Holla Forums redpill me on your views on space exploration, space colonization etc

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Neoliberalism will be eventually defeated and we'll get there or go extinct. It will be beautiful, I envy people who will live in a few hundred years.

Pretty gud but we should solve Earth problems first


What a dumb opinion



Send the niggers to the moon

Humanity wont make it. We will reverse back to stone age when ww3 happens.

Explain how space exploration can do anything at all to help Earther problems then in the short term

Any money spent on into space is a distraction from our pressing issues

The current focus on space travel in the west is a means to drum up financial support for capitalists like Musk and the aerospace industry. It's a scam.

Hey brainiac, there's a solution to over population already. It's called the condom. Meanwhile, asteroid mining and solar system exploration promises to increase access to increasingly rare minerals, the processing of which is incredibly costly and deleterious here on earth.

The resources to solve hunger and explore space are not fungible, we can and should do both.

Simple a K2 civilization would have far more industrial capacity then a K1 civilization. We would be able to spit out nuclear reactors on the moon like sausages.


The rest of our solar system is far rich of resources then Earth, which is why stories about aliens attacking Earth for resources is retarded, when they could just annex the rest of our solar system without having to bother with us while being able to extract resources at far larger quantities. A intelligent alien race wouldn't bother with Earth's resources until it already mined the rest of our solar system dry.

It's a shame that these people believe that they can recreate the past.

Bourgies want, or more likely, don't want, into space, cause profit.

We want into space cause we are humans and we want.. TO SEE WHAT'S THERE AND HOW WE CAN GET THERE!


I agree we have to fix the planet right now, more than we need to settle mars.. but.. Why not both?

Were there the will and system to allow it (not capitalism) we could probably solve most problems on earth and still explore space. The advancements we have seen in technology and medicine as happy side effects of space exploration development alone makes it worth it. My personal fantasy would be an interstellar (and less violent) human manifest destiny.

Shpace *sniff* ish literally the mosht shtupid thing there ish.

— Pablo Picasso, reacting to the first Moon-landing, quoted in the New York Times, 21 July 1969.

- Khrushchev 1959

Look up Doctor Steven M. Greer, and the disclosure project, before you open your mouth relating to space, or space travel.

What is this about?

You understand that space contains lot’s of resources, far more than earth does.


Steven Greer is the only person that doesn't reek of bullshit when it comes to extraterrestrial contact, and free energy technology. He's even had an Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, testify in front of congress.

The problem with extraterrestrial contact is how technologists view K2 civilizations moving to K3, in that K2 civilizations build infrastructure to exploit neighboring solar systems it should be a dead give away as they would be building structures so huge they block out their star (Dyson swarm, ring world,ect) and from our prescriptive we should be seeing stars going dark as their light is blocked by massive structures.

As of yet technologists can't think of any reason why a K2.5 civilizations wouldn't be building like mad across the galaxy given the abundance of resources and the economics of scale you get from fully harnessing stars.

Watch this to get hyped.

Humanity is a virus. It is our destiny to spread to and infect as many planets as we can before we kill the current one we are.

Spread the disease of our existence far and wide

As we move into space we develop the means to preserve Earth without hindering production, that is if we actually embrace space and stop destroying Earth.

ofc I was just fucking around.

Truth is we should absolutely colonize space but we need to learn more about ourselves first. We can harness resources from space but need to remember that our planet exists in an equilibrium of resources, with various elements cycling among various life forms.

We need to be careful we do not offset these balances by importing raw material from space in significant quantities.

So Holla Forums, dare I pose the question of


Nigga. The entire world is expriencing a decrease in birth rates aside from various African nations. Legalize abortion and have easy to acess birth control to these areas and you'll btfo this meme.

Well I think it’s out there in the public. Circumstances were of course, that the Roswell incident was a post World War II event. We were doing nuclear testing over in the White Sands proving ground which was right across the mountain from Roswell and the Roswell Air Field was a military base supporting that. So it seems that most likely what the aliens were interested in was the fact we had a weapons testing facility at the White Sands Proving Ground and were also interested in what we were doing or what the U.S. military was doing.

