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That is how it works. I guess in theory and in practice anal sex could produce some nasty bacteria and shit but that's not being edgy. STDs are gross and people that have them should not be treated as humans.

What is wrong with you.



Pull yourself together.

have a good one

they arent solely transmitted by sex, and i think it is considered edgy to kill off 99% of the population

One of those could really help.

No I'm saying 99% of the population will die inevitably in some shtf situation, including myself.


Slapping prank turned sexual.

I don't take no for an the most rape-y thing anyone could ever say.


If people weren't so caught up in believing it's the end of all life when nuclear war happens, and just get away from first strike zones, and fix up a proper shelter, most would live.


Its an amazing feeling

I forgot who made that

Who the fuck is Izaya?

a /lewds/ poster?

This is not where this should be going


Oh no. . .

Oh that fag

It likely wouldn't be a nuclear attack, AT FIRST, it would be some economic disaster like we can't even fucking imagine or maybe peak oil, then shit in cities would start to deteriorate like basic hygienic shit like sewage and garbage, then even water purification, and a lot of people would die, it wouldn't be pretty, then they'd probably go for the nukes. Also you greatly overestimate the average dumb ass in a city. All they need is the government to tell them it will all be okay enough and they'll just wait for their deaths. Besides most people don't know what you can eat in the wild or how to purify water, even if they did get out of the cities most of them would die. a few farmers and mountain men will be the ones that inherit the earth.

I think it's honestly more likely we're going to get caught off guard by a supervirus that has a 2-week incubation period, possibly something that's contained now but is actually made worse by attempts to wipe it out.

Well see that's the thing, the government, media, everyone thinks nuclear war is the end-all of humanity. There are people who were in government even ten years ago that didn't know how short the half life of radiation on weapons-grade nukes is. A couple weeks of chilling in a place you can keep radioactive dust or water out of, even in a house far enough away from a first-strike or follow-up zone? You can make it. Then you just have to make sure you've saved enough animals and seeds to prepare for the clearing of the 2 or so feet of soil for crops. I make it sound simple of course, but it's not like they made those things to wipe out all life on earth.

Would you kiss this girl?

if it has a dick

You're not normal.

pls refer to this picture

specifically this

We've seen this meme

Perhaps I'm too confident in our medical capabilities but I dunno. Could be a virus.

I'd fuck him.

Its good.


why is the daki in the background censored wtf is this shit

And you're going to keep seeing this meme as long as he sends me new snaps/pictures

oh u too?

I mean shit if he called me daddy and our balls didn't touch it would hardly be gay anyways.

I might not be confident enough. Then agian, we live in an era in which Ebola was taking out whole villages and they kept the planes flying because can't stop progress.

Hell yes.

2lewd for your pure asianhawaiianBBQ eyes


It's not even gay so long as the balls don't touch. But, is it even fun if the balls don't touch at least once?

i just jerked it to a korean manga about an office lady that wanted to be abused

Why not?

I figured you guys would love this shit since everyone on here seems to like ladyboys

I'll be honest, I wanna rub my balls on a qts balls

hair cut triggers me


That's my fantasy too, so we can have that fantasy together :D I mean pinning the qt down, rubbing your balls on his, being a big bully to such a cute boy.

He's honestly better as a blonde

the hair is still fucked in this picture

The dream. Too bad I'm an ugly ass loser that's too self conscious to actually do gay shit in real life.

Pure white hair is great imo, but yeah I don't really like his hairstyle

u fkn wot m8

like i would know what to expect from these people

Easy enough, just don't fuck up the bangs

I didn't know Soto was a cross dresser.

Nah, I bet you're a cuteboy who hides it because you're shy and don't want to be hit on too much. But gay stuff IRL is the best!

Like, I took off his wig when we were doing the do cause it was falling off

He looked better with his sweaty medium black hair


Nah dude just ask cup, that faggot will tell you I'm an obese mother fucker with a double chin

Let me readjust my boner before I ask...

OK...So what?

The best

Wait, Soto's a crossdresser?

I thought she was a tranny?

