The rock, for its part...

The rock, for its part, is not even aware of our existence because we are alive for only a brief instant of its lifespan. To it, we are like flashes in the dark.

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Good OP.

What else would doing it be?

Repeat, Did you want to give me your steam or me give you mine? Well can you prove you did it, or would it be impossible to do so?

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.

but that's wrong you memeloving fuck

I once touched a rock inappropriately, I think it knows I did it...I now live in fear.

I mean, people in my life have been dying seemingly as a result of this reality attempting to reject my actions.

implying the reality gives a shit about the insignificance that is you

howd da bee beat the dynamic erios?

Wrench in the gears of the machine elves.

Lay me at the bottom of the river...

There's been several billion of us already.

If you wanted to be all pretentious about it, it'd be better to say we're billions of photons painting a picture.

Well that's odd...

i posted words at you at the end of the last thread



There are varying levels of "free will". It is largely a myth. One of the strongest moves one can make is to fully commit to Buddhism or Christianity and live a monastic life which is sufficiently boring and regimented to the point that extradimensional entities other than the meme to which you have cucked yourself has no interest in your daily life.

This song is dope, fyi.

He doesn't exactly need to be enabled.

nothing needs to be done mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

This is the song I meant to post:
The album I posted is pretty great too.

Squid remembers my posting a good third of threads before I finally got banned. I've gotten better, and am mostly talking to people rather than at people these days. This is my first time drunkposting, however. It's interesting, is it not?

It's an Andromeda Strain quote

wonderful book by Michael Crichton

Sent you a FR by the way.

YO! I deleted my facebook, finally, after that fucking drama.

Finally free from that fucking site.

So the problem is that I've got a chromebook and a phone, which means I need to find your profile to be able to accept the friend request. Sorry, I forgot...

I no nothing of you, yet somehow that YO made me want to know what happened.


Scanner pretty much gets it.

>@ikt So, the buttons on the wheel and the shift work. Instead, the wheel steering system, throttle and brake don't work...this is what I got when I try to configure it

how do these people procreate

Shikinami's ふんs though.

Holy shit.

do they need a board with flashing lights and bright big arrows pointing to a vagina with "stick it(your penis) here" and maybe a screen with an example how it is done

what you're saying really is not that interesting to most people m8

and probably not in the way that you think

i've avoided using the site and social media sites in general since they started to come about

but now i am being dragged into using facebook

as the unabomber said, optional technology will eventually become mandatory if we wish to continue to operate inside the system

this man has kilos of fire ants



thats fine tbh its just the facts sorry they're not as compelling as they should be or framed in anime terms for the most part


he is preparing for the coming war


joking or am I?

It is a loooong story.

Basically, I added some dude from dota2; not realising that OH FUCK, I ADDED SOMEONE FROM A TOXIC HELLHOLE.

You think anyone from this place would cause shit? Hell no. Try 2 retarded serbians from a moba.

Anyway, so one cunt, who hasn't even added me on fb, started posting shit about me and my friends because he had a bitchfit that no one would join him on battlecup. Cunt doesn't even know me properly, well, let's say that a friend of mine wants to keep my friendship from her seperate from her real life, like one would here in Holla Forums, and had a serious fucking go at me. I only got these messages hours after, and I'm just recovering the biggest mindfuck I had to deal with.

So I said 'Whoops, I forgot all dota2 players are scum; didn't think they'd be cunts to her', then deleted those two cunts and thought 'You know what, this website has gave me more shit than good' and deleted my account.

Weren't even my fault.



Already is, in a way, you're considered a serial killer if you don't have fb.

Nah, rail against it, if your friends love you, they'd contact you on other shit.

i think he likes ants

I had one of this guys added for a few months, and NOW people are deciding to do stupid gay shit?

Y u do this

i'm only using it for a group chat to get some work done, but i'm still annoyed that i'm using it

discord, my nigguh

Oh right, are you dealing with normies?

I sat there sitting with the gif open waiting for her to blink

bees should be preserved



"i think he likes ants"
Reminded me of this.

Well shit, that's a pretty rough time for you then. At least it had the positive effect of getting you off FB.

Death race was a fun movie :3




Yeah, as Bob Ross says. 'No mistakes, only happy accidents'

ur fuckaroonied m80

The whole comic is in gifs.

that was a 5 minute intro

how can you be so invested in ants

What the hell is this video?

Well it's like when I added someone who was completely normal from here and in a matter of a week he had already started being super fucking weird. So that didn't go over well.

"So many Hue's so little time." - Britanon on /cb/ swooning over Brazilians.


its amazing

He isn't wrong

That makes the whole webm, the prompt "oh."

are you that one guy with the floor tile fetish?

wait why is she smiling when did I make that edit

Fuck I haven't touched this folder in forever

this ant guy is way too excited

I fucking hate that, I'm starting to lose hope on finding someone like... legit sane.

I don't wanna seem like a nutter too, deleting fb, but fuck everything; if I can't handle a 3 - 1 job, I'm definitely not going to be able to handle retards.

Who knew that I'd lose a friend and 2 faggots over a videogame and a website I haven't properly used in weeks?


