Make a new thread already, faggots

make a new thread already, faggots

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i thought you didnt have this

Bad 8ch, don't eat name.

I am make one!

youre gonna super glue it to your board???


is it like an attachment thingy?

Entirely separate macro pad more like.

so a boring razer orbweaver

I could also add an LCD display and a battery and then it's an overdone calculatr!

yah but no cool snek designs

Big and lumpy.


hehe razer is best brand by gamers for gamers Cx


lol is that tat real


i want to get a white snake tattoo but idk where

snek on snek

if people tat their sneks, do they have to have a boner the whole time for a good image?

Just pop a few pills!

idk go white snek on your lower arm / wrist area

brb eat

nah ill just be a real man and fight the tattoo back.

brb forever slep
have gud eats

ikt, when youre looking to source good material on a subject, or get papers for free, where do you go?

Time to watch dragon maids.

Which one is ikt again?

sleep snug, smug


Oh, now I remember.

You're ikt, right?

Why is Darkness such a relatable character...

some /g/ user linked me to and holy fuck is it good

that said, if i have a question on AI should i ask in /r/programming, or in an AI specific sub? im looking for anything i can on implementing goal based agents in prolog.

Back from my presentation, it went well I believe.

what were you presenting?

My irrlicht scene. It went better than expected!

do tell

Well, I did a small presentation on my stuff. Roughly 8 slides, references and testing.

Then demo'd the game, both on the normal machine and the XP machine got 41 frames on the XP machine, and like 800+ on the normal one.

Umm, got asked several questions answered them as I could. That's all really nothing else to tell really!

how did you find the project overall?

reddit is fucking shit

i don't know
stack overflow maybe

everywhere is fucking shit tho, including stack overflow

class m8s

im hardly ever there to make them
he hates me, i think

i feel like my pc gon crash at any time

somebody gimme gimme chicken tendies ryzen

well theres ur pawblem

I want tendies too.

same tbh

i know, but shit needs to be done


i need me a full keycap set

pbt preferred
backlit compatible would be neat 2

Hey there, ikt. How are you doing today?

i've been getting bsods lately

also just ask class ppl


How are you doing?

gratz for the gud presentation


i only know one of them, and hes more muh enterprise code focused, and is busy as fuck lately


It's the weekend whoop!

I'm doing well, just going through a few of my folders and listening to music, also thank you very much!



I am want make key board. 

I want to do a lot of things, but I don't have the money until the end of April.

do i want a two-row plus and two-row enter, just a 2-row enter and a 1-row plus with an extra key or ???!?!?!?!??!?!?!!/

why is this hard

I got my hands on 20 Gateron Clear switches.

what do you mean knockoff

they perform better than mx switches


m e m e
e m e m
m e m e
e m e m

cheaper to make
sprinkle in some custom qc and extra durability


They're still Cherry MX knockoffs.



thats how you make sales to millenials with rich parents and other gamer zombies

hai hai

What good will just the switches do though

From what I've heard the razer switches have a lot less durability than cherry or gateron or whatever

they are explicitly rated at 10m more keystrokes than cherry, idunno where you heard that

I need to ship something tho

It disgusts me.

I need to manufacture a backplate and a case still.

Also controller

What's up nerd

iirc some people did some empirical testing when they were new and they came out with a much higher failure rate

The thing about failure rates in the millions is that it's not even close to indicative of their actual failure rate, it's indicative of what they think they can get away with claiming. Before the recent resurgence in mech keyboards Cherry primarily sold to industrial uses where claiming more than they have is far worse, Razer on the other hand primarily puts them in gaming keyboards which most of their user's will probably break before the very simple switches themselves do anyway.

That seems like far more the issue than actually getting the switches tbh

I can laser cut acrylic for free at school

atmega32 controllers are p cheap

i prefer unicomp switches

that's pretty neat then


ur neat

When the psychic Gs hit hard.

wow rude



Rip yoggie

Rip thread

rip delicious sausage and chips

What is happening with you spergs?

I miss Yog .

He is an algebra grandmaster now, and a chess champion as a result of his deep knowledge of it.

Whoever got me onto dragon maids.
Thank you.

is it rip because you ate it?

it was quite nice
delicious home made chips and market sausages, covered in bisto best

I miss Yoghurt too.

I miss most crazy people from here.

Everyone is dying inside Socks.
It is that time of the year where everyone seems to get mental breakdowns in 3 months.

That's why most break up happen after winter.

Always thought most breakups happened in winter because everyone felt like they were getting the cold shoulder.

Have you got new shoes?
Cuz I walked into that one.

that was punishing

These jokes are awful.


