Its time for a new scootalooo™ Thread

Its time for a new scootalooo™ Thread

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Not a proxy

At least I was right about the second part

Does Tixh post here?

needs more sci posts

Yeah every day lol

Does animus think Mordin is a megahomo?

Just a regular one, like the rest of us

I'm too busy talking to Cebruz

where do you appear on the toxicity scale out of 10


Are you gropiss?

I'd say you already saw the worst of what I'm like now :c

He's permaban/10.

It is really adorable.

What the actual heck!

Do animus eat their own semen? If you ate a ton of strawberries, would your cummies taste like them?



And you, urusai, I'm reformed

Wish I could see toxic Subtle.


I am certain Neru has footage of it.


Note to self never ever piss off Neru

Are animus as gay as this

Only I wield this power.


Is this some foolz guy or?

Gods no, he really wanted me to fuck him though.

Shoulda been "I'm daddy's little princess but I'm also a whore."

She's calm so it seems like a hard task





You're so dumb and ignorant Darwin.

Aren't these just copy pastes from things Desu wrote?


Holy shit.. cool
I do not want to incur that wrath

pretty much, only jackson never wrote any of those things himself, he just copy pasted meme copy pastas.

I am not surprised this game is still so awful.

You are worse.


Still are tbh fam

I did not mean to link Mordin.


And you can be too :3

Who is the worst anumis?



I am the victim here


what could possible go wrong?

Oh, I see.

Told you it was a bad idea.


I wasn't even mad. I was just sad.



Nani sore

nandemonai yo


I am best animus

all this xayah porn is like a better version of ahri because the smaller tits

Gj feku you killed the thread..

just like when i talk to females lol

Why did I laugh at that

You on the left


im so alpha staring at her ass so blatantly


why am i so dumb


you are human

people are smarter :(

Lol what?

Wow. I regret not looking at the comments.

I hate the magikarp is weak meme
there are so many shittier pokemon, magikarp is at least viable if you try

No it isn't.

The only way Karp is viable is if you sash it, and baton pass to it from a salac/belly drum boost, ideally during rain.

Because then Flail hits as hard as explosion does, and its 10 base str doesn't matter.
And this is super easily countered by /every/ set up in the game.

I mean.
I guess now you could try to get Z-splash plays with a magikarp?

NEVER regret this.


x-23 is my best character in marvel vs capcom
i team her with tron and spider-man

I wanna watch Eromanga.

And cap the loli girl who's always blushing.


Yas!!!!! Smash em all!!!

tell me why you are dumb so i can laugh

That was adorable.

It's almost unfair. X and Spidey are so fast, and Tron can summon a cute little army. ;D

Some heroes are more equal than others
X is living proof


robots are the future tho




do u hav more

lmao git gud you indochinaman

i know the artist i just want more xayah and cant be bothered to search it

Magikarp can be set up and worked with as mentioned
Compared to base bugs like Caterpie, Weedle, etc. and to other random shitter low evolutions like base starters, Magikarp is pretty good
Magikarp's no Houndoom or Salamance, but it's still viable in certain configurations, just like other 'mons.




No. He really isn't.

Goid one soto

tiers besides OU exist


Just because it can be set up doesn't make it viable.

Magikarp setups are easily countered by one entry hazard, or hitting into a physically tanky resist, both of which are super common right now, and last game, and the game before that.

Magikarp isn't viable.
Magikarp can find a very situational use, but it isn't viable.


And a sashed karp can find use in any of them.

Hey now, I only smoke 2 packs in the span of a week. Which isn't much tbh

I only was giving her money cause it was her birthday and prom and shit
Now all I buy her is a bag of cashews or a coconut water from the liquor store when I go do a beer run

I've been spoiling myself recently
New phone and a new cosplay



finding situational use makes it viable in that situation, at least in my understanding
entry hazards in lower tiers were not common before aloha, don't know about now
and chunking a wall is worth it often times


I could rip out my tooth and use it to take out a screw, but I'd rather use a screwdriver.