Today's yuri releases.!DtwxHILA!2nNxnh7uzVSC3yqSW38IWambhFoV1qm1HbHKsOWUnFY

(Bokura no Love Live! 13) [Sweet Pea (Ooshima Tomo)] Kurosawa Shimai no Katei no Jijou (Love Live! Sunshine!!) [English] [GM_Highlander]
(C91) [Sweet Pea (Ooshima Tomo)] MizuLilli Refresh (Pokémon) [English]
Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo [Vol.6] - 0029 - A Misfortune with a Taste of Sin [Amane, Ryou and Nina] [English] by [MiamMiam-Team]
Hana and Hina ch14

(同人CG集) [肌着少女] GIRLFRIEND_episode0 (名探偵コナン)

I'm a tranny but I crossdress as a boy.



I thought Soto was a genderless robot!?!

highest form of perfection

I have returned

nude and powerful

But would he be telling the truth? Meh, sometimes you find a total cutie anyway who thinks you're worth the effort!


Ah shit, gotta go.

Yea and I'm telling the truth in telling you that cup is fatter than me.


You left ?

well a towel doesnt count right


went to shower after making thread

Is there a hierarchy of fat here? I dunno though, some people say, "Oh lol I'm fat!" -190 pounds-

tbh anyone that weighs over 135 is considered fat imo


lol i'm fat
155 xDD

yo soto hold this 1lb weight for me

tbh anyone who weighs under 135 is considered anorexic imo

No I'm actually fat and not cute. I'm like 220 at 6'1 which is considerably overweight but I'm losing it

That's some bullshit, barely got thighs then!

Nice trips.

Oh okay

What am I supposed to be beholding?

I weight exactly 135


I got thighs

my nude, optimal male body



That's...not even fat I'd think, I mean, I'm shorter and fatter, I think, no idea what my weight is but I've lost a fair bit in the past few years.

just do it for a moment. please? for me?

I'm gonna have to ask you to prove that.


test how far is peoria from charlotte


cybering goggles?

nigger I'm a fat lazy piece of shit and I lift.

nah I got a gut and man tits and stretch marks. Eating like shit playing ARMA 2 for your entire teenage years, very healthy it turns out.

Are they cute dudes?

Like an hour and a half.


Like if you mean the one I assume you're talking about

For the record I meant NOT very healthy.

Your homo is peeking through

It's this thread you dingus

Truly a masterfully carved work of art.

I'd rather carry you bridal style

No one here wants to see my thighs

I already work at physically demanding jobs

I aint about to life more after getting out of work all tired af

What's your job again?

You know, I'd say, "I'm going to have to ask you to prove it", but then you probably wouldn't want to.


alexis is closer

the one in NC

you're a baka ass motherfucker

I have yet to lose the belly

who knows what other nefarious deeds you could be upto

but if you carry me fireman style you get to stuff your face in my crotch


I do, but I guess I'm no one...



I'm not sure if I would be okay with that tbh.

What do you do? Honestly lifting not too much, but just enough gets me fucking pumped dude

I've posted pics before, but I deleted them from my HDD and I'm too lazy to take another one. Seriously someone will tell you I'm sure.

Ass robots comes out tonight.

Someone might, maybe someone even saved a picture for future reference!


lmao Industry job AKA putting together server cabinets for hitachi

Kinda wanna try it out to see if asian genital sweat have a certain/distinct scent to them

Youre someone in my eys

i barely sweat there tho. it would be overpowered by the smell of cum

That would be fucking wonderful people saving pictures of me. This is why I hate posting shit on the internet. What if down the line the like 7 people I used to be decent friends with in high school see that picture of me and thing "he looks kinda familiar" THEN WHAT?

Aww, the thighs, I'm guessing they are still out of my vision permission?

Literally use a power drill to build light ass cabinets for 8 hrs
The frames of these things

You point out to them that their girlfriend's still have their dick-pics on old phones for showing Tyrone to amuse him.



is there a problem with cum? do all your employees get a hitachi magic wand for christmas?

What a fucking job. I dunno. Working out is good. T. fat bastard that doesn't work out nearly enough. Nah but I sit on my ass for work so if I don't exercise, with the amount of metabolic damage I've put myself through in the past, I just get fat unless I literally eat less than 2000 calories which is fucking hard. It's terrible.

Pretty legs are pretty legs!


you ever met up w/her?

Yeah it smells bad and tastes bad too

Nah, we get a paycheck every week so there's that

Jeez dude just how gay are you?

I have to walk around and be on my feet all day and wear steel toe boots so it kinda wears you out
At least we have AC blasting inside and there's no sun hitting me so I can still stay somewhat lightskinned

Did I just make LA Dude try to get into Soto's pants by making a joke half an hour ago that I thought Soto was a tranny?

