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frist for Jack was raped

oh man I have tons, I probably do laundry every three weeks

You'd be so proud of the peanut curry chicken I made earlier today, god it's as if angels made it.

Most such places requires you to be studying, you should have gotten it earlier!

Paying a lot of attention and absorbing info I guess

story of my life



I didn't know how much I missed these moeblobs.

stop being weeb and go be productive!

i am productive weeb

he was probably heartbroken by a horrible woman

you /fa/ people and your millions of
really? I dont have peanut curry or coconut curry unless I'm dining out..hmm I believe you though

idk I'm decent

get apartment, become super popular and pull home bitches, get rid of weebdom!

recipe is from some dude I'm subscribed to on youtube, pretty easy stuff but man is the result good

but im weeb

ur weeb

I can't even name a single anime!

That doesn't seem as traumatic to me

Me neither.

He fell in love with Alice and his homo crush just devastated him.

oh wait I know bleach and death note

I take it back, I can think of scenarios that are likely worse involving being heartbroken

But how would that make one afraid of grils?

boku no pico

He thought it was a girl.

The fear being that other 'grils' are men as well?

I don't think that he actively thinks that way, it's more of an impulse, it's a girl it's a red flag waving in his head because he subconsciously associates them with something bad.

Sounds about right.

Homewerk - done
Cert renew - done
Anime - done



oh god

could it be the heat?

am I gonna have to get liquid cooling for my next computer because of this state's fucking heat?

It was probably Mion tbh.

He is a FAGGOT.

The way Jack says faggot is golden

in voice?
I need to hear this.

i do not have a recording though

whenever I hear about these college campus things I wish I could be there

like if I lived near that day of absence or whatever thing even if I didn't go to the college I'd still spend all day walking around campus because it's retarded

hell I'd even see if I could audit a class for shits and giggles

At least people at colleges are contributing something to society.

i don't feel like i am
but i guess the assumption is i will later

You're at the very least contributing more than being an obese guy on the internet, sponging off welfare.

well im not obese and i sponge off my parents and government loans, which i guess is better because i'll have to pay it back

Lethargy strikes.

she's a bitch

i didnt realise historical fencing involved killing people with 1.5 kg steel clubs

I feel bad because I never got into Bloodborne like I did Dark Souls, but I like BBs lore more than DS.

Are they not the same game?

Same company and general shit to it, but no.
Different games entirely.



woah.... this is a boy?

tsutsu that was your chance

not tonight he's not...


fucking photoshop


he even did irl!!!


Wait. What?

explain the tits then

nevermind the time has past

[P A D D E D]

does he wear a tit vest or something.

Beats me lol

same way he did his Mei cosplay

them spidey fingers

That guy has an awful face for Mei.
Same with the body.

You have an awful face for life








if you recently got a snap of my dryer you are one of the chosen ones

what does it mean if you received a snap of my dryer instead?

a glitch in the matrix probably

May 28, 2017!roJlHTjL!h05JUgP8Stdk0aqEGxIp_lNjp1YY18_a3nTYpyXIgv8

(C91) [Shobocon (Kitamuratooru)] It's Marshmallow Night, And The Feeling's Right (Love Live!) [Sexy Akiba Detectives] (English)
(SC58) [peachpulsar (Mira)] Super Girl ni Osowareru! (Resident Evil) [English] {Hennojin}
GochiUsa ch5-094
Shinohayu ch45 [Akio]
[Chaosteam] My Unrequited Love ch04
[Chaosteam] My Unrequited Love ch05
[Chaosteam] My Unrequited Love ch06

hopefully something SFW ;~;

Hihi threaders~

Did you miss me?

Murder's gheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wait, is this Elmers?

Yupyup. I was called that here once~ ^^

How's it been?


thanks diggy :p

Holy shit, I knew the community would die without me, but this is pathetic


excuse me

I meant Brown Daddy lmao

better than brown bitch I suppose

You are going by Madeleine now? I am doing normal murder stuff. How about you?

check your discord buttslut


np babe
lmk when you're done dling it so I can DESTROY THE EVIDENCE

all done

irl welma marian cosplay when?


there was a pair of boxers in there that were visible
you weren't paying attention

If I want to see boxers on their own I'll look in my drawer.

