Insider managed to survive this long

Surprised the shit out of me.

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Go to bed, eeeeeeeeempty



Woah grim is streaming a kewl game!


Pets as well, too much for my poor heart to handle. So sweet.

Awwww, the little fishy. ♥

What other games do you guys play? Any at which you win? I seem to have good luck with Uno!

I forgot how sippable Tito's vodka is. This isn't as bad as I was expecting. (It's been a while since I've had clear liquor.)

That the one with Frodo and Fido?

Fashion a spear and go hunt some elk?


again hes barely here

ITT: the banning of Luka so he gets a job instead of begging people here for food

oh, i thought youd left me... welcome back! lol

too risky >_

you are sweet too~

Yeah but it's still really fucking funny to me- And that's all that matters.

see the fun thing is that when scrubs like you aren't around people here just tear into eachother so its not like there's really any new pain you can inflict


no one really likes insider besides loco

and that dude who he locked in his basement

yeah it's great

very dark

eureka 7 guy! :D

loco and Insider hate eachother

We only play monopoly really, also cluedo, but that goes over my head. Don't know how to do it at all.

If you say so, I'll accept it.

Nawww. I'm just being my typical slow-to-respond self. I may pour a glass of Big Red and see how this vodka tastes with it.

Hm. Well...maybe go to the shop? Get some jerkies? :D

Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'll give it a shot.


Cluedo?! That sounds complicated.

kinda ironic since like loco is mini-kanra

got that fake intellectual tip on fucking lock

You be nice to Loco.

was gonna ask that...

do you prefer to mix or take it strait up?

Because he was a giant fag all concerned with nuance and shit- Then allegedly disappearing to Stockholm for a few years to smoke weed while wearing a fursuit head before his host was sent to federal prison for Nazi imagery- Then I think he fucked SteveAn, that guy who posted Leo and told people how sad he was and shit. Giant stupid shitshow with too many cunts.

Once Wastelander finally got sentenced things were better.

You're dead kiddo.

It's more like a really gay "tsundere" thing where they both just want the other to tip their pseudo-intellectual fedoras at each other.

kanra was very good about derailing threads with online articles he read (while pretended he did not flunk out of college)


*sad and shit


It is, hence why I stay out of the game most of the time!

this sounds like fake news

you be nice to me first

Be FUCKING NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whiskey I take straight. Usually neat, but sometimes on the rocks. Literally - I have these little stones you freeze, then put in your Scotch or whatnot to keep it from being diluted or losing its edge. But I'll mix it.

When I was a dumb kid, we used to put Everclear in Hawaiian Punch!

Hmmmm...I don't drink soda too often, so those are waaaaay too sweet for me. Even Big Red is pushing it.

Now you have to find a way to sabotage that too.

Anyone around crica 2011 can tell you as much.


stealing is bad ;~;


you first

oh shit i forgot

i dont care

I only ever drank Big Red because my grandmother bought shitloads of it when I was a kid.
It's honestly terrible and stains your mouth/clothes.

can we briefly discuss how hilarious all of these trainwrecks are?

Flunking implies I failed classes.

Which I did not.

alright i will be nice if darwin is i guess

but he's a fucking liar and just will be really mean to me later

you dropped out

couldn;t cut it

you failed

gah its the best... shoulda got that instead tonight

ill use everclear, and vodak in homemade jungle juice with a cored out watermelon, itll knock you on your ass

No skin off my teeth, whatever gets you through the night.

Wait what?

Pretty sure all those events were post 2011. Stevean wasn't even alive then.

more butt pics would help


inb4 kanra's philosophical stylings were far too advanced for school

Didn't that 9237 or Birds With Arms guy get locked in a looney bin?

Hello, friend! You have made some very funny posts in the past.


He tried to debate Aeris.

I mean, there was that time he was stoned an rp dry-humped Wastelander, but that's nowhere near as embarrassing.

Like Dalton said, "I want you to be nice until it's not be nice."

Woah, who said anything 'bout stealin'?

