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One day you're going to die and suddenly be nothing.


i'll be fine

Lying to me or yourself won't change anything.

oh, thats why

no u

Saying you'll never die isn't something you can argue.


it's too late



You can't nap in gay baby jail.

Why do people keep saying the queen is dead?

Probably because queen is dead.

But people also said she's not dead

They must be wrong.

Must is a powerful word. How can you be so sure?


I guess you concede that statement, weakling.

Couldn't keep up.

What's it like to be last place in life?

The same as first.

That means I'm not left behind.

The first and last being the same does not mean that those in between are the same as well.

If you say so.

My say is absolute. I'm kinda like a god.

Dusty, did Spec ever show up?

Haven't talked to him for a few days. I think he posted a day or two ago though. Do you have him on steam?

I thought I did, Maybe removed him a while ago or something.

Anyway, go to bed.

Not until the sun goes back down.

Johnny North on steam is him though.

I was playing today and just checking out some diffrent loadouts for our next run.

So what you're saying is you don't exist ?

I played a bit yesterday evening to figure out how UAVs work. They are quite good. If we can get Spec in as well I'd like to try the other mission, which would let us more properly set up a base and run a continuous campaign. With bigger stuff, like armed helos, APCs, tanks, etc.

We could also start with just the two of us though.

To majority of society I don't.

go outside

That's cool.
I also fixed up my controls so I can be an ace pilot once again. Also I can move my camera and not fly into gunfire again.

I don't know how the fuck people fly without a track IR or VR headset. I can do jets because I don't really need to see anything, but helos are huge pain.

Been busy, so haven't been on much.
I'll be up for ARMA memes later if you guys want.
Also trying to get another friend involved who's also okay at being a pilot.
If we can get 4 people we should do a hunter killer Blackfoot pair.
Was playing around with those last week. Being in the gun is really cool, but they get shot down stupid easy.

I'll be down. Computer will hopefully be fine hosting still, because I looked into renting a server but they're very expensive. I've been trying to get an IRL friend in as well, but he's not gonna touch it until after finals he said.

My controller has two analog sticks. one for movement and the other for camera. Haven't you ever played GTA?

Outside is for normies

That should be just right for you then.


No actually
I have a joystick and a controller, but using a controller just seems weird
Do you rudder with triggers?

Extra normal.


Yes, nose and banking with left analog and thrust and tail for the triggers.

HOTAS and pedal setup is objectively the best, but also very expensive.

I have an old joystick with a flip throttle and no x axis, so it's fairly painful. Still better than a keyboard though. Having only discrete controls sounds like aids. Although I do steer cars with my keyboard rather than mouse.

Would a normie jerk off to 2d boats while eating hardboiled eggs in a bath tub?

Sounds about right.



I've been up so long i'm starting to see things.

Thought my door was opening but it wasn't.

crazy how nature does that


You invested a lot

go the fuck to sleep

In like 12 hours I will.

When's your deadline?

rip ban

a week from now, including the report for it.
ive still got some bugs to track down though, like the given click and inspect code simply not triggering its intended clause.

also the agents fucking refuse to move diagonally to intercept the ball for some reason, which is weird, seeing as going by my code it should be the first action they select.

at least i'm not seeing massive ghost spiders

My joystick is like a $15 dollar model from years ago. It's only two axis. I want a HOTAS+pedals, don't have them.

Ohh how many words for your report?

theres that

no idea, but given my lackluster effort the more the merrier


That spider is still in that vent. I know it is.


the best part: they won't remember this post, or any posts, or anything.

cause they will be dead.

Sucy is on my level.

I once stayed up over 72 hours for science

I saw some hockey skates breathing.
Just staring at them, they were breathing in and out through the opening.

I thought to myself 'welp time for bed'

And now let's talk about Causality.


don't start.





Nice ass.


Nice class.

Nice bass.



Nice grass.



Nice lass.


Nice mass.

nice Gass.

Is it meta because they know it isn't funny and therefore it is funny because it's meta?


Nice yass.

Guess i'm the older brother from watamote

Watamote's the shota trap brother tho.


I'm pretty sure you just made that up.


Oh he was younger.

Also wikipedia is not a scholarly source

Nice sass.

Nani sore

Nice pass.

best Chariot

Nice brass.

How you doing Ikt-gurl?

Maybe I should just make Minecraft Videos.

but then ten year olds would call you lame.

