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And it never seems like anyone wants to voice in discord. Oh well, i'm fairly tired now anyway. I might set aside my coffee plans until after i take a nap.

The feeling is mutual.
I grew up with mostly women surrounding me, plus it's a simple skill that comes in handy so i thought why not improve upon it? Food Wishes is enjoyable to watch and pick up on ideas for my next dish. Messing around with ingredients to put in those cheap top ramen packs instead of using the seasoning they give you was a recent accomplishment; turning them into a hearty and decent meal with beef cutlets (pork was also delicious), broccoli, green onions, carrots and spices. If i'm going with a broth i like to add an egg, preferably egg drop soup style.

Sorry, i'm rambling. What's a hobby of yours?


I don't really have any outgoing hobbies such as that. I read, watch movies, tv shows and scribble in notebooks. I guess trying to find new things is a hobby?

hi new person

Hi, I'm new.
You can call me Pricia.
Or Alex, I guess.

hi alex

Hello, (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ~ SUBLIMED !Ghoul8yynI.

Never heard of a late night snack~?

A connoisseur of media? Sounds like a hobby to me, but some critics may disagree. What sort of shows and books do you enjoy?
What thoughts fill your head and your journal?

I suppose it would be since it's done at one's leisure.


suh dude

Currently falling asleep as i listen to Alice Cooper.


waking up. might play a videogame

What do you play?

Recently (and by recently i mean since it came out) i've been playing quite a bit of Dark Souls 3 as well as Overwatch here and there. I can't seem to get enough of DS3 despite going through it a few times, and now there's a new DLC right around the corner. I'm fairly hype.

ksp, factorio, rimworld.

ds3 is pretty sweet but ive had my fill of it for awhile.

I honestly hear the same list from a lot of people so I don't really consider it to be anything special. More of a standard reply.

Shows I don't really have a particular taste, but I suppose some mainstream ones and a few adultish kind of comedies that my ex showed me.

Books, haven't read too much. Whatever takes my interest. Most notable would be All You Need Is Kill and 1984. I'll be starting a new one soon called Off To Be The Wizard.

I have three note books. One for sketches and experimenting. One for just important notes I need to take and the last being a new one I started a few days ago which I just intend to scribble whatever drawing that comes to mind at the time. Sort trying to see if anything cathartic can come out of it. If I start treating it like an art book that will be judged, the mission has failed.



It seems everyone has already left the party v-v


Hi qt :3 sounds hot

how can anyone be comfortable positioning their dick that way

It's not very noticeable actually :/
dissappointing, hentai would be better

you can quite clearly see his dick tho

keeps it from sticking to your balls when you get sweaty

I know what KSP is, not familiar with the other two. I've not played KSP though.

I've been consumed by anime recently, but it has been a long time coming. My backlog could only get so big. Re:zero was fun if a bit stressful, same with Steins Gate (it wasn't my best idea to go from one right into the other, but oh well). Then i watched Hero Academia.
Honestly, it's been some time since i've sat and enjoyed a live-action show. The last one i can recall would be Stranger Things, maybe a few episodes of Castle here and there. I still need to go and watch True Detectives, same with Breaking Bad.
I'm horrible at watching things by myself.

Some time has passed since my hands last held printed text. I believe it was The Wind Up Bird Chronicles. Fun read; drama, mystery, thrills, and a cute Asian couple.

Reminds me of myself a few years ago. I went out and bought four; one for dreams, one for sketches, one as a journal, and one for misc. The sketches one ended up getting filled with concept art for a few projects. Sadly i haven't drawn much since outside of a few weeks ago where i attempted to pick it back up again, but some things happened and my muse left me for a bit. I'm sure she'll be back though~
My dream journal has definitely suffered as that fell through almost immediately. I'm picking it back up though.
My journal is still as blank as when i bought it. I tend to talk to myself more than i write what i'm saying down, or i speak to friends. Writing it down would prove to be interesting, but it's surprisingly difficult to care that much.

I look forward to seeing what you have to offer later.

Chatting, music, falling asleep. I somehow started listening to Skindred after Alice Cooper, but whatever.

How are you?


apparently i cycle in too high a gear, which puts too much pressure on my knees


I am fabulous as always ^o^
Teacher isn't coming in today so I'm not doing much rn, just seeking attention :3

I need defined dicks man


it's pretty fun

rimworld is about colony management and factorio is about autism


how about this?

Or, if you listen to the creator, it's about the story.

One of my night girls died and it's sad because now the other has to keep the colony clean at night on top of her other duties.