Well, my mom's BFF brought us some of the glass bottles, and it's been forever since I had a soda. This mix with the vodka isn't great, tbh.

Oh, to be in college again...

I'll kick your ass up between your shoulder blades. :D

miss numbers


You're that cowboy they used to talk about, huh?


numbers came on cam one night

he was like as crazy as you would expect

long cuppers hair


but like its really good in the summer. ill do a batch for a camping trip

Work sucks ass.
I envy the NEET life.

Yeah, that guy. He was married or some shit.
Kind of hilarious.

I feel bad that you're the only person I can bond over the shitty things uniquely Texan.

Hey Mr.Eastwood, long time no see!

If anything, they were just advanced enough given the rubric.

SteveAn went under the name of the Durrrrrraararararararararrarararara blonde bartender faggot after then, keep up. Also you did know Wastelander was permabanned following the pony shit? He swallowed the red pill dewd, and hard.

Sheet metal is sexy, homeslice.


Dallas, you mong.
Weren't you JUST moaning about me bringing animu tards to the fur threads?

thanks clint

part of me is still fangirling not gonna lie

I don't think a lot of people would jump to the idea of posting there.


The other night when some from the call posted.


Your threads are kind of worse than even this shithole.


You've been absent for ages.

Heard you go by Dallas, which I always wondered was actually, real because it fit too perfectly with your Clint posting.

But for someone that's been gone so long, you know an awful lot, and I doubt you've lurked all this time for George's sake.

get in discord call cunt

the real question is what am I up to

Dallas lurks for me.
He's head over heels.

Yeah, but you're a dumb ass so suck it, Gilligan.

what, giving your old friend the silent treatment?

well i cant jsut walk in and take it ._.

kerm dog?

I'll pass that onto the puppeteer.

Turnabout is fair play. 'Sides, on person should be able this place to its knees quickly.

Actually no joke they just got released from being sectioned, recently. Crazy shit.

Anything you feel is only because he wanted you to.

Actually false.

You're fur too. Are you tied up in all this?

You fuck dogs so what's your point?

dude like all my furry influences are here

except dom


great job dallas look at what youve done

shit to doo, maybe bbl

hai kermy, bai kermy

nite sabs

You've had me on skype for almost six years, not my problem you don't have the balls to start a conversation.

Pretty sure he wasn't back in '11, maybe late '11 I guess?

Oh that's all you meant by sentenced? I thought you meant he finally got arrested for all his drugs or something. But the faggot couldn't even dodge a ban? I'm aware of him devolving into paranoid delusions though, yeah.

You've bounced between three communities that have all largely ignored you.


I'm not actually fur. Who do you think I am?

oh yeah numbers is certified

glad to hear

how's life dude

Why is the guy in the back of this photo photoshopped in, Jack?

come back later lol

I've been told that if I told you I'm an edgier boy than you, we'd have a cowboy standoff.

Has done?

He comes from a time where only certain egos ran supreme.

Now, we mingle amongst the commoners, having been beaten down by time and life.


Hey now, same could be said of you.
How have you been?

It's alright, sorta fucked my back up helping my roommate shovel his fucking car out of the snow but it is what it is.


Good boy.

Well, hopefully someone who can type a bit better~!

Take me, you cad.

I really need to go camping this year. I planned to go last year, but never gave myself time. I want to do out to the desert where there's no light pollution and see the stars, ya know?

You mean like SXSW, which has made getting around here a nightmare and turned me into a grouchy shut-in?

See if they'll trade you for something!

Tp we have the same taste in music ehy do you insult me

Wastelander never ran drugs. That was his persona.

In reality, he just had access to Erowid.

shut up kanra no one likes you

I like him.


I think Kanra is okay.



what do i have to offer?


Of course I've been absent- Holla Forums shit itself and hot rods don't build themselves. I've always kept an eye on these sorts of things, I always had two windows open when we had to migrate to 7chan for while, or the shitshow that was Treechan.

Yeah, Dallas is my real name, that's what three years of drunkposting gives you gays.

Mhmm, and what's my history?