What? Who?


Extensively gay, but also I'm just following through with the joke :P

it smells great and it taste okay. the after taste is annoying tho

Yea I just drive. I wish like Ryan Gosling autist drive but no, it's not that cool.

Nope, just horsing around. But I doubt I could anyway, but you know what they say, a thousand times no and once yes is still yes!


I fucking hate you now
Consider Be Nice To Rin Day over you cunt


And a pity fuck is still a fuck.



Also, dude, the joke's been dead for half an hour.
Why would you try to follow through with it now?

I ripped my fingernail off once.

Shhh shhh no tears, just hugs now

Lexi? The poster?

Why/when would I have

I stubbed my entire big toenail off
it was just hanging on by a little thread of flesh and i had to pull it off



Ban do your buttcheeks have freckles too?

how long did it take to grow back? when i was a kid i opened the big front door on my toenail and it came off. but i was in kindergarten and my sense of time was bad then. i thought i was in kindergarten for 3 years


I once punched a wall and took a huge chunk of flesh off my finger.


You were.

Nice job getting held back.

Randomness, just sort of fun to mess around. Pretty boring around here.

I dropped a snowboard on it.

well you're both old pones right

somehwat close to each other

go fall into a hole and die.

and back then alexis was a should I put this


stop abusing me. I was NOT. i ate a bunch of paper in kindergarten tho.

I never fucked my fingernails up ever tbh

I have broken and fractured a couple of bones though

My elbow, fractured my wrist, like 2 fingers, and a fractured ankle

All separately throughout childhood

Ah good times

Yes sir.

I never knew of Lexi in the Holla Forums pony threads.

He went by Pepper.

I actually was Pinkie Pie Mike all along

I'm not sure
quite a few weeks but definitely not 3 years

was there a nail or something

Now put a toothpick under your big toe nail and kick a wall.

is this gay ?

it's yuri because they are both cross dressing.

I don't think i'm gonna do this ?

that joke belongs to test, by the way. all credit goes to him.


That's actually kinda impressive and really fucking hot how they both finished at the same time

Oh okay.

Fairly gay, that was fun to see.

apparently that post wasn't long enough for our fucking supreme overlord so let me try again.

that absolute side busting joke of a post I made towards ban, who posted a webm of two girls (male) rubbing their dicks together until they explode in orgasmic bliss, spurting cum all over their throbbing shafts, was made first in the voice chat by our lovely and perfect leader, test the admin. all credit and glory goes to him, praise be his name and long may he reign. he is so talented and smart and so good at coming up with jokes. please make sure to say something nice about him.


LOL manual labor

It was a textured concrete wall, and I hit one of the larger bump things.

Everyone was freaking out like "Are you okay?"
Was just standing there looking like an idiot, holding my hand like "Honestly, I can't even feel it."

I'm breaking the rules.

one time i dropped a bottle of shampoo on my toe and the dry blood at the base of it took months to grow out

please don't ban me now overlord. I did as you commanded.


t-thank you glorious leader.

Give me fallen angel.

get pushed around.

Ban the ban.

it makes me feel funny in my swimsuit area

What a faggot.

Who is that snot nosed girl?

I actually find it really cute when girls do that
They sneeze and boogers come out and they get all embarrassed
Well she's not embarrassed but like the literary girl in Danshi Kokosei no nichijou

Just watch the scene where she drops her spaghetti
It's 10/10

a REAL dom would of punished me for not listening.

Step it up

ur a faggot


No, I'm straight.



you sure weren't straight last night~

Test is a fag who doesn't even like memes

You will not be able to get out of the coma.

excuse me, looking at traps is not gay. :^)

Byan likes girls and that's the gayest fucking thing I've ever seen

Soto came in his sister's socks

ow, jesus
I ground all the flesh off my kneecap falling down a hill when I was a kid and that was disgusting
could like, see the white

Himiko Toga from Boku no Hero Academia
i love her

Colbs is SECRETLY a homosexual

Denial is the best kind of drug.

I'm gonna go sleep then.


At least your knee still works!

Yan have you seen the scene in Shimoneta where the vibrating necklace goes haywire and Anna pretty much gives him a tittyfuck

The seal noises tho


Who was I bullying just now, I don't even remember.

Was it tsuchi?
Is tsuchi the one with old-man knees?