AN 8 pack for fenian day?

wey aye


I cant believe everyone is fucking dead.

You too, buster!



Namaste, bro!

Glorious leader!!!


Yo. It's Friday, but it's also a holiday. So today we'll be seeing how many people disappear to the bars and never visit and how many stay home.

I'll be leaving in a couple hours but I won't be gone for too long. Hopefully everyone here will still be drinking when I get back.


You yanks and yo time difference. I expect many sore heads in the morning.


Note that we're both still here!

Indeed. I'll be going out but that's to see family. I'll probably have a singular Guiness and then come home and drink while in a voice chat.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Thank God. I haven't drank in 3 weeks.

Sup dudes

Yo, happy leprechaun day.

Oh shit. I don't care.

This is my official weekend off... No one is calling me in... Ive 7 cans of guiness and copious amounts of rum/whiskey.
Tempted to become a mess.
Its been so long.
You've all not been menaced for so long.

I didn't even realize it was St. Patrick's Day, but that's even funnier.

It's funny to begin with because he's terrified of the Leprechaun.



thank you for the sweet sweet (You)

Dennis the menace over here. My body is ready.

What an edgy boy.

What a happy accident.

It looks terrifying.

my wallet got raped today

fuck me im irish

Watch out Mr.Wilson

Moogen isnt irish, moogen is a nigger.

Oh really? I could've swore from your flag you're some euromutt that pointlessly calls himself some european nationality because it makes you feel like you belong to a larger group and therefore special.

You can't drink more than two Mike's hard lemonades

You ever wonder why theyve never amrketed a his&her dildo multipack?
Might patent this idea.


It's actually one of the dumbest, lamest, b-horror movies ever made.
And Grim is scared of it.



I am Irish

what an edgy boy

Worst part of having irish heritage is loco.

I know, I've heard of it. I'm just memeing.

tbh I'm just jealous because I'm a fucking frog.

Wow my phrases are OC donut steal


pumping juices into vv

theyre mine now

It's a tragedy. I can't stop lusting after Alex Jones hot dad bod.

Other than the meme phrases everyone says I don't know if I have very many unique expressions.

arent you guys dating? whats his is yours and vice versa

Can any of us?

yeah but to be fair


n-now hang on a minute! just what kind of juices are we talking here?

I don't think so. He is the ideal man after all.

Yeah but I mean to be fair.

Bad meme.

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.


Oh okay. I thought you meant something weird or gay like fruit juice.


This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

Nice 3 MP camera nerd

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

Do not lie test. You and moogen are in deep, sticky love.
Dirty homos.



I'd like a warranty on my emotional wellbeing and my liver, pls.

lets go have sticky fag sex

You wouldn't meme an innocent bystyander, would you o benevolent tiny overlord who recently picked up a dime after fetching a ladder?


No, you wouldn't even enjoy the frotting.

Dude what

Yo can I have sticky fag sex with you?

Scoots, stay safe this Paddy's Day, and I'm not telling you to drink irresponisbly but please drink yourself into a state on my behalf cuz I can't do that shit no more

Oh it's just a really poorly executed short joke.

The joke is you were so short you needed the ladder to reach the dime on the ground.

This responsibility.... I...

shit true

Ask this person.

How come

Wanna have sticky fag sex?

can we not


i forgot i named it that

holds up


Don't worry Grim it's dead see?

Cba drinking anymore.

Stopped a month ago and switched to a weed habit.

Plus in a depressive, miserable state and I know for a fact that booze does not cheer a man up.

I mean, it does, but it has the nasty side effect of like... turning everything into nonsense.

Plus, can't handle the hangover anymore.

Shit... err... forgot to type post.
Don't do what I WOULD do.

Good reasons.

Not all of us can be genetic alcoholics. RIP[ scanner

more like they should ask you

I don't even know you!

Best reasons.

But now I also can't be arsed with videogames and I probably missed a shitload of things on dota2.

All I do now is feel dreadful, get high, sleep and forget things.

Hey don't worry, I'd take you out to dinner first

rest in piss.
Well... it was gonna happen anyway.
Either I'd get bored, can't afford it, lose my mind or do something utterly heinous that I'd crawl into a cave and become a hermit.

Time to make a petition to burn Emma at the stake

shame I couldnt have been Scottish heritage. Darn irish.

Potato Niggers for lyfe

I am the shame basking in the hangover afters. I am the guilt of a terror on threads.
EH, do whats best for Scanner. Only advice

Neither of the Canadians are Wish.

I'm guessing you're already on medications.

Happy international appropriate and belittle my culture day anyway

Nah. that'll be Tuesday.


Did they need to be?

I think this is a cause anyone can get behind.

