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fuk u luka

not reposting

Peace, nerds. Check it.



fuck you

Same tbh



Are we talking about boat girl


I don't get this reference/blank post.

Kinda like you getiing laid :^)

Wait who is Iris

I don't get that one either.

Best KonoSuba

Yes, that was the joke there lol

I think you must have done something wrong.
Are you sure you assembled the words in the correct word and used the right ones?

fuck windows tbh

Here let me try again:

wank dicks boner in a subway

It's wrong to molest people like this.

Is it wrong to molest girls in a dungeon?


I only know Kurisu

I'd watch it.

Just read the LN

I somehow get the feeling you're purposefully attempting to repulse me.



Emma is always posting when I get home from work

All I need is her to ask me if I want dinner, a bath, or Ch 17 of Yuzumori-san

You've became a shell of your former self.

what the fuck is this meme


Soto never asks me for dinner or the purest form of love...

I'd tell him to kys, but it would still be nice to be asked is all.

Because I work now?

I should just quit and go back to being a NEET tbh
But I haven't had sex in like 2 months almost going on 3 and I need money in order to get laid tbh

I also wanna buy a new phone so there's that

What's for dinner though?

Purest form of love sounds good but like if you offered me Bratwursts with Mustard and a Cold Hoegaarden I'd totally choose that instead

Pork curry with steamed white rice.

Also kys Soto

Also where can I watch Shimoneta

Ask you to come over for dinner and stay for breakfast?

Soto started off empty. The husk is merely drying out.


oh ok
i guess you dont want to watch it.

You've kind of gone full Grim.

Fuck that sounds good too dude

Are you a good cook?

On it boss
Also torrent it on Nyaa for best results

Kissanime to stream if youre a fag, Its also on yt too lol


But Tsuchi, I've always liked traps

I've never been in denial

But why would I want to do that?

How butt blasted were you when they didn't announce S3?

Yeah, but chapter 17 when?

Jk, 12 days man

Legal streaming :^)

Not from .ru I don't.

Yes. I made macaroni in a skillet yesterday and I used rotini and extra sharp natural cheddar I slice from a block.

Guess I'll torrent then.

that would be after dinner. That and everything else.

Does she fucking have down syndrome or something?

Because we don't like each other and you probably want me to leave.
I guess I'm being pretty inconsiderate staying where I'm clearly not wanted. Gomen.



its all good on my end.



Might aswell kill myself
That's like two weeks


Define everything else

How much cheese is too much cheese though?

Hopefully theres a batch dl
I have all episodes dl'd cause I have autism like that lmao

Kinda dont wanna watch the newest Gabdrop now
This is nightmare fuel


Well it's Japan so probably only like 11 days even.

It was a staring contest thing

You mislinked.
I use a whole block of Cabot Seriously Sharp cheese.

I already got a batch dl. It's going pretty nicely. ty.


But why

Eh, not too bad I should hopefully have enough to buy my dumb phone by then
Everyone knows Raphi wins

So how's life Em's?

My bad

Damn that sounds good af
How did you even prepare it? Like cut it up and throw it in with a tiny bit of milk?
How2maekmacncheese (nonbox kind)

About this.



Wow, what a blowout faggot test is.



View this poorly made infographic.

I just cut it up into centimeter thick slices and put it in the pot/skillet with the strained noodles I'm using. It's a moist enough cheese that you don't need to add milk or water for it to become saucy while it's melted.

What is this

What did I do

You were the first poster I saw... Had to enter at the benefit of someone.

Not too bad I suppose

I was up until like 9am or some shit because I'm degen.

That's lewd

But I wouldn't cry

One of the pidgeons just fucking fly in the middle and get swallowed in

my sides

Oh shit that sounds easy af
Must've been the most T H I C C mac n cheese of your life


This is Cupcake. Not me.

what is what?

They better give us an OVA where Megumin plays with Chunchunmaru.

Yes, I believe you would, that infographic was quite clear.

It's the only mac n cheese in my life fam.

Well, they did a good job mimicking you.

This horrible meme.


what even is an anime

They better give us an OVA that introduces best girl

I'm not a baby like Chris-kun though.

are these lewd implications

Its adorable really, shows how much of a good couple you are. Much better than squash and you

lmao holy shit doing what?
I used to do that alot then you completely fuck your sleep schedule up and wake up like at 7pm lol

I go to bed at 10pm like the faggot I am
I hate it
It's worth having weekends off I suppose

I think my mac n cheese waifu is Velveeta White Cheddar shells

A daddy's girl is less of a baby than a momma's boy?

hey you should add me on steam again:

You are.

Yes that is true because he did a great job of mimicking me.

A Mongolian cartoon.


It is right?

I have omens and portents to discuss!

Masturbating constantly, obviously.

Yeah, p much.

What the heck? Rude ;;

Also, I'm not like those people who seem to want everyone on their friends list dead.

No I need to see more explosions

see >

I was a huge momma's boy in elementary

Like, I cried the first day of school cause she left lmao

More of worst girl?