Good! Weekend! How's Emma-kun?


Woah, whats the future like?

yes, except you would know they were ten-year-olds so the burns hurt even more because you're not hip.

I'm off tomorrow!

Don't you permanently have weekend tho

yah but i still have some semblance of friends that have normie schedules :P

whats tomorrow? the queen's funeral?

Do I also get accused of being a pedophile on Drama Alert

we're not the ones judging you, but this voluntary exchange of information will be beneficial to the case.

I missed u

Liberation something day.

I bought a bag of raw habanero peppers today.

Shit's about to go down, gonna eat one.

I've no idea what that is, but as long as it gets you a free day I'm not complaining.

dis gonna be gud

welp I bought peppers from the pussy aisle cause there's no heat to these at all. Just a little, but nothing noteworthy.
Hmm, the heat does pick up a bit!

Okay I bit a part that actually has some heat. Now this is what I'm talking about.

Oh, this is a good heat. this is a raw pepper heat, I love it.


Real Time blogging of social eating!!!

Oh yes, this is the taste sensation... I was quick to judge but these habaneros deliver!

Weekend? It's only Thursday!

Emma-kun is okay, really sleepy tho :c

it's so different from a sauce, you don't expect the flavour and heat to be so powerful and raw from the cute little pepper itself; it's a completely different experience eating the raw peppers... the heat is like... idk. more 'present'. versus a sauce. It's very exciting.

I hear mangos go really good with a raw pepper.

I'm off tomorrow, so it's plenty weekend for me ^^

Go to sleep! I had two days of almost no sleep so I overslept today.

But that doesn't make Saturday anime air sooner.

It's 3pm! I can't go sleep at 3pm!

I underestimated the demure little habanero-chan, clocking in around a quarter of a million scovilles the pepper is eye-wateringly hot and it stays in your mouth, it's brilliant.

I want to dry the rest and crush them into a powder >_> for seasoning

season one of your snails as an experiment

I'm an idiot for buying 13 genuine fresh habanero peppers, and more an idiot for eating one.

Twelve more amazing experiences left, I guess.

That thing was hotter than I expected and I've tried some hot sauces. The raw pepper just has the real bite to it, it gets into your cells and stings hard. There's nothing else like it, I think capsaicin extract sauces lose their edge.

But more time to do other anime things!

3PM is a good time for a nap

what about my snails?

you want me to eat one?

Like watch anime porn? Pervert!

I can't nap, I haven't even had lunch yet!

nah just see how it reacts to the pepper

Sana activates my lolicon vibes

I think if it were left alone with the pepper it might avoid it, they have a strong sense of smell. Though, since it's not salty, and it's organic, I wouldn't be surprised if the snail decided to eat it..

also I have eaten escargot while owning snails. I wanted to find out what they tasted like.

I meant like if it was powdered. Do you grow your own escargot?

no, but I have studied the steps to collecting and 'cleaning' garden snails with corn meal to get their digestive systems flushed out and from there it's pretty much straight into a boiling pot of water to kill them and then de-shell them, and onto the grill and serve with garlic butter sauce.

isnt that like the method where you force feed them one thing and wait for them to poop everything out? im an expert on that topic cuz i watched a youtube video about it.

right, you feed them corn meal and wait a while so when they start pooping corn colored they're ready to go, whatever they ate beforehand (bark, mold, other poop) is flushed out.

Woah there, I didn't even mention hentai!

Oh god how haven't you had lunch yet?

You're the only one who has mentioned that lewd word so far! .///.

Because I fell asleep at 7am and woke up at like, 1pm!


Anime things

You mentioned porn

Anime thongs

Which is the name of the adult content industry!

the only thing I ever search is 'nipple play' and frankly there are not enough results of good quality.

(only good one)

resort to anime porn


Why would you think I'd look at lewd images of anime girls made for the adult content industry?!


Well you do, don't you?

fucking hell.

I was handling habaneros with my hands earlier.

now my dick is on fire.

oh well, this'll be something new.

I wanna masturbate with peppers. Youre lucky

Why spend money on a proper product when your crappy soldering skills can do it for free? :D

I mean, I do, but I those weren't the anime things I was thinking I was going to do!

Don't you?

oh my god, my dick is on fire from the habanero pepper.

quick link me something hot.
preferrably asian
preferrably thin, nice nipples
preferrably being eaten out or being groomed


i bet that wont work with an apple product

No, never. I'm a pure and innocent angel.