You know what I want to see them on.
And you know how to take them off.

idk my gf was just saying that haha

Shimapan > boxers.

only for the gf

do it


Those are boxer-briefs.

I'll be your GF for a night.

I want a pair with Build Tiger on the ass.

Of course you do.


and look better on a dude than shimapan

I already have the body pillow. If I can get the comics and underpants I would be happy.
The outfit would be killer.




luka do you even have snapchat

Nothing looks better on anyone than shimapan.
They are the ultimate underwear.

Aren't you too lithe to be build tiger?


I'm almost done with KH2.
You should watch some of the end game fights with me. I would love to stream.

I can get a suit.
Plus you have not seen what I look like nowadays.

fite me

I have not seen what you look like any days, not just nowadays.


only guro and sd have me on it....

Then you are making assumptions.

I prefer to call them educated guesses.

add me and snap me betch

u wanna go

lets fucking go



I with with what i have.



vulgar language...

What do you have?

but my hair will be orange not green x_x


You sleep too much.


it was a nap


It was the majority of the day.
Nobody is around right now.


it was 5 to 10

cause I'm trying to camwhore

well then why dont you post your butt

Height and various things you have mentioned in threads whether to me or just in general.

The only hours I was in operation today.

I might be working a second job at a tractor supply store.
80 hours a week maybe.

you first tho

good luck

hurry up so i can masturbate and go back to bed

Nothing has stopped you from being a camwhore in the past.

I could have packed on 50 pounds in the last year.

It's possible.

I might not be around much if I do.
You'll have to tell me how much you miss me.

money me

This Widow died seductively in the door way.

How much for a custom profile icon?


Isn't that how much you charged the others for their DnD characters?

I want to do laundry so I have clean clothes for tomorrow, but only have the clothes I'm wearing so would be forced to spend an hour or so naked. Difficult decisions.

Is that like the character's name or something?
I know effectively nothing about Overwatch.


youre asking for a bust, no?

More just the face.
I thought you did full pics for the DnD shit.

those are busts.

Jeez, now you sound like my parents.


Can I be your daddy?

Sublimed - Today at 1:14 AM
Elmagination Station - Today at 1:14 AM
Sublimed - Today at 1:15 AM
what up
Elmagination Station - Today at 1:16 AM

cockteased again

want one?

I was suppose to sleep hours ago because I have to run half a mile of fence tomorrow.

Probably. Let me figure out what I have in the bank on Tuesday.

Just get the webm of them rubbing their raisin in a TC, dude.




Send in your resume and I will put you under consideration for it.

lol funny scoob pic ♥

If you visit would you care about staying at my house, or do you want a hotel?


vulgar luka

What makes you think you are good enough to be my kid?

I'll scoob you right in the pic.


i dont want to meet those people



My only notable talent as a kid is letting my parents down.

Ok. It might be a while then.
Cheapest one around here is 40 a night.

And you even fail at that. ;3

cant wait to catch something there

So cold.

get a blanket


I have one.


stop bitchin

I wish I failed at that.
You are not old enough to be my dad anyway.

It was in refferance to you.
TYhis state is hot as hell.

I'm 41 though.

not sleepy?

oh yeah another thing i am not looking forward to


Very tired.

I'll have an AC.



Moogs remember that time your mom cock blocke3 dyou?

she still does


how good will you sleep?

yeah yeah send more

no can do. it's sex time

Send less.

I'm waking up in 7 hours.

tooodles, thread


You can do it!


so we snappin or what
sorry for being vulgar


I'll think about it.

Honestly I feel like all they ever talk about is how they get dicked all the time and other vapid girl shit.

I will pray it rains so we don't work tomorrow.


i want this heat to go away.

im sorry kyle i have poor self control when it comes to slop holes

Snuggle with me in the cold air here.

You never ask for mine anymore.

youre hairy

cold soo inviting...



that vappy needs a loving touch and a warm bath

You still love me.

It's wonderful.

not enough

Hair is kinda gross.

Warm bath made me think of this one.

You didn't complain when we cuddled.


i was polite


im jelly

There are quite a few bloodies up vaps in my collection. They're cute.

I just seek validation through affection.


I'd rather not.

wtf no
do not do this

see above


I will keep them to myself.



All good girls shave.

i i a good girl?



All good girls shave, not all who shave are good girls.


goodmorning sunshine

Dusty if you read this while I'm out, take a chill pill.