How about you go fucking kill yourself.


the only white culture that exists is yakult

Um, excuse me, you can be proud of your Irish heritage without it being fucking white power Moogs, you race-baiting militant gymnist.

theres no reason to be proud of your heritage

you didnt earn it


so lewd

however, I agree

git gud

it's just an excuse to binge drink for people

Says the nigger lover

I guess the best thing to do now is watch dragon maids and Jojo till I can get my shit together.

1/2 ain't bad fam.

If you are American your heritage is dead apaches and mesoamericans and Iraqis. Nothing else.


2nd jojo best jojo

thats fake pride not gay pride


Dragon maids is so much trash.

It's fake now


Like... I can't even be proud of my existence, let alone of my heritage.

Dude. Play LISA the Pointless.
There is a cult that literally fucks trash in it.

Alright cool I'll be at your house tomorrow we're going to Burger King.

Is Yan salty because Moogs won't gay sex?

Hahaha fo really? speaking of trash, did you like that trash I made t'other day fam? God im the cancer

I was conceived around Christmas if I go back 9 months from my birthday so that's not so bad. Also, what the fuck is fireworks day?

Yeah, couldn't listen to all of it though, cuz I crashed out and slept again... I think.

I do that a lot.

Yeah, the Cult of Cellophane.
Dudes who think there is nothing better than living in a island made of garbage since everything has turned to shit so...

It's when Americans celebrate the invention of fireworks.

My grandparents came over during WW2 so I think it's pretty fucking shitty of you to generalize poor impoverished immigrants like this.

I can't stay mad at you.


I was conceived about New Year time. I mean I was meant to be an October child.
Premature by a month, w e w

Since the garbage is INTERNAL!!!!!!

Well, it was memeworthy atleast hue

Wasn't talking about your grandparents was I.


Ever have that moment when you are drinking... and like, you just want to then tank a litre of vodka?

These are the memes



Like imagine...

Wow I didn't know premature birth resulted in such shocking mental incapabilities


At least we know the one with class.

Becoming one with the garbage

you were premature?

da butt

Yes, that is the point.

Yup, and that's 'The Cult Of Cellophane', who take that idea to the extreme.

Dang son you got me.


It's a machine fucking a machine so it's okay tho.


Well, if they're my grandparents because I was born to their children, I'd say that makes them my heritage, but I guess that's retarded apparently.

Peridot turned out to be such a good fucking character tho holy shit.

Are you joking

Best joke?



Actually this is the best joke

I've met a leprechaun! His name is Rumpleforeskin.

Why dont you stroke sabrina's ego some more.


Damn, better go evict another family then.



I have an idea for a Curse.

The victim's balls swell up to comical size, and the only way to alleviate the swelling is by being kicked in the testicles by another man.
However, the man who kicks them will then contract the curse.

The best curse I know?

suggestive spoiler

w e w lad

I got a Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus so now me and Erin have matching phones.

6s Plus is beaut phone tbh

theres no such thing as a good phone tbh

Desktop computer is best phone tbh

I am enjoying it.

soto is pedo

Well, duh.

this tbh. although that said if Iphones really are going to be made in America soon I might have to finally ditch my old piece of shit I got when I was like 14.




OD on nicotine


*OD on caviar and cigarettes




WIlders didnt win ;;


where did the day go

told ya



uheeeeeh 2e jwz

He literally had everything going for him and still lost.
He's never going to get it now.

i like how literally everybody gave turkey the finger

the government should do it more often

Yeah that was nice.
the enemy effect.

just gotta wait for more enemies to pop up.




Who the fuck would think this is fashionable?


Also hi TP

TP arrives to save thread

sup bro how's life

dude you eurocucks need to get it together

but with Groningen gone we need Russian gas


I bought a 3pk of tall cans

Its literally my friday, on a friday
Feels weird
Time to get fucking turnt

Whatcha up to fam

I can't help it if every other europoster is a waster

murder putin and install a dutch prince who also acts as czar

same deal really

i smoked a spliff on the drive home for the first time

think imma do that every friday

really took the edge off the commute

i was like getting into all this random classic rock it was great

i don't even really get how some of them can do this day in and day out without anything interesting to say ever

ce la vie

ooh Alexiaaa we got a job for you~

Aint that truth. bleh, gonna tank this third guiness and probably sleep. long ass work day has been long.
sup fam?

it's st. patty's but it's really just a normal friday for me lol

probably should avoid the bars tonight though

college basketball actually makes pretty good background drone. too bad it's so stupid and pointless and boring