Works for me(TM)!

But then how did you know there was something like that?

didnt you say you sustain your immense skill with copious amounts of masturbation?

you should make it look really cool like terminator style and encase the board in solder to make it look like alloy

I learned about it in health class in school.

That wasn't me.

What kind of lewd school shows its students hentai of all things?

I learnt everything I know about lewd in health class too

But then it stops working D:

I only learned about that word from you a few minutes ago!

Or you're just very lewd!

ill stalk you harder to confirm this

idk how solder works. shouldnt it be fine as long as the circuits stick?

Pfft, as if! Gonna go shower and find food though, back in a bit~

Please don't.

Solder conducts! Electric components don't like random voltages and current on random ports!

Have fun!


ill obey you if you say that with a cute exclamation point.

wait does it really? holy shit I thought it was just more permanent super glue. why cant i use a coil of solder as a wire tho?

You can tho. It conducts fine.

really? one time i did a think where I used a length of solder to try and make this LED work but it dodnt. teach me motto ikt sensei


are u feelin it mr krabs? 0w0

Is SNSV a good laptop brand

LED was either broken or you reversed the polarity.

Also you probably want a resistor or something.

i am going to start banning for this spam

I know what most of these things mean. I was doing it on a controlled board from one section to the next. when it didnt work i switched to a normal wire thingy that got hot but doesnt melt and that fixed it

i wanna have a new laptop

You did a wrong thing.

Wires shouldn't get that hot unless you run serious current through it.

Unless it was a high power LED the cable shouldn't do that.

Use resistors.

The board shouldn't have been able to put out serious amps?


it was hot cuz my iron was touching it for a long time to test if it was the solder piece or not. but it worked so i must be a genius!

I installed my new PSU all by myself.


post cable management

i want a laptop that doesnt smell like its absorbed an entire countrys worth of cigarette smoke

*pat* Good fek!

Don't burn down the house!

But I'm not NEET.

You did good!



i dont actually have an iron in my house. consider that one those stories from my war days on a public campus in society

I want this

Doesn't get much better at this price point and if I drop display size I'd need to also downgrade specs or upgrade budget.

I wanna buy a good soldering iron for soldering works because the current cheap-o one's tips are damaged and gets hot shittily and the damn holder is crap.

hows emi?

i want that new 3 grand display linus posted the other day

what soldering iron do you have?

do you do that thing where you tin it often n stuff

Reverse the polarity of deez nuts

I'm good, I wanna do things but I think I'm drained for today.

How's ya?

I actually just want my current laptop but smaller, lighter and with a higher resolution. Everything else is fine tho better specs is always nice and that one is also cheap.

No optical bay though, can't do a SSD+HDD set-up for proper dual-booting.

Soldering iron's some cheap shit from Aldi like over 10 years ago probably.

Sometimes lmao.



and youre complaining like its not your fault?!??!? wow IKT ur an amateur.

Wait it does have a DVD drive! :D

Maybe I should just get new tips.

All cables are hidden in one part of the chassis. Corsair Cube :3

Wasn't easy!
What's with this lewd as fuck anime

uwu fuck me daddy


Just the tip?

same tbh, i got some work done on my project, but now that ive cleaned and had tea i just wanna chill

im legit fine with my current laptop tbh, it gets the job done.

considered getting one of those knockoff hakko stations for dirt cheap?

still, guts pics

i have the 740 myself

1v1 me


I kinda like it

What's wrong with a PC

i like mine too

Which lewd anime?

Show compooper!

Woah wtf

Say please.

Well, otherwise it'd just be another same thing as the rest is still fine.

I should shower and then reconsider if I want to continue. Fucking hell, we're using a git repo and there's like only me and somebody else who actively push stuff and now I need something from somebody else and I check their branch and it hasn't been updated for 3 weeks and they only made two fucking commits ever. Meanwhile I've had like 10 merges already. Fuck projects. At least I did a lot today.

Really want a higher resolution display but replacements are 100 EUR and I'd not even be sure if it would work at all since I don't know if the motherboard can output Dual LVDS signals for 900p+.

Did consider, but how much would they be? I really just want something that has a decent tip.

I can't bring it with me!