Why tho

oh wrong blade. i thought you meant excalibur

Oh man I hope that wasn't too mean

I want to kill everyone on my friend list.
Does that make me crazy?
I just love them SO much.


Definitely more of a chunchunmaru

It was



Like, legit question though

Do girls have like cooldowns like guys do after cumming?
How long do they usually last anyways?

Like I think its a few minutes for guys until they can give it another go

Well, you can try to kill me but you'll never succeed.

That's the 411.

it's a great name you shut up.

Usually its like 5 to 15 minutes for me

It is a great name!


ova of komekko and kazuma being a lolicon


Its not like I like you or anything, baka!

I refuse to answer this.




you gotta train to get your cdr up. calm your mind. let your dick get limp again. then engorge it with horny thoughts the moment you fully limp.

Seems pretty much the same to me.



If you were up till 9am then I think I got my answer already :^)

That's takes alot of honry thoughts tbh

Do NOT. Those images are my weakness.

it must suck for girls if they can only go so far before wetting everything

use drugs to aid in your training

What the heck

time for bed,
ni ni thread...

can I get knee knee?

kys scoot


Trade nini for steam friend request?

nyanko days aots


For the glory of chaos, of course!

I'm just teasing fam

Still though you'll talk about lesbian lolis seriously but not masturbation
What the heck


it is a sin


Yuri is pure

Technically if you are pleasuring yourself

That is considered yuri

Checkmate atheists

are you yuri?

sleep well scubaru


You got me.

Heck no!

My sis made white curry

Awww yiss


They cry too much in these Chinese cartoons.

Because of bullies like you.

bodily fluids are easy to hide in white things

I ride to battle!



this is pretty much facebook for autists

But you like cute girls.

Tuples are awesome holy shit

Anime ones

I am nothing but kind, sensitive, and understanding.

Cute anime girls are very nice


But you don't even have a daki of Iris


cute pic
saved :)


Don't get carried away.

tfw you miss an event by 1 minute cuz you were fapping



not really an event. but daily reset in warframe



I would if one existed.

yah i was masturbating to sakuya izayoi's pads

hmm thinking

I'm in cahoots with Test. I'll make him ban you for this.

Uwah, sleepy


Believe harder!

ew pads


we should probably talk on steam



very realistic

lol shotacon

I don't have the Shirobako packs downloaded :^)

it was the highest quality decensored i could find
im indifferent about that okay. atleast i dont worship a little boy

VERY realistic anime porn.

High anime sexual violence

Why can't I hide my flag anymore ?


It's good

Could I by interest you in a NICE egg ?

I don't talk to strangers.

Hiding it has been disabled.


Thats stupid.

Madoka has the best stickers.


Don't be Krul.

So is hiding your flag.

But I already have a folder.

Shit taste.

Admin abuse.
The power has made him feel twice as tall for once.

No its not.

reverse psychology

Mostly I like them because you gave them to me.

so almost normal human sized?

Hes still short.

Yes. That was the joke.

Is that good? I have not seen that anime.

Why else would you hide your flag.

Its got gay lovin in it.

Nani sore

The aesthetic is better.

"le anonymoose" autists.

Terrible and immoral.


You look like weirdo.

What does that mean?

Gay vampires

Its extremely easy to just change your flag.

Then you're getting the right idea.


My avatar is Krul Tepes little brother.

It's easy to proxy or use VPNs but there's no real reason to hide your flag either.

There is no reason for not letting me.

I finally watched that movie.

Why do you post her?

the boobs were a little too much

what is that meme

So this has a penis?

Why do you do this to me?

Intentionally looking like a weirdo.

Not at all :3
Who do I play?

Mine does but yours doesn't.

All black

How dispiriting.

As long as your hair isn't emo, it's fine.

Do what to you?

I took the better one.

I was bamboozled.

HATE me.

I've got bad news for you.

I got some nice custom made shoes that are solid black too.


i think its too late but trist :^)

But I don't hate you.

They picked trist
I went twitch

Blending with the other blacks around you? smart idea. You don't want to get shot- oh wait.

idk the meta besides trist being trash. will u won?

Play none of them and exit the game.

Yeah except their talon is called "bukakke spraytan"

My city has a population of about 80k and its all white people.

rip its been decided.

I don't have any black friends.

Move to Weimar.

Are abos even human ?

I think so, but I don't even know any of those either.

Pretty sure they aren't.

What if Africa one day becomes a first world country and a global superpower?

So what killed off the rest of the world ?

I looked up a town I lived in and it scored a 100%, too.
And had over 2000 people.

they are better suited to becoming space pirates and taking out alien races. their skin tone will camouflage them and their natural instinct will draw out victories

They were too busy fighting each other and Africa comes in with the trick shots.


They will already blend into the darkness of space.

The world will be cast into Darkness.


More like flooded with darkness.

Both your neighbors will be black. So will your mailman and delivery guy.

He hasn't had to take geography in yet.
Give him a break.

He tried.