Them fightin irish

Dude, smoking a spliff while driving is great but sometimes I might get too blazed and Im like fuuuuuck

lmao damn mustve been faded

who youvote for

a sinking ship

Iwannan feel bed

And there we go. The night is ruined.
Good night peeps, have a good saint patricks.

yeah it's kinda funny how big st. patty's day is here. like blacks, mexicans, everyone loves it

yeah i stopped at the most haggard liquor store by work cause i new after i smoked i wouldn't want to stop anywhere else

i was zoning though. this dude had his dog in the back of his pickup on the highway and it was kinda tripping me out. it's like 40 out

but then i was like, that dog probably fucking loves that shit


neru how many pillows do you own

Message read

daily reminder that why is neru


at least they had seats.
our's went to mr Thierry "women enjoy rape'' Baudet

why was a brit


why could also type full sentences and had interests other than lol and diabetes

like 5

who'd you vote for? vnl?

i voted pp!


ah, so we're in the same boat

Oh. Who are the bad goyim? The VNL or the PP? The one with that Wilders guy.

that's crazy yo. i bought two new ones recently. but i had to buy a third cause like they were cheap af and lost their cush hella fast

tokai aren't you gonna run for like city council or something?

that's 2018

however the party I was in lost the national elections by not having any seats.
so I'm bummed out

aww that sucks

you don't like that troll milo do you?

i agree with a lot of what he says but he's pretty much a diva troll

maybee they jost the tush because they were cheap and thawtis why they were cheap

well obviously neru

i think i'm good with three shitty comfless ones

makes one good one

still only down like 12 bucks

do you have targets in norway?

it's pretty much heaven on earth

i think lots of votes whent to d66 which im good with too

pp is pirate party and is good because free lolis

Ah well, at least I'm independent again.

nah I really dislike Milo.
tackling like new wave feminism and stuff isn't hard to do but he thinks he's a champion for doing so.

nnn only ikea

time for boring old coalitions again.

Baudet has talked about the “homeopathic thinning” of the Dutch population with “other peoples”, he’s claimed that women enjoy being sexually assaulted, has championed pick-up artist Julien Blanc, said that the Netherlands suffers from an “auto-immune disease”, and is buddies with alt-right champion and Twitter-banned Milo Yiannopoulos, formerly of Breitbart. And that’s just the start.

hold me :(

Well I just googled it and you're wrong. The PVV is the one with Geert Wilders. When is/was the dutch elections? I don't really care because you're the only country potentially GAYER than Sweden.

why is ours the only country that can do a democracy properly?

well, i slept in til 12, so...

Didn't UKIP get like a shit load of votes but didn't win? What a fucking democracy.

one of the really "controversial" things i've heard him say lately and actually agreed with and thought the liberal backlash to was obsurd, was when he suggested that being transsexual was a mental disorder

but yeah i think he likes the attention more than the positions he has

it's just a big ass buy anything you want type store

but not as white trash or morally corrupt as walmart

were not perfect, but every other country seems to be even worse than we are


Well yeah, that's what it is.
but I hate that is supposed to be like a smart thing to say.

We need more Volkerts.


Parliamentary systems are shit. It should be like Switzerland and everyone gets a vote and people can petition to get issues discussed in government. But of course that would be too good wouldn't it? But Trump won in America so I'd argue America has it better than you.

Well I hope the bad goyim win!

but that just radicalized them.

Australia says Hi.

Is Tokai happy about the elections?

Dude, taking a drag from a cig that big would fuck your shit up with like a puff or two

i should probably expand this folder. maybe i can pay one of the neets who have nothing better to do than make folders

there's nothing really "intellectual" about anything he does

he rarely cites any sources are legitimizes why other's sources are illegitimate

it's just a pissing battle

one thing though i do believe it's good to have all this triggering

it will eventually normalize it and make it ridiculous

his party got zero seats you asshole

oh shit soto you gotta see my jar of weed

wish i had a camera

no and yes.
my party lost everything but at least the blonde Indonesian didn't win.

you'd know

Yeah okay that's true.
I just hope both sides would tone it the fuck down.

Fucking weed wizard over here

lol yeah it's bound to get violent

usually not cool

bought an ounce. bought the jar before the ounce. they fit so well together

brexit tho

tbh the swiss have a pretty legit system

hi fellow anglo nation

legit? ouch

race war

Switzerland is like the dream country tbh.

Yeah but preferential voting yo

yeah, but theyre also even more jewish than we are

a pretty decent idea, tbh ive not heard much about your system tho

like once i filled the jar i had the overwhelming urge to try to sell gram nugs to my bros

Not really. The swiss are pretty cool.

look i made it a tiny bit less horrid

Draw the jar in MSPaint.

