♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

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ID get 2 numbers, 4 lowercases

forever mad


official nap thread

Fuck off, Bebop.


Bebop did nothing wrong.


Scoots thread best thread

damn right

I mean, after Maddie threads, obviously

Eh. Scoots threads are still better.

some rad pizza


I'll be your pizza.

jk jk I OP very rarely so you win.

winner winner chicken dinner


or it better be

I am a pretty girl.
Eat my vagina.


As a prize you get to brush my hair.

Come on, you little shit.
Bend to my sensual ways.

i said ok

Say it sexy.

owo kawaiiii

say what

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

paul fart mall shart






What's up, Grom?


lol I aint cho fuckin bitch

down with the sickness


how hard did the snow hit you?


Heinous Holla Forums, lend me your dark strength.

Are you worthy?


idk I stopped looking out the window.

I had work cancelled today though, so *shrugs*

dropbox.com/s/xmf67j5wq2qx36r/Chagrined Chicken one - Iggy Sawdust.m4a?dl=0

have cancer to give you strength

Bebop wasn't worthy to be admin.



Probably not.
But I make a bitchin' loyalist.

Oh, majiyabakune-


Bebop was weak.

Yeppers yo

Cancer as in the crab or the bad kind of cancer, cuz I don't think bad cancer would help me.

lol nice
I'm glad I dont have to shovel, friendly neighbor came by with his snow tractor thing

get off of his ass. What's up tho
still building folder?

Say the magic words.


or something

No, and yes.


I can live to graft another day now.


Why not both?

Those are pretty magical.

If it worked for Walter White....

The fear should strong the weak.

Actually that kind of works.

Oh, just take my strength anyways. I wasn't going to use it.

Until he got the beard and... You know... Shouldnt spoiler.

I don't have to shovel either :p

im thinking arbys

But what is better;

Arby's, Tim Horton, Wendy's or Dairy Queen?

Two for one beef and cheddars.

It's all garbage.

Ur garbage

We don't have Tim Hortons.

I mean, I guess Dairy Queen because I like the ice cream.

Time for work.

I heard timmys was p good, same with dq

arbys ads are awesome

but ive never tried them

why not :o

feminine penis also works

idk dude.
he isn't being inflammatory or anything, why pick on him

Later, Squish.

I know. So when you taking me out.



Cause I'm a girl or some shit idk. I just don't need to.

...Of those four things the only one you've tried is Wendy's?

Dairy Queen for the ween


Yes. I live in nyc. we have an arbys but not the others.

who does it for ya?

I though nyc was supposed to have everything.

I made a group quiz for animus, curious to our general political viewpoint



No can do that day.

idk it just magically gets done

I just checked
there are 2 in the entire city


Wanna see a pic of me giving a bj?

I've already seen one welma..

This one I've got 3d glasses tho. for better hallway vision.


ill post mine once im done

I dont get the reference LOL sorry

Young Outsider

Got next gen left as well but imo that's not true

They're very black and white extremes of each side.

wtf this aint murka yo

My result begs to differ


These questions are retarded.

Just see what you get and decide if you agree with the result.

What do you really see yourself as, then?

they are designed for people who live in the USA

would be tough to gauge results if you dont actually live there

As in the questions for the quiz were very black and white and didn't allow for grey area. My views on immigration and welfare aren't as black and white as the quiz would like them to be.

Dumb e-quiz/10

Breakfast club.

But seriously, 3d glasses are where it's at.

But that is trash day.


the dark bar is Holla Forums's reponses


Yeah, not really enough questions/options to give an accurate result.

I'd say I lean a bit right.

These questions feel like they assume a post-PVV+VVD dystopian future.

Should I make food now?

It's ya boy Yung Outzida

go for it my man

a suh

what did he mean by this

Who are these new peeps?



Why don't you ask them or introduce yourself?

solid liberal

wtf yo


What is a suh?

"New guy"(?) and Lloyd.

suh doo

Hi. Who are you and/or who were you before?

Hi. Who are you and/or who were you before?

Guero explained to me that New York is slowly dropping syllables from the phrase "What's up dude"

It has become "a suh" at this point.

First is Yan

I think
I mean those sixes in the trip

That's Lloyd.


I'm more or less libertarian with a focus on fiscally conservative and socially liberal government with less restrictions on the global free market, the global pharmaceutical market in particular .

lmao rip stemwijzer

Close enough.