I agree but you're still gay

Want to bully me?

I was like diamonds when she bites off his zipper


Okay, bye

I like girls, too.

it's the same knee I have patellofemoral pain syndrome in
could be related

Ur gei fago


that just makes you extra gay.

Oh, Fuck.
Were you the one I was bullying? I'm sorry Dad.

If you like both, and you're a tranny, you're basically double gay.

I think you're mixing things up. Liking girls makes me less gay.

Rin what are you again?

f a l s e

Liking girls is pretty fucking gay tbh.


Being Canadian is fucking gayer

Yeah...but can't I still be bullied?


holy fuck lol. the way megumin interjects with "chunchunmaru"



That part fucking killed me

How is that false?

No but seriously I don't understand how anyone can be exclusively gay, like guys are fucking gross nigger, pussy is the shit except not literally, guys are the shit literally because you fuck their butts and that's where shit comes from.

But if you're a manlet you should be castrated and injected with female hormones tbh.

Is this how we deal with juvenile delinquents in the greatest future timeline?

feminine penis only

I dunno lol

One can dream.

>tfw I am the feminine penis but don't want to be


Sometimes you have to play with the cards you're dealt...and end up being a pair of natural bottoms switching out for pleasure.

Come little children, the time's come to play...

No one would want to fuck me.

post feminine penis

Don't be so hasty...some of us might.

Never ever.

nah nigger, you're shorter and heavier than me, lose some pounds tubs.


Hey kid... I know you can hear me.

What a load of shit trash music my taste in music is superior to yours and suicide is an option my friend.

Perhaps this is more to your taste?

Bruh check out muh Soundcloud

Nah this the shit nigga

Good shot, but I'm used to that concept.

Test can confirm that this is basically my favorite image:

lmao'ing at your life. Have some weird russian shit I found a while ago while being more patrician than you can even comprehend.

Oh, you want me to take the gloves off? This is pretty good, but it's a far cry from the top.

Honestly I don't listen to much besides eastern European stuff and black metal.

Fair play, that russian song is pretty dope man!

Quite funny that this was the upshoot of a "post feminine penis" comment but I'm sure the thread had a blast watching!

Suicide is actually not an option in my case. I don't kill myself, and I don't kill others or physically attack if it is not a self defense situation. Those are my rules!

Sorry, I'll stop posting for a while.

Good night to everyone left.

See ya later shorty


You'll be wishing you dreamt me.

what about the people on the right?

stay beautiful, darling

Really leaving now I swear, at least for an easy hour.


the replies appear to the right of the post number tho

my name is nezi not nazi

Don't steal my pictures.


Yo real talk everyone should be a faggot like me and be such a centrist that when you talk politics people are repulsed by your "ideas"

don't worry, that's the only one I saved, and I have hundreds of images an enviro-nazi?


Nah son, you've gotta be a total Fascist.

But why do that when you can have very vague opinions and ideas shrouded in deep knowledge of the political situation but you don't let anyone know you're so smart, so you can just pretend to be retarded and deny the holocaust and blame the jews and at they same time think the government is watching you at all times and also want to marry a child and also blame the rich for making you poor.

Milquetoast center politics everybody, it's exactly like this.

don't worry, my perversion is well hidden and controlled

yea dude. The fucking rich Jews in the government are trying to prevent me from marrying a 10 year old AND I'M NOT GONNA GO ALONG WITH IT

That's a lewd picture.

Libertarians are so funny to me.

Woah woah woah friend, I'm no hippy shit faggot weed should be banned and criminals killed, but I'm also not a fascist because everyone should be able to own anti-armour and ATG missile launchers and question the government for being corrupt jews hoarding money

We appear to be at an impasse.

I took the liberty of making not the next thread, but the thread after that, in advance.

I bet none of you guys have ever even bet your lives in real life.

*rides off into sunset*

its like he takes off once test is asleep

I took a break for an hour, noticed that nobody had posted for a while, and got a little bit naughty...

But lol, the NAP is what guides me!

gg; wp

I collect lewd pictures


Very lewd...


I'm just gonna leave this here...

friendly reminder our admin said this at one point before becoming admin. we really should think if this is the kind of degenerate we want in charge.

I'll leave you all with that. goodnight!


@This entire community:

If you don't ride fast, don't ride with me. If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree.