I wanna see pics of Lewds' guts

No thanks

I hope you>>1743244

please uwu fuck me daddy

get a super shiny new stick


Explosion girl anime
2 lazy to get a good pic right now!

Yeah, I know you're ew!



Nah, just the tip.

Make a bad pic!

Explosion loli is best explosion loli.

What's your project on briefly?


that does sound fucking annoying

id love me a 1080p laptop tbh

like £35, and theyre hakko compatible so you can shove a proper tip on there

Whoa lewd


Come lick my guts

I'll get a good one tomorrow. Maybe.

But I'll get electrocuted...

Is lewd a ai?

Making software/API to control a hardware platform.

But the school/product owner keeps changing the requirements each sprint :c

Is patting lewd?

Too lazy!

Thought you liked pain.

what else do you solder?
im bed lurk now

I guess it's actually close to an industry client in that regard
You should consider that the person who hasn't contributed much maybe is like that because they're not confident in their programming ability compared to the rest of you, I've had people like that in my groups before

There's a difference between erotic electrocution and licking a computer though.

The thing you PM'd me was even more lewder than that!

You're the expert


I know nothing

I wanna solder a keypad hence why I need good tips!

Yeah, the "client" is from Philips and has worked with school before, so we already know/suspect they're just trying to emulate irl. Still, when a new requirement halfway through the project is "Yeah, your class has two teams who developed an API for their projects independently. We want you to make them compatible/share the same library", it kinda sucks to have to choose which parts are dropped.

Well, he's fine with programming as far as I can see his progress, just probably not experienced with git/version control. I'll app him tomorrow or something. Everybody here passed an internship, so I think we're all competent enough.

You can't prove it!

Do you have weekend now?


Nani sore

I'd posterez the screencap I made, but I don't want to leak your [REDACTED]


Why not just buy the keypad pieces and connect it to your keyboard like Lego

You'll be doing him a favour since everyone needs to learn that sooner or later :3


Exam writing and work!


It's a good [REDACTED] though.

Because Gateron Clears and PBT keycaps and custom controller!

Yay I did a good! :)

We also have a demo next Wednesday, so I'm kinda stressed now.

I thought you were finished with exams and school and stuff!

Do you work as a maid in a maid cafe?


Mine is better than yours though.


Student assistant in a company that offers cloud solutions!
And noh, I'm writing my masters next year!

Uh, shower I guess.

Comparing [REDACTED] with you is just unfair!

Ooooh! Cloud! Fluffy stuff.
Prestigious! Ganbatte! I'm sick of this shit so I'm probably not gonna. Maybe I'll get not sick after moving out but we'll see.


Shower pics


well that was a fun afternoon

how are you all doing

I'm feeling you on the stress thing, I guess it's not too bad if it motivates you
Cannot wait to graduate

No crying!

Join the club. I'm sick of studying.

Let's play a dungeon crawler :3

Why not? I wannya cry.

You're drooling.

*pet* No no

but that sounds spoopy

no crying

you're cuteing

I'll spoop ur pooper if u don't

But why not tho

Why do you want to

IKU youtu.be/K9zmiF810rw

I dunnyo, stress or something?

Oh, in that case I might try it.


Wait, try what?

I forgot

cheek puff

Oh, I'm going to go do literally anything else then, bye.

Exciting! Have fun!

It's mfw the weather here recently

bed, night


It's mfw the weather here recently

i have acquired dank new dark souls images


what the fuck

Why are Gyarus so fucking great?

Mata ne

ye xD

Sayonara bye

I need this woman in my life.

Soto did you get your phone yet?

Today is payday

I just bought it
Wait 3 to 4 business days :3

Didn't you say that 3 to 4 business days ago?

I sorta lied
Cause I had the money to buy it and was going to but right before buying it some chick messaged me and sorta forced me to go out on a date with her

But this time I swear I actually bought it

I need this woman in my life.

I prefer mata ne

I don't know what a gyarus is

How's the Thur coming along?

Brown anime pussy and tiddies



Shower be back

I also have like 300 eromanga sensei images downloaded already

The show is fucking garbage tho

Eh, 6.5/10
Got up early for once and met with my new project partner for our game design coursework, he was cool

It's crazy how quick people draw lewd

Wow, what a fucking loser.
Why are you so desperate for a date?


Soto, my job is pretty all right.
10 hours isn't so bad. I even get overtime tomorrow.

Well done fam



Where is everyone?