All problems will be solved if we gas deport the jews Muslims!

So you don't actually like Trump

Uh, we have to deport the Mexicans too.

I'm the new guy. You can call me saint, if anything.

My name is Lloyd and up until a few weeks ago, I was a dead man. It all started when my son told me he wanted to marry Batman (we had just seen the newest lego movie) and my Vietnamese great-uncle took exception to that. Long story short, don't buy corn from Wal-Mart.

Oh I see.

Lol so random xp

hi new guy

No that's your problem.

Also I suggest we build an Afsluitdijk from Spain to Italy to Greece and polder in the land behind that.

XD I think I have ADD lel
Meow I'm a cat!

Hello everyone!

you're lloyd? ._.


I've already stated my opinions on Trump before and went in length on what parts I like and what parts I don't like and how his recent actions regarding CNN and other news media sources have altered my views, but also on how he compared to Hillary Clinton. Nor do I longer have access to the essay size response I wrote, or do I care to try to retype it here.

What the fuck does polder mean

*Holds up spork* Waow you too!!!???!?!11one?

so whatre you tryhards up to?

Make what was sea land

Trump is doing fine.

Uh quite so.

Yeah but I lost my spork cuz I'm so forgetful xd

Hi nerd

The More I read on Stalinism, the more of a boner I get.

Hey there Squiddy.


Nigga LESS restrictions on the pharmaceutical market?
Are you like, literally retarded?

nobody's up to anything




That is abundantly true. Even me.

I've never seen those responses because for the most part I avoid political and religious discussions here. I think my reasoning for that should be obvious.

Hoo boy I'm done with that. What's up, Roido?

achtung! go back to your britisch country

heil hitler

Global pharmaceutical market. To remove trade restrictions on medications and allow foreign medications to be purchasable in the US forcing competition and removing the monopoly some companies currently hold over specific medications, due to the FDA. The same Insulin that costs me $300 a vial without insurance cost less than $5 in Indonesia.

Either way, I don't want to have a conversation with 4 separate people at once over a dense topic that can't be summarized easily.

Did you just ASSUME my nationality? I am transnational, bigot.

minks dont give a fuck

you're not doing anything either you fucker

what a glorious time where any complaint can be brushed aside as liberal triggering

I don't want to have that conversation either, it's too messy.


Dont you just hate all these fucktard libertarians and nazis?

So does everyone else.

im on a lot of antidepressants i feel very little

i identify as proxysexual, you schweinhund

then you have shit like this


That"s not the result of trade restrictions. It's more likely than not the same company making that $5 insulin in indonesia.

its almost as though the loud minority makes everyone look bad

Get fucking triggered.


when political correctness goes too far

It does the same thing either way and I can't buy that company's insulin in the US. Same applies to other medications like Epipens. Certain companies can completely screw over American's since our FDA lets them. Introducing foreign markets force these companies to cooperate or they'd go out of business.

i put this initially in the wrong board

though to be fair i dont think people close to the dnc are discussing how obama turned a microwave into a camera

Polictical correctness has gone too far. We should be allowed to call niggers "niggers" and gooks "gooks" and whites "superior". SMH

I mean, that's probably because the FDA is the single most corrupt organization on the fucking planet.

The simpler solution here is to rework your local pharma industry and healthcare laws to something halfway sensible.

when political correctness becomes a dirty word

That's the extreme of the ideology and ignores the middle ground of government action being taken on individuals who have counter ideas than the current majority that may not be the extremes you described.

I don't believe our government is capable of doing that. I also don't understand what you mean by "local" our pharma industry is national at least.

Vote in people with basic competence then.
National is local when talking about a global scale.

Those gloves tho O_O

I was being obscene. I do believe there should be SOME politcal correctness. But the current amount and climate is becoming too stifling.

yeah we're capable of that obviously

I need a safe space

Fetch, right?

sometimes you really really do

SJWs are such a bunch of cucks that need liquidating or sent to the gulags.

When all the choices for voting aren't going to fix it then what choice do I have? I can only see the threat of foreign markets dominating the market with lower cost medications being able to sway big pharma to change their ways.

I think people on the left are reacting to those on the far right and those on the right are reacting to those on the far left. There are silent majorities on both sides of the spectrum that are ignored.



aww... :c
lloyd went missing


I'm fully aware that the lack of basic democratic necessities like mandatory voting force your elections to be based on who can pander to their ideology more rather than any sort of competence, but you can at least try.