I know he never dealt them like he memed he did, but he still had access to illicit drugs to my knowledge. You CAN get arrested for that shit, it's just not terribly likely.

I bet I could outride you, pardner.

oh shit you're east coast huh?

we lucked so fucking hard this winter

indiana got all the brunt of our lake effect

just doing the friday thing

Quiet pleb

sorry loco i think that we would actually get along if we put away our differences

Nothing good is ever at SXSW. It's just a bunch of shitty indie groups that are garbage, a few big name groups to actually sell tickets, and a shitload of drugs.

This is the wrong thing to post.

SteveAn was under a different name when he posted Leo shit, don't rcall immediately- Wastelander went under the name Hyperion for the longest time. You wouldn't remember by most records.

Also yes.

Fuck the police.


I mean, the guy who went by Clint on the Internet, was actually named Dallas, and into'd cars.

Did you ever struggle to reconcile that image with your boylust?

Or have you decided gay cowboys are cool too.

I don't have any problems with you. You're a cool guy.

grims stream sooo lit Kappa :fire:


loco are you into sylvan esso?


make them go

Kill yourself already.


You're beneath me.

lets be honest when ur on the range and theres nothing but cattle, men, and horses you kinda find yourself between a rock and a hard place


I never interacted with either of those under any of your descriptors. I was a horsefucker in '11 and died for years after

i kinda had some pent up inner loco beef for some reason

this is freeing

My internet would only be able to stay up long enough to go in the stream and tell Luka to kill themselves.

Be nice to my child.

You're a furry faggot that's been around for a while, now posts here. How do you know so much?

Is that the one with the 40 year old fur with AIDS?

Anyone can has illict drugs here. To my knowledge, he's never done meth or crack.

But you knew who I was addressing.


horses are gross muh man

No. That's this one.

i've most likely spent more time on horses than you, have actually done legitimately dangerous labor on-site in alaska, and actually know how to cut cattle on a horse


Oh shutup..

We barely know each other.

TP and Loco sittin' in a tree!



I've gone to a few smaller shows and whatnot over the years, but if you try to go to some of the bigger events, it's overcrowded and full of obnoxious out of towners and college kids.

I was afraid to click that, but I'm glad I did 'cause that was hilarious.

Lucky lucky.

Actually all the snow was pretty much gone, and then the storm happened and we just got violently buttfucked.

It was wild, just woke up one morning and looked out my window and it was completely different from last night.

And yeah, same here.
Was gonna go out for drinks but my back isn't up for it.

Yo Dags.


So what you're saying is Clint is Brokeback Mountain?

dont forget the puppet master

"around for a while"

Please continue spinning bullshit...

I could exist as the only person on Earth until I dide so long as I had a garage. There are no strings on me. Ergo, people come to me- Not the other way around.

Not the worst, though.

18 rolling rocks in an hour and a half makes things neat.

more like violent anal contusions

Don't tell me you're drunk.

Does not compute. You came to us.

yeah *hugs* :)

I've known others that were pretty close to him for a while after who said he was doing LSD, at least.

yeah tbh


I enjoy open air concerts. I just hate any sort of "musical festival" because it's just a bunch of dumbasses doing way too many drugs and making far too many poor decisions then trying to blame everyone else for their idiocy.

They don't make furry comics like they did in the 90s.

Not beneath perse, but comfortably beneath. Like the sense of security you get from knowing despite your mortality and lack of celebrity, the gods watch over you.

If you're Socks, then you're the Socks I spoke with on Skype. And suddenly things make sense.

I could consistently ride a horse to a gallop for an hour, beyond that I dunno. If you mean drive? No. There isn't a driver here better than me.


I was the REAL ADMIN of Holla Forums all along.
I was the one who pulled the strings.

I'm just glad people had some of my old folders that I got rid of. I haven't used Paulie in over a year.

Ok, Spoilers.
Calm down.

Yeah, you always did like working on cars.
And I can't argue that, you're the entire reason I became Kermit, you know.