I can remove my penis because im a girl irl

but the tooth is still a viable screwdriver
i never said magikarp was optimal
just viable, it can be used

A lot of people seem to conflate these two.

Being viable in one or two situations doesn't make it viable.
It makes it sub optimal.

it's a children's videogame

And I'm a man child.
Wanna fuck about it?

it would appear so

dunno if I should be fucking kids like

Seems like kind of a gray area

coconut water sounds gross

watcha cosplaying?

Sci does it.
Must make it ok.

i guess you could say the same for dogs :^)

If you don't fuck dogs, I don't want to know what's wrong with you.

Unless the kids are the ones pitching that's not comparable really

C-can I take that back?

I only just now thought about it.

I only fucked it because it gave me them fuck me eyes.

Bebop also fucks kids


Loco, you could probably only handle a kid.
My massive man meat might make mince meat out of your ass.

Can you imagine that

Sci getting fucked in the ass by children

I can

God it hurts to live

Apparently he's meeting a Holla Forums loli IRL.
Or at least he's trying to.

Its pretty meh, good for hangovers though

I'm cosplaying Yūichirō Hyakuya
That military uniform is pretty sexy

Who'd have thought that


Bebop? A irl kiddo-to-fuck?
Grim and sito are to blame for allowing this shit to be thought of as acceptable

Actually the first night I use my six inch toy I took it all the way to the loop at the end. I think I have a naturally accommodating anus.

Now having said that, I would also be okay with being torn.

das prty gay


im starting to get a thing for military anime after watching youjo senki. tanya is pretty hot when its not drawn in her anime style

Holla Forums lolis aren't real, they're all Russian surgeons

I get it
Its a blood chan reference

I can still see Bebop's greasy white boy face.

Like the pizza he so loves to fuck.

As it deips on his victim like that one willen dafoe movie


No I was picturing a girl fucking my anus

Not gay

not gay at all



Yeah her anime style is fucking garbage
Its the eyes, I think

Wouldn't surprise me that a russian loli would be a thing


Loli is for pedophiles


lolis feel so great

especially the irl ones

Should probably keep an eye on the next season of To Catch A Predator really

are we having another crapshoot about loli/pedophilia again

I sometimes wonder if I should actually report you.

You're not a real man if you see a small loli pussy and don't want to ravage it.

I like to fuck underage girls!

If Bebo gets on TV for diddling kids that makes us famous by association right?




I would lose my shit.

we would be monitored by the fbi as a potential pedophile or cp circle

I feel like we'd have a 60 Minutes segment where they just read superficial posts and say we're all pedophilic, homosexual, furry transvestites and that's what made Bebop go after those underage boys.

what do you think of the thing I sent on discord

especially the ones making posts like these

Put a comma between furry and tranny.

well that wouldn't be wrong would it

Well, individually we're one of the four, not all simultaneously.


Inb4 grim tries to make pedophilia "normal"

I need to cap this fucking show.
It's actually kind of funny and the faces are gold.

Homosexuality first

it would make me hard to think of a Dale Cooper or other virtuous officer of the law reading my dirty, filthy posts

honestly I'm hard right now just thinking about it

Don't judge his Islamic culture by our inferior western standards.

its selling out on amazon pretty damn fast

theres even better versions on alibaba right now

Idk where to start with the sanding tho

do you know anything about hand sanding sharp edges?

all pedos that haven't actually diddled kids deserve to be treated with psychological help

the ones that have need to go to jail under a different pretense and get treated there too

What did confucius say about harambe?

Dale Cooper would never waste his precious time reading your stupid fetishes.

the writers are absolute savages

Posting pornography of children is also grounds for jail.

All pedos should be gassed. To be safe. Or, as a compromise, chemically castrated.

what is this disasterpiece


I love how self aware the show is.
Like, fuck the games. They really struck gold with the show.