People who don't live in america always seem to have strong opinions on what the country should and shouldn't do.



the vast majority of the pharmaceutical industry is global and owned by the same people no matter where you are. There would be no practical reduction in prices to you, they just price it to what you're going to be able to pay.

Maybe all americans should piss off out of thread and not bring their dirty laundry in.

america shouldn't do bad things then!


Maybe all the pansies leave while the real men post.


no fuckin way


emo ron paul?



Can you back that? That's a pretty big jump in logic. There are other medical companies in other developed countries that sell their medications at a much cheaper value. One obvious example would be Mexico that in general has such cheaper medications that Americans will travel there to buy medications there instead of in the US, due tot he obscene difference in price.

I'm gonna burn your house down. I know where you live. Its a nice yard, btw. Shame. Because I am going to FUCKING burn you to death.


*pets bunny*

The world is a better place now that China is the top super power.


Yeah have fun with that. My neighbors that I share a wall with are all lesbian feminists and they'll send you to jail for life for being sexist towards their house. RIP kiddo

People with functioning governments tend to know a lot on how a government should function.

The reason I don't talk to you anymore is because of the "I always know whats best" autism that spews out of you constantly.

We've all done our research on government policy and read whole books on policy from multiple perspectives right?

Anyways, Australia has one of the most xenophobic policies on immigration anyways.

People who don't work in government clearly know the best way to be govern

that Hill is Super Bad !

You fail to see that I am in league with trump so he got my back bro
spicey and pence gonna bust me out

some of the*

This was your doing. I am proud of you.


No this is awful

Shut up grim you suicide vest making motherfucker



Let's make it 20


send it to erio


he's asleep/at work


We really don't though. There's huge amounts of political pressure against refugees and the policy there is super xenophobic, but because the uneducated think all the indians that keep showing up must ALL be refugees nobody actually bothers to lower immigration, which we have a shitload of.

But really, I'm not sure anybody was talking about immigration.



Hi Byan

No one was, I was just commenting on how functional your xenophobic government is.



I'd sooner move to Australia than xenophon's America tbh fam

Have fun getting in.



Move to Japan.


What secrets does the future hold for us Byan?

We live for about 40ish more years and then die.

It's really not hard, especially for a brit
Unfortunately we can't keep scoots out

clearly you're not weeb enough for that

Wow, Yan, grim. get off my dick

My cousin is going




The official site is saying that the application alone usually costs ~$1700 and that you have to first become a permanent resident after coming in on a work visa approved by the AUS gov for 1-2 years.

Zehgess is a butt hurt little alt righter

Fuck I fugged that up

ctrl alt delet

No friends or family.

Is this... how it feels.. to be a liberal?

iirc that's the citizenship fee, not the permanent resident shit
Work visas are super easy to get. Like, it's a huge problem how easy to get they are. Also, there's other methods I'm fairly sure.


I'm talking about citizenship.



are gifs not animating anymore?

Works on my machine

firefox is kill

Works on my machine

Works on my machine

upgrade to chrome






Works on my machine

it really fucking is


Works on my machine


I don't want to use goto and I'm too lazy to refactor this mess

Ikt, I don't need to tell you, but you've fudged up there my friend.

but ziggy none of yours works

which pokemon nest?
hula hoops?


i helped frost and assemble a cake


The images are created as gif files when taken by the microscope used.

the microscope is broken

I'll frost and disassemble your butt

Hey ikt do you know how to program OpenGL?


ikr, damn high school cheaping out again.


Well it can work like that, but damn you're making it hard on yourself.

Hey there Spanish SD!

Hola mi amigo.

Almost, combining OpenCL and OpenGL is an assignment this week but I haven't put real effort in yet.

lmao do you want to see the full program


That's without these changes, but still...

u n m a i n t a i n a b l e

How is Spain treating you today? Done anything fun?

I dread to look at your code, I get the feeling you have more nested loops, maybe more than five!



I did a thing and because of thing I now have a crutch.

i miss real SD


Your face could end up like this tho


I miss real faggotry

Look in mirror

The legend says he died on the desert plateau nearby Mt. Teide.


I dont get it



What thing did you do? I hope you're okay! It must be serious if you're on a crutch, please be careful whilst you're out there!

My face is already like that, It's never been anything different. I was born with a face of constant confusion and dread combined.

it works now.

so weird

Cup will post when he gets home.