None of you know me. I'm not some deep-undercover alicefag. I'll stake my life on that statement. I'd never talked to Alice until I did so before I got banned here back when I was taking up roughly 1/3rd of each thread with my posts.

scoot may or may not know me but has likely forgotten and this is the most we've interacted ever

Pure disgust.

im only here because clint is a cunt

I am only here because Zac is a fat cunt.

There is no proof of that statement

I still have your pictures, though.

I do appreciate the random lewd, I do love me some early morning lewd.

Well well well...

I'm only here until I'm not.

c..can we be here together? >

I'm with him.



Put me in the incinerator because I'm burnable trash

Soto is a pedo

is there romance in your poly relationship?

There's almost exclusively romance
A good 4/5ths of us have been raped or molested and not all of us are really looking to have a sexual relationship
Sexual stuff happens, but it's good fun and not standard "sex" sex

Me, I guess.

huh. its hard for me to grasp the concept of romance without sex. ima autist

What is with trannies and being diddled?

I want to pee in darwins oatmeal

Those who wwere molested deserved it

I want to use the fatback from you to feed an entire African village.

I mean I guess it's something hard to avoid, what with how fucked up people can be. What I don't get is that if someone is molested or raped, and people know who did it, why do these people retain the right to live? I mean, I think people are just a bit too squeamish to death. 100% proof a person raped a kid, take the dude out after being found guilty, same day, kill them. What's the big deal?

So like just romantic touching and the like?






Things were never alive

this episode is scaring me :(((

why live

Same but they're easily separable for me

Maybe we're more vulnerable as children?

Thanks I worked very hard to earn the life-changing experience of intimate betrayal

There could be no evidence because the crime was committed decades ago and everyone involved was equally committed to there being no evidence


i meant it in a way like idk what the feeling of loving someone romantically is like

Sleep is death.

no reason left
time to an hiro

oh wait it's not ded now nevermind

How did he even get that

I'm scared

yaeyah lets revitalize threads!


Dead thread

is a strong indicator of a community that has moved on.

Just for you, Cuckpake.

You know, despite how shit I feel, I think I dodged a bullet today.

Better get the good cellophane out.

why are you posting that weird thing eating a rainbow bean. it looks weird and i dont like it.

Because it makes every post that much better.

why is it eating a rainbow bean.? does it gayify it or something

They're the best, and rarest beans.

Wow the gayest beans?!!?!?!??

All beans are straight.

Except the beans that marills ate in Gen2.

Frickin' chemicals in the beans turned the marills tranny.

Scoots 1990 - 2017, gangraped by demons

A community into its age of decay

can be indicated by the current state of its primary locale.



I think Rin's just trying to kill us tbh

Really wish Rin would just kill themselves already

Rin, don't murder me.

Rin, I'm already dying.

Jesus Christ, sick of being called in to cover other people's shifts... delaying my Guiness appreciation. Sup you cunts.

Make it painful Rin.

Would be a shame if someone commadeered the role of 'Glorious Leader' in the New Thread Order

It would be a shame if Scanner was reported, and banned to the penal colony of /lewd/ forever.




Is it possible to report yourself?

well it is full of eurotrash

It would look favourable in the eyes of the Glorious Leader.

I was just going to report Scanner for "Being Scanner", but I don't want admin aboos to take my joke seriously and ban me for a fake report.

The Brood or Village of the Damned?

Being me should be illegal, fam

Who is leader again?


Most Glorious and Tall Leader, Test.

Tall = Power
That's why most Retail Managers are taller than 6 foot

But Test is short

isnt it just cuz theyre versatile enough to reach the higher shelves

But they got underlings for that.




It feels like something has gone very wrong with the thread.


Dangit, Clockwork.

buy it for me, oniichan

ill be needing your address DoB and SSN

sent ;)

okay expect your product to be received when the shipping plant decides when to send it without any orders

how u doin bae

Absolute trash. Binge watching a bunch of anime sort of helped tho. Hows your weekend going?

It just started!

Picked up some meme key switches on the way home.

You can buy those things in public? seemed like an internet world thing

I got some random dude getting them sent to me a few days ago.

Yay 20 gateron switch

Why are they meme switches? Whats a gateron

Emma told me to get them



Well I also believe in justice being blind, if anyone knows who did what, kill them, and dispose of them rightly. Still, always hate to know innocent little ones were ever damaged. Which is why I have no sympathy for those who abused them.