Send me your nudes

send me your nudes

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Am I Canada again?

I went and made a new thread.

wheres soto?


I used a lot of energy the pats month

At work?

tfw no anvil and forge

donut worry rembert hapiu

what's brackin' niggas

How do you do my fellow African Americans ?





Idid not have sexual relations with that wombat

I don't believe you.



Hi Lewds

Hey you, what's good Elma?
I just got home.

Ooh! Welcome home^^

Just waiting for work kinda. Packed my bag for a couple nights with the gf and have a special brownie at my disposal. Things are good.

How's it been?

spare me from this suffering

ky lol




Hey there cutie


sup user?

hows your day goin

So far so good.

What's new?

Thanks. Sorry for the late response, got some work!

Sounds like you're gonna have a good time though! I'm pretty busy with exams and work recently, not much else going on.


Someone post donger







whoops, wrong graph
blue line is the input, red line is what my neural net thinks it should be with its best guess


whoops, forgot to set my input to something sensible again

use the delay to record cumshot and post it here

cum on me

there was no delay

post sticky tummy




Scoots, pls Daddy






how's it been yo?

no complaints


Henlo too.

Doing well.

Glad you're okay diggy



Post donger.

Post donger.


would it be unethical to post tokai's donger



Do it.


Never posting donger.

Mhm. Hi, Maddie! ♥
I don't know why my name went away.
Anyway, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

No can do.

Not yet, but after my shift tonight!!

Hope you're doing the same, Sabby!



In awe

I just missed you last time you were here. I gotta lavish you with love to make up for it! ♥ x 1,000,000

what kind of fag posts here for years and doesnt post dickpics at least once anyway?

Ive never done that
Thats gay

never done it

youve sent me dickpics so it doesnt count

see above



Wait, you're not all girls?

loco has quite a nice looking penis tbh


girls can have penises too, right?

well now sabs knows i'm a slut

thank you qt

Hm. That's true.
Pardon me.

those ensure nutritional drinks are surprisingly good

she also knows youre the best kind of slut
well, kinda

one day i dream of meeting a girl with multiple penises


I have never posted my penis

like.... five or so people here have probably seen my penis counting from before the move from Holla Forums

Do you even have one?

one meme two meme triple meme let me meme it down for you


The genitals don't make the person, obviously, but I could have sworn Loco and Scoot were magical girls. I was only cozying up to them in hopes of becoming one myself.


look who showed up as soon as the conversations about penis started

I am a magical girl

Prove it!

Me irl

ive been here

commission me i need a videogame

if i wanted to pay someone to draw something it would be my girlfriend go get a job


My magical girl power is that I can grow a lovely slimey 6 inch penis from out of my vajana like in that one episode of sailor moon

i try


that last post was a mistake

Ur a mistake

I'm sorry.

in fact i still need to help her buy a tablet so she can start drawing on one

which do you have in mind

i have seen magical girls with penises, so they still meet the criteria

well would you look at that, turns out you actually do need to slide the weights individually if youve only got a single neuron, professor


to be fair this was probably covered in a lecture i either didnt attend or didnt listen to because i was still trying to take in the general concept of a neural network as given to me

to be fair asdasdasdasdasdasd

i dont know i havent even been looking and i have no knowledge on what are good tablets


im sure a big wealthy strong man can spare a few coin.

coin being an apt comparison given the price of a tablet

is weight slide different from backpropgataion

that still doesnt help me decide on one though, i was just going to let her pick it out anyways

my back up one was like 80

80ish is a good price range for a starter nobody needs anything more than a small size really

did you draw that one?

i drew this one here and

i knew you did those i wasnt sure about the sketch

you like the character so much i thought maybe you wanted to draw it

i did awhile ago but wasnt my best work. iunno where i put it



buy me dis

ah i see, well as long as you have fun working on stuff you draw thats whats important

Looks the same tbh.