Time to watch brazilian trannies ironically

People are fucking weird, and some wonder why one picks isolation over the company of others.

Like... what's a guy gotta do to get into a sensible relationship nowadays?

these graphics tho

Holla Forums - The only true safe haven from normies

Wait graphics?

Fuck I thought this was some wood ad, I only watched it embedded.

i am normie

next gen tile tech

Nigga pls

yeah they are graphics

i yearn for the day i can have this prettyness in a game

Lol same

Holla Forums is just, shitposting is justice.

Where else can I post best maid getting buttfucked?

where else can I like trannie dick and not be judged

I would like to talk to normies.

Might not be as far off as you think. There's some damn pretty games out there, it's just rarely economical to make them so, especially since you can't do it on consoles.

Ever play like, the new UT? It's a pretty good example to me of what CAN be done, just rarely is.

what ut

he really likes ants


You are judged, but with shared passion.

We ask the real questions here, this is a real nigga place.

stop nigger

The free new UT epic are very, very slowly making as a techdemo for UE4. Doesn't have quite as much detail because obvious reasons, but it carries the same sharpness and feel all their tech demos do.

I can't Scoots.
I got no chill nor brakes.

Oh, that looks neat.

UE4 powered MineRustCraft Theft Auto when


Well I think a lot of what goes into it is who you are talking to and what you expect out of it. Most people are generally just chill, average folk who are sane as the next dude. Some though...well, unstable from the get-go.



oh time to flash this and masturbate


One day dude.
One day, I'm getting ALL the dark souls.

It is such an interesting fucking game.

And it is a sort of Japanesey crazy that actually makes sense and that I can understand.

im playing as a trap :^)

honey im going away

Rust maybe eventually, it DOES run in unity.

But dunno about GTA or minecraft. Open world grafix are always bad. And as I said, the problem is more work and they're all lazy, most UE4 games don't look nearly as good.

And it is that sort of play that makes it even more awesome. Because not only you're playing as a trap, but it doesn't clash with the game's aesthetic.

You see a trap in Dark Souls, you'd be like 'Oh well, that's nice, it's rare to see a qt here but I've seen so much horrendous shit that nothing suprises me anymore.'

You see a qt in Skyrim or anything like that and you're like 'Nah, doesn't fit in this world'

gta v looks pretty
minecraft can be shader modded but it's very heavy on gpu

uweeeeh i just want to escape reality with pretty graphics

You must be fuck ugly when you're hollow though.

traps are just girls with dicks

Girls are just traps without dicks*

also true

Girls are just boys


dicks are just dicks



I got this ad on mobile

This must be the future. I'll finally be able to finger a girl's armpit to make them cum

yes i can finally fuck a girls ampits to make her ahegao just liek in my hentai manga



what's that sound, everybody look what's going down

play majora's mask on gamecube or emul80r

Sounds edgy.


hey test


gimme gimme chicken tendies

You don't have enough good boy points.



I think my pinky is fractured but I can't stop fapping


stick it in a girl


Then I think it's probably not fractured.

It feels irritated and throbby in side

Hullo there everyone!


i want to feel appreciated


Yo, Empty

How does the administration distribute it's official GBP?
I need to know so I can get enough to buy moderator, or at least reporter.

How are we this morning, Test?

There is no real distribution. I keep all the good boy points and tendies for myself.

What's up?

-50 gbp

No matter how much i crack the joint or massage it, the dull pain won't go away


Hello there Squiddy, I'm fine, not doing much just sitting around. Probably going to do some work soon, how about you?

cute pic
save :)

This is blatant corruption!
How am I supposed to buy my way into power now?!

Clock turned into luka.

Shoot me.

Good I guess, got a lot of sleep. Had some weird dreams, but not bad. Just working myself up to make some breakfast, but I wanted to pop in here first.

~ ~ ~

Das the joke

You must have a cute feminine penis like Alice, of course.

Well I'm glad to hear that. I hope you enjoy your breakfast when you get it!

Sort of lazily trying to teach myself some stuff and not doing too much of it, while sort of lazily trying to find something to watch absentmindedly while doing so.

So not much

He was always luka tbh

ey test im a grill ;)

shoot me too


Hmm! Not doing much, sounds like you! Might play some games before I attempt the work I wanna do.




What you up to?

sudo fix everything

at least youre here ;~;

What games?
What work?

Maybe I have my own special snowflake unique gimmick to make me stand out from the crowd of attention whores :o

I'm gonna go with emoticons after every line because I put one in there and I can claim it was planned all along. ^_^

How low energy.

I mean
I already want to kill myself
is that not enough for test-senpai?

And there's absolutely nobody else.

I mean, to be fair*

Nothing is ever enough.

Uhh, nothing much really, I did some early planning for my regional deck for YGO, now I'm probably going to play some vidya, then do my work after.

So busy day, with a bit of fun.

Hey there Luka, how are you doing today?

Unsure yet, and it's my networking work, which is in on the 24th and I haven't do anything for it yet.

GIve me all your last order.




Didn't get much sleep I take it?

kanna maid

i dunno anymore

I can zip up this folder. Colbs made it and I doubt it has anything you don't have, considering the focus of it is Accelerator.