Erin script?

nomming on a stuffed chikn


Did you take a look?

How disappointed are you in me, as a human.

I wish I lived somewhere where it FUCKING RAINED

It sure is great to live in a place where it rains.



come to new england where there is no sun

I dont use it anymore because it was broken for 3+months last time I had it

does it work now?

That's rare in the desert.

thank goodness

I'm not disappointed in you at all, because I've done worse. All it needs is some management and you know less nested loops, like that 5 loop, and you're good!

But saying that, I've done worse, so I can't judge

Okay, so sometimes I get stupid ideas.
This totally wasn't one.
I took a ski-lift up to the top of Mt. Teide (3.7km), and I followed this path for a while.
It was the hiking path zig-zagging the hill for ~9km.
It took me 2 hours to hike down.
And after that I wasn't near any big roads and had to hike another hill un-equipped.
Skin peeled clean off from my other heel and I have horrible blisters.
tl;dr Passion of the SD, starring Mel Gibson

Christ dude

are you feeling okay?

im thinking about going out a getting a [insert undecided food item here]

I'll show you botnet.

Idk, it died recently, so probably not.
Unless Cuckmonkey unbroke whatever broke it.

ye. dying my hair.

On the bright side I totes made the mountain my bitch.

Get a meatball.

Is this flirting

Damn that's hot

ikt has so many stargazers on his git

I wish I was that poplar

soak that shit

What color?

what color? :)

had that yesterday, plus it's not monday anymore, so not on special.

I use pashe's Holla Forums x these days

bright almost white blond

Can't go near water for a few days and my other foot is packaged.

It sounds like a dumb idea to me, but as long as you're okay and it's not as bad as it is now, I'm happy that you're relatively okay and nothing is broken or worse.

Please be careful next time and be more prepared!


I can't wait for my orange^^ Gotta finish up my ear holes too. Have you gotten any new piercings lately?

hmm... so just fixing your hair to be the same as usual huh?
nice, keeping it bright.

so what are we doing in the canary islands

there's already no sun either though
It's overcast the majority of days

the problem is that I don't want some overcast, I want comfy ass fucking rain reeeeeeeeeeeeee

nice meme

Well at least now I know how it feels like to be old, soon starting to wave the crutch at teenagers and yelling at them to get off my lawn.

Pfft, you wont be doing that for a long time mister!

Family vacation, although I go my own ways mostly.
Was thinking about hiking to a nearby hill too, but seems like that won't happen as I went all out.

14 days of no physical activities allowed, oh well.

Awh, does that put a downer on your holiday now?

i have not

fo sho

just use rainy mood and pretend

send some piccies


Yay *pat*

It seems to work, so I think I can throw other code away and make this less terrible.

I used goto but stackoverflow told me it was fine in this specific case of nested loops!

Not really, although I never got to swim in the ocean here, that's really my only regret.

Awwe. Well, that's okay.

I need 4 more earholes.

do it

huh? why lewd

i want it

Thank you for the pat!

If it works well just delete what you don't need now, and tidy it up, and jobs a goodun!

That's good at least. I'm glad it's not ruined, how long left do you have of the vacation anyway?


it looks so fun~


The path of inevitable doom, it got really steep after this.

JonTron is a bigot.



Will be at home on Friday or Saturday not really sure as it depends on if France still has a strike at the airport thus having to fly over UK to Swe etc.

Aah, well I hope your return home safely, also I didn't realize they were having strikes, but then again, it's the french. That's all they do now.

As far as I know currently France, Germany and Finland have strikes on the aviation industry thus delaying and cancelling a whole lot of flights.

Hi Chris-kun! How are you? ^w^

Oh damn, well I hope you manage to get home without issue to your flights back. Didn't realize there were so many strikes going on.

Can't complain. Spring break all last week, been back for a couple days, still readjusting. I say it too often, but the first thing you need after a vacation is a vacation to recover from your vacation.

I think it's just the industry doing it globally as of currently, could be wrong though.
Also I saw some Briton really wasted yelling at cars and talking to an imaginary friends.
Haven't held my laugh in so hard in a long while.

But wouldn't you need a vacation to recover from the post-vacation vacation?

Wouldn't that just end in an infinite loop of vacationing?

Not surprised at the Briton yelling at cars and talking to imaginary friends whilst drunk, sounds pretty typical of us to be honest. Well most of us.

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Yes. The perfect world.

But I wanna it to be GOOD!