I got a holemaker ready for you

Whats your favorite pop?
Boylan Grape is mine.

bretty good
was sick for 2 days but recovered quite quickly



Massive dragon tits.

Daily reminder that why is neru


Thisd, *Isd, Getting*, Difficult.

I, *Am, Going*, To, *Count*, It, Becausde, *Be*, *Isd*, A, Verb.

That, *Isd*, Good, >I, *Hope*, >You, *Sdtay*, On, The, *Mend*.

Stop it


Of course. Willpower is half the battle.

i duno
mtn dew, mtn dew code red, barqs root beer
(all those are cafinated of course, and that's only pops, not including energys or other drink types lol)



How are you?

Luka rawr!!!!!

whatif I actually am dying and I was lied to

im happy today


*hufs lovingly*

Evening everyone.

Can I keep your stuff after you die?

Hope you die

you're cute

Grim look at the other thread dammit

Then stop.

I'm so-so now.
Hope to get everything together within next week.

Oh, well thank you for that compliment, Luka!

How are you today?


doyou even have room for it

hafsfory you too


I already have that one.

I can clear a room and put it there.


what for?

i'm feeling good~

make more!


will you take care of the stuff living in the cages in my dungeon too

Evening to you too, Squiddly doo.

That's good to hear, I'm glad you're doing well. I'm just really tired.

inb4 cuppers

No. I don't make things.

Leave me the instructions and I will take care of them.


find good things plzzz
i wanna see fresh content!

finally figured out how to keep track of me through all my name changes?


Shame that car accident didn't finish cupcake off.


its tough and chalenging :3
so i must lurk good-like

Probably just saw me explain to Scoots that it's you.

That makes me feel better, thank you Luka. ^^

Evening there QT, how are you?

>I, *Bet*, Cupcake, Will, Not, Even, Be, Able, To, Decode, >My, Amazing, Cipher.

comfy fun thread time with nice ppl like u

that's still impressive. I've had name changes where literally everyone was able to tell it was me but then when I make a new thread and luka shows up they've asked me who I am. they're getting more powerful each month. this could be bad.

your skills have leveled up.

if it gets even a little challenging I doubt I'll bother to try. I'm so very very lazy.

bored and irritated by my boredom, you?

Luka, how was that sammich you got the other night? I never got to ask you.

Training montage when?

Comfy fun time indeed, just wish I didn't feel so tired.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do to be honest, but I'm feeling bleh and tired.

I wish I could be lukas six inch subway

been up to much today?

Not at all, I spent time in town, not I'm working on my Irrlicht scene and adding a few things that I need.

You could have went with footlong.

Your honesty is refreshing.

.dstdsoP ,yM< ,*esreveR ,lliW* ,I< ,uoY< ,roF, tdsuJ

Jusdt, *Kidding*, About, That, One.


To asians i am a GOD

Too bad you're just a canape. :3

♥ only for cuppers.

it kept me alive

*pets comfortingly and soothing* wrap yourself in cozy blanket and happyness!

the furthest ive been from the house in days is the local shops, and its starting to grate on my tbh

i want to take my bike out for a ride, but its not the most durable of things, and its my only transport

Please tell me you have a tool to do the reversing for you, at least.

lol eww

Did you get'a da spicy meatball?

Oh thank God.



If, >I, *Did*, >I, *Would*, Sderiousdly, *Consdider*, >It.

Hash: SHA256

overdose on chocolate milk


a mild one
with normal sauce
and zorella
and tomato slice
on a oregano parmisian

Get my shit together and back on track.


dnatsrednu ot ysae si gniesrever tub

I feel so flattered

Scoot, you know what Ed Gein's favorite food was?
Lady fingers.

Wassa madder?

I imagine that being your face as you watched them make it. Serious business!


Ed gein???

I can't I have work to do, and I don't want to leave it half done and fail.

I just want to do so much, but no money to do things with, so I'm just left being bored.

iktf, i have just enough left in the kitty to get me to my next student loan installment, and not much more :/

whatcha building?

you are impotant to us!


wat kinda work


Stop paying gubment


I'm the motha fuckin' pillar of this community.




soo strong


don't shrug, because everyone remember when atlas shrugged.

Me too, I've got to get to that last installment, and boom I'm happy.

My assignments for university.

wat it about?

I'll ban you kiddo


hopefully i should be all wrapped up and free to pursue other things within a month or two, but for now i have to push on trying to work my way through AI literature

Serial killer

Imight bed in a short momo

Rip capn crunch


sorry I was making tuna-egg salad

He was a serial killer who made furniture out of ladies' skin and probably ate 'em. Buffalo Bill was based on him a lil' bit.

That's your face right before you eat it. Gotta take a second to brace yourself and prepare the senses.

I'm gonna dox you now and fuck you up, kiddo. shouldn't have messed with me. I bet you have a lot of stuff in your past you'd rather would stay hidden.

never read that book, or anything but that damn hippie.

Irrlicht, it's a games engine, have to build a scene in the games engine and showcase it to my tutors.

Same here. Once I've got these two out of the way.


Ah well seems more familiar now
I probably read that and forgot the name
Love silence of the lambs.
Poor shower girl

:( stop!!!! Dont tell people bout that thing when i asked about the thing

where's your cute anime pic from ?

oh I'm gonna tell them that and so much more. your closet is FULL of skeletons and judging by the look of them most of them are tranny.

ayn rand.

sleep well, neu

what things are those?

oh right
i never read it either...

what bad about anna rand anyways?

LOOK! They never disclosed HAVING A DICK?!?!?!?!?!

I would if I had the resources and the knowledge, but I doubt I'll be doing it anytime soon.