Weird to think that all of that shit was like 5 or 6 years ago.

and glad to hear that at least.
relatively the same on my end aside from pulling a muscle in my back. Makes me feel like an old bitch.

yeah man it feels good

my dude

i always tell the tale of chicagos snowpocolype

the one day i didn't have to work

the day i just barely made it home

but no joke my apartment is first floor but it's 6 feet or so above ground

at the heart of that storm i couldn't even open my back door

and thunder snow is a real experience

like thunder storms with snow?

yeah it happens apparently

he can take dick

it was me austin

You will be usurped.

Quiet, Spoilers.

You should feel scared, not secure. I'm doing something wrong.

I don't even know where to start with you there's so much material...

I am not the Socks you spoke to on Skype. Ask literally anyone here.

no master no

I think he died of a new type of cancer again.

I have never went by Clint, that was a shorthand monikre assigned me by lazy people. "The Tripfag With No Name" was my handle. Also shit no, I was a massive fag since siventh grade, which is readily on record you stupid fuck.

The formula 1 amphitheater here is a great place for taking in concerts. I need to go more often.

Do you have the jacket?

not gonna lie i am still kinda geeking out that clint is here

Socks4Hands is just some autist spammer that Bebop brought here, not the gay furry dude named "Socks" that was also an autistic spammer.

I actually loved the Woodlands Pavilion for concerts.
It was just so quaint feeling.

Have you decided your spirit animal isn't a seasoned, warm-hearted, elderly gay dog?

pfft. I don't buy that.
I bet he's actually some kinda pussy irl.
Bet he cries a lot in those cars he works on.

I'm not quite autistic. Schizophrenic would have been a better swing, but still a miss.

one has to kinda start asking themselves this question:

is this a furry board?


As far as I can tell, this board is for blogposting, memes, mindbreak, and bullying.

Sounds fucking wild!

That's a good ass movie


Only slightly furry.

ive seen it

hey tp

You'd think that. But I see all, and you're doing just fine.

Thanks for clearing that up.



No promises.

I predate the pony threads, if board history is the tree you're trying to bark up- Pick your battles because you won't win that one with me.

nice dubs

also what is this

ill ban you

Babe. Please.
For me.


He can, Dallas.
He's done some shit.

*breaks ur mind*



no im talking about real IRL shit here's a photo of me

come on kermit i wrote a lot and you lazy reply me

alright seeya!

dude where you been

I've never been there. I googled it. Looks pretty.

Correct. You were The Tripfag With No Name.

And Agent Smith, according to a few fossils left over from those days.

I hear you're a bottom.

Oh I am blitzed.

I predate Holla Forums in its entire existence, let alone these threads, /aneki/ and the Alive 2.0 threads that predated them.


So you have money then?


That is why you chose him, wasn't it?

Those are the best kinds.

yea. fucking. right.


I'm not but I'm listening to their NPR concert and this is good.

I've started listening to Lisa Hannigan lately.

I am not good at communicating with certain peopke that I like. Doesn't mean I don't like them or anything. I think you're a pretty nice guy deep down, and I admire your being vegetarian and calling bullshit as you see it. But I'm not a social butterfly and like. Don't take my not being talkative as rudeness.

I don't know how well he still fits me, but yeah.

i cant tell if this is sarcasm

Can I have like, 200 bucks?


You're in the middle of essentially a forested area with a canopy covering the seats but mostly open.
It has some bizarre acoustics but just feels so home-y and small, if that even makes sense.

Hello to you today!

Sorry, I'm on the verge of leaving. I hate this place.
Seeya later though!

Still have the screencap of when the two of us met way back in 2011

I think you confused me for someone with money.

Yeah apparently more than one fucker have similar stories I'd rather just pretend never happened- But fuck it- Get some of that good Ketamine, painkillers then get back into the mix, pussy.

i just have memes and more layers of preconstructed mindfucks that lead to alarming truths than you are prepared for

where yo been at? i thought you stopped threadin


Far too late.

Give me 200 bucks.

You realized people are shit. Repeatedly. You were awoken.

Pardon the increduility. I don't believe Agent Smith can withstand a fucking.