I've been up all day.


fidget spinner

I just yell/swear to convey emotion and or urgency; not actually angry

aww :(


post more lewd stuff

You can be a good boy instead if you work at it.

I didn't know anger wasn't an emotion.

not lewd



it is; but not what I'm generally trying to express
yelling/swearing is something I've taken to doing when I find things funny as well, but it's probably difficult to tell the difference if you haven't experienced both


Yeah ?



I never watched this growing up; I feel like I missed out.


whats up with you ?


I would say that you did.
Now you know it's okay to be mad sometimes.

I have spent my night watching cooking shows instead of doing the math I promised I would start two days ago.

Boy you better get out of my turf.

I think I managed to learn that on my own, but the statement holds true.

Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsay ?

I can't look at it.

Iron chef.
If I had to choose between the two I would go Ramsay.

Ban did you get the pic I sent you


nvm here it is

I just want him to yell at me.

I will forgive you on one condition.

When did you send me this ?

May 28, 2017

It would bring me to climax very quickly.

a female doctor making out with her female patient is pretty heckin lewd, luka

ON what ?

I bet a lot of things do.

Anything abusive.

I sent it to your steam because you told me not to text you anymore.

Thats like the easiest thing to do.

I haven't turned on steam today.


they love each other though ;~;

I'm easy to please.

But I sent it to you yesterday

give me a kiss on the cheek

Thats pretty good I think

Maybe I haven;t turned it on in two days then.

You'd think so, until it turns out I can't find anyone to abuse me hard enough.

:mwah emojii:
may i have some more cr premium please~

I'm just going to text you then.

Life sure sounds like a struggle for you.

I only have mine right now.

I work hard to keep it that way.

I have her nudes.

Whys that ?


yeah, they love that V

for what?

It is easier to constantly make life a known struggle, then risk anything for success.
I would rather always be a three, than risk becoming a one to potentially make a 6.

this pic soo adorable

i'm not really wanting the premium, i'll take any, i'm only mentioning it because that's what the guest pass gave last time.

I never said I had any right now though.

sounds overly complicated

It is.


I asked you what the premium was for

and I still have no answer


Just say you're a 7.

I am a 7


i gave you the answer????? :|

He wishes he were a 7.


7 is a respectable number but still not worth anything.

It's perfect

wanna make out ?

I like the number four more than seven.
It is a prettier number.

i wanna play some fun video games ;~;
are you playing gaige?


Is it because fishdogs only have 4 fingers ?

I played her for the short amount of time I played the game.

Her now

Depends on who draws them.
Yordles have four toes though.


ive barely made it to the first town

Crunchy Roll

This is the ideal male body
you may not like it, but that's what peak performance looks like.

nezi PLS

4 fingers is the correct way.

I got bored and stopped playing about that time.

We make out now ?

Its gross

we should try co-op mode in that game then

Yeah but I'm gross and you love me ♥

had to get the answer from someone else, sheesh

you can have mine when I get my guest pass in 19 days

But that games so boring.



I usually see three.

He should fuck his son.

oh you wanted to know the benifits or sum thin????
like all prremium gives is discounts stuffs and premium profile customizations????


That's what I said.

My word is final.

I just haven't been able to get into like I've gotten into you.

No I said it last time you posted that.


Four it is.


w-why me?

I said it before that.

How's Dank Souls

4th does even place

Its a mystery

No I did


Saying something with a dick in your mouth doesn't count

woof woof

stopped playing, played dark souls 1 to the point where i'm bored with it, 2 is shit, and I can't get 3 to start

Going to bed.

I'll help you in 2 if you want.
It's not god awful but it is kind of shit.

Play Path of Exile.
It's about to get a YUGE update to its story and shid.
It's also free.



Just don't make the mistake I did and play ranger unless you really like specing into things that will fill your screen with lots of explosions and being extremely fucking squishy to everything.


I'm playing EVE, at least let me get to the point wher ei'm bored of eve before picking up a new MMO

I went Dead Eye 'cause apparently I hate myself, but I hate flasks more.

Deadeye is terribad though lmao

I coulda picked an Ascended Scion.


you can do some meme builds with scion tho

Every build with a Scion is a meme build. That's like, the whole point of the Scion.




eww gross

dont look at it luka save your virgin eyes


good job


2 hot