Hmm, well what time is it for you now? You could take a small nap and see if that fixes your tiredness.

Some of those I don't have.

Figure it out! Make it something fun!


what a horrid existence

I'll try too, also yeah this is something I dislike a lot, but I have to do it and what not.

its now 8:30 am sunday

I don't think anybody likes networking.
But there's a good amount of money in IT networking

But not abnormal.

Go have a small nap and see if it makes you feel better!

That's true, but I don't like it at all.

Not in public... geez.

*snuggles with you*
okay =w=

Good! rest up and enjoy.

misaka butt

Holy shit

Elvis is dead

probably why there's money in it

True, that's very true indeed!

me on the right ♥
u on the left

Alchemist is now my worst enemy.

me on the right ♥
u on the left

Fight me

me on the right ♥
u on the left

me on the right ♥
u on the left

I don't hit girls.


I'll accept that Luka!

You too mister ikt!




Time to make some coffee.

hi empts

Hullo there ikt! How are you this afternoon my friend?

hating life in general! how bout u

I'm doing okay, just wondering what I should play and where to start on my work when I get around too it.

Back home.

Home is where the hatred is, I always say.

What kinda work?

Making my blackjack game work over a network so people can join a server and chat and play and what not.


oh sounds comfye!

I'm dealing with upset idiots.

you graduated and got a job in IT?

not yet ;;

there are other upset idiots?

people who use my mods!

what are your mods?

didnt i already tell this i forget

manual transmission / steering wheel mod for gta v

its not like iPhone-easy to use but omg people dont even read instructions right in front of their noses

brb eat

maybe they just drive automatic




I'm glad you understand and agree.


I just realized we have a couple of big gets coming up.

/sp/ will start spamming in a random thread to steal it.

Oh boy dumb memes?

As always.

where would we be without it?

Lost, certainly.

lost and alone

We're alone regardless.

r u grill


Yo, Sqish.

nop i have a penis

Also be right back. Need a burger.

What a brief visit

that does not mean you're a boy!

feku confirmed for girldick

girl dick is the best

lel /sp/





Did they post in ded thred

Get abused

Wait that wasn't /sp/

Test you bamboozled me

No, all just test.

abusing us yet again

Your post messed me up.

Well I'm back now.

You know I think if "other people posting" messes up your plan for a get you've got bigger flaws

I should have banned everyone and taken it.

wait guys no i worded that badly i am a boy and my dick is just extra proof

rally meks u tink

I want bepis, but it requires going outside... GIBE ENCOURAGE

Cool. Welcome back. Didn't Georgie want to play video game?

Since hima nd moogs started fucking, he hasn't time for anyone else

I showed you my penis, Test.
Answer me.

Holy shit give me a second to type


Internet is shit today.

It's ridiculous.
I guess he's just a bit short on time lately.

We should make a separate board just get our OWN gets

He's practically begging for more time.

lol, its funny because he is a small man

1700025 get

You live in Livershit though.


wow good jobbo

I miss gets guy now.

whoa holy SHIT



But im not a short arse LOL

Good job.

Too shit for quickplay?

/animas/ when

thank you i never thought id see this day

brb going to store



harder to chug it nice and proper from a cup tho



"savage" means literally nothing.




totally gottem

Literally gottem.

Happy Sunday

How was church today for all of you fine folks?


It was a lot like sleeping in my room.

I haven't been to church in years.

It was great, praise god

i havent set fire to a church in years



Funny, it seemed a lot like that to me too

But then how do you absolve your sins?


test is literally gollum


What a coinkidink.

I don't think I do any of that.

Please, that post wasn't even linked to you.


It's almost like we go to the same church!

Homosex is a sin

Why does this tattoo exist

I have ice cold pepsi ^^


Tiny asian hands

If its even real, I'll be in hell.

Do you like this word?

It's a pretty good one.

brb going out for In-N-Out and alcohol

in n out = gay sex

In N Out is like eating raw garbage.


It is good, though.

Its really not.

Isn't McDonalds the best though?


If you're like 5 and wanna crawl around in plastic tubes.

Then come back and eat your food with your dirty hands.


Pretty much everyone here is gross enough to eat that food though.

I believe it.

even me?

I prefer KFC to be honest.

Even you.

KFC makes me feel sick.

i love soggy BK fries

I love me some fried chicken. Shits good. I rarely eat from big fast food chains.

thanks I try :)

You'll live longer if you don't.


You wanna live forever


Kill me, Master.

Yeah, kill him, Master

You son of a bitch.


Finally won at monopoly!

Nobody wins at Monopoly. You are playing Monopoly in the first place.

That's true, but I still won in the end. Feels good.


Trouncing your opponents and bming does feel good.

Why Q at level 1?

Q is great

Getting pushed in by an Ezreal must be painful.


how 2 make title

*How do I make the title permanent

ctrl s


its too hard i give up on life

why are you 50% lvl 1

erins script or whatever

no i give up

Q can help push

Not that it helped them


no ky

But it looks like they fucked up the leash or Neru was afk because she is only about 40% xp when they are level 2.

nico nico new

Gonna guess he wasn't in lane for some reason.