Buy me this.

depends on the project.

shows what you know

hahahaha i wasnt even going to make the joke but that picture works really well

but yea you definitely probably have more fun with the demented requests ;3

how much

anything different really

the jojo pose made me fuck with colors im afraid to use.

Yeah I'm finding a lot of results comparing the two and saying they're pretty much the same.
Except one is fucking free and doesn't charge you $25 for a mobile game.

A buck 80.

thats good jojo is always fun stuff

well im always up for coming up with weird shit ive just never been one to do commissions hahaha

im sure you get plenty of good ideas though

i dont believe you. given rimworld, dwarf fortress are more apt comparisons. if you want to say on a cursory shallow glace that the two have a similar ant-farm kind of layout that is fine however to insinuate they are comparable outside that is like retarded

i have 3 cents


Have you played either?

i have like 200 hours in rimworld

Daddy's here.

Send noose.

Well, that just leaves a 179.97

I have faith.


well try drawing a character really high up with scenery down below or something


You have 200 hours in rimming




or like a back shot with a character reaching behind them with both arms

slow thread


cute grill

Mow a lawn or something.

Also post satan goat's butthole.

i mean no i dont want anything that bad

why a picture of them masturbating? like what even

i literally did today


Then do something else and get paid for it.
Like sucking dick behind a McDonald's.


how much did you get for it scrub

oh course satan goat would indulge in urges of the flesh

ive never been driven to tears because i had to masturbate instead of fuck


hence the begging

like wtf

i thought you lived in an apartment what grass do you have to cut

she is a depressed perma virgin

i live with family

must be a very relateable character

oh so there is a lawn and shit to cut, thats cool though


how is she a perma virgin isnt that other little goatboy like her son

she's adorable


no they are trying to corrupt the boy


Post it's butthole tho

so they can corrupt children and shit but they can't get any?

oh fuck yea give that bitch some hookah i want some hookah

probably no pics of its butthole from that artist

they can try to corrupt anyway

Anyone who draws a goat person sexually has drawn it's butthole.

why did they expect him to put up a fight? can i get a lore drop?

maybe they are specifically not into that and don't want to accept commissions about it because it's just too vulgar for them despite hailing satan


its not that he puts up a fight it's just they are bad at corrupting his soul

he is too pure

Wow, so a sexually frustrated goat lady is tasked with corrupting some boy, without sexually molesting them because that's too corrupted even for demons, and that's just kind of their existence

maybe george just doesn't like butthole like that, or the goatsie is just too ironic with an actual goat

well shay the one with the hood is a more powerful demon sort've involved with the middle east and is a perma virgin. lucy is the shitty demon

ilu moogs



why are all the demons perma-virgins?? im sensing a theme here, any demon thats bad at sex needs to go

there you go then artist hasnt drawn it

dont be mean

is she a bad demon because she ends up all protective and motherly of him?


the face of "videyo gamez"


you're adorable

i wish i could be so happy

they're both cute characters

ye he is good at cute characters




k e k


at least i saw my hentai today :/

you have hentai?


diamond formation a shit

some guys just don't understand it when someone says please cum inside me




proper backpropagation requires there to be an actual network of neurons, and not merely one neuron

rice eggs and chicken just go good together

and the chicken fat works so much better than butter for the rice

try coconut oil, much better.

i have a big jar of coconut oil like paste

cock oil

your favorite

yea, its really good for a frying chicken in also. leave it un battered and season it a bit and fry in a tablespoon of coconut oil.

put it on top of rice of your choice that you also cooked with coconut oil and maybe some parsley and mushrooms/onions.

It keeps all the juices of the chicken inside and the chicken absorbs the healthy fats of the oil and makes it tasty.

-pro-start chef certified

ded throd

I am almost burnt out on Kingdom Hearts.

Stay or leave. It amounted to the same thing.

Hey, it's James!

Where? I don't see him.

almost, not completely



Me? What did I do?

Hey is for horses

horses are for bronies

Loli is for pedophiles.

