Holla Forumsaks think they can outplay the FBI and the CIA

Are they really that stupid?

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Holla Forums is alphabet soup

Anyone have any good information or proof that Holla Forums is some kind of honeypot set up by the alphabet boys.


Is there actually any proof that Stormfront's fulla CIA agents?

It's full of FBI, as the Neo-Nazi movement is heavily infiltrated by them. Probably the most infiltrated movement on the planet.

You think they're watching Holla Forums too?

Probably, but that's more to do with the gigantic surveillance state than leftypol itself. The neo nazi infiltration is a physical infiltration, with a huge portion of members being on the books as either an outright fed or informant, rather than just having a load of shitposting idiots directed to their shitposting hubs.
The left gets co-opted and destroyed, the far right is allowed to continue and serves as a great big honeypot for them.

Most of us here are just larping book wankers, but once we actually gain mainstream support you can be sure they'll drop Holla Forums and come for our asses, you can be the biggest fascist out there, yet once the FBI even remotely sniffs left-wing politics coming from you they won't let it slide, they've literally used every shitty group out there to fight socialists

Not that's probably cpusa

Yeah if we're going on % of members, all 12 of them being feds is an unbeatable percentage.

Was good until he goes into Russia, China, and even Iran being imperialist. Like he's never read Lenin before.

You're just salty Holla Forums is irrelevant unlike Holla Forums

Only idiots purposely put themselves in the center of attention.


Yes, less than 1% of the population is very relevant. I mean after all you guys single handedly won trump the election via magic, and even have the power to shift time lines. Holla Forums truly is one of the most powerful factions on the planet after all.

There's a reason for that, classcuck.



I don't understand this meme

it's nonsense

yeah, but iran at least hasn't been imperialistic since the persian empire


Lenin's definition of imperialism has to do with financial capital. Financial capital is concentrated in the US, Western Europe, and Japan, and not in China, definitely not in Russia or Iran. The latter don't have tools like WTO or IMF on their side. For a good write-up when it comes to Russia, read this: critiqueofcrisistheory.wordpress.com/is-russia-imperialist/



Russians are literally defending Syrians from genocide at their behest. Kys.