Building a game over a network, to allow players to join, chat and play the game with friends, and building a scene in Irrlicht.

you have the power!

first one sounds neat, but what on earth is the second?

she was a damn hippie commie that's what!

oh, well in that case it's honestly on them. it's totally normal for you to do what you did.


That is the point where I stop this.

Fun fact, that binary does actually follow all other rules.

yup. not a chance I'm bothering to translate this.

Once upon a time, I'd've taken it as a challenge to do by hand.

IIRC, I put an extra digit into it so any automated translator would throw a shitfit.

I'm running on fumes today, I don't have the power at all.

Irrlicht is a free open source 3D games engine, and we've been tasked to build a scene in the engine and make it run on XP and Linux at 30 frames per second.

is that bad? ;~;

I know right, im not gay. The thought of touching a dick makes me sick and rage.
Its an ordeal to shower sometimes when im drunk. I look down and suddenly im smashing windows. Then I realize its MY peckerjohnsonmeatstick


I lied, it's formatted properly.


that's just cruel.

yer damn right it is! filthy hippies and dirty commies, ruining this once great nation!

I feel for you man, I used to have the same problem before I turned gay. I keep looking for mike pence to show up so he can fix me but I guess he's busy with other important things ;_;



well she fucking was. filthy socialists.

how do they do it?!

I cant, I just dont have the energy for anything.




If someone can't translate binary it's their own damn problem.

If someone can't translate lied and deceit it's their own damn problem.

I don't feel all too hungry to be honest.

I'm not actually sure how familiar you are with her so I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic and if so how sarcastic.

So manu gays, so little time to "heal". Would help if parents didn't teach their kids about accepting unhealthy lifestyles... like putting your wedding stick in a fellow christian males poop warehouse

lol funny alex jones guy going crazy

what can you do?

Turn into a puddle of bleh and attempt to do magic!

you are a meanie head dodo pants.

very sarcastic but I do think she was a socialist? like I said, I haven't read any of her stuff, so all I know is from what little I've heard about her from other people, but we all know that's plenty to get a real, untainted opinion about someone LOL.

it's disgusting, honestly. the way this filth has just become so mainstream. I hope daddy pence is able to figure out a solution. maybe he could throw a pool party for queers only and then just drop a live wire into the water? I dunno, he'll think of something. I believe in daddy pence.

ah, you got the reference. nice.


post more fun things! ♥

a short amount of googling reveals that she was not in fact a socialist. huh, who knew five seconds of fact checking could work such wonders.

She is like the go to shitty libertarian writer for edgy teens.

Her thing was laissez-faire capitalism. She was staunchly opposed to socialism.

Or maybe a shower, homo shower party, and connect a car battery to the piping... daddy pence is a good man.
Why cant homos just marry ugly women and shoot their muck in their buttocks as god intended

everything I post is objectively horrible and not fun

why not? ;~;

yeah, figured that out with like five seconds of checking, lol. I'm gonna keep calling her a commie though, because it amuses me.

because I'm the worst

Oh no! That's the first sign! I'm becoming Sabrina Gein!

I wish I could tell you, but I honestly don't remember. I probably saved them from Google months ago. :-/

Also, Ayn Rand was an anarcho-capitalist, and Atlas Shrugged is a super long sermon on why poor people don't deserve to live and rich people should fly to their own private island away from all the plebs.

It was also a big inspiration for the Bioshock series.

She's rolling in her grave over these accusations when she spent most of her life fighting government interference in the market.

how come?

show me the full size image pls

that's what I'm hoping for when I disparage the dead.

Make sure to kill me first
Saves me a job

I dunno, that's just what I hear

That's all I got, dear.

I'll make a pretty sundress out of you!

Oh no

God forbid we insult Ayn Rand of all people, the most logical, level-headed and reasonable political advocate of the 20th century!


he's more upset that I was so objectively wrong with my insults, not that I was insulting her.

Ayn rynd was a whore.
Tan me bb :3

wowwwww I found my holemaker it was absolutely covered in dust I hope it still makes holes

With how often we talk about Darwin, the dude's probably turning in his grave so fast he could bore through bedrock.

Anarcho-capitalists are almost are fucking stupid as social democrats

evolution is a lie outside of pokemon games. if we evolved from monkeys why there still be monkeys check fucking mate.

Since when is you being objectively wrong news, though?

If Ayn Rand came across you dying of thirst in the desert, she wouldn't even spit on you. That'd be a hand-out to someone lacking the vision and innovative spirit to make money off the sand.

Scoot - The New Spring Line from Sabrina Couture

fake noos.


well all my hopes of a boner are lost. thanks a lot.

have you been watching this anime?

why live

*cares for you*

at least i like u



nothing triggers me.


I've always got one at least ;_;


Maid Dragon?

Finally, im of aome use



that gif was great though

Yes, good.


The real cupcake died in the car crash
This cup is a empty void
You ever try triggering an empty void?
O thought so

Somehow I didn't expect that to lure you out of lurking.

I'm an episode or two behind but mostly.

for what purpose?

ive always wanted to work on a game, but im fucking useless at anything but coding, so theres no chance of that

I've literally bullied you out of a discord three times.

Rand was a gifted writer capable of producing gorgeous prose. She was just a liiiiitle too preachy and narrow-minded IMO. She was also living off the government teat when she passed away, so...

If it makes you feel better, she was reportedly a total pervert behind closed doors who liked younger guys.

Yeah, sowwy. But If I ever figure out where it came from, I'll holler at ya.

Remember when Eddie Valiant asked Jessica Rabbit why she loved Roger?

"He makes me laugh."

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There's a new thread.

Y-yeah? Do i make you laugh? owo?


There is an old thread


Its tome


Damn right