... no, just uh... y'know, nvm

True Detective was really fun to watch..

I haven't thought about recording my dreams on paper as they can sometimes be very sensitive and personal to me. I don't like the idea of someone going through my thoughts like that.

Transfer your ideas in other ways, like writing stories and fanfic ^^

explain fam

Bayes is bae

y'know what I'm not sure I know
I'm questioning everything rn
but that was not my forte

I'm not sure I know what that means.

Shouldn't you be on spring break anyway?

Some friends want me to play Space Engineers and they tell me it's about the same, but easier. Also multiplayer in Space Engineers, so i'd probably go with that over KSP. I'm also being talked into getting Star Citizen, but quite a few people are telling me it's not worth it, but they do free weekends often, so i'll wait and see then.

Ugh, i already have Subnautica for my base building and resource management. I don't need more. Colony management could be interesting.

Skin tight clothes are a gift from god.

I made it to... episode 4 i think. There was some funky camera movement, and a long continuous scene after some accident where i think a thug was shot.

That seems to be the case for a lot of people i know. Mine tend to be some crazy phantasmagorical adventure involving characters ranging from real to fictional. Lately though i've been having comfy little dreams where i'm just enjoying the company of a few friends, or just one.
That thought has crossed my mind and honestly, i welcome that. I'm curious to see how someone reacts to what goes on in my head, personal or otherwise. There's not much for me to hide, just a few possibly embarrassing things scattered around, but it's whatever.

I've already gone through the ordeal of having my dildo found, and while it did make my face red, looking back it wasn't bad. I wish it didn't really happen that way, but she was cool with it.



Uhm, like no, I believe that's a few weeks from now. Why? don't like me?

if you send porn please make sure its good lol

define good

wait till after nine when everyone leaves the room so I can look at the pic better lol
i don't know, that's hard to gauge, guess it just depends on angles and camera quality ig

sounds fun ^^; hopefully I can stock up on such things when I move out

I generally have dreams that are grand in scale and story to consider a movie sometimes people I know or have importance appear in those dreams. I'd rather keep the feelings of those interactions personal.

I'm a thinking introvert, so I do that stuff all the time. I don't recall my dreams when I sleep very often.
But When I dream, I dream BIG lol

Ugh, i can't stay focused, so i'm off to take a nap. 'Twas fun.

Enjoy yourself thoroughly.

It was fun meeting you. Bye.

what time is it even there?


currently 8:33 am fam

The word diputseromneve may sound ridiculous, but backwards it's even more stupid!

Afternoon everyone, how are we all doing today?

d e d


Just woke up and I'm ready to die.

i have showered and acquired tuna sammich

Have you played night in the Woods?

Damn, now you show up ;-;
I have to goooooooo
meanie >:p

join call

Waiting for what if you don't mind me asking?

For moar posts
everyone left the first chat
I have been lonely

pass the time by looking at dicks

Aah fair enough. I only just got back in from traveling between houses, so now I'm relaxing.

Oh my.

its a rather good looking dick, isnt it?

Ya missed your window buddy

It is a rather good looking dick, indeed.

how about that one?



Um, how bout no? Pan please?

That one is pretty good too, you have a good collection of good looking dicks, qt.

It's too late, I didn't know what was going to happen, but it happened! I'm sorry, forgive me.



thanks, theyre from my best folder

no u

Well if you don't mind, I'd like to see a lot more of this folder.

DX another innocent has fallen
don't end up like me... -dies-

I like everything *^*



No. Don't spoil.



Pfft, don't you worry about me, I can handle myself! It's perfectly fine.

how about this?
please excuse the hair

so bi then?


I refuse -3-
I must protect everyone

missed chu :3

I was going to ask if you liked it if you did. I'm on the fence on buying it.

not strictly

Well damn, that's a uhh Hnnng.

Well I appreciate that! Keep on protecting!

I hear good things.

stop this



It's not working tho huuuuu


Bi doesn't include trannies and stuff
or waifus technically

You weren't kidding when you said it was your best folder. Damn.

Try harder! You need to put all your energy into doing it!

then... MARRY ME EMPTY-CHAN!!! >-<

Here's that rabbit I promised chu


id say it kind of does to some degree, but pan may well imply you are attracted to literally anything, even FtM grannies with mental health issues.

only the gold stuff in this one

the fuck dude

Yes, but I can counteract that with preferences lol
like I prefer people my age, no more than 5 years above or below

Marry you? What..? I read that right, right?

I can tell, how big is this folder if you don't mind me asking?

Oh golly~


but then the term "pan" wouldnt apply

24 files total

Yes, but it'll have to be later ^3^

Bye everybody!!!

