpiSTjQ!Ml_002Gm3--QOm0VV72BeuXTfmu8khMqgKsU2u8jgmw

(Godley Malabanan) Drift [yuriproject]
(Hiiragi Yutaka) Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan ch17 (Dengeki Daioh 2017-01) [English] [Yuri-ism]
(Katakura Ako) Lily, Marguerite, Baby's Breath (Yuri Hime 40) [yuriproject]
(Kumashika Ruri) A Certain Marriage ch03 [yuriproject]

(例大祭 14) [劇毒少女 (ke-ta)] NAVY GEM (東方Project)

thanks based yuri bro

we all know revy tum is top quality


what the fuck is this


boi lemme tell ya about doujins

How was AZ anyways?

Fanime was so much fun
What merch did you buy?

revy soto claimed you

it is only fair

I wish cute boys were into me.

You don't wanna know.

even tho the title is in the pic you should totally link me that doujin

maybe don't post your boyhole for literally anyone

nice meme bro


it was a lot of fun, i had a different work schedule so i got to see some of the annual panels this year
i didn't want to spend too much so all i bought is that metroid plushie

how so?

get a rottweiler

probably not

you're still more of a slut than i am

That's super gay.

quads don lie

oh well keep posting the pages in sequence atleast

Probably because I don't fear sex like some casual.

I will rape you, Goggles.

Praise them.

i just thought i would back off cause you like him

I'm into you!


danke yuri

You'll look lovely next to my begonias in my garden.

quite an achievement

not sure how to take this

hi cuppers

If only they were quints.

Garden gnomes don't take anything.
They just sit there.

hi tp



that's silly

Got it boss

What panels did you go to?

I bought a prob sword for my cosplay and some weeb bag
Was so tempted to buy a Shiro from NGNL daki but I ended up buying a bunch of coke instead lmao

lmao rekt

You like it.

Your fear drives my erection.

I don't like anything.


except u bby

i remember i went to Anime Hell, that was an experience
i don't remember what else because i was horribly sleep deprived the whole time

i'll rekt you

good thing you've got the whole animal kingdom to satisfy yourself with

if you were still admin you could force quints

how you been

we were just talking about how it takes a you to make a community

revy remember how hard i would bully you

i made you and eva literally cry

You have poor taste.

There is no animal penis large enough for me.

Fuck that noise.
This place is dead anyhow.

nice meme kiddo

yeah basically anywhere I'm not around is dead and horrible lmao.

I've been fine, just working and vidya and anime and such. busybusy with being not busy, basically. hbu?

I remember how Sci laughed at the idea that Bebop would ban him and now he's permad.

That little pedo is fucking canned.

I agree

i literally don't remember that at all
you overestimate my ability to remember things

what about like a walrus



Uh.. No you won't.

Not my type.

That's the spirit.

thanks i do my best

cuckwork gimme a pity reply

i never did anything to you besides make fun of you being underage and dating darbear

Ironic choice in animal considering your Tragic Backstory™.

cuckwork gimme a pity reply

i never did anything to you besides make fun of you being underage and dating darbear

my Tragic Backstory™ is at least composed entirely of humans

cuckwork gimme a pity reply

i never did anything to you besides make fun of you being underage and dating darbear

he legit hates me tho

so does ur mom lmao

Are they humans that actually exist?

wow rudeboy

how dare you imply that she wasn't totally actually really raped a bunch of times by real people for real


holy shit respect my pronouns you ass

i feel like cuppers just woke

yeah i ran into one of them at a festival last year
that was super awkward

*got woke



kyle i saved your hairy anus

why tho



Because I am the best your ratchet ass is gunna get.

please if i want attention i just have to post pictures of my body

Please don't make fun of my for the latter.

wait for kyle to regress to spam shortly

negative attention is plenty good amirite

you too..

I just directly copied tp's post. I didn't even read it.

I am probably going to pass out soon.

eyyy lmao

aww no fun

sleep tight

inb4 kyle posts for an hour

Say I know.. I'm just saying.

actually maybe your body is fine, but I can't help but notice you did only say "body" and not face. which I totally understand. wink wink nudge nudge.

I'm just saying ur cute.

20 min tops.

then 20 min bottom

you dick

Thanks, I think.

I didn't say I was going immediately.

leave thinking to the adults, cutie.


uh yeah why would i ever post a picture of my face?
just because i'm an attention slut doesn't mean i'm an idiot

good get the fuck out of here


your face has been posted.

that's me, yupyup

no wait

maybe when i was younger and stupid
i can't remember everything i've done

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

cup are you staying up?

i mean i could either blaze out and continue watchting sons

or get a couple 40s and flirt with you and revy