Nobody is in call.

Then why is the score so low? Jesus
That sounds pretty 8.5 or 9/10

So they randomly assign you a partner? That's kinda scary dude. What if you get a lazy guy who won't help you at all?
What's he like?

Also, nice thicc asian

If you think about it a little girl who takes lewd pics of herself to use as reference is hot as fuck

Well, it's kind of a long story
She threw a party in her apartment and I crashed there and it was so trashed the next day so while she was recovering I cleaned up and made some breakfast for us and she felt really bad that I did all that and wanted to make it up for me so she sorta dragged me out and paid for me but then I kinda felt bad making her pay for me so we went to a bar and she invited her friends and pretty much hooked me up with her friend.

I kinda wanted to get with her but she has a bf and he's a really nice dude and I don't wanna ruin their relationship.

Yeah, 10 hrs is bearable
OT? Is it your scheduled day off and youre going in orjust working more tha 10 hrs?

a mix of work and other things I guess. im about to sleep, i hadnt banked on being so utterly exhausted after the past few days.

10 is standard, but it's more like 10 and a half, because lunch isn't counted in that 10 hours.
So I actually work 6 to 4:30, but we can go past that even.

Night, babe.


Feel like I've seen this movie before.

Stress and tings

Well, you can pick, but it has to be different for each project. So after the first two I ran out of friends in that class ;;
He's asian and smart so it works for me

I got a raise today

It's only a dollar raise but hey it's fuckin something

Pretty shitty movie, right?

I went with Gold btw
They only had Silver and Gold for the Axon 7
H-How'd I do?

Oh man, that always sucks dude

D'awww that's so cute
Subtle's a quiet boy who doesn't like talking to others

Well thats good he's Asian

How do you like it so far? Is it really physically demanding?



Soto's mexican

It is more of an obsession with getting carried through projects by his classmates, as I recall.

Well, kind of.
I'm working with parts that are less than 5 pounds each, but the rate I have to move is pretty taxing.
Not to mention with my knees as bad as they are it takes me about 15 seconds to stand up if I crouch.

Yeah, 0/10

That's the better option at least.

the threads are saved!

wow I wish i could be Anonymous so i could say things like this.


still has eyes like a one armed bandit dont he

Thank god bestiality hasn't been hit.



Soto what gives



It's not like that, just hard to get to know lots of new people when you only meet once a week

Also not like that

It's tsuchi obv

Nvm it's not tsuchi

Okay that kinda triggered me

Only a little tho

At least youre going to get fit with that job
Exercise is always good

How are the people there?

Hurry up and translate a new yuzumori for me you slut

Awww yiss
Also how are things coming along for AN?
Are you excited? Are you gonna party with your friends or just be a boring weeb with those swirly glasses buying posters and shit?

The fuck is that from?

It's not really that hard, I used to love going to my speech pathology classes once a week cause the people there were pretty funny and fun to talk to
I still keep in touch with like 3 people from there

git gud at charisma

Fuck me hard.
I deserve a beating.

Mostly girls in my section, but nice.
There is this super cute guy down the way from my area that is super bara.

It's not out until the 15th you whore.

Ehh, sorta just waiting until the end of the month now.
I need to book my train ticket soon though, but I'm trying to decide on what time I wanna go down.
I'm not doing shit for planning, I'll let the experienced people do that.

Yeah, osu!.

Now I know your trigger :^)

3 people, that's basically 2.. don't make it seem like I'm some recluse pls

Yeah, I bet you're counting down those 11 days aren't you, you little semen demon

Oh yeah it's at the end of this month too, huh?
Guess we're both gonna be at Anime cons around the same time only in different countries lol
I'll be sure to text you and send you pics of all the garbage CG cosplayers out here and tell you how you're fuckin stylin on em

I'm also taking a train since its like a 6 hr drive from me lol
You gonna buy totally illegal loli merch shit?

What the heck man, don't give me that reaction

How do you check other peoples profiles on Osu or whatever
Why are you stalking me

Get at that dick bro

Dont make me bust out the teeth jokes you sensitive little cutie

Yeah that aint actually too bad
At least that proves that you talk in class lmao


And yeah...maybe.

sick link

Are the people there friendly at least
Also do you act gay in public or do you act like a normal human being?

I-I totally meant to do that

You bet your ass I'm counting the days. I need to know to answer to that cliffhanger.