Holy fudge, that one is probably my favorite.

Okay, take care! Enjoy doing whatever you're doing!

youre cyber bullying me

what about this?

All these pictures, I can't decide! They're all great.

i wish i had biscuits :/

bye homo

wouldnt it be cyber sexual harassment?

what about this sort of thing?

Okay, that's my favourite one now. Unf.

Good morning^^

and this?

there is no difference to me

Morning there!

Okay qt, I think you can stop with them now. I need to uhh... take care of things. Yeah, let's go with that.


Well speaking of what's currently being entertained in here, I'm going to be doing another shoot this coming Sunday.

morning wellams, whats good?

*cyber molests you*

send pics of sticky mess after :3

Whoah, I said I was taking care of things, not that!


Me too for St. Patty's :p

Not a whole lot going on. Just hoping it warms up a little more before trudging through the snow to get to work.

Then one more day til I see my honey *squee*

What'chu up to?


I just took care of things. Clean me up.

How are you doing this morning?

Shush you, shush right now!

rip, at least good things will be happening soon

just putting off doing uni stuff so i can watch youtube videos instead, because effort

pics faget



Uhh, I'll pass on this one!

Stop it you! Right now.

Hungry. I'll probably just eat at work tonight at some point.


Yeah, I mean I'm meeting her entire family so that's "good" probably.

Lazy. Just do your shit and watch youtubeshit after, dummy.


Traveled from house to house, shoulders are killing me because of my bag, had a lot of stuff in there.

But other than that, I'm doing well just hungry as well.



moog pls

stop what?

im sure itll go fine, wellams, her family sound cool enough

i know, but effort, and i dont have sweets to carry me through it :/

I'm not ampty damn it! You know this!


Now that picture, damn, just damn.


cum is pretty nice

you dont?

Still waiting for you to become ampty

Not at all. A drop or two max and it's just the clear stuff.

It is, it is indeed.

But I'll never be ampty though, I'm Empty, always have been and will be. Unless it's steam then I'm Tetsuya.

not gonna lie, i kinda wanna see that

i am also rather fond of balls

It's not worth the time investment lol

Since when does QT spoiler his porn?
What the fuck did you guys do to him?

Well if they're anything like the picture you posted, it's understandable why you're fond of them.

how so?


and you?

Posting unspoilered beast porn sounds fun.


Because it takes like 2-3 hours for that.


I'm fond of all the stuff you've posted so far, so keep it up qt!



tfw no doughnut

you dont want to be worked up for 2-3 hours?

what about this sort of thing?

Not particularly.

it doesn't have to be long.. just few moments

That's great too, I prefer the one you posted before this one.

A few moments? But how will I know I'm doing it right? Or will you just pretend, I'm confused about this whole ordeal!

even if someone else is doing all the hard work?

with more focus on the boy bits?

That sounds kind of awful.
I go nuts after about an hour.

Exactly, and that one is perfect.

That's different. Finally some more bondage tomorrow :p

could be fun, assuming someones dedicated enough to keep you worked up for that long

i rather like this one

Oh, that one is great too, but I really like the one above.

I have never gotten off with someone so I wouldn't know.

all you have to do is say "I do"

nice, its always more fun when someone else is in charge of everything that happens to you i find

it is a better image i suppose

ditch the dogs and get looking then fam

This isn't a trick is it? It better not be a trick.. Are you trying to marry me off here?

Yeah, definitely. I've been working on being the one with that responsibility lately. It's weird.

I have.

Yes, yes it is! Unf.


Well I'll say it anyway if it pleases you.

I do. There you go. ^^

kinda, but being the one who does the nibbling every once in a while can be fun


unf indeed



.. not nowwwww later when you agree to be ampty!

I usually do my thing and jut get them off.
I deal with myself after.

Keep them coming qt. I may or may not be saving these pictures.

Oh, well I guess I'll agree for a few moments.

especially on ears and necks, perhaps on other places too

how dull

theyre all yours my dude

Nah, we're both pain sluts so we leave teethmarks.

Thank you kind friend!

most games I have poppy and yi on my team


im out of my perfect folder contents now, but i do still have one or two good ones

Do I buy draven or ezreal?

Buy me and my love.

That's fine, I've liked what you've posted so far, so just keep posting a long the same lines and it's all good with me!

Draven, always Draven.


Can't afford

glad to hear it

Time for a true display of skill

That one is pretty cute, my god it's cute.

couldnt got distracted by phone falling in toilet and cooking

what about this one?


the frostblobs wont stop coming and they slow and deal huge chunks of damage

Hmm, not sure about that one to be honest!

nice underwear

not a fan of the manlier body?