Let me go find the vid.


termination of criminals like this won't help

I feel like if they are rehabilitated, then they can notice the signs in their friends or family and help them too so pedophilia just goes extinct

but thats just my high hopes and opinions

I loved sonic the anime
every episode I would wait for him to go supersonic

and when he finally did I lost my shit

Wasn't that one of the inter-chapter pieces for the graphic novel? Rorschach's "case files" or whatever.

They're too far gone my dude.

Soto, ui and bebop really probably should be taken out back and have a slug slapped into their craniums at terminal velocity.

does anyone here have any info about sanding sharp metal edges

from what I've heard, starting at a low grit like 300 is best and then moving upto a higher one and sanding perpendicular to the last grain you made

but how do you know when to move onto the next grit??

how do you know if someone is too far gone though

would need professional prognosis

and even in that case
best to just have them labor under your watchful eye

I can't find it.

This fucking show.

... and this is why you need communism and the gulag system...

I actually can't watch full episodes because I'm on data, but the fucking shit I read on Holla Forums

Please make webms

Too far is posting child pornography on a public image board.

Why is my name in this wtf

Shame. I was looking forward to your non existence

You are a dangerous... bangkok dangerous... prove you are not a sexual predator of minors!



this guy


I have like 50mb left and I'm too poor to renew it actually

I don't know how Luka manages

If I knew how.

Boo hoo hoo

it has been so long im unsure


its the original eggman va from the videogames

I can't

Tell me that shit isn't hilarious.



not it

His name is Mark. Not sure if it is suppose to be someone.


That was honestly the best part of Watchmen, the inter-chapter segments that were like news articles, case files, or just random shit adding backstory.

We truly are the last of us

it's Chris-chan

What in Sam's hell?

he did make the whole huff about his arms yes

but I think they looked to our boy sammy for the looks



That's it.
I'm capping this show.

100% support your endeavor

Ni ni

Im sick of this cancer

The raw passion this child has.

bye scoots


weaponize it.




If this kid says 3D environment classic Sonic one more time...


imma go meet with a friend of mine, have fun capping

I'll start tomorrow.


Aw. He's crying.

Sonic fans. Hear my plea.

Do Sonic fans even exist anymore?






one of the most sought after gay porn scenes of all time.


That image makes me sad. ami -youtube orgy&num=100&tbs=dur:l&tbm=vid

woke up a bit ago

how does it do that?

What a loading screen..


what did you do while i was asleep?

She's clearly not content.
Cuts on her cheek, scrape or bruising on the nape of her neck, bite mark on her left breast, bruising on her left forearm, some miscelanious marks on the right.

This girl was probably abused.

Went to town.
More LoL.

Now I'm chilling.

Why not assume she was in a fight

It's hotter if she was abused

The way the marking is doesn't suggest a fight at all ???

Nor does her expression, really.

Are you done yet!!!

I kinda like sonic boom.

;~; i just thought it was a simple hickey and a love bite... :(
but i guess the arms and scrape on cheek are worrying


Nah. Just one.

Tails is best character.

rin x seshomaru ^_^ rin is tokai ur seshomaru?

hopefully it was fun casting lotsa kewl spels and warding and assisting in killz


I thought it was a hickey at first too, but then I started looking and just kept getting sadder about it.


are you alright today?

I think I'm well enough, at least, how about yourself?




I knew it.

Fuck you, Ian.
You calcium enriched good.


Ian is a cold heartless pile o bones.

Oof. Ow.
My bones.

I'm a warm squishy bag of emotion

Go get him boy
He's made of tasty bones

Is that why people put their dicks in you?


Some people have weird fetishes, man.


What are yours?

Consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation

That's frickin' gross.

The heck...

You like goat girls. Fuck off with that shit.

I apologize for my depravity.


I think this place is a bit too pure for you..


You will not fool me.


Fool me tho

Or perhaps I already have

How much will you pay me?

Did you get apex


I used to struggle with which direction to draw the floppy part of J

Get out.

Have you Louise'd me?

I used to struggle with which direction to draw the ail part of a G.

You'd actually have to like me for me to do that to you




Because I do like you.