It's literally the brits except we vote in the upper house (as a state-wide thing, with all states getting the same amount), and preferential and mandatory voting.

The brits but better, basically.

yeah though these people aren't hooligans, they're weak autists who get into politics too much (like me) so it'll never get too heavy I think.

If you want referendums you ought to go to Switzerland.
or do you want a 2nd Scotland referendum whilst you're at it?
Yeah, nothing is left.

I bet the Moroccans have guns, let's stick with those

this is the only logical choice of action in this situation.

Man, this video makes me regret selling my Akira cosplay

Though if anything I would just buy a new jacket that actually fits me lol

Though tbh I really want a Soldier 76 jacket


yeah that's pretty true

seems like only the die hard socialists like to really get into the nitty gritty

hey cuppers

heya tp.


what's good on your end

aboutaleb is a hooligan

hello based protector

devName[DEVWIDTH - 4] = '.';devName[DEVWIDTH - 3] = '.';devName[DEVWIDTH - 2] = '.';


devName.replace(DEVWIDTH - 4, 3, "...");


b-but he's a good one
I love aboutaleb
greatest mayor

he did gud yes

is that like lazy for sup?


gonna go see a movie with my friend pretty soon here. just waiting on him to get here to pick me up. then my classic weekend of drinking, shitposting and vidya.

how about you my dude?

theyre literally one of the most wealthy nations on earth, with an even harsher immigration policy than australia. my understanding is that its hard as fuck to even get into the country, and at any point your neighbours can veto your attempt at gaining citizenship.

2 mo and ill take a look

explain the house bit to me. in the UK we have our parliament, and a house of lords, but no real state distinction beyond the devolved government shit.

i do like the preferential voting bit, not so sure about mandatory voting.

its not for me to say whether scotland should get a second referendum, thats their choice.

fuck, where do you even go from there?

not sure, on the one hand youre repeating yourself in the first, on the other hand it may not be immediately apparent what youre doing in the second. clarity is always the primary goal, and brevity can assist with that.

i heard talk of seeing that wolverine one this weekend with my stepdad but he hasn't hit me up yet

just doing the standard friday drink and smoke

it's a living

love you bro

That's good.

What kinda messed up party does he support?

wtf kind of party do you even?

oh man, that's a good one. saw that last weekend. gonna see that movie "fist fight" today. looks hilarious.

love you too man. no homo.

in some ways, yeah.

the "independents" apparently

Cupcake should I buy this?


yeah but what if I suddenly need to cupport c90

you absolutely should buy this.

see ya all. leaving for the movie now.

If you want to be the biggest tool on earth go for it.

no shit? yeah we go to this theater that has like nice seats and dinner and drinks usually

should be fun

definitely gonna click a stream of fist fight hard when it comes out

the cube x day dichotomy seems amusing just from the interviews i've seen

Van Der Laan was good too though.
did the same whilst being a cancer patient.

we got good mayors.

isn't it the choice of the whole uk

iunno, hope for something better.
Classical Liberal

is this you?

lmao he's already got that on fucking LOCK




oh wait nvm

will suck dick for 5c

House of Lords is the upper house of your parliament, technically. Instead of the house of lords we have a senate with 6 senators from each state. We are, technically, a federation, but we only have 6 (and a bit) states. In practice, it's not at all uncommon for more minor parties to get upper house seats, which usually hold the balance of power, which is generally a good thing as it helps that whole "people have more of a say than picking between the two major parties" thing we have going on.

Mandatory voting, in practice, means that parties actually need to appeal to more people, instead of just pandering to their existing demographic hard enough to get them to bother to come vote.

I'd just wear it around everywhere and go up to chicks who seem to play overwatch and tell them I got them in my sights

Man, I gotta admit I wanna be a fucking tool

But man that jacket is sick

take is easy

It better be lmao

in that case, id err on the side of support, neither are particularly terrible approaches anyway

is the whole of the UK scotland?

what did they even do wrong?

So why them over others? Is it hipster to support a party with no seats?

how rude

which one even are you anyways

I'd totally buy it if it wasnt going to be summer in a couple of weeks/months

no, but it's the same country.

lose to the alt right.

It was the only party that has my views.
I hoped they'd get 1-3 seats so that would expand and be an influence.
but with the party the ideology is dead too.

why is summer so expensive?

They'd be really ugly or uninteresting. like everyone that plays overwatch

Oh goodness look at the time it's new thread time!

The Best One

Then maybe your views are wrong?

Teep, that was really cool of you. ♥

Right? That's called inspiring and generating OC!


I know a few decent looking girls that play Overwatch, all of them main male heroes.
Overwatch is no different to any other video game.

There is a new thread