Oh, I'm a fan of both, but I'm unsure about that one for some reason.

Wth his a frostblob
His q when he has chillymittens?

dont know what it is that puts you off?


Exactly, I don't know what it is about that one in particular, but it just didn't mesh right in my head.

But triforce is meta :c

I quit my job.

is it the size at all?

rip, what went down?

Not at all, I find small adorable, I don't know what it was with that one, but the rest are great!

Was too stressed, too fucking depressed, I had to quit.

It fucking sucked

Do we have ONE poster from the UK that isn't gay?

why not BOTH

i love small ones, but unfortunately most of them are just fat guys with a good 3" of fat covering most of their shaft

welp :/

'Cause I would actually like to hit dia some day..

Nice ED music too


mee too
Inever will though
no looloo buffs
I lose most of my games
mightas well go cry and quit

We had HAL.

Jesus qt, that one is bloody adorable!

No one expects the spanish SD!

Was HAL straight? Huh.


I don't think he ever mentioned anything considering that.

Start playing adc :^)

How are you today SD, feeling well?

do you think I could
how long would it tak

christ, how many tranny prostitutes are there on tumblr?

hes hal tho

as it happens its also attached to a rather cute person

im gonna head out and get myself a pack of digestives, on the condition i actually do some fucking reading afterwards

Pretty good, now they decided to bandage my other foot too.
Also on 2 different painkillers and antibiotics.
How's you?

He had a lot of good songs to share sometimes though.

Just joking, but it wouldn't take long
If you really wanna climb effectively play mid/jung and be good at both..

I have to be good to win now too?

Well I'm not surprised it, cute all over!~

Also enjoy, and I have to do the same with as well, don't worry about it!

Oh, now both feet are bandaged, you have to be careful next time mister.

I'm doing well, body is aching all over because of my backpack which had a lot of stuff in whilst I was traveling.


That or, just duo with someone who is :3

Well, they don't really hurt as much as my calves and thighs, since all of the pressure has been on them with the crutch.
Not to mention what the downhill did to them before.
Oh, what did you carry in it?

Ihave tried
so much

Aah, well I hope you make a swift recovery! Also I had a lot of clothes, my laptop, laptop charger, mouse, headset, another charger.

A lot of stuff!

Did you get so far though?

Same, need to get things in order at home and this isn't helping the cause.
Ah, thought you had hauled half a house with you.

But, SD. That is half of a house for me! I don't have a lot of things down at this house.

Well then, I should have chosen better words.

All I have is my clothes, laptop blanket and pillows and my shoes. That's it really!

my teams are holding me back

But that surely isn't half of your clothes.

What do you mean? I'm confused now.

Ez was a good choice anyways :3

There's no way you could fit half a house's clothes in your bag!

Anyhow I've got to go buy some groceries, bye.

Oh I didn't, I left most of them here, only took what I needed whilst I was back home.

how can you call yourself an adc main if youve never played the gayboy himself

This is my smurf

I voted for Trump.

wow your main isnt even dedicated to a prepubescent boy thats good at pressing buttons

Check this shit out

Tapping circles.

Tapping your circle.

I had all his skins

you harvested his foreskin?

TIL the Dutch butchered 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica and sold the organs of kids!

He's cut

howd u know o.o


Subtle give me one head pat!

Btw, LISA the Pointless is free.
It's time to get on the LISA bandwagon again.
Time to suffer, life is trash.

have any of the euro/uk peeps tried Beignets

Nope, I may as well get some.

from what I can see they are like donuts but leavened and have a more generous dusting of powdered sugar


Thank you!

That's very wicked!

Good morning!

why is this thread so goddamn lewd


i yearn for human contact

Ha, told you.

*Tenderly strokes you*

Just out of curiosity, does this actually fill the void?

You didn't tell me anything!

this is hella cool, why don't cookie companies use this

I did, you just didn't notice.

Hmm, I'm still confused! Stop confusing me please!

But I can't, for I don't know what I'm doing myself.

Oh! Well we're both being silly then.


Probably, I mean who knows?

Admin noticed me!



You belong in a museum

This bitch...

The void

Yes Luka?

gr.... spanish loco....
how dare you trick me into thinking you're sd

But I'm not Loco, we had a fight though and he only got my feet.

real SD would be on discord.

Tried to login, but it hates the fact that I'm abroad.

Only one way to determine.
Whats that band?

What band?

You know. That band I really like listening to.