This is news to me

Yeah I'm told that's a great movie.

We should play the Apex campaign

Darwin we should play the osu! campaign.

is there a campaign or r u trolling.

if you mean play through all the beatmap packs that counts as trolling


When "baka nano?" just doesn't cut it

Can I run it on Windows 95?

Maybe because me saves that one the be gonna you're

Vastly overrated.

das older than me



I haven't seen it. Too busy looking at memes on the internet to go to movie theaters.

Get Out was good

Not amazing, but fairly original and well done for modern horror

Anybody that believe don't I now you about do I way the feels.

But you can do that while at the theater. That is how it works now.

was i being bullied

God damn it Darwin


In my moments of doubt, you pull out shit like this

It's a song, but it's inverted.

It was between that or the Mighty Mouse theme song.

Goddamnit I was never supposed to get into this game

Gee thanks

[insert reminder that you're old here]

When the going gets tough, you can trust me.

You actually are one of the people I consider extremely trustworthy

For reasons

Yeah, thanks a lot for that.


I only ever get in trouble when I tell the truth, I should lie more.

What you said about Soto wasn't a lie?

This is what happens to liars

It wasn't a lie because of the smiley. I forgot about it already actually.

What happens if he tells the truth?

So did I until just now ;)

He also gets shot by Cameron Mitchell

Unless he closes the doors, then he's okay

I told him Jackson told me about your freaky fetishes. Which is not a lie because he did. And you said it was true.

So lying or telling the truth really doesn't matter much?

*Jackson told you some made up shit

Jackson would NEVER lie.

No, because if he's lying and saying he's a friend then he's really an enemy

And if he's an enemy, he gets shot

If it was made up then howcome you confirmed it?

So no matter what he says he gets shot.

Yeah, because he's a bad guy

-80's action movies

Bennett is what all bad guys should aspire to be.

What about nowadays?

Sup bitches~?

I crashed a car earlier. What did you do today?

I personally think every bad guy should be Bill and just keep recruiting more pimps

Action movies don't exist nowadays. Our society is full of PUSSIES

You and I are the only brave men left in man.



Baited for this exact response.

Flood deleted; Post discarded


I deleted my incredulous reactions folder.

A bunch of people told me how they crashed cars

So, how'd you crash a car?

I'm hitting it from a new angle

But at home the food is free. And memes are free.

This one is superfluous.

To make space for the new ones you stole from THEM?


God I love this artist

I stole nothing.


This one gave it up willingly? Not surprising.

No, I stole them too.

I mean, yeah, that.


Oh I guess it's fine then.


How mean

On a scale from 1 to 10, how mean?



so im confused... like. its friday
and you KNOW we get down on friday

where the fuck is TP?

bring it down a few digits.

Multiply it by at least 10 in my case.

I'm actually the only human brave left alive.

Are you saying I'm mean or you're mean?

I just realized today is Friday. Phil, where the fuck are you, and more importantly, where is my money?

I'm actually the only human brave left alive.



daamit phil!

inb4 horrible motorcycle accident



*highly cringes in your filthy weeaboo direction*

Says the guy with the most figs in the entire thread

They will be used as bartering material in the pos apocalypse



I fell asleep. But yes, just whenever you are on.

...wait it reversed that somehow


Nice phone faggot


i use a gtx240 and i dont seed my torrents


I use Kazaa.

I was fairly certain that gun wielding animu girl from the Madoka series was your waifu for a while

msi boston with 4 gb memory and a dual core amd processor...

Why are you triggering me?

i like literally never avad as a magical gril

because i missed you


You should try I sometime. I was once a snail loli.

oh yea... i was slug once too

i had a slug yiff suit.. allegedly

You're trying to play yourself off as an ironic normalfag and it's not working

Where is all the shitposting?

lol i know...

and i was going to go with a pentium 3 but that would been over kill, so

usb external video card...420p







That reminds me of the bubble gum bill icecreams I used to love.



They still are the shit

too much?



So unhealthy.