You realize you wrote "country," right?

goodbye mail


A future Africa would be united.

Opt for drone parcel delivery and emails.


I refuse.

Luka why wouldn't it let me watch your subnautica game

Excuse me? You can't just -not- have mail. How will you get all the cool stuff you ordered online?


Everytime I read this it's in Japanese and in the remix form too thanks to you

Why would you even want to watch him play a game?

I just won't order anything.

Morbid curiosity


You have played League with him, though.

Subnautica is SP tho.

those legs


What are you going to be a transcendentalist or something?

If there is a way to be terrible at it, I am sure he has mastered it.


That reminds me I got emailed about a PBE account, but I no longer play.

so rude making him 0/8

don't be such a bully

Toxic, even

I will be dead in an all black world.

But it would match your soul.


This is some pretty catchy shit, to be fair

then diovania starts playing in my head


I don't have one ?


Absorb one from the living.

I like that video too.
And Diovania.
And Kiralovania was pretty much made for Test since it's set to Undertale OST.

uwaa headache

Drink some water and wash your hands and face.





I need it.

hell ye


You also need to carry Neru.

that doesn't really help...
but I am drinking water



whats good with nezi today?

this option does nothing and makes me wonder why it exists

I've put an off limits sign infront of it.

Then I'm out of ideas.

I said like 2 things all game ;~;

I invite to duo whenever she's on..

I have seen you being toxic in the games with her too.

if you refresh the page it just darkens them



Yes. I am always watching.

I break a lot of rules.

You'll get 6 wanted stars in no time at all.

I think I told this guy to stfu when he said something to neru, don't remember much else..

I'm not going back to prison.



I will yell at you next time I see it occur.

That's the only memorable part of it

Please do :3

That line can make or break a character.



It was a memorable anime imo
Cause I'd round up all the nerds at my studio, buy a bunch of alcohol/weed and a new can of Starbuzz Blue Mist tabbaco for the hookah and watch the weekly episodes of the seasonal anime

Was it considered rape though?

I dislike your taste in music.


I don't care.


I didn't notice a change

but I'm on tomorrow theme so maybe it does nothing with that on

isn't that from the OP for Kiss x Sis

I got nothing.


Im such a normie amirite



That was like full on rape dude
It was hot af tho

lol isnt that a fujoshi animu

don't make me mash the keyboard for no reason.



oh I dropped that shit show after a couple episodes

fuckin nerd

I'm not clicking on anymore of your youtube links.

My sister has seen Ouran host club, Inuyasha, fruits baskets, and vampire knight so yeah

She might be on

Just wait till you get to the cookies part

and the vibrator scene


Ready your body

My sis likes it

Tho the OP was catchy

At least i dont masturbate till 9am


You don't even give it a chance.

Yeah I can't believe Darwin would do that lol

Time to duck out

Not falling for it..

pay tribute to her dead VA

You're about to miss everything.

I was also aware of this.
The gushing moans of a dead japanese woman make it better.

I am aware of that fact.

okay bye for real

bloodchan out

I voted for the second option because of this.


I always knew you didn't like me.

who does that?

Wait was that the last ep of Konosuba?

I hope not

I'll be kinda butthurt it was only 10 eps

I've done it a few times.


/changes the subject

ban and I like each other a lot



Soto, most of the cats you've been holding in your pictures look so uncomfortable. Makes me think you're a bug-alien like the one from Men in Black.

It's 12:20pm

Cause I longcat them

Most cats dont like being held like that


How you you feel if I held you like a long cat.

Cat nap?


I wish you would hold me like a long cat

Dog nap

Why do you even like konosuba so much soto

I'd only ever hold you like that just to toss you into the rubbish where you belong.

I like cats more.

don't remember the OP but I'd never sit through a show just because the music is good

that show's pretty boring tbh

Cats are garbage and dogs are friends.

Cause I think it's funny



I sat through a couple of Monogatari eps that were shit just cause the ost was great

Ignoring this opinion.

I hope you get punched.


It's not even to the really good chapters yet though

I wonder what you were like before you got your teen angst.

Did you like power rangers or something?

( Grim )

oh i had Steam Streaming disabled
because my upload speed is/was only 0.7
So whenever any uploads were going my internet would slow to a crawl.
but now it seem ok with my pseudo 4.5 up speed now.

but i mostly keep it off since i want low ping online games.

for actual streaming i launch my Xsplit broadcaster software.

When I was very little.

post extra lewd stuff.
3dpd preferred

jfc Emma I really question how much of a fuck weeb you are sometimes
Like holy shit you need to calm down with that

by you hopefully

i don't have 3d
or lewd stuff.
so... nah.

Hah, how lame. What else did you like?

You're a perverted weirdo sometimes..

gotta start somewhere

Goggles pls

All the time, then? jesus.

I don't know.

Ask me something

i wont


Favorite dinosaur?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Favorite teacher?

funny koala

you're a mad man

I hated all of my teachers and I didn't have a favorite dinosaur.


You can read them in less than a day!

They're like 150 pages per volume.

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