They were observing our activities at the White Sands proving ground and were monitoring our development.

I don’t remember speaking to them personally. I don’t know where they got that information. I didn’t make those statements. Somebody has added to my words. Those weren’t my exact words but I don’t necessarily disagree with those statements.

Yes I have.


Stay bluepilled.


would you mind sharing the name of this artist or their URL?
does anybody know what this art style is called?

Given the current state of things space is the most reactionary place there is.

The depletion of Earth's natural resources and the physical impossibility of exponential growth is the most compelling argument for the necessity of communism. Were we to expand beyond our planet, an effectively infinite supply of natural resources would be open to exploitation. Such an abundance of unexploited resources could recreate the material conditions for early capitalism, with massive potential profits to be generated from asteroid mining and space colonization.

In the absence of communism on Earth, space could sustain capitalism for millenia. Alternatively, it could serve as a 'final frontier' for the future bourgeoisie to abandon the useless lumpenized proletariat to die on a hollowed out planet, while they enjoy a fully automated utopia amidst the stars.

I agree with Sam Kriss. We should abolish outer space, at least until something approaching communism is achieved on Earth.

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Sending probes and satellites and shit is fine, even manned exploration missions. But any settlement ships should be blown up out of he sky. Porky is getting desperate to leave this planet now that he pillaged it into the brink of uninhabitability, and he simply should not be allowed to under any circumstances. First they fix this mess they made, then they can go fart around on Mars colonies.

Either we earn the right to explore the stars by becoming something that actually deserves to be called a civilization, or we die in the attempt. Porky does not get to use a lifeboat.


Plus side: Spacecraft have never been fitted with anti-missile defense systems so even incredibly dated stuff will work. Hell, a .50cal could probably bring one down.

What you "bourgies will leave us behind, the plan is Civ Beyond Earth" people don't get.. IS THEY DON'T HAVE THE TIME!

They'll need to see too forward, convince investors and so on, and the entire corporatocracy shit that's going on simply does not allow for such things.

Not only are bourgies not gonna go live on mars, the top they can do is set up mines ala Red Faction and send people to slave there. … Delete that… send robots there.

Planetes is the most viable space future for capitalism.


The aliens don't come as long as we have capitalism, anyway.

I view it essential to saving humanity from extinction and ensuring any sort of long term improvement in outlook for economic growth

That is also why I fear it: If neoliberals get their hands on the ability to exploit space, neoliberalism may never die. I would prefer mankind go extinct than have them live under neoliberal society forever, particularly with the private sector mass-surveilance technology that's coming online.

Solving problems on earth is much easier when you're exploiting the infinite resources of space.

Why would a alien civilization that can travel between solar systems be interested in radiation? Our sun pumps out far more radiation then anything on Earth, which is why technologists see no downside to accelerating space ships (that stay in space) with open cycle nuclear fusion engines, where nuclear engines with no shielding facing backwards forces atoms to fuse creating plasma thus creating thrust with the only downside of spewing many times radiation then Chernobyl but for moving in space who cares.

This is one of the great things about space, there is no environment to pollute since as far as we know there is no eco-system off Earth. For example Steel mills on the moon could pollute as much as they want as who cares about CO2 on the moon.

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We've currently dealing with a problem caused by debris/space trash surrounding our planet. Clearly pushing pollution into space as wantonly as we already have is not a tenable position anymore, just as polluting the planet we live on is no longer tenable.

Why would you even have steel mills in space, let alone let them leak precious carbon and oxygen into space? Given that escaping the gravity well is the biggest bottleneck period, it would make no sense to just let all that carbon go to waste.

This is wrong because you are equating deep space with space surrounding a gravity well.

Pollution in deep space literally has no impact on the "environment" at all. We only have to be concerned with ourselves there. It is only when matter is brought into relative proximity with other matter that pollution becomes a concern.

Building space ships, space colony, dyson swarms. Earth's gravity well is sub-optimal for solar system spanning production. It is far better to have heavy industry on the moon where it can easily launch large components into space and where it is easy to deposit mined resources from the solar system.