Lolis are for fucking.


clearly my predictions are a bit off

red line is the predicted output btw, blue is the combined vector of the actual input and the predicted output

Lolis are for licking

Lolis are for licking


apparently trying to give a single neuron 1000 inputs isnt smart

im trying to improve the predictive quality of my single neuron neural net, and thats what im getting for what i thought was great output

clearly im overfitting

ur makin an AI??

its the only thing i actually enjoy programming these days

take this graph for instance. ive got a near perfect fitting on the top graph, as indicated by the red line, which is the best fit of the input i could generate, and the blue which is the actual input. it has an error of 2 summed over the 3500 records shown. however, when i then attempt to continue the pattern, i get a fucking flatline on some configurations of learning rate and inputs, as shown in this image, and on others i get results that are all over the place, as shown in .


This place is dead as fuck.

just like my AIs predictive capabilities

May 21, 2017!uhhQwR5C!NNEW_jDFJ6HbDqXddrS_6j8P7mHM4qIo7ozRXemxuiY

(C89) [Sayakata Kouchakan (Sayakata Katsumi)] Shinkon Ryokou (Touhou Project) [English] [H-Konbini]
(Reitaisai 12) [Sayakata Kouchakan (Sayakata Katsumi)] Occult Ball Z (Touhou Project) [English] [H-Konbini]
(Reitaisai 13) [Sayakata Kouchakan (Sayakata Katsumi)] Sagume Flag (Touhou Project) [English] [H-Konbini]
Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting! - c008 (v01) [Pan-Paca-Pan]
[EHScans] - Hakumei & Mikochi V05C30.2
[Sokonoyari (zururi)] Ashita ni Nareba MiyuReIF [sliceoftoast]

(C91) [すた~だすとくれいどる (永山ゆうのん)] あなたと夢見る水色世界3 (オリジナル)
[ハイパーピンチ(clover)] 大人のジャパリまん○! (けものフレンズ)


You already know


people that refuse to understand technology are fucking retarded

It's still your fault.

is it going to be dead like this all night?

Yes, it's Sunday night

what do any of you even do here anymore?

I can't speak for other people, but I lurk while doing other things when I'm not working or doing things irl

Does it count as lurking if you always have a tab open but you forget to check?








Oh right.

does that kemono friends thing have good lolis?

wow perv

that was established

Can Feku get banned for pedophilia?

I skipped lessons today.

Well, I can't be on time for the only thing today anyway lol

get your pitchforks.

Kill yourself.


( QT )
when will it become good?

About the same time you actually get a job.

Or you start saying nice things.

when will it become good?

when i figure out what the fuck im doing

post goods

You are an average person and will do average things in life.

Chooch the kind of guy who thinks genocide is okay because humans are just statistics.

That's not a nice thing.

read the thingy that says how to do it

i did, it was wrong

send functioning neurons

do the right one then :)

i have, and it still doesnt work

you did it wrong? :(

You will go further in life than Luka.

would anybody like a crunchyroll guest pass

Give it to Echo.

who's that




Yeah, the gay Polack.

i like crunchy roll! ^_^


All slavs are the same tbh.

garlic bread


Cream pies


Naan bread

Ban anime.

tfw Dusty sets it to easy and you're still losing.

now we just need to find a way to add ACE
then when we get shot we'll be fucked

i delivered a sandwich to someone named Soto today

Did he tell you to take your clothes off?

Did he attempt to sodomize you for payment for the sandwich?

Probably one of his cousins.

no it was just some short fat mexican

They spread like a plague, don't they

That doesn't rule out our Soto

Kind of thought/hoped the Carolinas would have lynched all of them by now.

is soto fat now?

all the mexicans or specifically all the sotos?

The former.


Nah probably not. I just hoped the response could bait him out if he was lurking

Soto's crack diet keeps him thin.

Sometimes I sleep all day to avoid the sun.

Do you really want to be out in California at night?


born mobile