Don't say woke. That's a black people thing.

I'll just punch myself in the nutsack until the pain in my back goes away

Do you really need the money Squash?

Why is everyone here so gay? How does this even happen?

not man enough?

Start from the point you know is actually not bullshit. The truth, mother fucker- That tends to help.

Hah. Fag.

Kanra why don't you die

No. I just want the money.

George says I need the money, yes.


Kanra never dies.

for a price

*I lap kindly at your murr bulge*


well first of all people IRL accuse me of being cia

I am not Socks. I'm dead serious. I'm Socks4Hands. Huge difference! Also, my trip is posted everywhere, and I've even run into other people using it who aren't my sockpuppets.
Do yourself a favor and think about it...

wow if youre being genuine (i'm naturally pretty skeptical and guarded) i appreciate your words.

i think for me that i would be in some drama with someone you liked or something and there would be some residual beef

you no how it goes

no hard feels here

I wasn't confident enough to attempt it.

Flouride in the drinking water. Suppresses testosterone.

Not man enough.

*I push the hair out of your face and push it behind your ear*

... want me to have the money?

Rolled 9 (1d20)
Rolling for Deny the Witch!

Because I live a good life, surrounded by people that love me, and I don't make people homeless for personal enlightenment.

that was not so good

It does. It reminds me of a little place in Belton where we'd have bonfires and my friend's band would play. It seemed like we were in our own world.

I have an original Brooks jacket, courtesy a grandfather I never got to meet.

Wreck me, bet you fucking won't.

There are no strings on me.

You are asian.
You can say rice if you'd like.

for sure. take care man

i'm here every friday dude

i thought YOU stopped threading

what if we split it

I have two dollars in my glove box that I'm gonna spend on a coffee at Taco Bell.

Does that include pants?

*My diaper crinkles as I shit myself with excitement*

I am undecided.

I deserve more.

not with tp around

I felt those goddamn puppy eyes. Is this the "true power" you spoke of about two months ago?

I couldn't take money I don't need.
Especially because I'm not sure who you are.


uh if there's dosh going around i'm broke as hell

We actually say 'have the rice'.

So if someone were self-aware on a inperceptable level, we'd say 'they got rice'


You are as good of a person as I thought you were.

Eat shit.


I don't give a shit.

Agent Smith, Roy Mustang, Christopher Niles, Jakobs, Dojo. Jorge, Jun, Red- And an unholy fuckload I've forgotten. Also yeah, benis go in budd :DDD


But I have no rice.

I am awful.

ok imagine this

luka and i are the girls

cock ring around us consisting of kerm dog, clint, kyle and moogs

I'm smoking #27's rn cuz im that cool.

It'll take more than this level of tsundere to get my paypal info.

UNtil I spend it all on swill!

You were the beaker user, weren't you?

Oh right, you went by Dojo and Roy Mustang.

It's not that you were just a bottom.

It's that you were a furry, too.

tbh I lost a little faith in the world the day I learned this.

hmm.... interesting.


That fursona tho.


naw i'm just super lazy and my timezones eh

*I gently pet your fur*
*It is soft*

Nope, I've only ever been Kermit.
For 6 damn years now

And on that note, I'm out of here!


i bet you make timezones work for alice tho no?


You have a little, but you cannot have rice while you fill your bowl with other things. Proverbs are weird like that.

He's a cat.

Later, Kermit.

Truly, stranger things have happened.

I've thought about it. I still don't give a shit.

Shut your fucking face.


gee wonder who put that there

woof woof


Today's yuri releases.!u5ZCwAaa!7E3o83CmDWle146DQe2sfV0ROem95nFw8q45GFTl4NI

Love Live! School Idol Diary 19 - A Midsummer Holiday Afternoon
Saki ch172 [Akio]
[Doki] Swap-Swap - Chapter 20
[Itou Hachi] Sayuriüfs Little Sister Is An Angel vol 3 [English] [Yuri-ism]

コミック百合姫 2017年5月号

I'll fill my bowl with whatever I want.
You can't stop me.