That would be the only issue, there wouldn't be pollution per say but waste, in resources that we don't fully utilize.

I just realized I priced carbon above actual spaceship parts. My mistake.

This essay is the ultimate void-pill.
TLDR: Earth's gravity makes space faring logistically impossible, so we should destroy the planet and no longer be bound by it.
my russian is weak but it's just drawing competition if I understand correctly. It's many years since I had my art lessons so I can't remember naming art styles.

It's almost as if space is an ecosystem we need to encourage behavior that would preserve life-sustaining resources. Sounds like we shouldn't pollute outer space after all. :)

What eco-system is there to pollute on the moon? If a nuclear reactor on the moon went like Chernobyl and spewed radiation everywhere, other then being a huge mortal danger to astronauts what environmental damage would be done?

This is why technologists don't objects to open cycle nuclear engines for deep space ships since all that radiation can't do any harm in deep space.

I'm telling you that it doesn't matter what they say, only that the way we act has to take into account resource preservation. Right now we think we know more about outer space than our own oceans. I think this is a fundamentally baseless assertion. Space is a vast and endless place. It should be treated like an ecosystem until proven otherwise. Starting with a policy of "no pollution" would save matter from being lost and it would keep us from running into our own waste in a few hundred years. Also, the moon has ice, meaning water on it. Why would you contaminate a future source of water?

Well people don't plan on meltdown, but the point is a nuclear meltdown on the moon would have less impact then on Earth. Also technologists see the efficiency of open cycle nuclear engines for deep space and don't see the harm in leaving a trail of radioactive particles out the back of spaceships moving through deep space.

If we have nuclear power in space, even though it's super expensive on earth, we should make sure that we don't increase the radiation in space. For instance, if the radiation doesn't disperse and multiple people fly through 1 region, we could end up with clouds of radiation which would make travel more hazardous. This is my thinking: we will eventually have to interact with anything we send to space.

I had no idea what is this Planetes shit, but apparently it has a "terrorist" group that does just what described?

The lingering decaying radioactive particles in proposed open cycle nuclear engines would mostly quickly be emitting low energy that even space suits would protect against after a few days after the source ends. In short you wouldn't want to anywhere near the thrust or nuclear engines as you'd have very radioactive particle yet the worst would have short live spans thus once the source stops it wouldn't take long for astronauts to theoretically be able to EVA safely in the same spot.

The only downside is for a short time the exhaust is highly radioactive coming out the engine so you couldn't do any EVA while the engines are running (and have to wait to the short lived high radioactive exhaust decays). Also on paper if someone was mad (or stupid) enough to run such the engines in Earth's atmosphere it would make Chernobyl look like a minor nuclear environmental disaster.

Great ideas on paper. Maybe we can look past the radiation/particles, though anything else would still be a problem. I think we already have in this thread the problem of objects bigger than 10cm. We've already seen them floating above the earth. Travel safety will continue to depend on not bumping into artificial asteroid fields created by human garbage.

Junk satellites can be salvaged if we have the infrastructure to easily fly mission in low orbit. Also the Apollo poo bags left on the moon seem to not be harming anything though if you want to have large scale colonies we probably should be thinking about sanitation systems rather then just pooping into bags and dumping them or using vacuum toilets like the ISS that are just air-lock systems for human excrement.


Either humanity colonizes space and survives until the heat-death of the universe or we all die on Earth. It's a no-brainer.

resources and overpopulation arent problems yet. the earth can sustain so much more life if we need it to. the idea of ground being no longer suitable for farming is laughable in this day and age. they are pushing that meme in africa so monsanto can buy land for cheap.

yes, there are resources to exploit in space. but i think in doing something like that we would be solidifying more basic schools of thought if we havent moved past them.

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Thx user, now I am truly void-pilled.
But it isn't a new concept. In the "Culture" series planets were considered impractical so everyone lived on artificial ringworlds.

Also for good futurism material I recommend Isaac Arthur's channel on youtube:

How long till frozen space poop brings down a spacecraft?