Sabaton, you should have said that earlier.


Its the real SD, Luka!

Luka could have asked in Steam too, welp.


I'll ask you.

I suppose.

Could have saved a whole lotta time.

Some people are just that incompetent.

No bully.
Although common sense isn't common.

I can't help it. Luka a cute though.

Oh well, true.

what are you doing not at home?

grr.... you bully, mean person.



thread dead so what?

Got beef?


What will you do if I do?



What were you doing at GSL, though?


what the heck?

if you turn wow inside out it becomes owo

♥ adorable cutie

I dunno, but I immediately thought of you when I saw it.

That doesn't sound like a compliment.

OwO what's this?

Rolled 6 (1d6)1 - Konosuba
2 - Dragon Maid
3 - Self-hate
4 - Be useful
5 - :D
6 - :D


Rolled 10 (1d20)1 - Go outside
2 - Go outside
3 - Go outside
4 - Go outside
5 - Go outside
6 - Go outside
7 - Go outside
8 - Go outside
9 - Go outside
10 - Go outside
11 - Go outside
12 - Go outside
13 - Go outside
14 - Go outside
15 - Go outside
16 - Go outside
17 - Go outside
18 - Go outside
19 - Go outside
20 - Go outside

Looks like I'm going outside!


Forgot Chaos Child tbhbbq

Truly worthy of the status of a Goddess.


:D is wildcardt

:D is a smiley face

Yay :D

Shut up

Space kitty pls yay :D

gonna screenshot these.




Cyanpony had an odd fascination with Hermione turning into a cat in Chamber of Secrets.

Test best at cummy Hermione :D

What happened to him?

Probably still makes autistic roleplay threads on Holla Forums

Shit, that was the last episode D:

't was a GOOD episode!

finally :D


Rumors of my going outside were greatly exaggerated.

G'morning, Test!


I don't remember jack shit

Ban him.


It's 3:30


ue xD


I hated this shit so much back then.

how many more seasons do I have to suffer through until best girl


Daily reminder that ambulance is the strongest stand.

Dio should have used an ambulance instead of a RODA RORA DA

But would it have gone "WRYYYYY!"?



What if I told you RODA RORA DA is the inspiration for

to be fair




my tummy hurts

Drink water and lay down.

oh no!

Why the FUCK can't I watch Shimoneta on Crunchyroll?
What do I even subscribe to this garbage for without JoJo's?!

Yeah but like, I mean to be fair.

that didn't work.


why would you waste your money on 500kbps

It usually should if you can take a nap.
Remember, naps cure almost anything, but not really stuff like bullet wounds, cancer and crippling depression, although that can be debated.

i already napped.

Well if you think about it I give Erin money like every week so obviously I either don't work very hard for it or don't find it very important if I'm this incredibly irresponsible and wasteful with it.

Fuck I gave moogs like $10 the other day.

Well, eh, just drink a lot of water and avoid sodas and coffee for the time being.

gimme 250

Yeah but there's a difference between wanting to dick someone and wanting to dick a cartoon

i think ill drink this soda and butter a a slice and microwave a hotdog and ketchup....

Moogs, it doesn't work like that.
Ask for tree fiddy.

i want some too!!!

holla holla gimme dolla

maybe if you flashed your hole like me

I'm not overtly fond of dicking either of those things.

Ehh, just avoid sodas afterwards if it makes your stomach hurt.


im just hungry i guess...

You wouldn't dick this?

I'd dick this.

I don't think that works either.

So it wasn't something you ate earlier or random stomach ache disease?

I'm pretty sure this is more your taste tho.

what will work

i need to fondle my balls and finger my pussy with a venom snake hand

A vagina hand?

But vaginas are icky...

it couldn't have been anything i ate, since i have eaten nothing today at all
no dieseise either
just a tummy ache...

Only God knows, but then again that Nietszche fellow said that the git kicked the bucket.

To be fair I also don't know who I'm talking to, so there's that.

Emma da yo

Oh then I was right in my assumption of believing that would be to your tastes.

Ah well, just cut corners on everything that you can.
Anyhow I need to get some sleep before the painkillers stop working.

But vaginas are icky...

attempting to leave house

So is a penis.
So are most lewd things.
That's why lewd has it's definition.

nini mysterious sd that never replied on steam :\

Fiction and falsehood

what about wanting to dick a poster & their avatar?

Well what about this then?

Have fun.

Offer to become her seiyuu.

new thread

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Rolled 20 (1d20)
Successfully leaving my house.


No that's not a underaged anime girl

But she's still 2 volumes away