*I moan*

i guess, did you end up gettin a chat client thingamajigo ? iirc you stopped, i'd hit yo up

Nice! Do you know how long you've been a targeted individual?

thanks yuri bro!

If this is your EM OH you got even more dumbwer over the years you little fucker.



current status:


no i like keeping no chat client

i tiny if need be

dude this album is actually really fucking good

I don't actually plot.


Keep it between the ditches.

Come August? About a decade.

soxbro what are your feelings about the movie room

You are correct. I cannot. But perhaps you should.




sounds pre dope, aw, chat is quicker and easier and i can skitz out and spam you 100,000 times

yeah sorry i never loaded steam on this computer

and like people are mostly on that new even gayer chat client now

i guess i can try to make a point to stop by alice chat to say hi

Movie room? I've got a couple possible interpretations for that.

eh it's so-so , so you usually just stick to fridays? It's midday here on sat atm

lol a dog

I was young and naive. Where others were content to merely be part of the group, there have always been those that set themselves apart. Online, this was mainly done through words, and TTWNN worded differently than others.

His cynicism was theatrical, his contempt for others was sustaining. He also seemed a little smarter than average, so who better to view favourably?

But lo, it was not meant to be. Months after your first departure from the pony threads, caps and rumours began to surface that cast your impressionable figure, in a rather unflattering light. Learning of your lifestyle dimmed, or rather rectified, those initial impressions.

And so I, but Wastelander seemed less surprised, lost faith. Figures, seeing as he developed a love for Rainbow Dash unlike anyone has ever seen.

oh, i've listened to this before. it's good.


It's easier to be an asshole when you wanna just be an asshole.

Doesn't feel good being one.

lol yeah but then i usually black out and pass out at some point and then come back strong saturday morning. that is when i am the most dangerous imo

Why be an asshole when you can become the Hokage?

hey gogs, make the rain go away ;-;


You and everyone you dealt with was done in by a fourteen year old.

ahaha, i've been trying to stop, still usually find myself drinking.. lousy

I like the rain.

It doesn't feel anything other than your feelings, except you get to disregard everything else. Like morals, principles, or the feelings of others.

Nothing personnel, kid
but you ain't cut out for Hokage.

Why are we doing this yet again



it is amazing how important you make all of this seem

you're silly

*Wags tail*

Why not?

yes i am aware of the meme movie "the room"

brie larson won a fucking oscar for her performance in "room"

can you please check your priv

What are we doing again

I suppose that's reason enough

are you aware of how many oscars this deserved?

Giving Kanra a stage

that moment you wake up and you're still drunk

it's kinda exhilarating

i feel like i can do anything

this is basically my posting style


All the world's a stage.

i get a little second wind but then i get shitty and start drinking around midday.

I totally understand the logic behind it but it's just guilt which looms over.

Rain rain go away, come again another day~

And all of us are players

We love him.

I was under the impression you were not trying to do anyone in. That you wanted to enjoy yourself in a way that was smarter and different than the circles you frequented. Not only did you find that in being an antagonist, but you were damned good at it too, enough that people remember your reputation.

You know in those movies, usually starring teens, that play Don't You Forget About Me and summarize where the group went off to after summer vacation?

What do you take away from those days, Clint?
Do you look back on your sordid trolling history, and the character you played, in a way that reflects who you are now?

This is not a game.

lol that midday haggard drink

it all depends if i last call it tonight or not

we will see my friend


People have forgotten.

please never change


You should contact someone about the sexual harassment at work. I'm pretty sure fucking co-workers in the ass is against the law.


So it wasn't all bad

we should probably get a test tiny rocking soon


it was an a n a l o r g y


nezi is invited

Damn I need to get hired at the company you work for.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread
new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

I'm going to bed pretty quick here. Just left a voice chat saying that.

Shit no don't be stupid, I was trying to get an ED 1.0 article.

I take away that I did some pretty cringey fucking shit against speds resulting in some pretty funnny fucking shit. Everything else is so much 'tism.