Mine will be better than yours. You won't get to see my god-like cosplay though so you won't know if I'm actually stylin' on 'em.

Ehh, I'll buy something if it's cute but I probably won't spend much on merch unless there's a beast Illya.

Uhh, just search on the site.
If you press F8 / F9 in game you can view the chat and player list and there's a search bar there.

Some of my own family members often forget I'm gay just because I never really act like it.

Really depends on who I'm around. If it would be funny then I make a joke about it or play it up.

If it's with someone like George I'll be pretty in the middle.

Most people tell me they never would have guessed save for how I stand.
I usually have one foot behind the other with just the toe touching the ground and I have my hips kind of slanted. Looks pretty faggy.

what a dumb hoe

Nezi is an expert at taking pictures of his junk.

Ban is an expert at taking pictures of her junk.

When I want to be.

Can you take a picture of my junk?

I'm having a garage sale soon and I want to throw pictures of stuff up online so people will come by


You wouldn't need to put things online if canada had more mexicans.

But then it'd all get stolen

nobody wants to see ur junk

Just watch your stuff.

Nah, you just get the middle class mexicans
They still buy random shit because they're mexican
But they're above stealing

But what about when I fall asleep?

Damn son, I guess the way to actually get you to send me pics of your cosplay so I can make fun of you is to buy you a yuzumori figure :^)

I actually plan to buy something at Fanime for once
I don't know what though, probably a super neat doujin, or something to put on my desk that isn't too weeby or nsfw
Kinda wanna buy a sword but that's like autism levels of weeb

What's your name on Osu again?

That's kinda good I guess
Don't get me wrong I don't hate the gays I just hate how eccentric they can be at times
Kinda triggers me but I never let it show

I kinda have a gayish stance too after running I put both of my hands on my hips for no fucking reason and I always catch myself doing it and go back to normal stance

She's 12, don't give her such a hard time she's barely learning

I'm just jodan'n m8 :3

Thats what you get for falling asleep with a bunch of mexicans at your house.

If only those actually existed dude :^)
Buy me a figure of my cosplay if you can figure it out.

Buy a scat doujin and leave it laying around with a friend is over just to fuck with them.


that's how my mom stands

Jokes can hurt man ;;

Gays are fine.
Fags are awful.

Imagine? That would be a godsend
I'd hot glue it so fkn hard

Oh man I fucking hate this game lmao
I'm horrible at this shit

LOL that would be hilarious but my friends wouldn't really trip out over it since we've all seen some weird shit. I mean we all browse 4chan so like come on

They'd probably pick it up, skim through it, then roast me saying some shit along the lines "I fucking knew you had shit tastes Soto, LITERALLY SHIT TASTE"

There, there it's all diajoubu now
I won't bully you no more

There's a difference?


I also have a bad tendency of not clicking on links people send me and I just act like I clicked it

this is so me

lmao who's autistic lolicon Osu profile is this anyways?

Probs Subtles

DO NOT lewd the Yuzumori.

It's not Anzu, but keep ganbarimasuing and you'll figure it out.

LOL oh my god.


Mine's probably worse

Nice fucking try m8
Try telling that to Mimika

How many guesses do I get?
Cyka blyat-kun?

Yeah, my friends are great/the worst

Is Osu for pedophiles or something

The haitai beatmap has like literally toddlers and I liked playing it but didn't like the fact that I would be telling my lil sis Im playing a rythmn game while clicking circles with like children in a pool in the background


Just play haitai burka edition

Even she knows she can't.

You just wasted your only guess :^)

I like kissing cats or just like burying my face in their tummies but then I get my face full of fur and my nose gets all itchy

lmao fucking ISIS rhythm game

She sexualizes the shit out of her in her head
Don't even try to deny that cause you know that's true

Wow fuck you
I hate this game

Just please dont cosplay the autistic nyaning one

Yes, but as long as you don't realize those sexualizations in the real world everything is daijoubu.

I gave you the biggest hint in the world and you fucked it up

She pretty much already realized em
She literally like grabbed her, or at least I think she did

Wow I wasn't ready
I was too charmed by your online cuteness or some shitty excuse like that

Do I start shitting up KR's ladder or play HotS?

Play Osu

She stopped herself and was like

LOL too fucking bad m8

Fine fuck you
I'll probably get tired after only a couple songs though

i didn't

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

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